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Taylor Behl /// Part 2 /// 397

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Taylor Behl /// Part 2 /// 397

"Welcome to true crime garage wherever you are whatever you are doing. Thanks for listening. I'm your host Nick with me as always is a man who is that. Twist of lime. You absolutely needed but not necessarily asked for. He is the captain. It's good to be seen and it's good to see you. Thanks for listening. Thanks for telling a friend. Today we are drinking up some blueberry thrill from our friends at Sascha Hana Brewing Company. This radler is zesty. Sweet Bright and refreshing. Ab four point two percent garage grade three and three quarter bottlecaps out of five and this week. We are giving cheers to our good friends here. First UP WE HAVE Catherine in Dallas Texas and the big shots of Vanessa in the party room in parts unknown. Here we go captain. We have a shout out to Fatty Patty in Oviedo Florida and a big shallow to Ashton in Knoxville Tennessee. Next up we have Natalie in Portland Maine and last but certainly not least we have all the in Charlotte North Carolina. Thanks to everyone for contributing to this week Spear Fund. If you want to fill up the beer truck for next week just go to true crime. Garage DOT COM and. Click on the donate button. And if you need more true crime garage I need some more. Let me get through the announcements. Please go download stitcher APP. It's free you can listen to all of our old episodes and if you download stitcher premium app you can get off the record our bonus show and that is enough of the business all right. Everybody gathered around. Grab Chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime. So thanks to Taylor Beales online post. Investigators knew that Taylor and Ben Fawley had passed and continue to talk online and possibly even see each other but the more troubling thing. Here captain is Ben. Fawley online claims to be an ex CON which absolutely turns out to be true. So what did this Do Burger do. Well he had some charges for assault and breaking and entering and I think it goes even beyond that one thing that I find. Extra troubling here is statements. We have from some of her friends. The say that Taylor had gotten into this habit of parking her car on Ben Fawley Street on the street that he lived on because there were no parking meters there for her to worry about. So what I'm getting at here with this captain is we have this situation where there seems to be some kind of friendship between the two. It looks to me like Ben. Fawley thinks that it is. The friendship is one thing that it is not and then we also have the situation of heat. He's got a violent past a history of violence and he also probably could know when she's coming and going because he could visually see her vehicle parked on his street. Well yeah and again the ruse of our some photos for you and and we know that he's involved in these odd pornographic sites well in regardless of whatever. Their relationship was or their friendship. I should say friendship because relationship makes it sound like something that was not regardless of what their friendship was. The the thing is her friends that knew about folly. All really say hey. I think she was starting to realize that Ben Folly was more screwed up than she really wanted to deal with but again it appears that they may still have been hanging out. Now when questioned by police about this friendship with Taylor Ben. Fawley said that he had no idea where she was and he was worried about our. He said the last time he saw her was around nine thirty pm on that Monday night when she left his apartment after they he said after they hooked up. Police didn't believe him and fact they named him as one of several persons of interest in the case on October third but the problem was ben folly maintained that he had an alibi before Taylor had even been reported missing. Ben Fawley went to the police station and filed a report alleging that he had been assaulted on the street by several guys. The timeframe he cited for the attack was around five. Am on September six. This occurred in an alley near Franklin Street and Monument Avenue Folly alleged that he was hit with an unknown object in a bag placed over his head and then he was thrown in a car and driven around by several men before being released on a dirt road and he had to hitch a ride home and they do have evidence of this. We have the person that he hits ride from saying. You know cooperating. The story to eat markings on his individual. Well so police looked carefully at this claim. Trying to determine like you said captain whether this was true or not the problem is if it is true that it seems very likely that folly could not have been responsible for abducting Taylor folly filed this report around four. Pm on Tuesday. He made vague references to the attack. Likely being a result of a long running altercation with with an axe or another photographer over rights to some photographs which seems a little loosey. Goosey to me while you know those photographers they like to. There are bad bunch they they they have a gang of people. And they're gonNA abduct you place a bag over your head and hit you with objects. The police officer whose name appears on the incident report did note that folly admitted that he was extremely. He says he was extremely intoxicated. When the alleged attack took place he also said that he took medication for bipolar disorder. Now Okay and let's let's dive into that real quick because most of the the medication that you would be on for bipolar or not things that you would one want to drink on but they could also cause you death if you do drink on those medications again though you are. A- level individual who makes good decisions. We once again find ourselves discussing a guy who does not make good decisions. I would be taken this Report as officer and when I would say officer's name I'd put silly goose so the thing that I have trouble with here I don't know really why this would be considered any type of alibi because folly says it. He lasts all Taylor if we are to believe him at nine thirty PM and then maintain that the attack happened at five. Am right hours hours later. Seems to me like you had plenty of time to a doctor kill or do whatever during that that timeframe bought and we have footage of her leaving her dorm but they're going to find footage of him outside her dorm room Yeah so but again. He's not denying that they hung out that night. Well and the thing is I think what we have here is really kind of front. A bit of a tactic by police. We saw how smart they were with the vehicle situation. Valence vehicle. Yeah I think they thought. Hey this Ben Fawley. He's pretty dumb. He's pretty stupid. We had a meeting all right all of us. Investigators and police officers we got together and we took a vote and we decided this guy's a real idiot. So here's how the meeting went a raise your hand if you think this guy is a dumb ass and nineteen hands went up and then one guy was just kind of sitting there playing on his phone he he wasn't paying attention now. One Guy was one guy was like but I really like his van. I saw it on the news. Pretty Cool So I think they all kind of agreed. This guy's an idiot and they're like publicly let's go out and say hey we we understand. He's somebody that we're interested in. We understand that there was some kind of friendship going on. But we have to clear we have to figure this whole. He was allegedly attacked situation. Out We have to figure out if he actually has an alibi or not make him think that you're kind of falling for right And see if he does something dumb because this guy has nothing but a history of thirty some years of doing dumb things. So he may. He may give you whatever you need. He may give you that smoking gun so you can figure out what he is actually been up to because even though we have them on record saying that. I don't believe that they were falling for anything that he was saying. And I also like you said. Where's the evidence of this do? Where's the person that gave you the ride home yet? I'm trying to see where you're going with this guy and my timeline. I know what cops do next but I'm wondering if I'm missing something. Well I really think that it was just a to me. It looks just like a front that they were putting on at the time. I think behind closed doors. They didn't think anything of this alleged attack other than it was a false alibi that it was something that he created to explain away a big window of time that he needs to be accounted for What seems like our thoughts about their investigation. Captain are correct. I mean they seem to be suspicious folly and this did not come out until later but what we do know took place that police did review that security cameras surveillance footage from Taylor's dorm on the last night that she was seeing and asked said she seen entering the building around ten twenty pm. She walks through the lobby to the doors on the right hand side of the frame presumably to head up to her room but someone else then enters the lobby at ten twenty one and paces around for a few minutes clearly waiting for someone. And who is this person? Data Ben Fawley Boehner sniffer so his statement of Hey. I last saw her in the nine o'clock hour can't be true. You followed her in. We have video surveillance footage of you following her into the lobby of her residence at ten. Twenty in the ten o'clock hour right in that she's GonNa come back out to hang out with them so again we know he's lying about the timeframe or dismiss remembering but it's almost like he knew that he was caught on tape so he has to omit that he was hanging out with her that night. I don't understand this whole I was attacked and that set in alibi but the timeframe would be early morning hours and not around that ten PM to twelve PM window but I think where he really messed up is when he was telling the cops well and we hooked up that night. Now we have her friends saying yes. They were intimate before but she didn't want to do that again. That's not to say that she wouldn't of been intimate with them again. I mean we. We have proof that she was intimate with him before so I would actually argue that that would mean there's more of a possibility just because she told her friends that she didn't want to do it again but that leads to please to go. Well she's seventeen and this is going to be enough for us to get a search warrant to search his apartment while you are exactly right because what's going on here. I believe re reading between the lines. I think that police had an idea that folly was with her at a time that he did not give to them. I think they knew that for a while I think there are. They are trying to figure out what else was he involved in and I also think that just because they didn't ask him about that ten o'clock hour he may be unaware of the security camera footage that he was seen on camera. They were seen on camera together at ten twenty four and then they both leave their joint. Departure is not actually caught on camera but neither of them are seen on camera again so we can assume that they left together while here. Here's why say not? Not Maybe the footage that the cops actually had. But here's this guy that's been around campus long enough to know. The campus is heavily secure. There's tons of security cameras everywhere so knowing that you met her on campus you could just assume that at some point they have you on video foot bright and maybe nine thirty thing is it his way of trying to explain that away right but also by sane knowing that you met her on campus. This is why you have to tell the police while I was with her that night for a little bit we hooked up and then she left and I don't know what happened to her. So the security surveillance footage plus the fact that he willingly tells police we hooked up. She's underage. This is enough to allow officers to obtain a search warrant for Ben Follies apartment which was located at four zero seven Hancock Street on September sixteenth. They went in and searched this apartment and the search warrant. Must have included. You know you have to specifically state what you are seeking in this war. A must've included electronic devices. Because we know that police left carrying some computers after this I search and what they found on those computers lead to the arrest of Ben Fawley on September. Twenty third. Captain would you like to do the honors and inform us as to what was found on these computers? Well what's interesting is. I don't think it's just on the computers. I think maybe also on diskin things like that. There was a lot of child pornography. He tries to explain that away by Saint. Some of this was laughed by the tenant before me. I didn't even know it was there. But that connects plane away the child pornography that was actually found on the hard drives and they had multiple computers with extremely large amounts of hard drive space. I mean especially for that time. Two thousand five. That's right there so there wasn't really anything on the computers linking folly directly to Taylor's disappearance although there were those pictures of her that we discussed hundreds of pictures of her yeah and hundreds of pictures of images of child pornography. Well on not just what bribed but the media release. Yeah I mean not just that but also just tons of Berry. I don't know what the creek term would be. You have pornography and then you have this more like this demotic pornography. Okay so this next bits going to the next ninety seconds might get a little difficult to listen to. But here's what I have in my notes. Okay so police said they discovered a massive quote a massive amount of extremely graphic child pornography featuring children as young as three and four years old being raped by some reports as many as seven computers loaded with pornography were confiscated from the apartment according to the Richmond Times dispatch senior assistant. Commonwealth's Attorney Mike Jag oils. Later told judge Kimberly O'Donnell that there were as many as thirty movie files discovered on computers. That were removed from follies apartment. Some depicting acts with minors as young as one. This is this just tough to even read minors young as one or two years old and others featuring individuals ten to fourteen years old folly of course maintain that the computers were not his as you pointed out. He says they belong to a former resident of the apartment. No one was buying this load crap that he was trying to shovel Robert. This just proves how this guy's story changes constantly. He's always has some excuse for things and so that's when you really know that. Most likely whatever happened to her was at the hands of this individual so like we said this results in his arrest and also results in a second more comprehensive search of his apartment while that. But here's what's Great. We can put him in for these charges and then because of these charges we can go back and look for more evidence we can build our case and know exactly where he is and hold him and he can't do anything to get rid of evidence in the process so the things that they were looking for in the second search many of the items that were listed on the search warrant included things that would belong to Taylor. You know her clothing her her jeans. Black Hoodie sneakers. Black Watch bracelets Saint Francis Necklace student. Id Nokia Cell Phone and car keys. All of that's listed on the war also listed. Were skateboards sometimes. You WanNa put a generic term out there so you can take any skateboard that you find burglary tools. This would probably go back to his previous convictions. There are also looking for knives hammers shovels and pry bars. And then I found this to be strangers. Always something strange listed on these search warrants on here we have the ever suspicious pepperidge farm cookie boxes but yeah I couldn't figure out I have no idea why this would be on the warrant. The cops were hungry. I don't know if they had reason to believe that she would have had one of these cookie boxes in her possession at the time that she went missing and maybe that then they can go. Okay is it might be coincidence. But it also might be a sign that she was here right later that night. I don't have a complete look. Incomplete list of what was found in the apartment. But here's what we do know was taken out of the house. Pursuant to the search warrants women's white underwear a laptop computer a Macintosh computer a digital camera sex toys including dildos and spiked bracelets a knife. Two bags of clothes from a garbage can outside of the house a beaded necklace with a cross from this was removed from the garbage as well. A bicycle chain necklace. A watch from the garbage can a thirty five millimeter camera. A box containing bones. He collected weird things like that where everybody has a right to have weird shit. Oh Yeah Yeah we we we. We all probably own some weird shit rolls of film. I mean we probably don't have a bunch of dildos lane around A black brawl a machete. Cigarette BUTTS A prescription bottle skateboards they did find skateboards yearbook a hatchet. A hammer a pry bar a thirty two caliber cartridge and a partridge in a pear tree. I mean it just goes on and on and on the one thing. That was rather interesting of note here captain. Police also removed a section from a box spring that was stained with some kind of Reddish Brown substance they did include and executed a warrant for follies hair and DNA samples. Not Found Taylor cell phone that they were looking for her college. Id Her car keys again. Anything linking Fawley Ben Fawley directly to Taylor's disappearance does not seem to have been found just on the child porn possession alone police had enough to charge folly with a felony. And as you said hold him while they continue to build a case against him regarding Taylor's disappearance and they also charged him with a possession of a firearm because remember he's a convicted felon. He's not legally permitted to be in possession of a gun but the their investigation takes pretty interesting. Turn as far as because you you collected all the stuff but but where do you go from that? I mean that none of this other than the child porn pornography. Can you charge him with or like you said the the gun possession charged so you can add that on top of things but well. They're going to go to the public for help okay. Because on October eleventh police announced that they were specifically interested in the sightings of the following items between the dates of September fifth and September seventeenth. They WANNA know. Had anybody seen a white Ford escort? That's remember that's the vehicle. Virginia License Plate J. P. C. Twenty eight forty eight and they asked the public to call in sightings of the vehicle and a description of whomever may have been driving the vehicle at the time. They wanted to know who had been driving. Taylor's car around Richmond. During that time that they can't figure out where it was they also wanted people to report any sightings of of Virginia personalized license plates G. R. N. E. R. T. age. This was a plate stolen from a vehicle around the time Taylor disappeared and police believed it might have been in follies possession and they also sought information about that. Ohio state license plate as well right. So what's interesting to me is while they need the public's help it seems like they have a general idea of what was going on. At the time he abducted he did something to Taylor and was moving her vehicle round during the time that it was unaccounted for and he may have been switching out the plates multiple times along the way right. Because if you know this girl's missing you you see work kind of car. She has. How many people saw that car looked at the license plates and went while? That's not her car. Yeah yeah it also came out around the same time? The media reported that folly used his credit card to buy gas in new Kent County between Mathews County and Richmond on the night. That Taylor disappeared. So this really kind of to me would suggest that his later claimed that he was attacked. There doesn't seem to be any time left for that to actually have taken place. It's the old jussie. Smollet jumped farce. We got going on there. Meanwhile Taylor's family lawyer cleaned out Taylor's dorm room taking all of her possessions back to her hometown of Vienna and they stayed at Taylor's family basically stated even if she is found alive she's not going to be returning to vcu at this time. There's too much going on here and 'cause at this point you have to believe that she's -ducted and so if you do find her alive. There's no way that you're GonNa want her parents for her to be around that facility to have any of those bad memories well. Things are looking very very bleak by this time and now they're really honing in on folly and he's locked up and they can start. They WanNa start going through his social circles. Now we're going to publicly asked the public for help but we're going to get into his social circles and ask these people for help and one of the people that they come across. Is this young woman named Aaron who was also a VC use student and somewhat of a friend or acquaintance of Taylor's an oddly kind of looks like she could be related to tailor definitely. Looks like Taylor's mother like there's a lot of similarities there and she's a little older than Taylor She's twenty three at the time. Apparently she dated Ben Fawley for some time. I guess they only dated for a couple of months before Aaron broke up with him and she. She probably didn't WanNa come forward because of such an embarrassment that she dated this Douche in the first place well I think she was the one that the charges some of his previous convictions stemmed from so well. He had a history of these girls after a while. Yeah but oddly he would. He would start dating them and because let me take pictures of you. You're so beautiful. And he would make these girls feel like they're the best thing in the world but then that became all well now. I'm jealous of everybody else and I just love you so much. I'm jealous of everybody else and then become aggressive almost like self sabotaging the relationship like well. And here's the thing to captain going on. Now we've seen a lot of these types of cases anytime. Detectives think that we have somebody who needs to hide something that they never ever want anyone to find they start asking the people that know them best. Okay is there anywhere that he liked to camp or go fishing or go hunting. You know outdoor activities. What does he do and where does he go? They start talking to Aaron. They start showing her picture after picture from his. Pho- photography webpage because they need her to identify some of these locations. Here's picture tell us where you think this area is? Yeah who take pictures of girls and things like that but would also take pictures of old rundown sheds and you know just fields in in random items and locations so one photo that caught her eye. You know she's looking at photo after photo. Finally she sees one and she's like Holy Moly. This might be something here. This is a photo of an old abandoned house with like a Tin Lean to attached to it. The House was oddly enough located on her family farm. Which was about ninety miles away from Richmond in Mathews County right and I think he. She took there at some point. Maybe they've been shot. Shot those photos together well and remember we talked about folly purchasing gas with his credit card right out that night now all of a sudden this photo of an old abandoned house ninety miles away out in the middle of nowhere seems very important for all of our sakes. We need to avoid crowds any way we can right now. But what if you need to go to the post office? What if you need postage to send out letters and don't worry? Stamps DOT COM is here to help with stamp dot com. You can print postage on demand and skip those lines and crowds at the post office. You personally print official. 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Thank you for telling a friend about our little garage show to thanks for your friends not to listen to and thank you to you captain and they and they thank you and thank you to our friends that listen all right. We might have might have had a few too many now. I love you man on October up right on October. Fifth Police headed out to the site. Where that photo was taken this accompanied by Aaron? They photo. Yeah and they're going to be searching this whole area and before too long. They identified a body any plastic bag in a ditch off the side of a wooded road. The remains were very decomposed but were wearing clothing. That was similar to what Taylor was wearing when she disappeared. Sure enough. The medical examiner soon identified the remains as Taylor beale based on dental records. One thing about this girl. That's helping out the police. There she goes out to our family's property. She doesn't know what she's GonNa find. They've they've find Taylor she that has thing about the relationship she had with this person. And how that possibly could have been her that'd be very traumatic experience. There are several theories as to why this area may have been chosen for the the dump site. The seem a little odd. Who knows what was going on in the mind of the person who placed her there so there. There's one theory that I do find this interesting. I don't think it has anything really to do with the case. But there's a thought that maybe Ben Fawley thought if he put her on errands family's property that maybe it would get confusing to investigators in Aaron. Could somehow be involved in Taylor's disappearance possibly we. We know he lies about everything. I think what likely happened is this is just unfortunately a place of popped into his mind when he thought of like we said earlier. Hey I got something. I don't want anybody to ever find and he thought this was a good place to put it well. They're going to go back with this information. This is basically now the cops have a loaded gun that they component him and he's going to start confessing to what he claims happened that night. Yeah and one thing that they will be equipped with when they go in to talk with. Fawley is they took some soil samples from the undercarriage of Taylor's vehicle and they were able to match those two soil samples taken from the area where the body was found so they are able to piece a lot of this together before they even talked to them. They where she was found. They have a general idea what happened to her being that she was either abducted or killed and then transported in her own vehicle out to that location and then we know the vehicle came back to the vcu campus area and was was placed there now or died in a manner that did not leave visible marks on her body so they were unable to determine the exact cause of death. There was no broken bones or obvious signs of death. Now Mind you. She rather decomposed at this time. Folly continued to deny that he had anything to do with this. But that's not going to last very long captain just like you pointed out because he will he will offer up some kind of confession well of sorts and this was against the recommendation of his attorney folly told investigators that on the night of September fifth. He and Taylor had driven out to a beach in the Mathews County area to Hook Up. He said he was very drunk and high at the time and was off his meds the two engaged in what he called rough sex and he said Taylor accidentally died according to him. The two had played a sex game and it was all Taylor's idea she wanted to try Roddick But backfired and when she died he panicked and dumped her body in that ravine although he tried to spin this off as some type of accident folly himself may have made mention of what he planned to do to Taylor in one journal entry by Skulls Sixty Seven and eight journal subtitled playing with fire. The trash of a crazy ex-con he wrote about his sexual conquests with partners referred to by their initials like an e. He also talked about someone with the initials. T and said that there was something he still wanted to try with her. This was before Taylor died. Taylor's mother was quick to dispute follies version of the events. Of course she says. Let's be clear. Ben Fawley murdered my daughter. She said in a news conference. His claim that it was accidental is just one more perversion of the truth and his changing web of allies that he claims that there they went out to this location. They're trying to hook up there in the back seat of the car that he was drunk in high in an office medication all that stuff they were trying to put a bag over her head during sex. That wasn't really working. 'cause she wanted a pass out this what he's claiming and so then. He took the bag off her head but then put it around her nose and mouth now once she stopped breathing. Here's a strange thing. As during his confession he doesn't dump the body that night doesn't he doesn't just go all. I got to get rid of her and take the car back. He claims that he comes back to Vcu with her body in the back seat and and that the cars parked there for a day or so then he drives back out to that. Same location than than than dumpster there But again this guy will lie about everything. Yeah and as you pointed out earlier. His story changes win. It needs to. He has an excuse. He has a story. He has an alibi until boom. You present them with facts with truthful evidence and facts that you know to be true and then he says well. Here's a different story for you. Bobby here's the thing. Though is he already has more and more charges. That are mounting against him. Yeah and what's difficult? Though for the Prosecution for the state captain is that we do have this while it does not seem likely it is a plausible defense of this was an accident and maybe he shouldn't be charged with murder. We also have the problem that we really have very little forensic evidence in this case at all So it's going to take a good amount of time. In fact it was not until January. Seventeenth of two thousand and six then a grand jury handed down an indictment of folly. This was for first degree murder. I would love. I would love to try this case. Once the Grand jury was told it was explained that the medical examiner could not have identified an exact cause of death because of the decomposition. Then we have an indictment that was amended to second degree murder. The death penalty obviously going to be off the table at this point now despite holes in their case prosecutors went full steam ahead preparing for a trial working with investigators. Trying build a circumstantial case to prove that Taylor was not the initiator of this so called sex game that she was not bondage or erotic fixation or really would not have consented to any of this crap and that that folly killed her and probably deliberately killed her. It was not an accident by any stretch of the imagination on his defense team saying well she was she wanted to try this because he had tons of pornography on his computer and showed her some different things and choose like. Aw like to try that yeah. That's what he claims but but it doesn't matter I mean the the idea that that Anybody female or male would be on trial for wanting to try something sexually sh. That's her right to that. Doesn't equal being murdered right? You know so. It doesn't matter how you slice. It doesn't matter if it was his idea or her idea. That does that should never equal murder. So what we have here. Captain is in August of two thousand six. The murder trial is about to begin. But what we get I man I so love this. We get a gift for the prosecution because folly opens his big mouth. That's right folly. Made the mistake of talking in his defense attorneys. Got Wind of this and a jailhouse conversation with an officer folly describing on set it up a little bit better because he is coming back to his cell. After after this There was a meeting And and basically this. This web allies that he's been casting. He claims that it's the ultimate chess. Move Right he says he's playing a chess game and really this story that he came up about Taylor's accidental. Death was really just that just a story designed to clear him to take the heat off of him. Explain away what happened. But it's not what actually happened and then we have a little bit more. Holy Okay because you you know this better than me. This is the part. That's kind of confused me because he makes a mission to This officer and then officer. Let's the defense team. No now they can't they can't represent that idea because they know it's a lie that right. No I think the thought here is. We have people that are going to testify that he was lying about the story right and and then we have this weird thing where he's writing letters from jail to a female friend. The prosecution gets a hold of these letters. They did not help follies case. I don't know exactly what was in these letters. But these were mentioned during this portion of the story. And what this leads to is by August ninth. We have folly consulting with his attorneys and they decide that folly should take an Alfred play for second degree murder and exchange for prosecutors dropping the child pornography charges out at the plea proceedings prosecutors and defense attorneys. Were able to present their cases to the judge whose job it is then to determine whether there was enough evidence to warrant folly taking such a plea the confession. His tapes of his confession or so-called confession were played in court and later transcripts were released to the media. More details about this confession came out and you went through quite a bit of that when you were telling us about what happened. One thing I've found weird was its sites that Taylor wanted to play a game that she called drunk monkey and again. It's it's almost. It seems a little silly to go through this confession when we know so much of it is just completely false and we can. We can say that based off of his plea off of his later plea where he accepts that he's going to be convicted of this. Yeah I mean and again I have some questions but I don't think it matters like what she alive when they went out to this location. I don't know did he. Did he bring did he? Actually bring the body back to bring Taylor back You know I don't think it matters. I think at the end of the day no matter what he states everything else again. He can still say he's still saying in prison. I'm not the cause of her death. She wanted to try something. It was an accident while we know that you told people. Hey I'm a genius. I came up with this excuse but everything else points to murder right this this happens. She blacks out. She stops breathing. You don't call nine one one. You then claim that you transport her body back to camp campus. Not Telling Anybody Die. Equals murder you then changed license plates. Multiple Times on that car that equals murder. You then lie to the cops about what happened. That equals murder. You then lie to everybody and tell her family almost braggadocious way while we hooked up that night. No you did it. You probably raped her. That equals murder you then constantly lie about everything and all these twists and turns and take not only the please but the family members of your victim on this wild ride. All that stuff equals murder and then you put her out in the middle of nowhere and her in. This is what her mom says for her body to be eaten by animals and bugs and insects. 'cause you don't have respect for human life you have respect for this young lady. This was not your friend because all that stuff equals murder while and unfortunately it seems like four Ben Fawley well for those around him anyway that he was ramping up to something like this probably for quite some time. Now I don't have those all those letters that he wrote to his friend while he's in jail but when hold on. First Ladies get better friends you who whose who. Who's the person communicating with this fuck? You know well. We do have a portion of one of those letters and this is going to be. What really is going to seal the deal here. And they read this allowed in the The plea proceedings. I believe that all of them all of these letters were read but the one that made its way to the media is this and this is directly from follies written letter to his friend. He says quote people don't like me they never do as a child. I had no friends. I was a bother in the way a problem so I spent most of my life alone. I never liked the thoughts in my head. People are right. Something's wrong with me. All the thoughts of killing and death in my head and now it's true. I've killed someone. These are his own words at the conclusion of the Alford Plea Hearing Judge William Shaw. The third found that there was substantial evidence that folly was guilty of murdering Taylor. Beal he sends folly to forty years with ten years suspended. Folly would serve thirty years. Taylor Beales case is famous because it is one of the first to be solved using the victims social media. Police were able to narrow down the suspect list very quickly because of her postings online Taylor funeral was held the day after her eighteenth birthday. Benjamin Fawley is scheduled to be released on November fourteenth. Two Thousand and thirty one. Let's just too soon. Janet Taylor's mother has published a book called Love. You more Taylor beale story and has become an outspoken advocate for victims. Taylor's friend Aaron Kraybill received a twenty thousand dollar reward for her assistance in locating Taylor with some of the reward money. She established a fund for Women in crisis. In honor of Taylor Bill. All right. Thanks for joining us here in the garage. Nick do we have any recommended reading. Yes we do my fine captain. This week we are recommending without a prayer by Susan. Ashland this is without a prayer the death of Lucas Leonard and how one church became a cult. You'll want to pick up this book because this is a very tragic and weird case and if you pick up without a prayer you're gonNA find out the how but also the why and you don't have to write that title down right now you can just go to true crime garage dot Com and. Click on the recommended page and we will have that title amongst others right there for you and make sure you sign up on our mailing list while you're at the website true crime garage dot com and until next week. Why don't you be good? Be Kind and please don't let

Janet Taylor Ben Fawley Ben Folly Aaron Kraybill murder Taylor Ben officer Taylor Beales Taylor beale Mathews County Brooklyn Ben Fawley Boehner Nick Taylor funeral Taylor Bill Richmond
Ben Fred Friday  October 25, 2019

Scoops with Danny Mac

36:03 min | 1 year ago

Ben Fred Friday October 25, 2019

"Scoops with Danny Mac on a Friday morning and that means Ben Fred Fridays Ben Frederickson at the Saint Louis Post dispatch stltoday.com and as always brought to you by Henderson and water cutty they say protecting a rights defending your freedom and that is one of their mottos they're available twenty four seven at the number drug crimes orders protection you name it and you can find it easily navigated on their website. Sto Criminal Defense Dot COM AH to helping individuals fight criminal charges in both Missouri and Illinois and that means state federal municipal courts also their Criminal Defense Practice Dub sto criminal defense dot com and you would have been taking care of let's jump you know what I WanNa do I want to change it up a little bit I'm just going to throw names at you from the cardinals. This assist people facing order protection probation violations sanctions by the nursing board kids get in trouble in college that may happen and off season he is there's been struggles with him with with the health with the shoulder that he does not scream guy that you offer at the top of your head sound good sounds good left-field Marcello sooner or later I think the cardinals will will offer him the qualifying offer for but I wouldn't go much further than that hopefully it'll be back bring him back we'll do it all over again now he might want a little more security if the cardinals came at him with a two year deal if he jumps on it maybe and that's that would probably be if I'm GonNa if I'm going to test the waters attend that's what it would be open arms but I imagine and I would instruct him if I was his agent go get your money go get the deal you can before you before you hit that dreaded thirty mark so hey marcel it didn't quite work out tailored totally Taylor Ben Frederickson that's why they wanted to jump on this right away I'm sorry buddy why you should have called me a long term deal to go more than more than two if you're going to do it and I think the cardinals what they could do here off from the queue oh if he turns it down okay he's got of what do they call it. The off season of accountability was last season was labeled and Marcel do it now I'm good with I'm good with what I'll always do and they couldn't get in touch them at half the you now have had a little over a week to kind of digest what the season was like and maybe where it goes forward with these guys but you just give me your thoughts what comes those that are listening to this probably have seen that happen before hopefully not but maybe you have and if you are in the middle of it thank Henderson Water County it's misdemeanors traffic while he wants to be a cardinal would love to be a car I don't think he wants to be a carnal so bad he'll take one year eighteen ish million now if he does and wants to bet on himself then you welcome back you got the draft pick if he leaves then let them go out and see what's what's going on in free agency and if he finds a deal that he likes and it's for for three years and been big bucks anyone hoped certainly a better second year was the first year but I but I think he's happy trails for Mr Ozone I just wonder with the CBA looming awesome for folks who are going how can they not offer this guy say look at the deal. They've had they've had two springs trainings or they weren't thrilled with how he showed up in the physical shape they've had an off season and you hope you get one good year out because that's really kind of what your banking on with with those who knows you're GonNa get maybe half of half good half bad that's certainly what we've seen so far in Saint Louis Ah you know good luck Marcel but if he's not loving what he finds and maybe talk about a modest two year deal that gets them a little more security than the qualifying offer Ben Frederickson never gotten hey that sounds a little personal that's a that's a generic copy there you're reading right no it's not than than what he got in that in that incentive laden deal that had last year but I wouldn't I wouldn't be shocked if he's willing to queue it up and do it over again on very similar terms and Adam has talked a lot this year even before he made his postseason starts about how he felt like you know one of the things that kind of motivates him is that he felt like he got paid for some production that he didn't provide and he's a pretty candid you know it's pretty rare to appear guy who talks about that hey looking for supper carpenter tough and and I don't know I mean the cardinals don't like to eat money and they certainly don't mind ended they've been brutal and without much signs of progress there have been some blips and some and some spikes and you know he's always you know I don't think he's he's done doc treatment but I think it's just it's complicated it would be the word that I pick if I have to sit down and and I don't know I got paid for for innings I didn't pitch so that's really what's weighing on his mind and then he shouldn't be you know to put off by coming back on a very similar deal and and as he calls the cardinals can feel good about bringing him back and saying hey we're gonNA start them at their base and hope things are better you go back to the numbers since last September when that hot streets to to to eat checked players who they gave the deals to that like a lifetime you know to to become a lifetime cardinal so maybe he gets the Dexter Fowler Bounce back proven otherwise better but still not good below average in terms of his production offensively this as a hitter but but it's hard to rely on him right now and if you're going to bring him back then I think you have to bring them back and say hey you're you're you're fighting for a spot on the bench until season and really third base and right field where the two positions that hurt this team the most offensively the cardinals didn't need to be a juggernaut offensively it'd they did everything else so well but they need to be okay offensively and their two biggest weak spots in terms of opiates were at third base and right field I think Dexter had when I throw at you and then it goes into what role does he play and that's Carlos Martinez don't treat him until you they get a fresh start somewhere else but that would probably have to me in the cardinals eating a significant amount of money that's left on that deal also sending him to a place where he'd be willing to waive the no trade there's some good moments I mean we saw with him climax leadoff spot and hold it down for a while but the way things ended it was it looked kind of similar to to the past this guy is a full no trade clause but I don't know if the cardinals couldn't find a way to to move him I see extra Palestinian hey you know I'm ready to a better year than his career worst last year in some ways kind of a weird year he had a career high amount of rb is an in home runs but when you look at the other things that he did well I think it'd be really hard for this team to bring back both of those guys Dan this is presented by Henderson and Water Cutty sto criminal defense dot com. I think a unique until you know what you have but but I wouldn't be shocked if he gets moved I think he's still when you look at his contract he's still making season when he when he wasn't able to to get going and eventually wound up in to get on the injured list and other ones too complicated of his appearances at closer got a little shaky there toward the end but with what he makes in his potential to either be a pretty good closer or basically a bargain rate for either a a decent starter or be a decent high leverage reliever which he was last season it didn't end well shopped him in the past and I don't think they are I don't think they are you know taking him off the off the board whatsoever in some ways a pretty decent starter then I think you put up with the headache and unless there's a deal that it makes your toes tangle the cardinals are open to the idea of moving Carlos Martinez they happen for awhile the short way to say this you know I think some explanation needed is what I would say I I didn't need to hear from Jeff Albert when the when the cardinals you know it's gotTa be gotta be a decent deal before you let that arm go hitting coach Jeff Albert Yeah Oh man I'm trying to think of they got from him out of the bullpen now he had this minor cleanup he wants to start again there's nothing wrong with saying hey let's come see what you have at spring training but he knows that it's I think they they are some ways tired of some of his headaches that he is caused over the time but I think this year you know I think they they were pleased with what Mike to hear from him soon is hey this is the plan moving forward and this is the identity of this offense and this is what I wanna see and that's complicated because swept from the CS I didn't need to hear him come out and say it's on him I didn't need to hear this him take the sore that's not what I was looking for but I think he can't do that and can't hold up that way and they're going to stick them in the bullpen and and I think they like what they get from him there so always an option for Carlos we moved somewhere but every guy has got different strengths but I do think the cardinals should be able to condense their philosophy and do something they can't say with ease and so far a lot of what we heard is complicated and a lot of it's really nebulous and I think when the players talk about it they all say different things which isn't a great sign and we've heard some pretty odd comments from some of the hitters down the stretch of the season things like Harrison Bainer getting upset that they weren't throwing fastballs things like Matt Carpenter saying you can't hit fastballs off speed you have to pick as the plan and here's what we learned this past season here's what was part of the plan this past season here's what wasn't and here's what we're going to really stress moving forward I think that's our our guys that hit soft contact guys had hit off speed pitching which got exposed by the cardinals for the cardinals in this by other teams the cardinals have been fans of they don't like on that long they they came they were willing to go there with stanton although you know they knew that it was depend on him the ninth pitcher that intrigues you as we get ready for the off season Oh sure I mean anthony were known intriguing although I'm kind of in the spot where I do expect I find it fascinating always to look at the free agency list that is out there and the thing I'm going to look at free agent so that's something that I'll need to see before I before I believe so I I I'm intrigued by him but I'm also intrigued in these other maybe the Tier Below Guan things like Paul Goldschmidt saying well they're not throwing it over in the middle of the plate of course they aren't to all three I think he needs to come forward to some degree and say in this off season and and some pitchers did it in regular season play are there any free agents out there whether be lineup one through eight or let's third Baseman I'm intrigued by guy like like Justin Turner if the dodgers go get rent on what happens to to him at third base I'm intrigued wanting to come and and there was probably some belief that he wouldn't so who knows we just haven't seen them beat out other teams for a long term deal with top level into that one a little bit more and and I haven't done much done much research on on him but is there kind of a stopgap you know that would be and I think he would I think you'd be more sure thing to the cardinals have now at third base Cabrera maybe I needed figuring out how to make decisions to protect your rights and it doesn't matter how big or small the case they're known for their communication with their clients worked for people in the region on the site there are frequently asked questions categories and a wealth of information to help guide you through the process are from Saint Louis they call it home their firm is the premier criminal defense firm in Missouri and Illinois so being from Saint Louis they want to help people the Saint Louis based criminal defense firm of Henderson Water Cutty as many of you know I'm proud to be from Saint Louis and Mick Henderson and Steve Water Cutty and this is why you can reach them twenty four hours a day seven days a week and they have a proven track record of hand will from our region and all you have to do is go to their website St L. Criminal Defense Dot Com that's S. T. L. criminal defense dot com in your criminal defense and traffic needs the Saint Louis Base criminal defense firm of Henderson Water cutty the website again and now on that website you will see the countless testimonials a people who they have helped over the many years that they have been doing that's what you do with Edmund if you have a more if you have a more concrete enter third base I am proud to add to the website as an exclusive sponsor of Ben Fred Fridays that would be interesting Josh Donaldson is a guy who who that one year deal in Atlanta looked great it looks pretty good for the braves this year and he played pretty well and and he held up and he's probably going to get an extension there if he were to hit the market that would be one of the cardinals could could really I think be interested in on a short bench play him every day in different spots you know you move them around and you get them regular starters amount or close of at bats playing all different positions mm-hmm anytime day or night twenty four hours a day the number three one four six four five forty four hundred three one four six four armed deal now that he's proven his health but maybe a more realistic option at their base and and that doesn't mean for folks what about Tommy Edmund that doesn't mean that you put Tommy Edmund on the yeah I'm GonNa take away don't wait until you see it approach with the cardinals and a top tier free agent and that's not you know me Griping I've just that's not really the with Mike Mushtaq who all fully admit in the past I've been one of the one thing I don't know about that the defense isn't there and and I just I just don't know if he's GonNa hold up Willie's held up five four thousand four hundred the choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisement. I think to you have to find reliable backup that can play middle infield primarily shortstop to give the young some time off and that's considering that would be a shortstop and go to the website it's incredibly easy to navigate St L. Criminal Defense Dot Com check it out that's sto criminal defense dot com or call the very much I want to switch gears Mizzou sports and I'm GonNa Start with just the border war renewed with basketball with with Mizzou L. counts I don't think he would move to third but I you know a Dany Etcheveria would Jose glaciation be available so I would imagine going into spring training at least as we talk here in October that the idea on paper would be in spring training you're going to give him a lot of innings at shortstop and in a in a occasional capacity over an older bat that might be more tired I mean the guy played more than two thousand innings at shortstop in the minors L. D. Young to keep him somewhat fresh with the amount of innings Eddie played this past year yeah I mean clearly they don't exactly trust does there or else we would have seen everyone for the area code six four five forty four one hundred six four five forty four hundred Henderson Water Cutty full-service criminal defense firm dedicated you know I am just throwing some names out there right now I know Jordy Mercer I believe is a free agent to be as he now at a time where he's a backup but I just think he got to find a guide to spell I just think for for people who know what it's about then you don't it's hard to explain I mean this is one of the best rivalries and college sports this is a rivalry that in Kansas I I think it's great for the sport great for the fans of those two teams I think it's it's awesome and I don't I get kind of Corny when I talk about it them play more innings there played fewer innings short this season than he did the season before I'm curious I mean and maybe you can answer this played he didn't play more than seven hundred I mean did he play more than more than if you played almost two seventy at third base in the minors I just think the needs were greater and other spots you know whether that be in right field or certainly at third base and you know it's kind of pick your poison and they did not feel the Edmund can can do that because he played shortstop a ton in the minors he was that he didn't play one inning there this season I don't know if it was if they just felt they were putting too much on his plate but I think he could be that guy but it's a little concerning we didn't see him play there once at the major league level this year I was surprised too and see how he handles it if they don't go out and get themselves a bona fide backup that would be my guess would hit I I'd rather see him playing at short I probably sound like a hawk but I was talking with Tom Hard about it this week and he goes build a build a statue Jim Stock Right now and for gives Paul Diong blow from time to time and also moves around and plays that other places but let the let the bat play and plug him in I'd rather it's rather see him play often in different spots that I would see kind of an older veteran you know maybe doesn't have a bat filling in at shortstop from time to time because that guy tends to knock it used I mean he he played majority shortstop so he can do that then didn't stick him there in the majors and and the the glove develop as he kansas it is it's a great rivalry and I think if you would've told Mizzou fans when they left the big twelve that they would have gotten into the SEC and passed down from generation to generation from family member to family member I mean parents teach their kids to to hate Kansas and vice versa if they're in is is is not flying too high getting full of itself and then letting it all fall apart I I was incredibly disappointed with the offense it has never lost to Missouri in Mark Stoops Tenure I don't care what the record is they have confidence that against the Tigers and it's kind of ironic that berry goes fence bringing you Ben Fred Fridays on the grid iron terrible loss last weekend from Mizzou football against Vandy what did you see and what are your takeaways unforgivable games that fans want to see are not being played and here's a thing example of one that was coming back so I think it's great I can tell you from that exhibition and thousand seventeen that it's not gonNA skip a beat it will be like it always was it doesn't matter one iota whether or not it has big twelve conference implications it was always bigger than the from playing a coach that he had always beaten Derek Mason losing that game and now tries to get back on track by beating the coach that he hasn't in mark stoops if they were looking he did was opened everybody forget that of course you know man it this team challenge. Dan is sustaining success eight I think they would have said this is this is awesome and this is a no brainer and I'm just glad that the powers that be decided to use commonsense because it's it's fading line in the game because that group went out and beat old miss they had a gimpy quarterback and they were missing their stud defensive line there defensively battle of it and they couldn't so it was it was bad I mean they have twice now in Barrio Dems tenure received a top twenty five ranking and then spit it up the next game a loss off rich and I think it will approve to be as good as it ever was and maybe better now that maybe now that there's been some time to miss it. Sto Criminals Commander Built and they would you think they've learned not to do it against Kentucky or else they'll they'll have another double digit underdog a loss on their on their wall as well they have on the college game and we are seeing great rivalries die for things like politics and and and still silly strength of schedule debates and all these other bad reasons the process where they go out and put

cardinals Saint Louis Post Danny Mac Henderson Ben Fred Ben Frederickson Henderson Water County Missouri Taylor Ben Frederickson Dan Commander Marcel Illinois Kentucky twenty four hours one year two year three years seven days
1 of 3 police officers indicted in fatal Breonna Taylor shooting  but not for her death

