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The Campus Killer Pt. 2: Ted Bundy

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The Campus Killer Pt. 2: Ted Bundy

"Due to the graphic nature of this killer's crimes listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of abuse murder and sexual assault that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen. December thirty first nineteen seventy seven another freezing morning at Garfield County jail in Glenwood Springs Colorado. As the early guard began his shift. He whistled to himself desperately trying to inject some cheer into the place. It was new years after all but as he made his way. Further down the row of cells his whistling stopped at the end of the hall was one cell he dreaded visiting Ted Bundy was nice. Enough charming even but the guard knew what he was in for murder. The thought gave him chills so as he approached Mr Bundy's cell at the end of the hall. He steeled himself but what he saw when he arrived was off. Ted's dinner tray from the night before had been left untouched. This alone was nothing unusual. Ted had lost his appetite in the last few weeks sometimes. Only taking a few bites of meals every day. It seemed he got skinnier but it wasn't the uneaten food and Ted sell. That made the guard uneasy. It was the fact that Ted wasn't up. Usually at that hour he was wide awake reading. Or clicking away in his typewriter Lagarde looked over at Ted Asleep under some blankets and called his name. Ted didn't stir then he called again louder this time still nothing. The guards mind began to race. Oh God was he dead. The guard unlock. The Sal rushed rushed inside the tiny whitewall broom when he pulled back the blanket of the bank. His heart nearly stopped underneath was nothing but a pile of books. Ted Bundy had escaped again. Hi I'm Greg Poulsen. This is serial killers. Apar- cast original every Monday. We dive into the minds and madness of serial killers. This is our second episode on Ted Bundy. One of the most notorious serial killers of the twentieth century. I'm here with my co host Vanessa. Richardson Hi everyone. You can find episodes of serial killers and all other podcast originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream. Serial killers for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type serial killers in the search bar at Park asked grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do it. We love let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at parkhouse network. And if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help us to leave a five star review. Wherever you're listening. It really does help. Last week. We cover Ted Bundy's background from chaotic childhood to a struggle with identity and rejection as a young man we also followed his slow metamorphosis into a killer leaving nearly a dozen murders in his wake in nineteen seventy four. This week will track Ted as he continues his killing spree mutilating and murdering nearly forty young women in cities across America. It was a bloody rampage that spurred multiple arrests and trials leading him to become one of America's most infamous killers by the summer of nineteen. Seventy four Ted Bundy's transformation into a serial killer was complete for the previous six months. Twenty-seven-year-old Ted had terrorized the Pacific northwest. He began in Seattle targeting female co EDS at the University of Washington but eventually expanded his hunting crowns Ted abducted and murdered college aged women on university campuses in alleys and hitchhiking off the interstate but no matter where his victims were from. They all looked the same police and the media noted that each victim was white young attractive and had long. Brunette hair parted down the middle across the northwest. Young women started bleaching their hair blond in a desperate attempt to avoid the same fate with no reliable evidence or witnesses the Seattle PD was at a loss watching helplessly. As women continued to disappear but they still had hope a lead would emerge the killer was growing more brazen abducting multiple women in a single month. Sometimes even mere blocks away from the last crime scene. They knew it was only a matter of time before he made a critical mistake. Then finally on July Fourteenth Nineteen seventy-four. Ted's violent sexual desires got the better of his caution. He abducted both nineteen year. Old Denise Naslund and twenty-three-year-old Janice ought at links park back to back in broad daylight one of Ted's defining characteristics as a killer was his boldness. Ted was a risk taker and he prided himself in testing his limits. In fact it's possible that Ted's overwhelming desire to push the envelope obscured the possible ramifications of his actions. Almost as he believed he was immune like there was no situation he couldn't slip out of. Vanessa's going to take over on the psychology here and throughout the episode. Please note. Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist but she has done a lot of research for this show thanks Greg. Many researchers and psychologists have found a link between boldness and psychopathy and according to psychological researcher Shannon J Fernandez in her article entitled prediction of a rise of antisocial personality disorder. This connection may be explained by the brain activity of adolescence risk. Taking in teenagers is caused by an undeveloped cognitive control system the areas of the brain responsible for regulating impulses and making positive long-term decisions however though most individuals see a decline in risk taking behavior as these areas of the brain mature. Psychopaths continue these tendencies well into adulthood if risk is consistently met by reward. Some adults may develop a kind of fixation on the behavior associated with that risk. And if left unchecked these tendencies may progress years and even decades past adolescence. This may lead to what Fernandez describes as desensitization and fearlessness and a need for higher level risk taking in order to achieve stimulation for Ted. This behavior most likely stemmed from his peeping Tom. Days as a teenager. For over a decade. His voyeuristic habit went unchecked. Meaning the only outcome. Ted faced was his own sexual gratification. However once the thrill of peering into women's bedroom windows no longer scratched that each. Ted's fixation gradually progressed into something. Much more violating. It's important to note however that not all risk. Taking behaviors from adolescence may develop into violence depending on the objective associated with this risk. Desensitization may have different outcomes such as drug addiction but if an individual stimulation is achieved through antisocial behavior psychopathic tendencies may be born for months. Each murder Ted committed had been met with nothing but reward. He had killed nearly a dozen women and in return he received sexual release and escaped entirely without consequence but that changed with the murders of Denise Naslund and Janice odd in July of Nineteen. Seventy four this time. His boldness had made him slip up before he abducted Janet. Ted had introduced himself to her within earshot of witnesses and now the authorities were onto him now. They had his name though. Police weren't positive that Ted was the real name of the killer. They had good reason to believe that they were on the right trail. As soon as they released the information to the public they were flooded with thousands of leads. People across Washington state called with their hunches and soon by cross-referencing which of those men also drove a ten VW bug. They narrowed down their suspects from thousands to just one hundred on. That list was twenty seven year. Old Theodore Bundy a coworker of Ted's as well as one of his former professors submitted his name to the saddle PD but when asked by police if they observed suspicious behavior outside of his similarities to the suspect neither had an answer. They were mere acquaintances with a hunch. Nothing more and on paper Ted was practically a boy scout. A well liked young law student with a SQUEAKY CLEAN RECORD. So detectives simply put his name on a list and moved on. There was only one person who could blow the lid off of Ted's facade and she wasn't talking yet for almost a year Ted's long term girlfriend. Elizabeth Clever observed that there was something strange going on with Ted. He often disappeared in the middle of the night after. They've gone to sleep and once. Liz even found a bag of unfamiliar women's clothing in his apartment but at the time she didn't think her boyfriend could be a killer. She assumed he was cheating on her. This devastated Liz so much so that she was too absorbed with his possible infidelity to realize the striking connection between her Ted and the one at Lake Sammamish. That was the case at least until he left. Ted had decided to try his hand at law school once again. This time at the University of Utah and so when Ted left Washington near the end of the summer in nineteen seventy four. Liz was left with the space to put it all together. The nighttime disappearances the clothes all of that was deeply troubling for weeks. Friends urged her to call the police at for weeks. She resisted then finally on August. Eighth Nineteen seventy-four. Liz called the SEATTLE PD. But when detectives took down her tip they simply filed it among all the others without further evidence. Matching their killer with Liz's description. Liz's lead was just another call from a jilted girlfriend and they'd had plenty of those Seattle detectives were at a loss with no promising leads. Their trail went cold and suddenly after nearly a year. Women stopped disappearing. Ted Bundy had moved onto another hunting ground. Salt