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Episode 231: Wohl of Wallstreet feat. Tarpley Hitt [Patreon Preview]

Yeah, But Still

07:41 min | 1 year ago

Episode 231: Wohl of Wallstreet feat. Tarpley Hitt [Patreon Preview]

"Hey what's up pimps employers Jacob Boll and you're listening to Ya but still while we're on the topic of Wool and sex You should play the clip. Where Tarpley talked to him about dating APPS. Okay I got Bernie. Yes I was asking him. He's giving this speech about dating and relationships and Until I was like well. So what's the connection between that in politics and that's where the Bernie part came in? But this is before that when he's saying you know the problems of dating yeah and he is on bumble so one of our listeners sent me his bumble profile and matched him she was gonna try to talk to him and Report back but I don't think she's able to strike up a conversation but he had a very funny bumble profile. All right here we go. We'll on dating APPs or a lot of men for instance have have a lot of trouble with With online dating. I've been a big. You know proponent of staying away from the online dating sites. I think they're just disaster. They're a waste of time You have a lot of you know unfortunately unattractive women on these sites that deceive you with photoshop pictures you name it. So there's these really actionable You know tips that are easy to implement that. Can really you know up? People's happiness up their effectiveness in life. Those are you know a lot of the things they like to talk about. Did you always feel that way then? Dating or did you have bad experience. Something no no. I just sort of. You know heard through the grapevine that that people have had lots of trouble And you know thankfully I haven't had the same sorts of troubles And so you know I've I've sort of sought to fix equation And and it seems that there are very clear Workable answers that We'll we'll give you know a lot of success. Yes I mean this is really small. It's a small thing to get caught up on but I mean he we know Jacob. All lies he tells huge lies but the ones I'm most fascinated about are the lies. He tells where he's just lying about living a basic life right right like where he's like. Yeah I've heard it through the grapevine. I hadn't heard it through the grapevine because it's like he's lying about the one thing most people have where it's like friends like a couple friends a social life of some sort basic conversations where you're just shooting the ship and something like he does not have that I mean it's it's literally the hipster coffee shop thing all over again. Yeah no I heard in a coffee shop cat fishing happens. Yeah yeah one thing he ever had. It's his big. His biggest lie is having friends. Yeah where it's like. I mean you could imagine like the type of people that he he you know. He has like Jack Burke many as dad And like these weird cranks but they're always up to something you know it's always. They're always up to their weird schemes. Like this person definitely. I'm sure had almost no friends in high school what they're never. I'm sure the conversations are never what most of us experience where you just like bullshitting talking about timing about bumble clear talking to there's no. There's no grapevine. There's NO GRAPEVINE. That's like that's not something people say when they're like repeating friends anecdotes about dating. Apps. Yeah the problem is that people have a lot of trouble with those. And it's it's something unique that I I've heard through the friends. I have you know so I'm here to heard through my many friends. That Women Use Photoshop. Yeah big problem with bumble. Is that You know some of these girls will just take screen shots of your account and send it to podcast. Hosts they listen to and then the podcast host put it on their their discord there. Patriot discord. You know. That's a problem Widespread problem I wanna fix or these APPs you know. Oh so anyway. What else do we got from the wall interview? Oh I think oh go ahead. Oh no I mean this is just the best line is the next the next clip where he's talk at the end of the dating APPs clip. He's talking about how there are some actionable tips that he can give men for dating and depression. This is one of them This is our final clip of him. I think you ask him what he actually tells these men. He gives advice to so here. We go. I like to give quick actionable tips and so a lot of time. So have for instance men reach out and they say they're depressed. I give them very simple instructions. It's called lift weights and Lo and behold look it in the end they lift weights. It changes their body. Chemistry rewires their brain. And they're just a different person a couple months later and so. Those are some of the kind of actionable tips that I like to To to delve out and and get into snow funny it's called lift weights. Why is it even so funny? Brandon just inherently hysterical. It's called it's called lift. Weights is so funny. Yeah this really this technique. Ivette breeding on every day thousands of suicidal men. They flood my. Dm's the they say Jacob. I'm about to kill myself. I've I've I have a gun. I have a gun. It's in my mouth please Jacob. You're my only hope. I don't have any friends I look up to you. Please give me some advice. Any advice jacobs like it's called lift weights. It's something I'm thinking about this for a long time. You know. It's a little outside of the box. Okay but this is the advice you you know. You're really getting your money's worth when you come to me. I'm GonNa tell you this right now. You gotTa lift a weight brother. Go in lift that Shit Bro. It's actually is one more clip where he's describing his workout routine. Oh yeah this one's great. I mean he does. He does lift. You know there's there's no denying like he is shredded. He's been working on it. I can not fault him there. You know there's a he's undeniably shredded. Yeah shredded opening a file called wool shredded.

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Monitor Show 23:00 06-24-2020 23:00

Bloomberg Radio New York - Recording Feed

01:42 min | 10 months ago

Monitor Show 23:00 06-24-2020 23:00

"Jay Farner here, CEO, rocket mortgage, making the right financial decisions, has never been more important. When you turn to rocket mortgage, we can help guide you to those right decisions now when they matter most mortgage rates are near historic lows, so now is a great time to call eight three three eight rocket, and if you need some extra money, a cash out, refinance. Refinance could give you that financial boost. You're looking for call today. At Eight, hundred, three eight rocket, or go to rocketmortgage DOT COM to learn more call for cost, information and conditions, equal housing lender licensed now fifty states and mls number thirty thirty now a global news update the agreements enjoy, but the treasury secretary warns a de-coupling could still be on the table. On in the Asian Wall, it is muted session this Wednesday rich still the ASIAPAC index managing to eke out some gains. Justin Positive Tarpley the CSI three hundred index up two tenths of one percent seventh day of gains, China stocks, hitting new fifty two week highs, more Chinese stokes could ridge this high in Q. Three. The concern though is in the bond market, the Chinese government bonds has taken tenure yield to within striking distance of three percent level. That was law seen back in January. The Hung, saying though down A. A tenth of one percent. Of course we keep an eye on ten sonnets, smashed all-time highs up to doubling since twenty eighteen lows just yesterday, the cosby one and a half percent rising for a second day Samsung, leading the advance cost me heading from the biggest bronze in at least ten years. This month alone is up six percents price to earnings ratio of twenty five over in Southeast Asia.

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Kroenke Ranch  The Kilcoyne Conversation

Scoops with Danny Mac

18:05 min | Last month

Kroenke Ranch The Kilcoyne Conversation

"The latest kill jodphurs station going off the beaten path. A little bit. We're not talking hardcore sports. Somebody who played in the nba and the nfl or major league baseball. This is about stan. Kroenke and his latest legal battle not about the saint louis city county sports authority. Take on the nfl. That billion dollar lawsuit that still in the works but this is about something else. That's taking place in canada where stan kroenke owns a massive ranch. The locals say they deserve access to a couple of lakes which are inside the ranch. Those are public property the lakes however cranky his lawyers said you cannot access those lakes through our property so this has been the courts now for close than a decade story popped up. Somebody tweeted at at me. Oh about a week ago. In the reporter from the daily beast tarpley vet has written extensively about it. So i thought it'd be a good time to just sort of breakdown. This story who. What is the dispute here. What are the implications for canadians. Far and wide when it comes to public land versus private ownership really a lot of layers to this and Because it's stan kroenke in the courts in saint louis folks are interested but it's It's dragging out in the courts which so often is the case. Kilcoyne conversation can be found at scoops. With danny mac dot com and it is presented every week by triad bank. The saint louis based bank. That was started here. In two thousand and five neighborhood friendly banking final on the web at triad banking dot com. If you're looking to do more business wide. I bank with a saint louis based bank. Who can help you get more business done. Also appliance discounters. Those four area locations. Best thing to do go online. V. appliance discounters dot com. Check all that great g. merchandise selected online. Have it delivered within days. Don't wait weeks or months ridiculous. The appliance discounters dot com also. Marie developed senior living. The campus is located in west. Saint louis county at the corner of clayton had wiedeman road. Rage shame needs for years live. There was on the board part of the ownership team. Take a virtual tour at marie. Davila dot com. Let's get kilcoyne conversation with the reporter. Who has written extensively about. What's going on with stan. Kroenke in canada tarpley vick from the daily beast. While i thought we begin with the douglas lake cattle company. Douglas lake ranch whatever title. They prefer. Charlie what is what is its primary purpose is is it there for people to read out and visit. I mean what's the primary purpose of the ranch. So the douglas lake cattle company. It's the largest operating cattle ranch in canada. it's this huge area in british columbia and It you know you can. You can camp. There you can buy private passes to go fishing there. You can stay there It's basically an operating cattle ranch that happens to be owned by stan cranky and it also fully surrounds chew lakes stony in many lake which are publicly owned so it has some private bodies of water on the property but it also has these to publicly owned lakes that you can access by way of this one road end one now. Do we know before Bought this property Were those lakes accessible. So what dispute now is accessed those legs which as you mentioned are public lakes. Do we know before stan kroenke came in where we were there issues with the lakes being accessible or resist a newer phenomenon. You know. i'm not sure that much about the history of these pads before synchrony Picture but. I know that. I am under the impression based on interviews that i've done that. These were publicly easy taxes by way of these trails but that once it started beginning slightly before two thousand thirteen when the dispute begins A lot of the time. The trail and road were blocked off by fences or locked gates and that sort of when the nikola Bali fish and game club enters the pictures like we. We need to be able to access these. These bodies of water in they started in twenty thirteen legal taking legal action against cranky and then the people running the douglas lake ranch. In by your reporting it wasn't until twenty eighteen. They got they got a ruling. The british columbia supreme court ruled in their favor to give them access so that that's a massively lionel. Things turned slowly in the world of justice. But they've been and other words the people fighting for access to legs. They've been at this for a while. They've been at this for a while in night. I you know this game fishing game club. It's just a local recreational nonprofit so they were fundraising with raffles and fundraising with picnics to find their legal fees so yeah this is a long battle on their end to be able to fission what should be public property or is public property not should be and And yeah so in two thousand eighteen a the british columbia supreme court ruled in their favor in said these two roads or this trail in this road rather Public citizens can can take them in go in access these lakes and then appeals In mid the case that you know the one of the one of the pieces of evidence the The club had offered in the trial. Was that the trail. Had these roots dating back to an indigenous village that had been in the area before In that it was this historic landmark and In the lawyers argued that there was insufficient evidence to indicate this had indigenous roots in that the the road itself didn't approach the natural boundary of the lake. So even though the road itself was public they were going to have to cross into private property in order to get to the lake from the road. and the appeals court seemed to find that argument compelling so twenty thirteen. The local fishing gaming club starts their legal action and twenty eighteen. Get a ruling in their favor. Then it gets appealed and just in recent weeks stan kroenke in his group of the ranch. They win the They win the appeal basically saying what that they can close off access. What's next in for this group. I'm fascinated by the fact this drooling. It is kind of a david and goliath. Stand croppies billionaire and these folks natalie. Today lose the appeal right. They've been told now that they have to pay croppies legal fees. Yes so it's to be clear. It's the legal the appeal only but it is like One of the director of the nikola fish and game club that i spoke to estimated that the legal fees were going to out to something like twenty five thousand thirty thousand canadian dollars And you know there are a nonprofit and this man is he owns Many many sports teams So there is a sort of David and goliath But you know that remains it remains to be seen. Because i believe they are considering a appealing the decision as well yoga's so they go to appeal. Which means the pregnant spend more money on their own legal fees. I'm surprised nobody philanthropic or that. Somebody hasn't taken up their cause for gotten behind them. It seemed like the locals are kind of fighting. This alone is weird. Amita thing that there isn't somebody bigger that wanted to get behind this caused. It does have implications for a lot of canadians right. This ability to access public nationally. It's part of sort of an international movement of That is called the right to roam basically do when these publicly owned. Piece of land or property are circumscribed by private property. What are the acts one of the rights to access that piece of land in especially in british columbia where there's a lot of these small Bodies water that are surrounded by private property this this case is kind of a landmark in determining will canadians be able to access those bodies water. Will they be able to hunt will to fish and at at the moment. The answer is no The the the judge the appeal justice. Who wrote the decision wrote that. The original author of the two thousand eighteen decision had added his voice to the chorus of people attacking the rights of private property owners. So basically crockett gets this win now. The next step is for local folks kind of fight back a little bit further in again. I'm just surprised at the the country's level that is getting a lot of play you guys wrote about it at the daily beast. I'm just wondering around. Canada in i wonder too is is there more outrage because crunchies american or does that not play into this. I think there's some there's some outrage at least from the i mean the people i spoke to off on the nikola valley fishing game Club side obviously have some vestige. They have their bias but They were definitely outraged that it was an american. Because you know. The the appeals court is literally saying canadians. Who pay canadian tax dollars cannot access this lake because it is surrounded by property that's owned by someone who's not does not who was american. You know so. That was certainly an element frustration to them. Do we think these trails throughout this whole legal process have they been sorta locked and closed up the entire time during appealed to open 'em up. I'm wondering what access they've had really what's been almost a decade. I'm not sure. But i don't think that they've had much access to the lakes at all again. Nobody's getting behind their 'cause this is just the They're doing raffle tickets to raise money to take on state property. Which just that's a battle financially. You're not gonna win. And so having indicated any bigger names or bigger movement behind them this is it just seems like a mom and pop operation right now but it seems to have a bigger reach and i'm surprised. More people are interested in their costs. Seen here their lawyer their lawyer to quote that was like you know the cortra- supposed to protect the rights of a public property and public citizens to access it and instead the courts have told nikola fishing game club that they're on their own our conversation here with tarpley is brought to you by appliance discounters and appliance discounters. They're well aware of all the cannot said. The other appliance guys are telling you when you're in need of an appliance right away and appliance discounters. We want to make your life easier by offering a full in-stock forty thousand square foot warehouse full of ge appliances times of difficult enough. Why wait two to three months for your appliance when you can get it in just a couple of days lowest price. Ge rebates great service an in stock only at appliance discounters. Shop any of our showrooms or online the discounters com as always. I love this saying our savings. Are your savings. The conversation also presented by triad bank. There infront neck on clayton road on the web it's triad banking dot com. Find out. What a neighborhood friendly bank is like sort of like the old days when you walk in and everybody was there and actually behind the counter. And they're friendly. Try bank also redeveloped senior living. You take that virtual tour right now. Marie davila dot com. Have you heard anything from stank rockies other than i guess from the lawyers involved any of his. Pr peabody reached out to you guys. After the article in heard from crunchies personal wraps but i before the article ran. I spoke with a representative from the From the ranch in. They said that they had always known that the courts were going to decide Air on the right side and that they agreed with the court's decision in that They were happy with the outcome. You get the sense of the local gaming fishing. They're not they won't just walk away from this losing this battle and again having being handed the bill twenty five thirty thousand whatever. They're not walking away at this point. Oh they're definitely. I think not walking away i will so i'd ask them what they were going to do about. Being forced to pay cronk is legal fees. That were they going to fundraise for that in the director i spoke to Said you know we have no plans to fundraise for those legal expenses but we do plant fundraise for our appeal because we definitely think there's room here thrust make a case for Access to public land and this is all in british colombia. I think as you wrote. It's the size of this. Ranch is bigger than the greater vancouver area. We're where exactly does this area so it's in southern british columbia. It's in an area called the nikola bali The the closest town is town called merit. But yeah it's you know it's a giant piece of property. It's i think. I want to say the exact. Forget i'm the exact square footage Escapes me right at this moment. But it's very large mattress cooper size and so when will this go to the next step will be in the courtroom and this is probably something that's going to drag out for a couple more years. I mean it's been underway for so long so it will definitely be going on for. I am engine. It'll it moves slowly court smith solely in so it remains to be seen when they file their appeal if filed their appeal feel. I think an appeal is likely But it could definitely last quite a few more years. it is right to roll other other cases. Similar this going on throughout canada with this you mentioned right to roll may be explained that a little bit to listeners. On so i mean right to is is sort of describing. It's basically like access to these public lands in to my knowledge. This sort of v landmark case in sort of determining what it will have the large trickle down effects in terms of will canadians be able to access water pieces of property that are circumscribed by property owned private citizens. I would think this story to. Your editors the appeal was the appeal of the story is pretty compelling. isn't it is. It is kind of david and goliath that public private. It's american canadian. I would think that a lot of boxes. I would think in terms of reader interest. Definitely i mean might be is. I've just started a beekeeper called power trip which is You know about money. It's about labor it's about income inequality and the high concentration of wealth that we're seeing right now in the us. Globally cranky cranky is one of those individuals who has just so much money that he can shape laws he can. I mean if obviously the appeal court decision that that led to this so it's not entirely of him but you know he. He definitely is the goliath year. Well we appreciate you helping on the show explaining it. I know the second came out. Stephen on my twitter feed that got a lot of people responding and saying checkout what stands up to and they monitor his movement closely. Garretta's it's well documented. There's a big huge lawsuit with the single city and county regional sports authority challenging the nfl and ronnie on his exit from near show lawsuits cranky against the he's no stranger lawsuits. But this is fascinating for all of our not just football fans but hunting and fishing fans and our friends to the north so thanks so much for hopping on xtra having me and we appreciate tarpley being a part of the program. It sounds like there'll be a follow up here at some point. The folks in canada challenging stan kroenke just like the folks in saint louis. There was the famous case in texas with the The lake down there. That stan purchase so we will keep you up to date. Make sure you subscribed and kilcoyne conversation. Get all of our visits to deliver directly to you. They're all found. Scoops with danny mac dot com looking forward to upcoming visits as well bob costas on the show and the topic is the art of the interview. Everything's change in the world. Tv and radio but really when it comes down to it. People still enjoy good conversation. Nobody's been better at that over the years than bob costas. That's our topic with bob. And then just engage former to sports star at mizzou football and basketball had an eight year. Run in the nfl and now start coaching at the high school level. So just engaged. Bob costas among our visitors guests in the coming weeks. Here's to make sure you are subscribed at kilcoyne conversation at itunes and spotify. Thanks so much for today and we'll talk again soon you.

