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International Positive Education Network Conference Preview With Deborah K. Heisz

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International Positive Education Network Conference Preview With Deborah K. Heisz

"Welcome to episode two, hundred and seventy nine. Oh, live happy now. This is Paula Phelps, and this week we're here to talk about positive education. Whether. You're an educator or apparent. The concept of positive education is something that can change your life as well as the life of your student child. In these times, it's more important than ever to understand the role that wellbeing plays in the lives of students, teachers, administrators, and parents. So this week live happy CEO and Co founder Deborah Highs joins us to talk about the upcoming International Positive Education Networks Twenty twenty wellbeing in education or conference. This event is being offered entirely online for the first time and it's also free for anyone who wants to attend. deb Sits Down with me to explain what you can expect and how you can experience it. Debra welcome back to the happy. Now, I'm very excited to be here as always one of my favorite things to do. We specific reason for getting you on the air this week because there's something coming up, you know it better than practically anybody else, and so I'm going to start by asking you to tell us. What this conference is, what it's called and why it's important. Certainly. First of all, this is the. International Positive Education Network is hosting a wellbeing in education virtual conference in October October Twenty, seven, hundred, twenty, nine actually, and it's global conference. It is time zoned appropriately. So if you live in north and South America, it would be on the twenty seven, twenty eight. If you live in different parts of the world, it's going to be on the twentieth and twenty. But it's super exciting I pen something that I've been involved in actually founding board member something I've been involved from the start something that live happy is co founder Jeff. Wilson's been involved from the start and it's really about creating wellbeing in educational systems and we're super excited that were hosting our third conference. It's an every other year conference We've been going about seven years, but this is our third conference and probably the most exciting thing about this particular conference is that it's Free. So we can get you know as many people as we want to attend. It's a good opportunity that we would have loved to have. We've had thousands people at our other conferences, but we this is an opportunity for anyone who's interested in positive education to log in and out what it's all about and for people who are listening who aren't really sure what positive education is can you kind of tell us a little bit about what you mean when you say Positive Education It's a broad topic actually, it's not a specific topic because positive education depending on who you're talking to has various connotation. So for people who run schools, there are positive schools positive learning environments that are created, which teach children to be empowered and advocate for themselves and are built around character. Strengths are are built around really creating a wellbeing environment for students as opposed to just you know reading writing arithmetic, it really is about educating the whole child because studies have shown that people who have a higher sense of wellbeing perform better in everything starting with school. Teaching children in a way that enables them to feel and develop their own wellbeing their own a psychological wellbeing their own social well-being is the foundation of positive education. But when we talk about positive education, we're not just talking about the students themselves. Really is ecosystems teachers are impacted by it at hurts where can be impacted by it administrations and not just children in the sense of you know thinking about children but really educational systems all the way through universities. So the positive that's why it's the international positive education network is because there's a lot of different ways of looking at it and developing it, and you know that the network was founded really to bring attention to it and to get people who are passionate about it involved in really changing the way we teach people. And obviously this is great for educators, but it goes beyond that because this is something parents and especially, I'm thinking now a lot of parents have stepped into that role of teacher during Cova. Particularly relevant to them, but it really is something that's designed for a pretty broad audience. It really is, I, think, people listen to this podcast have heard us talk about Martin Seligman or Angela Duckworth or Lee waters you know and they're going to be presenting at this conference. They'll be talking about you know really the impact of positive psychology on education or Angela dot worth and her read her book grits. She'll be talking about her her work there Lee waters. We'll be talking about what's going on in Australia relative to this but is four everyone they'll be topics that are for educators. They'll be master classes for schools that want investigate implementing positive education into their establishments. There'll be work on how to practice. Practical positive education interventions. They'll be panel discussions though be showcases from schools that are have already implemented positive education including. You know what they did that work what they did that didn't work, but fundamentally, there's going to be a lot of broad content about why it's important what we mean when we talk about positive education and it's just got a star studded lineup of people. That are coming to speak you know