Lake City as Ted drove south on the interstate toward Utah. He remembered feeling euphoric. Once again he was going to pursue his dream of becoming a lawyer and leaving. Washington was a relief. Now that the police had his first name he knew his time was limited before they caught onto him in. Utah. He be safe. He'd have a fresh start. Ted arrived in Salt Lake City and he did what he was best at he blended in. He threw himself into studies and quickly made friends that the University of Utah and though he had lives kept in touch and continued the relationship long distance he started dating another law student. Sharon our that year he was baptized and became an involved member of the Church of the Latter Day saints attending congregation meetings and Church functions but no matter what identity Ted put on. He was still a wolf in sheep's clothing and Salt Lake City had plenty of rams once again. Ted Found himself surrounded by young beautiful college students and once again his violent urges became too overwhelming to contain. In the fall of nineteen seventy four. He began his second murder spree. Sources vary on some of the details and circumstances of each of Ted's kills but according to author and rules book. The Stranger beside me next victims were claimed in the following order electoral. Second Ted broke his abstinence and murdered. Sixteen year. Old Nancy Wilcox. Her body was never found that same month on October. Eighteenth ted killed seventeen year old. Melissa Smith the daughter of a local police chief. She was last seen by her father at home before she left to meet a friend for dinner. Nine days later her body was found in the wilderness. A nylon stocking around her neck. She'd been beaten raped and strangled on Halloween less than two weeks later. Seventeen year old. Laura aim vanished. Her body was found in the wasatch mountains on Thanksgiving Day. But not all of Ted's attacks successful on November eighth nineteen seventy four. One victim escaped eighteen year old. Carol Durant was window shopping at a local mall when a man claiming to be a police officer approached her he told Carol he'd seen someone break into her car and asked her to come with him to the parking lot. She needed to verify if was missing from her vehicle. Carol was caught off guard by the seemingly normal looking man he was just wearing street clothes no uniform but she figured the officer was working undercover so she followed him outside once. Carol look through her car she grew suspicious. Nothing it seemed was missing but the officer insisted she keep looking then. He asked her to come with him back to the station defile report. Finally Carol had enough. She wasn't getting in the car with a stranger. She asked to see some kind of identification. The officer pulled out his wallet and showed her his badge embarrassed that she doubted him. She agreed to go to the station when they approach the officer's Car Carol Thought It was strange that he drove a vw bug but still tasting her earlier embarrassment. She didn't say a word. They drove off in silence away from the mall. After a moment the officer suddenly pulled the car over and parked care last him what he was doing but instead of answering. He grabbed her wrist and hand cuffed it. Carol panicked. She struggled as the man attempted to secure the secondhand cuff. But he pulled out a gun. He threatened I'll blow your head off but this only spurred caroline to action. She opened the car door and jumped out. The man followed in tackled her to the ground. Carol kept fighting. She thrashed scratched but he seemed unaffected. When Carol looked up at her attacker there was no range on his face. What she saw was far more terrifying. His eyes were blank deadened. Finally Carol broke free from his grasp and sprinted toward an approaching car. She opened the door and jumped in the back. Seat crying hysterical. She begged the driver to take her to the police station. Carol durant narrowly escaped an awful fate. But she had just fled with her life. She knew her abductors identity his face coming up. Ted Bundy continues his murderous rampage in Colorado and faces the first of many trials. We WanNa take a moment to say thank you to all of our listeners because of you serial killers just reached its third anniversary. Three years of serial killers isn't possible without your support so to commemorate this incredible anniversary and your loyalty. Serial killers will now be airing twice a week. That's right in addition to the regular Monday release of serial killers. You'll also get a brand new episode every Thursday so mark your calendar and get ready to hear US twice a week every Monday and Thursday and thanks again for supporting serial killers now back to the story in the summer of. Nineteen seventy four twenty seven year old Ted Bundy's brazen murders in the Pacific Northwest. Finally drew the attention of the Seattle