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"tati westbrook" Discussed on Breaking Beauty Podcast

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"tati westbrook" Discussed on Breaking Beauty Podcast

"That kind of Selena Gomez happens to be a part of and that of course is the power of kendo Sephora. And whereas this other one, it's just it's so fucking cheesy. It's so like made in a marketing board room and it just looks like it reminds me of like Bonnie bell from the 80s. Like, I don't know. I just think it's does not have legs. You know, it's just Apple. Interesting to me. Yeah, well, the brand already has a million followers. Oh, by the way, I looked on her Instagram. Do you know how many followers she has right now? I was looking just yesterday. 275 million followers. Like, just let that sink in for a second. No wonder she's starting a beauty line. Yeah, Selena Gomez is 272. Wow. It's crazy, right? So it's crazy. You think about these makeup brands and they're like, if we could just do the math, right? They're like, if we could get just 10% of these people to actually buy, you know, that's a huge figure, right? And it would probably be more than that. It's a captive audience. You already know they love her. Anyway, I digress. What else is going on? Yeah, and then beyond that, there's more celebrity news like Addison Rae just dropped these mood fragrances with just dropped this week. So I think it's really cool that she's kind of dabbling in the fragrance space and fragrance through COVID has actually bounced back quite a bit. So I think this is all kinds of genius. And it's actually Addison Rae fragrance dot com. It's not item beauty. It's interesting because we've talked so much about celebrity beauty lines, but this celebrity fragrance now seems to be the new trend going into 2022 because I think as you said, fragrant sales went up during COVID and the makeup is all getting saturated now, right? Like so many brands have done that. So now Billie Eilish, launching with fragrance. And so I think it stands to reason. And I read that even like J.Lo's sales are up, her latest fragrance apparently. I think it's called one shot to one of the top in her portfolio and apparently even Britney Spears fragrances are selling more now because she's back in the news. Yeah. Hit me with circus, hit me with what were the other ones. Oh my God, there was one I used to love. Fantasy is the one I'm thinking of. A lot of people. A lot of people stand the Britney Spears fragrances, and it's interesting, though, because some of these newer scents that are coming out are less of that kind of candy suite that we saw with the Britney Spears, like I know that Ariana Grande's most recent fragrance, I think it came out in the summer, God is a woman. The perfumer, the nose who created it. His name's Jerome, and he is actually the same nose behind by rito fragrances, some of those. Like Sundays and bowels are freak. So it's definitely like a more modern take. And I have a feeling we'll see that with the Billie Eilish, which I have yet to smell. Yeah, I heard that all of the Ariana Grande fragrances are really good. So that's good that they're taking it a little bit more seriously. There's another one that's like a shaped like a cloud. I've seen it at the drugstore and apparently that one's really good too. A lot of high fashion people wear it. Yeah, which is really interesting. And then Jill, you and I were slacking about the tattoo news. What do you make of that? Hold on, I'm just over here, bronzing my Tati palettes forevermore for to be honest though I really loved her makeup. Yeah. So RIP. I did have the palette and it was, I think one of the best curated palettes from an influencer ever. And of course, it was done at the time under the umbrella of ColourPop, so we know those that quality is just so, so. But what happened there? Because I assumed it just kind of flopped. But you were like, no, that's not what happened. So basically, she was involved in another business venture called halo beauty, those were the supplements. And basically she got into a legal entanglement with the former business partner at halo beauty because they, I guess, in the paperwork, fine print listen, I don't know whatever somewhere along the way, the former business partner said, wow, if you're making anything, it's got to be under the halo beauty umbrella. You can't be over here making Tati Westbrook make up 'cause we are contractually obligated to be working together on any beauty initiatives. Listen, I don't know the legal speak, but basically that's what happened. And that's also I think, of course, she had a really rough go on the Internet with all of her videos and the Jeffree star and the James Charles of it all, but that was just one thing she was dealing with. I think on the real thing that made her shut down her business was these legal entanglements. And I think it was frankly just costing her way too much money. And at some point, I think you just have to throw your hands up and go, let's cut our losses. We're not going to give another dime to this guy. We're going to be like, okay, okay, okay, okay, we'll shut down our business. And if we do something together, it'll be under halo beauty. Now, I don't know if she's contractually obligated to launch more things under halo beauty that I do not know. But I did watch the video and that was basically like, bye, and it's like, after two years, tatty beauty is shutting down. Her business partner, his name is Clark Swanson and Swanson sued James and tattie Westbrook for fraud negligence and breach of fiduciary duty that was around the teddy beating. So it's just, it's just a mess. Yeah. Wow. And her legal her legal woes are not over. And you know, I was watching her video going, wow, she's so good at this. Yeah. She's so good at YouTube. Right. And it is a real shame that she's basically been dark on the Internet for two years for all of these other things. And this is just part of being a YouTuber that nobody talks about eventually you are in a business and there's just so much to learn and so much to know, especially if you want to start creating your own lines and that's why all these big powerhouse players like Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez they don't do it alone. Oh yeah. They have they have partners who know the business inside and out. And I think that Tati is a bit of a cautionary tale in that respect, because you think, oh, that all sounds good, but then the waters can get muddy really, really quickly. Yeah, she's had so much drama kind of plaguing her. And Carly, you and I have talked many times with this larger industry trend that's going on about the beauty business is sort of diving into the world of gaming and getting sort of taking inspiration and partnering with these people that are big in the gaming world, which is frankly very foreign to me. But I think that there was a bit of a fail that happened this week, right? Yeah. So, you know, beauty gamers are potentially the new beauty influencers. You know, that's where all the Gen Z eyeballs are at. And so we have seen like Anastasia, Beverly Hills, getting into this space..

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