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The Rack Extra Reviews: UFC 4

The Rack Radio Show

08:46 min | 8 months ago

The Rack Extra Reviews: UFC 4

"The following is. And welcome the wreck extra views right here on wild talk radio DOT COM, he's rock I'm Lindsay and we're back with yet another video game review from our very kind friends over at e. a. and day Y'all today we are here to talk all about UFC four fighting gays. I Love Fighting Games. Could beat the crap out of people had so much fun. That's him. What what it's such a guy thing I mean I know it's not just a guy. That's a guy thing to say, but it is. It's fun you take at your question and that's what funny games growing up were like in between mortal combat in the street fighter, and now you'll see like they're fighting games but would you say your aggression was ruthless? Ruthless aggression. You happy. Yeah. Okay, so breakdown down what you of C four is your traditional fighting game that you expect from UFC you have your traditional modes exhibitions and what have yous. You've your career mode where you work your way from being an amature all the way up to winning the championship and Beyond and creating a hall of fame career. You've obstacles along the way like in every career mode, you go build all your stats up you gotta start very low and then work on your skills and everything like that and in a world where we're surrounded by. Life happenings, you have online mode, we can set up matches with your friends and. them all around the country all around the world you have great Internet connection you can just. Have some fun as it were. There's multiple types of. Online modes to get into and then. You got my two favorite moments one stand up in Bang or staying bang as it's called where you're just fight in a backyard environment the. Cage in the backyard there are no submissions you fight fight till you're the one left standing then Oh, there's knockout mode so I've mentioned already Moral competitor fight, right? uh-huh. This has like a hells demon environment. Okay. That's cool where it's knockout only you can only win by knocking out your opponent. You get any little special like mortal combat style attacks or just you just you're just normal fighting, but you just beat on your opponent until you knock them out, which is so much fun because it reminded me of a moral combat street fighter thing where you just go and it's it's I believe it's best to out. Like in Mortal Kombat. We into rounds and who are if. You got knock them out. You train their power bar until they're dead it's like. To me that's so much fun. I had a lot of fun going modus. Pounding on people and it's like, yeah. This is the game I remember. So so those are the modes in the game which gives you a lot to choose firm. They're pretty good handful collection of characters in this game which you know you like they even brought in like Tyson fury in this game. It's fun is fun. You'll see legend you current. UFC. Fighters I. Mean you've run the rousing in this game, which is cool PUNK for wrestling fans in this game still because you know what? Is Technically signed to the company is a playable character. So there's there's nothing wrong with Mr Pronk being in the game there's nothing Nothing wrong with it at all but you've got a wide selection of characters, which is you know give you multiple options whether you WanNa go in the knockout no, the regular mode, her you know standing. At I mean you know you can. If none of those satisfy, you can create your own character, right? Yeah. You create your character like like always you get you know your traditional you know sets of hair and everything like that. It's it's pretty much what you expect. You get you get. Basically, build your fighter in grow your fighter. As you go, you know you're in different skills as you go and you create as you. Go through your Kermode, you earned that X. P., which is always keen. All these Games is you're on your xp but bill your characters straight up simple man. and find there's like it. It hasn't changed much from previous games. So that's good for people who played Yahtzee to you'll see three it's pretty straightforward. You you get your look together boom. You're done, I? Mean there's only so much you can do for. For for looks because you're limited by you know what you'll see actually does because if you know as you'll see fighters these days sponsorship deal. So you're you're only limited amount of color and sermon looks because you know you're basically using like we walk and stuff like that as you made year. All right. That's pretty nice. And graphics the game pretty solid it's pretty solid. Any. Ea Sports Games the graphics are always pretty solid, pretty realistic, and that's all you can really hope for Hey realistic graphics. Those are important. They're very important. What is also important controlling the game? Yes. That is also equally as important the player experience being able to control your characters. So how is that? So the basic controls our basic trolls you just smash hit X. X. Y. A. B., you have combos and. Why the US your trigger buttons, your very basic controls. Now, what they've done this year is they've changed some of the take down and submission systems which I thought was a lot better. Well, that's good. Yeah. Because I learned throughout playing with. Three I wasn't great at submissions like I was. Okay but it was a lot of are going back and forth back and forth, and you you really you really struggling throw it does at least for me burning it going through all the details and stuff I was able to learn how to transition from hold the hold a little bit better in. Than in the past because in the past was very luck oriented this one is like took a little bit more skill and a little more practice on it, but once you learn it once you learn how to get the holds on and transition from old hall and tap out your opponent. It felt much more natural I guess better way to put it. which is good which is a good change from from previous ends. We're like, okay you just have you get lucked into locking down your opponent and then your opponent screwed this. Okay. This fell a little bit more like, okay. There's some give and there's some take with it. So I like that. So overall thoughts, it was fun. It's a very fun. Game I. Mean I haven't tried out the online modes because I haven't had a chance to. But if you have friends who you WANNA play with the probably very very, they would enjoy the game very much is the best way to put it. They'll enjoy the game and you have a lot of fun. It's it's worth going your way get because it's It's fighting games and you don't really expect much from fighting games because you always know what you're getting. You're getting the chance to as Lindsay. Lindsay. Didn't like at the beginning was beat the crap out of somebody because you can. It's not that I don't like it. It's just it's I'm going to be perfectly honest. It is not my jam fighting games or not my jam but I respect that they're your jam and there are a lot of other people's Jam Right? Like I completely respect that but they're just they're not my thing. Never have been, but you know what? If you like the game and you think it's a great game and you think people should buy it everybody go by it. On car buying through your Microsoft where PF store now it's available. Now you'll see for from EA sports get it. So I think that does it for us? What do you think that those before she falls all the social media platforms greatest show also at while Tarpley twitter facebook dot com slash while talk radio never at fault. So twitch twitch that TV such to your life. Suffer Rock. I'm Lindsay Ward. You've been listening to the rack extra reviews, UC, four edition right here on Talk Radio Dot com, and we will be back very soon with another review. So till then

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Bumperpodcast #380  Yumyah

The Natty Bumpercar Bumperpodcast

12:05 min | 10 months ago

Bumperpodcast #380 Yumyah

"I listen I. Know I've been gone for a long time. I got a good I got a good reason, not even an excuse I promise. I've been I've been out in the wilds of the world looking in hunting. And I invented something. I didn't invent it, but I. Kind of Hell with help. I was able to discover something and and I. Think I'm ready to share with you. I know I've been gone for a long time. I can't believe I just looked, and I saw the last episode that I that I that I put up was about the glasses. Remember the glasses. It was so long ago I still don't have glasses. I've been back to that store twice. Have like relationship with them now. I, I walk in, and they're like. Hey, no glasses and I'm like cool. I was here for a plunger. Good because we're friends now we can all just laugh and laugh and laugh at how. How I can't see but. We're past the glasses. We've moved so far past the glasses. We're into a whole nother world now. where I'm inventing stuff and I'm following through on it lot of times, my brain, just kind of make stuff up and I'm like. Yes, that's it and then I forget about it but this. Mostly, because I've been prompted in in prodded enforced by other people. Is is is that? I've kept data, and and a lot of times left to my own. Whims and desires I just kind of big idea. Move along big idea. Move along. I mean the fact that I've recorded three number three hundred eighty. Of these podcasts is astonishing to me. That means must really enjoy doing it that way. I must really enjoy you and you know what I do. I, Miss you when I don't do it I. Get I start to get guilt and then I and then I started to get like Oh. What am I done? What if what if I never do it again? That'd be sad. Would you be sad I would anyway? So. Here's what we invent. It's called Yum yeah. What's Yum? Yeah, all right well. Here's a fun story that I wrote. To See if you can follow along I, tend to say it pretty quickly. But I'm going to I'm going to try to slow it down for your for your listening ears. Deep in the hills beyond the abyss lives the ghost of a ghost. Who has granted one wish? When to Grumbly, explorers got lost in the Blah. That ghost blessed their bellies. With the taste of YUM, yum! Yum Yeah you say well not to downplay bud. It's creamy and dreamy and not to sound unseemly. But. I highly recommend that you try some. So trust the explorers who have decided to share this yogurt retrieved. From the ghost from nowhere. They've even swayed. The heart of coffee can alley and now. Yum Yum is made near the Brook? By the jungle of the town beside marshmallow valley. It is made with love. So, hold onto your wish. Because the ghost of the ghost. Invented your? Four Bliss. Try Yum. Yum varieties as well as ya flavors and enjoy this perfect eating blend. That everybody savers. Young guys. We've done it. We've invented something delicious. I mean you know we followed a recipe. We tweaked recipe, so here's what I like to do. Is I like to find recipes online and I usually get five or six, sometimes eight or ten of the same recipes right from different places, and then what I do is I look through the list I find all the common ingredients right and so and I build. A recipe out of common ingredients right those your your base, those your backbone. That's the structure, the foundation that your recipe is built on right. And then. I start to look at all the other little things like Oh. This person did this tweak that person did that tweak over there? You know and then I start to like do experimenting and figuring out like all right well if they did this in this in this. Maybe, they wanted it to be a little bit more savory. You know that means that means like kind of salty, and so that's why they added this stuff, or maybe they wanted it to be a little bit sweeter. And so they added some hunting, or whatever right and. So then I determine what how do I want it to taste? This is going to be my recipe and so then. I start to figure out. I'm going to get rid of this I'm going to hold this to the side Oh. This thing actually plays well off of that ingredient, so I'm gonNA. Keep it even in there. Even though you know on the surface, you might think Oh, I don't know if that should be in there. Sometimes it should, and you don't even know. Right right so. According to the story, there's the ghost of a ghost. and. He only granted one wish the thing is. We don't even know what that wishes. Does it even pertain to the two explorers? Does. I think there's a deeper story about this ghost. WHO's on? How many wishes does he have left? And I didn't even know the ghosts granted wishes. Is the ghost of genie like how? There's a lot going on. It's what I'm saying, and and you know so. Did he invent? Yum Yum to he is. He is guarding it. Is it. Is it something that's you know like? It's hidden in the forest I don't know. I think that that story is is just the beginning I think we're. GonNa find out a lot more about about. Yum! Yum, but basically. It's it's. It's kind of like yogurt. It's creamy ended streaming, right. And these poor explorers. They they they were lost. And you know, guess the ghost of a ghost save their lives. By filling their bellies. With delicious yum yeah. Why not just call it yogurt. I'm fine I like yum. Yeah. It sounds better and people were like. Oh well, the heart of coffee can alley. That's ninety bumper guard. Yes, that's me. I am allowing them to. Manufacture to create to make. Ya here coffee can alley. And we can't wait. We've got yummy flavors that we're GONNA. Start figuring out to we're going to do like a limb incurred curd. Do you know what that is? Odds good because the yogurt kinda sweet, and so I was thinking like i. want some tart flavors to go against it just to counter it so a nice lemon curd oud. which could move over to a key lime? What really yeah it could it? Could it absolutely could, and then also we're thinking of doing like. A cranberry you're like, but that's only for Thanksgiving known my friends. Graham Berry dressing is delicious, not out of a can. No, no, I'll made fresh. And then we're thinking of doing like a Chai. Chai is it's like a Chai Tea, but A. Yogurt. What! And then we're even GONNA make. lassie like a mango lassie, right, which is a drink, but we're not gonNA have it be to liquidate SOC-, Mango and the yogurt, and maybe some like some cardamom row. Wow, very fancy and we're going to make some. Some GRANOLA and we have like cups coming little plastic cups, and so the only thing that's holding me back at this point is I haven't made stickers. Or design the packaging. But my focus right now is on getting. All this stuff made done right, and then then then. I can do the packaging. That's where I've been. I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. was still doing the pig and pals show. Coming up today very exciting. Celebrating, birthdays left and right haven't been doing a lot of comedy shows. Do I miss it. No, actually I don't kind of weird. I thought I would. I used to, but then. It's just been so busy. and. Busy doing what well inventing. Yum! Ya for one. Thank you for asking. Oh. What's that? You're asking me? Is there a twitter account is there? Is there a facebook page? Is there an instagram relax? Were working on all that stuff. There's a lot okay. Settled down. And What I've been doing I've been working in the yard. And and we're we're putting path around our a raised beds raised beds where we have squash and cucumber and corn and Pumpkins and Cilantro and lead us so much. Stuff is growing this year tomatoes. Okra it's all their. Think. That's what I've been told to me I look at it and I see a lot of plants but I've been told I've been. Guaranteed, these are edible plants so I'm GONNA. I'm GonNa take take their word. But so what I did say cleared off all the grass third around the beds and then I put down this Tarpley stuff, and then I've started putting down rocks so far I've put down one thousand two hundred pounds of rocks. because. Each bag is fifty pounds. One thousand almost at more than half ton. Hot Hot Sun. But you know what. I did when I was done. I came in. and. I had a delicious taste. Of Yum Ya. Look at me. Okay I. Hope you're doing well. I! Miss you desperately. Next week we're going to get back to normal episodes. or maybe even this week. Maybe I'll do fifteen or twenty bonus episodes. Who who now

