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"teed rubik" Discussed on Miss Information: A Trivia Podcast

"Of you star wars action figures plus all of their accessories in place to tell stories about the star the wars of the source. Yeah if you want to learn more about star wars just stick your head out of your your apartment door. Hey just a costing jar dry banks yet. Literally just a cost the first person and they will be like. Oh yeah i love i love. He's hot right. No he's evil prince. Yes well brother things get so fired up. She's she's got ta copy end. She is sassy she's ready for. A fight fight you star wars. The other thing that made it in two thousand twelve was dominoes. Okay yeah houston know how to play dominoes. Websites just setting up and knocking down on. I mean that's really. The fun part only offered as far as i don't watch a lot of videos on the internet. Okay but i love seeing a set of dominoes get knocked down here a simple girl simple leads. I'm proud of you for knowing how to play the game. I don't think i ever learned like matching sure. Link tiles down in matching like open number down a nine with a seven on it. I have nine. I'm gonna lay my nine down near your night. Yeah yeah it's a lotta matching right a little bit like gin sort of all right by nine funded knock down. twenty thirteen was my first year at the shaw. Yes and what russell has little let down by not because it was the rubber duck and chess. Oh yeah that's awesome pointing actually like. This is the toy hall of fame. Teed rubik's cube hungarian design teacher and serious puzzle earner rubik assembled his i q puzzle in nineteen seventy four called it. The magic cube after toy agent pitched the puzzle to ideal toy and novelty company. They renamed the puzzle to rubik's cube and began putting it in stores in one thousand nine hundred and then obviously the rest is history puzzles. All over the world wanted to solve the cube within two years. They bought one hundred million of them. Making rubik's cube the title most popular puzzle in history. How mico rubik's cube itself is made up of twenty seven tiny cubes called q. Blitz each having one of six colors. Okay and the other thing that made it in in two thousand fourteen was little green army men. Oh yeah i remember that. Twenty fifteen can get the super soaker. Oh yeah oh yeah. so dr lonnie johnson. A mechanical and nuclear engineer working for nasa on the galileo mission to jupiter by day. At night he was working on his own project. A new heat pump that replaced freon with environmentally friendly pressurized water vapor and while tinkering with this pumps design at home. He hooked the nozzle up to his bathroom. Faucet and a steady stream shot across the room gave him the idea for a high powered. Water blaster so from pvc pipe in an empty soda bottle. He improvised model that he called the power structure that featured an air pressure chamber and a water reservoir johnson later enlarged the tank and moved it to the top of the blaster. Kind of making it look like it was a prop from science fiction movie. Sure yeah so. The first super soaker went on sale in one thousand nine hundred after johnson worked out a deal. Laremy corporation a maker of inexpensive plastic toys and action figures and larry's aggressive advertising sold twenty seven million super soaker in the first three years of production and after that innovations like increasing water carrying capacity altering water. Direction lengthening the distance of the water stream. The toy's popularity and to date laramie corporation and now hasbro which owns it has sold about two hundred million super soaker. More than one hundred seventy five variations. That's about a billion dollars in sales. Oh my gosh only been around since one thousand nine hundred ninety. Wow what that's crazy. Nine thousand ninety hundred thirty years ago though. If you think. I know chef it's tough to deal with A little more a little a couple of decades earlier though you got twister in nineteen sixty four toy inventor guyer came up with a shoe polish promotion as a game with a mat on the floor and people serving as the playing pieces geyer artists in a toy designer charles fully neil ribbons to help him with the development of the basic idea and the three devised a game that they called pretzel. Oh that's cute so fully and took the idea to milton bradley. Which saw promise. And the men received a patent for their design after some deliberation milton. Bradley used printer at general tire that manufactured shower curtains to print the largest color spots on plastic mats. That make sense. And when the firm determined the name pretzel wasn't available chose twister instead perfect. Yeah there was a big demonstration on the johnny carson show with oh With eva gabor. Okay show and she. She played twister. And then you know everybody office that you're also got the puppet when oh sure you not scary at all. No puppet twenty-six dungeons and dragons out episode one twenty two dungeons and dragons with our friend. Jamie cusak jamie. That's such a good job such a good job such great ex- dungeons and dragons. He goes to get fisher price. Little people in two thousand six. Yeah so fisher. Price made the first little people from would and lithograph paper. They were solid single colored wooden bodies that later followed so later. Figures were made of hard plastic. Those are the ones i remember. Yes man in the nineteen eighties concerns about small figures becoming a choking hazard the nineteen ninety-one introduction of a new design larger diameter known as chongqing pete junkies on ge's but by the mid nineteen ninety s. Little people became more people like with arms legs and dimensional faces as well that year. you also get. The swing is inducted. Oh great inducted twenty. Seventeen my favorite my favorite inductee to the twelve fame. The board game clue. Oh yeah can't go. Julia goes crazy about iraq cub. For clue she loves the movie. She loves a game. She loves everything about it. So just a little background on it for y'all because you're listening to this you're like you're you're stuck with. You have listened to us go through years and years of history at this point you might as well stick it to the end. Yeah they were in two thousand seventeen now So between the world wars pianist anthony pratt enjoyed the murder mystery party games that he saw played at posture paean hotels where he worked in nineteen forty-three pratt and his wife. Elva designer board game based on those party. Game centered on deduction when in clare. Solve a murder mystery By eliminating possible locations weapons and murderers to come to the correct conclusion. He was granted a patent in nineteen forty seven postwar shortages halted. His games manufacturer for several years Linda london's waddington's games finally published it as cluedo in nineteen forty nine and their american partner. Partner brothers bought out a slightly modified version called clue that same year The rest is history. Oh yeah nineteen eighty-five five clue best movie Was the first movie based on a board game. Okay besides battle riano with battleship ribbon movie. Julia likes clue so much. I bought her a harry. Potter clue clue for christmas. I think one year found that. And i was like show much easiest easy so many license versions of it too. It's fun the whistle ball..

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