PD. Ted sought out a fresh start in another state that fall. He left Washington to enroll in law school at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. But once again his dark urges followed him in less than three months he killed four more victims but one woman managed to escape. Ted had left his first living witness eighteen year old. Carol ranch in November of nineteen seventy four immediately after escaping. Carol went to the police to report her abductor. She had no name or concrete evidence. Just the handcuffs still attached to her wrist and the image of his face burned into her mind for months. Police kept their eyes open for the PERP but came up empty handed. After the day of Carroll's escape Ted tried to ignore his bloodlust and keep his head down but even still his darker impulses had gotten in the way of his education. He failed out of law school. For the Second Time Twenty eight-year-old Ted returned to Seattle in January of nineteen seventy five to visit Liz. After spending almost half a year apart she observed that Ted head seemingly changed for the better. His temperamental nature was long gone. The tender warm-hearted man. She loved had returned. Liz felt an enormous amount of guilt forever giving his name to the Seattle PD. But little did she know Ted had committed his own betrayal. He was still dating. Sharon. Our and Utah. Neither Liz nor Ted revealed their respective secrets. Instead they made plans to get married and decided to have their wedding the following winter then as quickly as he came. Ted was gone again. He told Liz he was returning to the University of Utah for his spring semester. But that was just one more lie designed to conceal his biggest secret of all instead. Ted left Washington to kill again by this point. Ted had been murdering for almost exactly one year in that time. He established a sort of pattern or cycle. He would kill in a frenzy for months consumed entirely by his blood lost then he would suddenly stop for a time as if the urge had simply passed that January when he returned to Washington and saw Liz. Ted was in this dormant period charming and collected. Who was kind of calm before the storm of his next murderous rampage? Dr Frederick Worrisome Defines these stages of criminal action as a catatonic crisis worth them. Breaks down the concept into a series of steps these include an emotional buildup that precipitates into the crime a calmness after the crime that allows the person to behave normally and finally a resolution a stage in which the individual self regulates adjusting so that the act won't be repeated however according to criminologist Donald J sears serial killers never reached this final stage of resolution. Instead they'll be caught in a perpetual cycle of build up and release as this pattern continues. Sears explains that each crime will only become more violent and more frequent than the last and for Ted. There was no doubt that he'd been consumed by this bloody feedback loop for a year. Ted At held onto a small semblance of normalcy. His dream of becoming a lawyer but by January of Nineteen seventy-five. It seemed as if Ted given that up to succumbing to his bloodlust when he left lives in Seattle he didn't go back to Utah to continuous law degree instead. He went to Colorado with only one goal in mind to rape and slaughter as many women as he could on January twelfth. Nineteen seventy five twenty eight year old. Ted made his way to the ski town of Snowmass Village. Colorado where he abducted twenty-three-year-old Karen Campbell. From the wildwood in Karen was staying at the end while on a ski vacation with her fiance that evening. The couple was relaxing by the fire in the lobby when she left to grab a magazine from their room she stepped into the hotel elevator and was never seen again. Thirty six days later her body was found naked and ravaged by animals in the surrounding mountains and soon there were more from January to July of nineteen seventy five. Ted Killed Four more victims the same epidemic of missing women that plagued the Pacific Northwest and Utah was now happening in Colorado but before Thornton could lead. The murder stopped. Ted once again moved on. It's unclear why but Ted traveled back to Salt Lake City in early July. Perhaps it was to visit his second long distance girlfriend Sharon our whatever the reason his returned to. Utah was his biggest misstep yet on August sixteenth. Nineteen seventy five at two. Am Ted was pulled over by police and his car was searched inside. They found a series of suspicious items rope. An ice pick a crowbar and handcuffs among others but to the police officer. These weren't weapons of murder. They were burglary tools. Ted was arrested but ultimately released without bail. It was only after he'd walked back into the night that the police noticed something. Chilling Ted matched. The description of a wanted