5 Things

10:44 min | 4 d ago

1 of 3 police officers indicted in fatal Breonna Taylor shooting but not for her death

"Five things is brought to you by Ziprecruiter. Hiring is challenging especially with everything else you have to consider today but there's one place you can go where hiring is simple fast and smart that place is ziprecruiter. Try It for free at Ziprecruiter dot com slash five things that's ziprecruiter dot com slash the number five t h n G. S. Ziprecruiter. The smartest way to hire. Good Morning I'm Taylor Wilson and this is five things you need to know Thursday the twenty. Fourth. Of. September. Twenty twenty. Here are some of the top headlines There is eight decision in the case surrounding Brianna Taylor's death as only one of three police officers involved will face charges stay tuned with the rest of the show for more Prince. Harry and Duchess Meghan or in a new video urging Americans to vote in the November election. But critics are upset about the political nature of their comments and President Donald. Trump specifically criticized Meghan saying he's not a fan of hers and the Tampa Bay lightning have taken a two games to one lead over the Dallas Stars in the Stanley Cup final after a five two win in game three. Hey I wanted to let you know about a newsletter from USA Today it's cold. This is America. It just launched its focused on race identity and the ways those things shape our lives. Each weekly edition will run down the week's biggest stories feature QNA's original reporting, and even some heartaches to subscribe to USA, today Dot Com and search. This is America now onto the rest of five things. A Kentucky grand jury has indicted one of three police officers in the death of Brianna. Taylor. Bread Hankinson who was fired in June faces charges of wanton endangerment for shooting a gun into a neighboring apartment that separate from the shooting death of Brianna Taylor itself he faces three felony counts in all Kentucky Attorney General. Daniel Cameron said that the grand jury decided homicide charges are not applicable. He said that's because the investigation showed. There was nothing conclusive to say that any of Hankinson bullets hit Taylor Ben. crump the attorney for Taylor's family and several other high profile victims of police shootings cold. The charges quote an insult to black women as they continue to be disrespected in America on quote. Taylor's cousin to WanNa Gordon. Says She's quote mad as hell because nothing's changing on quote protests broke out in Louisville the city where Taylor was shot after the decision. That's from Courier Journal reporter Hayes Gardner who covered the protests throughout the night police arrested protesters and police said that two officers were shot a nine pm curfew was also put into place which continues Thursday and Friday and other protests took place around the country including in new. York City. And in Washington DC. Stay with USA Today for all the latest on this developing story. Dr Anthony Fauci was back in front of the Senate for a hearing on Wednesday he updated the public on Corona virus vaccine progress and said that no corners are being cut currently there are three. Platform candidate vaccines that have entered into phase three trial very soon, there will be a fourth as I mentioned to this committee. We feel cautiously optimistic that we will be able to have a safe and effective vaccine although there is never a guarantee of that the Repentiti ity of where we are right now is a reflection of the technological advances in vaccine platform technology, as well as the risks that were taken financially so that the will have doses available when the decision is made by the FDA s to the safety and efficacy FDA Commissioner Steven Hahn echoed vouch FDA will not authorize or approve any covid nineteen vaccine before it is met, the agency's rigorous expectations for safety ineffectiveness. Decisions to authorise or approve any such vaccine or therapeutic will be made by the dedicated career staff at FDA through our thorough review processes and science will guide our decisions. FDA will not permit any pressure from anyone to change that both President Donald Trump suggested Wednesday that he may overrule the FDA on a vaccine he said that FDA guidance has to be approved by the White House and That his administration may or may not approve it meanwhile Dr Fao. She and Senator Rand Paul exchanged tense words during the hearing. Especially when it came to polls claim that New York's rate of corona virus infection is significantly down because it has achieved herd immunity, the things that are going on in New York to get their test positively one percent or less is because they are looking at. The guidelines that we have put together from the task force of the four or five things of masks social distancing outdoors more than indoors avoiding crowds and washing hands or they've developed enough community immunity that they're no longer having the pandemic because they have enough immunity in New York City tax challenged that Senator. Acosta, free I to please Sir I would like to be able to do. This because this happens with senator rand all the time you will not listening to what the director of the CDC said that in New York, it's about twenty two percent. If you believe twenty two percent is heard immunity. I believe you're alone in that more than nine hundred, seventy, five, thousand people have died around the world from covid nineteen including more than two, hundred, two, thousand in the. Former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie. Sanders. Will give a speech in Washington DC on Thursday warning that President Donald Trump might not accept election results the senator speech at George. Washington University aims to put forward and agendas. So voters can cast ballots safely without intimidation sanders comments come a day after trump said clearly that he won't commit to a peaceful transfer of power. Will you commit here today for a peaceful? Transfer of. Power. After the election, we're GONNA have to see what happens. You know that I've been complaining very strongly about the ballots and the ballots are disaster and. Trying. Connect to making sure that there's a little worrying. To get rid of the ballots and you'll have a very transfer we'll have a very peaceful. There won't be a transfer frankly, they'll be continuation his democratic opponent, Joe, Biden said trump's comments were irrational. Position what country are we in. Luck. says the most irrational things. Surprise me trump has previously including for the two thousand sixteen election declined to say whether he would accept voters results. Mourners will continue to pay respect to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on. Thursday that includes President Donald, trump and first lady melania trump as Ginsburg continues to lie in repose at the Supreme. Court on. Wednesday hundreds of mourners filed past her flag draped coffin including former President Bill Clinton and former secretary of state. Hillary Clinton for his part trump continues to insist that Ginsberg's vacant Supreme Court seat be filled as soon as possible in case, justices have to decide cases challenging the results of his own presidential election. An asteroid will come somewhat close to Earth on Thursday some thirteen thousand miles away. That's much closer than the moon and even some weather satellites. The asteroid is about the size of an RV and we'll be by around seventeen thousand, two, hundred miles an hour according to NASA it's not on an impact trajectory with earth. But if it were the space rock would almost definitely break up high in the atmosphere becoming a bright meteor known. As a fireball after it's close approach on Thursday, the asteroid is expected to continue its long journey around the sun and then not returned to Earth neighborhood until twenty forty one thanks for listening to five things a reminder you can subscribe for free and also rate and review on Apple podcasts or listen wherever you get your audio banks has always declare Thornton for her work on the show. Five things is part of the USA Today. Thought gas network. If you're a business owner looking to fill an open position you're faced with a whole new set of challenges. These days Monica stocks could relate she needed to hire for a pivotal role at her construction company GS group, but was having a tough time finding the right person especially with so many candidates out there. So she switched to Ziprecruiter ziprecruiter technology identifies people with the right experience for your job and actively invites them to apply which is why you should try ziprecruiter for free at ZIPRECRUITER DOT com. Slash five things. That's how Monica found Lamont Jenkins. She said that Ziprecruiter sent Lamont's profile to her around five minutes after she posted her job because he was a great match for the role. In fact, four out of five employers who post on Ziprecruiter get a quality candidate within the first day. See for yourself. Try it now for free, that's right. Free at Ziprecruiter dot com slash five things that's ziprecruiter dot com slash the number five T H I N G S Ziprecruiter dot com slash five things.

President Donald Trump Brianna Taylor FDA Ziprecruiter USA G. S. Ziprecruiter America Taylor Wilson President Donald Twenty twenty Ziprecruiter ziprecruiter tech Washington DC New York Senator Dot Com Senator Rand Paul Kentucky Taylor Ben. crump Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg New York City
Breaking down Denvers WCF outlook w/ Ryan Blackburn