marshmallow valley Grumbly Graham Berry Chai Tarpley facebook twitter Chai Tea Mango one thousand two hundred pound fifty pounds
The Fight to Reopen Disneyland in California

Daily Coronavirus Update

09:15 min | 6 months ago

The Fight to Reopen Disneyland in California

"What's it like to drive the Volvo xc ninety plug in Hybrid The. Thrill of four hundred horsepower. T eight twin engine. The joy of impromptu road tramps. And Serenity. Of Electric power in pure Eko mode. Visit DMV Volvo retailer today to experience the xc ninety recharge plug in hybrid for yourself. It's Tuesday October Thirteenth I'm Oscar Ramirez from the daily podcast in Los Angeles and this is reopening America. When we'll theme parks come back to California Disney city of is in a battle with the state to reopen. Disneyland and get back to normal. Full. Guidelines on reopening have not been released but we do know some of the requirements the park would be limited to twenty five percent capacity and restricted to visitors that live with one hundred, twenty miles. The park is a huge economic driver for local businesses, but a balance must be struck and protecting the health of the public and employees. Tarpley hit reporter at the daily beast joins us for the fight to reopen Disneyland. Thanks for joining. US. Tarpley. Wanted to talk about the fight to reopen Disneyland in California, there's other property obviously, Disneyworld has been open for a little bit of time now but in California, the fight is particularly difficult to be Governor Gavin newsom and other officials have failed to put out guidelines so far for Disneyland, they want them they're asking for them the city of Anaheim where Disneyland is located is asking for the park to be reopened they're really A. Driver of a lot of money in the city right there in the county this land has been close for more than two hundred days. They've had to lay off a bunch of people and it has a for all the businesses around it. So the businesses and Disney obviously want the park open California and the leadership. There are kind of taking their time with reopening the so Tarpley tell us about this battle to reopen. So, Disney obviously closed back in March and they had initially planned to reopen in July right when Disneyworld was going to reopen. But at that time governor newsome had not yet released reopening guidelines for theme parks and so after making this big announced, I know we're going to reopen they actually backtrack and say, okay, we're actually just to open this small retail and restaurant strip the downtown Disney district, and so sense than they've been in this back and forth with newsom over when can we reopened? When are you going to release these guidelines and about two weeks ago Gavin NEWSOM was getting ready to release the re-opening guidelines I, believe on Friday. October second and then before he could former Disney CEO and now I believe Executive Chairman Bob Eiger saw copy of the guidelines and quit the governor's Cova nineteen economic recovery task force in protest. It's unclear exactly what he saw on the guidelines that concerned him but it seems like because when nineteenth pretty infectious disease that there was going to be limits on capacity at the theme park so they were only going to allow twenty five percent capacity. It seems based on Anaheim officials who saw the drafts they're going to place limits on where visitors could come from people would have to stay from around the southern California area they couldn't come from. New York. To reside within one hundred twenty miles is what we're hearing, which puts a lot of people that WANNA travel and come to the park it. So tourism heavy there that's probably something that they did not like seeing. But. You know you also gotta think about the people that are working at the park. You know it's important to keep them safe as you know Disneyworld they. A system where the people who staff the park we're getting tested daily on site and some of the workers who have gone back to work at the downtown Disney district have. been concerns that does need to not implement onsite testing for the staff there. So that's sort of an ongoing thing. Also in the figuring out how to reopen amusement parks is, how are we going to keep the people that run this play safe and figuring how to keep the people they're safe but on the flip side of that Disney, has had to lay off I think it was twenty, eight, thousand workers overall. But a lot of them did come from California. A lot of them were part time workers who didn't qualify for some of the benefits had, but there was also fulltime workers and I know. Unions are working with Disney to figure out how that is all going to turn out. So workers that were previously there and furloughed, and all they've been hit really hard as well. They've been hit super hard and you know it's really really scary. 'cause you know a lot of these people are part time workers, which means that they didn't work enough hours to qualify for things like childcare or healthcare but some of those people that were laid off did qualify for all those things. Now in the middle of the global pandemic, they will no longer have health insurance or being no longer have health insurance still being. Hashed out between the unions and Disney. That's very difficult and there's criticisms on all sides we were talking about the you know there's criticism against Governor Gavin newsom and the leadership there the OC Healthcare Agency director Dr Clayton Chow did green light the parks to reopen. So they're in a rush to get back to business or looking for these guidelines but at the same time as they're getting blowback Disney executives are also getting blowback four laying off all these workers but actually you know they took pay cuts at the beginning of this thing but now they're returning back to regular pay levels. So that's another criticism there that Disney leadership is getting. So back in late March Bob Eiger announced I'M GONNA forego my entire salary and Bob Beckwith again, fifty percent pay cut and the vice president's we're taking between twenty and thirty percent salary cuts those announce we're a little bit misleading because. The -secutive pay you get a certain amount as a base salary and then you get a lot more in terms of performance bonuses. So for example, I believe Bob Iger salary that he was forgoing about two and a half million dollars, but he was going to make several times more. long-term bonuses. So this was representative modest pay cut in fact, but then in late August, they announced in a letter to shareholders that they were going to restore the pre pandemic salaries of all of those executives and then a month and six days after that, they lay off twenty thousand people so. That's definitely caught some flak. I mean, where do we from here? It really seems like there's this big stalemate right now no end in sight for this, the governor needs to release them guidelines so they can start working for them. You know we have hearing that Disneyland is going to adopt the recommendations from the county health agency to reopen, but they need to get the green light from the governor as well. So it's just a tough thing. You know a lot of people want to get back to work the city of Anaheim suffers because businesses around there rely on. Disneyland is a big economic driver. It's really tough and it doesn't seem like it's an open anytime soon. Yeah I mean it's a tricky thing. It's sort of like this situation that a lot of businesses are in right now where it's like they want to reopen but health officials are not saying that it's entirely safer indoor activities activities with a lot of people to open, and that's a real catch. Twenty two might be softened if there were perhaps programs that could support people while they waited out the duration of of quarantine until you know we. Have a vaccine and things that are really safe to return to business. But has newsom said I think in a press conference week he's going to be really stubborn about reopening St Mark's because they're taking a health I approach I mean we saw what happened over the summer when Los Angeles County's civically you know reopened indoor dining their equipment and we got this huge surge in some cases. I think officials are now taking a more cautious approach. Tarpley hit reporter at the daily beast. Thank you very much for joining us. I'm Oscar Romero and this has been reopening. America. Don't forget today's big news stories. You can check me out in the daily dive off cast every month. Friday. So follow us an Iheartradio or where every culture podcast. Are you ready mistress the head fixing podcast Tuman Bay. Yes. Reaches is thrilling final season. This world not as you. Saved. From iheartradio and Goto productions Stephen is coming of mighty child. Will Destroy. Dead. But she came back something is going to happen. You need to be ready from creators John Scott Dryden on Mike Walker May. Because Gregory, you are the hinge of history skulls whenever about the past they were about to future Tuman Bay season for take me to. Listen and follow Timon Bay on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts what now? We wait. To in vain.

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The Solidarity Podcast Intro Episode & How to Max Hours at UPS

The Solidarity Podcast by Teamsters Local 769

16:25 min | 2 years ago

The Solidarity Podcast Intro Episode & How to Max Hours at UPS

"Hey brothers and sisters. It's Bez before we dig into this episode. I just wanted to take a minute to explain the objectives of this podcast, and more importantly, the ways that you can help we're diving into the podcasting scene to bring you reliable. News and information about your union in a format that you can easily fit into your busy schedule. Listen to it. While you walk the dog on the treadmill at the gym, take it with you on your drive to work or listen to it at work. If you like many Teamsters spend, your workdays on the road, be sure to spread the word about the show and tell others how they can get connected as well. Now comes the part where I explain how you really can help us shape. What you hear in a moment? I'm going to give you a website address where you can go to find instructions on how you can submit stories ideas and news that you would like to share with your fellow local seven six nine Teamster members. Do you know, a Teamster brother or sister who has done something miraculous or accomplish something amazing? As one of your co workers reached a major milestone share it with us. Please. We may feature it in a future episode or share it on our social media pages. So here comes that website address. Visit Teamsters local seven six nine dot org slash solidarity. Once again, that's Teamsters local seven six nine dot org slash solidarity. There you will find how to submit material to our show or additional information on any of our current episodes. Thanks. Hello brothers and sisters. This is the solidarity podcast and Teamsters local seven six nine. I'm Brian says body, but everybody calls me in this episode of Teamsters local seven six nine president at Brickell officer. Josh village sits down with us to discuss the objectives of this podcast, then local seven six nine business agent. Mike Cortez gives us some tips to address a common area of concern during recent ups contract negotiations, but first let's get to some highlights from around our local union this month. Let's begin with an update for our wire seem members leaders of all local unions that represent workers at wire sea freight met on April tenth, and with the exception of one local voted unanimously to send the national master freight agreement to the members for ratification. The tentative agreement contains numerous improvements, including wage increases restaurant. Nation of the week of AK shin. That was given up protection of health and welfare benefits would know employees premium copays and prohibitions against using driverless trucks to list, a few full details of the tentative agreement are available at our website on or about April, nineteenth members will be mailed voting information and votes will be counted on or about may third. The vote will be conducted by secret ballot. As it always has been. But this time members will vote via the internet or phone. Onto the UPS contract. The UPS contract is two steps closer to taking effect UPS Teamsters covered by the local eight oh four supplement and the western Pennsylvania supplement have voted to ratify their agreements the national agreement cannot take effect until the outstanding supplements. Ratified once ratified economic improvements are retroactive to August. First twenty eighteen the only outstanding supplement remaining metro Detroit will be voting on their tentative agreement on April twenty eighth and finally Teamsters local seven six nine would like to take a moment to congratulate miss Shirley Tarpley on her retirement. Shirley has been a working Teamster for forty five years, and for more on that we have a clip from our March general membership meeting, we have a very special person that has been with us for a number of years that has told us that she is going to be retiring at the end of the month. And I would like for surely Tarpley sister, Shirley. Tarpley who's a trustee on our executive board, and who has been a Teamster. Since nineteen seventy five thousand nine hundred seventy four excuse me. Forty five years and surely has been with us for a long time. And we wish her the very very very best. You're going to miss you tremendously. That was president Josh Zilic addressing the membership at the March general membership meaning Shirley plans to travel extensively during retirement. And we wish her the best safe travels. Miss surely that about wraps up the goings on around the local this month. We'll be back after this. Fellow teamsters. Mark your calendars, our annual Teamsters local seven six nine south picnic is scheduled for Saturday November second twenty nineteen at twelve noon. It will be held at our usual location in Markham park. Located in sunrise, Florida, just off the turnpike and Fort Lauderdale good food and great bear for the adults treat some fun activities for the kids from bounce houses to rock climbing wall come enjoy a full day of fun with your Teamster brothers and sisters from all over south Florida as always our picnic is freedom members than their media families than is open to all members of Teamsters local seven six nine admission prices for guests of members ten dollars per adult and five dollars per child. Remember to bring dry nonperishable foods for our food drive benefiting. Feeding south Florida for updates and more information on this event and everything related to. Teamsters local seven six nine follow us on any of our social media pages or visit. Visit Teamsters local seven six nine dot org slash solidarity. And now, we have our first guest on the solid you podcast. Inappropriate guests for our first ever episode. Why don't you introduce yourself for our listeners? Hi, this is Josh village. I'm president of Teamsters local seven six nine in Miami. Florida. Thanks for taking a minute from your always ridiculously busy schedule. Appreciate it. Thank you. As I tried to take a minute to explain in the intro to this first ever episode leadership at the local here has always been interested in improving communications. Why don't you take them in and explain what people are in store for? Sure, bryan. We as you know, we have attempted to improve our communications and education of our members with regard to their rights on the job, and what's going on with their local union and to that end. The podcast hopefully will just add to our methods. Knowing list of offerings. Yes. Between Facebook our website Twitter traditional communications in print. But additionally, hopefully, the podcast will assist our members in again educating them as to their rights on the job and happenings within the local union. I'm excited about great. How frequently do you anticipate we're able to release these updates? I think realistically will attempt to try to get something out every month to our members. Additionally, there might be a need for us to do it more frequently in particular, if we're in the midst of a perhaps a a heated contract campaign or perhaps job action with the strike or an organizing drive where we need to have more frequent communications. And if the podcast is popular and his well received by members, then by all. Means we'll do it more frequently than that. But at the outset we'll shoot from month. -ly what type of materials can people look forward to being presented in this format? I think what we wanna do is. If there are particular rights on the job or areas where we feel our members need current information particular issues going on. That need members need guidance on from their union will strive to provide that in this format. But additionally, there may be basic rights that some members don't realize, and you know, that's a way for us to provide it there's also social events. There's also our scholarship fund, which is an important program that many of our members don't know about other Teamster benefits that are members some know about and others, don't right. And we're big in a big believer in education of our members is gonna make us a stronger union. So again to that end, if the podcast is helpful in that regard. I'm all for it. Great so good. I hope we can provide something that the members can look forward to downloading and the utilize to to help get them more formation on the job. Yeah. We're we're excited about this format. And we're hopeful that it's a helpful in something that the members can look forward to on a monthly. Basis and if not more frequently than that. And again that it's helpful and informs them as to the goings on within the local union. Great. Thanks, josh. My pleasure, Brian. Thank you. Teamster members are you aware of all the benefits of your Teamster membership, your Teamster privilege entitles you to members only savings on everything from renting a car to sending a bouquet of flowers all US Teamster members and their immediate families are eligible to recede savings on legal services, entertainment discount, car and truck rental discounts, Credit Counseling flower and gift basket discounts and interstate moving discounts for more information on these and other benefits to your Teamster membership. Visit Teamsters local seven six nine dot org slash solidarity and click on the benefits tab on the right side of the page. One of the concerns. We heard expressed by members at UPS during recent negotiations is loss of overtime here to speak more about that and offer suggestions. So those members wishing to maximize their hours is local seven six nine business agent. Mike cortez. How's it going today might I'm pretty good Ryan? How are you? I'm good Mike, can you speak more about the methods members can employ to maximize their overtime. Well, what the upcoming contract as well. As the one that's been in extension. There is a nine five lists. And specifically when the nine five lists will come out twice a year under the language of the new contract simply opt out or don't sign into the nine five language. Just try to maximize your hours by getting as much work as you can based on DOT allowed hours. Another way is have the member signed into. It's a call less that call this is going around some of the building's already try to get the company aware that if they need extra people on the shift that they could call from this these call lists. Meaning they would call the names that are on the list for any extra work for examples of preloaded shift need you guys to come in early. There. You gotta they'd call there in seniority order to bring you on board or for a shift. That's in the evening. The local sort maybe twilight or reload shift part-timers as well, they'll have a fulltime opportunity by signing. What's known? The part time to full time lists and that comes out quarterly four times a year where the part timers will get an opportunity when a job is available become to get into these full-time positions. Other than the call in lists. Is there other language in the UPS contract that would afford opportunities to members seeking additional hours under the current contract is under extension as well as the new incoming in? There is the safety committee language under article eighteen in eighteen though safety committees can be staffed by our members. Those members will have an opportunity to get more hours that way doing safety items related to the company is there a restriction on how many members can be on a safety committee or the restriction is really based building wide. If first of all that the building does have a safety committee are members have the right to be on board. And usually those hours probably prior to your shift, even maybe during your shit. To do any type of safety required items. Also based on a number of people that are employed in your particular location. How big the joint safety committee would be right those. That's good advice. So in summary to maximize your hours at UPS one elect not to sign the nine five list to sign any available. Call list for extra work or to cover absentees and three volunteer to participate in your local safety committee. In addition, part timers will have opportunities become fulltime employees, thus increasing their hours. Thanks might. Appreciate your time. Bloody Ryan thank you before we wrap things up. Here are some local seven six nine dates to remember for the month of may may eleventh is our team meeting at ten AM and a retiree meeting at eleven AM. Both at the Miami hall may eighteenth is our stewards seminar. This event is for Teamsters local seven six nine members who. Our shop stewards only stewards were mailed information on the event location and times. And if you are a steward did not receive this information, please call the Miami office at three oh, five six four to six to five five the purpose of this event is to provide our stewards with the training and tools to better aid them in contract enforcement on the job may twenty-first is our birthday Teamsters local seven six nine was founded on this day in nineteen sixty four making it fifty five years of kicking corporate buttons, south Florida. The hall will be closed in observance of Memorial Day on may twenty seventh and our general membership meeting will not be held on its usual day of the month, the general membership meeting for the month of may is on Thursday may thirtieth at eight pm at the Miami hall again this event is for members only please for more information on these or any of our events. Visit Teamsters local seven six nine dot org slash solidarity and click on the events button that about does it for our. Step Assode special. Thanks to Mike Cortez for his help with this episode. And as always Teamsters local seven six nine or podcast is produced by the officers and staff of local seven six nine including Josh Zilic Rowley Pena and Steve Myers with contributions by local seven six nine business agents. And by me, Brian Busby out for more information on this or any of our episodes, including show notes, and supporting documentation and the best place to get information about all things related the Teamsters in south, Florida. Visit Teamsters local seven six nine dot org slash solidarity. As always we encourage you to subscribe to all of our social media pages were on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also contact us by Email at podcast at Teamsters local seven six nine dot ORG. Encourage your brothers and sisters to listen to subscribe to our show as well. Our theme song vendetta was composed by Stefan carton bird. And additional music titled onion Capers by Kevin McCloud at incompetent dot com for used in this episode. Both licensed under creative Commons, attribution license until next time. Remember in unity? There is strength by folks.

