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"tech garon" Discussed on Animal Radio

"The two items and they're gonNA toss one and Tech Garon and after maybe one of them grab and run around with each other and I I will show them in other on the have here address the root cause of the problem there bore they have no job to do the more you work proactively the less you will need to Aquatic Ryan Abebe lion everything uses owner when people see Charlie the dog walk and they really freak do you bring your dogs out there's no of course not I can't bring him anywhere I can't control them they might knock down kit or an old woman of course he doesn't hear what he's saying I said look my dog is here with me take them lots of places people don't even notice him they're happy to see him kids can come up and pat him and he's not locked up in the house all alone by himself and the reason for this is because he knows the route then be mellow oh about it admit it you love your dog and he is part of the family so when choosing your next vacation don't forget Fido we just a little planning the hire family can enjoy a road trip to find the best vacation spot four spot subscribe.

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