Premium Hoops

34:48 min | Last week

Breaking down Denvers WCF outlook w/ Ryan Blackburn

"Welcome to another edition of the premium WHO's podcast? I'm your host Mark Schindler and today we're recording on Saturday before the second second or third game of the Eastern Conference finals my we all kind of messed up. But you know in light of first game of the Western Conference Finals yesterday I brought in some Special Denver Ryan Blackburn's site editor and manager over at Denver stiffs Ryan. How're you doing name in? Doing well, Mark. Thanks for having me on up. It's been been quite interesting month for Doug. It's fans and really fun to cover it. Definitely. I'm to hear you're doing better than Tyler awesomeness today a former nugget is now. He's having a hard time if. That just look it up on twitter. Yeah. Right. So you're looking at a Denver, it's funny because I spoke cash trying to win it was it was probably three three and a half three weeks ago I smoked Atta Mars, are as of the end the are and we were doing it felt like it was going to be a postmortem on on the nuggets 'cause they were down through one against Utah. We did it probably two or three hours before game game five and then We are in on on September nineteenth. Were were into the second game, the Western Conference finals tomorrow. So I think the first thing that I just WanNa ask you you know I I. I try my best to watch every team a ton. So I probably saw thirty or forty games this year of Denver and. For somebody, who covers a-team closely? In terms of expectations that you had for the season in the playoffs in general where you kind of act coming into the bubble. Well, just based off of where the seedings were probably going to lay out it seemed like could the nuggets were either going to have to face the Lakers or the clippers in the conference semifinals, and both of those matchups were teams that were projected to be title-favourite said, and if you run into one of those teams earlier than the Western Conference. Finals. Then, you're probably going home that was at least the expectation that we had If the nuggets into any other team, it was imperative that they that they show some growth there that they continue to develop and potentially win those series. But going into a series against the clippers I projected the clippers win in six. That's just what I thought I. Think. Clearly, the national narrative was so like like it was, it was very similar to those feelings that I had. But the the nuggets they they they taught everybody a lesson about what it means to develop together as a team wise and and to not give up on hunt. Guys like Yokich and Murray and and players of that calibre who Maybe, we're underrated a little bit going into the thing, but certainly aren't now It's been really great to see their expectations just kind of lift up from what we expected before. Yeah. I agree and I think one one thing that's really changed for me so far throughout the bubble in the playoffs first of all, watching the seven man rotation or eight-man rotation when the bubble I started in. Like half the team wasn't even in Orlando. Yet that was wild obviously I mean we had I think bowl bowl was in the very first game and he did was for like fifteen points. I'm like that and they played zone defense the entire time with like. Four and a half bigs on the floor I mean Denver's just had a wild run but I think what changed for me most I always have been really high Nicole Yokich of course. How can you not you know what I mean just? Crunched numbers out have them rain from me but what he does in the fourth quarter in getting into overtime is just so effortless I I've never really doubt him but Jamal Murray hit what he's done and his emergence as a more consistent. High end threat has been eye opening for me. You know coming into this I was kind of I. Wasn't unlike the Trade Marie for Bradley beal trained or something like that. But I was just like, okay. Well, I'm still not sure where mammaries ad in his career. He's kind of going into not smart cj mccollum but you know like a guy who, sir, you know what you're getting from him but you're also not getting quite that high end like you get from dame and that's just totally changed changed for me and he competes like a Mojo on the defense venues not great but I mean he's always out there trying How things changed for you in terms of how you Jamal or did you already come in thinking that you could do something like this the I'm one of the few people and I think this is pretty pretty as evidence in what was set around Denver. I was one of the few people that actually think he had this in him. It wasn't necessarily it certainly wasn't the general perspective of that shared those that he was struggling with consistency issues. He was somebody who needed to get better defensively, he needed to shoot more pull ups threes in order to make it make himself more dangerous on the offensive end but something seem to click when he hit the bubble and really went like. When he turned his ankle a in mid January and then came back at fifteen games before Kovic shut everything down he he averaged numbers when he came back to something like twenty, two point six assists thirty, nine percent from three and that's me was was the sign that I needed and after talking with him a couple times I kind of figured that. Eastern not really scared of anybody anymore and it's starting to fix it starting to figure into his psyche that, hey, twenty three years old I have a responsibility to lead the team and Oh. Yeah. If I get spot and I continue to do the things that I need to do. I. Don't think anybody could stop. And and he got to that point and this bubble has really been a break out for him because he's consistently getting to his spot and shooting like like Hell like he is raining hellfire down on all of these teams and it's just been really impressive to see him call down and. Understand the Hey, going from twenty two years old to twenty three years old. It may not sound like a big deal but him being able to do that and ended up starting to see the floor a little bit better. It has opened up his entire game and he was clearly talented before his eyes were very hi, what he goes on on Murray flurry than than that indefinitely 'cause a lot of concern for opposing defenses, but he's starting to do it more consistently right now. That's that's really where you boil it down to for sure. Yeah. Definitely. I think one thing that's the I've noticed. That I mean, obviously, it's been well known that he added early if you pay attention you hear it in the broadcaster most time I have broadcast actually, but you know what I'm saying. That's helped a ton with with him seeking contact at the rim more monotonously. It's hyper drawn out when you look at game seven against the clippers. But when he liked gets pretty much Pyle drive at the Rim and he takes the free throws right after but I mean that's it's not that he doesn't try and seek that but he's always really comfortable finding either a floater saying in the mid range but him getting the remorse huge. That's a ton as well. In terms of just looking at the game yesterday, we unfortunately have to talk about it It was a tough game one, but I think there were a lot of parallels to this game in the first game against the clippers. Obviously, they go up in our up thirty eight to thirty six at the beginning in the first quarter and then they seem to kind of just not run out of gas I think foul trouble obviously helped with that. Or if you could say, not helps Scott Foster and Tony Brothers were on one yesterday we can get to that as well But would you do you think you could draw a comparison between that and the first game? This clippers? I think one of the things that I tweeted out yesterday was the hey, the nuggets are like they're in a position after the first quarter wear the first quarter against the clippers was basically tied, and then after three quarters nuggets were down twenty four. That was basically the same formula for what happened against the Lakers yesterday and so you don't want to set a hey, look the nuggets are gonNA come back from three one again because look at this happening in the vs match up to but but there are some parallels. For sure out the nuggets, this is a feeling out process for them. After two seven game series. This'll be their third series. They just haven't had a break at all. So some of the things that that you need from a break, not necessarily just the rest factor I think they were arrested enough yesterday to win, but they were mentally there and clearly you foul a lot. It means that you're out of position. It means that the the opposing team is taking it to you as opposed to the other way around so. The nuggets are going to get into a position now where where they have to recover and see what just happened and try to gain planet going into a second game. The really awful thing is that if they can't take one of the next two games than than things get really dire but I tend to think that tend to think that wants wants Yokich and Murray stay out of foul trouble in the next game. Then it becomes a little bit closer and then just executing a little bit better. Kind of makes it even closer after that. Yeah. Most athletes and Jeff Foster is not rapping the next game so that'll help as well. I think the I I totally agree with what you're saying about being kind of completed their mentally because it's not like they weren't competing but you could tell they were just kind of like a half step behind and that's when you can really tell us somebody's not mentally they're like I was rewatching today and notice I. Mean I think one thing that I really hope to see in the next game is maybe it's hard. With with Yokich out there 'cause he's not really a real rim determined but just trying to find more ball pressure on on the Brian Rondo at the top ski it's crazy that we can say ron was having an impact in the playoffs I was not expecting that bubble wild but I counted up I mean they did they think they scored at minimum twenty points just off of you know Lebron Rondo picking off passes in. In cuts from from the top of the key. So that's something that I look at I. Don't know if you noticed that as well. But that was something that I definitely pinpointed that I'm hoping to see improved because the just losing your man on cuts stuff that's clearly part of not being fully mentally there. Sure and one of the things that the nuggets of really struggled with is stopping the law and end it's. Obvious with Yokich at position. When when millsaps starting next to him than that, there's no real jump threat in in the front court to to really take care of some of those things i. don't know how they're going to stop the Law of that's going to be a really tough thing that yoga just has to be super disciplined in his positioning on defense and make sure that he's not getting back like that. But as you said, it's it's a murray getting back got a couple of times. It's Monte Morris getting back got a couple of times. It's Gary hers so everybody can can really attest to hate the Lakers are back cutting the hell out of you. They're finding the open scenes right? Right at the rim, and if are the nuggets said the you gotta probably shrink down the paint as much as possible shrink down the gaps as much as you can enforce that Laker. Steamed hit shots they did yesterday and that's greats. But if you're going to trust Markeith Morris to it all of those shots and Rajon Rondo to hit all those shots than that's probably the way that you have to live with the series and if they do then tip your cap to them, it was Rajon Rondo in Markeith more should be you and not Lebron James and Anthony Davis in this case. Yeah. Exactly I. think that's one of the first things I look at. Some of my other friends out Denver who cover the team mobile bit and our fans they tweeting about how mad or Reggie Miller and I was too because I a as a broadcast on for a couple of minutes until I heard this when. It was I think yoke hit. He did like that Eurostat in the lane on in an ISO on white up and under and he had I think like fifteen sixteen points and Reggie said that he wasn't engaged I was like dude, you just came off the bench. Thousand Nine Games but you know like you're mentioning. In terms of Markeith Morrison Rondo seth part now crowd tweet this morning. About just for what it's worth. If you're looking at uncontested threes yesterday, Denver went to eleven in the Lakers went ten thirteen. So that's not the whole gap but I mean. that. Marquee theat think every single one of Marquees were Justin I'm fine with him being uncontested. Honestly maybe you want you want maybe a stronger close out but when he shot like thirty percent from three in the playoffs, obviously anybody's okay with Rondo getting shot. But I think I'm have you noticed anything different in Germany grants shot former anything I think on One thing that I've heard mentioned is you know he had much harder defensive assignments in against the Clippers and obviously is defending Braun now. So maybe that drains a little bit on the offense fan but I mean, he shot forty two percent from three on five attempts per game against Utah in the first round. Now he shot you'll twenty five and a half percent over the last eight games now. So I wonder that I mean he's somebody who really need to be hitting shots for sure. Yes. Especially because he needs to be out there on the defensive end of the floor that the hey, if you have a liability out there from a floor spacing perspective. That really changes how the entire team has to guard view and I look at it as if. Grant grant has to be threat from from the from the office of side of the floor or else they just they just cannot play him and it's really too bad because he is their best defensive option Yeah. I tend to think that it's more the playoff efforts that you have to in order to stop playoff defense on top of the fact that he had to guard Koiwa Leonard in the first gay in the first series in Lebron James now. And when he's not on Lebron James He's on Anthony. Davis. which is, which is kind of the the factor that you get into here that there's there's never a break for him. He always engaged. He always preventing the easy cuts. There were a couple of possessions where I thought he had really good position on Lebron James yesterday and lowers the shoulder into right in the rightness chest and get and gets a blocking call Jeremy Grants and the CRAP NOT AS A. Yeah, there are a couple of those that you just you just kind of draw up your jaw at and try to pick it up off the floor. I I'm interested because he had a couple of Emily Games in the Clipper series where where he did make some shots game one was not one of action. No game when he was good game too he was bad game three was bad game five in game seven. I think he made a couple of threes in each of those two. I think game seven he hit two and I know milt Yak. That's one thing I will. Fit Him and MILLSAP if they're the guys who are GonNa hit threes this huge you know I mean as a special. You look at like always trying to go through it in my head and obviously matchup sir dependent styles, make fights and all that. But I mean looking down the Rosser you have Lebron ad and I think Yokich is probably in between them I mean you can. It's all my new show obvious. lebrons best player but. I think you look at the guys in the rest of starting lineups and I think I mean grant millsaps and Gary Harris depending on which offensive Gary Harris dating but he was good use. Another guy is really against the clippers struggled a little bit last night. But I think you take those guys over except maybe Danny Green in the in the starting lineup. So the role players playing huge is going to be huge for huge huge twice against your squared. In terms of DENVER, dozen series especially off the bench as well. One of the things I look at How do you think they could get Michael Porter Jr. going a little bit more when he is playing with the starters because he was phenomenal in the third quarter once the starters were out in it hit didn't matter as much. But I mean, he was kind of just spotting up a little bit. He had like one. I think he had like one put back off the cut with. Yokich in Murray out there. But I think him becoming a threat out there and means staying for out there is is astronomical for trying to win. Yeah the Lakers don't really have anybody to match up with him less. They put Anthony Davis on him and that's that's really the intriguing thing about quarter skillset that that makes you wonder whether he could provide a major impact in this series because unfortunately, it doesn't look like he has anybody to guard on the opposing side. However, you could you get get past that of Calculus was out there or Morris is out there and just live with the results at that point. Denver best lineups have feature porter grants and Yokich in the front court and a lot of the reason for that is because those guys more. So than millsaps more so than than Craig or like that they space the floor in a really dynamic in transition and trying to just just be athletic on both at the offensive and defensive glass, and then just running the floor. They move really well in the half court. Those guys are guys that you not leave no matter what you might be able to leave grant. Now now we're we're GONNA have to ramp to see how that goes but porter is a guy that he hasn't really been integrated into the offense super well, and a lot of that just because they have. So many guys during the regular season that's deserve those touches and they had a goes on offense that they couldn't. They couldn't just throw a border and say, Hey, you you now need to get into all of this end score and pass do all of these things. Now they used them as an off ball shooter in cutter for most of the season and. That's kind of how it has to be a likelihood and he had three wide open threes I think in this previous game at just just missed all three of them, and if you miss those those kind of bellwether moments for this nuggets team that they they need though shots to go in if you get a contested grant, miss it contested contestant millsap miss and that's it is what it is. But if porter hits two of those three threes in a little bit of extra pressure ended, it makes it reasonable for him to be out there on the floor because he he still has defensive issues and guys like Rondo in Lebron Anthony Davis are probably GONNA pick on. Him a little bit. So you have to be scoring on the office of ended. They just didn't yesterday. Yeah definitely, and you know I think that fees it what I'm thinking I think in terms of obviously the game was not close yesterday but I think it to me other than that running the third quarter it felt a lot closer than it may be was just because you know you know are at these these shots that should be falling aren't following some of the shots that that shouldn't be falling for the Lakers. Are you know I think in terms of way shot various everything worse? Obviously, it's a shorter series in the playoffs but I think that's something that keeps. Not Denver Fan but I am hopeful for never win. So I think it definitely would have hopeful for the coming games. Another question I would ask you would you rather make Anthony Davis or Lebron beach you because I think I have something of this. Well it's interesting I. I I've heard it both ways that if you if you want Lebron to beat was a scorer than it doesn't involve everybody else. It prevents Anthony Davis from getting involved in getting to the foul line consistently the Lakers two or really good job of making sure that both of them are beating you at the same time and that's something like like with marine, Yokich those guys like if you've. Load up too much on Yokich. is going to beat you if you load up too much on Murray Than Yoga just GonNa beat you at Cetera but the Lakers do do something similar but they can also isolate and go into the Post and run picking roles with other people that create shots for themselves I. I tend to think the Lebron. To score fifty points and you want to see him, do it on a consistent basis of guard whatever action he's going to onto try to give liberal help as possible and prevent yourself from getting into foul trouble. If you're Yokich, they're like, they're like gardening you with with Vilma gear, glade Howard or somebody like that just tried to avoid it as much as you can. But it's easier said than done and Lebron is capable of doing those things as Anthony. Davis. So I, it may just be a few times I'll thing that the nuggets are trying to do here. They may not have the personnel to really make it work but I think that you want to make Lebron into a score as opposed to a passer because he's one of the best passers we've ever seen maybe the best passer we've ever seen. So try to avoid that if you can. Yeah, definitely I think. actually I think a little bit differently, I, might change up now at the way that you're putting it but I think there's some these look I think number one I kind of wanted David Spew trying to be you because They can shots at obviously I, think Barring Transition, which we can talk about transition to because the NAGAS killed in transition yesterday If you can keep him from getting lives which I actually don't know if that's possible to be completely Oscars I don't know if you while Ben Taylor Ben Taylor had an incredible video on eighty being probably the best lob catcher of all time it's pretty convincing. Jerk one in terms of post I think I was going back and watching. after I was done watching the game we washed a couple times on synergy and you know I think if if grant in which it's hard for, you doesn't have quite the strength to contend with ad but when grant and no sap were able to to stay position on Anthony Davis and not if so if ad gets out on the perimeter and he is able to take no off the drive, it's it's that's all she wrote he didn't get to face up on Jeremy on the perimeter at all yesterday from I don't think. So but in the post, he was three of six, which still isn't. I mean it's still good. One point per possession. But in terms of when you look at lobs interest in everything when when millsap and grant were actually able to stay imposition in the post, they forced them into way tougher shots and you actually get any fouls out of it, which was kind of surprising But I think I kind of just look at axes not a he's a very good post player, but he's not like he's not Yokich. Yokich is a phenomenal post player and I looked defensively to. I almost I know yokich normally isn't He's he's trying to get loaded up so we can pass out but I wonder you can force eighty to guide offending I think that could be huge. Gazelle. Something that yesterday I thought was an issue on I mean with White Jail jail was not gonNA guess looked white gave him some some fits yes I think part of that was just Yogesh getting a little pissed off frankly because Dwight got away. but you know I think if eighty can roam off ball if you can cause yesterday I think he was on here's on no sapping just rolling off. And he was able to contest everything at the rim in the drive. So I think if you're able to force AIDS guard Yokich one, I wanted because he's playing that well on that changes I'd have to play their defense but just some galaxy brain boss that I had but I I don't know I think there are a lot of ways to go and I don't think there's any reason to be doubtful yet especially without the last two series went. Shirt and I think there is something to be What you're saying here is that if you look Lebron's chart his, his shot chart is pretty much more about. It's pretty much shots at the rim shots behind the ARC. He's done a really good job of limiting other attempts there Anthony Davis is a little bit more spread out. He has he has the propensity to settle for the mid range jumper and settle for the the twenty foot fadeaways or the floaters that's at the free throw line, and that just happened to go in yesterday there are there are some things that a Denver can guard against that they could definitely use. With Anthony, Davis you you. WanNa Guard him one on one you WANNA make him. To two scores, many times as possible. I was just more saying like like in a philosophical, how do you prevent the best player or second best player of all time whatever you WANNA say. From beating you in a series and I think the the way to do it is to guard him to on to try to get him to do his own individual scoring as opposed to the twelfth SOC- Yesterday, and then you wanted to have Anthony Davis. The same thing because what we saw in the box score yesterday was. gave his caldwell-pope having eighteen points Danny. Green having eight. More having nine cousteau having eleven Howard having thirteen Rondo having seven with nine assists everybody really got involved yesterday and it adds up to a different type of score. If you can limit if you can have Lebron being going for thirty five, Forty Anthony Davis going for thirty thirty five or maybe try to limit some of the free throws I. Guess That's probably the formula for the nuggets It's it's a tough ask for MILLSAPS for grants for Yokich for anybody that has to guard those guys but just don't out just just don't file and you'll be okay. I Now think about I I kinda misheard you'll but that was my bad but yeah I agree I think that you're thinking about it on 'cause I grew up in Cleveland so I'm used to. I mean this somehow this is not the worst roleplaying team he's ever had A. I think the Oh seven Oh eight calves might have had one of the worst rotation groups of all time man. There's atrocious I don't know how into basketball you were in at that time. I was man, how can how can you hate on Zydrunas look? Right, exactly man so I always think like, I. Try not to get you caught up in with you know who's the go or whatever I just think him. He's my go 'cause why grew up with but obviously, you know watching him was the goat of his air, I? Mean I think it's hard to compare them on but I mean that's one of the things I look I'm like dude okay. Busy was fine who's like an all star player one time but not when he was playing with Lebron like he was. Come on man. Like Kobe would say, what am I supposed to pass the ball booby Gibson like come on but yeah, it's it's it's wild to go back on but you know in terms of just looking at the series as a whole now in where it's going. What are you know if you could boil it down to like one or two things that you think need to happen for just the next game for for Denver to win so I don't think we need to go. Whole. Hog. We just one game at a time right sure. What are some things that you look to see proved on tomorrow? Well, I'd I'd like to see them make more shots like to see them just make the open ones as much as possible because that's that's GonNa be a bellwether for both teams is that you have the two stars you have. You Have Marine Yokich on one side have Davison Lebron on the other side, and those guys are probably going to be great in every game of the series has just gone of a fact. So. What can you do with the other guys? What can you do with trying to prevent the other supporting players from getting these buckets and what can you do to create some open shots for Gary? Hairs Mike Boorda Junior Jeremy Grants and candles guys convert on those looks that's the first thing. Second thing is trying to get Murray going and just just getting going into the ether state as much as possible because he has the capability as throughout these playoffs to really carry the offense and Kinda dictate things slow the way that they need to be dictated throughout I thought he had a really good game yesterday at any did have a couple of turnovers here or there there were pretty bad. But for most of the time he was dictating exactly what needed to happen made some creative passes shot the boppard efficiently up I think he's capable of going off for thirty five or forty in the series and maybe making it a more regular thing. In the more often the Lakers ascend additional help to him it actually helps the nuggets. So I'm hopeful that they can get Murray going as much as possible there because I think he is the tip of the spear for this nuggets team and that if he gets going everybody just makes things easier for everybody else no doubt. Definitely, in one thing that I kind of going off that that I'm really hopeful for I. Don't know how they're gonNA make it work. They have to find some way to to force the Lakers to not switch on the on the Yokich on on the permanent I. Don't know if you noticed that yesterday but they were they were rotating out on him so that he couldn't have any of his picking pop through that he spent lethal with the x with take notes yesterday, which obviously that's partially zillion play a on relative to two minutes. But that's something I'll look at while when he's when he actually forces guys to come out and guard him that makes a world of difference as you know Yeah, I think. So one last thing I want to ask you this kind of overarching for out here on. What 'cause I I always ask anybody who I talked about this what on Earth happened to Gary Harris is shot and I know it's kind of back. Now it seems like it. You know after the he shot forty two percent. Since he's come back if you exclude yesterday from three. But you know he's somebody. It's funny because I want to I, want to Michigan state the year after he last night you know I grew up in Michigan State Fan I washed when he was there and obviously follow them when he was with Denver instance, you know me being in Indiana Fan we almost traded Paul George to Cleveland which would have there was some yeah. Kevin Love would have gone to Denver and Gary Harrison Indiana so all mat-su in these from fissures. So. Obviously, he has had that that huge drop and. Everything. I've taken his. Injuries but I don't know if you what are your thoughts on that? Well. Yes it's it's interesting. I. Don't WanNa pin all injury because I think there has been some regression there but some of it has been injury related and he just lost a lot of explosiveness because he Finished the way the US finishing at the rim prior to prior to like in his twenty seventeen eighteen year he was flying everywhere. He was hanging in the air. He was hanging up at the rim US hitting into guys than US coming down after they were coming down. No, he was he was one of the most explosive guys nuggets on their roster and he averaged seventeen and a half game and did so very efficiently from all points. So, much of it is really tough to like any yokich offense. It is really tough to get everybody involved and to continue to play the way that they need to play to be stars and when Murray came in and showcased his talents when Murray came in and really established himself as a guy thing, need to give the ball to a lots that first. Year when they were both starting together averaged about sixteen and a half points a game in an Harris averaged about seventeen and a half the distribution after that was a lot different and and Murray was getting a lot more shots and then this year he's gotten even more shots and deservedly so like it's really hard to really hard to hate on what's happened. After you know how the playoffs has gone. You can't say well I mean yeah give. Gary Samore shots. Out You can't you know. But in addition to Murray, it's will Barton who is always creative and has the ability to score off the dribble and do those things Monty Morris who's in that same realm, and now it's Michael Porter, Jr. who looks like a star that that's just kind of waiting to age and get into that get into that star territory with more wraps of. So he's he's kind of caught up in the numbers game right now and and he's trying to find out how he can be the best player he can possibly be. To contribute to a nuggets championship in right now as a role player right now it's a somebody who went the shot when the ball gets swung to him and he's open, he takes the three but other than that it's it's trying to not necessarily get out of the way, but just just understand your role and understand how things kind of boil down to the Murray Yokich picket role as often as they do. So it's been tough I've I really loved what have seen from Gary during these play offs and and it's really difficult to. Watch somebody who was averaging seventeen and a half and playing elite defense. He's still playing defense. Don't get me wrong but but he had a lot of star potential in him at. It's just too bad that never manifested in that way because he was capable and he he may still be capable but. I don't think it's going to happen in Denver. The definitely makes sense. It's been cool Washington's defense though I think I wrote an article on it because I went back and watch to all the clipper series. well, he did when when they started acting out on the weak side in order to to collapse in on some of the drives, a PG had. Totally, shifted everything I mean you had Jeremy Grant trying to guard Donovan Mitchell in Utah Series Germs Nice Fan. But I thought of and that's just it's a it's a no-go man. That's tough. But regardless management. It's been awesome washing. DENVER. I'm excited to watch the rest of this run You know what it in looking at tomorrow what are your? What are your expectations for the game not forcing make prediction with you WANNA make prediction I'll know I'll I'll predict what they win. I think I think they come back and they win tomorrow and Yolk which looks like a different kind of player. They may create a little bit more assist opportunities for him. Murray gets to the thirty thirty five point range and just continues to be an explosive piece and then they limit Anthony? Davis is free throws a little bit and that's that's kind of how they get to that state should maybe they missed maybe maybe the Lakers missed ten out of thirteen shots to kind of make up the the wide open disparity that you shared from South Park now earlier today. But I do think that they come back in bounceback at this, this team has been resilient. They've won one of the first two games in each of the series of they've played so far. They've done the same thing in each of the series of the hat last year. So they know how to take back game too and I think they know how important it is and they're gonNA go out for it most definitely while Ryan before we get you out of here what are you working on that? You want people know about where can people find you at? Well I am the site manager of Denver stiffs and had a really good time just just covering the team over the course of the last year has been unbelievable you as confinement, Denver, stiff some twitter at. NBA Blackburn. That's that's been awesome to see that over the course of the last couple of days and we've got shirts Denver stiff so. If you're you're looking for the LA shirt than than if we've got that over Denver steps, Dot Com. So to check it all out antastic Will Ryan. Thanks for coming on to everyone listening back home Please be sure to rate and review on Apple podcasts. Check US out on spotify. Rita supreme hoops side Org go check out Ryan stuff. 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"My name is Lauren. I'm thirty three. I didn't want my identity to be the smoking mom my first experience with jewel. I do remember being like distance good. It's it's it's like a cigarette. But not I don't miss smoking. At all. Like, I can officially say it grosses me out jewel is the tobacco alternative that delivers nicotine satisfaction without cigarette. Asher lingering odor. Make the switch and J U L dot com slash sports. Warning. This product contains nicotine nicotine is an addictive chemical. These kids. Sinophile nNcholas cage, very sincere group of film enthusiasts. Who are proudly? Goodness, bady apparently read the wrong name. Sinophile? Ethan Hawke is like on the professional actor and direct for love. There's so much in this world. That's dividing us in music is one of those great tools freezes together. All right. There's baseball and World War Two. It's kind of a dream Sinophile. The Adnan Virk movie podcast. Dance I still recording. That would have been gold. Get a run. Great tabby with us here on sit up once again, I am your host Adnan Virk danced Antic past more in the big chairs along with us. I forgot to get a blurb your. That's why I'm trying to stall here for second alert tell you about this one. We're going to be reviewing this time. You're a mediocre one. Mr. Grinch, those expecting Cumberbatch to add a little doctor strange to his take on Dr Seuss will be sorely disappointed as this animated take on the Grinch berries. It's Kate audience. Under a blanket of bland, there's your blur. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone coming in hot. The Grinch is one of the boys. We will be reviewing this time instead of fought thanks as always for checking us out busy time as you got lots of movies to go through today. No lines, Dan. Although Ben lines playing a big part in the Senate, Bob because his friend gave Polsky who set him up with his wife at the canned film festival that Strobe revealed other documentaries called in search of greatness, Gabe is the director Ben is executive producer go to insert your greatness dot com to find out where you can find the documentary, which is one of the best. Of the year, an excellent films agape is going to join us and talk all about that. No lines din. Do we have an every man, Dan Stanic? Yes, we do. Excellent. And Rick pass or do we have an indefens- of? No. But I do have a review. Excellent. As always go to itunes and give us some love Eric movies at a former police, please rank them in five stars and leave a review I checked a recent review stinging rebuke of Rick Passmore's role on the podcast. But that's all right. Because you know, what when Ricky asked for a raise at some point go, listen, the razor is making zero money. I'm gonna go pass more. Unfortunately, this with this jobber over here said say who who's talking bleeding me. He said he likes me, he likes dance dance. All should be. Not everyone likes stands because he is the every man, so he's by nature. So we ever ever loves dancing. He likes Dan a lot. And he goes, I don't care for the identity phrase. I think he's a pompous attitude or a long winded stuff and Passmore. Yeah. Feel like I would be getting the pompous. I know one guys doing well written review with high falutin verb. And pass forces coming from the heart about like these schlock movies. He loves guys got very pompous grandeur like, wow grandiose. I'll put that on my resume. You'd better come in hot. Now at LA otherwise they're review today. I want to be especially grandiose to come back at this guy and see if he can upset him the screeners are still coming in. I've got eighth grade. Although my tire crew is seen eighth grade. So that's all right. I'll pass along some of the movies when I get them. I mean, I'm going to watch the myself, and then burn them in ever watched them again. But I have to go out to the movies, of course. And it's so good to see a movie in a theater, if you get that opportunity, especially when it's a small independent film, which may not get an all love or maybe because the Oscar consideration it will. And I'm talking about can you ever forgive me? That's a new film from Melissa McCarthy stars and Richard E grant who is seen stealing as her barfly. The story is this. It's based on the true story of Lee, Israel, who was a writer of some promise you had a couple of successful novels, but then wasn't able to publish anymore biographies, and what she was focused on. She couldn't get anybody. Interested. In and her agent had said to her listen your whole like let's make this clear. You're not a friendly person on a nice person. So even if you have a book, that's good or worthy. No one's interested in it. Either have to have an incredible subject, but you don't have or have to be a nice person, which you are not. So you can complain about John Grisham getting all these fees. But this is the way it's going to go. So she rather stumbles upon this idea, and the movie sets it up beautifully that she's one of these caustic cat women. You know what? I mean. This is not fun loving Melissa McCarthy. This is not warm and generous you normally see she is a crank who lives with her cat and his miserable. And one day. We'll do some research. She comes upon old letter from a famous author and realizes she hatches this plan of what if I forged letters from long dead authors, and then sold them for a price to memorabilia. So soon enough, and this is actually an example what a good writer. She is because she has to emulate these long dead writers by reading one of their notes or novels and trying to imagine what they would right. In the letter. But the plan goes while she sells it to one. Memorabilia collector gets hundreds of dollars cases, another one. And as so often happens whenever you're involved in any sort of crime. A once you get that once let's keep getting away with it. And so then, of course, the story knows you're eventually going to be win over your head, and you're gonna get caught, but the real strength the movie is McCarthy's performance because listen prior to this the best thing she's ever done was crapping in the sink in bridesmaids. And since then she's done a lot of movies where I think just kind of repetitive of her persona being big and bombastic, and now this is a real character while not giving up the humor because even though this is a drama and the headlines going to be Melissa McCarthy's going straight so to speak in terms of dramatic theater. But the characters still has humor to it. And because she's caustic as I said, she's got a real sarcastic bite in her line readings which I think is a comedian. She's able to deliver. And this isn't the first example of a comedic actor showing they can be dramatic actress Steve Corrales done Jim Carey's done it and so on and so forth. So as she's developing your plan. Meets up with her old friend, Richard E grant who if you're wondering who he is. He's only as actors you've seen these movies all the time. He was in Bram Stoker's Dracula. He was great in score says he's age of innocent platelet, Larry Leifer. It's he was an Elliot's story. I loved him with Steve Martin a real stretch of the early ninety s and he's one of those guys I said always pops up, but he's never had a role as big as this. And it was so good to see the movie because it's a real a showcase ninety for Melissa McCarthy. But also, Richard E grant and the first thing he comes in like, bam. You already got it. You know, he's he's this guy. Who's just looking to get after it. And the here of Melissa McCarthy is he said he becomes her barfly. Her confidante. He's the only one who knows about the scheme. He starts helping her with this game. And his performance is a real joy. And I'm really happy that it looks like she's not only gonna get nominee for best actress. But he is a really good chance at best supporting actor nomination. It's nice. When these actors have been acting for thirty years, they finally get nominated for the first time. So the strength of the movie is the performances the characters these if you wanted to the true story, I'm sure you can Google e Israel and find out what happened to her Tiber wrote a great review in the Boston Globe. He spoke of how New York now. It's so gentrified, and then you have to remember a time where people are moving out of Brooklyn, rather moving to Brooklyn. And this movie is a good reminder of nineteen Ninety-one me. It's because it's the return of that great movie archetype, the mean nasty New Yorker we haven't seen them in a while. Appears they don't exist anymore McCarthy really nails that Israel so check. Okay. Never forgive me. I'm giving it three and a half Maple Leafs. Mike Golic junior of all people after I saw the review also tweet the he really loved the movie as well. It's definitely up. Dan stands. Exactly. Yeah. Real quick on Melissa McCarthy, and forgive me, if I've asked you this before but had a little debate with some cousins and friends months ago. You know, how there's like a lesbian lists whatever. Celebrities. Where would you say Melissa McCarthy is I think she's A-List because she can open a movie her movies make millions and millions of dollars. If you give her a script to, you know, high concept comedy, boom, I said like be plus, but okay, I thought I think she's just if you just looked at sheerly the track record of remove all, right? Even when they stink. They do make a ton of money. I she has to try to dramatic chops before Saint Vincent as movie I liked a lot with Bill Murray. People keep saying it's the first time ever seen or dramatic way. Well, she actually did it before at Saint Vincent's a really good movie. But this is the first time as a lead role a secret for second way to recommend is what they had sounds familiar while Robert Forster's in it. He spoke about onset of foul. Hopefully, you can check out the interview having listened to it. But the movie is about a family dealing with Blythe Danner. She's the mother suffering from Alzheimer's, Robert Forster is the long suffering husband and Michael, Shannon. Hilary swank play the siblings were trying to figure out what the best recourse is for mom. So the story starts out with mom. Having an issue. She keeps leaving the house disappearing. So Michael Shannon plays the Duda. Full son. He's there in Chicago calling. Hilary swank the daughter to say going to come up here. I need help. We're going to think what to do. So Shannon, say we're going to confront Robert Forster put her in a home. Of course forced to the husband does not want to do that. All he has in his life is his wife. He can look after even though she's disappearing and clearly her condition is deteriorating. But he is very staunch and that he wants to be the one take care of her and the Hilary swank has caught in the middle. You've seen stories like this before in terms of Alzheimer's and family strife. But I thought it was particularly well done. The first two thirds is a great scene between Hilary swank, Michael Shannon, in which they're fighting the way siblings must do. And it's never an easy situation as to figure out what to do with parents. And even though it's a heavy watch. There were some moments of levity the along the way, even my my moment of disappointment those that the final third of the movie isn't as strong as the first two-thirds the first two thirds feel like a four maple leaf movie while those all classic kitchen sink dramas great cash Academy Award winning a Hilary swank Academy Award nominee, Michael, Shannon. I can't EMMY award nominee Robert Forster, Blythe Danner. Like, you've got this great actors really tearing their teeth in a really good script, which is Cobra. Written by Nicole hall of center, who's your really good writer and director. She did a movie I love with James Gandolfini and Julia Louis Dreyfuss called enough set. But the final third movie ends up letting excuse me, Elizabeth chomp co wrote the script I'm thinking about another film. But what ends up happening is that the story kind of. I don't want say it goes paint by numbers. But it actually it's the rare film that needed a little more length. You know, it's a it's a ninety three minute movie. It's the rim. We that probably should have been about two hours because the first third sets up what to do with mom, what to do with mom what to do with mom fighting between dad funding between son fighting between son and daughter that eventually the final third kind of ties up loose ends. I think in a movie like this. If you're going to tie up the nuts, which you probably have to have some resolution. I would have liked more time given before we got to that point. So it's the rarely that I think should be a little bit longer. However, I do recommend it primarily for the performances of why Michael, Shannon. Not nearly as psychotic is normally at this time playing more every man guy. I like, I said a dutiful son. But it's a good movie. I'm giving it three Maple Leafs router Forster's fantastic. I mean, God I. I just got him on the podcast because he was available and I wanna talk with Jackie Brown. But he was right. I know he was very price for the of the film. But he was right. What they has we worth watching. So hopefully, you can go check it out last week before we get to our interviews of gay Polsky a twin Bill here for you. If you will Orson Welles when the great filmmakers of all time, a new movie on Netflix and a new documentary on Netflix, which when you want I want the movie you want the documentary, go moving movies a disappointment. It's so misshapen in so unfocused so all over the place. I can't properly recommend it. Although Ryan Johnson the director. I saw just tweeted because it's one of the best movies. It's an absolute masterpiece. And you know, he directed on the Star Wars movies, and he was this should be seen for years to come. And I'm like, listen, maybe that's the opinion of director because they're so in love with Orson Welles, and there's moments of Wells' bravura, certainly and John Huston plays. The lead speaker Robert Forster, the if you listen to the Robert Forster interview here in Sinophile, he doesn't John Houston impression. Then go watch the other side of the wind because John Huston plays the lead role. So I had even more enjoyment from the film because. Picturing Robert Forster doing an impression of him and the best line the movies and John Huston. You the end says you can kiss my sweet ass, but the movie as I said a so misshapen because it's two stories. So the one stories about a director in the last Dave is life is he playing Orson Welles. Maybe that's John Huston, and he's got Peter bogdonovich there who's playing a young director who doesn't Prussians, and there's a female film critic is probably based on Pauline kale, and they're all Custer riding him and his final day of shooting and the other half the movie is the movie he's making which as the documentary makes clear is like an imitation or a parody of those European art house dramas that were so in vogue in that era like Antonioni film. And so the problem is that the stuff of the Houston and Bogdanovich and the Pauline kale s characters fine. Because as I said, it's it's watchable, and it's interesting, but then he cuts it up with seems to the movie, and the movie makes no sense. And I understand that's the point is that this director is making a movie, which is so ridiculous. And so trying hard to court that art house audience, but as a as a viewer, you just go this is this is just too all over the place. Like Rick pass for may take something from it. I think Ricky might enjoy it because it's on Netflix, and why not give it to watch. But the documentary is outstanding. It's one of my favorite movies of the year in my favorite talks. The it's so good and anybody who knows me knows how much I love documentaries are stories about the creative process. That's where the Larry Sandra Garry, shandling dachshunds me. I enjoyed so much injured apple, but this is about Orson Welles in his life, and particularly this film. And it's got one of the great titles of the year. The love me when I'm dead, which Peterberg Donald said Orson Welles said another actress has no he never said that just sounds like a good line to say, I like the fact Morgan Neville did a documentary and says, well, we're making a tunnel the movie, which I also want Dan stands it to say at my funeral when I get killed by a bus in a year. They'll love me when I'm dead. That was verse believe he said it every day of his life. He would say on the pocket. The love me when I'm dead shrew was the head of my tub, but Wells' stories amazing for those that don't know. Of course, he you know, he did citizen. Kane. He was twenty five years old. It's the Grassley of all time. But to think as a person wherever you are in life, whenever your occupation is if you peak at twenty five with the rest of your life must be when you're chasing. It's always like a drug actor chasing that high that you can never actually get again, if no chance of ever getting there and the studio the studios studios plural in Hollywood punished him for it. Because the fact he had a certain amount of chutzpah to them in a certain amount of arrogance to him. He was going to do things the way nobody else did. Okay. I'll get punished then magnificent Amerson, which is an excellent of family drama, very influential, Wes Anderson loves it, Royal Tenenbaums. He says is in very much impart based on his love for the magnificent, amber Sens, the studio re cut it because they did like wells as version of it and they massacre the movie ended up being his appointment years later wells was able to re cut it and that versions the one most people can see now. And it's a great film touch of evil is a great B-movie wells plays the villain it at the the opening shot. When I was at Ryerson, Billy nobles might great teacher. He was said something about great tracking shots and right away. Goodfellas obviously the COPA shot. He's a who. Here has seen touch of evil. And I'm like, oh, yeah. He's the first the first shot touch of evil's amazing, if you'll forgive the fact Charlton Heston is playing a Mexican in the way, which is a bit of a reach. But. Wells as the villain is amazing. Just as this corpulent sweaty sheriff is so or the movie, and the directing is awesome. So on the basis of those three movies wells is great. There's other moves f for fake and criterium released. In addition of that, they say they love there's other films of his that. Now, you know, if you look at it, I think over time people enjoy them more. But those are the ones that are major ones. So other side of the winds the movie he's trying to make in the late sixties? But he couldn't get any money. It's crazy. This guy is one of the great filmmakers of all time. He can't get mine to make this movie. He's got John Huston story, and you see clips from talking to reporters saying John Huston. It says if heaven exists I should definitely get admittance into the pearly gates because I gave John Huston the best role of his life. And this new movie called the other side of the wind, and they're like Orson is I could've played the role because it's