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"taves seabrook" Discussed on Hockey Today

"Ottawa took the lead into the third period, but Seabrook scores of the twelve eighteen Mark to give the Chicago, the victory on either of these two teams are playoff teams, but which interesting about Ottawa is there clearly in rebuild mode, right? So anything they can get, they're gonna take it home opener. They steal a point Chicago in that rebuilding mode. But you know what Kane, Taves Seabrook, Keith. They've got a lot of good young players. I mean, a lot of good players. They threw a ton of shots on goal. Forty three shots on goal in the game, Chicago out, shoots out of a forty. Three to twenty five Crawford? Okay, not great in this one and obviously Cam ward now getting a chance to play with the Chicago Blackhawks. I should say Cam ward was the starting goaltender for Chicago as he gave up three goals in the game and ends up picking up the win kind of odd. The see Cam ward in a uniform other than the Carolina Hurricanes in Anderson I thought was great after bowed down your last year and a making thirty nine saves is Ottawa gets a point at home Columbus with an overtime victory over the Detroit Red Wings and the game winner for the. For the blue jackets, as it was. N- who all the conversation about him and his contract ends up getting the game winning goal in overtime at the two eleven Mark after a Tuesday tied the game up too late in the second period and also Atkinson with a goal as well as nice win for the blue jackets in Detroit, and I suffered by Detroit as well. But again, another example of just grossly out shooting the opposition as the blue jackets, almost doubled up the Red Wings and shots. Columbus had thirty nine shots to Detroit twenty Winnipeg Jets flexing their muscle in the conversation is the best team in the NHL at a one, nothing lead after two periods of play, and then bang four on four big goals to make a five to one victory. So five goals in the third period in the game and only one for the Saint Louis blues. And that would obviously come very early on as it would be a five. One victory for Winnipeg line gets his first of the year. Lowery gets his first a wheel. Gets his first of the year to make it three, nothing. Connor mated four, nothing tan makes it five, nothing. And then finally, you would see done for O'Reilly in Bosak late to just stave off the possibility of a shutout, but five unanswered goals for Winnipeg four and a third period is they really are showing you just how well rounded they are and how they are and national could be two of the teams to beat along with San Jose, making it three that could win in the Western Conference. Dallas with nice Dave in the three, nothing victory over the Arizona coyotes Dallas that forgotten team in the Western Conference, right? Everybody talking about San Jose. We just talked about Nashville and win a pay, but there's a lot of really good players on this Dallas Stars team Klingberg gets a goal, gets an assist from Ben wind up having to assist in the game, rational off who was so good for them. Last year gets goal as well. So a nice three, nothing victory for the Dallas Stars in this one as they get the shutout from Bishop who made thirty saves EJ Radic talked about it earlier in the week if you're able to get good quality goaltending from Bishop, if he's able to stay healthy is a guy that's got a ton of playoff experience obviously with Tampa. So Dallas can be one of those teams you circle right better goaltending than Saint Louis bowl. Teams are very, very talented, but maybe we're talking about Dallas instead of Saint Louis being the team in the central division that might be able to challenge Nashville and Winnipeg for. To make the playoffs. They're nice statement for Colorado as well. A lot of people assume myself included the Colorado might be one of those teams to take that step back made the playoffs. Last year might struggle this year while you know they spot the Winnipeg..

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