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"taylor canley" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"To the at four hundred straightaway centerfield low fence all the way around about ten feet high have these scoreboard video board in left center field the pool in right field which is not being used tonight with temperatures in the mid sixties now the lefty righty matchup fastball in for a strike to taylor who also at the night off last night taylor comes in with an eight game hitting streak he's three for eight and a series with a home run batting average at three forty two for the rookie currently right back and has fouled away to the right side out of play to taylor currently is a lanky lefthanders six three two hundred and one pounds and even though he's going from the stretch position as a lot of arms and legs come in at the hitter when he delivers a pitch to strike delivery lash foul out of play in the seats behind the first base dugout currently a second round pick of the marlins in twenty eleven out of washington state is first appearance this year against the socks was april tenth in the springs eight to one losing decision taylor fouls at the plate and account remains at own too kindly did not survive the second inning in that game you went one and two thirds yielding four runs on five hits against the sky sox your comes another two strike pitch up in a way to taylor canley has not pitch more than three innings in his last five starts dating back to last september with the marlins the delivery is inside and to now lefthander on right hander.

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