based on a director. I could have done it. But I'm giving it to John as a gift to show. How magnanimous I am. And like, do you think this is the best meal you've ever made? He's no my next move is gonna be the next the best ever bake hit a funny guy good sense of humor and the documentary shows not only him filming. Way. But also talking about the reporters and agonizing over it and Peterberg Donna vici became a good friend of his who in his own right wasn't acclaimed director early in his career. But never matched that his best work is Elliott on the sopranos, but he never was able to match his work of those early movies and he directed, and he ends up becoming a good confidante of wells. And so again, if you have interest in movies are about the creative process if you have any interest in Orson Welles, you should definitely check out. The love me when I'm dead the documentary currently available on Netflix, along with the film the other side of the wind, and it's not solely about the making of it. There are certain sections of it. But there's a good job explaining Orson Welles is life may very torture family left. I didn't realize what hap- with his parents since the very interesting watch. I'm giving that for me beliefs. I'll give on the other side of the win to Maple Leafs. Just because it is interesting at times. But I don't think it's nearly the epic. We're all hoping for I lasted the Grinch peeling. Peter Travers is pretty much nailed it. I mean, it's fine. I'll give it to April Leafs. Good time waster contended kitchen app with the kids colorful, animation Benedict Cumberbatch fine FIS nine. Exactly Jim Carey, if you know, the story of the grant, you know, exactly what happens, and that's about it gave Polski now in search of greatness, check it out. In search of greatness dot com is where you can find where the best documentaries of the year. Find out where it's playing there you oddly enough it's titled in search of greatness, and it comes from documentary filmmaker Gabe Polsky conifer. Join us right now. It's in a found gave thank you so much for the time today. Yes. Think what I know first and foremost my boy cabbie the star. Because last Friday in Toronto, I'm filling in for Stephen a Smith, and Ben lines is frantic his we need to host in Toronto. I said my guide cabbies the best. It was going to go the documents screening anyways. And then he went and sought along with DJ Bennett. I hope it was a great crowd there in Toronto. He told me Mark Shapiro. Is there the Blue Jays vice-president, he talked a lot of analytics and creativity. Just tell me about that night back in my hometown. I. Yeah. It was cool. It was cool. You know, obviously, I was really excited to bring it to Toronto because you know, Gretzky, and, you know, just the whole country, and you know, it was it was great. And you know, the fact that surprise came was was interesting. I didn't know that he was in the crowd until you're until cabbie pointed it out, but he was he was very intrigued who's kind of scratching his head afterwards. And you know, it seemed like he was in some kind of deep saw. But yeah, he started talking about how. You know, that you know, basically superstars are kind of self evident. And you know, you don't really use data. There's it's you know, you can't really analyze that superstars. Right. But then he sort of talking about how the guys below that that, you know, you kinda need this data. He was saying to to kind of because the the difference is so small, and and you know, that you kind of have to look to the data to understand who's gonna kinda survive in the league. Basically, that's what he was saying. That's interesting. That would be his take on it because you're right. What part of it? And what's great about the documentaries that you picked guys in Wayne Gretzky, and Jerry Rice and Palay their the focus of the documentary of guys who do not look like superstar athletes at first glance. And what's most interesting about Gretzky? And you know, this haven't been you know, college hockey player at Yale. And I know this being Canadian knowing grassy stories. Well, as anybody is that when they do those strength and conditioning tests Gretzky was always last like it wasn't like he's middle of the road like on the Oilers terrible at doing pushups, he can do any of that stuff. And yet as he explains the documentary with skills, like, anticipation, and creativity and famously parking behind the net. He was off the charts. Just explain though. Though. I mean, I I'm sure, you know, this though, it's almost like a rule of thumb like the stronger, it it's strange, but you know, college I felt the same way. It's always the guys that were last in these tr straight tests that were the best players. It's it's it's really strange, you know, and and and the reason, you know, these guys are the guys that are less they rely on other skills. And and and like you were saying at this patient and just talent. But talent just like come out of the blue. It's that they were, you know, practicing those those particular skills, you know, creative skills, the the show manship all those things that that are just not, you know, within weights don't do anything for right? And it's always the opposite yet coaches there. So, you know, adamant that you, you know, prove your strength and conditioning, and this and that, you know, but it's not really the skills that you need necessarily. I mean, everybody needs a certain level. Base strength. You know? But yeah, that's that's a very it's a very interesting. Kind of fact, you know, one of the best things that your documentary teaches that you need to have creativity in sports, and there's way too much rigorous teaching being done almost it's far to discipline. Like Gretzky says, you know, I would just be out there skating, and just, you know, messing around playing Jenny and just learning things Jerry Rice again playground. Like, we need to do more of that stuff. It should be less structured less joining the kids heads, and particularly, you know, you think about what soccer, I guess pale. You could symbol. Yeah. Isn't that? What guys you're doing? But when you look at what these coaches are doing Gabe. And you know, this now firsthand from like, a fundamental youth level, it's so structured it's so regimented, and it's still year round the go WI with any of these kids want to play any of these sports because they turn them off so young by these coaches, and it's interesting when Gretzky mentioned that he had good coaches, he talks about his dad, and he said, well, how much did he know? And he goes he knew enough which is a really good way of saying that most dads. They know their kids in well enough. They can teach them enough, right? Exactly. I mean, you couldn't nail. They're kinda hit it on the head. I mean, you know, that that's sort of a problem with they're saying with USA soccer that everything's so regimented structured, and you know, really if you look at where all the town is coming from Brazil, and all these other places these are kids that are playing on the street and just messing around, and and really kind of developing their improvisational skills and showmanship, and and you know, all those little little skills that you get when you're just sort of messing around and playing one on one against somebody. It's not in drills. You know, that's not worth greatness comes from, you know. So it's it's just allowing kids. Enjoy the sport, and and experiment and fail and use their imagination and creativity. That's where greatness comes from. Now. You know? And so, you know, it seems like our society. Listen, I don't have kids of that age. So I'm not seeing it first hand I will because I just had one. But you know, from what I'm. I'm hearing and seeing in parents is that it's becoming insanely structured and the pressures are getting higher and higher and parents want to feel like they have control over this that they're doing the right thing. But they're looking in the wrong places. You know, and I think the more pressure you put the worst performance, you know, kids get turned off, you know, 'cause it's just it's just not fun. And and really greatness is about having fun. If you look at all, these athletes, they're they're they're they derive the most fun from from just playing, you know, what I'm saying. It's not being forced to do anything. We're talking with Gabe Polsky his documentaries called in search of greatness going to insert your greatness dot com and find out where you can see it's really worth the watch. Well, my favorite parts gave in this is such a cool direct to'real trick. You did is when Gretzky is getting miked up. You know, it's kind of soft focus, and you sub tunnel. What he's saying? And I don't know if it's you or somebody who's with you is asking the questions, and he goes, no, I'm better when I don't know the. Questions. I keep thinking about that. I thought that was so cool. You know, the people who are the most gifted I find in life. Maybe I'm making to a extrapolation can certainly research has to go into something and preparation is important. But people were off the cuff are best at that. What did you take just from that limit? Why did you included the documentary? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I think what he said, basically, I asked him if he knew what the film was about even because you know, I spent you know, almost seven months just trying to get Gretzky, and, you know, talk with his management that I thought for sure he knew what it was about. And and you know, all that. Because why would he sit down with me, you know, he doesn't need to. So it was very surprising. When he said, I don't know anything. And I don't wanna know what it's about really before. He sat down and interviewed me. And it just shows that listen, you know, the more. He's basically I want to think about anything. So that that's kinda inside the mind, and it wasn't meant to necessarily being the Phil. But I felt that it really kind of brought you behind the scenes about how these guys think inside their head. That they you know, there's a level just sort of improvisation like you're saying off the cuff that makes not just the performance better. But you're not in in your head. You're you're you're in the moment, you know. And that's what the best performers can do. And they don't like they enjoy that moment. And they it has to be kind of natural spontaneous. Because that's when the best performance happens. Not when it sort of planned and rigid. You know, we you have to react in the moment. You can't you don't have time to think when you're playing, you know, and I think the same as with interviews. You should just sort of, you know, there's a level spun natives enjoy that when you know when somebody stomps or just, you know, there's a sense of naturalist to it. You know, right. It's why you appreciate that. I didn't tell you the questions. I was going to ask you, look how your flowing right in. Exactly. On something else about Gretzky. And he's got the tape typical Canadian humility, we all have we keep mentioning locks is assigned a great coaching. Glenn say there. It was the perfect timing which is true hockey at that time was very free wheeling he was surrounded by great players, messy, curry, etc. You could score eight two, and that was just a, you know, an average result any points out luck. And maybe today's game would be a lot harder as you. And I both know the game hockey's different not offensive is in years past. But greatness is always there and the case of Jerry Rice. I look at the numbers he'd put up, and I think a journalist is playing now, he even more ridiculous. He's the greatest wide receiver all time. He might be the greatest football player of all time. And yet is he says in the documentary. I was never the fastest. I was never the strongest. I was just a great route runner. I was so precise with my routes. And again, you can say lock hit Montana. He had young Bill Walsh. But greatness, decifit survive. Don't you think rice would even better in today's football? I agree. Totally agree. I mean, I. Yeah. I mean, clearly, I mean, listen, it's more offensive, you know, so he would just put up better numbers. But it's it's interesting that jury. You know, I always I listened in a lot of his interviews. And he just, you know, just I'm sure you agree with me. But he's always just talking about his work ethic and just that he just worked in work and work. But in the film, he does bring a different side were, you know, he he talks about how he just loves the, you know, the performing, and and and and you know, putting on the greatest show ever he talks about how he loves the way. He, you know, he paid a lot of attention to how he dresses and just just the showmanship creativity. You know, and he it came out in the film, but he just he loves to harp on just this work. I think we all know sort of. But I I guess he he just does not want to. What's the word? He doesn't wanna come off of that idea that he he just he just will not accept it. Anyone even worked close to heart as he did, you know? And I guess he just wants to keep hammering that home. You know? But, but he did Jerry was a beautiful athlete to watch. I mean, he didn't you know? Then those years just amazing things creatively on the football field. And it was just beautiful to watch and play you agree. Absolutely. And I think that you're right. He had that kind of elegance that transcends. What generation he'd playing? Speaking of allegance. I'm an enormous Roger Federer fan as anybody. Who knows? I'm wondering if you have any chance trying to get federal for the documentary and another guy cabinet texts about is Steph curry, speaking of a guy who's unassuming, and yet creative, and brilliant and a guy and he. Yeah. Feller curry? Yeah. So two things you know, fatter. I did talk to his manager a few times. And it just didn't you know, he he's sort of so focused during the siege. Season. And that they don't guys never stop. You know, that I just he just said it's just impossible basically to get his attention. So I tried you know, and then and so I tried to include included fatter, Michael Jordan. Serena news people I tried to really include them at creative ways. Because clearly I mean, listen fetters kind undeniably the greatest tennis player now. And you know, what he's just so he embodies the concepts of the film, the sort of beauty and creativity. And like you said elegance. And you know, as far as Steph curry is concerned, you know, I really kinda kept it a rule of thumb that I wanted kind of undeniably, the greatest of all time, and in the film, you know, like like rice and disposition Gretzky and and Pele so with with Steph curry, it's kinda he's clearly incredibly creative. And and really embodies themes in the film, but not not he's not the greatest yet. But I do appreciate what he's doing. And and think that he's he brought again a new dimension to the game. And and it's sort of used his weaknesses and just really was able to, you know, bring a new element to the game and be creative. And really, you know, selling outbuildings performing is he's he's a showman. He's he's unbelievable. He does things that you know, that you sort of double have to double take. You can't believe, you know, talking with Gabe Polsky is documentaries called in search of greatness going to insert greatness dot com to get all the details there curious game because just an interview because I love the fact, you know, you put yourself in the dock not obviously in a way like like, a more would say, but you hear your questions you can have. I I in Red Army. You're great documentary. You install Fatih Soffer going back and forth. Little, but he gives you the finger at one point you concluded that the movie was there ever a moment with rice or Gretzky or payload that you asked a question that maybe they didn't care for. But they just didn't know how to react. You're just come in different exchange. You expecting? Yeah. I mean, I'm I'm kind of a strange guy a little bit. You know, just my my nature is a little bit strange, and you bring that up. I mean, I when I started directing docks, I didn't necessarily want myself in there, and you know, sort of timid and shy didn't want, you know, to draw attention to myself. But then, you know, basically one day one of the editors I was working with at that time kinda try to couple interesting things, and you know, at first I was like this is no way like sound like it it is. And you know, I don't want us in there and was embarrassed. But then you know, I screened it. He said, you know, let's screen it. And then people started laughing and thought it was kind of funny and interesting. So I kind of realized that it just it makes it feel better so way, not just that. But like, you know, sometimes it's just the way people react to a question that that that sort of draws out something unique and interesting about that character, you know, and it's not. So you need the question in there as well to kind of illuminate this side of their character. And so I just started. Kinda allowing that to happen. A little bit more than people found it funny. I mean, a lot of times, you know, when I was a kid people thought, I was funny. I I didn't even think I was fun. You know, laugh at things I said, but I didn't even like wanted to be. I didn't try it for it to be funny. I it was just weird or you know, what I'm saying. I think people sometimes just realize that they're what like verte Herzog. It's it's kind of a funny example, like I think he's the most hilarious guy. And I've worked at them. And and spend time with them. I don't think he knows. He's funny. He doesn't think you know, what I'm saying. He doesn't think he's funny. But he just is. 'cause I don't know the way he sees. Thanks. So it's an interesting thing. Does that make sense it does? Now you've opened a can of worms with hose because grizzly man. I remember I thought it was hysterical. And my. Yes. Such a funny movie. Even though it's, you know, this story the subject line is terrified tell me about working with him because it's amazing to be. Yeah. I mean, it's it's just so interesting. Because he's just such a different guy. And like, you know, his viewpoint has porn, you know, the way he thinks about the world is so kind of different. And and and, you know, obviously wise in in a in a lot of ways and just super interesting. So like everything he does he. He does it with this sort of unique perspective, you know. So what do you sit down with them, and you know, have dinner, whatever hang out, you know, it's just super interesting. And and you know, I don't know weighs on you. Or, you know, allows you to kind of also see the world a little bit differently. It's just it's just a rich. The guy was so much experience. And then you know, has dealt with seen so much and his life. And and and and put himself in situations that you know, are super interesting. And that that that's why it's such a great storyteller. Because he he really. He really, you know has seen a lot because he's put himself in in those positions to see a lot, you know. So it's just it was awesome to work with him on on ballot tenant. And then he sort of you know, stayed we've stayed you know, friendly, and he's been kind of incredibly supportive to me the thing of a bad Lieutenant, and I love the the tell able original is that burn hers like city wasn't making a remake which I never understood. Why be call it bad the tenant? Yeah. I know. Well that was because he don't actually. Yeah. It's kinda like, I know. It sounds crazy. But like JAMES BOND, where it's just, you know, each one would be like a different, you know, just. It's kind of a similar character. But in different worlds different story. You know what I'm saying? And so you're not remaking the first one you're not like, you know, what I'm saying. No. It's just another story of of this guy this badly tenant. You know? Develop it, and like, you know, people. Well, what do you call? Yeah. I mean badly, but it's a different story. You know, right. It's going to be even Lieutenant he just gets really nasty it's against Costa different level of that. I you're great college hockey player at Yale. When you win the Academy Award for inserts of greatness, and we have ESPN and the hockey department is as you know, John buccigross, Steve Levy me and Linda Cohn can we get a game together. And if so if we're going to pick teams, can we just make it clear that you and I are on the same team that will be great. I'll just feed you the puck you stand in for the net. Are you? Are you pretty good? I'm decent. I, you know. I haven't skied in a long time. And as you know, the key has tell the everybody hockey is skating like, you know, everybody that I've ever met my life if they can actually play it's because they can skate and those that can't skate are no good. So my point in this is I used to be much better. But I can still skate. So in essence, I still got the wheels game. All right. Well, I'll I'll find you. Yeah. So that'll be fun. We'll have Melrose coaching or do you want? Melrose to play. What do you think it'd be more advantageous to us? I don't know. What's he like, he was tough guy? Right to say, you know, what we should it'd if it was you me, and Melrose would be good because you know, I can skate. I know you're the best player on the team. Melrose because I- chirp too much when I'm Chirpin boots. Your Levy, Melrose will come in and clean up the mess. Yeah. They'll be interesting. Yeah. Well, I I look forward to that. Have you ever come to use PM on the way? Seriously. I know I have never been there. No, you're gonna come seriously open invite whenever you want to come. You're gonna come because I know, obviously, your big awesome. Yeah. You've had these sports themed documentaries. Not only Red Army. But in search of greatness, go to insert of greatness dot com. And check out a terrific documentary. I know it's kind of Riverview Scott Feinberg, a high reporter semi message much. He loved it. One to have you on the pod. So great stuff man all the best. And I know Ben lines is always indentity because he met his wife. Mariah I believe the post party for Red Army. Is that right? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, he keeps telling me that store. I didn't really do that much. But yeah, we had a great partying Hannah was just. It was rocking and rolling on the on the water there, and there is all sorts of people there. I guess Ben ran into his future wife there. And so I guess he's always indebted to me. I think that's absolutely accurate. The great game Polsky. Thanks so much of the time. They a pleasure. All right. So that was Polski, Dan. Don't you think gave polcy interesting guy? Right. Yeah. You know, he's not trying to be funny. But people think he's funny. Very interesting the Kate different. Yeah. Because like I'm always shot into the cannon. And most people I feel like when they do these interviews there junkets interviews like when I liked the vitamins, he's kind of got a it's not a draw. But it's a deliberate style of speaking. Yeah. Definitely the opposite of you who talk you talk faster than anybody. I know. No. I think the fast, you don't know why she works in sports. And if you knew her, she's the fastest person. Vera passport is that is very he's unreal housing. Wow. But I do talk guy Greenies up there as well. We can also talk very fast. Yeah. Password. Would you take from Cape? Pulse. Could you have you seen Red Army? Have you seen in search of grains? Not I have not going to chance to watch either those. But I will I will definitely check out in surgery, and it's obviously being a sports guy. Yes. Can you DSP n I feel it might be required viewing for us. But I will definitely check it out. He seems to have his finger on the pulse from what I've seen from trailers and stuff like that. Yeah. Of really kind of. Breaking down especially nowadays. How sports have changed especially for youth? And that that's the one thing to me. It seems like how the the grates that we've talked about Gretzky in Jerry Rice and whatnot their preparation versus how the grades currently prepare and the different dynamic and generational changes of how sports evolved in who you deem is a great player. Yeah. Well, the best parts of the dock Gretzky says like as a kid he goes, I would just skate. I would just be just my now just set up in it. And I just I played like six hours. That's where I just I can't put this stuff on my own didn't have structure in have drills. And the point you make a preparation won't buy gave acid going over game planning goes. Oh, I don't know. I was I've played ping pong until six fifty five. I screwing around Goma guy like that. It's a Gretzky's like the the far example of a guy who clearly was just relying an instinct feels like I know he must Morgan art. We does not make it sound. Like he was looking at. All right. Patrick wa scouting reports. He's go, right. Let's do this. Can we talk about your hockey skills because we were talking here as you're selling yourself? This is great hockey. Are you good? I got I'm not the key is skating, and the I haven't skin is you're probably like happy Gilmour without the slapshot or the physicality is that fair not fair. And I'd be better than any of you. Then it's clearly I would destroy all of us already. I'm good. I've been ice skating. One time in my land. Dance is also not proficient skater. No, I'm actually banned for life from a in Syracuse way what happened. That's going to tell the story charges still pending statue of limitations van for life. Idell poll skill ever come up here that they Bucci garages legitimate, great hockey player. He's also in great shape as well. All right. One other interview here for you as big a sports again a sports theme documentary. Peter accident who had the pleasure meeting at Sundance reached out to me and said if you heard of free solo I I haven't heard of it. I can't wait to see this thing. And definitely want to see on the big screen, which I do not have the opportunity to do because time is tight as I watched it on my ipad. But seriously, if you have a chance to watch in the theater, the stories this, Alex Honolulu is a crazy, man. He's a mountain climber. He actually climbed El capitan in Yosemite, which is three thousand feet and free soloing for those at all done is that means you do without a rope cat was a part of the action Stephen Smith when we read them on Friday. In fact, and John Vilma was also part of the interview seal here Vilma in there as well. But Alex Hanell three solo is the documentary. He climbed a mountain, and he did it without a rope. He didn't have his fingernails and his feet and guts and guile. And here's the interview for your. Enjoyment free cell is they the doc if you're a smoker, you know, switching isn't easy. You've tried vapes. And e six they just didn't deliver the satisfaction. You expected jewel is different. It's not an e cigarette it's vapor product that actually satisfies plus Julie's simple to use. And there's no cigarette ash and no lingering odor as a smoker, you expect a certain nicotine experience right jewel delivers give jewelry. Try check out. J U L dot com slash sports. Switch NBC satisfied. Yes. You can do both. Warning. This product contains nicotine nicotine is an addictive chemical. Real pleasure. Walkman. Alex huddled who is an absolute animal. The movie is called free solar documentaries available in theaters everywhere. Now coming from National Geographic, and Alex is an absolute animal for this very reason. He climbed three thousand feet Al copy town in Yosemite national park without a rope. It's called free soloing, hence, the name of the doc is called free solo. And we welcome him. Now, Alex, I watched his documentary through my fingers. I was so terrified for you. How in the world? Did you do this? What in the world is the appeal of free soloing for you. I mean, it's a big question. I mean, free Soling sort of one aspect of climbing, and I've loved all kinds of climbing for the last twenty years, but I think that part of the appeal of resilience that it's just demands more from you it requires you to perform at a at a higher level some extent. So it's kind of a nice it's like a test of climbing. That's one thing to be to be attracted the idea of like you said, it's a real extreme level of climbing. But it's one thing to do it nothing to actually be filled. I have the idea of being filmed by Jimmy Chen and his team come about. Yes. The film. So they actually reach out to me Jimmy Chen and his co director his wife, actually, CHAI best. Really? They had just made the film, Mary, which is a great film nearing and an Tina and everybody respected their work as they approach me about making a film and as a professional climate huge opportunity. I was like that's great. And then it was me that that wanted to make it about. Okay. Mostly because you know, someone's gonna make a feature film by you should be about something significant. And to me, the only thing worth making a foam out was okay. And then the more the more practical side of it is that that as a professional climate. I mean, I have a lot of obligations to for sponsors. We're going to events and things like that. And an okay off with such a big challenge for me that I kind of needed an excuse to clear my schedule for awhile and making a feature film with something that I could take all my sponsors. And be like, oh, you know. I can't do any work for the next six months because I'm working on the movie. Smart, man. Yeah. Yeah. People talk about the motivations for the film. But I mean that kind of was one of the practical sides of those like, wow, this is a great cover to work on this big life project that I've been wanting to do forever. But it's like hard for me to get the time to work on a myself without some kind of good excuse, you know, when you were doing this. What was the most agonizing part or the most agonizing moment of the of the whole filming everything what was the most agonizing for. Well, the hardest part of the filming was definitely, you know, shooting interviews or shooting just like having the camera and all the time feeling like there's always something in your space a little bit. But but I think the when you're talking about the grind. I mean, the real grind with all the training like the physical training like I was going climbing all the time. I was doing extra ups, you know, fingertip pull ups and things core exercises, stretching all the basic body maintenance. But I think that with climbing is maybe a little bit more fun than than you know, other sports is because you're not like in a gym working hard. You're actually out in the mountains. Playing doing the thing that you love to do. But certainly I was very fatigued for very long time. And so, you know during the climb your fatigue. No, no, I'm saying like the six months, the six months, I mean because I was kind of preparing for two years at a time. But for the six months directly ahead of the actual free solo. I was going pretty hard. I was training maybe thirty five or forty hours a week, which is kind of a lot. I mean, there's a lot of hours of physical effort. Yeah. And you know, I was just hired a lot. How about the personal focus of the story as well showing you and your girlfriend you guys still together. Yeah. We're still together. Yeah. The relationship is great. You know, obviously making a film butter relationship as a little strain and the release of the film is, you know, been been experienced both of us, but another relationship with great, and we're living together in Vegas and things. Really good. We continue here with Alex hanalei on Sinophile. The Adnan Virk movie podcast. Alex, your personal relationship is examined in the film, and I loved how honest it was in the fact that you're very clear about the fact that nothing's gonna get in your way, it has that been a detriment to relationships, absolutely. It has because you can't have anything holding you back and there's been other mountain climbers. Who have said that you said, listen, a relationship will hold you back. You should probably be single and you do this. Because to put a fine point on it. You've seen people die how many people throughout the career melt climbing seeing it'd be good friends theirs. But you've seen die twenty thirty people on and how much does that affect you and your personal life? I mean, you had a tough question. I mean seen seen accidents in meet around climate accidents. I mean, it's definitely hard. But I mean, I actually kind of reject the idea that you have to distance yourself from from relationships in order to perform well. And I think that's that's one of the core elements of the film is is Sanni sort of my my girlfriend's Johnny pushing back on that whole idea in like, well, why why not have both why not have a good healthy relationship and still perform at a high level. And and I think that that's something that you sort of see through the course of the film is that the ultimate they I am able to do that. And and I think honestly is better for my life in general. I'm with you because I often hear people aspiring whether it's sportscasters are musicians or actors saying, well, I've gotta just focused on the music of the can't be held back. But I'm with you. I think a relationship helps to inspire one. I think it gives you more. Yeah. Fulfillment. Right. Yeah. I kind of agree. And I mean, just on a practical side and a lot of ways having a healthy stable relationship and makes the rest of your life so much more. I mean, yes, stabil-, I guess, you know, I find that. I eat better. And I sleep. Better in my training is more consistent. You know, basically, my life is healthier. And so I think that having having a good health relationship like helps in a lot of ways with performance a free solo in theaters nationwide. Couple more for you, the most gripping part, I thought it was when this show you going through the steps that you're on the rope. Obviously was you're practicing so to speak, and you got chalk, outlines, etc. And there's that one move. You gotta do and you say, well, if I- karate kick it that'll be effective. But if I miss it all die think about for anybody who there's nothing you can have in life to say, well, this is probably the practical way to do this. But if I miss it, I'm going to die. What can you just explain to me what your thought process has to operate with that? Because in the movie, you don't to the chronic wreck. No. I do the karate do. Are you do if you miss it? You're going to die. No, no knows. Maybe you confused. So there were two ways one of them is a jump or the karate kick. I mean, if you fail with the crazy kick, you you dial. So, but right, but the jump is a little more dramatic because if you jump, you know, basically why you're flying through the air. It's like you're going to die unless you catch with the karate kick, it feels a little bit less extreme. But but yeah, I mean when you as what I was thinking about that. I mean, the key is to do all the thinking while I'm hanging there with a rope, you know, to spend the preparation ahead of time. So that when I'm actually doing the climb. I'm not thinking about anything. I just execute. I just perform, you know, it's like, yeah. Like a gymnast doing their routine or something you just do it. And lastly, the exaltation the emotion like just seeing the smile in your face because if I may say, I don't think you're the most outgoing guy thinking, you kind of let everybody in, but you're focusing the job, and you're not the most you bullying, but that emotion like when you're finally you climbed a mountain, man. Like, he climbed to seventy what was that. Like, oh is it was amazing. I mean, you know, in the film. I was delighted I mean, you can see the big you can see. The big smile on my face on top. And honestly, I had that smile for you know, week or two at least and even now thinking about it. I started a small. I mean, it is it is a climb that. I'm very proud of. And and anytime, I think about it. It still makes me pretty happy. And certainly anytime I see the end of the film. I'm pretty heavy, and here's one of the thought to just the amount of suspense to this movie. Because if somebody says, well, Irena what happens I heard you talk to Alex, obviously. But, but when you called it off like I said, oh, man, like how much doubt was there to say, you know, what it's in the middle of the night. And you see Jimmy Johns reaction as call him up. It's not going to happen. Like, the you didn't. And they kept telling you, listen, you'll have to do any point. You can say, no, right. Yeah. And that's the thing with reselling is that really nobody wants you to do it. You know, I was the only person that wanted to to do this climb. Everybody else thought it seemed crazy in that. I probably shouldn't in this seem too risky or too dangerous. But. You know, I mean and free selling should be a personal choice. I mean because it is my life at risk. You know? I mean, it should I should be very confident with I feel comfortable with my choices. We have my adulation admiration not only for the climate also for lying Lewis cameras in there. Because as you bluntly said, you know, if I die and my friends see this that would be kind of weird. So Alison old free solo is the documentary. Check it out. Thanks so much, man. Every family. Obviously, I lead a charmed life yet. ESPN incredible family wonderful job in great friends. Like, the great Michael deepens Onny was in the house rare to have a guest review he wrote a few times. Yeah. Rob Linley reviewed a soccer movie. Mark Simon his favorite documentaries. Yep. Michael Juna recently, reviewed Mandy. But you're the first guy everybody having back for repeat appearance. So strong by Jake del moral killed his Godley review is great. But you're the only one ever brought back a second time because the thought of you was such odd fire. Yeah. Well, the floor was fantastic. And I absolutely loved it. But Dan, just a heads up. I'm coming in hot on this one. So get that bleep button ready. Like, I don't know. I might let a couple, thanks. So preface like I'm a venom fan. I grew up in Spiderman household I loved venom. I love Spiderman I loved everything about it. But I read the reasons movie I knew what was up, right? So I decided to get some candy to give me through this movie. But Adnan there are not enough milk duds in the world to get me through this movie. Again, like, I have somebody feeding them. Me like a Roman emperor. And I wouldn't go back the movie itself. Like, it's not funny. It's stilted. It's just chopped together. It's Eddie Brock is a journalist and give us whatever story there is to this thing. Okay. So Eddie Brock is a journalist. But he's like a bad boy, kind of journalist, I guess, and it's like an eighth graders view of journalism, right? Because the main thrust of the movie the reason he'd like the whole action starts is. He goes. And he interviews this guy would seem re-submit goodn- it. He's he's the has this like casual kind of sociopathic. That's amazing. And it's like a Silicon Valley, bro. The night off. But like the whole the whole reason it gets in trouble. Is he starts doing this? Gotcha interview with them as if it's like being broadcast live on the six o'clock news news, Tom Brokaw. But he's not like, it's just whatever. Okay. So it's just it's very bad. And Tom hardy is bad in this movie. I don't know how he's bad in a movie, but he is zero things happen. He has no plan much like the screen writers who wrote this movie, and I I would not sit through it again. And I love superhero movies. I love everything about them. And I would say from this one how many police you're giving this movie? So I I do movies. I've twenty eight scale baseball. This is this is this is. This is Bill Lawson wears applaud twenty eight scale this is he's the only one in our audience. This is straight twenty. I would never go see it. Again. The best part of this movie is the captain marvel trailer at the beginning. Last point here. Tom hardy is bad. What he's like, he's not funny. Oh, and I forgot to mention this venom. So I don't know if you know anything about comic, there's a whole my brother would know. But he probably would like. The Symbian has its own distinct personality detaches onto Eddie Brock, and they had this awful, laurel and hardy routine. It's like who's on first, except if it wasn't funny and about murder, and it's it's just really bad. And yeah, it was two hours. There's a slog is just poorly planned poorly put together, and it really just needs Spiderman. That's it. It's just the venom isn't a main driver. I guess good a supporting character. Yeah. In the comics. He's great. I mean avenue customer should stay in it. Yeah. I don't know. You're telling me the twenty two eighty scale from Mike Panzani. Thanks. Thank you. He's just an average man within average life came his appeal dictate that I'll read it. My alley before most flaming training. Dan, stands Ekeid's. I thought it was a little little much every mad. We really got update that open. I saw Randy the other day. All you wanna talk to you as Chappaquiddick, which I haven't seen. And then I said I wanted to get to the businessman, which is can you update some of these opens? But just when you see him next go. Hey, how about Chappaquiddick competition about that? And think they can get rid of my remain open. It's nauseating. Good plan. All right. He also big free solo guy. He loves that stuff. Big surprise memories. Strange thing. It doesn't work like I thought it did we are so bound by time by its order. But now, I'm not so sure I believe in beginnings and endings. Any other guest though, it's not the Mentone help arrival. Oh. Two thousand sixteen SCI fi film starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and forest Whitaker, directed by French Canadian Denis Villeneuve Geneva of DO, Denise, okay? This guy. Didn't he Ville new? Is it Denise Avars? It. Denis Savard didn't even trying to get a rank. I got to say it again. And he didn't even knew didn't he Ville? Now. It's worse. Every time I need to say, I'm gonna point to you. And you're going to say, and he Villneuve who also did Sicario and most recently blade runner twenty forty nine. The film is set in present day centers around twelve alien spaceships that have landed in different places around the globe, Denise Villneuve and cinematographer Bradley young described the look they were going for as quote, dirty scifi to indicate that something like this could happen on any given day Adams plays a linguist who teaches communication at an unnamed college whose recruited by US Colonel played by Whittaker to figure out two things what they want and where they're from Adams is taken to an army compound set up next t the Alleyen vessel that landed in the United States more specifically. In Montana there. She works with a theoretical physicist. Played by Renner in communicating with the alliens who look nothing like any other aliens you've seen in movies and TV shows these aliens, look more like a couple of octopuses, but because they only have seven arms they're referred to as hep dapa. Trying to make sense of the hit the pods proves to be a growing process. Speaking words in decoding sound gets nowhere, but Adams and Renner make great strides with writing words on a whiteboard in deciphering pictograms spewed back at them. The seemingly nonstop work starts to take a physical and emotional toll on Adams. She needs boosters from the army doctors, and she starts seeing a string of Boll joyful and painful memories in the compound, there are video screens from the other eleven sites as the world appears to be working together to figure out what the alliens want. And if I remember correctly, one of your Canadian friends is in one of those scenes deep all AWali who also is in Mali's game with Aaron Sorkin. He's a terrific broadcaster. He was also in a rival. Okay. So the world's working together until they had the pods convey what most interpret as a threatening message. There is no unified response from the twelve sites aside from the fact that they all go off line and sees working together. Trying to want to use military force issue this ultimate him other nations prepared to follow suit. So it's a race against time for Adams to prove that something was simply lost in translation. As much as the film is about science fiction in alliens. It's really more about communication collaboration language and a new interpretation of time which elicits a quote from Albert Einstein distinction between the past present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion. It's a movie that makes you think there are and drums terms like non zero sum game, which I'd never heard of and. This. And questions that are hard to answer. There is also classical music that's heavy on the violin. Andy classically pretty Amy Adams who was robbed of an Oscar nomination. I give the film four stars. And encourage everyone to see just loves Amy Adams, Amy Adams, and Anna Kendrick. Those are the wheelhouse of Dan stands what is non zero sum game? What does that mean? It's like where everybody can win zero-sum game is there's one winner and everybody else's a loser. A non zero sum game. The example that use on some site. I don't know if it's compete or not. But I was looking at the other day. It's like say it's like a husband and a wife the husband wants to go to a football game. The wife wants to go to the opera. The husband would rather go to the opera with his wife then go to the football game by himself. I don't know if I believe that. And the wife would rather go to the football game with the husband, then go to the opera by herself. So it's a Nazi both get something collaborate. I like Powell Jones I love that's where the word smelt the same way forward. What's your favorite? What is the flyers hockey eerie ladder was the defense? L A T A L N, Joel Otto, great hockey player. OTT? Oh, do you have like an actual word? Now. I just like those race car race cars at terrific found Rome on that note. Denise Ville arrival. Through much of this podcast. I've seen Danny was on his phone for a little bit. And then I saw a passport was immediately feverishly looking up the review. So what exactly did the guy say about you? Did you look at? Have I tunes, but I. Mike. I'm like, okay. I want to read more about this. I promise I will take criticism. Very well. And I take really really appointed. Harsh mean criticism. I liked that as well. Because I think it's humorous that someone's feels that strongly about what I do. I'll find it for. But go ahead give me a review anyway, no in defense of this week because I've kind of been very heavily sedated by red dead redemption to the new game out on the XBox. That's unsurprised. And I almost did it in defense of how cinematic video games are becoming but I decided against it because I just didn't feel like writing it because I spent so much time playing. However, I did get to go see bohemian rhapsody. Oh, in I max last week, which now up here, you can't see in an I max the Grinch is kind of taken over the IMAX theater, which is a shame far as I'm concerned. But. Let me start with the high points of the film because they're existent. But they're few and far between Rami Malik is brilliant. I believe you said you have them as like number one on gold derby to win the Oscar right now, I got a number three. I got Bradley Cooper at one. I've got mommy. Mom, getting a nomination. He'll get a nomination for. Sure. But there are times in the film when I'm thinking now, that's ready. Mercury. That's not an actor. That's tremendous the accurate plays. Brian May Gwilym Lee looks exactly like Brian May the actor that plays Roger Taylor. Ben hardy looks exactly like Roger Taylor circa the seventies and early eighties the soundtrack, obviously, it's Queen. It's fantastic. It's well used the sound design is amazing the Live Aid performance at the end of the film, though, surprised what it is. I can't really spoil it. It's thirty or forty years old almost. The they built the entire set. From scratch at Wembley. The stage is the actual stage. The crowd is CG in that's pretty blatant. Once you see the overhead shot, but the stage itself is the exact stage replica from Wembley Live Aid back in there in the eighties. That whole sequence is tremendous. I'm sitting in the theater about wanting to sing out loud. Like, I'm actually in the concert. It's such a good sound design and such a good sound mix. And it's almost replicated exactly from that Live Aid source, but I believe it's re recorded, and it's just it's a fun movie to watch. I'll give it that. It's it's a little long at almost two and a half hours. I want to say it's like to fifteen but that's about where the good ends. And it kind of plays a little bit with history. Create some revisionist history in the script, and you can see why Sasha baron. Cohen was not, Freddie. Mercury and Rami Malik was picked up to play the role. Because Brian May and Roger Taylor also executive producers on the film and definitely did not want to tell the true story because maybe to them the true story wasn't as fantastic and wasn't as dramatic as someone make it seem. But at the same time, there were a lot of just blatant inaccuracies within the film such as how Queen met and how Freddie Mercury got his start with the band. His aides reveal definitely didn't play out in real life. The way it played on the movie, in fact, it's actually chronologically inaccurate. It didn't happen when it happened and a lot of the drama. They built up was just false and made for drama. So when it comes to just making making something up just to have the storyline. I think it falters there. I but at the same time, I still think it's a fun movie to watch. I think Romney Malik performance is worthy of a star boost on its own. I give it to and a half at the end of the day. I think if you if you don't have as charismatic a lead as you do in Rami Malik, and even in even the other Queen performers, and Brian Willem Lee and Ben hardy, they're fun portrayals of those characters those people, I think it really falters. Even though you have such a fantastical band to begin with was such a storied history as Queen who created these great hits and one of the best parts in the movie as well. And we've seen it in the trailers, and it's not a spoiler because it's it's one of the big poster poster moments of the film is Mike Myers cameo as the fictional EMI. Record executive Alec Baldwin is this show the oddball then show now, which is great in the interview, Mike Marsh talk. But that he said they had to get him. Because of course, well, he me wraps. You is so critical in Wayne's world. And that's a song that Mike can play in Scarborough Ontario as going to believe games. So they said it was very tongue in cheek. They put him in there. But I was the the way a played out was fantastic. Because even the friends I was with I recognize you're right away. I've seen enough. Myers movies him in heavy makeup. The knows like, okay. That's Mike Myers. He's doing his British accent. You know? Okay. This is this is the part where they're trying to sell bohemian rhapsody to him. And it took them a minute to realize because he does a very good job like even in heavy makeup. Sometimes Mike Myers can just kind of disappear into the Easter of his disguise, but the the dialogue shared between him and Freddie Mercury and the rest of the band them trying to sell them on a night at the Oscars. Like, no, I want rock and roll. I don't want this. What is blaming wrath? What's a rap city? Ladies, actually, as an infringement is is like, it's an epic poem, and with all the bravado that you would think of Freddie, Murphy, which Freddie Mercury which actually wasn't, you know, again, another factual inaccuracy that he's not day. He wasn't as flamboyant and bravado of driven as he was on stage. He was much more shy and reclusive in real life. He definitely had a lot of insecurities. But he gets on there. And they're selling it, six minutes. It's too long. They'll never play it on the radio and all this goes on. And you know, we've seen it in the trailer. The joke about his wife thinking six minutes too long feels sorry for an all that stuff. But the one real catch joke of the of the whole exchange, again, you'll want something to kids can just crank the music up and bang their heads to and it's not gonna be book him hymning rep city, and of course, Mike Myers famously in Wayne's world cranked up the music and banged his head to bohemian rhapsody back in nineteen Ninety-one that feels a Queen fans way. Like it a lot. And we'll end with this on the next foul have reviews big Oscar movies here the favorites during MFL, Rachel vise. Barry Jenkins if Bill streak at talk Steve Carell, Timoteo shallow may beautiful boy and a Canadian movie called tiger. All that more coming up in the next podcast here. I do have the review this from hot lunch, man. Once again, go on I tunes and give us your view Iraq movies in a formula beliefs rank us in a five stars. And give us a review. Here's hot. Lunch ban. Love Adnan's interview style. He seems to surprise his guests with the depth of his knowledge and his questioning Stankovic spelled correctly provides a good pop culture counterbalanced to Adnan's inner geek Passmore's a bag of hot air, his reviews rambling nonsense and. And the show would be better without his interjections. So he didn't call you. That's a good news. No. But a bag of hot air. I would have preferred pal expands upon his vocabulary a little bit. Well, that pastors response in the next how to hot lunch ban until that. I'll see you at the movies. Miss out on the next episode of Sinophile. Subscribe to the ad n for movie podcast clicking the listen tab in the ESPN. Smoking always affected my daily life because I was a closet smoker. It really sort of controlled my entire day. My boss is the one that recommended jewel. So I decided to give it a try. You don't get any of the odor of smoking. There's no ash all over your car. I would say give it a try get the flavor and satisfaction of smoking without the mess of cigarette. Asher lingering odor. Switch to Joel checkup. J U L dot com slash sports. If you don't smoke Vate don't start warning contains nicotine addicted chemical.