our global chair Simon Murray, he's GonNa. Do a sit down interview with Martin Seligman which you know Martin Solitaire. He's the father of positive education and for that to be free for the people who want to attend phenomenal. It's a great opportunity to learn more about positive psychology positive education in general and if you're a parent to start thinking. As is something I wanted to see in my school system is this something I can talk to my teachers administrators about what can I do to a an Chris my child's while being, and where are we going? What's the future bring for this topic? It's really a tremendous thing and I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Tech Melanio University in Mexico is hosting it and it is a precursor to their wellbeing three, sixty conference, which is also free. So someone can log on and attend both ours the wellbeing in an education virtual. Conference, and then there's is you know three, sixty, wellbeing, three sixty, and so they're talking a lot about how you can develop your well being in your own life and business and schools as students. It's really district tremendous opportunity. I don't want people to miss out on now. Can you tell a little bit about the format is a webinars zoom thing? What can we expect when someone signs up? What's the experience going to be wants a true online event meaning when you log on, you're GonNa have the opportunity to go into different rooms there's going. To be simultaneous panels, there's going to be keynote speakers. There's going to be translation it's going to be available in English and Spanish across the board. You might hear from speakers that are Asian or you know that are from that part of the world you know from Singapore certainly from England and Australia and Mexico, and Middle East Dubai though speakers from all over the world. But when you go in, it will be a digital event once you register, you come back and you attend the event of digital room you can go into to hear what? You want to hear you'll be able to select the tracks that you want to listen to, and you know basically it's like you're being there but you're not there is best way I know how to describe it. One of the challenges that I've always found that these conferences is you've got events going on simultaneously because how many times has it been like oh I wanna go to the essence I but I want to go to that too. So we'll any of this be recorded that you can access later or how do we work around that? Some of it will be not all of it will be, I mean you have always have various rights issues and things like that. But I know that we are also going to preserve all the content we can for eventual hosting either on the I pen site itself we can capture that but also I know that the breakouts you can tend multiple breakouts. There's not specific this breakout this time. So you if you want select breakout and they look like they're at. The same time? Those breakouts will be running through the breakout time period had listened to more than one. We are recording for on demand, but it's really only available. The only time we can guarantee it's available during the conference time but you know People Wanna learn more about this. They can go to our website, our website I'm still on the board of I pen you can go to the I. Penn website, which is I pen I e n Dash Network Dot Com. And got a lot of information about what's going on at the event. There's going to be more information coming doing speaker. BIOS, and biographies of what their talks are going to be about those are going to be posted over the next few days. So they'll probably be up by the time people can hear this podcast, but they'll be able to you people can dive in and figure out what is they want to listen to but I think the important thing is if you have any interest in this whatsoever. Register get more information. If you don't WanNa tend to hours attend the two hours it'll be well worth it. There's a lot of resources and people that you really unless you go to the events like we've gone to Paulo over the last ten years at this point. Attending either or IPAD events or working with some of those people. There are people that you want to hear from that. That opportunity to just doesn't exist unless you go to those events right this is an opportunity for us sitting in your house to hear from you know the top you know really mind share in the world on the topics, and if you're passionate about it, it's worth your time. If you're just interested in WanNa know what it's about. It's worth your time and you can't beat the price. Yeah. That's for sure that's for sure and how many speakers total does it have to you know? You Know I. Don't know off top of my head, but it's got more than thirty. We have panels, we call masterclass breakouts we have keynote speakers, leap list here, lonely radio, some of the names of people that are speaking you know Sir Anthony. Seldon. He's one of the founders of I pen and the Vice Chancellor of the University of Buckingham, and you haven't heard him speak he's both entertaining and incredibly knowledgeable and one of the Most Compassionate people I've ever met in my life. so He's worth it are I pen global chair Simon Murray is on there. He's rally while respected. The industry he used to be the headmaster of a school that is implemented a positive education towel Ben Shahar. We'll be speaking for those who know that name he's one of the fathers of he is for those of you know, Sean Acre Ben Shahar Har was the professor that Sean Acre was the assistant with the top the happiness class at Harvard he'll be speaking at a session Lee waters who we've had on this podcast several times is phenomenal will be speaking Angela Duckworth as I said. Steve Levin all done some tremendous things with girls and we'll be speaking you know who he is. Of