suspect Carol Tarantulas kidnapper. A few days later Ted was brought back to the station to participate in a lineup of suspects for Carol to identify in preparation Ted entirely altered his appearance shaving his moustache and changing his haircut but nothing would Carol Forget. The face of her would be killer. Those thin lips at straight pointed knows it was him. Ted was arrested and charged with Carol. Garages abduction for months as he languished in jail awaiting trial. Ted Wasn't identified for a single other crime and so on February twenty third. Nineteen seventy six twenty nine year old. Ted was tried for kidnapping and nothing more at the trial. Ted was anything but defeated or remorseful. He felt exhilarated. He loved the intensity of the courtroom. He may not have finished law school but he used his own case as a way to flex his legal know how ted wanted to be as involved as possible in his defense. He did extensive research and frequently consulted with his attorney. He strutted around the courtroom confident that he would win the fight. He was wrong on March. First Ted was found guilty and sentenced to one to fifteen years in prison. For the first time he'd have to suffer the consequences of his actions and it wasn't long before his true crimes came back to haunt him eight months into a sentence. Ted was charged with Karen Campbell's murder for months detectives in Colorado had been gathering circumstantial. Evidence that place Ted at the wildwood. In at the time Karen went missing when they learned their prime suspect had already been imprisoned for kidnapping. They believed they had their man thirty year. Old Ted was extradited to Colorado that winter? Ted lost his biggest supporters Liz clip for and Sharon. Our listen Sharon had stood by Ted side throughout the Carol. Durant trial completely unaware that he was seeing both of them but with the murder charge. The two women reached their breaking points. They both left him and so with few supporters. Left and with the looming. Possibility of a death sentence. Ted took matters into his own hands on July seventh. Nineteen seventy seven. Ted attended a pretrial hearing in Aspen. Colorado that would determine whether or not he would face the death penalty that morning during a court recess. Ted asked to use the courthouses low library. This was not an unusual request. Just like he had with the Carol durant trial. Ted was adamant about researching his own defense. And so the deputies allowed Ted access alone and unshackled as the deputies waited in the hallway outside Ted. Open the libraries second story window and jumped. As soon as he hit the ground he felt. Us hearing pain. Shoot up his leg. The impact tore ligaments in his ankle. But Ted didn't stop. He scrambled to his feet and sprinted toward the surrounding mountains. By the time deputies realized he was gone he'd already disappeared into the Colorado wilderness. Ted's escape was no impulsive decision. For weeks he'd been planning his escape and he'd worn multiple layers of clothing for the occasion. He was going to need all the warmth he could get to survive freezing nights at elevated altitudes Ted was determined to go as high and as far as he could. Ted Remembered psyching himself up as he made his way into the mountains. He later told journalists. I was saying to myself again and again you must go. You must go. Don't hesitate. Don't stop. Don't stop Ted had good reason to keep running because very soon an army of Colorado ones rallied together to hunt him down. Authorities orchestrated a sweeping manhunt locals from the area even showed up to volunteer on horseback armed with rifles. Everyone it seemed wanted to track Ted Bundy down. Police set up checkpoints on the only two roads out of Aspen. Hoping they'd catch the killer as he tried to flee town but not a single vehicle contained the runaway murderer. That was because Ted left his first night on the Lam he broke into an empty hunting cabin only partway up the mountain. He spent every night after outside in the freezing woods trekking the wilderness with his injured ankle. Just steps ahead of team of search dogs but eventually a brutal rainstorm forced Ted from his hiding place in the mountains exhausted starving and nearly twenty five pounds lighter. He made his way to a small town below. Got A meal and stole a car. It was time to get out of dodge. But Ted's Road to freedom was short on July thirteenth nineteen seventy seven at two. Am Police stopped a car driving erratically and the highway inside a haggard looking man with wild eyes squinted into the beam? Of the officers flashlight. Finally they found Ted. Bundy was on the run for nearly a week before he was apprehended. When he returned to prison he flashed his signature grin for the cameras and reporters crowded around him. He cracked jokes downplaying his escape. He told them honest to God. I just got sick and