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"White" (w/ Cole Escola)

Las Culturistas

1:20:45 hr | 1 year ago

"White" (w/ Cole Escola)

"Model boys entertainment forever dog listeners, I Yasser lesser. And he is my zilla the co host of my brother sneaker here forever dog radio. And we are what is AO sneaker podcast. We talk about sneakers fashion Greek nuts. We do talk about grape nuts. We talk about the fashion industry. We talk about this industry. And we talk about how both of those things are influenced by none other than great nuts. You can catch new episodes here every single Friday wherever you listen to your podcast. We're talking about I tunes. We're talking about Stitcher. We're talking about Spotify. We're talking about at your mama's cousin's house. We're talking about Ed sure mama's brother's house. That's technically, just an uncle. So don't forget to listen to us is area and Yasser post of my brother sneaker here on forever dog radio. Oh, I see why bullet look over there. How is that? Lasco Chinese-style us ding Dong. West culture does calling. Oh, I'm so Aaron shocked by your behavior pie my behavior. I have been I happen. Very Aaron Chuck, I I've probably portrayed the community in many in many different ways. Have you ever felt your dick move to a picture of him? No, truly, no Rulli. Now. You can't even come to that. He is. So this is the thing. And this might not make sense to you because he might fit into a certain mental model of what you might like you are a bit. Really the so bland, you think oh bland even just physically. It's like I like there's more interesting version of this somewhere else. I think you're definitely right? Although I will say me as a Long Island. I got I got it. I am who I am type person. There is no way I'm gonna see someone like that. And my body at least not respond. But here's what my mind says. Okay. Absolutely not. Okay. Gracie's very harmful to the community. And we're here to announce that all Moscow Theresa's right for the very first time. You're hearing from us if you were on the fence about Aaron schock it's time to jump over that fence time to jump over. Which is what happens with the fence. You have to jump over it. Because at this point, it is we're here to say Aaron schock is careful to the community. Aaron schock is Kansas. It's actually rule of cultured number four Aaron schock is cancelled right here. And now, I mean, there's still a lot more to there's a lot more to talk about what they are. And we don't we cannot get into it. Well, can we just? Say that we turned the corner. What you and I you texted me, and you said OMG you were following Aaron shock on instead because somebody an alleged fan. Oh, this person green shotted that. I was and I did not remember that I was following on Instagram, actually, and this person if they're listening, and I have no problem putting them on blast. I'm not going to name them. But that was kind of shitty. If that was kinda shitty. You should not have screen shot at it to what rubbing NATs face that. He did this shitty thing that didn't make me feel good. It didn't. And honestly, it didn't make me even I was like. Oh, no. Well, because then it's like, what are you trying to do you make me look bad? Like, I, you know. I mean, the only thing I said was on Twitter, at least was just all caps Matt's. Yes. And I was like were you really following your chocolate and cetera truly it must have been one of those things where it's like you've all some only here's their car wreck. Are you follow someone because you're short? Maybe I don't know. Maybe he made my dick move once. And I followed him. I follow a lot. People with no brain make my dick. There you go and bitch. Thank you for owning up to that. Because if you were deflecting in saying, it was I some other bullshit reason like well. I'm not gonna lie. I'm I have a peanut a working gay penis. I have a penis. It works at its g response to simulates. Yeah. Oftentimes that's stimuli. Can be toxic snake? Get we and McGrath's. Yes. What's in that working gay penis of yours, cartilage, Honey, and blood vessels? Now it gets horror. Now, I'm very upset. And when you think about Aaron shock the cartilage fills with blood ever again now, I associate him with only evil trauma trauma. Now, I associated with it that the the one thing I will say about Aaron schock is one thing blown will say it just it disappoints me that he gets to live in West Hollywood and like be completely protected and like not half delake. I'm sure if he walks the str-, honestly, if he walks the streets. No one would no one would do. And no one would notice because he looks like everyone, and that's what I'm saying. And and also we I've actually think it opens up an interesting conversation about why when someone has apps we let them get away with. Yeah. Everything under percents everything truly if he didn't look as hot as he looks. We wouldn't even be a question. This is the thing if I had ads I would be rule emperor. The world you'll be emperor of the world. You'll be remember palpitation status because I do believe that you'd be evil. I think you are six apps away from being a very cruel person. And I really do. And you're why I agree I'm wearing white too. And I'm White House. Another thing about you. And you white bitch. You're a white bitch who sticks apps away from being a very cruel. Dictator. Not unlike emperor palpitation herself famously, but. Number ninety three famously emperor palpitation had under that role. He was so fucking hot pal that had on go. My god. Imagine him being gut draft is how. I've been then he reveals his fucking wash gutters. You can wash aboard on those. Speaking of speaking of good bodies. Dads are. No. Can I just tell you? Yes. I just saw our guest. I always love seeing our desperate form. And when I heard that he was forming in Los Angeles. I was very upset because what I did not have a ticket because it was sold out. Of course, then our buddy Sarah Schneider had an extra ticket and I on that train. And I went all I wrote it all the way to the show. And there you go there. It was coal school a performing unbelievably, well and funny. I. Bitch is it's breaking news. Breaking news cola skull on not staying very long. This is not what I. On the soothing voice. And the soothing thought I had been on this podcast. Yes. But I thought that this was a different one. I thought like well, they wouldn't ask me on the same thing twice. No. We switched up the Bram. This is exactly what it was before for. Why it didn't wanna come back? No. The last one came on here. First of all welcome into your ears. Call us. So that's the last time you came here. You were about to go on a date. I believe do you. Remember, this are you? I don't remember the date. You were wearing a Brad corduroy jacket almost word again, it was read. But with a black corduroy. Oh, that's what it was holler. Yes. Reddin canvas spot corduroy. Yes. Canvas. I actually I constantly remember this conical. And I wrote like what you're wearing right now very much, and I often in fact almost one hundred percent of the time really like what you're wearing. Thanks. I hate it. And now coal we ask you the question. I always ask you, how are you doing? I'm okay. The. Honestly, a second time guest the question, we always ask them. How are you doing doing? But no. But that's just me as giving an assist to cold to answer the way, he always answers. Which is I'm okay. I'm okay. Yeah. It's like it's just occurring to me. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Better better better better. Call I want to talk to something you said to me has really reverberated in my head for you're an idiot. But I don't think I don't wish don't let that guy coming from. I was hungry. I was and I knew I needed never heard of that angry I needed to absolve you of the whatever guilty. You work here stain Q U. I think you said to me twenty nine thousand nine the year of destination. Hookups let's talk about this. I want to know because I think I might I might do something like this eventually probably very soon. I might literally go to a city yet just to hook up with someone. Yeah. Wow. That's what I did. I did that once in January. I went to the Columbus Ohio us. Oh my God. Rented an Airbnb. Was it worth it? Sure. Sure. What was what was like? Yes. I don't regret. It. It wasn't like life changing. I've done it again. Yeah. I just got back from London and Paris. Yes. Oh and were there, and there are people there. Well, I. I paid for tender gold. Yes. You can plan ahead. So that you can plan ahead. And I knew I was going to go to London to see all About Eve on the west. And I had a good year last year. I've made some money I can talk about it. So let's end this stigma on well you have. Your creature comforts and God forbid. We I burn money. I don't know. I never learned you know, before it's not yours. It's not your responsibility, right one else's. So let's say business. None of my business. None of business. Okay. You're right. You're actually, right. You did you plan ahead successfully, execute hookups in London and Paris. I planned. Well, another thing that I'm trying to do this year is just like really intense. But brief love affair. Yes. You know, because I don't want a relationship. Right. I don't doesn't that flatten out. Everything though, doesn't that? Like isn't. There is no texture to any sort of intimacy anywhere. That's. Misinterpreting? I like people like I literally did the exercise of listing. All the guys that I have or will very soon hook up with us. And it just I kind of felt I was like, oh, but I'm looking at these names. And this means nothing to me. Well, they're all Ryan as mine. Ryan Ryan different races races. And they're all different races. But no, I look I look at this list. And just like, oh, this is just like it's like this. Or just feels like it feels like they're meaningless blends together it all blends together. See, that's I too have a list. Okay. And I read. List on your fuck list. So disgust. This is really just. We are three piglets. We are truly three winking piglets in the barn. That's where we are. Right now in the filthy, muddy barn of sex and Ayman make me sick. It's dark gay culture yards discuss Aaron shocking of us. So you're saying you when I read the list of people, I've had what are their names, mostly their names are mostly Jaden? Honestly, there is I think there is like a name. I think Alex think I've got a lot of Ryan. A lot. I know. I go to the list. Yeah. Let's worry about whenever. That's so many people. Yeah. No, that's the list of the US presidents. I've only nine. Miss you Jimmy anyway. Now what I'm saying is when I when I read the list. Yes, everyone a memory everyone a beautiful memory like a gorgeous scrapbook. And I think I read each name slowly to I can remember a romantic, I think that would call a saying with your affairs is you want to have intense passionate weekend like experience or or like even like a month long. If if we're in the same city. Okay. But I picked some I just had one in London. Yes. And then I knew that. And then I was like we were talking for like three weeks. Uh-huh. On tender and then what's app, and then I I met up with him. And I thought if it goes, well, then I'll take him to Paris. Oh, wow. How did Paris? He made it to pay. He wins a parent. To tunes that bothered him. So at a Jimmy Buffett song. No, yeah. No. It's not that you were making that would you like to wager. A bet I know I wouldn't put your phone away. Could've so many dangerous things on my phone. My fuck list Jimmy Buffett songs up with all four of his fingers. Florence. It's a pitcher of Aaron schock giving us shitty and job Coachella. It's my background on my phone. You know, what I don't find him attractive? Why the picture quality? It's very it's very ward. It's like, it's not even pixelated razor. It's yes, it's very razor like pictures. I took of myself on my razor when I was in good shape. It's that and it's like it's been reposed. It's been screen shot at in posted so many times. Yeah. And there's there's that patina on it where. Just. The news is on the on the photos. Yeah. Yeah. Quality I often feel different messy very many very much. It's very mild. Yes. Yeah. Well, I don't know. The thing is like he did take a lot of professional photos back in the day when he was in congress of himself on the cover of like men's fitness in that shit. Oh, this is really it's really not even the gay community's fault. It's the fucking straight communities thirsty asphalt because they put them on the magazines and they put him on the map. Right. And you know, the ones who voted him into office. Yeah. Yeah. It really it's it's once again, we can blame the straits. I'm well. Well, it's letting ourselves off it'll too especially yourself, especially desperate to be exonerated. We we. We're not ready. Yeah. Yelling. We can't. We're we're not the ones to you have to do you need to talk to your sister little bow. You know? Oh, Bo, you know, if I wasn't told me, you know, about and said to me the words he said, he said, I don't know examine it. Exam. We examined. Thanks. Bo is. Shrugging emoji. Yeah. Because yeah, you literally treat me like I'm sub-human when whenever it comes up that I smoke cigarettes, and you just like you fully completely different things are happening cigarettes. I say are the following Aaron schock on Instagram is not going to Kelly, white supremacy, and gay culture is actually more destructive than me smoking a cigarette. You know, what's even grocer than what you're saying? The fact that bucking listeners are gonna agree with every word that you say because they want you to win and Mita lose. And that's ridiculous. It's white. And that's the fucking most disgusting thing about all this. If you are white man, you're the white person, and you master rate, you continue the charade and you smoke cigarettes. Disgusting I often results in bad breath. Like many cigarettes. I bet you use. Why as an insult at Bowen is maze? As of why? I've heard because I know it's the one could say to him that could truly hurt them. I think there's nothing worse could happen to but he wakes up tomorrow looks on the mirror and looks into a white face. If you saw a white man in the mirror. You would be destroyed. What is going on your so drunk? LA changed? I did have a bourbon Bloody Mary we had a we had a brunch to where I had a nice flooding. Check sweet chick lovely listening three check. Thank you. Sweet check. And can we own meal from here's something we can kick around. Okay. What about hot waiters, and do you remember everywhere when we I think you still live in this area? But when I looked in park slope near you. We went to that diner that one time. And then we asked one waiter. Yeah. Yeah. I do the one because he would always message me. Yes, we were. Where were we? It was daisies diner. Herbs. Fifth Avenue diner, yellow must've been doing the same show or something. And then went to. Yes. It was. We went to a party or standing. Yes. No. It wasn't the underwear party under the key food. I've never been to one of the I've never been in France, but that's a sex party. It is a sex party. Nice. I someone invited me to. And I was like, no, thank you. Oh, yeah. It wasn't. It's just not. It's just people having sex. Right. Right. Right. Which is I thought it would be more exciting than it was. But it it just a little like, okay? They fucking. Yeah. And you know, what's you know, what the interesting thing about sexes? It's not that interesting. It's not in fact, my theory about sex while wait he sit down. Everyone said everyone said down down sit down come in everyone. We've all ever. You guys waiting at the door come in. And just got a spot on the ground right there. Emma st-. You just stood up sit down you can move that. Yeah. Thank god. Okay. Here's my theory about sex. It's weird and gross. And it's strange that we do it. I love. Wow. Is we are all little bags of meat. Slap and slapping together rushing. And it is insane. That we do it in recently. I hooked up with someone and then two days later, we hung out. And he said, isn't it weird sex? And I was like, yes, he's like isn't it weird that we're not laughing the whole time? It's happening. And I'm like, yes. It is sexist. Psycho sexist psycho. Yeah. It's holes in poop and blood. Well, that's why I don't get it. It's sweat. It's tears. Rhymes? It's prince crime. It's blood its prime in holes in poop, and blood and sweat. I and. I call it that in France, you know, they do it's called liberty more the Petit mall. The Petit mall mortar the little death death because every time you come you. Dial a little. Oh my God. That's a beautiful lyric. But that's what I find it insane. That people don't like to talk during it. Idea. I dirty talk words like you like that bitch. Like that. Like do you like the way that tastes? Yeah. I get you anything else. Just you still working on that bitch or more cock bitch. How would you doing bit? How's everything tasting which better bitch? How's everything tasting somewhat someone's hungry bitch? Are you verbal? Yes. We talked about this yesterday. We spoke about it yesterday. And so now that we're at now that you're saying this yet you and this person saying it's so funny into that. We don't laugh during the whole thing. There's gotta be something where you just just remain human. Yeah. And you don't be completely blinded by. Yeah. Hormones my mile. I always I have two jokes when I'm done having set. Oh, no. Do you wanna say them now? Yeah. Okay. 'cause then they're not gonna feel fresh when you do. I know, but I'm gonna keep doing them or I'll come up with new on. Exactly. And that's that's that's a writer, and that's that's a writer because I'm pushing by by telling them year, I'm pushing myself. Yeah. With. The first one is immediately after I come I say get out. And then my other my other one is immediately after one of us or both of us. Come I go. What is it? Before. What is this stuff? Those even though even though you shared it with the world and shared it out. You cannot retire them. Must go. Thank you. Thank you. Tannen. Cannon over now. Stop no cannons. Not over. Okay. I'm just worried. That's how much we respect you. You said cannon and a mocking way. And there's Boeing white pass. We have to retire. No. I appreciate it. I don't wanna be behind the times. I'm seventy one seventy two next week and happy early birthday you. Was a Taurus. I know that wouldn't pay right was the Torres. That's actually today has no yesterday was birthday. He shares a weekend with Christ. Oh, wait. This is coming out at a different time for the listeners this we're recording this on Easter Sunday. I what are you going to say because I had a point with the okay, you make your point. I was going to shift gears go, okay ready here. You're going to say I'll say what I want to talk about Boeing say what he went talking about it. And then everyone in the room will vote on a witch one. We'll discuss attacked an EMMY, you're you're you're you're going to be a deciding factor, adding you as a fourth person in the yes. Okay. So Bowen present your topic. My topic was not a topic. It was more of a line. It was more of a prompt. Ask to ask both of you, actually. And just to have around table discussion about what what the protocols are. Like, let's say like, oh, I do tender gold attack the plane icon. I change my location of this city will get my likes and see who liked me and swiped right on me. And then and then set my traps because now I'm developing these little these little like, you got the honest. Yes. And say that you're you're not. Yes. Of course, or if you want to if you don't wanna seem desperate, you can say like, oh, I was just there. But I'm coming back. Hopefully, totally okay. So that was my little prompt for all of us. Just just to talk about that a process to have a process congress. I want us to talk about because sweet chick had hot waiters, and I wanted to say have you ever left your number for a waiter? And then yes, the waiter. I've never the waiter never got back to me. But I have left my number. I've left my number two. And you know, I've never fucked the waiter. But it's it's resulted in some texts that I think like could have gotten to a place like there used to be this bartender that worked at Joe's pub who worked in the back in the in the Joe's public like the theater space, and he was the hottest person in the world. And he's the only person with a little ponytail. I've ever been traumatic that was Aaron Shah. You are. Disgusting harmful. We, but so but you texted with him though. Yes. He texted me. And he was like, hey, this is so and so you're bartender. We should meet up Cutie Winky face which had to me that's as good as sex because that's the validation. And I probably did come to it. Forget about it. Yeah. Which is you know. Well, I mean, we're this is the true flattening desire of desire refer equating the chase two sacks. Yeah. You know? That's interesting. I talked about that. Yeah. I think that wins. Now, it doesn't mean that we need a vote at ten dump pseudo intellectual conversation that I don't wanna flattening of desire. Yeah. Although I know I am actually I'm happy to talk about it. Because I really feel numb. I feel numb to needing guys and having sex with them. No. You feel numb to it? Non meeting them not that. I'm just gonna it's not about me. It's on it's on a volume thing. It's not about me. Like how many literally not even having that much? It's just like it all doesn't no one's nothing. Standing out. I don't know. It's because you haven't done it with the right people. And I think you could actually take note from Kohl's book. Okay. And I think you you need wenches coming out this thaw. Yes, called how do I do it at seventy two to do it at seventy two. Novel beco-, let's go with a foreword unarguable from Margaret Atwood. She used to the four hundred I love how novels have forwards. Now are white. Now. Wait, what were you? I think that you are doing the right thing by romanticizing things and making them feel meaningful. Yes. But that's so much. I mean work it's a fulltime job to full. It really is. I haven't made money in seven months, but I've had a lot of encounters pulling counter. He's wealthy wealthy wealthy in romantic affair. It's actually really. No. I know what you're saying. And you want to have these fun before sunrise dates, yes where you just walk around town yet. I mean. Yeah, it's not I take big swings. And sometimes they really miss. Yes. Okay. Let's talk about the misses. Yeah. Because the MRs are. Yeah. I think that you need to humanize yourself for the list. Okay. Who think of you right now as someone who's a ship? Oh god. Yeah. Turnout who goes to, you know, Paris like parrot who has vetting process in London for Paris trip and sorry but can afford Tinder golds, which is thousands of dollars. You had to go to your last year. I had a good unit. What can I say look? I'm not ashamed. Okay. We need to stigmatize the one person. And I don't you know. What's funny is that like when I first started being able to pay my rent without worrying about it. Yeah. One of my first thoughts was like. Oh, no. I'm part of the problem now because I could pay my rent. I was still like fucked up by. Yes. Everything that I was like, well, I I'm the one percent. Yeah. You don't pay my rent thought ran through my mind, literally on the Uber on the way here. I was like who am I to Uber? Hold. It's the one percent they paid off my credit card after years and thousands of dollars of. Yeah. I was just like, well, I'm a monster. I know struggle like, look, George W Bush was not a bad president all of a sudden, I'm like lot happening this Kelly fiscal conservative. In poor. Okay. I know what it's like I don't want to go back there. You look down on your hand. And you're so white you can see through your hand. Becoming rice paper. Honestly, wait. Okay. So talk about the failures. So we'll just like scribe a time when you took a big swing and. One. Well, well, just like not being able to stand the person by like, oh, you know, our two and then being stuck with them for a few days. Wow. Isn't it painful have wonderful sex with a person? Yeah. And they are bad. Yeah. In their heart. When they have a bad heart when I fucked John McCain. I who because the chemistry was there. There was never a question about the heavens. I've we loved Zona we'd left cactus growers cactus cactus, growers the to you. You know, we both care about Megan the same amount. Yeah. Which is not at all. Would be so funny if it came out in like the tabloids that Meghan McCain's ration- for her father was completely. Definitely his diaries came out. Like, dear diary, it's me. John mccain. This is good. I don't know how to say this. But I don't love him. It's weird. I always thought having a daughter would should love her. I love my kid can't find there's something about her. Anyway, I had a dream that house was on fire, and she was in it. And all I could think was no my house. And the papers within the house. So many papers burning and also my daughter, and I thought of the papers. I hope she's ok Columbia now. Did she go to Columbia? Did she actually talks about a vague on and had that makes her a real New Yorker, you know, I'm I have such a complicated relationship with Meghan McCain NY, and why why why do I try so hard should be open and shut she socks by do. We think she sub. Yes. Yeah. I don't I don't even want to open the book don't open the book. Let's not even open chat. We didn't just leave his mind bind every side on. I bind you Nancy from doing harm to yourself. What is that? It's from the craft. I won't be on. Juliet, no. She was a weight. Have you gone your whole life thinking the craft is roaming? Yes. I love. Shakespeare, I love when that one girl starts losing her hair. Ben Stiller's wife. Christine tailored. Oh my God. Wait, Ben Stiller is in phase two right now this light or four or she's directing now, she's escape that Patricia Arquette vehicle, which by the way, you should Ben Stiller Christly Taylor. Ben Stiller, Ben Stiller, I call her I call him. She. But. Escape. It's outta Maura. No, I feel Patricia in escape it down and more with great inspiration. Is it good? Is she good? She is good. The thing shark. She's got she went almost every award ten. She like she is in a shady wig. Yeah. Are they made her skin look bad? She has like on camera she has sex with Benicio del Toro, like it's like there's a crazy scene in a scape down Amora, which it's everyone argues everyone argues, whether or not this is good acting or bad acting from Benito del Toro. Okay. So they gave it to anymore escape pretend. Immoral. Okay. So in escape it to them, so Patricia Arquette and Benicio del Toro have like an interaction sexually romantically at cetera. And then he says to her due to new book. He says it like that. And then he leaves. And I swear to God, it is the MO and she just like sits with it. And it ends the episode ends on like four seconds of her face. Like, not understanding what the fuck that was. And I actually think it is a genius choice. I loved his like it's so bizarre that you're, but it's so scary that it's like, no, I wouldn't tell anyone after that. You're crazy, nothing and human behavior says do this right? But something happened in the chemical artistic collaboration between benico del Toro. Ben Stiller and participants receiving dude. Bod-? And you are you don't know what to do is view. Wow. Interest-? How did you see me doing that to you right now? I almost left both times. I almost left. I was I was hot well this. Yeah, it's warm. It is really warm Easter Sunday or Sunday. Can you believe that choice? That's crazy. I have to I have to watch it. Now, you have to watch it to call. I think you have to why can't you like, it's bad. I feel like they'll tour is a bad actor, he's an Oscar winning actor. And then I feel like it was like Jennifer Hudson. And it got to editing, and then Ben was just like, let's just let's just end it. We can't we can't address this. I don't know that to me. It was like it's so funny because it's a clip on YouTube. You can read the comments and every other comment is a different take. It's like this is insane. And then one is like, this is brilliant so unsettling, so amazingly amazing character choice. The next one is like, what are you fucking talking about the crazy? The next one is like, wow, this scared me for weeks couldn't believe it's honestly is so polarizing, and let's say emitted to this podcast. Oh, that's being of comment sections. Do you ever read the comments on porn videos? Yeah. I love a sincere paragraph. Yep. On a horn video. That's like this is what I love to beautiful men just enjoying each other's touch. Yeah. I once had a friend very much like the blonde young man in this video just going on and on. It's one of my favorite thing. Yeah. Oh one that. I came across recently was wow. The sounds at that bottom makes that's how about him. Should you can tell he's enjoying it? I love you can tell the bottom isn't joying it. Yeah. That's a frequent comment which is like so often the bottom's just not enjoying it. You know? Well, they they probably aren't even when it seems like they are because porn shoots seem like hell, they seem like how I I wonder that, you know, sometimes like I'll often like, I don't know if something about Jesus watch straight porn straight mourn. Foreign does that sound familiar straight porn? I do sometimes I love to watch porn. Okay. Okay. And then like, I don't know. I feel weird afterward. Katie. Okay. This is like sort of like in the kids of all, right? But reverse. I watched this one porn sometimes which is it's this girl and her step there in one of those bedrooms, they're separated they're in two different beds in the same bedroom. And she's like don't come over here. You're my stepbrother. So don't you can't basically she's just like she. She looks over. And he's like jacking off. What are you doing? You have to stop and his I'm on let me soup with you. Fine. You can. And then he comes over and she's like. Can touch me my pussy, and then he reaches over and like since figuring. She's like, yeah. That's the way. Like, basically like it escalates. Okay. Fine. You can lay on me. But only a little and then like he does a men. It's so fucking horny and hot this. She's like I can't help it. And she takes him and pulls it into her and they perceived to have twenty six minutes of the most passionate. To this. When you. Highly something about it. Like, I was like on. Honestly, I wish I could just decide I've had enough and just pull someone into me. But you can't do that as a gay and cast rebuttals ready at all time. Yeah. That's all. I know what you mean. I think Matt you you have to do some performance piece where you play you do straight horn. And. Yeah, hey boats that you play both sides. I would get really good at that was like Mike where are you from Mike Tampa? That was just shocked at your straight girl, the girl, honestly and come over here. Privacy right now. I'm your half sister from a rom they're related. Real brother. Don't come over here year, my real brother by blood. So if you fucked me, it will be bad. Wide open. We'll be so bad. I'll be. Thank you can't do Karai. How furious Alabi if you fucked me Daniel, that's what I love you can tell they're brother and sister. Just enjoying exploring sexuality similar. That's beautiful. This is what's fun language. Learning tool is I have gone down this rabbit hole of Chinese porn gay Chinese born? It's great seeing myself represented porn who was. Close my eyes, and it's fun to read the comments section. It'd be like, oh, what are they saying? Oh, learning learning. Oh, you mean. Are they in? Like, even porn habits. Like the comments are in Chinese. What are they saying? They're like, that's what I love. They're just as gross. They're actually. Yeah. They're just as gross. But it's just it's interesting to see the terminology change. But the concepts still remain the same where it's like. Wow. That zero bottom zero is really good with that one top call it. And then if you're verse your point five. And then it's like, this is the beautiful thing. It's fully on a spectrum. Someone will be like, I'm a point seven. I'm more of a top than amo bottom. Wow. What an efficient way of doing. What an easy way to ascribe value to tops and then take value away from Byron China. I don't think so Honey, China Wang mind. Absolutely not from there. You white bid. Your parents are obviously descended from Sweden or something descendant from Sweden. Yeah. That's exactly what I said. It's just said white. Yeah. White. Are you white? Yeah. Why? Nice one white. Love it seen. Well, listen, listen, we have on our hands here a wealth of material for for the children really that listen to this. Yes. Because we know eighteen year olds into this. Oh, they do. Now. I've even more self conscious because we had some true teens come to our shows around. Yeah. Yeah. And then they say often they'll ask their parents about the content of what we discuss. Oh, like, sometimes it'll be like, hey, mom. What's the movie ghosts? Let's goes describe ghost. Yes. And now it's gonna be like, hey, mom. What is it when a stepbrother fucks his sister? But then you related. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Is it lethal? Do you? Watch porn mom. Do you think parents foreign no, no, no one's parents watch porno, and if you actually have a child you're not allowed. Yeah. Too busy too busy. And they don't know how to watch it. I just don't believe for a second apparent would watch porn. It's just too devastating. That would be true. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just can't believe for one second. You know, didn't Kevin Spacey. Watch porn and American Beauty. Not to even mention him. Well, his co star bedding, and this is my kids are all right reference. She Julianne Moore's character, watch straight gay porn. Oh, kids are in the kids are alright I think that a lot of people if we just came out about our porn preferences. A lot of stigma would be removed from the world you have K. Should we? Sure, keywords. She was share. A key words your key search term, he search terms my mine. Have you been daddy a lot recently? I like watching somebody just like be older than other person. Yeah. Yeah. Sometimes I like, yeah. A distinct age difference young. 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More time story worth dot com slash ding-dong for twenty dollars off abuse of oh subscription service. Are there any white Yang's? Don't know you got to. We're gonna MOAB looked at. What if I took what if I had a stage name, I chose Yang as my last name. Matt yet not yet. Stay today was mad. Otherwise known as mad Yang Yang though in who may white name p something bow. And my last name would be Bowen, drew Liebau it really Bowen famous white person one of the most famous white people in Hollywood. Oh, isn't she a Republican O'Hare crochet she and Tucker Carlson had like an affair, wait? They you hear about that. I mean, it's it's it's a rumor, but it's a pretty well sourced source to rumor I would say and look if she wants to sue please filling she's that kind of person who'd like back you into a corner at an event that was not for this type of conversation and wide. I explain to you why and Trump is good that. And also when modern family first came out, she would like go on talk shows in like fully shit on Sophy regar- and like do the accent. And like be like a monster. And it'd be like what the fuck you doing? I actually like really enjoy. Julia. But Julia Bowen as an actress I like hers and actress I loved her in weeds, I guess, but like. Then we'd she got fucked by hundred Tara what yes star of life. Why wasn't that me star? If we'd start ways I am spring awakening him in spring. Yeah. He was fucking hot. You saw his. But you see every what's that character's name milk. You're you see every milk yours. But. Yeah. He was not care. Right. He was milky. Audible, I don't know the the show you don't know the show spring awakened now. It's fine. It was after my time. So I can't ask if I asked you this question was, you know, how to answer what are you one hundred or an Ernst? Now, I don't know what that means Hansson is the top he sort of like calm cream away the bliss. I this is a gay care character. Daycare took. Okay. He corners the Ernst. Who's like? Oh, yeah. To give you an idea Blake Daniel played Ernst on the great white way. We love you play. We know two earns. We not wait. Who's Ben moss wasn't Ernst in the in the touring production? I love that. Yeah. Two beautiful and certain let's drink to that here. Cheers. Cheers. I feel like I'll have ice coffees from different places. I forgot to say my search my yes. Sitting here waiting like specific like specific videos, like there's this one video of this drunk straight French guy giving like his friend I hand job, and he's like joking the whole time, and it's like amateur, you know. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And I don't know why. But it's just like one of my, and I send it to my. Have this good friend who we send each other porn that? We think the other one might like, oh, that's interesting. And we also send each other guys on Tinder you actually do that share function. Yeah. We use the share function. Do we know the person know his name is Tibo? Really? Yeah. I I would know immediately. He lives here. Yeah. Okay. So is this someone you've looked up with? Yeah. Yeah. We had like. It's a somewhat romantic friendship. Right. I've seen. Yeah. I love how are you with like managing for money. Not very good good. He says not good. And it's not my business. That. Are you someone who can do no strings attached? I don't know what that means. Like you hook up with your friend. You're like that was fine. We yeah. Okay. Yeah. Got him. Yeah. Are you? I am. I I don't know. I've literally lost night. Good friend of ours. And it was it was nice little pet goodbye. And he would he would. I'm sure he what are you talking about Joshua destroy, Mr. Josh sharp? Yeah. I knew you were. But it's because I know the boundaries. I know this the thing on his end is like, okay. Well, that's he and Blake he in Blaker in this beautiful relationship. Now. Here's the question. I have for you since you were last here. Yeah. Yeah. There's no doubt been culture in your life that has affected you. So what do you even like, what do I why what are you? What are you into? What culture is affecting you now. Profoundly and influencing as an artist of what you very good one. Do you watch television? No, actually, I want to ask Cole this. I think Cole a difference that I've noticed in Kohl's performance is that the costumes are getting very sophisticated and you're getting old who's your friend who designs all your stuff. I'm andrea. Yes. Yeah. And he's a white Yang. He's half. Yeah. He's half. So then he's the white Yang. So it's gorgeous gorgeous, gorgeous, costumes is that was is has it's been like a choice or like a direction you've wanted to. This sounds like such a yeah, I liked I just liked to have like I like to heighten there. You know? I just love heightened that. Queen Elizabeth go. Thank you on that. Yeah. Yeah. And it was originally made for Caccia. It was built on Caccia. It was the because we're the same size. Really? Yeah. Oh, yeah. That wouldn't be in LA where he was making it. And so he would send me all these pictures of Caccia wearing the Brian Brian, you know, cut you we've only texted than such texted and such not like that. Could've potentially been like that. But oh my God. That's rude. You're rude. You guys would be you guys cute together. They extras not looking for anything. I just I said that when I came in here. Opposed. Yeah. I know. Choose. No one no one. I really do think that I will be single forever. No, no. Because I want to be. Yeah. You do I do is it because of our relationship in your past, partly and I just don't I don't know. Do you see yourself in long stretches of not monogamy, but of intense intimacy with one person for a while now. Wow. No. What's I want to? I'm just not open to it. What's your upper bound on like how like what's the max amount of time that you would wanna like date someone a month. He said earlier, maybe three months like, yeah. I love that. Yeah. That's do. You think that is where we're all headed. Well, I think everyone wants different things. Yes. And people are different and God loves everybody. And I think we should all just drive to care about each other. And if we were an I think became to each other. Yeah. I think too happy Easter have you fucked? I don't have any culture that. I'm you're not absorbing anything. Do you tend to gold? I do. I really don't think I've watched anything since nineteen thirty. Truly I find that. It is hard to sit and watch like, for example, a comedy shows. Yeah. Because I I'm always like trying to do it. Yeah. I don't wanna like enjoy it. Like, you know, what I'm watching right now, which I'm really enjoying. I just started watching. Shrill. Oh, yes. I really like it that's on my list. Everything's on my list. That's the thing. Everything's on my list. But I appreciate something. That's that's not like lizard, the comedy. Lead the comedy. And this is like a very like real racist. That was very racist. White people so apologize to the white person at the table by one. I'm so sorry. Absolves whole I do think bold movies. And I was gonna say like, I think and the sound so obnoxious and gross. But I think you should explore like French new wave stuff. Thank a new source of inspiration. Thank you God. Maybe lodge in being held that. Oh my God. I love it does. Yeah. Just just to explored this thing as as inspiration to be the kind of person who's told you know, what I think you'd enjoy French new WAVE's? Yeah. No. But I'm saying like, truly, I it's it's in like it's in the it's in the whole sort of neighborhood of like things that like Camilla's is so versed in already, and it just doesn't seem like it seems like a sensible extension of. Oh, I went to speak. I went to Libya to have lions house in Paris. Oh my God. Yeah. Is she still Louise one hundred and two years? Yeah. She's suing Ryan is that an asset. The the next it was like dismissed. Yeah. Right now, there's the supreme court is all that's left truly, and they haven't I don't think they've decided they're probably going to be like, no, we won't hear this case. But they haven't said that yet. I think that's where literal supreme court. Yes. Ruth, Bader Ginsburg, looking at a live to have Lynn versus Ryan, Murph and watching and watching washrooms of you. And being like. She's like I do want to sue his ass. Yeah. Yeah. Drag her. We have declared that they dragged. Was unfairly dragging have. No. And then nobody imagined RPG watching that and being like now I'm going to do. Yeah. For like wasting? But honestly that would make Ryan Murphy so happy because you know, he's currently prepping America versus Cavanaugh legs. Lousy Ford versus Cavanaugh is something that Ryan Murphy would do. Yeah. Or to have versus Ryan Murphy. Yes. Or and eventually are route thirty Ginsburg versus Ryan, Murph. But the thing is. For to go to Libya to have house in Paris. I just typed in Uber destination Olivia to have land. And it took it took attorney. So when you say you've you've got to go inside. No, no, no, no, no, no. It was just like outside and. I mean, I'm sure she was home because she's one hundred out. No. And there was a security guard in front, which makes me think should I don't know. I just wanted to be like near her for a minute. That's for ferry. Very funny entertaining to read her statements on her lawsuit. Like, yeah. I will be suing. Yeah. And like, I wonder if it's her lying. It's almost sounds like it's probably hurling. It is absolutely because she's still she speaks like that like their interviews of her from like even ten years ago, and she's like what a wonderful opportunity. This is for me to sit down and speak to and it's like, no, no, no because she's one hundred over she's still thinks in terms of like nineteen forty one publicity. Yes. Yes. So you mustn't hundred thirties, then truly caught it. It's like Khattak you shouldn't live past not seventy two. I yeah, you're gonna I'm gonna I'm thinking you should die. So we this is a piece of culture that I do. Love is Catherine Zeta Jones's Instagram. Oh, all right up to know. She has a good Instagram. And also did you see what she posted after Notre Dom? No. So basically like it was the Notre Dom. And then like like interfaced over it was this woman with her head in her hands like Ryan reading and crying, and I have to pull up the caption. It's yeah. But she also she has like a home line c. Si, si. Casa zeta-jones. Yup. That's her like home like bed linens, and like just tacky tacky stuff. And we can't we can't we have I'm gonna pull visit a Jones one. And then we absolutely cannot mention celebrity. Instagram's of out mentioned me or Glenn. Yeah. So this is the photo. You can see it's a woman with her head in her head. Okay. And then Notre Dame in the background the caption reads, our sacred Notre Dom heartbreaking like just like to prayer hands. But this you have to go to this Instagram. People hedges insane though, the woman with her head in her hands the images insane. Now, I don't know if you guys are aware what close do she? She went lines is one of the funniest things that has ever happened in life. I'm going to play it because it's just it's just too good. Okay. I'm sitting here on a cold and windy night. And I'm thinking about metronome. At setting pictures of it burning. Holded win seventeen years ago about that incredible building. And it at a time when it brought great comfort. And I think that's why personally I feel so attached to the place that I was filming in in France may two thousand and two and it was when all the headlines said that we're going to fall into nuclear war because of the confrontation between India and Pakistan. So I went to know too. Wrote this afterwards, and I just wanted to share. I went to Notre dog. And that's. And then she posted a video later. Ignorant. I have is to Graham, and I read my whole thing. I'll maybe try to time a little bit. And put it on is to grant husband put it on. Yeah. Oh. The Instagram past the best. I couldn't believe when she's. Sure, I went to Notre Tom and then cut. Her Instagram is better than any best actress nominated performance. You know, what honestly Oscar you one. Yeah. I bet she'll win with Sunset Boulevard. The movie do you believe that this will happen? I if cats is going to happen. Yeah. Yeah. Although I just I got to win Glenn's. God. How did you feel when she lost? Like what went through that? I was like I love delivery Coleman. And I was I, you know, but I was like poor Glennon, pork, Glenn also Livia wonderful. But also was not the was not, you know, an leading performance in the film Q. I mean that that's what we were saying, and let's say come on. Let's clap for ourselves. And you said that. And here's the thing Glenn in Sunset Boulevard. They better make it because you're right. We're going to get cats. And then I then I thought to myself when you said, well, if we're gonna get cats, we're gonna get Sunset Boulevard night thought you hit but cats has like Taylor swift in it. So what will we have to do to sex up Sunset Boulevard to get made? Maybe modernize it. I think that's like a thing that like a modern thing. No, no. It's gotta have that grandeur God to be silent movie star because there's about right? We didn't need words. We had faces. Yes. We didn't need would. And but it's also like was going to say, oh, my thing is would they make like? Android wherever Steph in that close proximity like cats. I mean, like how long do we have to wait until if hats is a hit. Yeah. We should get. I think it will be. Yeah. Yeah. Taylor swift is. And I know, but yeah. But then we'll get it with like two three four years later. I think we got it in two years. I think so too. Because look I mean, she at the end of the day. But it's not like we're getting Saen time stuff after into the woods. You know what I'm saying? Right. Well, that wasn't was that hit. Maybe it was a hit. It was. I don't think Sondheim translates to film. I know I thought into the woods was good. But I just don't I think musical theater is tough. Many Todd was bad my mom, loved Sweeney. Todd the film. Yeah. That's so funny. I know it just an idiot her getting. If you're listening love you back to life. I I can't tell you how bad I I'll tell you. What I what what musicals I think work like the big frothy ones. Like like, Chicago. Yeah. Those Karen zeta-jones, Catherine Zeta Jones, so good. And but, but like, you know, complicated like musical musicals like that's not gonna work. No other. You know, what would you know? It would make sense from Sondheim as as a film IC thing is is it merrily. Reverse. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Like that would make sense where it's like, you would it be easier to show that an interesting way not be bound by the strictures of like theater on anyway, silly conversation. No, I don't think it is silly at all. Because of what we see now is a lot of the same. And I wanna find a way to make this work when you find a way to make Sondheim, and and we need to find a way to make Shakespeare work. Right. We love. Shakespeare, we love the part when they lift her body up in Romeo, and Juliet, I love Romeo, and Juliet I think teen suicide and more of that. Amen. More teen suicide entertainment, man. Do you think that it was irresponsible of Shakespeare to write that? Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Do you think he's canceled? We are officially here to say, we are sick and tired of these. William Shakespeare gets to opera in West Hollywood. Protected being to protect citizen, man. Uh-huh. Member hot. Shakespeare Shakespeare in love. Women of fines. Oh, he was really interpreted Handmaid's tale now he and Shakespeare in love could very he was hot. I love hot people. I do I I've just gotten into it. I've gotten into them lately. Now, what if he's a hot per will now actively he might be hot to some people, but not might not be to others. That's Aaron shocks the world. Oh, no, Aaron shocks not hot. There you go hot or not dot com dot dot com. Okay. Ready? I'm going to say the name of people, and we're going to say if they're hot everyone turn to Emma and go. Really hot. Really good athlete. Hot and a nice in a nice, man salty, hold you'll meet him. Yeah. I thought crazy warehouse per you went to a warehouse party. He got to meet Gus. And I have I have yet to make us got or man, and we love mount. Yeah. And Matt and Gasser both at this party. And they were very nice. I bet they would be joy if you guys had sex ever. He has a couple of fucking virgins. Okay. Okay. Max. That's next person. Milk over. Well, yeah. I can't picture him. I have such a hard time. Remembering what men look like he was Batman in Batman forever before George. Oh, wait before George Clooney. But after Michael Keaton, see I can remember Keaton, and I can remember Clooney that middle. I see Nicole Kidman. I see Leila's. I don't want to kill Dr chase Meridian. Chase auditor chase Meridia its culture well movies and sings psycho or no. Robin with Chris O'Donnell who by the way is dead. He passed away this morning. He passed away this morning. He was like the hottest hottest. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I'm slapping my thighs. I he has a hairy hole. You know, you know. Fight me on that. Honestly, I bet the only thing that is Harry about him is his whole. Otherwise, you remember, wait. So what we want to that comic? Con thing. What was that flame con named? There was somebody there. One of the vendors had drawn up all these like hot hot hot like pictures of like, superheroes. And I got so horny for these pictures that I bought a bunch of them. And there was one of Chris Johns di- when I know I should have jackdaw for I want or else. I wouldn't have spent literally seventy five dollars only at night wing, but with chest showing. Both pitchers as they're beautiful picture. They're gorgeous pictures illustrations, the illustrations tomorrow, of course. And but yeah, I should have come first. But there was one really good pitcher of Chris O'Donnell, and he looked so hot. And I was like, wow. He was hot end of thought next always jerk off, Chris. And doesn't do it for me. I don't like the body transformations. It's too chaotic. I again, I can't picture him. He doesn't really know love. His fate hint. I don't like us face either. But the baht is something else when it wants to be for me. It's all about face. Yeah. All about face for me next. One more. Absolutely. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I would I was willing to like just put his legs behind his head and just leave the room. Let me beg for the whole. Cole. Episode full is that he leaves? Yeah. Ts. I love to tease. I love edging tearing. And I say I want to give props I want to give props. Yeah. Because I I actually think it's odd that we discussed me as my doing my performance before as the porn star actress, and we haven't commended Boeing on his fabulous sketch. The actress starring Emma stone that he wrote with Julio Torres. And that was did you see that? Yes. That was funny. I loved I shared. I liked shared. I was I was yes, I feel that I feel that that she could win an EMMY for that. I she literally I told you this. But speaking on this she would do takes. And then we would just like look at each other. It'd be like oh my God. Yes. She's she's real. She's really fucking talented. She deserves that Oskar not that I ever called into question before. But I was just like, oh, she knows he LA La Land. But I loved her in the fight while she was fantastic in the field. And I love the favorite Eileen. Performance in the favorite. I really do. I think she's the protagonist. She a hundred percent is the protagonist. And I thought she gave the most difficult performance and the most like I got I got to see lowland honesty Lalo if I truly it is. Culture, number forty one Emma stone gave best performance in LA, LA LA. Wow. No, the actresses was really fun. And it was just mean. Holy out. Just clock clock him. Yeah. And it wasn't even like this thing of like, well where this was just like what's this right it? Yeah. And then and then I was just like, oh, she should have a voiceover throughout the whole thing that like talks the talk through her process SRI sleigh. And then we'll and then we're just like, let's call back the things that you find the Ben. And that's if you haven't seen the actress yet, that's an L sketch that and until you wrote you should check it out. It will be linked with the episode as long as as well as the porn. Right, right. If you click the wrong, one NSF WB mom, so it is time for I don't think so boy with our own Cole who has done this many times. Hasn't been are amazing part of our live shows in the past and a veteran of the pod. And so we're gonna do I don't think so Honey now, and I actually have something I thought of on the car out on the way here, which is important and must be discussed. Okay. Great. This is Matt Rogers. I don't think Sony's time starts now. I don't think so Honey Mel c erasure here is the deal when you think about the Spice Girls, you think about everyone else except Mel c and that is disgusting. I don't think so Honey if you think of the Spice Girls, and the first thing you go to is Victoria Beckham, if toria Beckham is synonymous with the Spice Girls, I eat my hat because she won't even go out there and tore with them now. Currently she's making her shoes her brooches her vest her gowns, and I don't think so Honey, I don't think so Honey ginger ginger left the group, if the first thing you think of when you think this is you see that you inject dress. Guess what that you're gonna drag dress walked it's ass out of the group, and therefore should not be synonymous with the group Melby, guess what a twirl and a dance on dancing with the stars. And some Clack Clack. On America's got talent. Whatever the fuck. She has on his nut Spice Girls, and she had nowhere near as good of a voice as Mel c baby spice is just an image. Honey, the singer, and the voice of the Spice Girls was melody also famously never forget she had the most iconic song after which was I. On. The sun. And if you don't know that I don't think so and that's one minute and eight seconds. Mel c does not get the credit. She carried the Spice Girl. Very right. Very true. Very true. Well, you can't even say anything. No, you can't holes in that. I was in. I was just in London. There was. The guy that I was with wanted to we we had breakfast cereal place. And there was a a wall that was wallpapered with the Spice Girls. And he goes why isn't Mel c on there. And I looked and she was and he just didn't see her Iran. I and. Yeah. So it's real she's she is invisible to the naked eye. Yeah. I think it's because she gave cross your eyes a little she's magic yesterday is a little bit. And then a backup because she gave a slightly homosexual energy. I think people were not her she'll we're she was she was a query con I'm saying she wasn't. But like the image was image. But she was like, yeah. She was giving you something not feminine. Did you hear the T about how ginger and Melby back in the day? Yes. Wait, ginger Hollowell. And they'll be scared away scary. That's so totally racist. Oh for her to be scared. She scary. She has she has memo. Did it was something she picked because she had a larger than life knows? None of them. None of the picked them. It was a music journalist who assume assigned these names to them enemy just adopted like, ooh scary. Because because why because why oh I can't even say why they can't. All right. So this is bone Yang's. I don't think so Honey and his time we'll begin now. I don't think so any my foreskin. I am finally over you. I'd I used to where you as a. But now you're just getting in my goddamn way, you know, what the and while we're at at my balls, you're blocking my taint, Honey. And I like my chain. I happened. It's one of my favorite parts of my body, and my balls, I don't know about you kinda feels like you're dead weight. Honey, Honey, and my scrotum. Oh my God. You you. It's too much sometimes and sometimes they get scared about what's what's going on down there. Everything's fine. I'm being tested. But it's just there's just a lot of business going on down there. And if it could all go, and if it could all go, I would I would just do the surgery tomorrow. But my team we're is just getting in the way. I I start to feel self conscious about it. Now. Maybe I'll maybe I'll come back around on it soon. But right now, I'm thinking, you gotta go. I don't think foreskin your your wrinkly. You're crazy. You're darker than the rest of my peanuts. It's one minute. Wow. Wow. You could get that. Right. Snip ride. Don't think you should I'm famously uncut as well. Okay. And I'm my sitting at a table with two uncut. Yes. Yeah. I think so I think you are. I think you never know never know never ever know. So because listeners right now look around you. Okay. Look to your left look to your right? One of those people statistically uncut one of those people. And now looking at is a now, it's on you to suck it. It's on you to suck. 'cause like that dick. Yes. Absolutely. Well, well with that challenge. Well, my problem is I don't like when a lot of guys fetish is the foreskin. Yes. And then they're like all over it. And I'm like just treat it like just treat me like a regular regular dick treat me like a regular. Terrain me, go regular. That would be a really la- poem. Aw, you. Take like a one hour and perfect Patti LuPone impression because you have it. I I know I haven't I have horrible. Oh, it's some maybe it's the Long Island thing because she's also never going to get paid. We gotta get kneel down some some sort of character affect I just think that's all it would take him. Yes. Of course. Yes. Great. I agree. Coal school is. Done this already cut me off. And I'll sort I hate it. When people do this when they ask someone else done this. It doesn't matter. Okay. Wow. Listen. Let's go out on Honey time starts now. I don't think so Honey paper straw. Oh my God. I you have to be here's because if you don't drink it fast enough that straw will dissolve. And look I got one right now, I can't get these last sips up. I would have better luck pouring this on my ball sack and Sutter sucking it out of the wrinkles in my balls than I would getting out of this Cup with this fucking paper straw. But you know, what I mean? And like, okay, you you don't want you care about the environment. You don't want animals choke on Catholic? But guess what you you care about sea creatures that much stop eating seafood? Stop it. Stop eating seafood Dopp. Okay. Yeah. Fifteen seconds water bottles. Give me a fucking plastic straw. Okay. Let me one I would please. And I still have seven seconds. And you know, what my dad, by the way fought in Vietnam. One minute. Your dad didn't fight in Vietnam. We could have this. Oh, okay. Straw. Thank you know for. This was like, you're fighting Vietnam. Both of you are fucking dumb because you're white and your dad did not fight in Vietnam. You fucking liars. Draft dodger why? Both bid. Sitting here with business. Jupiter. Eight people to uncut in a cut. It's because my my foreskin doesn't that? Be like pulled over in yanked on. And so it just hurt. Tuck out and like, oh, jeez. This it's just hey, stop tugging. There. You everyone for that's real. I'll Terry number one hundred and seventy eight. Maybe stop talking is a good time. Stop it uncut white. White coat white whatever uncut white. This is this is this was fun news. I didn't like the last one. But this one I like. The last one, you know, who cares? This. You know? We're about you're eventually going to date. I was Utah. You think that that was preoccupying, you know, know, you were nervous to do this show, of course. And why because you guys are so rude. Well, you very rude. Everyone knows it everyone talks about to con last night at the show. You had fifty comedians. All we worked yacking late. We overbooked at wildly. Well, all anyone could talk about backstage was like were they that? He was. Rude. Like, we looked at me weird. It was just yeah. Yes. What we like to do is create a negative toxic potentially dangerous. Yes. Yes. For many people in the community and invite as many people as we can to share. And that's how this city to just everyone knows to feel bad. Yeah. And and it worked. And it works. Okay. Well, I feel toxic in bad. I feel because it can bad. But oh, I love our guests so much. We love our this is fantastic. You can find them on Tinder gold, Tinder going into gold swipe right and call in for your chance for two free tickets. So we end with a song. What is this? In your room. Come. You. You know this. I don't know what. This has been forever dog production executive produced by Brett Bom, Joe Silio and Alex Ramsey for more original podcasts. Please visit forever dog podcasts dot com subscribe to towards shows on apple podcasts. Spotify wherever you get your podcasts. Keep up with the latest forever dog news by following us on Twitter and Instagram at forever dog team and liking on Facebook.