course Caroline Miller will be speaking you'll the scarf ob speaking and Johnston the head of Pisa, Positive Schools Network in Australia I can't remember what the initials stand for a Dr Abdulah Cram who is working with Dubai on implementing positive education they'll all be speaking and then there's a breakout from the schools to masterclasses one is led by Peggy Kern so that should be very interesting the other. One is led by Matthew White and some other folks from Geelong David bought and other Louis Timon folks from a Geelong in Australia. Who's got one of the most successful positive education implementations across schools, and you know it's just really it is the WHO's who in positive education positive psychology and you know anytime you can hear Mardi speak it's always an education so I it's just totally something that if you don't know what positive education has, you want to learn more about it it's great. If you know what it is and you WANNA learn more indepth or hear from some of these people about what they're doing their successes, their failures there's just not a better platform for it. I know that as soon as the last I, pen conference ended your team started working on planning this. So obviously, twenty twenty didn't turn out to be what you expect when you started planning in two thousand eighteen. So what kind of challenges did you face and say like we have to move this from physical conference to an online space? Well we made that decision very early on. It's really it's impossible to say you have a conference about wellbeing and asked people to make a decision about are they going to rally pandemic or not? We're going to put you to see how much you believing wellbeing. Yeah. So we were supposed to have this conference. You know with the spring early spring this past year in person in Mexico but the folks at Tech Malania University pivoted quite well and have actually taken the lead on planning this in conjunction with another conference that they typically host, which is their wellbeing three sixty that also could not take place in a physical environment. So really as part of the pivot, though it became really clear that we didn't have to. Charge for this, this is something that we it really became less about content although it's incredibly rich in content. And more about how can we use this opportunity to expose as many people as possible to this and that's where free came in. You, know they want and are expecting thousands and thousands of people to attend this globally. And that's the goal for thousands of people if not ten thousands of people to attend this globally because they can. It's a tremendous awareness opportunity for positive education but also for the importance that well being plays in the role of the student, the teacher, the administrator, and the role with the three sixty event in conjunction with us. With, the you know the role that will being played all of our lives it's really just a tremendous opportunity. Now, for those of you want to attend wellbeing three, sixty please you are more than welcome to attend that event as well. I think that there's going to be a lot there for everybody and you know same types of speakers but also more on positive organizations more on business as well as tech a university system that employs positive education and positive psychology. So there's lot here. Yeah. It's really fascinating when you dig into the port, they've accomplished with their positive education program. I think is really surprising if you're not familiar with positive education and then you start looking at the results they've had it gets really exciting. That's kind of like this conference is a gateway drug because you start seeing what it can do and you want to, you just want to be involved in. It was certainly hope it is a gateway for a lot of people to really take stock and you'll really the time that's going on right now you know with. The pandemic and everything else that's going on here in the United States in terms of you know black lives matter and equality and the election and everything that's coming up I think that we need to be reminded of how important our own well-being as but also the well being of the ecosystems that were within within the business within the school within our families within our communities you know we have to focus on well being and I think that these events are. Centering forest tremendous of that. Yeah. And at the same time, I had a question about. You know I, know people who are teachers I know people who are dealing with technology side of education and they are all kind of at their wit's end. You know there's so much. There's been so much upheaval and it's been a very stressful time. So to say, Hey, we're going to implement this positive component to it. How do they manage that I? Can you kind of address how they can take this on without feeling like Oh, my gosh. That's just one more thing that has to be added to our to do list but isn't it the only thing? Strange. Yeah. Lead with that is a good thing. Yeah. I mean, it's I'm actually working on a talk for another event just for the business of that right now, and one of my slides top of it is culture is everything. It starts with culture if you don't have culture and part of cultures having a culture of wellbeing a culture of carrying a culture of listening but I'm using the word listening intentionally I think a lot of us including me like to talk but there's a lot about wellbeing and creating positive organizations, which is about being compassionate, being empathetic, and listening and learning from what people have to say because we're all very very different people and that's why you know these conferences give us an opportunity to say, okay, I know that's the most important thing. Because really without a positive sense of wellbeing. What