Teamsters Mike Cortez Brian Busby president Florida Miami Shirley Tarpley UPS Facebook Ryan Twitter Josh village AK shin Kevin McCloud bryan south Florida Detroit US Josh Zilic
George Floyd's Brother Speaks Out, Victor Cruz on Explaining Racism to Young Daughter  Daily Pop 06/02/20

Daily Pop

21:02 min | 11 months ago

George Floyd's Brother Speaks Out, Victor Cruz on Explaining Racism to Young Daughter Daily Pop 06/02/20

"Welcome to daily pop. These are heartbreaking times for our country right now. I'm Aaron. Lim joined by Morgan. Stewart and Nina Parker and we begin today with the brother of George Floyd who shared a powerful message yesterday on Good Morning America about the riots and looting. Do feel like is over. was going on because he was about. Unity. The things does transpiring now. They they may call. A unity is destructive unity. Is Not. It's not what he was about. That's not what my brother was about. You know he would. He would motivate you to. Channel if you angry is okay to be angry. But Channel Your anger to do so deposited. We'll make a change another way. Do. You think that the looters are taking away from the message. To be honest with you I WanNa talk about ludicrous. I'm seeing people post about looting, but were completely silent on the loss of black life. I feel like people wanting to talk about looting. are, people who want the issue to go away? I think I saw Stephanie. Pratt post to shoot looters on her twitter page, but then post one thing about. George Floyd then post one thing about all of the black lives lost so to me the people who are talking best their main emphasis, those people. Don't give a damn about. America being better, they just WanNa be comfortable and I understand we're George. Floyd's brother is coming from, but he also has to understand that it doesn't work that way. Not Everybody is going to be able to show restraint or be able to be. Ingrained in the same way that the their counterpart may be because. He is experiences are different. This is beyond that at this point, things are people are fed up, and not only that people are starting peaceful and walking and protesting and being met with aggression by law enforcement that increases that problem to there are many copies of this is not just one dimensional. And you know what's interesting as well. There are people who actually have had their storefronts broken into, or they have had things stolen throughout all of this, and yet they have recognized that merch can be replaced, but a life cannot be replaced, and I'm not condoning the behavior you know when things have branched off to looting and riots. That's totally not what the protest was about, and there are a lot of news outlets that didn't even show the hours of peaceful protesting before it turned in to chaos, and if you aren't on social media, or you don't have friends who are woke or you don't have people who vocalizing these things, then that's all you see. That is nearly unfortunate. And there are a lot of people who came together to help. Clean up their city. What else would you guys like to see happen? I mean I think it is really nice when you do see a sense of community come together after all of deluding and all of the destruction, but I do think that obviously there is a bigger issue. Here is Nina said, and this is just people's response to that, because it's just been going on for so long, it's been ignored money. How no matter how many circumstances and incidents we have like unfortunately what happened with George Floyd so? I just think deluding is really not. Something that people need to be focusing on and as you said, it's true, all of this stuff can be replaced. Obviously, nobody wants to destruction, but unfortunately that's just where we are as a society at this point you know. Wants it like no, no one is. Nobody wants that in the night. And I think that you know we see this happening and people instantly at go to that, but you know loud about the leader's in quiet about the killings, so I need people to pick. Pick what what's important because if you have to understand that if all you're upset about as looting, this is going to keep continuing and it's you're you're also? You are just GonNa. Say you are a part of the problem. Many celebs are coming forward right now that they are donating money to help Chrissy. teigen committed to donating two hundred thousand dollars to help bail out protesters across the country, lively and Ryan Reynolds announced that they've donated two hundred thousand dollars to the N. Double ACP Legal Defense Fund. How do we feel about this? Do you think that celebs are doing enough because they're? They're countless other celebs who are donating as well. But is it? Is it enough right now? I think people are doing the best with what they can. At least I would hope so I do think it's up to people like Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds to step up to represent people that are white that are trying to do the best they can and kind of help defeat injustice as best served to them, so I think that look somebody could always do more. I'm sure people want to do more, but I think if people are making steps to try to be better and tried to enter a conversation that maybe they weren't having before. How other people live, and to maybe try to put them selves in their own shoes. I think that that's something that should be applauded and recognized you know. Listen the motivation. Whatever people's motivation is at the end of the day. Going to help people and a seen Chrissy Teigen. Get all this criticism people saying. How can you donate to this? It's. I'm so confused by people. Resisting people wanting to protest, but also saying that you're here for Justice in American rights like two weeks ago when people were protesting opening up with starbucks, it was okay now. The people are protesting black lives as a problem like. You were you were just touting your constitutional rights two weeks ago? Let me make this last point Huntington Beach California. They didn't have any problem with those protesters out there screaming spitting in lieu cop's face, throwing things into the street. The protests were black lives. Matter was shut down for being awful. If you don't see if you don't see the blatant disregard for the lives of black people. You are asleep. That is a powerful statement and effect linneman while Miranda. Apologize for taking part in what he called the moral failure of not speaking up sooner. Do you guys think that there are a lot of people who are part of this moral failure? Yeah, I mean yeah. But not just this week like. Folks been silent for a long time. I have to say that I know that there were a lot of black women when me to really. Became prominent that. Felt like. Okay well welcome to the Party y'all we've been talking. We've been saying this. It was like. We were screaming into an empty room. I, personally felt like beings haven't had to happen to white women for it to become. A in a nationwide global issue, and so now when I see people, you know finally coming around. It's like of course like I'm never gonNA feel like don't do that, but also people are now finally checking their privilege there now kind of checking the bubbles that they've been living in and unfortunately something really ugly had to happen for for that to a car. How do you guys feel about some of your friends who are posting on their social media completely unrelated to this movement right now there are people who are still posting self user cooking yet. They have not spoken out about this movement once. You Know I. got. I need and I've talked about this quite quite a bit. I just feel like during this time. I mean I you guys know completely self obsessed and really do care about my instagram and to see. People posting about things that are completely irrelevant to what's going on or even worse, posting something having to do with George Floyd or where you can donate or how they're so upset about what's going on, and then immediately post something about their daily workout, or even what they're eating and I'm just like guys like I know that. Maybe you're not on daily popper nightly pop, and you're not on television, but you're still human being, and you still need to act accordingly during this time, so you cannot be posting your cinnamon toast crunch after you posted about Roy Tarpley. Just. Have some type of responsibility and Mike. It doesn't look authentic. You know it doesn't look right when when people are are doing that, and it's like I know people don't want to be policed with what they what they choose to post, and but it's just like. All I'm. GonNa, say as my follow button is on fire, and we see you. We see you know whether it's not authentic, and we will move accordingly. Don't want this black support or support for people who are part of the movement. When it's the fun stuff, understand that when when this is over because one day I will be. We won't be back to support you right absolutely, Are you? Guys will be right back with more. As protests continue around the country. Sittings have imposed curfews including here in Los Angeles. How do we feel about the curfew? I mean our curfews have been changing here in Los? Angeles I can't speak for other cities, but initially there were curfews. Yeah I think a few days ago, it was announced at eight PM, and then they changed it to six PM at five fifteen so read. It was like they changed it so it. It feels like a setup. That's what it feels like to me, because if I'm out and say I took public transportation wherever I'm at. They also shut down all the public transportation la, so you. If you don't have the money for Uber and you know you're in the middle of the city trying to get home. You're stuck, so that means the chances of you getting arrested are a lot higher a. To me. I'm looking up for the JIG. I feel like the JIG is up like they're trying to get. Out on the streets like that's what that's what they're doing. There should be a better way of enforcing the curfew I think we've also seen the president of the presence of the National Guard in attempt to control the protests and looting. How do we feel about this? Being effective will air I really WANNA go back? One second to the curfew really has to do with the national. That's why the National Guard is here to enforce the curfew, so it's connected, but this this to me and from anybody who's really paying attention. Is this curfew? in my opinion is to prevent people from protesting. which is our constitutional rights, so it's. A lot of these protests are starting at twelve one o'clock. They're making the pro they're. They're starting at eight and moving into six now one PM, and if you're not having rose colored glasses on, you can see this in clear response to people protesting in the streets, and they can say it's looting, and they can say it's variety, but if the National Guard is here, and they're standing by while people are peacefully protesting. Why why would that? Why would there be a curfew needed rate right? That's a really good point like why? Why is there a curfew? Entire National Guard is everywhere and people are peacefully going on about their business, which is their right? What is? Because they don't want you to. They want you to be quiet. Right every time we have more of these conversations that gets more and more heated. Like it's just crazy over past weekend, police officers in new, Jersey and Flint Michigan made headlines when they took off their gear and marched alongside protesters. Kristen. Bell posted this photo on instagram writing. Now we're talking. There are some mixed feelings about these images I mean when I see an image like that. Obviously, it's I want to. Be Happy about it and I. Think it's for all the right reasons, but I think it goes back to sort of the authenticity, and I'm not saying that by the way I want to be very clear about saying that all cops are bad. I think that there are a lot of amazing police officers that have do you know dedicated their lives to protecting and serving people but I just think it's one of those things that when images like that surface in the midst of what's transpired. It's just we made. I don't know maybe I'm a little bit jaded, but my mind isn't automatically like good on them. It just more or less. Is this a photo? Operas is really how you feel. I agree with you and I. Think Look obviously standing in solidarity is great. But I guess my mind. I'm like okay, and now what because when you end this? What happens after that? And I feel like a lot of these police officers who are participating in this art problem with this for their colleagues. So how do we reach them? so I think you know it's. It's a start, but I I would love to see enacted in Em- policies in ways that we can see it written down a black and white, so that what's happening is being prevented with police brutality, so I mean it. Theoretically, it's great, but now what? I will say seeing some of these officers marching kneeling and showing that they know that this is wrong. Shows their fellow officers who agree that they they can be vocal that there are good officers who who had. Because maybe they were afraid because they didn't want to disappoint their colleagues. But I think other officers other good officers seeing this less. No that I too can be in solidarity with this moment I can be an ally, and maybe there is a way that I can show others than I am an ally and I think that it can't evoke change within the system, if more people just ignore it, so and I just want to say this one last thing Erin 'cause I know. We're running out of time, but you're you're not you're. You can't categorize yourself as good if you stand by state. Are you guys up next. Our colleague and friend Victor Cruz is joining us. He's opening up about a very important conversation. He had to have with his young daughter about racism. That we are treated differently than other people. I don't like how. I believe that. Doing Great. Doing great job. Storms. We have black. We have the feel like thinking. As I treat wrong. Duties look. Right. Who? I purposely hadn't watched that because I knew what it was going to evoke in so. There's no way a little girl needs to articulate herself like that such a young age. Seventy, a viral video from two thousand sixteen that recently resurfaced when it was posted by Governor Newsom. Still very important today. My colleague Victor. Cruz is joining me from New York Victor are no. I've been paying attention to your social media I. Know that you've been very vocal about everything that's going on, and you also have a daughter and posted a very powerful message on Instagram, talking to her seeing this video in having a young daughter How is this affecting you? It's affecting me a lot I. mean you know mainly for starters just trying to explain the things that you know the things that she seen like George Floyd getting his. His neck knee down upon by an officer like I have to explain that to her, and why her biggest question to me was widening, take his knee off of his neck, and and like you know, and then I have to further explain who you are, and you're young black. Queen. Y You know there's GonNa be some people that don't like you solely because of who you are, and just the color of your skin, and where you come from, and and she's looking at me with these is that she's a little confused by it obviously because she's like, but then it's like she's watching the television watching CNN and we're seeing what's. What's going on a number explaining to her why we've reached his breaking point, I'm saying means of people from years past this has happened to, and she's a little confused, but she understands, and I can tell. She understands that and I can tell that she's trying to make sense of it all. I'm just happy. I can be here to guide her through something like this, whereas someone like myself. And even my mom had kind learn kind of on the fly. You know what I mean kind of just adapt to a world as opposed to getting someone from that's been through a to connect back down and give you that advice. And I think that's an important point to make because. When I see criticism of people in the street, right, I mean I don't think that anyone feels like it's okay to to loot, or it's okay to burn things down, but especially I feel like if you haven't had someone in your life, who's been able to help you process? These. Injustices and the oppression that people feel it can turn into something that can only be explained his rage. And, so I wonder how other children who don't have a dad like you with would process those types of emotions. It's tough. I think it's exactly that rage. You know even that video that we just showed from a few years ago. I get angry. Just watching that you know what I'm saying. I'm happy that she had to. Be there, explaining the fact that she even conceptualize that at her age and to be able to regulate that is is unfair shouldn't happen. It shouldn't. Because there aren't white kids out there. Having to have that same battles, there aren't white kids out there facing those same injustices, so it just breaks your heart, and it's something that you want to continue to educate, but I'm optimistic right now. Because I feel like of all the other times that this has happened, this is the first time that it's reached. Reached a global scale and people are upset about it. People are angry and I. Really feel like this time there will be some changes made because that's the only way we're going to see a true different is if we continue to educate ourselves first artists, and then really see a change within the these police departments, and then going all the way up through the judicial system I mean it's embedded all throughout our fabric of the United States of America so as long as we begin the process of. Getting that out weeding out the bad apple sort of speak, then we'll be in a good plate, right? I think that all those uncomfortable conversations that I feel like. Maybe we're glazed over before. are being had now even though if some of them do turn ugly, it seems like maybe the the start of something I hope it does feel different and I hope that it I'm hopeful but skeptical at the same time because I. Feel like we've been here before. But but I do I do see certain people stepping up. Before that doesn't leave me hopeful. Agreed and the I wanNA leave you with this friend of mine named Rodney fired, who owns a brand called kiss very prominent brand in it's been growing over the past couple of years, and he's a white Jewish male, and he's one of my best friends. And we spoke for you know an hour hour, and a half the other day and his store actually got looted, and I asked him about I was like Oh. How do you feel about your store? Getting happen twice actually the past two days. Days and he was just cool. Man Like needs to burn a little bit. If it's going to cause a little change, I'm cool. We'll get everything back like that's not not worried about the terroristic things at this moment like it's fine. Let America burn a little bit. So people can learn. He can come out of that and I was like Oh. That's why you one of my closest friends. That's why I love you no matter where you are who you are. What color your skin is no. Absolutely in I appreciate you express because I know a lot of people have talked about that, but there are a lot of people who are in this fight with us in Victor I. Thank you so much for for adding this to the conversation. It's much appreciate it. Thank you Nina? I WanNa, go ahead and bring back wargin and Aaron. We watched a video where a little girl found her voice, and I wanted to know how it affected you guys for her to speak so eloquently and be so clear with her message and her emotions at that age. I mean I don't think there's really anything that needs to be said. My hope and prayer is that kids of all ages and adults continue to find their voice and speak up. Apply that young girl because I was. That is it for us today? We will see you tomorrow I. Love You guys so much. Guys.