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29 April, 2020  Episode 771  How to Read Tree Rings

This Week in Science

2:00:49 hr | 5 months ago

29 April, 2020 Episode 771 How to Read Tree Rings

"This is to us this week in science episode number. Seven hundred seventy one recorded on Wednesday April twenty ninth twenty twenty how to read tree rings. I'm Dr Kiki and tonight. We will fill your head with neanderthals spider combs and underwater bones. But first thanks to the burroughs wellcome fund and our patriots sponsors for their generous support of twists. You can become a part of the Patriot community at Patriotair Dot com slash this weekend science. This glamour disclaimer disclaimer. There is a bee shortage in America. When a bee sting somebody it Stinger falls off and the B. is so why not glue them back on so the B doesn't they then we would have plenty of again when a child comes up with a solution to a problem. It's adorable no matter how silly that solution may be. We can encourage that child to keep coming up with more creative ideas and is a form of curiosity in a sign of self motivated learning when the leader of Nation with a million people afflicted by respiratory virus with over sixty thousand dead already believes that after months of access to doctors researchers and experts and disease control this suggests that maybe injecting disinfectants into lungs or massively irritating. People with ultraviolet white on the inside could help. It is not adorable. It shows a lack of curiosity in the basics of how human body works let alone anything. He could have learned by listening to and asking questions of the experts at his disposal. This is a form of narcissistic. Ignorance signed an incompetent idiot with less than a high school. Biology students understanding of the human body. Actually less than a junior high school students understanding of biology and I would even probably say there's elementary students who would have told you that's a bad idea. Thankfully it is not actually in control of our country's research and research continues to rely on scientific method. There is a treatment at the end of the tunnel and that treatment is here on this week in science. Coming up next Got Kind of Mine Gig. I WANNA learn everything up with new. Discover every day. There's only one place the knowledge science to Yuki and Blair and good science to you to Justin and Blair and everyone out there. Welcome to another episode of this week in science. We are back to discuss all this science that we see fit to put in the show tonight and there is a lot of it as you know. Science never sleeps at just keeps on churning through the world of questions curiosity and then onto uncovering discovering and knowledge all right I have stories about some underwater bones bunch of covert up a covert nineteen updates because there is a bunch of science that came out in the last week and a core. Conundrum is Justin. What did you bring? I've got matriarchal. Neanderthals question mark enter teenage giants. Who big sharp teeth and swimming with the dinosaurs very nice. I would not swim with the dinosaurs. I don't want to swim fishing. Roughly nine now all right. What's in the Animal Corner? I have sick bees. I have lighter. Combs and I have shrew spines so Justin's disclaimer was apropos to the. I try to take a little of both where youtube or bringing and combine them into the disclaimer. That very well done okay. Let's jump into the show but I I need to remind you that if you are not subscribed all the places that you can subscribe to this week in science you might be missing this week in science though you can subscribe on Youtube and Facebook. And all the places that podcasts are found you can also find us at our website twists. T. W. I S. Dot. Org Twist Dot Org. You can look for this week in science all those places and hopefully you will find us and be able to subscribe and you will find us weekly because this is what we do every week and you can giggle with me every week when she says before we jump we're going to jump into the science but first like it nice. I had never put that together before we will have to myself from laughing. I would love to introduce our guest rate now. Dr Valerie. True is a Denver climatologist Paleo climatologist. Who Uses the study of tree rings to describe past climates and give us insight into now and the future? G is an associate professor in the laboratory of Tree Ring Research at the University of Arizona and has recently published a book called Tree Story which is published by Johns Hopkins University Press. Welcome to the show. Dr Troy thank you so much for. Having Week Aka very excited you're welcome. I'm thrilled to have you here. I mean I I gotta look at the Galley of Your Book. A couple of months back and it just was it. It is not was is very well written and personable and it gets to the idea of why you study tree rings but can you explain to us here and now how you got interested in studying tree rings in the first place. Yeah I get asked the question a lot as you can imagine. Not many people dream of being committed dendrochronology. When they grow up I had never heard of tree rings until I was looking or a the topic for my master seizes and I write my masters in environmental engineering and I was very much idealists in my early twenty so I wanted to make the world a better place in my idea of doing that back then was to go to Africa and do research there and so I was looking for a masters project in Africa. The only project that was available at my university was to do tree analysis in Africa. So I'd never heard of tree-ring analysis but I figured if that gets to Africa Dunlop's why not ulcer ensuring it out. So I went to Tanzania. I collected some jeering cookies as we call them came back. And that's started looking at the cookies Under the microscope. And that's when I really got hooked on Cherry Alice's so beautiful to look at would under a microscope it's It really opened a whole new world for me and yeah. I've never done anything else. After my masters I went on to do. Pd just kept doing Analysis through so much so many angles to so many scientific questions to answer. Retreating sits to very exciting field of science. Remember coming across tree rings I think for you know one of those things in high school biology or it was a you know early undergraduate and it was described. That tree rings are like a map of the trees. History that you can you can understand things about the trees by looking at their rings and I remember looking at A little a a stump of wood and trying to count the tree rings that were there and it's hard and I would love to know how you actually go about doing the work that you do. How do you find out what's in? How do I mean it from the outside? It's like tea leaf reading and put it appears. But you're you're doing actual science with it. They'll be great to learn how you do that. The yeah so the first thing I should mention is that the vast majority of during studies. We don't need to cut down trees so we have a hollow horror with which we'd take sample from the tree. That extracted submit lake a biopsy or like drawing blood from person but then from a tree. So we don't kill the trees. The process doesn't hurt or harm to tree cider. And so then we go into the field. We collect the samples from back to the lab like a stack of maybe a hundred or two hundred depending on how many people are carrying those trees The first thing you can do is sand so that you can look at it under a microscope. because Do as you mentioned that it's sometimes it's hard to see the reins and it's much easier to seat him of the wood ascended and it's easier to see them through microscope as well and then it depends a little bit on what you're at aim of your study is so. I'm Denver climatologist. I my aim for studying. Cheering is to look at climate of the past. But there's a very big application of cheering analysis in archaeology. For instance where they look at the patterns in their rings of archaeological would end. That allows archaeologists to date win building skill. Also for instance one can art. Historians use it to date paintings or musical instruments and so forth. You look at the pattern of wide narrow rings through a microscope and trees. Dat grow in the same area at the same period of time we'll show similar patterns of wide narrow rings under stems. So it's it's a bit like a bar code on a Into supermarket or like Morse code where we have a sequence of wide and narrow rings wide wide narrow narrow wide narrow wide wide and so forth trees grow in the same area will all have that same barcode because a lot of it a lot of why a tree grows wandering in certain year or narrowing it bring in another year is because of the climate under which rose so island in. Tucson. The trees in Tucson daylight water. You know it's always warm enough in in Tucson. It's not that it gets too cold for trees to grow up at. It does get to drive for trees to grow when so when it's very dry year the trees don't like it and they form a narrow ring on the other hand. When is very wet year? They like it and they're happy under. GonNa grow fat ring and so the trees in Tucson are all GonNa grow a narrow rain in the same year when it's dry year and they're all GonNa grow wide ring in a wetter year. So you can match the patterns of trees that grow in the same for same region by by looking at patterns. Caserta turned sang and that principle also allows you to them look at climate by looking at whether you know just saying fifteen eighty was a was a wider or narrower and you can tell something about climate in. Tucson was like fifty eighty by looking at whether it was a wider ring in that. And how does this fossilized mentioned is a they can do this. Back into a fossil records to sub fossil records. Yes some so we can go back. Were not limited to living trees. We can do it on. Dead Wood from trees died. Some trees you know have died a thousand years ago under stems are still on the landscape we can do it in would from buildings would from from musical instruments as I mentioned and then in what we call sub fossil. Which means would that has been preserved in P. Boggs or in riverbeds ordered settlements where it was covered by by water and it was kept in in in circumstances without oxygen Aerobic Circumstances Indus- how it was preserved over time and so using wood from peat bogs the longest continues tearing chronology that. We have up until now. It's from In Germany from oaks and pine trees in Germany it goes back more than twelve thousand years so we have a record that goes back more than twelve thousand years and we have a rain for every one of those of those years continuously now is. We're really talking about fossils. Voters are petrified wood for instance stats like millions of years old. That's a whole other category. Were you know we're at twelve? Thousand Years Petrified Wood was millions of years old so we haven't we haven't crossed. Bridgier? I'm wondering if they're in the petrified category Even the the more recent would that you're looking at are there chemical signatures that you observe as well as just the size of the rings. Yes so really really good question. There's a whole line of research. That looks at isotopes. In intriguing so carbon and oxygen primarily isotopes and that allows us to study physiology physiology over time but also it's also used to look at the climate on in the past and one of the things that we do in in in my lab is looking not just at the window of the ring in each year but also looking at how would is each year. And I can talk about trainings. A lot and come back to your chemistry question. A lot of people will ask me like So during dating these radiocarbon dating to date your cheering. 's and actually the other way around so so Tree rings have been used at twelve thousand year. Long record is used to calibrate radiocarbon curve because they can do a C. For Teen Measurement Radio Carbon Measurement of every rain over that twelve thousand year period and so no for each year the atmospheric radio urban love to we. Have I mean you? You mentioned in in Europe in Germany. That there are these oaks but do we have that kind of record around the world Because last week we were on the show. Justin brought a story about agriculture in the Amazon. And it would just be. I'm just wondering what kind of a global record. We have going back in through history. Yeah it it. It varies quite a lot. So the oldest living trees by far are here in North America on so the oldest living trees globally or going pines grow on the border between California Nevada and the White Mountains and the trees lived to be five thousand years old. And so you can add to that to bring that chronology back Dr Analogies Now. Eight thousand nine thousand years long after trying to GOYA'S IN IN CALIFORNIA. They're were three thousand years old in South America or some really old trees as well but that twelve thousand year record from Europe. It's quite unique that length. We we don't get everywhere around the world so it'd be amazing to have that kind of continuous record going back that far but I imagine it's very hard to find those resources. How do you how do you? I mean the peat bogs are a very unique situation that would preserve would in that way Would there be any other situation but the What are the tar? Yeah the train. Lots of rabbits yes. That would be very cool very cool and thought about that. Well I mean one of the things I learned from this poke and one that I I didn't know beforehand and I must say like I'm A. I'm a professor of dendrochronology. I teach Mike title official is associate professor of Dendrochronology. I teach a class and under -nology but there's so much I didn't know before writing this book about my view but one of the. Yeah it's really a great way to learn a lot. One of the things I found very fascinating is to go back to the petrified wood that you were talking burt dozen. They found petrified wood in Antarctica. So you know to earn twenty million years ago. Antarctica was a marine first base. Or at least a temporary temperate forest and so they can even though you cannot link to ring in that in that petrified wood which years and the impact two hundred minutes really. But you can but you can still see the senior you can see the rings and so you can count on seeing an idea of how old the trees were that were growing in that force and They also figured that because there are rings into streets there must have been seasonality because otherwise season Alabama climate otherwise. You don't get rings. You need to have a winter on the summer. So that means that the configuration of the Earth vs son must've been so that seasonality was possible in Antarctica. Two hundred million years so there's a lot a lot to learn that I find very You mentioned the Sierra Nevada's and being here on the West Coast and I came from California Blair and just in our Californians as well The droughts that we've been experiencing our You know have been reported to be historic in scope. And you've done work on that. Can you talk a bit about About your work looking at Oak Trees in the valley. I've met that's case because actually I've always had the opposite Kiki so this is fantastic. I've heard that we got here on a wet spell and that this is normal so yeah now you can get enlightened. Yes Oh my research group an eye. We use tree rings from the Blue Oaks into Central Valley of California which out of olive trees world that I've ever worked with the blue oaks or the ones that are most sensitive to how much rainfall. So whenever it's dry year are gonNA show a super narrowing and every wet years gonNA show super wiring. So they're very very good reporters of dry and wet Years in California over a pastor about five hundred to five hundred years old so the blue ox come out of the Central Valley and in Twenty fifteen when California was in a in a very big drought so the twin in the midst of twenty twelve. Twenty sixteen drought on April first. The the SNOWPACK number scheme out for the Sierra Nevada in California so with California being a Mediterranean climate. As as you all know the amount of snowed up falls in winters really important. Because you're not gonNA get any summer rainfall so April first is date when they announced what the snowpack at been like that winner because at that point by April first not expecting much more snow anymore but it also hasn't really started melting yet so it's a good good point in time to To look at the SNOWPACK and so two thousand fifteen April first Snowpack numbers came out. It was dismal. It was horrible so little snow or amidst of a very deep drought so to the snowpack number came out all over the news. It was like this. Twenty sixteen is the lowest snow back. It has been over the last eight years since we started measuring snowpack at Cernavoda and so when I Post Oxen. I heard that news. We're like you know what we can do. Better not weaken user tree rings to put that Twenty Sixteen snowpack not just in an eighty year context but in a five hundred year so we use those blue oaks from the Central Valley that was talking about to reconstruct this year bound. Snowpack OVER FIVE HUNDRED YEARS. Lo and behold twenty. Two thousand eighteen was the lowest snowpack. It had been over five hundred years so that I was one of those moments world. Like you realize like this really important what we found here and it's exciting as a scientist to see it's always exciting to find something that we didn't know for But then you realize this is not good news really. So it's always it's a bit. Yes Double Thou- Justin. I was wrong other thing I heard was listening. Somebody called me when I was a kid was wrong in your book. You also talk about fires in the West and how you look at fire scars on trees. I I think that's really interesting. Can you talk a little bit about what you learn there? Yeah I really like that. Line of research law so we can also look at fire history using tree so again this is were guy also did into Sierra Nevada in California but is being donald over to set west by by colleagues of mine and a Pacific northwest as well so wanna fire hits forests and when it's not a destructive fire on but like a low intensity or a ground fire it will not kill the trees Harmed trees can damage decrease and so a fire can leave a scar in the trees in. This is what you're seeing here on. Disfigure can leave a scar under trees and then one a few years later. Let's say five or ten years later. Another fire comes through the same forest. That space on the tree on stem treed was hit by fire before it was damaged by fire before. It's going to be very sensitive so when another fire comes that saying wound is GonNa be hit again on it's GonNa create another fire scarred and so what you see here. It's former sample in California Nassir Nevada. There's all of these labels all of these scars that are label. So you can. Distri was hit by three four five six seven eight nine ten consecutive fires and so by using cheering dating. You can date the year when those fires happen. And it's very it's a very precise science you can even In many cases not always but you can even tell what time of year the fire happened by looking at the position of scar with into ring. If it's in the beginning of the ring it's it was a spring fire Towards the end of Iranian was a fired happening to fall nor really liked this figure in particular because he can tell. This street was hit by a fire. Roughly every ten years in the first scar somewhere in the sixteen hundreds Lasker is I wanNA say maybe eighteen eighty five or eighteen ninety an in-between every ten to twenty years. There's a there's a fire at a hit Sarah Navarro Cernavoda forests. But then you can tell that the the most recent scar was eighteen ninety whereas Distri the sample was stake in nineteen ninety s and in the entire twentieth century. There is no scars at all so up until the twentieth century again. You get a fire every ten years or so and then all of a sudden you get a century of no fired That we call the smokey bear effect. Because that's what happened. That's when you know. Europeans showed up ninety five that it was established the first service and back in those days they thought that forest fires were bad Something that we needed to prevent to preserve or forested. They didn't know what we know. Now that actually forest fire is a is a natural part of the forest ecosystem so as a result we've been been so effective so efficient in putting out fires It's I mean. I like the two thousand fire scars. Sorry discourage samples in the Sierra Nevada. Maybe ten of them have a fire scar in twentieth century to like almost no fire scars to be found in the twentieth century at all and this is again not just in California. This is over the whole American West but you can imagine that if the natural the way the fire ships used to be was frequent fires every five to ten fifteen years those were round fires right so they the the sample is is very good evidence of that they they might hurt a tree Kill the tree is otherwise. It wouldn't would no longer peter so every five. I'm recycle of Like shrubbery or some kind of Baldwin material that sort of builds up and then fire through that out and it gets to start over again but if we're preventing that first fire from happening. We're building a bigger tinderbox. Exactly exactly of this huge build up a fuel that's supposed to be burned off every five to ten years the now is no longer burned off and so when now a fire happens. You're no longer get these innocent ground fires but you get these massive huge fires that do kill trees in that. Get under super very very difficult to control. So that's in that combined you know this is not happening in. Its accused him. This is happening while temperatures are rising wild California so dry so it's really a perfect storm for massive destruction forest fires a living in the west. It A. we've been seeing a lot of those recently. Which is really unfortunate. The landscape of the West is changing as a result. But perhaps it'll lead eventually back to more regular natural pattern of these these smaller fires. Unfortunately we've allowed stuff to build up too long Russell Crowe. It should be on the cycle. There's another issue though. I mean at least in California I know we have lots of invasive plants as well that have moved in this exact same time that there's a lack of forest fires some of them including Eucalyptus which released knock Noxious gas when they're birds. So I think there's I I think there's other weird factors besides just a lack of forest fires in the past hundred years that could have a pretty big impact on our on our wild plants and animals some farms that if they had fired they'll have a very calming effect very tough but maybe were ninety year super fire. Just like if if we've done agree with that and I like this. That electors idea at all Valerie of four from your book you've also taken the the storytelling perspective of moving through space and time and human history with with tree rings which I think is just a wonderful way to to get people to understand tree rings how did you. How did you come to find these stories in your book? The idea to to to write a book through storytelling came intuitive. Or just how it ended up being. But but there are. There are such Stories intriguing researcher absolutely right and actually this book came to be. Because I was on Sabbatical I was actually approached by an editor from Johns Hopkins University. Press asking if I wanted to write a book by trainings abroad. Audience Book About Tree Rings and my first reaction was like that. Of course that already existed such a tangible science as a you started show Kiki with saying like Oh when I was nice school you know we learned about truing most people at least in endemic regions not basic idea that every ring in a tree represents one year in that trees live in. You can extract information out of that. But few people know all stories all of the science that comes out of that fairly straightforward idea and so my first reaction was like such a book already exists for sure and then. I thought well I actually don't know of any vokes broad audience books about under -nology so I agreed to to to do that to write a book and then it just. There's so many good stories. There's it's sign is really said sat at the nexus of what we've already discussed right. We can study climate using dendrochronology. We can study wildfires ecology using dendrochronology. We can study human history. Art History and archaeology all using the same technique. What's your what's your favorite story. I WANNA say my favorite story to one. That is the one of Some colleagues of mine who found Ghost for a Cinder Pacific northwest in the cascade region. Unsew ghost birds are fours that were trees were killed at some point in diamond passed under still standing now and so they tree-ring data on those. There's a there's like three or four of those goes force and they found out that they all of the trees died in the exact same year so they all died in seventeen hundred And even more. So they figured out that because trees hilty. It wasn't wasn't as if they're they're rings were on getting narrower narrower before the I they were healthy open to the point that they died in seventeen hundred and so they they realize that something must have been up by Collaborating Jimmer pholigistic figured out that there must have been a really big earthquake in winter of seventeen hundred that caused subduction and a cost area. Where does for where the streets were growing to be flooded by seawater because because of subduction and so two trees were killed in seawater so that I says already very cool thing to to figure out but it gets better because On the other side of the Pacific Ocean in Japan there are historians who study documentary. Data documents from Japanese history and they had discovered that there was a big Su- Nami in Japan on January. Twenty six seventy years. Seventeen hundred Because there was there was documents all over the place of shipwrecks agricultural lands that were destroyed of towns along the Japanese coast at were destroyed or but they called it to Nami the orphan tsunami because there was a lot of evidence of that to Nami at happening. Seventeen hundred but there was no evidence of what might have caused Or no documents about cause of that to Nami. So there was no no one documented. An earthquake or anything of the when are Japanese historian when a Japanese historian? Started talking to the Dendrochronology from the Pacific northwest with one on one together realized there was a very big earthquake in winter of seventeen hundred in the Pacific northwest and there was a very big Nami on the other side of the Pacific Ocean in winter of seventeen hundred and so it was that earthquake that goes for had been killed by the cost was so big that it costs nominee on the other side of that kind of collaboration between historians and dendrochronology fists and just putting puzzle pieces together at Sperry. Very cool science. Yeah Yeah and I mean this is also. It's also relevant because we haven't had earthquakes of that magnitude in the Pacific northwest's since European varieties there so we have no record. We didn't earthquakes. Get that big in the Pacific Northwest. So now we have gone in. There were a couple of big ones burning area. Maybe not that big yet but they would cause this. I say this because that's where I'm Kinda I'm just gonNa sit here and smile and go through all of my disaster. My Disaster Preparedness Kit. Because we're in the middle of covert okay. I'm eating all my earthquake kit chocolate right now within within the book you also talk about various places that you've traveled To do your work. You mentioned Africa at the beginning of the show for your master's work. What other places Can you tell us about what were some of the most exciting Exciting places that you've gotten to visit or trees So yeah I wanted to does neon Zombie be a early on in in my career The Sierra Nevada was gorgeous in in California. You know I was I grew up in Belgium Belgian originally and so I did all of my education in Belgium Including MY PhD. That moved to the US for a post. Doc and so. I don't know anyone of you as been in Belgium. But it's very densely populated country when no concept of hardly of nature leave alone of wilderness. And so going straight out of Belgium. I was dropped in this current a bother to start doing field work on my own. And so it was really. It was very very good introduction to the idea of wilderness and also to just you know no wing you know as a number of mental scientist so much more. It's very exciting to the western. Us There's a lot to do Some of my favorite feel where was was in Greece So we been degrees quite a few times actually open a mountains in Greece has. There's very old trees there And we filmed the old St in Europe Which is about a little over thousand years old on that. Feel on one of those field trips angry. So you know Greece's very nice you. The weather's nice like a mountain for a few hours. You spend the day according trees. I mean the advantage of being dendrochronology star field work. Is You hike up a mountain and you spend the whole day to Ola Strasser. Often flying on the top mountains found on top of mind. So you spend a day in which is origins views and is beautiful for us and then you hike down at the end of the day and you're in Greece so you get really good food and the people are super friendly and the same thing the next day so that I'm sore ears here now young. This sounds like if you like being in nature like these. This is where you're going to take you. That's amazing perfect. Wonderful one of our listeners is asking. Are there some tree species that are better timekeepers than others? Does a really good question. Yeah so on. Most of the tree-ring chronologies that exists. So so we are a very open community and we have a database publicly available of deterring chronologies that we have developed has about four thousand locations across the earth in the vast majority of those earth from conifers so needle leaf trees forum clear rings than Broadleaf trees generally speaking. There's a few exceptions would abroad. Leafs Oaks very nice rings but otherwise Conifers Win. Seder better timekeepers but we are it they make it easier for us to read their rings So because of the climate the Thuram aspect. Yeah so does one aspect where you know if you if you wanNA reconstruct climate The Best Places Gore eiter at higher elevations are highlighted Tude. Worst coal or places where it's dry right and so in the western. Us most most razor conifers. Right on same. If you go to Alaska Canada Siberia's mostly conifers. So that's one reason. The other reason is that it's quite simply would the would anatomy of conifers. Needle leave trees is much simpler. The only have one kind of sell the day. Just repeat over and over there. There came much earlier in evolution Simpler kind of tree Broadleaf trees there would gorgeous. It's beautiful because it has all kinds of patterns in it. It has different cells have different functions but it makes for a more difficult ring to read typically. Yeah so. Has Anyone done a Like a transept survey from the far north down through North America Central America South America. To to look yes data. Good question I think we are are definitely truing Cheering chronologies from Alaska Canada. The boreal forests the rockies obviously Mexico. It gets trickier once you get to the Amazon. The tropics are difficult so it's always raining in some parts it. It's always raining. It's always warm enough so you don't really get that period of the year when it's bad for the trees and they stopped rowing That and to actually going back to what you just said Justin Or what I just explained. The trimmings are clearer in conifers versus broadleaf trees and tropics. It's almost exclusively broadleaf trees there's almost no conifers. To found so combination were more difficult woods anatomy with more difficult climate. It's not impossible. There's actually a law dirt quite a lot of truing chronologies from the tropics but it's it's slimmer pickings than than any older dryer beaches. I'm curious since trees have been here for a lot longer than we have. If you could kind of go way far into the future and look at tree rings what do you. What do you think the ANTHR- proceed will look like in tree rings because in some places we're having fires in some places there's there's a lot extra carbon dioxide that could impact growth? Do think there's going to be some sort of universal sign of what we've done to nature you know i. I have a story for everything. But one of my colleagues actually sampled what he called the loneliest. Straight into world It's it's a tree was planted in the early nineteen hundred on very small island somewhere Between Tasmania and the Antarctic on the Antarctic. So it's a single tree on an island that is you know why one hundred miles remove from anywhere else. So he calls it the loneliest stream to world and he he sampled the Took a tree-ring sample from the tree. And he found the radiocarbon spike that happened with the nuclear bomb test in nineteen sixty three the the nuclear bomb just over the early sixties are often considered start of answer opposite because they they leave remarks that is not go away and so by Sorry Saga News. The phrasing of the phrasing the way they left a mark. That's not going away. I'm just imagining my child. When he was a toddler writing on the wall with Unwatchable ends with a sharpie marker. Something really good really good analogy actually. So anyway. He wound up Margaret into lowly stree- of the world. And so he's like even the even. The most remote tree has recorded that she started throbs as to. I mean you know what I think. It's actually a great question as to what you think. That's maybe another book what the future will be. Light CAN TREE-RING FOR INSTANCE. You're talking about the The increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases plan grow. We don't see that in a trimmings at all nowhere I'm not or earn. That is an active field of research and whereas we see greening up in in satellite images and in other metrics plus stars and so forth in actual. The Qurban is being put down into would which is what we look at with treatments. We don't see that parliament for lies ation effect at all which is interesting. It's also really important because we're looking at a carbon markets right now with forests as a major part of how the carbon markets out how it all works the whole concept of effort station of you know the carbon markets. We're GONNA plant trees to solve this. Climate Change. Problem is very complex You know we don't know what trees you do. Plant fast growing trees that capture carbon fast but data live long. So if you WANNA keep that carbon for a long time you gotta plant slow growing trees but then they go very slow to captured very slow. And then you gotta protect that because you only need one forest fire for everything. Phuc to go back up in the air do plant trees in little patches in the city. Are you go for giant Plantations Siberian? Kind of species. You Plan on how far you plant. I mean it's there's a lot of a lot of a lot of unknowns that are worth studying and that is it is a very active field of research so people are studying at but it's not a simplest less salt planet. Tremendous problem will solve so nothing is ever as simple as we'd like it to be unfortunately justin. Did you have one more question? Oh I think it was something about Maybe the trees do not taking up increased. Carbons 'cause they can also survive in a much lower carbon environment than the one that we have now So they're not. It's not that just because there's more Ability they're already using as much as they need and they can probably survive with a lot less carbon in the atmosphere adding evolved through many many cycles of our of our environment years. Not Everything wants more. It's just a very human thing. There's more resources available. We'll use more. That's just how we are and well. Yeah Yeah No. That's a really good point. And also if they use more carbon it's not they don't they don't only need carbon too growed and eat nitrogen. They need water. You know they if they want to grow more with more carbon. They're also going to be using more water. So it's you know there's other limiting factors and there was some paper that was I wanNA say was the state of Montana which doesn't seem to fit with this or maybe it was a suggestion for the state of Montana but there was a climate report that was Arguing about if your if a if like say with the recent fires in California you lost to this of this Shigie plant. What was there before or should you be looking at planting something? That's going to be more suited to that in the forty year from now. Climate is an whole other aspect of. What do you plant where That that does make it that the thing very complicated definitely keeps me increase out if you're doing it right later but if we're planting trees now that at least it can't hurt right final Final question as we sit here some of us in our wood-frame houses with our wooden dinner tables and maybe chairs sub we have modern materials now so there are many more of those in our homes these days than there used to be. But when you look at objects around your house or even look at the wood-frame houses that you're walking past on the street. Do you see history in front of you. How do you? How does what you do inform how you see the world yeah? I am biased. By my job there was a there was a time when I was doing that kind of first fire. History work in California for for fire history. Work we we mostly sample stumps on from trees were cut. During the mining period during the eighteen fifty to nineteen hundreds. So most of our samples were taking from from stump. So I was when I was doing fieldwork. I was I was mostly looking for stumps. That could be. Fired scurried for years. After whenever I went to the forest for height wouldn't be looking at the trees I'd be looking at stumps around me but also as you mentioned looking just as Ed Wood everywhere. I think this also comes back to the topic. We just discussed of planting trees is good. It's good and using the wood of those trees that you plan to do you. Can you can store it at That carbon that's that's captured in the would you? Can you can keep that out of the atmosphere longer. So if you bill houses would that would that would snow. carbons not going the atmosphere. It's not just living trees that captured craven. It's also would so doing things with that would So so wooden building. That's not doesn't don't just allow us to look at the past for the way forward. Thank you so much for joining us. Today it's been a wonderful of love getting to hear from you about your work and your book Tree Story. The history of the world written in Tree rings and it is available is if it's available now where can people find out more about it and you? You can buy tree story in From Johns Hopkins University press where it was published. I would urge you to nor in normal times to visit your local bookstore. But that's harder now. Got A lot of them are online. So if you want to support your local bookstore and support My research is well. That's a good way but it's also available on Amazon and if you WANNA find out more about me My lab has a website and then Have a website book as well as the true a lab laboratory of Tree Ring Research at the University of Arizona and we will have links on the twist dot org website. Thank you thank you again for joining. Us really appreciated it. Thank you so much for great. You're welcome have a wonderful night. Thank you all right. Everybody we are going to move on to some science news stories so without any further ado stay tuned for a little bit more this week in science. Thank you for listening to this week in science. I really appreciate the fact that you spend some time of your week with us and I hope that you find it valuable that you learn things that it we make you ask more questions or even go. Wait what she anyway. Thank you for being a part of the twists emily. You are the reason that we're able to do what we're able. You are the reason we're able to do what we do. Every week. We try to bring you science news and down to Earth views fun interviews and with your help. We can continue to do this together. We can bring him sane perspective to a world full of misinformation had to twist dot org right now. Click on the Patriot link and choose your level of support be part of supporting twists and bringing sanity and science to more people. We couldn't do this without you. Thank you for your support and we're back. You're listening to this weekend. Science we are back. It's time for us to talk about how. Oh you know the covert update time. We update me. What do we well? Things are not good. I knew that you knew that part of it but there is some really great scientific research going on this week. A couple of studies were published. That are very interesting. One in the Lancet. It's an article that is a controlled randomized trial of Ram Desert Vir. Which is the Ebola antiviral drug produced by Gilead which has been Brought up again and again Throughout the media but has not had many Any of these controlled trials done previously. There were trials just not controlled so there was no placebos. No random mutation. Finally that's been done. The lands at study was very small and did not find a significant effect but did find a trend toward patients who were given Rendez Aveer to recover a little bit more quickly than those with placebo. Then Second Study. This one was An NIH study the national also National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease. Id Produce this randomized controlled study in which again Ramda's Aveer was shown to have a a beneficial effect on patients who were given the drug early in recovering earlier four days on average than individuals. Who did not receive receive from desert? It was a significant enough effect that they stopped the early part of the trial. Because it would've been In F- unethical to continue giving a placebo to they considered it unethical continue giving a placebo to the patients that were not receiving it. Four days could be a game changer. Right it can be a game changer. Anthony Fauci went on record as saying this should become the new standard of care for patients. Though it's not necessarily going a cure all but it is the first It could potentially be a first line defense to get people who are in very serious contact condition to recover a little bit more quickly which would be great additionally we have vaccines that are in development at current counted somewhere around ninety vaccines globally. That are being developed. One vaccine was in the news this last week. The New York Times reported that a vaccine being produced by Oxford University researchers the N. Word Edward Jenner Institute for Vaccine Research That it's that they had Done a trial on six vaccinated Rhesus Macaque monkeys and a similar number of placebo monkeys. And all of the vaccinating vaccinated macaques stayed healthy at least twenty eight days after exposure to SARS covy to And that It caused disease in all of the unvaccinated animals so promising animal study response. We don't know if this will translate to humans secondarily. It hasn't been published. This was a scoop by the New York Times. It has even been disavowed to a certain extent by the Edward Jenner Institute for Vaccine Research. If you go to their website. Their website says basically we haven't published anything yet and if going to publish it don't Don't look at results in the newspaper. Look at all. The results. Here will publish them here on our website. If something happens very very interesting result but they do say that their timeline is that if everything goes to plan human studies and everything that they might have a phase three human results by earliest of all twenty of Fall Twenty twenty one though it can take it could take Actually I'm sorry. By Autumn of twenty twenty however they don't have which would be early that'd great. Yes by saw timber. Twenty twenty But that would be the data back from the earliest phase three efficacy trial. That would be possible But there would be many more trials needed to be done by twenty twenty one to get to actual regulatory approval And so and so what's also interesting? Then I mean there's there's two two things like the treatment drugs that are coming on. That are going to be ron quicker. Because they might save lives but the vaccine. The thing about it is you. Don't WanNa give somebody a vaccine that gives them a false sense of security and sends them out into the world thinking that they are not going to be affected any longer and it ends up not working or working for a small portion of the population that is going to be a long process. The other one is in some cases the only Arrow in last Arrow in the quiver to shoot at this thing. And so that's why these you're going to get you're gonNA see sort of tried on humans the right now it along the along that line stuff. That's very interesting Sandia. Researchers are looking at using crisper to treat Kovic. They have been looking at this. Very targeted are Rene and DNA antiviral treatment for a while for other diseases in response to other corona viruses and various other infectious vectors. Bud The now that covert is such an issue they are specifically starting to look at the Rene a specific are in a sequences that could be targeted by crisper and Crisper treatment could potentially be on the horizon. They're saying they don't know anything. We trying it out. We'll see if it works. A customer treatments is legit. This is GonNa win. It would go in and it would be it. Would Edit your cell. You'll be very short term at it. It would go in and target the The machinery of the cells that would be potentially responding to the viral invader allowing the virus to To make lots of copies of itself and so it would be a process of putting a spanner in those works and keeping it from happening so this is an. I know. This isn't a thing and so I'm going to sound very much like I baby. A president where like somebody should look into like something really dumb but One of our way to make a more knock you ass- version of the virus itself. People could be catching that respiratory facts but the body response with the seventieth letting others environment actually ordered. We just get on like sneeze on each other than everybody gets now. Now you're listening to your leading me into by another study which just came out looking at. It was a study long before cove occurred and it was looking at the common cold and looking at followed cohort of people over a year and did lots of nasal swabs to find out what people were getting infected with and they found that many times there were four corona viruses that gave symptoms similar to the common cold. And when this cohort of people would get these symptoms. They come in. They found that individuals Got Sick repeated times the same corona viruses and Sometimes multiple times and sometimes in very short order within a month of having been sick previously. So what this new study potentially tells us. Is that if things work the same for SARS Kobe to that. Our bodies may not be able to maintain immunity. Which would be a real problem for vaccines? Yeah and I've been thinking about this a lot because there's been a lot of stock put into the whole Antigen tests thing which only works if you can't get reinfected otherwise it does not matter. If you're carrying the Antigen and what was the thing that was like one of the tests that they've been using has ten percent false positive thing percent fifteen percent false negative and that's one of them. It's a rapid. A rapid co Cove intest couva chest. Yeah the Antigen test has a one percent false positive but that the way the math works. It's actually way. Yeah the way that works is if there's there's a thousand make if there's one hundred people and it's one percent the false negative then you're going to get a result of two. You're going to get one. That has it and one doesn't it's really only fifty percent chance that you have if it shows that it's positive. The one I heard was much where fired with ten percent iron. It was ten percent which means that it's actually a magnet. More people would would come up with this thing falls. Even though they didn't have it we still only had a ten percent. You only had a ten percent chance of actually having if you got a positive test. Which would was was that's ridiculous. That's not good but I there was. There was another stories new rapid mess coming online now. There are a lot of tests coming online. This is great because we really need to improve our testing and our the ability to track and trace cases. Because that is the only way that we'll be able to relax a lot of these distancing measures another study looking at social distancing in China and Wuhan and Shanghai bound bed. Oh yes social distancing it works and you need to maintain social distancing measures to maintain a a reduced level of infection within your population closing schools. Also isn't the isn't doesn't work on. Its own to stop infections. But it can reduce the peak by forty to sixty percent and delay the peak from happening so everyone is wondering whether closing schools had been a good idea. According to this Chinese research yes. This was a very good idea And then Maye final article was actually a blog. Post that Someone sent me this week. That was written by a researcher. Jerry Jeremy Faust Jeremy Samuel Faust in scientific American blogs he's a doctor and he looked at his coveted nineteen emergency room and all the people that were coming in and all the people in intensive care and he He said there's a lot of people in here. We don't get this many people in our emergency rooms and intensive care for the flu. I've never in my career. Seen anyone die from the flu and then he went around and asked a bunch of doctors that he knew. Have you seen anyone die from the flu? Yeah one or two couple everybody. If people have been of the flu at the same scale that people have been saying. The cove is like the flu. If that had been occurring we would have been seeing our emergency rooms and our intensive cares overrun. But they haven't been and it turns out that the CDC has been using predictions for many years and not actual case fatalities that are reported by hospitals for the flu and so the Saudis. See the numbers that had been reported by the CDC twenty five thousand to sixty nine thousand flu deaths per year they are estimates that the CDC produces by multiplying the number of flu death. Count's reported by different court coefficients produced in algorithms that they use and they are based on assumptions of how many cases hospitalizations and death they believe went unreported and so in the last six flu. Season's the reporting method has changed and they've been reporting actual confirmed flu deaths. And that has ranged between thirty thirty four hundred to fifteen thousand six hundred. Wow incredibly incredibly lower than the numbers. We've seen elsewhere. I agree I I you know this is. This is unprecedented remits. It's actually precedent but it's president. It's unprecedented recent history. We've had this one of the things. Though that I would imagine is a lot more. People probably died at home from the flu then You know not going to the hospital thinking you'd take aspirin drink some orange juice and then it got worse. Turn people I think are running to the hospital with the fevers now where they might not have before so I will argue. That people are not because people are there are multiple factors with covert nineteen that people are not realizing that they are at in such inas bad estate as they are many individuals especially younger individuals Our people don't realize that they have as low oxygen levels as they do. People are Actually Very High Pasig. When in fact they don't their bodies are not telling them that their hypoc six so that oxygen loss is very detrimental and then secondarily. We're seeing And we did we talk about this last week. A little bit the coagulation of blood factors or okay. So this is something that's Come out more so in the last week that there seems to be an interaction between SARS Cov two and the blood in some way whether it's a downstream effect or a direct effect that's yet to be determined but what they are finding decreasing coagulation d.c increasing or at least increasing thickness of the blood so a young people are dying of strokes and so there could be a lot of people dying of strokes at home before they ever make it to the hospital So there are a lot of things that are lending our our numbers for the deaths reported in the hospital and are real numbers. There are so many factors that are There have been several articles coming out this week saying that our death numbers are probably vastly underestimated. The the interesting when I heard about a Florida was Florida wasn't recording. Cova debts if the people who died were residents. Oh what do you think if you were a student? Who moved there. Or if you're travelling there you just moved there if you didn't have residency in Florida you're on vacation you got this new died there. They weren't a reporting that numbers Kobe. Death because they felt that they were only responsible to report debts of Florida residents in that wherever that person was from. Maybe should have reported it but it wasn't up to them which nobody else is doing but So what if you're if anybody dies in Florida who's not a resident of Florida meaning also any future citizen future undocumented? Persons who dies of covert in Florida would not have been registered as a death cova and floor which is just insane because the whole point of reporting these numbers is to give red flags and alerts and L. Down raised job is. Yeah exactly but I mean if I may a little bit of good news I was hearing about this young people having strokes thing and that was kind of freaking me a little bit like what they are working on new Very cheap easy to make ox. Imitators that you can buy just like a thermometer so you can check your oxygen concentration every day. It's like you would in the hospital with little thing on the end of your those are available. My husband actually bought one of those arrived in the mail. They're not I think that there's a run on them at the moment so they are as easy to come by. But let's you know like just in you're thinking something that the powers that be could potentially do here is Distribute though distribute them the message. That would be helpful since if you're completely asymptomatic and then Bam you have a stroke like that's really it would be nice to be able to track it right able to track your oxygen levels and no if you're within normal ranges that'd be great every day it's like am I. Short of breath because of anxiety or is it. Because I think Heidi because I'm just holding my breath now and not breathing anymore. I find myself gasping for air. Like Oh yeah. This is me not breathing while social media in the public public places as if they've walked into the worst public restroom. I walked by people. That aren't distancing properly or art wearing masks. I'm like doing anything. I was getting to get up my nose now. No no I would say. Keep THAT UP. But don't keep it up so long that you pass out that person who you walked by not wanting to share space with might have out the map resuscitation and then then it's just minutes even worse now. That's that's not great. Oh there's so many things everybody we can get through this together. I found a great article published in nature. Yes by staying apart. Great article published in nature unoppossed in the show notes at twitter on twitter. Dot Org Oppose the link is just a wonderful review article on how What we know about covert nineteen right now and how it infects different tissues and the effects. It has on the body. It's it's science if you want to read a Science Article It's it's a good one but yes let's get through this together. Wash your hands at least twenty seconds. Try to do that every time you go to the bathroom every time you're going to cook food. Try Indian Monitor. If if you get concerned about things wash your hands more often that's okay and additionally let's let's start wearing masks and put them on correctly when we're in public spaces so that we can protect other people a day am I saw. Maybe five people wearing the mask face under their nose like you have to pretend you're good you're horseface. We're actually lately. I thought circulating a bunch today was if nobody's wearing pants seventy. Ps You. You get wet immediately if you're wearing pants at somebody peas on you. Then you'll get a little wet but not as wet if you weren't wearing pants. But if they try to pee on you and they're wearing pants and you're wearing pants you'll get an EP on you at all right now. Everybody were. That's pretty accurate leaked. That's that's exactly it doesn't do a whole lot over. Keep you from getting something for somebody else but it does a lot keeping you from giving it to somebody else and so it's just a social contract. We all have to enter into now during. That's that's where they switch. That's when they switched to everybody. Wear the masks because it I it was like you know you're not gonNA prevent yourself from getting it. This is the thing that there was talk about. This is if you're sick. You put the mask if you don't have it then you should now. They're actually if everybody wears it. That's GONNA knock it down just like you're saying getting peon on each other people that's right. Where a mass would come to stop peeing. There's enough we're GONNA have. We're GONNA have a lot of people wearing masks. The wrong on places entirely is a really big bass that covers from here all the way down bright. Yes okay all right moving on. Let's move away from coveted and into the other worlds of science. There's so much out there. Justin tell me about something you want to talk about. What about something? I WANNA talk about. An international team of researchers has piece together new insights into neanderthals based on pieces left in up pieces of neanderthal genome left in the current modern humans of Iceland. The researchers found new puzzle pieces by fishing around in the genomes of some twenty seven thousand. Icelanders have a giant database. They're the most interesting thing to me and this is. They discovered that neanderthal women gave birth later in life than the current modern humans in one sapien women at the time and that. Neanderthal man became fathers when they were younger than the Homo Sapiens of their time of around fifty thousand years ago. So that's sort of interesting because that that's not quite enough to say that neanderthals had a matriarchal society. But that is something you would absolutely expect to see in a matriarchal society that would be. That would be something that would totally make sense which we don't have A. That's not what the research says. But I thought that was a very interesting possible possible insight. Neanderthal women one hundred thousand fifty thousand years ago becoming mothers much later in life so interesting. So what are the other things there was there? Was there was Genes that are in this Nandito. They managed to actually put together about half of an Anderson. Gino and these twenty seven thousand individuals with different snips and bits and pieces that ticket They could pull out identifies neanderthal. There's properties in those jeans. They think have slightly lower risks of prostate cancer. Lower levels of haemoglobin will end also but better faster blood. Plasma clotting at the same time slightly very slightly lower body length Rizzoli millimeters that would citizens They also found traces of Denise van. Dna and they thought that was curious. 'cause the denise interaction with humans is typically seem whoa far Southeast Asia. It's not sort of considered to be the neanderthals. Were the European Earth contingent this point so part of it could be ancient demons traveling into territories populated by Denisovans and then Eventually ending up in northern Europe and Iceland. But it's Does assertive curious too. Because the way they look at it was either Denisov in Orlando Tall Partly the Denise. Vince could've intermingled with the neanderthals. And that's the denise Got In there but something. They're talking about three or four weeks ago. I think it kind of starting to look like Denise Been Zander tol might have been the same thing at one point and were separated for hundreds of thousands of years and then re Intermingled too so might be harder to Suss. Neanderthal from a denise Van Than we think it I think that looking question like if we can't tease them apart. What are we looking at? Yeah so we we can we. You know if they're calling. It definitely sounds like they've pulled something that they've gotten from the Denisa then traces in an places that we have at attributed to. But we're but it is still highly possible that what is being attributed to denise is also in contingents of neanderthals. It could be. It could be more of a shared genome much more similar than we think because they might have the same origin leaving after. We're very similar in timescale there at this point and then and then the split they just don't line went one went left and one went right. Looks like yeah and then they met in the middle of a bunch of times. Yeah I think I think the interesting part. Though to me definitely was the fact that they could sess out that the The mothers giving birth later in my and yes that has also starting waited. They waited until after they finish high school. Any narrow atolls also. We know cared for their sick. They had individuals who were physically unable to care for themselves. Having lost limbs or Ben Become Blind from head injuries because it was a brutal life of apparently of name are found in the inner tall without broken bones that healed at some point in their life so it was a it was a pretty rough exist so the idea that we have then neanderthals that can live. You know well into their forties and with injuries. Meaning they're cared for by. They had medicine remember. You told us they had like they had medical care and repair because women were injured alone doesn't kind of fits like if the women are charged. We're going to care for people a little bit more. We're going to be hit a little bit more thoughtful about these things and so yeah now. I'm starting to wonder you know radical officially a cut with a Female Zealand. Yeah and has no. I've been watching a lot of Star Trek live. And just I just thought episodes you space nine. Where new species shows up there like owner? No women are in charge matter to emotional and irrational and make snap decisions. The women they got it. I'm there we go. I love it when we were saying. I'm all for looking at me. And Earth follows like the neanderthals or the a matriarchal society. I'm all for changing that story. Well if you go back and look at what does that look like in in in other A apes we look at the Novo is is really the example that grip. Ask for example. We have of Matriarchal Society. We can even look to where we talk about while ago. The forest troop bamboos that the males couch guy killed off by the TIBURCO. Something awful and or the aggressive males didn't resist large population of females. That sort of took charge and changed the way that culture of babboons interacted. Yeah that's that's like we're all that we're all primates came from from a common answer. Lemurs though so yeah maybe we start to need to start to look for those signs of possible. Matriarchal Society within within the neanderthals. I like it I like it. I like it. I like it jeans. I think it's amazing that did looking at genes could potentially lead us in this direction and started telling us this story like Tree Rings Tree Rings. I who's thinking the same thing ends of humans if you just tuned in you are listening to this week in science and if you're interested in a twist or Mug or other item of twists merchandise goodness it over to twist dot org and click on that Zaza link. You can browse our store and buy something. It helps support this. Show all right. It is time now for layers. Animal Coroner's Values giant I have other virus. No in these BS. It'll be sunny barris. Okay so going to be. They don't yeah no they don't and in fact when honeybees are infected by a virus they might actually be better at spreading it then if they were just a normal healthy beat might actually have completely different tactics for moving around So this is looking at how Very particular infection. Apv Totally lost what that stands for a second but they altered honeybees behavior and physiology in order to actually boost the viruses ability to spread. It is Israeli acute paralysis virus. Yeah so they actually increase the likelihood that they will also be in accepted by foreign colonies so The first step of this is it turns out that this virus actually makes them more likely to lose their way though. The veterans get lost so they can't return to their home from foraging trip and that way when they stumble across a new high. It's very easy for them to spread this virus further Then somehow they are able to circumvent the guards of these foreign caller colonies that would normally keep bees. That are not part of the family out And so the the virus is doing very specific things to help aid the spread the way that researchers figured this out is by tagging each be with the equivalent of a Qr Code and continuously monitoring their interactions in In beekeeping operations so they were able to kind of keep a very close eye on them. They tracked around nine hundred bees and their movements in order to understand how they kind of watched. How the bees acted you have to understand something that bees do called? Trough Alexis which is where honeybees exchange regurgitated food and other liquids Very Nice mouth-to-mouth They use it to share food with each other they use it to share hormones and other signaling molecules and that can in turn affect physiology and behavior of bees. They touch mouth parts a touch antenna and they do this with hundreds of other bees each day so thinking about our current Kind of re examining of the handshake. This brings it into a whole nother realm so this trade as it were is essential to the spread of information in nutrition throughout hive but it does also allow for infections to transmit very quickly the infected bees in this study Were compared with bees. That had their immune systems stimulated to mimic infections. So they just see. Is this just something that happens. Would it be sick? In general or is it specifically this virus and both the infected bees and the ones who were simulating infection at overall less trophy laxest experiences than their healthy counterparts just in their normal highs so they they appear to be trading mouth stuff less Sorry I can't figure out unless gross way to say that of however were just as mobile as other bees. And so they're they didn't they weren't sluggish. They didn't ask particularly sick. And so the researchers thing that the change in behavior the reduction truffle access is just a general response to a health threat not related to this virus. What gets interesting with the specific response to the viruses. Remember the bees were getting lost easier then when they place these honey bees at the entrance of a foreign hive infected. Bees suddenly amped up the trough axis with the guards. They were just offered up all of the regurgitated foods and so the girls are more likely to admit them then healthy strange bs so it seemed like they were being bribed. I don't know Be BRIBES I don't earn money. I'll give hone Joe. I'll give you a little honey. Honey Yeah So the then. Researchers analyze the chemistry of the hydrocarbons in the vs exoskeleton and discovered distinct hydrocarbon profiles for healthy bees for ip the infected bees. An for immuno-stimulant obese. So there's something chemically happening inside the bees in each of these cases and so they actually think that the viruses changing how the smell in so the infected bees might be behaving in a way that is appeasing the guards basically. They're just like try to confuse them but they act like honeypot. They're given they're given up the they're giving up the the mouth regurgitation there. Maybe they smell like ooh. I'm confusing but don't look at me anymore. Then they run away into the hive right so they're lost so they just think they're going home but they're not so it's so this virus not only encourages them to spread the virus itself by making them lost in making them go to new hives. But then somehow this virus has found a way to induce behavior. That will keep our guard bees from seeing that. Something's up so right There's there's multi level deception having having a year to help spread this virus. I am reminded of a professor. I had that that was very adamantly He he would often point out that you know a bad. A bad parasite kills a toast or get the toast very sick. A good parasite goes almost unnoticed. And so it's I mean there are a lot of viruses out there that survive and replicate and continue in. Don't kill their host in there. A lot of bacteria out there that kill their hosts it. So I think there's there's also if you WANNA call it smart or not so that's a whole nother thing but it isn't effective at doing what it needs to do. Yeah I think that's what happens when you have something. Switches species like the nineteen probably finding bats. If I don't get fevers they probably don't end up on. Respirators it really. Don't die from it. It's just one of the viruses. That backing have been at system might even might even be symbiotic. Relationship in some way might do some function for a bat. We're unaware of but now it's a human which is completely different evolutionary machinery and it's causing havoc. Not As anti virus might do well. Is this switches? Yeah and it's having different outcomes. Yeah yeah flipping switches but having completely different outcomes because the switches are connected in different ways but it's not let's switch and ask Blair yes to to go onto her next store. You move on. Dr Kiki I believe Blair has another store so this is sometimes. I bring stories to the corner about us. Attempting TO MIMIC AMAZING ANIMAL ADAPTATIONS IN. A lab for use. This is one of those So this is looking at Credit spiders. I looked it up how to pronounce it before the show started. I already forgot But it is spiders that Spin Nanno fibers into sticky threads and the way that they do that is they actually have kind of a comb like structure on their back legs that allows them to kind of hold onto and thread and move these nanno fibers and in order for scientists to figure out how this worked they actually shaved the structure off of some spiders in watch what happened and there was a huge buildup of nano fibers where the comb should have been and then they attempted to make this in a lab to be able to manipulate nano fibers in a lab so they used an any adhesive nanostructures her on a foil surface and made this kind of comb to be able to handle nanno fibers in a laboratory setting. So it's quite the Almost microscopic structure that allows for something that I didn't even realize these spiders were doing back that they're kind of organized. It's almost like when you hold the yarn for for your grandma while she's knitting between your two arms if they're able to kind of move and manipulate these nano fibers at the back of their legs with the combs. And so they are able to handle these sticky delicate structures easily. These lasers pattern Nanostructures into poly ethylene terra late the oils increased oils with gold for a second. I thought you meant that. They gave lasers despitors. Maybe someday we can hope whenever the lead to go back to their labs again. Hopefully some people throw caution to the wind and try some real every product. Yeah so these artificial comes with old foil. Laser etched nanostructures performed almost as well as the comes on spiders. But the goal. Now we no. There's in a lab somewhere there. Little spiders just covered in sticky nano fibers. Going like what what is what. Am I supposed to be resign? He resigned comb spider combs for science. Oil like this in Youtube Nord says. So what do you do for a living? Oh I just shaved spider lakes that somebody's answer poor truth we'll get through the the rest of our stories. It is time for our quick science news. I have underwater bones. My bones aren't underwater. But I have a story. Researchers are trying to figure out better ways to determine how corpses have been underwater because out of the tree ring proteins proteins. That's what they're doing. Published in the Journal of Proteome Research Group of researchers know Emmy Prokopenko and colleagues published their analysis of a proteins to investigate the post mortem submerged interval. Pm SL. That's their acronym for it or the amount of time. That body has been underwater. So in case you didn't know that before now you know if there's a TV forensic drama they're talking about the PM SL. The Post Mortem submerged interval legit question about the story of a legit question about underwater bones. Yes would they think about forensic scientists normally look at things like maggots and And other Biota that would live in or on a corpse there? Are things like bom worms and things like that in the ocean right so so is that part of this too. It is part of it but this is a different part of it because There are bacteria and scavengers. That can actually make the PM. Sl difficult to estimate the researchers determined that there are proteins specifically a protein. Called fructose by phosphate. Al delays a that decreased in bone the longer that the bones were in water in pond water. They determined that. A protein called fetch. Who in a was more likely to be DE IMITATED CHEMICAL MODIFICATION THAT REMOVES? Amin Amin Than and other types of water which is really interesting. That pond water would have a different. A different effect on molecules than say freshwater or seawater Or Lake Water and so they named a whole bunch of molecules proteins. Like these that could be biomarkers to use for the study in estimation of dead bodies in bodies of water so Yeah looking at dead bodies in the water and then other researchers are looking at the center of the Earth but not literally looking at the center of the Earth. They were modeling. The center of the Earth by taking a really teeny tiny ten micron piece of iron and shoving it between two diamond anvils at pressures up to one hundred sixteen gig affects pass gals and temperatures induced by an infrared laser at four thousand three hundred fifty Kelvin and turning it into liquid iron and using x ray scattering to measure how dense it was. That's what other researchers PA and when they did that. They determined that the density of this liquid iron in their experiments was not the same as the estimated density of the iron in the Earth's outer core the iron in the lab was seven and a half percent more dense which suggests that the outer core of the the outer core of the Earth's core is not just iron that there's something else in it and element lighter than iron is probably in the outer core all right Justin. What stories do you have I'm GONNA I'm going to have at least one story. I my other one is like not playing here. We got eighty five million a year. Old Shark giant shark fossil found off the coast of. Spain might have been a teenager. It's a short vertebrae that they found and because of the way that the size of it in a way that it's grown. They can tell that it wasn't done growing even though it's already giant says according to Patrick L. Jim bur- who's lead author study based on the model? We calculated I size of four to seven meters and an age of thirty years for the examine shark. Now I know you're thinking not a teenager astonishing about this. Date is the fact that this shark was not yet mature when it died despite. It's rather old age. Sharks following a symptomatic growth curve. Meaning that they grow constantly until they mature and after that the growth curve flattens resulting reduced growth rate however this shark show any signs of flattening or inflections profile. Meaning that it was not mature teenager if you want. This suggests that these sharks grew even much larger and older. That's a that's a twenty one foot ish at as a teenager that's already getting into like wail territory for this thing. That's huge sharks along time to reach sexual maturity even now so great white sharks. Males are in their twenties thirties when they reach sexual maturity. So that's that's one of the problems with the shark. Conservation is that when they're hunted Sometimes you end up taking animals out that haven't yet reproduced in. That has a huge impact on the population. So it's kind of a weird. It's a weird life strategy that that messes up their role in the ecological space. Yes so it's a it's a it's a great strategy to get this big so you are the Apex Predator. Not a lot of things can attack you and you are on a successful hunter. You can eat anything just about any size in water But yeah if it takes you that long to get there and there's a big ecological change or shift or human fishing I'm calling It can also rapidly decimate. Yeah you can see. How if you're all over ten feet? You're you can take your time getting to sexual maturity because nothing is trying to eat you. You're like I'll get there when I get there. It's GONNA be fine. I want you all coming back long enough. Good luck with that. I looking at this image though. I just want everyone to know. That Shark Vertebrae Rings Growth. Rings look just like tree rings just bringing it back from with just like tree rings. I wonder what else we can learn about their growth. Both of a vertebrae my my my little story. To finish out the show is about a teeny tiny anaconda hero shrew and their vertebrae they're small mammals they're related to moles hedgehogs. They look kind of like rats but they're not And they have interlocking backbones that make their spines insanely strong. There is a theory or folk tale. Or what have you out there? That a fully grown man can stand on the back of this tiny little shrew and they'd be fine his of their reinforced backbone. We don't we don't know why we we do not know why they have this weird backbone and so some new research looking at C. T. Scans of shrew spines helped to figure out why they haven't in what they might use it for so Stephanie Smith. A postdoctoral researcher at the Field Museum at the received. Chicago was the lead author on this paper And so she. Compared to species of hero shrew at a normal shrew looked at their backs and specifically looked at How how the wear and tear on these bones indicate what those bones were up to before so these animals are pretty much impossible to observe in the wild and so they're having to deal with Museum specimens that are long debt. So they kind of have to look at the bones and see what's happening with the proteins to to figure out what has happened. They look at different Pressure change angles on them and so she said the reason I wrote the story is that this woman is amazing She says my absolute favorite example of this type of study a paper where they put sheep in Tall Shoes. High heels and the different angle of pressure changed the structure of the leg belts. They were able to do that by looking at the shoes. It looks like that it is a Susan High Heels. No they just looked at their bones but it looks like a previous theory from trying to thirteen. That shrews might be going into Elif structure and had a pushing it out to open it up to get to is likely what's happening because of the way that the spine it looks like it arches and then And then stretches out so it doesn't completely solve the question what they're doing but it looks like that would that so it might all be so they can scrunch up like an inch worm and stretch back out to push your part palm trunks to get at bugs and so she says strong quote. Schreuder really interesting ecologically. They're so small they have almost secret powers. They're incredibly diverse and I think they're beautiful. They're dope is hell. No if you take nothing out else out of this show from the animal quarters tonight. I want you to remember that. Shrews are dope as hell. I go also not sure thing today This spinosaurus is getting a little bit of a revamp. Spinosaurus got the big dinosaur with the big this issue Philistines. Yeah Big spiny fin on the back. It's got really white feet. They knew it was kind of big Predator and they knew it like eight fishing stuff. They've discovered a pretty intact tale. That also has a structure an absolute ability to do lateral movement. They now realize this thing was a swimmer. This dinosaur could chase after fish. Not just wait for one you know. Come up close and then take a bite out of could actually jump in the water and pursue things in. So that's a that's a pretty big change. I've found that we really haven't had a lot of reports. Dinosaurs ending the DC. It's just tile reptiles reptiles on the sea but there's not a lot of dinosaurs easiest. I think that we're able to to go back and forth. I think that's the most interesting part. Is that ability to go back and forth to dive in and be functionally set up to give chase under one and then or up on land or to be a sit and wait. Predator up on land looking to see what's up what's down below in the waters and then jumping in and diving after last superstar. I'm just going to mention this one. I'll put the Lincoln. Their remedy wants to read more. We talked about the collusive people. The big shell mounds and they had the the big fish fisheries in Florida. Yeah there's A. There's a four that they've been looking for a fourth. That was to San Antone Carlos which is one of the first two admissions in North America. It was built in fifteen sixty six. It was lost which was interesting because it was It was named after the Catholic patron saint of lost things. There was a little bit of irony to the fact that the figure out what happened to the sport so that Kingdom of collusion that we were talking about that they've been asking it turns out it's like right in the middle of it. They built this fort right and so what happened to the COOSA PEOPLE SPANISH GAME IN GAME. Diseases probably treated him poorly. The KALISA flat bunch of ended up Cuba and then they went together. Probably for a while then they split the wishes left and then soon after that apparently the the Spanish settlers would move. There couldn't maintain anything of of sustenance. They were getting fed. Fish from these big fisheries. The clues some people leave. Faces are working and like. Oh Yeah. There's no natural other food source around here and so they had elite too but Yeah that's where it was right there in the middle of the Kingdom of the Qaluza at Kingdom of that car loose That's neat that's a really interesting tie together there. I like that. Researchers discovered what they think is the most dangerous place in Earth's history it's a deposit of Cretaceous rock on the edge of the Sahara desert. An ancient stomping ground for dinosaurs. And then the Kem Kem group in eastern Morocco Is also what is the area specifically that they think might have been the most dangerous place in Earth's history the most dangerous time and place to have been alive because that's where they've found the largest number of large bodied carnivores in the fossil record. It there's a prevalence of carnivores a scarcity of herbivores and it's been found nowhere else. Can you have a biomarker? Carnivores eating other carnivores should. Somebody need to need to be the bottom of the food chain like somebody has to be taking energy from plants. You can't just have carnivores eating kind of that. Can't be sustainable. I don't think it's a very boom or bust that relation. But I think you could do for short-term yeah there's a review that's been recently published and putting a but they say it's a window into Africa's age of dinosaurs suggesting that kept the Cam Cam Group. The Kem Kem beds actually encompasses two distinct fossil rich sites that they're calling the GARAS SPA and the Upper Dwight Dura formations exhibiting a range of dinosaurs and tears. Sores Crocodile Crocodilians Turtles. Fish remains various invertebrates and plants and other fossils but The that it really is an over abundance of theropods the presence of four of them. Abella swords spinosaurus Karaka. Dont`a Soroush the Harris and Deltadromeus Agilis. And usually there's only like one or two but they had a lot a lot. I don't know why pretty exciting but I don't WanNa live lived there. I just had to get that story in because I saw it and it was neat and we were talking about bones and diet sores. Despite a stories we got to throw this in here because this is fun. I'm glad I wasn't alive then or there won't every made it to the end of the show. I think we have so we have gotten here. We've come to the end of the show. Thank you for listening. I hope you enjoyed the show. 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The Rocky Mountain Top of the Rankings, Duke-Virginia Thoughts, and Cutting It Up With "Buzzcut" Brad Davison | One Shining Podcast (Ep. 84)

