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"taylor van mouth" Discussed on My Family Thinks I'm Crazy

My Family Thinks I'm Crazy

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"taylor van mouth" Discussed on My Family Thinks I'm Crazy

"More than five kilometers from your house at this point. Wow yeah. I've heard a lot of disturbing things going on in australia. All these kids that are being sent to a stadium apparently in without their parents consent without their parents being there. It's definitely. I've heard that that's sort of like the testing ground for the more extreme protocols that the new world order wants to put in place but i also think that like we were saying before we're entering an age of enlightenment which is why things have gotten so desperate and it's gonna reach tipping point where folks were listening to this show listening to other shows. Make a change for the better in this violent thing to do. It's totally out of know the spirit of wanting people to be healed and healing the planet because this system that we're fighting against is the primary cause of most people suffering and death in a lot of ways and i don't think that we'll ever get to utopia where suffering is eliminated. But i definitely think that there is a parasitic entity that has controlled society for many years thousands of years possibly and we're reaching a point where as human beings we're not going to fall under that spell won't be cordoned into these corrales. They've created for the past hundred two hundred years and they know that they see that coming. So this is like the death rattle as sam. Tripoli said couple months ago of the elite you know and i think you know all these sick cases coming to light with epsteins stuff and you see a lot of people stepping down from high positions. I don't think that biden's gonna last you know they. You know it's definitely we're heading towards something crazy. But i don't think that you're hopeless. I think there's a lot of hope. And i'm curious to know you know other than maybe having to make an escape. What preparations you're making towards is impending apocalypse that you know the book of revelation just trying to. I'm just trying to get book sales up. Just trying to do as many as do as much as i can to get the information out there. It's life changing. You know and. I think. I don't know i haven't i haven't hit that point yet where i'm like. This is too much for me. Move you know. But i will. I will hit that eventually and Just interested to see again. You know what they're going to do with waking that's gone on well and also i think it is sort of a fear play as well like you know the media. How much of it can we trust. And maybe that's all it is to generate fear so that those of us who would have been in this hybridization of love and light and knowledge are then warped back down to that fear vibration that's ultimately holding back the collective you know and i. I tend to think that that the spiritual energy has more to say about. What's going on in the world. Then have you ever read a bloggers. Have you ever read. A book called way of the peaceful warrior. I think that you know synchronicity quickly enough. I think that books come up for me recently but no. I've never read it. But i think rita partisans the recommend it. It's it was the first spirit. My mom put me out. It was the first spiritual book that really changed my life in that aspect. Okay to gray. Read fiction to. It's a fictionalized account of something real. Okay the check it out. The way of the peaceful warrior is there a. What's the author's name. Dan millman and elman. Okay i'm checking that out and folks listening. Where can they get your books. More importantly the into the ragas. So i'm on twitter at real. Mr dank i'm on facebook at mica day i had group on facebook called mike dank into the rabbit hole. Are you joining. I post soft. Ju i'm on instagram. Like dan and you can get my books on amazon. It's called the in to the rabbit hole series. You get my books amazon. However if you're sitting getting signed happy's or you don't wanna go through amazon i sell. I must have sold thousands of copies from my ass so i. I always have extra copies. Y'all if you work something out with pave taylor van mouth. I'll send it to you. Even if you you know i would say i would say. That's the next book. Even if you're interested what you can do is go to amazon type in into the rabbit hole beneath the veil and just read the comments from people that have lost reviews a highly. Recommend it folks. I think you should check it out. And when you do let mike and know that you heard ear i on the my family thinks i'm crazy. Podcast micheals second time on the show. Your first time was a lot different. Lot of things have changed since then. My family thinks i'm crazy world but dude. I'm happy to have you here. I don't think. I asked you the first time but as your family think you're crazy yes. Debate deals yeah. They have they re any of your books. My dad's actually the editor of my books. Brad on you he. He's a he's that's what he's really good at and i think he is religious so he just kind of edits. The book straightforward. He doesn't really tell me. Oh that's interesting. are this that you know. It's a very very unique view on things you know. It's catching on it really. Is you know to give credit to the greats before me like jordan maxwell or santos biology of really he's gonna be on With alex stein this week and.

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