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"ted monitor" Discussed on The Falcoholic

"With him. When i was doing some research. I i was kinda surprised. I guess i shouldn't have been. But i was surprised. He's only been a sixteen game starter once in his career and now last year in detroit right. He's he's spent the duration of his career prior to that in a platoon in three Safety system with the new england. Patriots alongside patrick chung and devin mccourty. So it ideally. That's the role he's gonna play in atlanta like he'll start out as the defacto like free safety starter. But you know if all goes according to plan your mixing richie grant in their year. Even maybe mixing jalen hawkins in there. And he's continuing to thrive in the role that he's thrived his entire career. And that's a three safety looks. So that's kinda my outlook I guess to throw in one. More name You know it seems like this is a five person race Tj green has has been one of the surprise standouts. A guy that came over to the team last year former second round. Pick of the colts in two thousand sixteen has bounced around indianapolis seattle new orleans in in private atlanta. He spent some time in carolina Very good athletic. Testing a six two and a half two hundred nine pounds ran a four three four which is really impressive for guy that size Thirty nine and a half inch for ten foot nine inch broad so guy that has the athletic profile that you look for from db in there is a connection as well. The falcons on offense Outside linebacker coach ted monitor. Chino was defensive coordinator indianapolis. Oh i don't know if that has anything to do with You know him getting a real hard look and you know knowing what they have in the building in him. And then also terry fought. No you know. I mentioned he. Greenspan a season in new orleans dairy no ran the pro personnel department there. So i'm sure he had a huge hand and bringing him there for a season so he's wanting to watch he's been cross training. Not only at safety net. Cornerback owner those with kennel. Sheffield being out so certainly intriguing. Name that again depending on how the development of which grant goes which. I'm sure we'll get into in a little bit. You could see some significant time. Early on as richie acclimates and south to the nfl. Yeah absolutely. I think same pages you. Eric harris formerly undrafted. He's thirty one years old Obviously I think they're really hoping that one whether the young guys whether it's tj green or you know even preferably Richie grant ultimately leapfrogs harris. I think they would be pleased if that happened. But he fits the profile. He's a guy that you know. He's got the size He can move around well enough You know looking at this. Pf grades a his best. Year was a couple years ago when he was in the mid seventies which is not bad for a for a guy his draft capital just to say none and to add on that that mid seventies grade came when he was kind of a a rotational player. So again and you can. You can say the same thing about their on. Harman i you know. His best grades came when he was in that platoon. So that's that's where. I think the falcons wanna get. These guys is not playing significant snack. When they do things could maybe get a little bit dicey there back there. So that's where we see exactly. It's the right when they started getting more snaps their scores start dropping now in fairness that could be you know when i look at harmon in you. You realize okay you know. He was in there in the world. That's where he had his best grades. Or i'm sorry not new orleans new england and he finally did get Over a thousand snaps with detroit. He was still decent of his. You know we're looking at his. Pf grade who was in the mid sixties which sounds bad. But it's not like a high school grading score that's sort of an average. Nfl player by their by their metrics prior to that he had several seasons in the mid the high seventies. so harman's got the capability to be a good a part time starter and a guy like you said who is part of a platoon and not necessarily carrying every single snap at position In again for the fact that these two veterans they've been in the league for a while. I think the the intention here was instead of just turning over the safety position which is very important in. Dp's defense instead of turning it over to a bunch of young guys that are unproven. That have never started in the nfl before it made sense to bring these guys in in my feeling. Is the minute the minute. One of the young guys is ready to take on significant snaps. They will supplant eric harris or harmon or both at some point during the season if they are not ready. Then you've got these two veterans on your rental deals and no harm no foul so it. It was a smart move in my mind from tariff on note to bring these two guys on it. This is the kind of signing. it doesn't get you a lot of a fancy points with the fans. People they wanna see. Richie grant out there. Because he's the second round pick they wanna see him jalen hawkins because he was a draft pick from last year but really to stabilize the center of that defense Having news These guys out there. Even if they're not necessarily going to be top tier players. They should be decent enough. And i can already hear fans complaining about. Oh we should want decent players. Well honestly decent players are what you need to help you transition to the next tier of guys to bring up the young guys. These are the kind of guys that help you. Bring along richie grant at the proper speed instead of You know we talked about on your podcast this week. You throw richie grant to the wolves that could absolutely decimate his confidence You have those veterans walking him to the process the available to him to answer questions to.

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