One Shining Podcast with Titus and Tate

1:34:04 hr | 1 year ago

The Rocky Mountain Top of the Rankings, Duke-Virginia Thoughts, and Cutting It Up With "Buzzcut" Brad Davison | One Shining Podcast (Ep. 84)

"Today's episode of one chine podcast is brought to you as always buy cheese and Pringles. Hey hoops fans. Do you want to play in a basketball game with some of today's biggest stars with Charles Barkley or shack as your coach? Of course, you do. You've been listening to the podcast, you know, the deal by now Pringles and cheese at are bringing you that chance of the celebrity crunch. Classic offer the win sweepstakes. All you have to do is go vote for team cheese at or Pringles as celebrity crunch. Classic dot com slash OS p visit the site for more details Pringles versus cheese at pick aside stock up and go for the win. No purchase necessary. It would mean the world to take ni-. Yes. Free to sign up for the state bringing his Pringles and cheese. Have been a longtime sponsor this podcast. Not only that they've been longtime sponsors of college sports in general. I I'm turning on all these games. I'm seeing cheese in Pringles on the scores table. This is this is a company that believes in college sports, NCWA NCWA, licensed knack for sure. And I mean, they dropped the boxes for us. You know, that's respect. So barbecue Pringles man the grown on me. That's really we lied. We lied. All the friends of the program to make this sponsorship worthwhile. So they continue sending us free snacks because the day that those next up the we stopped getting the boxes of Jesus is going to be a very sad day for us. Kyle Nov star get these boxes of cheeses. That is the true thing. I think I've ever said on this podcast. I'm not telling you. I'm not telling you how to live your life people. But all we're asking is a big Super Bowl Commonwealth big weekend. Watching any sports really any sports that are out there. Just you're walking on the snack. I'll just throw throw bucks. A cheesy little little of Pringles in there. Just a little bit just a little bit help us out a little bit. That's all we ask. Yeah. This a bit. I also say I wanna plug one more time, and I know a bit annoying with this in that is this only applies to very small fraction of our listeners. But it means a lot to me. So and it's my show. So I'll do what I will plug your club. The club trillion beer night at grant brewery is Tuesday next Tuesday, the twenty ninth which we had them on the irony of land grant and grant lands great. I mean, what end the world what kind of what is that? That is that is that something out of a book, you know. Dr Seuss Joe. That is something out of a book. Yeah. I I'm not quite sure how it's working. But go ahead. Keep plugging yourself. No, that's. My favorite that might be my new favorite phrase for when you're just exasperated. You're like my God that is something out of a book, folks. What does I have no idea? Read a book. No. So I'll stay plays at Michigan. We're tapping the land grant made a club trillion amber ale to commemorate the tenure anniversary of culturally, and so all the money. We raise is going towards the scholarship for walkouts. I'm starting. So if you wanna come hang out with me watch how state whatever else you can do that. If you hate me, even if you hate me, and you're like, I hate you Titus, I fear. I don't wanna meet you won't great news. You can come watch a basketball game with a bunch of Ohio State fans. And they will there will be other beers on tap. So even if you hate me come help out, the cause don't, you know, don't let don't make these kids suffer Tae. Yes. My that's my point. And don't forget can suffer. I'm okay with it. Yeah. That make the kids suffer yet. You can watch Joey lane in the Ohio State buckeyes. The michigan. Wolverines is going to be a show. I cannot wait coach Oltman. Yeah. Hopefully, hopefully, Ohio State can figure it out between now and then because four straight losses, dude, it's been tough. I was at the I was at the Maryland game on Friday. And it was it was not a good time to be in Ohio State fan at that game. It was tough. But it is a good topic basketball. That's the good news. It is time. That's we got one verse one we're mono mono or top ten teams lost on Saturday. Yes. Fifth loss when you're North Carolina. Tar heels beat Virginia Tech on Monday big money to see barely scraped by Bama that was almost number six. So we almost had six top ten teams go down between the last podcast. We did a now that is a lot. That is a lot of top ten teams. There's a lot of action. We're going to talk about all of it. We also have a very special interview. I wanted to tease the interview Tate. I wanted to kind of be coy about it. But then I realized how podcast work and that we're probably going to put it in the title. And I guess you can't really surprise people the fogcast, right? I mean, I guess we could we could not put in the title. But I'm guessing we're gonna put it in the title. So people know what the interview is. Right. And what is one of those things that they do in music now where they just don't put who the features are. And you figure it out. You know what I mean? So maybe we do that possibly is that what you want. We have trouble. Let's innovating. We can go ahead. And I don't know. We'll see what happens. But anyways, we got a this is a bad guy, you know, brag. I it's all in the same vein there. There is a. Guy, and we got the guy. Right. You're guy. We're put it into the title. Let's not kid ourselves. We're putting it in the fucking tight Cup. Brad. You read this and just to be clear for people listening that that that saw the title and thought to themselves. I wonder what the joke is going to be here. There is no joke. We got both got Brad on the podcast. Yes. We had a fun interview with him it it came about. And basically, it doesn't matter. How it came about? We got Busca Brad. We did it the first ever player interview of a current player in college basketball happened on this podcast. A and it went well, and we really hope people enjoy it. So we're going to get to good guy. We're going to get the bad guy. Brad guy, bad guy. Whatever the other guys to show all the guys were getting to all of it. We're getting to the Busca Brad interview all of that is coming up, but first Woody Durham. All right. It is Tuesday. It is the Tuesday show the good guys the bad guys. Cal guys as we said a lot of a lot of college basketball, actually, first of all Tate. I said it in the parole. Carolina beats Virginia Tech a lot of people were tweeting at me at least saying that you're because I put out the theory that you're back only flares up when Carolina sucks did that win help your back is your back mysteriously better. Now that the tar heels aren't complete garbage in a word. No. Oh, no. Okay. So. Heart is growing three sizes. Three young freshman play together. Leaky black Nazir little Kobe, white all those guys on the court together. A lot of energy in the dean dome against Virginia Tech buzz Williams, pulled a ROY Williams like benched, his guys and foul trouble. Justin Robinson on the bench. You know? He liked coach in the way that ROY would have coached that situation which led to three freshman coming in at the twelve twenty or run Titus. Did you watch that zero little cope day? I saw that bind for fifties. Loins in this game. I I had freshmen have done that. Out here the rumors about buzz Williams, by the way to solve this like a couple of days ago, his hair. He's no rumors are true. He he's not happy ever genetech is what I saw that. He's he he doesn't like the AD the whole relationship. It's it's yeah. If this was like, if we were covering the NBA for a living, this would be like front page news because they don't actually, you know, people covering bay don't actually want to talk about basketball. So they will get really excited about the rumors that are swirling. But I I saw this is it do, you know about this is this thing, you know, what it sounds like? I mean, not want to connect the dots. But I'm going to connect the dots here. It sounds like buzz Williams, you know, leaking this out a little bit of leverage. Maybe a job opens up. Maybe you know to a guy that's Owen seventeen on the road against ranked teams at a premier program with Under Armour Marilyn. That's right there. I don't know. That's the buzz interesting now. But I mean buzz that's the, but has the buzz. That's what people were saying those has with the birds chirping up there in Blacksburg. No. But I, but I will say back to Carolina if we have to get back to them. We're. We're but I will say. To bring this up. I mean, were you impressed. I mean by them. This is the this is the best. I've seen them play all year. And that was why did watch. Oh, you didn't walk out. Also doesn't count. Okay. Let's move on. Perfect. Let's get on with it. I was just saying no did. I was I was seeing how your backfield. That was all I just was. So you're you're you're you're back. Truthfully. Hurts it's real injury is what is what we've learned. Yes. It's not a it's not coach ninety five. I am not including Vince Carter, even though his pocket is on this network. Winging. Yeah. Let's get we got a lot to get to this. I have a feeling this is going to be like a four hour show. If we don't move it along because we have the interview and there's a ton of action as he said, I didn't I didn't watch any of it. I didn't watch any of these games seat. I was shoveling snow the entire weekend here in Ohio. It's we got five feet of snow, and it's like negative ten degrees. But there was a lot of basketball. And I read about it. And that sounds fun. I'm joking people. I did watch the games. Let's get to it. Let's start with good guy. As we always do. Do. You wanna go first? Yes, I will go at least do because I have I have I have to I have to obvious picks, and I don't know which one to pick. So hopefully, you pick one of mine, and I can take the other one. That's that's the goal here. Go ahead. We got good guy friend dumpy actual good guy. He won a good guy award. Did you see this Titus? He wanted. Yes. My picks. So edgy picked it. I'm glad I picked it. This is I I feel we're going to have similar good guys bad guys. But we're gonna talk to him all Fran Dunphy all time winningest coach in Philadelphia big five history. Five hundred seventy one wins. He's in a club. I didn't even know. This was something that we had to bring up, but he's the fifth coach to win two hundred games at two different division one programs. And I was like Titus Homer guy. That knows a lot about basketball. Can we name these other coaches that are that that joint illustrious list? Yes. So hold on run that by me again. He's one two hundred games at two different schools. Yes. And one of five guys he's one of five to one two three four fifth. Yes. So there's Patino. Yes. Came alive, ROY Williams Camelot Louisville. Yes. Roy Williams, Kansas North Carolina. There's there's Bob Huggins. No. What Bob Huggins not on the list? Surprising. He didn't wanna to know nonetheless. It's it's a name. Bob huggins? Is it on there? Then I'm screwed. Oh, yeah. I I can't think I'll give you the two schools New Mexico and Illinois the two schools that he did it at. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Steve alford. I know I wish if Steve Alford, Illinois and get those Chicago kids, I can only imagine Lou Hinson, Lou Henson. Yes, Vinson, right? Yeah. We did it. We saw this. Boom. You're good guy. You know, we've confused a segment a million times. But the only reason he's a good guy. He's actually doing well, he beat Houston beat Sampson, you know, gave him the first loss of the season. So that was big. But you know, he actually won an award as the guy, and I just wanted to point out that are segments are being stolen Titus there'd be on every member. Should. I mean, I would reiterate I went on day. People a Kansas website. And it was a local news network. Like, you know, the little automatic video player pops up, I guess with the segments called, wait. What? Wait what? You should re we should reiterate that when we say that Fran Dunphy want a good guy award. We made the board was literally called the it was called the good guy award. That was word for word. What it was? But no, you're right. As far as he's still fits the Bill not just 'cause he won the award. But because for this reason Tate temple had won seven of eight including in in one of those winds as we said was beating Kelvin Sampson in Houston who is undefeated he ended Kelvin Sampson's undefeated dreams tipple did. So he went seven of eight going into the Penn game. Penn is the the the school at which he coach before he took over at temple as you said, he's one hundred games at two schools. Yes. So he he was the previous coach opinion. This was also his final big five game in his career. He's Mr. big five best when he percentage as you said, he he played at LaSalle coach to coach he was an assistant coach is a typically, mafia Billy guy through and through. And Penn is not great this year. They're not horrible. But they're just a. Typical typical forgettable college basketball team and the antipathy goes in winning seven of eight and they lose the pinch seventy seven to seventy and the final big game the big five game of his career which any turns around and on Monday. He wins the guy of the of the year award. So it does still play which begs the question did he pull the classic Bill self and throw the game. Well, it's funny. You bring that up because my pick. Yes, please. My good guy of the week. Pick is in fact, Bill self while. I don't want to say called us. But God damn it. Did I call Kansas losing out West Virginia? In fact, I was so sure that this is going to happen that I swear to God. This is true. And I could produce the notes I mean, there's no point me like tweeting the notes because it's that that's taking it to the integrate, and it's pretty lame, and nobody on earth cares that much, but I can produce the notes for you in Kyle. Yes. When we had our basketball meeting at the ring dot com. What was it in August? I think when we are are pitching ideas for the upcoming season to what we wanna do with basketball. One of my ideas, I had written out on my notes was I wanted to go to the Kansas West Virginia game in Morgantown, and I wanted to I wanted to do like a video series leading up to the Kansas West Virginia game where I was practicing singing country roads because that is my favorite college basketball tradition. All I want to do before I die in college basketball is storm the court with West Virginia fans after they beat Kansas, and I want to sing country roads with everyone it'd be very drunk, and I was going to pitch us in the meeting. But then I quit. Found out that the meeting was basically, just all MBA ideas. So I saved it. But I did write it down. And I sail that to say this eight God damn it. I should have been there. Let's make Mark the mountaineer. Let's do. That's how I mean. You you have the beard. I mean, you you you all you have to do is dress up like Daniel Boone. Right. And then you're there, you're you're the West Bank near. Spurs after Kansas Kansas loses at Iowa State at I pulled out on this podcast. I started throwing out all the stats about Bill self on the road. Yeah. How the only places he loses are basically Oklahoma stay in West Virginia with a sprinkling of Iowa State. Every so often, and those are the places he always loses on the road at kids straight, and I brought up West Virginia. And I don't know, man. I should've gone all in on this. I mean, West Virginia was horrible. We we've we've talked about one Bill self throwing games in the big twelve. We've talked about Bob Huggins needs desperately need to win. This is this is the most good guy move of the year. This honestly feels like a good guy of the year nominee Bill self just losing this one game. I know that seems extreme to take January game and make it a good guy there. But you can't get any good or guy than this have. We know he's best friends with Bob Huggins. You know that they they have the pot belly. You know, when they get together, they probably rub their bellies together. Like, they were sweatsuits hang out watch TV, like drink cores light, you know, shoot the shit maybe keystone. Oh, what's West Virginia schedule? Like, if you look ahead to the rest of West Virginia has I think they have Tennessee on Saturday. If if I'm Craig yet, they have Tennessee on Saturday. They're big twelve showdown at the number one team in the country, then they are at Iowa State next Wednesday and that closes out there. January Tate West Virginia has not won a single game in January a single game in two thousand nineteen except for Kansas. This is not a coincidence. Bob Hogan's called Bill self said Bill, I need this like just I need. I need a favor. That's all I ask. If you I've been good to you over the years. We're best friends. You're gonna win the big twelve. Anyway, we all know it. I just I really need this. This is the toughest year. My coaching career throw me a bone here. And Bill cell said, I got you fam- say, no more. Yeah. That's it. That's why this is good guy the week. And I feel like has a chance to be a good guy that year pick, and it's very similar to the behind K thing. You know, it's just like, you know, friends help. Friends people helping people also wanna point out that Kansas. You know, they have a freshman backcourt against the press. And what we've learned this year is goes back to fundamental bass boat questions like just beat the press. Right martinez. How it seems like we don't know how to beat the press anymore. We don't I don't know. We don't know how to where our fundamentals can we beat the press where has our press breaker Goan. Yes, we're gowns. Bob, HOGAN strikes again. You can't beat the press. We learned a lot. That was a great good guy the week. I I really appreciate that. Also put up framed Duffy won the Dean Smith award also, which is the good guy award to win. He did. I saw that as well. Remember, he was named the Dean Smith award wooder, which all-time good guy. This is a great week for the good guys. Yeah. Great guy. Great week. Good job. Let's move onto bag guys. I also have two very obvious picks. And I have a feeling that we're going to cover both of them. So I will let you go first because I have a feeling I know who you're picturing a bit Bagai the week. He's a minister. And I know what you're thinking probably Jolo seen, you know, that he probably has something to do with some university probably probably Grand Canyon if we had to guess at this point. But who knows but no minister of kosher? Matthew, mcconaughey? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Come on. I mean, he's sitting on the bench. He's wearing a burnt orange a burnt orange like sued. He's basically in the huddle. He's giving full speeches. He he said recently, this is I'm just looking at what's going on. Matthew, mcconaughey? His lies. Life. He says making love sharing swimming playing the Bongos does everything he enjoys doing make it. So that's what he's up to. And he's also just hanging on the bench, basically coach and his team. Like, he's we are Marshall demanded them to stand up. He's a gentleman gentleman. Jim art, get up get up get up get up. And then they're all like clapping and celebrating. You know, is it gets Oklahoma arrival. He's actually a part of the staff. This is this is what we need. This is what we want college. You know, and you know, who agrees with me Rick Pitino. Ring Keno what Richard Patino, you Richard Patino tweeted in response to the Matthew, mcconaughey. Hey on the bench. He said, this is awesome period. No exclamation just period. 's awesome, his dad coach coach Pitino response rock listener where you at. And then you look it up Brock listener university of Minnesota wrestling national champion in two thousand big Minnesota guy going to get him on the bench. This is this is what we need in college basketball. We need celebrities on the bench cheering with the team. This is what bad guys do we need people? We we need the face that we need to Ashley Judd on the bench. You know what? I mean, we need this to happen. We need them in the huddle. We need them performing. I couldn't agree with you more that we we need them on the bench. He was he was literally in the huddle sticking his hand in the huddle of of these time outs. It was incredible. Is Matthew mcconaughey? Here's my question to you. Let's let's let's let's talk about this for a second. Do you think Matthew mcconaughey is the next Bill Murray because that's the vibe I'm getting here. That's what this is. I have a feeling Matthew, mcconaughey. Hey, we are like ten years away. Maybe even less from listen. I don't want anything to happen to Bill Murray may may live forever. But there's going to be a transition. We're Bill Murray doesn't have the energy to be the wacky goofy guy that just pops up at house parties and his always just like randomly seen places and doing weird things. There's going to be a void Matthew mcconnahey. Feels like the obvious guy to step into that role and just show up wearing a fucking burnt like how many people on earth could do that though. That's the question. I have that's the one concern about you say, let's get celebrities on the bench. How many people on earth could show up wearing a suit like that? Sit down on the bench and just like everyone is cool that it's like universally. This is an awesome thing. And not like, wow. What a weirdo. Well, I think there are a lot was funny. You ask that because I had already had to brainstorm this. I don't think Brock listener works. You know, we don't need a wrestler. That's just too intimidating. I was thinking who else from Minnesota can work and then had to work it all the way back not a lot of choices out there. But you know, what? I mean, I get the her Brooks, right coaches, the Eighty-one miracle team. You know, here we go Kurt Russell. He played her Brooks in miracle. The movie two thousand four Disney. Kerr. Also could do a Kurt. Russell could be Matthew, mcconaughey. Get him on the bench, Richard Patino. Get him next to you get Kurt Russell koshen right there. He's been a coach before he endeared himself to the hockey world. I think that's the answer. I think is Kurt Russell. I have like yours celebrity. Yes, math McConnell, but I don't think he's going to go anywhere. But Texas, you know, what? I mean, he's he's going to do this beach. Bo movie, he's going to be out in LA for that. And he's going to be in Texas. And then, but I'm saying he's still going to like to your point. Yeah, he's not gonna do this at other places. But like Matthew, mcconaughey strikes me as a guy who is just randomly going to go to Coachella. And oh, yes. Be there and be amongst the people and not really announce it and just re people are just randomly going to be talking about it. And then he's gonna just just some Saturday, you're scrolling through Twitter. And the Matthew mcconaughey is trending because he's just Acura Chela with the shirt off walking around taking pictures of people and he's by himself. He didn't call. You didn't go with anybody. He doesn't appear to be his no posse. There's nobody wins and walking around the win. Yeah. I got a better Minnesota pick for you. Please your favorite person on earth. John Schuster Olympic gold medalist. Yes. The shoes on hero. John schuster. What a legend. I can't believe he won't. That was such. That was one of the greatest comebacks in quite some time. Okay. I also wanna point out. I looked up mashing Mocatta. Hey, google. Here's what people also ask for Google. What is Matthew mcconaughey famous for? When did Matthew mcconaughey? Graduated from UT. Where does Matthew mcconaughey? His brother live or Matthew, mcconaughey. Woody Harrelson related. There's a great questions. I want. I didn't I didn't look any of them up. But I mean, disagree questions. Yes. I don't know other related. I'm telling you. I think I'm onto something with this boomer thing because he's going to he also like McConnell. Hey, can say whatever he wants. And it's also funny or slash interesting to people no matter what he does. Yeah. Funnier. Interesting one of the two he doesn't Lincoln car commercials. And they're both funny and interesting he the alright alright. Alright thing is phony and interested like everything he does is is fine with people. They're cool that they're like, oh, that's Mocatta. Hey being McConnell. Hey, L of that Ellen and what's his favorite thing to do? Naked. He said cooking if we're not deep frying anything. No. Unbelievable these places he gets, you know, like he should have press conferences where people just ask him things. Like this talks about the Bongo them. This is that is a bad guy. That is a bad guy back. I have another bad guy for you. Oh, yeah. Go ahead. Why don't you just go roll through like five or six of them? And I'll I'll get to mind later. Go ahead who's your bed guy? No, go ahead. Go ahead. Take you're already down that road. Gum on. This is a minor Bagai. Dwayne Wade, you're all like this major and minor. This isn't minor Bagai. Dwayne Wade in Marquette. Okay. No, Tom green, though. I wish Tom green was there. But I mean, the entire city of Milwaukee gave him an entire day to himself de way day de WD, and he had the whole family there. Gab unions there he had like a Marquette Letterman jacket that they gave him for his son which future said he's Richard than Dwayne Wade son with Gabar union. I dunno Gacek Forbes, but he did say that. But that was bad guy the week for me minor back the week doing weight. And now Mark Titus your bag either week. What's what's marquess along? The retires Jersey's my question Todd during late Tom cream was blocking it. He was a guy. I will come back to do that. There waited fifteen years to retire. The when they should have done. It should have done it before the oath refunnel four after they clinched the final four to should have done it in that weekly up to the vinyl for good move for my bad guy. My bad guy is more of the the traditional vein Tate, are boy, certainly my boy, I don't I don't remember if you since you a gift card or not Mr. Mike Hopkins head coach of your Washington. Huskies landed a five star big man committed to Washington by the name of Isaiah Stewart who picked Washington overdue, Kentucky, Michigan state and Syracuse. He said he picked he picked Washington because he was tight with Mike. Mike Hopkins was recruiting him to Syracuse way back in the day than Hopkins takes the job of Washington. And he of he he said he liked him. His quote was I'm not your average recruit. I could've gone to another school in Ben just another one of those guys. But I feel like I'm special, and I feel like I deserve to go out there. And I feel like they deserve a top recruit. I'm going after Jade mcdaniels who's also five star guy from Washington. And we are trying to build something out there. And then the question was what was Washington's pitch to you? And he said come out here and be the guy thirty nine or thirty six touches is what Noah Dickerson gotten more game. That's the that's a quote. I like is it thirty. Here's like counting, the number of touches and his range was pretty funny thirty six or thirty nine Noah Dickerson got I just I just want to get the ball. I'm an unselfish player. And I know how to play with other guys I want to change the culture out there when I went out there. They were just bursting for someone and I just felt it. I'm not really sure what that by the way, the double entendre would there. What I went out there. They were just bursting for someone, and I just felt it and I just want to get the ball, comma. I'm an unselfish player. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. Unselfish player, and I know how to play with other guys touch. It's not bags gift cards touches your and get forty touches. Everyone's like that sounds pretty good. Yeah. Do you think do you think? Mike Hopkins said is as to a Starbucks gift card. That's the big question. Everyone wants to know was that was sealed the deal, no legal benefit. He would never do that. He just sold them on touches. He wouldn't do that forty touches. All right. Let's move onto Kyle update it it was the game of the of the of the weekend game of the year going into the weekend. Duke versus Virginia the the showdown of the two number one teams in the AP and the coaches poll. It ended up not being a great game. You can stop me if you've ever disagree all let me make my point because I'm already started. I felt like this was not a good basketball game. It was a close game between two good teams that had a lot of highlight plays. But somehow was not a good basketball game because it was basically just ice. Oh ball on both sides. And I've made my stance clear on ice. Oh ball. That's not for me. I'm not a nice oh ball guy. Especially at the college level. I don't mind it at the NBA level because they're actually talented enough to consistently make sweet plays and a lot of times 'isolation is the right play. But this was this was not a fun game to watch. But it was a coast game and Duke one, and what what are you? What are we taking away from this date? Jack, white I think the Jakov was lived up to the expectations because Jack white was on another level in this game. Right. I mean, that's that was like my big takeaway as far as being able to supply. I mean first off coach K. I mean good for him. He's just this is a ride. You know, this is just enjoying the ride. They're switching everything in this game. Duke is yes, I I don't think I've seen that in some. I mean, I don't know Kate coach K is just letting it fly. You know what I mean? This is a a very will. If you're not gonna talk you might as well, just switch everything and make it work do played great defense in this game tiger. I mean cow guy, you know, had a tough day our guy cow guy, you know, just couldn't make anything happen in Cameron indoor. I'm sure it was so hot in there. Mark titus. I can only imagine a hot it was hundred fifteen hundred twenty something like that. But Zion and RJ. We know why joke that that as I was going to have forty and fifteen and I mean, he has twenty seven he's ten of sixteen RJ Amine has thirty points. And then that brings up the question, and you had the answers about RJ bear because he's eleven for ninety in this game. So it looked good the ice at the end pretty much, but my man's taken the shots. He's gonna take hold on Toby Barrett. Kobe I told you I told you before we started recorded that I was digging up the stat. Yes. On on RJ Barrett shot attempts because this past week this bad shot forty nine times in two games. That's a lot of shots. If you're if you're not really a stat head when it comes to basketball, and you don't know if forty nine shots in two gives us a lot that is a lot of shots. And in fact, here's what I did for you Tate. I went on more than forty references. That's for sure it's a lot more. Yeah. Is as Stewart would love to play. If if you could get RJ bare tree, but he would have been a do for. Sure. Yes. So I went on went on sports reference dot com the basketball reference site, the thing they have for the college basketball page, and you can do the search. You can search the shout at that. You can do a lot of detail churches their data for college goes back to one thousand nine hundred ninety three. So that's as far back as we can go. We don't have the technology to to dig any deeper than that. Unfortunately. So here's what I did. I tried to so RJ bear is currently averaged nineteen and a half field goal attempts per game. That is a ton. That is a lot. It is not like it is not like Melchior face a lot. You know, like their guys that get into the twenty three twenty four twenty five game range. So it's not like earth shattering a lot. But it is kind of a lot for guide Duke. It feels like it's a lot for a guy playing a place like Duke. So I wanted to confirm this. I looked up the most shot attempt average per game at Duke since one thousand nine hundred ninety three Radic RJ bear is number one by a mile RJ Baird is average in nineteen and a half field goal. Attempts per game JJ Redick as a senior averaged seventeen point nine and he's second place. Number three is Jeff capable. Perfect. She's chef he shot fifteen point nine. We have J will his sophomore junior years averaged about fifteen and a half a game Nolan Smith's on air red x again on here. We have Grayson in two thousand sixteen shot about fourteen times a game. But that gives you an idea like you can have a hundred and twenty touches a game hundred twain, dude. Redican? Oh, six the entire offense as designed around him. And he shot he shot eighteen times a game and RJ Barrett shooting twenty times a game. So I don't know do do what you want with that information, no player had scored more than twenty two points against Jinya RJ enzyme, both do that which I thought was pretty impressive. That's the one thing. I will give them. But but where where does co- when does coach K step in that let me let me ask you as a objective outsider? Who's watched a lot of Duke basketball, you know, who who believes in the Duke content brand. Wouldn't you think coach K is gonna say RJ past the game ball? You know what I mean? When's he going to say, you know, what I mean like when is he going to finally get to that point because he's not he's the point guard right now this like he's the point shooter. You know, what I mean like he just up and shoots. This is the beauty of modern Duke basketball is that K has has made this bed, and he can't he can't do anything to change it. Now, like, this is the this is the path that he's chosen and he can't do anything about it. He. He's not going to say anything. And that's what's so hysterical. And that's why you and I just can't stop talking about do because it's so goddamn funny that the coach K got to this point his career where he's allowing he's allowing a freshman to shoot twenty times a game when he's teammates with the national player of the year, the number one pick that's the other caveat like this would be absurd. If if this team was horrible and RJ was still shooting like twenty times again that would still be like kind of crazy, but he's teammates with the best player of the country who's going to be the number one pick and he shooting twenty times a game. I don't wanna make this about RJ, by the way. Let let's I really wanna talk about the game because I'm going to get fired up. Like, I I'm getting very frustrated watching this because I is incredible. And I I love I love watching him. I can't I'm a massive fan of the guy. And I think there's an interesting discussion to be had about both Virginia and Duke, but I I did want to bring that up because RJ most of my quote unquote hatred for RJ Barry is stems from loving Zion. Williamson and really liking the idea of camera tish and knowing that if. If RJ Barry God forbid, rolled his ankle and was out for a few games. Like Cam reddish. It'd be the greatest thing that happened to Cam reddish. He would actually get to see how good he actually is. I would love to see that not the rolled ankle part. I'm not rooting for injuries. Just I wanna see Cam reddish flourish a little bit and RJ bears is getting in everybody's way. But at the same time as we said, he did drop thirty he got anywhere. He wanted on the floor against Virginia. And I think that's the interesting thing about this specific game was at Virginia's pack on defense could not stop drives. And that's the one thing it's designed to do. But at the same time weirdly Tate, I felt like it was just like I felt like Virginia's shouldn't really panic with their defense like their defense isn't as good as it as it historically has been. It was definitely a problem that do could kind of dry certainly Zion and RJ could drive anywhere they wanted. But so many of those drives like Virginia was technically playing like decent defense. And those dudes are just so good so determined that they can just put their head down and do a little Eurostep or like just jump. Over a guy or jumped through something or or just bursts of athleticism made it really really hard to stop them. So it was it was fascinating in both regards one that like Duke do could kind of get where they wanted on the floor. But then at the same time like one I didn't think it was like great offense from Duke, necessarily, just all eyeso- stuff and to I don't think Virginia should really panic because you're not facing another team. That's like this where you have two guys that can drive like that. Will you knew if you're junior that you're going to deal with this Atlanticism, and I think they actually matched up pretty well. I mean, considering who they're dealing with which is probably the two best in the country, and they get beat off the dribble. Right. I mean, you new Zion was gonna do. I mean, it wasn't. There was no question. What he was going to do. But he could still do it. I mean, that's he's bright much unstop. I gotta you just gotta go into that game expecting that. Like, I said no player had scored more than twenty two against Virginia. You knew that those guys are gonna get their points. And that just is what it is. Because they're so talented and Zion. I mean, I it's not like he's doing anything. Surprising, right is pretty. He predictable what he's going to do. But you just can't stop it. You know? I mean, that's why to me. That's why reminds me of LeBron the shot is what it is. And it is coming along. I don't think that's even something to worry about. Because like you said he puts his head down and just move people out of the way and can finish whenever he wants to. Because again, he is just two hundred eighty five pounds. I mean that is just can I you can't stop. And I'd be the am. I the first one to bring this up the Zion at RJ is what would have happened if Kobe and LeBron played together. Can I can I can I be that? Can I throw out that comparison? Have we heard that comparison yet? No, not yet bring that one up. So it's about Virginia though. So so on the one hand Duke do piece Virginia, obviously a big win for them. Virginia is the last undefeated team congratulate Virginia on being the final undefeated team because Michigan lost earlier in the day. We know that that ended that was a great thing Zona state last year. So here's to hoping you guys find just as most success. Bob slapping somewhere outstanding up. We can quickly door gets shaken up pain Pritchard. Granted that game was atrocious. But Oregon Logan's door Bob Hurley that was a that was a bad. If you only watch college basketball through memes and videos like that Lukens door. Did you see that in the we'll go back now sidebar all right now that is your does your pets up the head back twelve update west goes basketball? We just cut in with that nice update painting Richard shook up Logan stored. And yes that is right. That was not mixed up. That's what happened. All right back to it back to also remember J, so Virginia. I thought the one good thing about this was they they do show even though they lost whatever they the offense. The fact that they were isolating like it's a little worrisome that do got Virginia to play Duke style in Virginia didn't impose their will in this game. But I guess the once over lining for Virginia is that this is a plan b like having having a guy like. The Andre hunter who could get any shoddy one in the boy was it was great. And and they could go ice o ball with some of some of the stuff they're doing like some of the guy like Jerome and guy weren't particularly great. But they were it was. Okay. Three for seventeen is a team from the three point line. You can clean all this stuff up. I think it's the the idea that we go into the NCAA tournament of Virginia. And we know that there a great team every year. The problem is do they have a plan b Tate and the answer as we know has more often than not been no, they do not. And when she hits the fan, they panic. They don't know what to do. I think that's the encouraging sign is that having a guy like down dri hunter you can throw the ball to in a game. Like this. It gets do this. If this game happens again in the elite eight or the final four, they're not overwhelmed when they can't stop RJ Zion. Yeah, they can go shot for shot with them and hope that in the end they pull it out. And it's not like a you. Don't you? Don't get those panic shots of like tiger. And Kyle guy looking at the bench. Like, I don't know what the fuck to do coach, we're screwed. So I think that's the silver lining. But then obviously if you're do. You beat Virginia. You beat an undefeated team, you torch, one of the best defences in college basketball. So it's one of those everybody's a winter thing. But it was not a good basketball game. There were they were combined five thirty one from the three point line. A lot of ice. Oh ball. I don't. I try Jones does have to come back for Duke. I will stand by that. Like, I don't think Duke if trae Jones's if if news breaks at trade Jones out for the year. I I'm off the Duke bandwagon for sure because I don't think they can win six games in enrollments tournament plan that way. Well, they're playing five wings pretty much. Right. I mean, they have. No, I mean Bolden. I guess is in there. Sometimes is they're real big, man. But for the most part, they're they're switching everything, which is wild. And I I gotta say it coach K step heading this point because he just he just rolling the ball outside outsiders. I mean my goodness. Yeah. I mean, it's working out. And I think the encouraging cypher Virginia's these are the two best athletes you'll face you matched up. Well with them. We all saw that on a big stage, and they didn't play particularly well, and they were still, you know, within within range. I mean, they lost by four, but you know, hit the counter the shot at the end to make it cut it to. But I I would say the big thing from this game was Zion. Williamson dunk though. Now, I. Life. Yes, when J J health comes in and was given Virginia. Great minutes. Yeah. Like what to block shots like right away? And was the two dunks. Always scores four points. I think he had like two dunks. Jay huff, the hometown kid back in Durham was was given Duke the business kind of and then Zionist GM's all over him. And that was the end of that we never saw him again. He's he's with dole is is somewhere. They're both. Yeah. We should just call the giant island Xilin Zion eyelid. Yeah. You just go there and your exile design island you run over by a Jeep going ten miles per hour. It is over it is officially over. I I will say the big thing is do as you gotta stop those. I mean, it's obviously the most simple thing to say. But you have to stop like that big play by John. You know, what I mean, it just enters that place goes crazy. That's what Cameron lives for and Zion is built for those moments. He's I mean, he's of another world. He really is. Move it on you got any other thoughts on Virginia. Or should we throw it to Kyle? Kyle's guy the week who I've a feeling it's going to be Tom Brady. What gronk drawn for sure. So. Yeah. My idol. Oh, my my guy. I was at the the darker my Monday, just for like, five seconds. And there was a Michigan state playing Maryland. And it was gonna be cashed Winston. But you know, what? Fuck all this. You're right. It's Tom Brady five times Super Bowl nine time. Super Bowl contender throw the segment now, it's fine. It's Tom don't do. This forecast wins is you can state. Fuck this podcast. It's Tom Brady. Do you think Tom Brady thought when fifty cent retired from wrap that wrap ended? You know, what I mean like he he thinks like fifty cent venit rapid and got out us like I'm yeah. Take we've talked about it enough. You know, my feelings, it's fine. I respect TB TB twelve someone is the segment it'd be Martian for sure. Like have you told me that you know, what I mean like Mars attacks? He's good enough. He's getting up to be alien ham. Sorry, let you guys down in the segment, but you know, what? It's all right. I'll go with your heart. I mean, cash Winston was something we needed to talk about can we talk about Michigan state Titus because that is the. I've seen it on every single show. College basketball, Seth Greenberg, Jay Williams. Although all the big timers J will everyone. Michigan state is a team is under the radar. Now. You know what? I mean. That's what everyone keeps bringing up you brought up Izzo a picture came link for not wearing a boot goes back to your point about the mystery something something something to think about you know, we look at Michigan state. But but overall mean they beat Maryland team. We talked about earlier charging, you know, Owen seventeen on the road again against ranked teams. And if you look at Michigan state, they are the team that no one's talking about. But now everyone's talking about and it's right on time. It's right on cue for Izzo. Yeah. Michigan state's good as I've said on this podcast many times. It's I'm still in the process of shedding my old thoughts on Michigan state and building new ones some coming around. Like, I understand that. They're great. It's just it's it's taken me some time to to settle into a world where caches Winston is one of the top five point guards in the country. You know, that's. It's it's hard for me. I don't I don't know. How else to explain to tape? But yeah, they're incredible. It's definitely a Michigan. Michigan state and everyone else in the big ten that that that makes for an exciting situation for when those two teams play each other is that that game means that much more. But yeah, I I have I agree with everything you're saying, I don't know what else did to this. Except to say like, Maryland, I watched Maryland Blaine Ohio State in Maryland. Had a good thing going like, I I think it's easy for us to to laugh at Maryland losing Michigan state as though this is par for the course of the Maryland. Because it feels like every time Maryland gets kind of good. They find a way to kind of remind you that they're not actually an upper echelon team. But it should be said like they were playing Maryland played really really good basketball. They are they have a very good team this year. And Michigan state is like, I don't know. They won't pretty easily. It was big for the cash. Winston verse. Anthony, Cowan big ten player of the year. You know? I mean that was like a a little wrinkle in the race. I guess also see the is own a you know, they had the board for the game. They had they as crush from finding nemo. That's what they marked him. And I don't know if that was like just because they were the turtles or the Turks turtle the turfs. So I guess like, you know, he's a turtle for that. I don't know. But then I just thought about if Mark Turgeon was that laid back, you know, and that kind of just laws a fair, and just you know, that would be Larry did much sense. Cincinnati. Nick ward had zero points and Josh Langford didn't play and Michigan state handed it to Maryland the third best team in the big ten. So yes, if the question is do I think Michigan state is good? The answer is. Yes. The answer's. Yes. State. Can I can I? Can I introduce a mystery to you because we haven't done a mystery all year, I've been really fretting about this and do and we consider ourselves, you know, the, basically the hardy boys of college basketball, and this is a mystery that I wanna dub the Martin twin mystery. So Mark is you know this. This can be quick this can be we can gloss over this. But I just want to throw this out in the in the world between you, and I I've been thinking a lot about the second half must bus. And I know the last podcast. You know, we talked about maybe getting away from the bus, but I'm still riding. I'm still on the bus. I'm still hanging out with us. You know, Yellen ripping assured off I get it. Still number seven. They beat air force by fifteen don't know if you saw that. But here's the Martin twin mystery Cody Kayla Martin tranferred in five five transfers. I don't know if you've heard that. But that's what Nevada has a starters. But Cody and Caleb. What if Mark Titus? They were too. I don't know if one of them's hot in a game. Let's say Cody who was you know, hit the big shot the other week. Let's say he's hot in their Cheonan him. What if he goes in at halftime in switches, his jersey with his brother who looks exactly like? Him very similar to the Moore's twin slow what if he's witches his jersey. So in the second half there Kia known him who they think is Cody, but his actually Caleb and then the other one who's not getting keyed on. Scores a lot of poise because he's hot. Whoa in that is the Martin twin mystery shit. It's the old. The rope Adele twins the must buzzy Rowen onto the the twins. Go into the wrong class in highschool move. Yes, we had. This is brother, brother. Where's nice book? Where's lavar ball produced? This brother brother, this is. I think I can get behind this. Also, like what if one of them fouls out and the other one like we we we could see that as well. The the crazy thing is state. We have no way of proving that hasn't already happened like twenty times in their careers. There's no way of knowing that we can't prove we don't have the technology. We can't do that. At least the tapes. Well, we could do half right before. And after half-time, that's really the only way right? Yeah. There's no way of there's no way of facts egging us no-one no-one knows. So yeah. This is a great idea. I think you're onto something listeners get on it. I like this. I like this a lot. This is the new mystery. We'll we'll we'll keep an eye on this. We'll work on it. Keep it out for sure. Yeah. One guy gets out in the first half. And the other steps up in the second that that smells like bullshit to me for sure. Real real real quick. And then we'll get to the Brad interview because we we've been talking too long people want to hear from the the legend himself a cows cow's guy update. I there wasn't a lot of action with cows guy. Other than on Sunday Derrick rose hit a game winner to beat the Suns. And there's a lot of talk about their grows. Possibly making them all star game tape. Dare grows had the fifty point game in November. He's averaging like nineteen and five assists shooting like forty three percent from the three point line. Former MVP fun story on the comeback all that kind of shit going on that was my pick for cows guy the week. So there you have it and de roses in the all star game. I mean, he's averaging the most points. He's averaged since the season after we wanted to MVP he looks like he loves basketball, again, he looks happy doing it without tiptoe give it to de rose has you're gonna make the all star team over Conley. And I'm going to be. Oh, man. We we'll we'll well. Yeah. Sorry about that. But we on this podcast. We're fan of redemption. Greg Oden in front of the program. You know what? I mean, we want redemption for some of these guys that get overlooked and de rose people were sleeping on him. And now he's back and Greg's birthday today, by the way, happy birthday, Greg. Wow. Happy birthday come back on the pod of. All right. It's time folks, we're doing we are we are going to have on the man the myth the legend here. He is our interview with buzz cut. Brad. Davison Yam Brad game. Quick break before the big interview with Busca Brad to talk about the black tux, standout your event for the right reasons with the black tux dot com. 