do we have I mean really what do we have nothing? You got nothing right? You want to talk about a key to happiness. Well, we have, and it's a new normal the world and my concern is you know distributed workplaces. I don't see all of my employees every day like I used to. So being conscientious about checking in and not just going to the meeting but having the conversation about how are you doing how's everybody in your family doing? How are you guys doing being at home together all the time you know is that a big change for your your kids going back. To school or did they select virtual options and what does that I mean those are conversations that you need to have people need to know you care. But more importantly, you actually need care. It's not just about going through the motions right. But you know I want to encourage people to say you know first things first and taking care of each other i. More not doing that we've missed the boat I think that that's what a conference like. This can whether it's the wellbeing an education portion or whether it's the three sixty, what is their tagline I love their tagline, your toolbox for a changing world wellbeing three sixty, and then the website for that is wellbeing three sixty dot m. x. because of course, tech Moneo is hosting it. So it's a Mexican website, but it is an English but where better to go to get the ideas of how to implement than from really the masters that are doing it already. We have to hate the word create meaning in life because I think creates the wrong word because I. Our lives have meaning maybe it's discover the meaning in life discover your meaningful life. We create positive organizations, developed positive families, and ultimately build you know thriving communities and people are at the center of all of that and. That's what positive education's about. Our I mean positive psychology is about right. Being in people. and. One of the good things is like even though a lot of these are big ideas. You can even go in as a teacher as a parent and see what someone did and implement it on your own level. Like you don't have to have a big budget or big program to start using some of these things. No, there's always tools people can use. There's always takeaways. I kind of equate it to you go to school right we all learned you know for your first, whatever we're Americans and we went to school and they all try to teach us to be factory workers. So we all learn basic math, basic government, basic English basic basic science whatever the basics are so that we all have a common foundation but as you develop and grow, you gravitate towards what inspires you, what fills you up what helps you grow I think a conference like this is the same thing. You can get a broad view of all of it, which you're gonna find something there that inspires you that you're going to want to spend more time more energy more engagement with. And once they find that does the website offer resources they're going to be able to delve a little deeper will kind of help them along on that journey. Then, we'll be resources with the various presentations and things like that I mean it really is they'll be worksheets they'll be all sorts of things on the conference website once it's fully developed right now, there's a registration page and some information that's I said, we're in the process of building that out look for I pen and wellbeing three sixties also burt building that out but I can promise no one's going to be disappointed. There's going to be a resources that they'll be able to download and take advantage of and look through you know on the well-being three, sixty side I mean Kim Cameron as talking about the power of positive organizations. Boy That is an incredible talk to listen to I just have to say. If commercial for Kim he's an incredible speaker that particular topic he's just a master at. So he is. He's the man on that topic among Michael Staggers also coming on to talk about life with purpose who's also these are the people that are we know and the James and Susan are talking about being happy together relationships. Riley me is is talking about character strengths. I mean this is the WHO's who positive psychology and positive education if you have any interest at all or want to know what it's about. This is the event to its stand. What's the one thing that you hope everybody takes away from? The conference. I think what I hope everybody takes away from every. Conference or event around this topic is that there's something they can do that. There's something that they can put into action in their own life and their own family. To make a difference because the worst thing is to go somewhere and go. That's all really nice. But what do I do with it but I know that this conference will give them practical things that they can do. This is not a talking at you. Yes. I agree with all your concepts it will be a and these are things you can do and this is how they. Work and why they work and how can make a difference but I do want people to be able to take away things that they can put into action otherwise you know it's just talking talking heads you know but able to take away something that you can feel passionate developing a passion for the topic. But having real action that you can take I think is going to be the keep. That was deborah highs talking about upcoming international positive education networks twenty, twenty wellbeing, and education. IRTUAL conference. If you'd like to learn more about this free online event and sign up to attend just visit us at live. Happy now, DOT com, and follow the links. That's all we have time for today. We'll meet you back here again next week for an all new episode, and until then this is Paula Phelps reminding you to make every day a happy one.

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