tired of being locked up for the next five. And a half months Ted languished in prison awaiting his murder trial but he had no intention of setting foot in court with a twenty five pound headstart after his escape. He continued to starve himself until he was thin enough to fit through an opening in the ceiling of his cell where light fixture hadn't yet been installed in the early hours of December thirty first. Nineteen seventy seven. Ted made his move at less than one hundred forty pounds. He lifted himself through the hole in his ceiling and army crawled through the air shafts into the guards apartment located above his cell from bear. He dropped into the room and stole a set of clothes then. He walked out the front door. Ted Bundy America's most prolific serial killer escaped for the second time and slipped into the winter. Night Ted Bundy goes on a bloody road trip across America and captures the fascination of the entire country. Now back to the story from nineteen seventy four to nineteen seventy five ted bundy murdered at least seventeen women moving his killing spree from the Pacific Northwest to Utah then Colorado but when an unrelated arrest led to his first murder charge. Ted realized his time was fleeting in the months following his extradition to Colorado. He made not one but two escapes and on New Year's Eve of nineteen seventy seven thirty one year old. Ted broke out of prison and disappeared into the night that morning using money donated for his. Defense Fund Ted Securities exit out of Colorado. He hopped on a bus to the Denver airport and then took a plane to Chicago from there. He wrote a train to Ann Arbor Michigan but at the time Ted's priority wasn't hiding out. It was college football on January. Second Ted cheered on his Alma Mater University of Washington as they defeated the University of Michigan in the Rose Bowl then that night without a single sent to his name he slept in the sanctuary of a local methodist church. The next morning he stole a car Ted decided he needed to be as far away from the North West as possible so he set his sights on the opposite corner the country. He went to Florida. Ted figured that in Florida. No one would be looking for him. He wasn't wrong. Due to a lack of expedient communication between police departments the sunshine state was left in the dark after his escape and Colorado. The feds got involved in the hunt for Ted and soon he was placed on the FBI's most wanted list but even so with no computers and no central database authorities on the east coast. Had little idea that a killer from the West may be headed their way on January eighth nineteen seventy eight one week after escaping prison in Colorado. Ted Bundy drove Tallahassee specifically to the University of Florida in Tallahassee. Ted told people his name was Chris. Hagan and after stealing a handful of strangers credit cards from a local Bar. He secured himself. A room ended apartment complex next door to a sorority house Chi Omega just one week later in the early morning hours of January fifteenth. Nine thousand nine hundred seventy eight thirty one year. Old Ted embarked on his boldest crime yet. Ted watched as the sisters of the Chi Omega Sorority trickled back to the house from their dates and headed to bed by two thirty. Am when it seemed. The last girl had fallen asleep. He made his move Ted slip through the sorority houses back door carrying a small oak tree. Limb he found in the backyard as he walked quietly through the house passing portrait after portrait of Sorority Sisters Past. He could feel his heart pound. Finally he approached the room of twenty one year. Old Margaret Bowman inside Margaret was fast asleep in the span of just minutes. Ted had beaten and strangled her to death now panting and spattered with blood. Ted Could feel himself losing all control without hesitation. He moved on to his next victim. Ted Entered the room twenty year old Lisa Levy. She was strangled and clubbed to death like Margaret but tense attack on Lisa was particularly vicious as he assaulted her Ted bit. Lisa's POTTY TED had lost himself entirely in his bloodlust he sunk his teeth into her buttocks and tore away a nipple on her right breast. Ted continued to make his way down the hall of the Sorority House. Attacking two more women there that night. Twenty one year old Karen Chandler and twenty year old. Kathy Kleiner like Margaret and Lisa Karen and Kathy were unconscious during the attacks but fortunately days survived just barely when emt's later arrived at the scene. They weren't sure if they were alive or dead as he watched the girls. Beaten bodies being loaded into ambulances. Sheriff Ken Cassandra's wondered. What kind of monster could have committed a crime so heinous? But before he could ponder the answer he heard a call over his radio. Another young woman had been brutally beaten only blocks away Ted had barely made