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We just walk around with Al. Guess. Yeah. Yeah. It's great. It's a great thing we've done and now like no one can call us out for being Douches for where in Texas because we're just like, listen, it's it's we're we're into deep. Now, we can't turn back at this point. So yeah, were we were were thankful to Blackhawks is going to set that up for us to get twenty dollars off your first purchase go. Visit the black tux dot com and enter code shining. That's the black tux dot com. Coach shining for twenty dollars off your purchase. The Blackhawks premium rental suits tuxedos delivered. All right on the line is a man who needs no introduction. If you have a pulse. If you breathe oxygen, you know, this man. But certainly if you listen to this podcast. I I'm almost in disbelief that we have this man on the line eight yet as a cult hero of ours. I cannot be anymore excited to have him. Joining us, ladies and gentlemen. It is the one the only the man, I call buzz cut, Brad Brad Davison. How are we doing? Brad. How's the weather in Madison? It is. I'm in. I'm in Columbus, Ohio in it is like minus ten right now is it colder in Madison. Quite the introduction. I appreciate it was minus four when I watched the dentist morning. So it's getting there, we only get colder premier it's warmer and Madison than it is in Ohio, man, it's like a tropical paradise of their that sounds like a nice place to be Brad. We are Kyle night producer Cowan. We're in Los Angeles is about sixty five degrees. But we are chopping on your behalf right now. We're shopping for you. Freesheet that. Hey, Brad, we have to start here. Wh what's the deal with the Busca? This is the question that everyone wants to know I am a I'm going to set the stage for those who are just tuning in. And try and understand why we call you buzz-cut. Brad why this is my first question. I played basketball to how state when I I I would get the scouting reports. Every every time we play Wisconsin. And we'd have headshots of all the players, and I noticed that every single white guy that played for Wisconsin. And I don't mean that like figuratively. I mean, literally every single white guy for Wisconsin. Had a buzz cut, and I started going through old scouting reports. And I'm like, oh my God. This is true. Like every single year they'll have buzz cuts. So then might bruso which comes along grows out as fro kind of kills the whole thing. Yeah. And then and then Kamensky and decker like, you know, the go show for two years in a row go- shaggy. I thought the buzz got thing was dead. And then loan behold, you show up in Madison. And I'm like, oh my God. It's back. But the now, you're growing your hair out. You can't do this. There's too much riding on this bread. So I've had a bus that ever since ever since. I can remember, you know, I promised my friends in high school that I would always keep the buzz cut. And that was kind of the that was the plan someone into college, and it still is the plan, and then actually my pastor's wife cuts, my hair. It was my mom, my hair all the way to college. But now, she's not in Madison all the time. Even though she was, but so she cuts my hair, and we were at her house and actually guy, you know, Michael Potter? Oh, yeah. Of course for how state. Yeah. He was there with a couple of my teammates and showers in the chair. And she's like, I just try something. And I was like, I, you know, I think the buzz cuts kind of meat, I think that's kind of what I'll route run what I'll roll with and you know, mica and Joe a couple of guys much like butter. Try try it started trying some things next thing. You know, she started putting some gel and products in my hair, and I I was kind of captive because again, she had the clippers. And she said if you don't. Then we could just buzz it off. 'cause it doesn't take that long and do it buzz-cut. But you know, I started to kinda like it. It's growing on me. I'm not sure what the plan is. But we'd forward, but I'm gonna keep it longer for right now. You can't you can't just say haircut after a big win against. Yeah. They gotta keep it rolling at this point it that that's true. That is a good point. You can't you can't mess with superstition. But I really hurts me because last year. So last year you had the Busca. You also have the separated shoulder move, which became listen. I I am famously a big tin injury conspiracy theorist like currently my theory about Josh Langford of Michigan. Stay is that I think Michigan state's peaking too soon. I think the Josh Langford injury is just kind of like a little, you know, it's a little too mysterious for me. I think there's something going on where they're trying to manufacture some adversity. I'm not accusing you of anyway, Brad. I'm just saying the last year, you're separated shoulder thing was like you're finishing moving wrestling your it was like your version of hulking up where if the team needed to go on a run you die for a loose ball. The thing would pop out on the sideline Papa back in check back in the place is going crazy. And now all of a sudden Wisconsin's back so you had that mystique you had the buzz cut. Now, we have neither one. What do we have the latch on with you? Now. Like what what is it about you that I I need something? Besides just I guess the charges the charges right Tate. Yeah. The five charges, right, Brad. We've gotta talk about that game. I assume that you grew your help because that became such a controversial talking point everywhere. But could you take the five charges you take the big game winning charge? You know, everyone talks about your toughness, your grit, your leadership your game changing plays that you made in this game. And then people were talking about what a charges you're like you become the face of the charge. I mean, how did how did you handle that public pressure? You know, you you you were the face of the charge everywhere. Everyone pointed to you. Right going back to the shoulder. It was strictly motivation for the team. No, it was that. I to be honest the five charged game. It wasn't really anything. I during the game. I didn't think it was that big of the deals because I've been taking charge us ever since. I started playing basketball broke watching my sisters and my middle sister, Angie, she always charges, and I wanted to be just like so I started taking starches, and I've had numerous games in high school where I took starting to really think anything of it until I went on social media after the game and saw the outlast about at that continue the next month. So you know, it's part of the game. You can't really make the the big time block or the big time dunk. So I play more closer to the ground. So I gotta find out about a different way to fix energy plays out there were you trying to steal the charge conversation away from Zion. Williamson that you were you as sick as we are about hearing about who would take which I guess this is the question. This is the million dollar question there American wants to know would you take charge on Zion? Williamson bread. Oh hundred percent. Well, bred you do know that it is a Jeep going ten miles per hour. Right. You know that right? Tweeted, so be careful. We'll get run over dole queues hasn't been. He hasn't been back yet. We haven't seen it. So he's out for he's out for the year. Yeah. Hey, speaking of speaking of do guys, do, you know trae Jones at all you're from Minnesota. He's from Minnesota. You're both point guards. Did you like play nice? Okay. Best friends. We talk almost every day, and we played for Howard fully grown up together in the same thing. But be so we always we've always been close growing up. Did have you gotten on him about his separated shoulder, and how it feels like he's going to be out for a while in your separated shoulder as we said, you're you're out there. How many games did you miss last year? I forget. I didn't miss any game. Never exactly the Cal basketball. That's right. Exactly. Oh, come up different entry. Okay. Yes. We thought we'd talked after his game. And we've continued to talk. It's a different injury. The different thing that he's dealing with his I think is shooting armed or not but stiffer injury. So completely different. I'm not so good. I can't really can't blame them for that. I don't know what what paint he's going through things we have to do with. But I'm understood on his side. If he if you think you should play yet. And I'm sure I know knowing him I know he wants to play and wants to be there every minute for his seen. So I'm sure it's holding them back. And Brad will you take the high road. We'll we'll we'll make accusations for you. We'll keep driving on the. Well, let America know that you're tougher than him. Don't worry. We'll we'll we'll be your mouthpiece for you. So as speaking of speed and grown of Minnesota. So why I I was going to ask you I actually wrote this down. But now, I'm about to ask it, I already know the answer because I was gonna ask you, how did you end up in Wisconsin? But I sort of feel like this was preordained from birth that you had the buzz cut, you're taking the charges. You had no other choice like did Wisconsin recruit you or did you just sort of like have a drawl to Wisconsin like us just like wake up one day, and you're in Madison, and you're like, I guess someone Wisconsin team now. Yeah. I recruited Wisconsin. Oh, you know, growing up. So I was just a big fan of the big bend. Well, actually, I think it's the gophers game. And I always watched the big fan game. And you know, kind of growing up it was kind of era Wisconsin, I was kinda seemed to be at the top. And so it was a team that I liked the way they played. I enjoyed watching Jordan Taylor. Ben broth, those types of guys some of them are my style of play in the guys they have on the roster. I kind of just signed myself in not only the buzz cut styles. Play one of the one of those programs that I always wanted to play for growing up. Do you get do you to know it with your style? Play that people don't think you're as good as what you actually are that especially I feel like Aaron craft kind of ruins you or maybe he helped you out authencity that aircraft couldn't shoot and everyone just like by the time. He graduated. Everyone's like this dude sucks, and it's so annoying that he's good, and I feel like you're sort of getting the same treatment where people don't want to admit your good. Does that drive you nuts or do? You just not really care. I mean at first, but to be honest at this point, you know, I don't really say what the outside critics outspend noises. I decided to the best second out my team win. I know I think a lot of people talking about the chargers defensively dive into the floor and those plays. But I also know that I can do a lot more for the same. That's kind of what I ain't mad when I hang my hat on. But I try not to listen to that. And personally aircraft was one of the guys that I realize that I watched the Big Ben one of my favorite players growing up. I love. The way play the game the runway. And so I always tried to, you know, defensively just being the pest in the ball, and the energy within the fist, bumps and all that I loved it. So he's always kind of use that as the grading way saying, I earn crafts. I think that's probably get personally, dude. I remember when he first when I the first game. I saw you play. I thought you're just Aaron Kraus's like, oh so to craft get then you hit a step back three. And I was like, whoa. He's not hurt. Dr could not do that promise you that. Oh, man. So I wanna talk to you about eastern hat because both of you together. Are we we talk a lot about you? And I hope you understand that we generally do have an affection. It is all out of love grand, always on a light truly is outta love. But I feel like I've thought back on things I've said about Ethan hap. And sometimes I feel like I might be too critical. But like this guy confuses the hell out of me. I'm watching you guys beat Michigan. We should talk about Michigan. You beat Michigan. You had the big win. But more importantly, even have I described him as as like, you you you're creating a player on a video game. And you only get so many points to use on attributes and you max out everything. And then you forget that there's like four more attributes you have to put points in two years like ask screw it all leave those zero and those are like that's like his jump shot. But like everything else you can handle the ball. He could pass you can re that's how I describe. How would you describe Ethan halves game who he's like the most unique player I've ever seen in my life. How would you describe as game as someone who plays? With them to to people that have never seen him play. How would you even begin to describe him? You know, I agree that he's extremely unique. I think. I think one of the best playmakers in the country though, playing with them. It makes the game a lot easier around just because of how much attention he create when he makes his work around the rim is second to none nowadays. Just the way uses the rim. The way he's does body gets this not necessarily the biggest guy. But I mean begins John Festa who's seven one a really big solar guys will get around him quite a few times. So as ballhandling still works the way I described him as he was he was a guard growing up and then had a Grossberg. And now he's a post player with all those different guards skills. And I think a lot of people talk to the jump shot. But something that he's continued to work on. He's getting better at it. And I'm sure coming down near the end of the season, you'll get more more shots up. But you know, it's extremely difficult garden thinks assessments how good he is at the other thing, even though I don't necessarily respect them from outside like three point range yet. But I'm sure they will because he's putting a lot of time. And I don't have a lot of confidence in the move forward from there. So you're saying he's a young young Anthony Davis. Right. It does. What you're that's what you're. He's going to grow into it could be or quality. Let's make that the headline. College basketball player for sure. Well, that's what's crazy is. Is you watch them play in make the same joke that that this man has like one post move, and I say this isn't Ohio State fan. Like, if I'm being completely honest. I'd say it is a guy who is really frustrated at my big ten schools cannot stop using have. He has one post movie goes spends baseline, and everyone knows it yet. He continues to drop like twenty plus points on people and destroy everybody. In a weird way. It is. I don't know maybe instead of complaining that why can we not stop to such just sit back and appreciate him. I'm gonna appreciate Ethan. It's like Tom Brady go into as for DMC championship kind of hate it because it keeps happening. And that's the thing. Appreciate the greatness because everyone knows what he can and cannot do and what you know, he excels that in areas. He's good at and he's still gets his positive still make you know, the left hand the right hand the hook shot. I think I'm definitely that people need to shake you look at the statistics. And what he does. He's been go down as one of the big ten grain from all sides. So it's pretty really is extremely thankful that is able to play with them for two years there. He really is like one of the greatest Wisconsin players one of the greatest big ten players ever. It's it's wild speed. You brought up Tom Brady. Speaking of football. This is this is the question that is going to break your brain. It is the question that we might have to cut from the podcast. You grew up in Minnesota. I believe you are Vikings fan. If my research back set up, Jeff their you currently live in Wisconsin. What are your thoughts on Aaron Rodgers who is who has a Thai issue with the Wisconsin basketball program, although we don't see him as much anymore? Isn't that weird? How? When they're going to the muddle when they're playing for go go to the final four in Rogers is front center clapping on TV with the Mon. Yes. Yeah. Suddenly he's nowhere to be found last year. When you guys were struggling a little bit. What a front runner. What are your thoughts on Aaron Rodgers? I wanna see you diplomatically, worked your way through this one. Okay. So I grew up in Minnesota. So I'm Vikings fan through and through. And I always will be if I can stand. My sister's husband, my brother-in-law is the middle linebacker for the Steelers Eljay fort Steelers fan, I'm a Viking. But growing up I was the quarterback in high school. And so I have a great appreciation for quarterbacks. I love watching great quarterback. I have a lot of respect Barron Rogers and his greatness. And I appreciate his brain. It comes down to it. I am a Viking fan. But I can't stand with Pakistan fan. I could say I'm a fan of Aaron Rodgers and to his credit. He was at one of our games last year. And he was in the in the low after we beat Indiana. And we won that game. We I know we didn't win. It's been a game brief as we wanted to last year. But we did win the one he was at. So if he's listening to this with love to have him back another game. Man Rogers listening. He's listening for sure. Badger game. Short blamed danika, Patrick, right? That's. She doesn't want to go. To perfect. He's he's definitely going to come back. You guys just beat Michigan. You beat the one of the last undefeated teams big upset, but isn't an upset. That's the first question. Did this feel like an upset? Brad. Do you? Do you like when when everyone storms? The core is some small part of you like, I don't know, man. It's like kind of fun that we beat Michigan. And is a big win come on. We're we're, you know, the the the storm in the court is more for the fans. I think the fans love that. You know, we look at our season. We started off really hot. And we were one of the top games for the country on the season. And then we got the big ten play and were performed free. But you look at our three losses, and you know, we're four or five possessions away from being seven two know them. We're overtime. They came down to the wire. And we just couldn't have to put the pieces together at the end. And I don't know personally. We don't see a big of an upset of some people from the outside the 'cause we know our potential of what we're capable of moving forward. Bad storm in the court and kind of move around at then being one of the last undefeated teams in a rivalry game. That's where I. The court rush don't have more for the fans. From. Who? So here's the big debate that we have on this podcast when we talk about Michigan. And it's not even us, really. It's like, it's a nationwide thing. And we need your opinion, your guy just just played them. Just beat them who is the best player on Michigan. Who's the guy that you guys were key in on your scouting report? Or maybe we don't need to talk about that you still have to play them. Again this year. Let's not get too into the weeds here. But who who would you say is Michigan's best player? Quite a bit of a team. They are. Because they have a lot of weapons, but I think everything kind of starts with your Simpson's. It'd be coached orchestrated. But you say are are you gonna coach already? I mean, my God first of all you. I thought I had with Aaron Rodgers question. You you get out of that one masterfully. And then the only the only people on the face of the earth. He thinks aver Simpson's their best player or the coaches are former coaches or daily kosher. So I do want to be a college basketball coach someday. Well, maybe that's why it is the ball the ball in his hands the most and he or the offense and he finds he creates for everyone else machine. And then you you know, you have ignorant Iggy and Charles Mathews enjoyable, which I think are kind of the spend officiates very thin favor. Since does that seem when it's coming up a lot of ball screens, and he gets deep into the paint. And I think he's kind of I say their best third than for. I don't know the fat. But he's been pretty consistent Bill till you're doing what he does the team one of our favorite players. Almost program is Jordan pool. We call them swaggie bull here did did swaggie pool. Say anything to you in this game. Was he frustrated with you with the way that you play defense? I mean, I it seems like you guys have I would say control. He was contrasting styles and understatement. Oh, yeah. He was in shots. He was doing the arrow thing. I saw it on TV. He he had been John you guys, right? He talked blow that Gordon ever since we were younger. Nice. He was from walking out Smith, always think other. So we have a pretty good relationship. It was all respected friendly, banter back and forth. But you know, he's he's a good player. Extremely smooth and go with the ball going into the Reverend with full up. But there was a dog. He's talking to the rats, and I'll be holding then much pensively you're holding them on cuts. I mean, that's just part of the the the main question is is he talking to himself because we we assume this web he talks to himself in the third person. That's what I hope at least. I didn't I didn't hear any of that the game offensively be switched off of me possession. But offensively I didn't hear him talking to a whole lot. All right. Maybe one day. I have to ask you about the greatest the most underrated beef probably in college basketball and dates back to November. So we're going to go back a little bit. But you do the chomp which I mentioned the top of this thing, you do it adds Avia, obviously P mature did that at Wisconsin in Madison last year, and you go back and get after him. And I mean has there as written any words between you and j p Makira because this is Titus than I am not covered. This like we should because these are two friends of the program battling it out on the court doing the gator chop. And then Tennessee does the chop later. They kinda stole it from you guys. But I is everything cool with you JP or is the beef still ongoing. Oh for sure. But they he actually played high school basketball Nate rivers one of my team. I'm so again, I've known him for a while. And so that's what he did it. You know, obviously, I mean they want but we have the right to everyone. He did it. But we we talked about it after that game and blend before the game. I was texting with him. And he just said he was going to be watching actually before that game. I parent went on his so we for a while we have. And so I I told my team that if it comes down to situation where we have if we're going to win or have a big shot. You know, I was going to do it, and it kinda just solidified that when we came out fifty minutes before the game for warm ups their students sexual sold out and for the whole of the gator, Sean, two kinds of edits build a fire. It was more. It was more to the student's section than it has was that they'd be. But you know, we've had and he talked about it afterwards. I think I suppose the picture of Instagram and take them in it, then he commented Ellen Aono. And then texted me and said, he loved the gator Trump, but we weep back on a pretty like a weekly basis about things. I went on to college basketball. So he's a great guy. Someone had a great year. Great career made yourself. He's just against friendly banter. Yes. Now, he's enough and that was a great Charlotte Hornets. Did you practice the Trump in the mirror before because you had perfect form? You had a great mean mode phase? It seemed it seemed like it was orchestrated. I have to ask. Now. I didn't practice it. Okay. Thought about before the game by definitely didn't practice something that kinda just came on the emotions of the game. It felt like a pretty fitting and the game its own especially after felt felt right? Woulda what fan base what player would coach? Who'd you say hate, you the most I as we have, you know, we're covering how Yousry antagonistic we talked about your style of play a little bit. I'm guessing you feel the hatred from people. I'll certainly around the big ten my guess is Minnesota 'cause you're from there, and you didn't go there, and you went to the rival school, but feel free to crack me if I'm wrong where where do you feel the most hatred when you play on their own you personally haven't played at Minnesota yet my career. Oh, really? In february. So I guess I can't say them yet. I'm sure I'm sure I won't be welcome back with open arms. But I this year. It was definitely western Kentucky found remember what happens really good charge with a seconds to go on out of bounce play. I game ended up hitting the free throws to win the game. And it was a pretty controversial call and it went up when everywhere we went there this year. And I was booed from my starting lineup introduction. Every time. I touch the ball every time I stopped in throughout the final end of the game. Oh my gosh. Actually sitting back to the student's section the whole game. And my mom was game like bread. I just want to let you know that your love. Gosh. I would say I'm not a fan favorite in western Kentucky. But definitely be the one that hasn't been as I felt the most hated. But again, I kind of think that respect that's their coach said take after the game. You. Forgot all about that. We got we got to figure out a way to get you a viral for something other than charges. That's that's our PR move or trying to figure out for you. Can you can you dunk? Why don't you don't game? Just don't go to break away. And then. It has to be kind of from the thirty sides a certain hand. Reynolds, certain fun. Ball. Yeah. My hands. Gotta be a little sticky. Run run to the bench. Get some stick them to put on real quick as you're on the fast break and then jump back into. Yeah. Well, we'll start orchestrated in that. I had one more question. And then we'll let you go. You're busy, man. You you you? Did you still go study? I'm sure student athlete. Yes. Not an athlete student hit the books. My my question is would you like to use this platform to admit to America that Wisconsin in the coal center? You guys cheat? When people come there and that the the arena is always like fifteen degrees colder than it should be. And I I know you guys got rid of the Stirling balls, but like that was cheating by when I played how state that you use those plastic like hardcover like thirty you buy them for like thirty cents at a toy store. Those were the balls you guys used I remember one time or shoot around we shooting on a nine and a half a goal. And I'm not saying anything happened. I'm not saying it's anyone's fault. But yeah, would you like to would you like to make a confession Brad that the reason it's so hard to win in the coal sooner is because there's some shenanigans going on. That's my theory. Working on. Definitely it's definitely colder in the coal center because of the ring, but it's even colder the day before the game and found that breaking a rule usually. Never game. But you know, they do say the coal centers were were streak then. But I don't know if it's -sarily because of that miss fear because of the cause of the court or whatever shenanigans dude things going on. Wisconsin just usually have some pretty good tough scenes, but no one to play the game of basketball, the tough style of play the beat by the shenanigan would be pretty consistent tough program over the last twenty years. Field to consider that. Those are the only those only read it on the big ten that. I that. I never wanted me. Personally. I don't mean my team. I mean, we know when I was at a house say we wanted every single Reena my four years the only place owned four was the Kohl center. And I hated that place. I hated it so much, but I understand why. Yes. I want to come back and cheerful Wisconsin. Because it seems more fun to to be in the coal sitter cheering. We wouldn't be here Rogers. We want to be there Roger cut away and cheer and. On Wisconsin badgers shirts through welcome in the Colston. Absolutely. We. Easily bribed perfect. Thank you. Brent? We wanna get older stood up figure out the game. Rogers has come into tickets. In the seat in front of him. Looks like we got better seats than and then every time they cut to him. We'll see. Keep waving. All right, man. Hey, thanks so much. Good luck. The rest of the season. We we love watching you play. We we we, you know, the big tens of garland, and it's fun to to watch. You guys navigate it and play hard and seriously, don't let the haters get you down. Man. We love you. That's all that mess. You you and your home support. Yes. Your mom loves you. Guys harmon. Thank you in the podcast. Appreciate it. Summum? That interview with buzz-cut. Brad. Davison was brought to you by Roman with two-thirds of guys experiencing notable hair loss by h thirty five. Most guys assume losing their hair's inevitable as the age. Some don't care some shave their head some embrace hats. And what they don't know is that they're FDA approved medications designed to stop here loss, and even regrowed your hair. That's why we're excited to partner with our sponsor Roman Roman makes it easy to get safe. FDA approved hair loss treatment all from your phone or computer, wait what? And when you go to Roman dot com slash shining. 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We should just start hiring people out. And do these interviews because who would no I mean, this is these are the things that we can possibly do on podcast. But I will say Brad debunking, the whole JP mature beef. I mean that was yeah. That was probably the biggest that he's still Cheshire headline. He's he's already a coach like every answer. He had for every question was coachspeak. The demands great. He's great. We love of we're going to have him back at some point. If it makes sense of where we're going to have a back like when he buzzes his hair like when Wisconsin. What did I say? What was my bet? Like, if Wisconsin gets a top four seed, I think I need them in that. Because I don't think that's doable for them this year, but they did be Michigan. Yes. You are. Right. Sixty four points. Not quite the racist six nine which has been proven over and over again in the past couple of weeks. But yeah, they'd be Michigan Ross daycares zero points Donut. That was. Yeah. Thing that stood out for me in that game. But I mean, what else can you are the big ten whisper. What we what else did you see in this? I mean, Wisconsin obviously bus Brad was one of our level. But will me. What else happened in this game? Even happ- doing these things. Yes, we talked to Brad yet. I'll it's it's impossible to figure this man out. But then twenty six at the same time almost a triple double in seven, assists and two steals. The guys. Unbelievable. He really is. And I I was kind of like apologizing to Brad. And I think he was probably confused like, dude, why are you apologizing to me about your comments on eastern have because there's just like I think back to all the stuff I say about Ethan happen. I feel like I've been so unfair to him over the years because I. But it just breaks my brain. That's the only way I can describe it is that I watch him play. And it's just I always get frustrated. Here's what it is. I think I get frustrated when guys are great. But they're not great at the things that I was good at about a basketball court. And the all literally the only thing I could do. Well, was shoot I could shoot threes. That's it. That's pretty much it. So anytime like there's a guy who has it all except the jump shot. It's very frustrating for me to watch. Because it's like, dude, that's the one thing. I can do. How can how could you be so good and not even do what I could do. I mean, my God how bad can you really be that good? And that he didn't have time. And again is just like yes, I am that good. Here's here's almost a triple double in the number two team in the country suckle net. What's very subtly? He's like he's a subtle assassin when it comes with like the post moves, you know, what I mean, it kinda just lows you to sleep in a happens. Do you think you have Kaminsky syndrome where he looks the part like he's Frank Kaminsky and should be able to do similar things. But he just you know, can't that might be it. Yeah. That might be. I think that that might be. And then you see like like. John task stepping out and hitting threes in reverse for Wisconsin. They're big the other big guy. He stepping out hitting threes. That's like the whole. That's the whole revolution in basketball at the moment. Right. Like all the big guys can shoot three's days. And it's just kind of jarring to see eastern hap- not be able to shoot. But then as as as I've brought up like a million times, and that's just this podcast alone. But in the life of our podcast abroad up a million times, even more that he he has like one fucking move, and it works it works it works, and it's crazy. And it's in if I find myself in a situation where I'm cheering for Wisconsin. It's incredible to watch when he's playing Ohio State when he's playing Indiana, when I need Wisconsin laws for some reason because it will help one of my teams, or whatever the hell is going on. It's very frustrating. So that's that's that. But it's also worried about Michigan. No, I'm not right. No. We're not worried about Michigan at all. I mean, they have tests. I mean, the bras Dake is was pretty much no-show show in that game. We know what they have talent wise. I mean, they've shown up in bigger games. I will say. It is very fitting. That was kansin. I mean, they kind of lint they do the Vince Lombardi, you know, where he would just run the same play until you stop it. That's what he's in happen. You know, what I mean just keep like they're still living by that philosophy? That's you know, that that fits Wisconsin, Wisconsin to a T pretty much. Yeah. I don't think Michigan there. There's really any problem there. They probably needed a loss. You know what I mean, humble themselves and get back. Yeah. I went on trials. Matthews was on their two best players right in our opinion. Pretty much didn't show up in that game. Yeah. They didn't show up. I went on robbed Oster spot cast for the NBC guy. Nice. Covers college basketball. You have heard of the program robbed ouster. Yes. And I was talking to him about we're talking about this Michigan Wisconsin game. And the the point I made to him as I think what happens with college basketball. This time of year is like we've been watching most of the people that follow college basketball. I soon follow college football like Kansas and Indiana fans, not so much probably, but the rest of us, generally, if you're into college basketball, you probably in college football, and you're watching college football all. Wall. And you have this understanding that like the national title teams the national title contenders. The top five ten teams when they lose that like devastates their season and they're out of the running for the national title for the most part. Generally, speaking team loses you're like shit that could cost them the national title. And then you have that attitude all fall watching football. And then the college football season ends January's here, you're watching college basketball and its conference play. And then like a team loses in there's there's some part of of you. And I say you've really meeting me where I I wanna like dissect what went wrong, and what is why this team can't win a national title now, and what's going on here. When the reality is, it's just a completely different sport. This is college basketball as fringe on Rosty and says this is conference play. This is going on the road. It's hard to win the Kohl center. Sometimes you destroy your shoulders, and you say Misha ski like Mike Jesse did against Syracuse life happened to us tonight. Yeah. A deal then that that Michigan did not play particularly well, but they are sort of trending in the wrong direction in the sense that like there are a few too many of these nights where their offense looks like total garbage in like Matthews the people who love savior Simpson and think he's the best player. Brad davis. It included a will point two nights. Like this Tate were days. I guess they played an afternoon game. We're Charles Mathews doesn't show up, and that's the that's the problem with him is consistency. So I am slightly worried about that. But it's not a big deal Michigan's loaded they play great defense. Generally. They'll be fine. Yeah. And if you just look at their I mean, they're at the top defense the offense is kind of up and down. But they've shown that they can be really good teams in the kind of Wisconsin is what they are. You know what I mean? That's that's a the Brad Davidson, what are you gonna do? I mean, the guy's got going. And can we talk about Tennessee quickly to because I have a nice little nugget for you. This is from Pat Murray. WBAI are. Yeah. Radio every team in the top ten of. The people has at least two players on its roster that were ranked in the top one hundred prospects except Tennessee Tennessee has zero and again, Tennessee continues to endear themselves to our program number one team in the country. Remember when we forgot to put in or preview. No, I don't does that happen. The happen. I don't that's that's unbelievable. I can't believe that. I that that will go down as the black market my career is that. I can't believe. Yeah. We love Tennessee. What else is there to say? They had a close when it gets Bama. Yep. But yeah, I don't know if they're playing well, they're number one team in the country. They deserve it. We love them. Stick up, Tennessee. Yeah. And sticking in SEC coach cow had a good Saturday beats Bruce Pearl, Bruce Pearl still wants people to talk about him. He wants them. This was the game of the week. This was the game of the week for me. Yes. Please hockey Auburn. Yes. The Tyler hero. He did it twenty points. Okay. Good. I was I was worried. I was worried that I was hoping maybe I could like navigate through this game without talking about Tyler hero going. Absolutely nuts. He had like ten points in the final five minutes or something like that. Yes. Kind of clinched the game for them it might defense here. Same wavelength as far as you know. If they're hidden shot. Yes. It's amazing. Everyone's like, you know, they're the heroes are the goats. You know, what I mean, it's one or the other, but there's actually job. He did have like a boneheaded turnover that led to a run out an an an one he at towards the end of the game. He was taking like some dumb shots as well. But that's just how the guy played. I didn't say he's not talented. I say you just like has this one track mind of lake if I have the ball in my hands. I have every right in the world to shoot it. And I don't have to apologize for shooting at any point. And that's always been the confusion. But when he's hit he'd here's a great player. Also, Bryce Brown would absolutely beserk in the second half of this game twenty five points for Auburn in the second half alone finished with twenty eight maybe that was a Caleb. Cody, Martin situation were jerseys were switched or maybe switching Brown of the Detroit Pistons. I mean that could happen. You know? There you go. Auburn gets down to Jared. Harper's would be game. Winner bounces in and out. Great game. I wish I wish we could have seen more of it. Yes. Bien cut the Charles Barkley, no less than four thousand times during this game. I wish I could have actually watched the game. But I don't know chocolate. Good chocolate. Good on the TV Dickey vivas row. Student for being fat. I forget what he said. He said something about his weight. He did the bay. I think like bay Heim gave him the, okay? You know, like she's behind made the design joke about Barclay being fat. Yeah. I think Dickie v Felton power that he like is allowed to make fat jokes about Barclay. And it was it was kind of out of nowhere. It was just like I forget what it was. But the context is basically, they cut the Barclay. And he's like, oh, Charles Berkeley, who's loving it all three hundred something pounds of them. He's loving. It is amazing that, you know, own that TNT program, basically shack and Charles Barkley's, you know, fun loving fat jokes have Brown fat shaming back. You know what? I mean, you gotta wait, however, many time to make the the long joke. But it's they've been they've been calling for like eight years. Now, it's been amazing. Grace Barclay great for celebrity culture. Ed, basketball games, college basketball. It's all happening. Mitch contract was at the Carolina game. There's celebrities everywhere. Mark titus. I was at the I was at their house. They Merlin game. I mean, come on goddamn. Yes. Throw that in there. I was there with cartel. Jones. Was there as well? Yeah. We got we got different treatment. He got he got dabbed up a lot more by the ushers. The players and all that kind of. That's okay. Did you did you put the Dicky media move college basketball icon? Did you call them fat? There's cartel. All two hundred ninety pounds of. Oh, man. All right. You got anything else before we go close? This thing out. Quickly. I have FBI up day. We haven't done that in a while. Our boy Emanuel book Richardson pleads guilty said he knew the conduct was wrong. He was asked. Did you know it was against the law said, yes your honor? He did Tony bland also played pleaded guilty. We know that for forty one hundred dollars in cash, and I will say it does feel like this is a way for, you know, this is this is a Condoleeza Rice is her moment. You know what I mean? It's like the they're treating it just like back in the days Reagan in the eighties. I mean, they they're just filling the mood with these little things we're we're getting the little guys for like four thousand dollars in cash, but the bags will keep rolling, and they're just all taking the police. We're seeing it. It's happening. That's the the Reagan had the world Honda. And this is the economics kind of leak onomic O'Connell economics. It's headed in the war on drugs. It's the world. College basketball ruin colleges. Again, this is this is great for us because we're as we said last week, we're going to transition into a political podcast. So the more the more Condoleeza Rice is involved. The better it is for a pivot to to politics that we have coming up for the for the big election in two twenty twenty. We're gonna we're gonna have great coverage here on one China in the words of Kevin Durant. We're going to be respectful out here. I know I wanted to shout out Dan dockage because during the Michigan Wisconsin game, John you had this shot. He did a pick and pop three hits the back rim kind of farts its way into the basket and dockage goes on a long explanation as to why that ball went in the basket. And he cited the fact that pita change made college basketball or basketball manufacturers change the kind of leather that they use for basketball's in. It's made them softer. And that's why shots like that. Go in now. And and basically John task you made a three because pita exists. I swear to God, I'm not making that sounds like the most absurd thing you've ever heard in it was and that's why I'm bringing it on legal. Then like, basically what he said. I don't know. That was that was that was something that happened Tate. Don't that was a real statement? That was made so shout out to Dan dockage for that. Excellent work is always Dan also Tate we have to we have to do this. We should have a second guest on the podcast. I'm going to try to call him right now. Did you see the story that Carmelo Anthony's treated from the rockets through the bulls? My my Twitter was bombarded with this. Yes here. Here's here's the tweet that I see sources rockets and bowls have completed trade Carmelo Anthony draft rights to John Deeb blur in one point five six million to Chicago for draft rights to some guy. No one's ever heard of John D Bler. Yes. Draft rights and cash considerations. I wonder how much cash that mean? That's this is a big deal there. One to one now Carmelo indeed blur same level. So I wonder if Carmella listens to the pub, let's call DiBa John D blur. Should we call him, shall we? Try to get some breaking news and good John statement on this. I think is in Turkey right now. Let me try to call them. Let me conference amid onto this. Let me see how this works. This may work. Actually, we'll find out. I don't know if metro PCS works in Turkey. Never minded than work. It didn't work. Let's just never mind. I tried to some weird noise was being made when I called. I don't get it. He he has like a Turkish phone now. Maybe you've got a burner phone. That's what's going on. But yeah, we couldn't get John online. But that's okay. John listened to the podcast John since you listen to every single podcast and your huge fan of show. Just call me when you when you listen to this, and we'll we'll get. We'll get it set up to have you on the next, bud. That's worth valley. Yeah. It's a good pitch. All right, man. Anything else that it? That's it. I think that's all the conspiracies. Oh, I also Bill Walton with them Chris Vernon show, and I listened to that. And it was unbelievable. As always Bill Walton continues to deliver, you know in this life at every single turn every single corner. So and he had a great call. And then Oregon game that I brought up earlier the west coast best ball update pain Bridgford airboater shot. I figures dribbling the ball out for entire shot clock and Bill Walton was just so disgusted, and it was a great moment in west coast basketball history. But yeah, that's all I got Mark Titus anything else from you land grants. All I got grant land. That's all I got come to come. Langer tuesday. Thank you for listening to the podcast. We will be back later this week with more stuff to talk about. In the meantime, Moses, Moses up here, again, try it again Mosey own up to do it. This could be a great show. Let's do it. Let's end it out the right way. Mos ready? Speaking. He sniffing the microphone God damnit, Moses. We're going to get the stopped being put it on the. Yeah. That's what it is. That what we'll have Moses do an ad read where he's just chewing cheese at sometime Buna today is not that day. Maybe next time. So you guys.

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