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"ted lerner mike rizzo" Discussed on The Kevin Sheehan Show

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"ted lerner mike rizzo" Discussed on The Kevin Sheehan Show

"Or go to win donation dot COM Tommy's GonNa call in you you know it's just impossible to keep track of all of his vacations. He's another one this week. He's up on the Jersey shore so he will be calling in at some point in a little bit probably in about thirty minutes. Hey Ted Lerner Mike Rizzo. Can you get Anthony Rendon signed to a contract extension. Please there. It goes doubter see you later. He ran down slams his his way to a six as soon as lead Bob Carpenter last night on mass in one of the moments of the season so so far a two-out bases-loaded Grand Slam to break a two two tie in the bottom of the sixth last night in the first of three against the braves a huge series series against the braves as the nets are approaching August in a legitimate pennant race for the first time since the franchise moved here in two thousand and five six three was the final the nats now closed the gap to four and a half games in the National League east the trade deadline's is looming lots of stories out there about what the nets will do between now and tomorrow afternoon there was bad news before the game last night Max Scherzer back to the injured injured list retroactive July twenty six so he's not going to be available until early next week. Dave Martinez said after the game actually before the game and talking about Scherzer's answers injury he said quote the first time it was just Bursa inflammation and now he's got a strain of the rumbold muscle oh boy boy this is not good with <unk> right now. Apparently he was pissed off that they put him on the injured list. He wanted to go last night. He got a cortisone shot. <hes> as he worked his way back over the last week week and a half also had a stem cell injection after the second issue ooh cropped up that would be the rumbold muscle issue but things haven't improved so sure Zor right now boy before the all-star break I was pretty much convinced against that. Sherzer was just taking some time off. They're going to give him a break. He didn't want to pitch the All Star game he's legitimately hurt and this is an area of big concern..

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