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"tees cavaliers" Discussed on 94WIP Sports Radio

"Holly Warlick fired after the program progressively declined in seven years since replacing the great legendary Pat summitt what's hard replacing a legend or building a program from scratch. I'm gonna say replacing a legend because you started to you have to live up to that expectation to continue to carry it. And there's there's nowhere to go. But down if you start from scratch, I mean, the expectation is so low any any plateau becomes a celebration in a sense. But when you're trying to replace Pat summitt and keep her putting together and scheme and everything wins and losses. That's that's Rochman. This is a tough one. I don't I don't know if I agree with what we're high answer that I'm going to go the other way, even though I hear what you're saying. But at least like I'm thinking from my point of view, what would be easier looking for radio point of view, step it in Berlin. Whether it's politics sports, and and obviously having monstrous expectations, but having a built an audience and having presumably stays with the revenue to back you up and all that stuff. We're going through startup station. Maybe just flip the dial two FM and becoming a sports station at the being country on that incurred. It'd be hard. Yeah. So I mean, it really now Tennessee's unique because Pat summitt was so great. But at least the infrastructure in place. I say that I want say starting a program from scratch, it could be a little tougher. Times of blessed is over another day here. The the counterpoint today. All right. Let's make some picks. Let's some pick for an hour away. Our? In ten minutes away. Seven oh, nine seven eastern, CBS, Florida state. Let's say Florida state gonna win. Yeah. Florida state's not gonna I think Florida state's ones this game. I think Florida's states length disrupts them. They got some big men who can bound who can who can knock down from three pointers. They can shoot over some Gonzaga's defenders I like Leonard Hamilton, and I'm gonna say Florida state. I like Leonard Hamilton to I don't like him enough to say that he's gonna win. I'd like to see him play great down the stretch. They really did suffer the loss yet. True. But they play do not. But I think in Zach is better than I don't think that good. They can't shoot good point. If you're a great defensive teams, like Florida state, and you already know that the opponents can't shoot at me. It's not that hard. To beat them. And the one game that they lost do kit that shot at the end member that was. I remember that. All right. So I would say is going to win. Although I do think Florida state has chance to cover Purdue Tennessee, I got Perdue. I got the ball on me too. Okay. I don't like the inconsistencies at Tennessee. I think they're good. And they could they could very well when this game by fifteen doubt it. Yeah. Because they're just inconsistent at times we saw in the previous round where they blew a huge lead. Kind of a coin flip game Vegas a Saint volunteers minus two so bulk and arrived Purdue it's a two three ups or whatever. Bind thirty nine eastern CBS. We start getting to the nightcap, see or Michigan coach be lines. Second seed against Texas Tech, red raiders wolverines modest one and a half in the west region. La Michigan Michigan tonight, I did too. And then obviously, I got Virginia. All right. All right. I believe that there's only one blowout tonight. And I believe that tees Cavaliers wa who ones through it again, why who who administer the blowout win going away that one's late nine fifty nine scheduled. Let's say twenty eight to ten twenty. It's always a thirty minutes after. I Don would we get a foul ridden game in the first game. This think conceivably maybe ten.

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