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Queen and Drone Viability, Honey Fraud and Apimondia with Dr. Jeff Pettis

Beekeeping Today Podcast

56:42 min | 1 year ago

Queen and Drone Viability, Honey Fraud and Apimondia with Dr. Jeff Pettis

"Welcome to beekeeping today. Podcast presented by culture beekeeping. Today podcast is your source for beekeeping news information and entertainment. I'm Jeff and I'm Kim. Hey Jeff and Kim. Today's sponsor is global. Patty's family operated business. That manufactures protein supplement patties for honeybees. It's a good time to think about Honeybee. Nutrition feeding your hives. Protein Supplement Paddy's will ensure that they produce strong and healthy colonies by increasing brood production and overall honey flow. Now is a great time to consider what type of Patty is right for your area. And Your honeybees global offers a variety of standard patties as well as custom patties to meet your needs. No matter where you are global is ready to serve you out of their manufacturing plants in Airdrie Alberta and butte Montana or from distribution depots across the continent visit them today at. Www DOT global patties dot com. You Bet we WANNA thank bee. Culture magazine for continuing their presenting sponsorship of this episode be Culture Has Been Magazine for American beekeeping since eighteen seventy three subscribed to be culture today. And while there check out be cultures beekeeping your first three years a quarterly magazine for beginning beekeepers. We also want to thank two million blossoms. Sponsors this episode two million blossoms is a new quarterly magazine dedicated to protecting all pollinator insects wild and manage before they disappear. Magazine is full of beautiful photos and informative articles. You can learn more of an our season two episode nine podcast with editor. Kristen trainer and from visiting. Www two million blossoms dot com and that is with a number two almost. Didn't get through that Kim. Hey it looks like it's finally got northern Latitudes Kinda here. Jeff leaves on trees. The Red Budge are just beginning to pop. Some of the early apples throughout packages came in last week. So I'm worried about them. And and I've got friends in North Carolina that ARP pulling swarms out of trees. So yeah it's spring. Hey both speaking of swarms intrigues. You have friends in the Pacific northwest. We had swarms. I had a swarm last weekend there. Yeah Watch out. This hive and silly hybrid had swarmed in and and the swarm was underneath hanging onto Boorda hanging off the bottom board so swept into a pan and put them in a nuke and check them today and they're just Haman right along there just fat and happy. So mid April is that is that typical swarm time Pacific northwest. I This I've not had them in the individual mid April before the it seems I have to go back and check my notes but in May before swarms but you know what is really interesting not to put a product plug here. But let's just say I had a High Monitoring Abreu minder type product on my hive and I got an alert saying hey you might have had a swarm because noticed a sudden loss of Colony wait outstanding. I thought that was pretty cool. That's pretty cool. So what is it like an alarm? Go off in your phone or something. I gotTA. I received an email said. You're kidding you might know. It was a loss of. They'd lost four pounds. I think alerted triggered dealer and they said and and advice sent you an email. That said maybe pay attention. Jeff you just lost four pounds of yeah go go look out and I said I said you know just just like anybody in the new new world with instruments. I didn't trust my instruments and I said God stupid stupid computer. There's nothing going on out there. It's April it's Pacific northwest. It's been raining. I went out there and by. Golly there was a swarm hanging on the bottom board. You know what you need. Is You need Jerry. Berman shanks device talks to you. You know instead of just giving you a wait and send you an email and you device it just talks to you and says hey get out here guy. Yeah maybe maybe so I did use his guru APP and afterwards. So maybe we'll find out what the bees are talking about after this warm. Hey I'm looking forward to our podcast. Dr Jeff Pettus. You know from way back don't you I do. I've known jeff a long time and It'll be good to talk to him again. We're at eight Monday together. And I saw him. I don't know maybe five hundred yards away and we waved. He was busy busy busy busy busy busy so we didn't get to chat. So it's it'll be good to catch up with him. I haven't talked to quite a while. Well let's let's get right into it. I know he has a lot to talk about well. Dr Jeff Pettus. Welcome to beekeeping today. Podcast you thank you jeff. Good to be here. You and I WanNa thank your parents for what a wonderful name you have. I think redistricting except my my full name is Jeffrey J. F. F. E. R. Y. Only are correct. It's not Jeffrey and it's not free in it yet. So it's Jeff are- over anyway. I'm I I'm the Ra de well. Well we'll just just something throw him off and he won't know which is wholly Jeff. I liked to well it's K-. Im here and Jeff Peres. It's been a while since united had a chance to talk we. I waved at you briefly at the April Monday conference up in Montreal this year and that was as close as we got you. Were running full speed the whole time and it's been a while like I said it's been awhile since we talked. So what have you been up to since you left? Usda well good question. Kim Yeah I did. I remember seeing in Montreal. Montreal was quite quite a busy time quite a good quite a good meeting so I left. Usda in move on to do other things and most people think I retired well. No I didn't retire. I I was active. I had a couple of PAM. Ranz probably tapism grants and I'm still working on some of those also have active grant with Dave Tarbey. Usda grant would. They've CARPI working on Queen Quality. So I'm currently working on. Amateur azure assistants as well Luton. You're looking at whether we have amateurs was justice in the USO still pretty active on the research front. But the Monday a hat that I wear. I was already the president of this Be Health Commission so that beheld commission we cover you know roll mice af be all the things that affect afflict these worldwide and I was head of that for over four years and then this past year in Monday I was elected president and at Espada change a change in what. I'm responsible for stuff like that. So is a new hat. But it's a it's a welcome challenge. I think it's serving beekeepers global mobilink. That's good to hear it's good. I want to go back to your research. Just to start with air. Your we're GONNA with Queen Quality with with Dr Tarpley. How's it going not? Well I know I because we've identified shipping temperatures in Queens ship from quaint producer to the to beekeeper. We've identified Queen Shipping is one of the issues. But there's a lot of other issues McQueen health and stuff so it's only one of the possible problems and I've kind of modelled day or did a prototype obey not an air conditioned shipping container but a small shipping container. That would move air and kind of guarantee the queen's safe arrival but it will take more engineering to do and I'm not sure if the industry needs it and I'm not sure if you know industries ready for it so they There are some issues with Queen Shipping. And then Dave Turkey. We've been working on drone hilts and other issues with pesticides in Queens. So we're just continuing that work and I say it's not going well. It means that Queen is still a major issue for beekeepers around the globe. Anna the longevity of Queens is I know it's not what it used to be I mean people say. How do you know that used to see two and three year queens and we don't see Queen's lasting much more than sixty years to six months to a year now so it's an uphill battle on Queen Health. I think I think you're right there on the meetings that I attend. That's always one of the questions with what's going on with Queen so I think you're working on the right place looking at the looking at the things that need to be looked at well. One thing I'll give I'll get Dave Turkeys lab big plug. They they have what they call a Queen Clinic and several queen. Breeders around the country are using it. So if they've the Queen Breeder wants to know if his or her queens are well-made it in high sperm viability they can ship Queens today harpies lab and he'll analyze it for him. Give them a report on. There's queens and that's been helpful giving feedback. We know that early. Mated Queens sometimes are so good at the midsummer maybe heat stress or whatever so he's able to give feedback and provide some information back to queen about about about what the quality of those Queens produce. So it's a it's ongoing service that he's providing and we're still working together on said some of heat stress issues and also some of the pesticide exposure issues with So if I'M GONNA be buying Queens behoove me to to be talking to the Queen Producer that. I'm working with and say by the way if you run your operations who Tarpley's lab to see if things are going okay. Well it's it's not. I mean you can analyze ten queens and get a pretty good handle on Bajic Timeframe Yonsei of these queens coming out this time of year or really high quality. And you'll give you a score score. Based on all the queen's he's analyzed overtime and say these are eight plus Queens or these are B plus Queens or whatever so yeah it's a it's not a bad idea and what factors of looking at. I mean though scoring on a ship. Queens live McQueen's live. He starts ways the queen which is just a gross measure of you know we always think. Larger Queens are better than that may not always true. He does more for metric measurements also just measuring wings and stuff to see that. There is some of the key measures are he'll do sperm volume. The number of spur. The numbers sperms from Arizona in the sperm. Eka and then the live. Did those two measures so really important. So a a well mated. Queens should have over five million sperm and sometimes I have eight to ten million sperm. If they give below three about three million. They're probably not well made it and the other is the viability. Should be at least eighty five percent are better at the time? And we're seeing some of these. Failing Queens have thirty and forty percent viability. So they're their sperm. Viability is way down in some of these queens been he'd stressed or whatever So yeah he that the sperm volume of the number of sperm and the sperm viability. He also can do virus things like that but the virus numbers I mean. What do we do about viruses? What are we doing? What are we doing currently bias social canceling everything under the Sun? Doing with a corona virus. I know I know gasoline most of my trips. Well that's a question then is is he looking at? Queen's overtime brand new queens queens year old Queens older than that? So we've done we've done some of that. He did a very nice study with I. Can I can say the name. Oliver raise a number. A number beekeepers are really cooperative. So I'm not pointing out raise being exceptional. Although yes but dave went away and said Hey. Can I get some of your queens from the certain batch and then you run them in your production? Look at them over time so look at them over like six to eight months so out of this one mating group. They tested him right then right if they made it and then he put them in production colonies. Ship THEM TODAY. Across the whole season. Well they only lost like less than ten percent viability over that time period so they actually in the colonies. They held up really well so he he's done that. I've done in published some stuff on like become a super reacquainting. Variability was all over the board and then when beekeepers rated the colony is failing versus. Good the queen's in the well-performing colonies had much higher sperm by ability to nose in the failing colonies but but not all failing colonies have have have core made. Cooley made it or or high most firm. I go to Queens so but that's already been published. So yeah no we he. Dave looked at the time series effect. But now we're getting more into drones like making sure that drones are maturing in the Spring and Flight. Time and even pesticide exposure to drones are the drones before they ever meet with the Queen's. Are they in good shape to doing some of that work? And that's going and it's going to produce a pretty interesting picture when when you get some of these things done and also I can see where it's going to educate beekeepers questions to ask and symptoms to look for so that when I started this heat stress stuff about two and a half three years ago. Now it's been maybe more than that and the Queen. Breeders were already aware of heat stress in particular because when it gets so hot they knew you know the shipping in these battery boxes and sometimes a battery boxes overheat that kind of thing. So they're doing a lotta the adding extra water so they were well aware of some of the problems but we were trying to find what was the was the upper and lower limit for safe shipment and we actually think we've arrived at it. It's a ballot and I'll have to give it to you in Centigrade. I'll let you do the conversion I can I can do. The emergent is somewhere between thirty nine and forty degrees. C is the upper limit for equator exposed. To thirty nine to forty degrees centigrade for more than an hour the viability and within her is going to go down if it drops below about. I think it's eight or eight to ten degrees C. So even on the low end eight Tennessee which is about not much below fifty Fahrenheit. Eight to eight to ten degrees centigrade. The sperm viability can be damaged by the cold. We've got an upper limit of thirty nine to forty Centigrade. And we've got a lower limit of eight to ten ten degrees C and that's only an hours worth of exposure so it's really narrow. There's a fairly new window when they're completely safe. We had we had a shimmer. They got cold in July of Kim. It got to eight degrees being shipped in July in the US. So so how did that happen? Not In Ohio. I hope I can be on the air. What we assume it was in the airplane. It was something about when the airplane was at thirty thousand feet. They didn't quite regulate the cargo. Hold well enough and to the only explanation because we also put two thermo couples in every time to make sure we're not getting false reading this tract the same it needs. Yeah is it true reading? Wow eight degrees. Wads cold eight degree. Eight degrees C O Celsius. I think it's about in the low forties. I can't always do the direct conversion sixteen sixteen to sixty one. That's an easy one. That's easy to remember sixteen sixty one and Zeros. Thirty two zero three. That's that's about as good as I get right there. And that's all post-meeting right any any research into pre meeting stresses on the con- viability. I pay another good beekeeper Zach Browning I worked with Browning. He made it a bunch of Queens in California and we follow them and we expose them to ama- trousers in different ways and Ama- traffic's odor surprisingly didn't seem to affect that was actually amateurs treatment to the colony so he raised a bunch of Queens in California and retreated North Dakota when they got there and and that publication is actually fairly recently. Come out just we we. We even treated him with out say Some less than less than legal treatments because we wanted to mimic what the what the what the beekeepers were doing so we use a world the legal strip and we used to other forms of shop. Taliban Greece and use it according to quench common recommendations. And we didn't see an effect on the Queen so we've done that with actually were already made it on. The pre mating is mostly. We've been doing work on the drone side looking. At what what? What can we do to produce good healthy drums and year round because the queen breeders are still trying to read Queens all through the year springtimes easy except early spring early spring. It's hard to get a mature but mid spring on. It's really easy. It's summer that gets really stressful on drones as well so I would think the Post analysis are the Nelson. The Post Mating drones. We thinking it through you know you mentioned Dama Trez Jeff. Doing some other work with amateurs earnt you well. I think amateurs is still uses. Is it not yes so on practice tapes him again? I