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"teddy ted danson" Discussed on WGN Radio

"That was well done. Mr Richard Roper is with us. He's here. But our earlier than normally is on Thursdays Because in the six o'clock hour, we will be talking to thumb. Tom Skilling, because it's Thursdays with thumb supposed teachers with Tom so we'll be hearing from him after 6 30 then our own personal black Richard. I'd like you to stick around for either or both of these. Our own personal black Hawk Connor Murphy will be joining us again to talk about is going, OK, let us now We talk about the Emmys. Emmys were going to be virtual and it's all Hollywood movie stars. We're going to win them. Pretty much and so. So we're just gonna We're just gonna go there, by the way. Just wanted for people who love TV shows now and can't figure out what to watch in terms of comedies that you got curb your enthusiasm dead to me. A good place insecure Kaminsky method. The marvellous, Mrs Mazel. Shit's Creek, which is C s CH and what we do in the shadows on FX. Never heard of that word is this will be great, good stuff there, and I should mention the good place and Shits Creek. Those were the final seasons for those two people haven't had a chance to see those each one. I think only had about a three or four season run both really funny, Innovative. Feel good, eventually 23 minute kind of typical, but not, you know, Modern day sitcom begins to avenge them because, yes, you can. One right after another Teddy Ted Danson, the good places someplace and the best drama was bet for the nominees for best Got better call Saul. The Crown Handmaid's tale killing Eve, the man DeLorean, Ozark, Stranger things and succession. I'm going to make a prediction right now. Ready for me. I like to make traditions Just write off the time Batman DeLorean. Well, it's interesting because I mean, that's a big that's a star Wars in between the time line kind of thing, and it did very well. People were kind of surprised that it got like serious nominations, not just special effects. I think, baby Yoda is up in seven categories. Just why I'm going to say it's gonna win because people fell in love with Baby Yoda and they all now we all want to know that's really Yoda or some other Yoda's grandson or Yoda's. Grandfather. We just don't know who it is. Oh, my goodness. Well, you know, and enough with the crown. Okay? I found out I'm crowned out and looking really life. We keep hearing that that Megan and Harry and David and Fergie and they're all foodie. I don't care. I'm crowned out. No. Can I just say, though, that the the and the crown There was the woman who played the great Princess Margaret or an orphan who was the one the wild child Princess that was the.

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