it down the street before succumbing to his murderous urges again. Ted's brazen behaviour had reached new heights. This time he'd left evidence behind when Cassandra's race to the scene he found a mask made out of women's nylons and semen stain in the woman's bedroom. Ted Gotten so absorbed in the thrill of the kill heat sabotaged himself. Criminologists commonly classify serial killers based on distinct dichotomy organized and disorganized murderers for years. Ted's crimes had placed him neatly in the former. He was a textbook organized. Killer socially competent and high functioning. He always planned his murders in advance sometimes. Elaborately and took pride in his ability to leave without a trace. But over time Ted's classification dramatically shifted according to researchers Barney Warf and Cynthia Waddell the lines between organized and disorganized killers commonly blurred when a murderer is left murder over an extended period of time warp and waddle explained that as a killers urges heighten their psychosis intensifies often changing their previously. Well established habits and for Ted. This transition happened quickly when he entered the Chi Omega House that night. Ted was an organized killer. But when he walked out he'd seemingly devolved Ted subsequent kills only became more chaotic. He was no longer following a plan. Propelled ONLY BY LUST. Ted Murdered Multiple Women in quick succession and left their bodies at the crime scene. He was spiraling out of control soon. Propelled by the chaos of the Chi. Omega murders Ted fled Tallahassee and headed southeast to the small town of Lake City Florida there he would deviate even further abandoning the one characteristic that had defined all his other murders his victim profile on February ninth. Nineteen seventy eight. Ted spotted twelve year old Kimberly Leach crossing the Basketball Court of her junior high school. The last anyone saw Kim she was climbing into a white van looking upset after murdering nearly three dozen White College age women with long dark hair. Ted had taken an entirely new type of victim. He murdered a young child. This signified an extreme turning point in Ted he was no longer the slick deceptive killer with crystal clear intent as the stress of his life on the run intensified and his inevitable. Fate in prison loomed larger. It didn't matter who he killed anymore. He simply needed to keep feeding the ravenous part of himself that urged him to continue five days later on Valentine's Day an officer notice Ted driving under the speed limit in an orange. Vw Bug following his instincts. The officer decided to pull the vehicle over instead. Ted panicked and sped off a high speed chase ensued and then a fight once. The officer managed to Corner Ted. He lashed out even reaching for the policeman's gun but the struggle was futile and Ted was arrested and searched. Officers found more than twenty one credit cards in his possession with a variety of names. They were all stolen. As was the car. Ted refused to reveal his identity. Authorities. Were baffled and suspicious. Who was this mystery man by the next day they had a hunch by tracing the VW's plates they discovered it had been stolen in Tallahassee. Near the Kyle Mega Sorority House soon. The Pensacola PD called up sheriff. Ken Cassara of Tallahassee and broke the news they believe they had the co Ed killer in their custody for days. Ken and his detectives questioned Ted. They brought him cigarettes to win him over and eventually Ted agreed to reveal his identity on one condition. He wanted a phone call. He wanted to call Liz club for. He warned her that she'd soon see really ugly stories about him on the news he was right once. The media got a hold of the story. Ted's name was everywhere at the time he was already one of the ten most wanted men in the US. The Chi Omega murders only raised his profile. But the thing that truly sealed Ted Bundy and America's collective consciousness was perhaps not the details of his crimes but his bizarre performance at his own murder trials. Following Ted's indictment the Florida State Supreme Court made an unprecedented ruling due to the high level of public interest. In the case. Ted's trial would not only be open to Florida residents. It would be the first murder trial to be nationally. Televised in June of Nineteen seventy-nine hundreds of people flooded the Miami courtroom for the first day of proceedings television crews from all fifty states and nine countries set up lights and rolled cameras and spectators many of them young women fascinated by the curiously charming murderer filled seats as thirty two year. Old Ted entered the courtroom he beamed at the crowds and winked at cameras. He had an audience. The entire nation was watching. Ever the showman. The spectators only emboldened Ted. He made impassioned speeches and crack jokes making the courtroom roar with