really good really good outfit Funding a lot of really good practical research they they funded both. Ramesh securely to do some work on amateurs resistance developing an essay or looking at a. Was there resistance in the Pacific northwest and candidate with Shelly Hoover in Alberta and then I was taking a kit that I developed a field that I developed and comparing it to the vet. A Pharma has a little might wash kit. They do and they've adapted it to run an ashtray. They've adapted it to put a little piece of amateurs in there but Li- bs at it and tell whether or not you've got might resistance or not to address so I tested there with with also with input from them. I tested their kit versus the one I developed which is just a A Mason Jar with screen lid. So I ran the two kids side by side. And they're pretty comparable now. The real question is. Is there resistance out there? There are my age that aren't as easily controlled but the question is Wendy. You Call it resistance. And that's that's the question we're still after we don't. I'm not seeing high levels of mice. It can't be controlled. But they're not as easily controlled they have been in the past so the two to compare to put in a little bit into context. We Sell Flu. Validate resistance come it. It came in at about a year year and a half or two. It didn't take long for it to really catch y camouflage resistance happening quicker than that it made. It just came in and you almost couldn't control. The resisted spread really quickly across the country for some reason amateurs they're they're they're partially resistant but the resistance not being fixed. It's not holding and I'm not sure why they did. It must come at a great cost to the Mites or something and so the susceptible. Is it out. There out outnumber so we're still controlling them but there are signs of some level resistance so amateurs is still working at the moment. Are you finding a regional resistant? Pockets of resistance across. I worked in California and Tennessee and on the east coast here along in Maryland on this coast. And I haven't seen anything that I would really call resistance. Ramesh Oregon was comparing his might populations with those Berta and the mite populations in Oregon were harder to killed in the ones in Alberta. But I don't know if you call them resistant or not. And he was getting even getting bs from a lot from California Oregon and Washington state so he was getting a number of beekeepers from the West Coast moving into do all onion and carrot pollination so he was doing cross section about three states. That work is ongoing somewhat. Beeson candidate coming in from New Zealand. Part of it. New Zealand and Chile. Yeah so that may be. It's certainly going to be a factor. That's true they get get get fresh. Okay well you're also keeping bees and keeping a few as here so I moved out of the Washington. Dc Area A high rent district. I was glad to get out of a very crowded is a good place to raise boys a great school system and stuff but I'm on. The eastern shore of Maryland is called. It's Salisbury Maryland is down or halfway between the Chesapeake Bay and the and the and the ladder Gauchan. So we're we're right in the heart of called Delmarva Delaware Maryland and Virginia but as Nice area and my youngest son Kevin and I are keeping somewhere between twenty five and seventy five colonies. Depends on what you're asking me but yeah it's new and I'm trying to develop into a small business for him. So he's he's taken really taken to beekeeping lately. Not Boys did it first but lately Kevin Scott Take into it and we're running a few bees which is nice. It's fun it's Jeff. You mentioned your guitars or an escape with a BS from here. Nicest scape you get had day. Just go out and and work bees and it'll take your mind away from definitely. So what are you what are you doing? What are you doing with the honey? You're making are are you doing any pollination well so yeah we're doing doing a little bit a little bit of pollination they grow a lot of vine crops lot wrong watermelons etc and a lot of beekeepers. Only sure keep bees on trailers. So it's just a a traitor and I was lucky enough to link up with Oliver. Collins is a commercial beekeeper. Here who's downsizing from three thousand to five hundred and bought a few of his trailers and I did a little bit of pollination of blueberries and Pumpkins last year so you put twenty on a trailer you never have to lift them and you just hold the trailer to to the to the field and was done your it back so yeah do a little bit of pollination and mostly honey production and we sell it local markets here so we selling control the whole priceline and which which when we get when we get to April Monday. We'll talk about hunting fraud because that's a major issue facing beekeepers worldwide and. The money is active on that. But I mean the best thing you can do for hunting. Well educate the consumer have the consumer by more directly from the beekeeper. And I know that's not always possible. That's the way it get rid of hunting. Fraud is no. You're beekeeper and that the truth Beekeeping is harder than you thought. Frustration ignites innovation and the High Butler in the High Butler. Uncapping tank our products designed by frustrated beekeepers. Hunting harvest needs be cleaner and easier. The High Butler does just that for you and more including makes hive inspection safer for your Queens make swarm collections easier moves be smoothly and public restore your drawn comb over winter the high butlers. Working for you. Every season order online at the High Butler dot com or ask your favorite be retailers to carry the High Butler products. The High Butler is working for you. Even when you're not see the full line at www the high butler dot com. Well you you brought up the subject Apron Monday and I know you for the last four plus years you've been you've had some role with them and that just changed but what were you doing with them The last four years or so so I was the president of the Bee Health Commission which we have about five scientific emissions. Be Biology be health of beat products? We work in all different aspects of beekeeping and I was the president of the commission so I work on Barreau and AF. Be All the pests diseases that affect bees and we are you know you know most people. We hold a big meeting every two years. It moves globally around the world and so I was in charge of the scientific program for Health for that art and in this past year Montreal of elected president of the organization so now I'm more doing more every more public relations and more just across the board trying to manage organization and and and help serve me. Here's better well. I'm going to ape. Monday isn't isn't really well known in this country and it's not really well by me. Can you just give me a matchbook? Cover sketch of how it's administered in how the administration works and filters down so and what does it do for me okay. Well that's so. Let me start with a little bit. Just a little bit history. I won't give you the good. Yeah but it started. It started out of Bucharest. `ROMANIA IN THE IN THE O. Soviet Union and. It was solved a publishing house and he was gathering information on. Beekeeping publishing this thing called API and then they started holding this meetings global meeting mostly European based but it was a of called April Monday started. I was in Copenhagen. Denmark thinkers in Denmark About one hundred years ago so then every second year they'd have a big international meeting well international it really was European and then the Americas and some other people started getting all became more international. It's mostly just bringing beekeepers and scientists together to try to talk about common problems and serve the industry. There's a huge trade show goes along with it as a chance for except for beekeepers from all over and scientists from all over to come together and talk for a week about common problems so luckily a you're right in. North America is not as well known but the Canadians have always been involved in April Monday. And they've hosted two and no Ben Cooper and then just recently Montreal but the American honey producers have just and they joined because of our work April. Mondays work on hunting for all. So I have to give a shout out to Norberto Garcia. Who's on our board? And he is active in international honey markets and trying to understand honey fraud and so his honey producers amid honey producers have been after honey fraud and adulteration for a long time. So American hyper. You saw the value in joining Monday. And so we have a common theme there at least in honey frog. Didn't I didn't give you much about the administration. So sorry President vice-president There's an executive secretary and he's in Rome and he kinda runs the day to day operations of the we have about a hundred and twenty to one hundred and thirty full members which are either countries or major organizations within those countries. So we have to represent the majority of beekeepers in a country or or the majority of humidity region of a country so you can be a full member. There's a lot of associate members smaller clubs and things like that. And then and these are producers beekeeper beekeeper organization so we represent workers globally all the different beekeeping organisations but within. Those are the beekeeper themselves. So we're we're the associate the International Association of Beekeepers Associations who we're we're the with a head body that kind of pulls it all together and our our. Our flagship is the meeting every two years. And but with beyond that we host symposia in different parts of the world on specific problems like we just had one in the Philippines about two weeks ago on sting was bees and people do manage stainless little small. Things B.'S. Bruce very small amounts of money with his as medicinal quality. So it's high value. There's even that kind of beekeeping but back to the structures we have President Vice President Executive Secretary and then we have these five to six scientific commissions and we have five regional commission so we have one for the Americas which is North and South America. And we have one for Europe of the East Africa and Australasia. So we we have the regions of the world represented by a by president from that region and not to bring the concerns aloof. People Ford's Monday so anyway it's It's been an organization. It was mostly focused on this meeting over the past so many years and before that it was publishing we were Kim You could probably appreciate that you know being associated beak culture. They publish the act of for a long time. That transform kind of fell out of favor and that we don't we don't do any printing anymore but I'm hoping that we're going to change you. Get better in the information exchange realm where we're doing more just like you're doing here digitally and with video streaming of so our conference information. That was what I in my goal for the Organization. I talked about three. Things was diversity. Diversity of the beekeepers the types of beekeepers in the types of bees. We keep so from APIS. Melissa distinguised Beasley just different kinds of bees and the diversity of types of beekeeping Very traditional beekeeping log hives all the way up to modern mechanized beekeeping and then communication at talked about having our meeting. Part of our meeting streamed so that people don't have to go to the meeting. You know and be there in person. They can stream it from you know from Ireland or from Africa and be involved in the meeting and I didn't realize that we were about to be hit by a disruption to world to world trade and commerce but we just had our first Zoom meeting of our executive committee. So I just set it up and we just use zoom to meet across about twelve time zones so but but for the Organization for April Monday and for the meeting. I'm hoping to create more digital content for beekeepers around the world to tune into so that that would be a goal in the last part is just respect for the B.'s. We have to keep the bees themselves are what we're all about keeping good piece anyway. That's a that kind of a long winded a Monday. A sales pitch. But it's a. It's a challenge because beekeepers very all over the globe but we try to represent them all. We try to represent their interest. How often does the board meet so we meet? Every may were year cycle so every may the whole executive meets in Rome on on a non conference year. We meet in Rome conference year. We meet in the city where the meeting is going to occur so last. May We met in Montreal and then we came back in September. We had the meeting so this year. Well this year. We're going to have. This is good this year. We're going to have a virtual meeting in May own zoom and cut down on transportation costs in our carbon footprint. And everything else. So we'll have a virtual meeting in. May the zoom and then hopefully next May will meet in Russia and Ukraine or Russia is who for Russia's site of Twenty Twenty. One are meeting at twenty twenty one so we meet in May there and then the and the following fall we would have the international meeting. So there's about we have thirteen fourteen executive board members and we come together and discuss the business and set the agendas and and work on the scientific programs and things like that for the meeting. Jeff and I normally work mostly at most three time zones. I can't imagine trying to organize twelve so it. Well guess what? Guess what. I'm you're right about north. America has not been as involved in April Mondia. I'm so there's only I'm only one one extreme time zones and the other is Jody Goldsworthy in Australia and she's she was tuning in at ten o'clock and I was tuning in at six. Am So and then we have this window of about four hours. Where I'm waking up and she's she's but everyone else is in the middle somewhere so it's We only have that one window because I I don't really feel like giving up tonight but it works it works and we're and we're GONNA have to get used to it so what I was going to come back to to the biggest issues that we're working on One is just honey adulteration and honey fraud. That's a that's a huge issue. I mean that's that's one of our major initiative and Jeff before you go further what's the definition of honey fraud? Generally it could be a lot of different things but generally it's the addition of some type of Syrup that is not honey to to you know to increase the volume and then an increase lower the price of the of the way so they add rice syrup or some kind of corn syrup honey and hope it goes undetected and if you can add up to fifteen or twenty or thirty percent of the honey then you just you just increase your profit because the honeys worth you know. Let's say five dollars a kilo and the rice syrup is worth you know thirty cents a kilo or something so it's is often it is it's the addition of the adulteration edition of other sugars. That are that are not really honey. The other way that we're worried about is not actually leading the bees process like just harvesting unripe nectar. That's and then. Just the bee's have an added the enzymes to it and things like that and you're taking really raw nectar extracting and drying it down and calling it honey and to us the bees. The bees need to go through the process of adding the enzymes lowering the moisture and then becomes honey. There's some issues in the tropics because tropical honey can have high moisture content above eighteen above twenty three percent so we have to be able to dry honey at some some point we should let the bees actually mature it and then we harvest it and there's a lot of harvesting immature honey and then drying that down calling it honey. So there's several ways honey frolics going on recently. There's been reports in popular science media that there are some been some scientists who have recreated the enzymes of a of a B.'s gut and can produce Lab honey would that be considered if they could produce at an production? Certainly hope that we would be able to recall back to the American produces a little bit. They've been actively they got an embargo. World Trade Organization. They went to world. Wto and said China's dumping it after call by name China's dumping honey at the US market below below below market below production costs and the World Trade Organization agreed with them. We got an embargo against Chinese honey for. I think three years well