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"ted edward teddy kennedy" Discussed on Conspiracy Theories

"By the end of nineteen sixty eight three of Joseph Kennedy senior sons had died Joe Junior John and now Robert at all been killed before they could fulfil the extent of the ambition. Their father had Joseph Senior. Perhaps due to his own lodged intend to become president was adamant about putting the Kennedy Boys in the white eight house he had succeeded with his second son. John John's political legacy was permanently interrupted when he was tragically assassinated in nineteen sixty three with Robert debt as well and just as he seemed to be on the cusp of kicking off a successful presidential campaign the weight of the Kennedy name nail fell to the youngest Kennedy son Ted Edward Teddy Kennedy or nineteen thirty two it wasn't exactly the black sheep of the Kennedy family but as the youngest of nine Children Teddy was afforded leeway to fail in a manner that his brothers were never allowed while Joe Senior had been laser focused on ensuring the joe junior and to a lesser extent John and Robert worked to succeed in every aspect of their lives so as to prepare them for life in the public spotlight he seemed to not have the same level of commitment to ensuring that Teddy excelled old teddy had middling grades throughout his childhood though his large size made him a natural football player despite the lack of any real academic achievement he attended Harvard University for undergraduate just as his father and brothers had done sometimes name is more important than a transcript teddy was in his freshman year in college while his brother John was serving his first term in the House of Representatives that combined with the families already notable profile across Ross American news and politics meant that there was a public spotlight on anyone with the Kennedy name as the youngest child teddy likely wasn't used to having much attention directed his way. This is why he probably thought he could get away with cheating on an exam in his freshman year. In nineteen fifty one teddy arranged for another student to take one of his exams he was caught and both students were expelled. That's not the kind of backstory. Are you want to see in someone who wants to be President Teddy expelled and with few options of other schools that would actually take him enrolled in the military he served for two years in the military. Police and Joseph senior used his own military connections to ensure the teddy wasn't deployed in the Korean War which was ongoing at that time teddy was discharged in nineteen fifty three at that time Harvard University allowed expelled students to apply hi for readmission. After a few years teddy was readmitted again no doubt due to the workings of his father and his own family name Teddy graduated from Harvard in Nineteen Fifty six when he was twenty four war but he was rejected by Harvard law school due to his poor grades and the prior expulsion the academic dishonesty on his record should have prevented him from getting into most law schools but he managed to follow when Roberts footsteps and attend the University of Virginia School of law as he had for his entire life teddy performed middling Lii in his academics though in law school he started to develop a reputation for his strong oratory skills. While he was in law school teddy also had his first real run in with the law when he was charged with reckless driving nothing came of the charge and it certainly didn't seem to hurt his political aspirations but then again we must always consider teddy's powerful family and their ability to put him in positions to succeed Teddy was named manager of John Kennedy's election campaign for the Senate in Nineteen fifty eight after graduating law school in nineteen eighteen fifty nine. He went on to help manage John's campaign for president. After John won the nineteen sixty election. He wanted Teddy to take his vacant Senate seat. Even though that wouldn't be possible for two more years since instead he was only twenty eight in nineteen sixty teddy claim to.

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