laughter just as he did during the Carol Durant case and despite his lack of a law degree Ted led his own defense though. A team of young public defenders was assigned to his case. Ted assumed the position of lead counsel much to their annoyance multiple times. He drove his lawyers to walk out of the courtroom in frustration. Ted insisted on cross examining witnesses often undermining his own argument in the process and in the end there was little his attorneys could do to stop him. Ted was too caught up playing lawyer in the role of a lifetime but the stakes couldn't be higher for all of his showmanship. His impassioned speeches and the Ad Trix. Ted was still dealt the death penalty on July thirty. First Nineteen seventy nine in his thick southern drawl. Judge Edward Cowart sentence Ted to the electric chair but it seemed that even the judge at Ted's murder trial hadn't escaped the serial killers charms after he delivered his verdict coward lamented that he saw a bright young man's potential wasted. He stated. Take care of yourself. Young Man I say that to you sincerely. It is a tragedy for this court to see such a total waste of humanity. You're a bright young man. You'd have made a good lawyer and I'd have loved to have you practice in front of me but you went another way partner. I don't have any animosity to you. I want you to know that but even after being sentenced to death. Ted's antics were far from over in January of nineteen eighty. Ted represented himself for the last time in the murder trial of twelve year old Kimberly Leach and once again he was given the death penalty but it was nearly a decade before. He saw his sentence through in that time. Ted Bundy lingered on death row taking interviews with journalists since psychologists and as execution grew closer. He began admitting to more murders just to delay his sentence ultimately he admitted to thirty one in total but Ted could only delay fate for so long on January twenty fourth nineteen eighty nine forty two year old. Ted took his seat in the Electric Chair. In front of a large picture window behind it was a gallery of onlookers. Many of whom were witnesses at his trial in his last words to his very last audience. Ted Apologize For all the trouble he caused. Then a metal skullcap was placed on his head followed by Black. Could the executioner flip the switch and moments later at seven six? Am Ted Bundy was pronounced dead at his request? Ted was cremated and his ashes were scattered at an undisclosed location in the cascades in Washington state for after his death. Ted Bundy took his place among a class of America's most prolific serial killers but his bloody legacy lives on not because of the number of his crimes. But because of Ted himself. Americans were and still are fascinated with the good-looking charmer with a capacity to kill. It's this duality. That we fixate on the shadowy boundary between all American men and notorious murderer that he embodied so well countless movies documentaries and books both fiction and not have been inspired by his brutality and his charisma making him into a kind of macab. Celebrity Ted Bundy has become synonymous with the idea of serial killer the prototype of a psychopathic lust murderer. But as the media's love affair with Ted Rages on it begs the question. Was this what he ultimately wanted? There's no doubt Ted used his unique position at his televised trial to his benefit. But perhaps he'd always intended to make a lasting impression that would live on long past his inevitable death in Ted's last act he'd manipulated an entire nation creating a dark stain on our collective consciousness. Thanks again for tuning into serial killers. He'll be back Monday with a new episode for more information on Ted Bundy amongst the many sources we used. We found the book the stranger beside me by an rule extremely helpful to our research. You can find all episodes of serial killers and all of the podcast originals for free on spotify or anywhere. You listen to podcasts. Not only spotify already have all of your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you. Enjoy all of your favorite podcast. Originals like serial killers for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream serial killers on spotify. Just open the APP and type serial killers in the search bar and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram. At podcast and twitter at podcast network. We'll see you next time. Have a killer week. Serial killers was created by Max Cutler. And his apart cast studios original executive include Max and Ron Cutler sound designed by Juan Boorda with production assistance by Ron Shapiro Carly Madden Isabel away and Joel Stein. This episode of serial killers was written by Alex Garland with writing assistance by Abigail Cannon and stars Greg Poulsen and Vanessa Richardson.

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