guess what happened to Vietnamese. And some other countries. There honey. Production went through the roof. So that's another type of honey fraud where you take honey from country. It's banned because of Corey and vehicle or banned because of some other thing and they transship it in. Relabel it as you know some other honey Ukraine there's issues with Ukraine and other. I don't want to call that all the countries. But there's a huge issue with correct labelling of country of origin and then and also letting the bees mature the Huntington having real you know we think of Israel pure natural honey one of the things that has come out of this with the American honey producers and others. I'm sure is Finally the the FDA has created something called a commercial item description see ID that Goes Way Way way the definition that we have in honey honey in this country? The official legal definition is a syrupy substance Nectar collected by these stored dried and. That's about it What this does is actually the? I'm sure you're aware of this description of honey that the government uses when they are going to purchase honey when the federal government's GONNA purchase honey for their own use and they have this for every product they buy a C. I D now we have one for honey and basically what it is. It's it takes the definition way beyond the syrupy sweet substance Outlining the tests that has to pass by what degree it has to pass them and and various different Analyses goes through so What the US is looking for us to have this adopted so that when something comes on shore there are testing facilities available and the honey gets tested and part of this. Of course you've mentioned mislabeling source poorest pollen testing. I'm sure right. Yep Yep but guess what? They're getting so sophisticated they there's another thing that happens because you get antibiotic contamination stuff because you know and then you ultra filter the the hunting you can get some of that out then they go back and add. Holland of whatever appropriate of plant that. They want to say that the honey frahm. So there's I mean there's some fairly sophisticated honey for all going on out there so I agree that honey producers and other groups have been really active ape among via. We've been working with CODEX THAN CODEX. Happens to be based part of his base at FAO in Rome. And we've got a a agreement with them and we're working with. Codex trying to get a better definition for honey and the other thing is we're working with Interpol Interpol tracking. Really guys. Honey. Fraud is number three on the list. It's for some reason milk. I mean milk a scary if you're adulterating milk or not. It's not real milk olive oil. I understand olive oil. I totally understand that. But in the highest number three on the world market is the number is number three adulterated product on the market a milk olive oil and then then honey. Interpol's interested and they're they're looking at things like where the shipments originating from and could they be real and things like that. Because that's a good way to pick up if all of a sudden you see these spikes and export where the haven't been there before. Then there's something going on. They didn't. They didn't improve their beekeeping that much in the last actor flow. Yeah so there's a. There's a y. Yeah I applaud any effort to better define honey and it'd be nice if we had a really nice tight international standard but we don't I mean we have a we have Kodak has a definition but it's not is not stringent enough well since the. Us imports eighty percent of the honey. We consume We Are. We are market of choice for everybody that produces honey anywhere and One of the things that I've been investigating are not investigating but but Become aware of is that One of the Nice things about producing honey is if a country decides that they want to get into this export market. It's fairly easy to train people to keep bees and their country and one of the big advantages of you. Don't have to own land. And and and so I can. I can be a non-landowner still producing agriculture commodity. And the government's going to pay me for it and life just got a lot better for a lot of people you had. You had a long association baby. You're still associated with the route. But you know we're all the good good clean wax. Cummings all coming out of Africa Africa right buzz. They practice a style of beekeeping where it primitive traditional whatever you WANNA call it there in natural areas. They'RE HARVESTING BLACKS IN THE COMA. Wax and honey at the same time and they produce a lot of good quality wags again. I'm going to wear my apron Monday half for a minute. We have a whole section that is using bees for development. And that is exactly what you just talked about. The bees can transform people's lives. I mean they can. You can not own land have twenty hives and and by your house in certain parts of the world. I mean it's it's amazing what they can do and and so we're using that and we're working closely with FAO Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations in Rome and trying to partner with them to increase the use of bees for development. Because yeah you're right. There's a there's a lot of untapped nectar out there that could be utilized and change people's lives and international standard. I I think you hit on the head this honey. He's got to be the same everywhere. Which would which would make things better? I think I think there's another way because people are gonNA they're gonNA keep trying to sell this artificially produced honey and this stuff with added. I actually think there's a market for that if people want something that's honey like. Just don't call it honey. In other words it's a call it. You know honey syrup or something but use some other designation and and I wonder if we could ever get to a day where there's some kind of better traceability we always thought pollen would be at. You can filter that out and you can have it back. But if there's some set of enzymes or something that we look for I know you can't look for things that if there's ever been heated to a degree you look for things have changed in it but a standard and I don't know if we can figure trace ability to trace it back to Zimbabwe trace it back to you know Kansas you know and it will. Last last year we did have eric winger from true source on the podcast and he and his outfit have are working on a method to true sources from from audits and seals. Seems like that's one option that is has some legs would be. That would be an option. I guess what happens is the volume goes up as you get into these bigger and bigger volumes in these large packers. And that's where the things start getting loose and and then you end up with honey on the shelf did you can't trust and we have to find a way to correct that I like. I like you know if you can convince mostly consumers to go look locally they can find somebody this labeling it locally and hopefully they're you know they're honest you have to but up and then make the Kroger's the Safeway's and targets of the world do do better about they're buying they're buying a service honey honey is a commodity honey nut cheerios. And the like. That's it's tough. It's tough to to work with at large volume with You know being used that way so much now so this is this is going to be one of your goals as president of Apron. Monday at to clean up the world honey market it was as we've been actively working on and we recognize it and we're GONNA continue to to work on it. The other is just for me is just better communication from eight Monday and and being more inclusive as far as global beekeeping and trying to Ma- let us work together better so yeah no I mean I think hunting fraud is one of the major issues facing the industry and I think we need to work to try to correct it the best way. We can just quick question on the Biki so this is a beekeeper association association. Yeah I think he is what you said so if an individual is a beekeeper doesn't join EPA Omonia I would encourage I your association to join. You can actually join as an individual member to it and you get that way. You're at least part of the you know the bigger group. You don't have much in the way of the only people who vote and we vote on where to hold a meeting and things like that. Are the full members in full members. Like the American Beekeeping Federation the larger organizations that represent the majority of Beekeepers Area. Some of the whole country. Sometimes this is just an area of a country all right size yeah interested. Parties interested beekeepers are free to join and attend conferences. Kansas beekeepers or even individual beekeepers can join. And join your right while you're going to put that When we wrap this up that'll be on our web page how to how to were to go to make that happen right. Output I'll I'll ape linked to they money website some good. We'll have that up on our show notes and additional information about APP ammonia. And maybe even some of your research also you need to do is go out to Google scholar and they can find a lot of information and research you've done. That's been an honor to sit here and talk to you. Well I'm still. I'm still doing a little bit so I kinda opened with. This thing is comment but retired. I'm like that's not the right word. I'm I changed what I was doing and I'm still doing research in a couple of different fronts. Actually I didn't talk about it I got. I got a small project in France. I'm working on a small supposed to leave in two weeks to go back to France. I'm working on a project with apis Melissa Melissa on up the the old German Darby they call it. Just the Darby European be and there's a population existing there without treatment. Beekeepers don't treat and they have a lot while its own islet happens to be on an island so it's probably isolation shopping him but I've been following it for a year and a half and its existing without my treatment at all so not that we can all do. But it's an interesting so I've got several different research projects that I'm continuing and that now this April Monday your hat and try to keep my own bees from swarming. I'm busy enough. Yeah Well Jeff. This has been fun and it was good to talk with you again. I definitely hope that you can come back after some time as being able Monday. President give us give us I A broader view A time lapse view of how things are going and where you WanNa go Knicks and love to have you come back. I'd love to be right. Good thank you take care now. That was really good talking to Jeff. I learned in all of our podcast and I hope our listeners do too i. I learned a lot and what I found. The he's doing great work but what I found really interesting what I really keyed in on was the the queen limit and the viability. And how important that is to the success of the Queen's that we receive in the mail I mean so there was some discussion on the the Celsius temperature range so I went ahead and used no power of the Internet. I did the conversions so he said the lower the lower. Let's see no. I'm sorry the Upper Queen limit was thirty nine to forty degrees Celsius any any greater than an hour. And if you convert that the upper limit is one hundred and two point two degrees to a hundred and four degrees Fahrenheit. Four hundred and two yeah. That's pretty warm. And then he said. The lower limit was Eight to ten wasn't yeah eight to ten. Thank you eight to ten degrees Celsius. And that's thirty nine degrees to forty degrees Fahrenheit. So that's I mean it's a very narrow range and and You can really see where there's a lot of room for exposure to those this shipment thing has been a bugaboo Twenty years ago. They were looking at it. They're putting putting thermometer in a recording devices in Queens in boxes shipping queens and they were funding out that there was an issue and you know the post office is down to the point where the only thing they will. Ship are bees and baby chicks. So so I can see. We're you know it's hard to have environmental controls in that sort of environment so I can see where there's that's going to cause some problems you know what one of the things that I wanted to talk about or wanted to mention with Jeff and you remember our discussion with Jonathan Lundgren where researchers became farmers here we have researchers becoming beekeepers and Jeff is in the real world of pulling trailers and lifting hives and worrying about pollination and selling honey and he's getting that perspective of what the real world of beekeeping is about how to apply what he's doing to that part of the that part of the industry. I don't know a whole lot of people that are doing that and I think it's I think it's going to be really good from his perspective and for our gain and what. He's what he's able to find out an an apply to real research the other thing. I like the other thing I like was his goal is apple Monday president of April Monday. What are we know about it but Monday? Well now we know a lot more. I do I go back a lot of years. They put Monday when I was chairman of the Board of. As and there they weren't warm and fuzzy and I looked at. I looked at April Monday. Kind of three steps back most of my career and because they just haven't reached out a lot of friendly A lot of friendly hands. It's really good to just part of the snow to get the. Us enabled Monday On a much better relationship. I really like his goals. Better Communication April. Monday really has a lot of good information at the a lot of resources at their Beck and call and they can share it and now with him. He's looking at at digital communication. And you know conferences on zoom in whatever I see I see Monday really stepping up and joining the rest of the world or the US and able Monday. You're getting together and doing a lot more together. Which can only be good. They've they've got a lot of resources and we've got a lot of resources. And then I'm really encouraged about his about his goals on Chasing honey fraud. You know we did. Yeah Eric with With true source. And that's a good step in the right direction with with in international Take on on honey fraud and the things that they're looking at and the project the private. I'll get it right yet. The projects that they've got planned in what they're looking for and how to fight it and how they ended Can only be good for America. Beekeepers? So I'm really really encouraged with Jeff taking over. I'm glad that the US American honey producers in April Monday or shaking hands and. I'm I've looked for this being really. Really profitable for global beekeeping. Sure sounds like it's a step in the right direction. I was surprised him. Saying that some of these Bad actors are of hyper filtering the honey and then adding to it and then adding pollen back into it to Mike. Sounds like anyways. That's well you know. That's quite a challenge. It's quite a challenge. The guy that we talked to honey fraud earlier. He says there's no basement on pricing. There's no ceiling on the amount of fraud that people will commit so Jeff just kind of pointed that out again You know seventy five percent of the honey. We eat consuming. This country is imported. So we're we're the market of choice. I was glad to hear him talk about his be there. Bees for development program and getting people started If they can get that regulated so that the honey they produces the honey we get. That'll be a big improvement And you know it's win win win in the farmer wins. The country wins the. Us Consumer wins I see it as being a good thing. I hope it pans up any too well. They've got a good good lead there if the money with Jeff Patterson front all right. Well that about wraps it up for this episode of Beekeeping. Today podcast before we go. I want to encourage our listeners to raise US five stars and Apple podcasts. Wherever you download stream to show your vote and review helps other beekeepers find US quicker as always we. WanNa thank be culture the magazine for American beekeeping for their sponsorship of this podcast. We want to thank a regular episodes sponsor Global Patties. Check them out at. Www DOT global patties dot com and finally and mostly? We WanNa thank you the beekeeping today podcast listener joining us on this show. We feel free to send US QUESTIONS. And comments questions beekeeping. Today's PODCAST DOT com. We'd love to hear from you anything else. You WanNA mention him. Well Jeff I gotta go check bees while the sun is shining. Take Care you too.

