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"tasman saboo" Discussed on This Week In Marvel

"Like deal with a situation yeah i think as such a cool thing that has ever been done in moon night before hoedspruit dunk probably to various degrees but i don't think no i don't think it's been lighter thing where he's like i am going to summon fourth jake because he's the personality the best deals this the need new it's a need new twists in and really it takes something that's racially mental weakness from moon night and gives it agency gives power um and where like is that we had there's distorted the sun king has stayed separate from moonlight these guys have not iran's me of tasman saboo that want back when they were feuding yet initially and then when a whole year without touching each other and that made it so that when they actually touched at barely legal it was big deal same thing here with moon night and sun king they're bolt doing parallel stuff but they're not coming into contact with each other so when they do finally meet it's going to be this huge epic confrontation a you've got moonlight do his own thing with the truth you've got sun king meeting up with somebody else who is now a friend of moon night hour we thought or at least i thought the character day he's frequently dead yet antifair that um so we'll find out with the plans with that next issue looks like sun king and moonlight are actually give you a meet up in the next issue denton to of what max b missing crew are due in on this book lilley um art we've got old man logan who ruled man rule number thirty one written by ed brisson art by mike deodato junior and frank martin um so this is the legacy story line the prefers part of scarlet sammarai scott summer i it's something new uh we know the silver summarized yeah shows up in this book is a severe some are two yep uh can you give a quick low down on who the silver summarize spent silver sammarai the initials silver similar awry was obviously the heavy for the uh yet issued a clan yes yes the issued a clan uh the new silver sammarai is his son who is kind of a jerky sakaki.

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