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The Fight to Reopen Disneyland and How Trump's Businesses Have Made Money During His Presidency

The Daily Dive

23:10 min | 6 months ago

The Fight to Reopen Disneyland and How Trump's Businesses Have Made Money During His Presidency

"They. Want to make a difference in the future of education. Have you always wanted to be your own boss? Then become a Huntington. Learning Center Franchisee. With over forty three years of proven success in the education industry, Huntington Franchisees get world-class training and support to earn seventy seven percent more in revenue than their closest competitor. Right. Now you can positively impact education with Huntington's proven systems to help students, build skills, confidence, and motivation with customized advertising programs that are tailored to each needs. Huntington's methodology works on average tutoring students who will increase over two grade levels in just three months and test prep students increase scores, and earn substantial scholarship offers. Joined the nation's leading tutoring franchise as Huntington Franchisee, and fulfill its mission to give every student the best education. Possible. Visit Huntington Franchise, Dot com today for details on how to get started. It's Tuesday October thirteen. I'm Oscar Ramirez in Los Angeles, and this is the daily dive. When will theme Parks Comeback to California Disney the city of Anaheim is in a battle with the state to reopen Disneyland get back to normal. Guidelines reopening have not been released, but we do know some of the. The park would be limited to twenty five percent capacity and restricts visitors that live with one hundred and twenty miles. Park is a huge issue driver for local businesses, but a balance must be struck in protecting the health of the public and employ. Tarpley hit reporter at the daily beast joins us with a fight to reopen Disneyland. Text or president trump campaign getting rid of the swamp in. Washington's insider culture lobbying the actually built a swamp of his own his properties and businesses reap the benefits of public and private businesses and special interest groups spending money at those properties. According to The New York Times Sixty customers brought in nearly twelve million dollars to family business during the first two years of his presidency. And people knew where to find it. Trump is visited his resorts and hotels nearly four hundred days since his inauguration. Kenneth Vogel Reporter The New York Times joins US crowd trump's properties made money from those wanting to get close to the president. It's news without the noise. Let's dive in. The are not putting the health and safety of people visiting the state or recreation. The state at theme parks at risk joining us now is Tarpley hit reporter at the daily beast. Thanks for joining starfleet. Hey thanks. What wanted to talk about the fight to reopen Disneyland in California, there's other property. Obviously, Disneyworld has been open for a little bit of time now but in California, the fight is particularly difficult to be governor. Gavin newsom and other officials have failed to put out guidelines so far for Disneyland they want them they're asking for them the city of Anaheim where Disneyland is located is asking for the park to be reopened they're. Really, a driver of a lot of money in the city right there in the county, this land has been closer more than two hundred days. They've had to lay off a bunch of people and it has affects for all the businesses around it. So the businesses and Disney obviously want the park open, California, and the leadership. There are kind of taking their time with reopening the. So tarpley tell us about this battle to reopen. So Disney obviously closed back in March and they had initially planned to reopen in July right went disneyworld was going to be open. But at that time governor newsome had not yet released reopening guidelines for theme parks and so after making this big announcement, we're going to reopen they actually backtracking say, okay we're actually just going to open this small retail and restaurant strip the downtown Disney district, and so since then they've sort of been in this back and forth with newsom over when can we reopen? When are you going to release these guidelines and about two weeks ago Gavin NEWSOM was getting ready to release the reopening guidelines I believe on Friday October second. And then before he could former Disney CEO and now I believe Executive Chairman Bob Iger copy of the guidelines and quit the governor's Kobe nineteen economic recovery task force in protests. It's unclear exactly what he saw on the guidelines that concerned him but it seems like because nineteenth pretty infectious disease that there was going to be limits on capacity at the theme. So they were only going to allow twenty five percent capacity. Yeah. It seems based on Anaheim officials who saw the drafts they were also going to place limits on wear visitors could come from so people would have to stay from around the southern California area they couldn't come from you know New York. Signed within one hundred, twenty miles is what we're hearing, which puts a lot of people that want to travel and come to the park. You know it. So tourism heavy there that's probably something that they did not like seeing. But you know you also gotta think about the people that are working at the park. You know it's important to keep them safe. As you know in Disneyworld, they implemented a system where the people who staff the park we're getting tested daily on site and the workers have gone back to work at the downtown. Disney district have. been concerned that Disney did not implement onsite testing for the staff there. So that's sort of an ongoing thing. Also in the figuring out how to reopen amusement parks is how are we going to keep the people that run this place Dave and figuring out how to keep the people they're safe but on the flip side of that Disney has had to lay off I. Think it was twenty, eight, thousand workers overall but a lot of them did come. From California a lot of them were part time workers who didn't qualify for some of the benefits they had. But there was also fulltime workers I know unions are working with Disney to figure out how that is all going to turn out. So workers that were previously there and furloughed, and all they've been hit really hard as well. You know a lot of people are part time workers, which means that they didn't work enough hours to qualify for things like. Or healthcare but some of those people that were laid off did qualify for those things and now in the middle global pandemic, they will no longer have health insurance or no longer have health insurance still being. Hashed out between the unions and Disney. Disney executives are also getting blowback for laying off all these workers, but actually you know they took pay cuts at the beginning of this thing but now they're returning back to regular pay levels. So that's another criticism there that Disney leadership is getting. So, back in late March Bob Eiger announced, I'm going to forego my entire salary bob check back with fifty percent pay cut and the vice president's we're taking between twenty and thirty percent salary cuts. Those announcements were a little bit misleading because obviously with executive pay, you get a certain amount as a base salary and then you get a lot more in terms of performance bonuses. So for example, I believe Bob Agar's salary they were going with about two and a half million dollars, but he was going to make several times more that long-term bonuses. So this was represented a modest pay cut in fact, but then in late August, they announced in a letter. To shareholders that they were going to restore the pre pandemic of those executives and then a month and six days after that, they lay off twenty thousand people. So that's definitely caught some flak. It really seems like there's this big stalemate right now no end in sight for this, the governor needs to release some guidelines so they can start working for them. You know we've hearing that Disneyland is going to adopt the recommendations from the county health agency to reopen, but the need to get the green light from the governor as well. So it's just a tough thing. You know a lot of people want to get back to work the city of Anaheim suffers because. Around there rely on, Disneyland. Is a big economic driver. It's really tough and it doesn't seem like it's an open anytime soon. Yeah, I mean it's a tricky thing. It's sort of like this situation that a lot of businesses are in right now where it's like they want to reopen but health officials are not saying that it's entirely safe for indoor activities committees with lot of people to open, and that's a real catch. Twenty two might be softened if there were perhaps programs that could support people while they waited out the duration of the quarantine until we have. Vaccine and things that are really safe to return to business. By has newsom said I think in a press conference last week, he's going to be really stubborn about reopening. St. Mark's because they're taking health I approach I mean we saw what happened over the summer when Los Angeles County's specifically, you know reopened indoor dining it very quickly, and then we have this huge search somewhere cases. So I think officials are now taking a more cautious approach. Tarpley hit reporter at the daily beast. Thank you very much for joining us. What's it like to drive the Volvo xc ninety plug in hybrid? The thrill of four hundred horsepower t eight twin-engine. The JOY OF IMPROMPTU? Road Travis. And Serenity. Of Electric power in pure ECO mode. Visit a DMV evil retailer today to experience the xc ninety recharge plug in hybrid for yourself. Good morning, this is Laura Inner Kim host of the new corner. A podcast where we share strategies for thriving in the new world of work I, just put out a new episode about how to light a fire under your career by making your Mondays matter. The episode was fueled by Nature Valley pack sustained energy bars. Here's a clip from the episode. So here's my suggestion if you're working at home these days because of the pandemic use the time on Monday morning that you would have spent commuting. To tackle some big speculative project that you claim you never have time for. Tackling something big and uncertain can light a fire under your career and doing this important but not urgent task. First thing means you start the week with a sense of victory. Brought to you by Nature Valley packed sustained energy bars for more tips on how to start well, sustain your energy and win the week check out the new Corner Office podcast available on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts are wherever you get your podcasts. Supposed to actually be in Florida and had done business with the president before but had never been a member of. and. He and his clients would routinely show up at mar a lago for fundraisers or for other events. When he knew that the president was going to be there and we're able to sort of plead their case. Kenneth Vogel reporter at the New York. TIMES, thanks for joining US Kenan Hey me with your Oscar. Wanted to talk about some of the reporting you guys have been doing at the. New. York. Times it was last month that you released a bunch of president trump's tax returns, and really there was so much to go through and you guys have been doing a lotta great reporting digging in really deep into the president's financials and the latest story that you have is about how much the trump properties businesses have benefited from him being. President for a long. He had been campaigning draining the swamp, but he kind of created this new swamp reinvented it really in his own properties. There's a lot of businesses, a lot of foreign politicians a lot of people that have been going to trump properties they kind of know he's GonNa be there and they've all found a way to speak to the president at different times. There's just really a lot going on. So candidate view can help us with some of this tell us how these trump properties have benefited from the president. Many ways Oscar. They've been a rare bright spot in his business empire, which we reported using the tax data that we obtain really was struggling in the run-up to presidential campaign, and then even after he became presented extent that we have is ability to one year of his finances. At that point, the trump properties on the other hand particularly, the ones that he visited and patronized as president became sort of like they had a little bit of a home field advantage that is anyone who interface with government whether they were lobbyists. Foreign, officials or business owners who wanted something from the government knew as you put it that there was a good chance that he would be there and that even if he wasn't there that he was sorta keeping tabs on what was happening at these businesses and that's one of the things that we revealed that even as he said, when he came into office that he would distance himself from the businesses and put them in a trusted his son Eric trump would run that that was not the case he was very much aware of what was going on to the point where he was even being kept apprised of different managers, performances and potential weaknesses. So those properties when. I talk about those properties I mean there there are a few of them but the two biggies are mar-a-lago which she branded the Winter White House and the trump hotel in Washington DC right down the street from the White House. But then I guess do lesser extent bedminster where he also spent some time in the summers the became real hot spots for access brokering and you saw a number of folks patronize these properties as a way to get in good with the president here that actually be there with him and be able to plead their case or at least have him and his family know that these people were helping him by putting money in his family pocket. Tell us a little bit about who's going to these trump properties while he became president and what he delivered, what the Administration started delivering some for some of these people and entities that we're spending money there take one example mar-a-lago and you know he spent a lot of time down there for sure and there were entities trade associations like that would have their. Conferences they're hoping during the peak season that is the winter when Florida was a nice warm spot for the president to go and there were entities that would hold their gallons there with the hope of him dropping by there were lobbyists who became members of mar-a-lago. There's a guy one guy in particular Brian Ballard who was a fundraiser for the president's campaign and became. The president's election became one of the most powerful lobbies in Washington fact, politico ran a story calling him the most powerful lobbyists and trump's Washington and he was actually based in Florida and had done business with the president before but had never been a member of mar-a-lago and he and his clients would routinely show up at mar a lago for fundraisers. Or for other events when he knew that the president was going to be there and we're able to sort of plead their case and some examples of that are there was a Syrian opposition group that was urging a harder line against President Charlotte. All sides that was objectively sort of a good cause and that they wanted to prevent this brutal. Leader from clamping down on his own people and violent way. But Brian Ballard, encourage the members of this group that was paying Brian Ballard to show opt to pay to show up at a fundraiser with president trump they did so and we're able to make their case directly to them in a way that actually swayed him. Another one was an Indian. American businessman who was pushing for changes to the visa and immigration rules that would benefit companies and people sort of similarly situated and he felt that the president came through with a tweet after he made the case to the president at another one of these fundraisers. So you have this pattern here we're Brian Ballard is using what he understands to be this. Point of mar-a-lago and Brian Valor was sort of none too subtly pressure by people within the president or but like, Hey, you're making a lot of use of more longer. You should become a member and sure enough he became a member of mar-a-lago. He told us that he didn't do it for business reasons but because his mother really enjoy going there and having dinner there. So whether you want to take his word or not, you certainly see how it could be beneficial to a lobbyist to be able to have that unfettered access to the president for both the lobbyist and lobbyists. Clients. How much were the memberships tomorrow Lago because there was a couple of times with the president said Hey I should even increase the membership fees because to weed out the fakers or something like that. Yeah. He did in fact, increase the membership fees he raised it to two hundred thousand dollars I. think it was more than half of that but I think it was one, hundred, twenty, five, thousand before he became president, it was raised to two hundred thousand dollars after he was elected and then it was subsequently raised again to two hundred fifty, thousand dollars. So almost doubled. In the time that he's been president and they added a bunch of new members and you know it's tough to say definitively like in the case of Brian Valor, you see certainly how the cost benefit analysis would weigh in favor of him becoming a member but people have all kinds of different reasons. There's another Guy Elliott Brady, who was a major donor and fundraiser for Republican campaigns for years including trump's, and he had a defense contracting business and you did a lot of business at the trump hotel in Washington to became a member of mar-a-lago people close to him said. That that was because his in-laws lived at South Florida spend more time there. But again, it's certainly benefits someone like that to have that access point and I should also point out that Elliot Brady. Just last week was charged with a single count of conspiring to violate foreign lobbying laws in an effort to get a Malaysian businessman and Malaysian prime minister in with trump and one of the places where he wanted to do that was none other than bedminster trying to organize a golf game for the then Malaysian Prime Minister who is subsequently also been convicted of corruption back home in Malaysia? Tell me a little bit about the trump hotel in Washington because that's been a big hub for religious gatherings and other people that want to do fundraisers and tours in there. So tell me about the trump hotel in Washington. Insurance is another access point and you make a good point too that sometimes just getting that picture is the goal but getting that picture can be quite valuable particularly for foreign politicians were they wanna be able to signal that they have the support of the United States and that is beneficial to them back home to their domestic audiences to be able to suggest that they have an advantage over. Rivals or opposing candidates or rivals within their own parliamentary government's because they have access to the President United States, and so as an example that we site in the story of Elliott Birdie again bringing some Romanian politicians including a guy who happens to be under a corruption investigation to the trump hotel during inauguration week, and they bumped into president trump and these people say it was totally random impromptu nonetheless. This Romanian. Politician ended up getting a photo of shaking hands with President trump putting on facebook and characterizing it as some kind a great victory where he extracted from president trump a promise of closer ties with Romania, it's unclear whether that happens certainly seems to be somewhat exaggerated but you have an example of how it can be beneficial to someone just to get that photo now on the religious groups. And there's a little bit of a different twist, a number of these conservative religious groups actually see it. They're they're quite open about saying that they want to reward president trump for being good on their issues and the way that they're doing that is by renting out the space that the trump hotel in order to have their conferences the it's tough in some ways I mean we talk about how? There's not necessarily a direct provable causal link and with the religious groups in particular or actually with any of the groups having events at the trump hotel in. Washington know the trump hotel the nope in until right around president trump's inauguration. So this is all new business, these groups, all did their conferences that they would do in Washington, which is a common thing for groups that have an interest in public policy. Annual Conference in Washington they all had done them previously somewhere else that trump hotel rates were not always competitive sometimes, they were much more. But nonetheless, some of these religious groups thought that it was something where they were showing appreciation for president trump had been good on their issues including abortion taking a very hard line against abortion by having their events or another one is gun rights groups. They were quite pleased with the trump presidency and his sort of absolute disposition on the second. amendment. And they to at events there and and most of the cases except for some of the religious groups who who will admit yes we're trying to help president trump because he has helped us in other cases such as with the Second Amendment called the National Sports Shooting Foundation that had a big event at the trump hotel they say, oh no, it was just a good deal. We got a good deal there. That's why we decided to do it there and we reflected them saying. That in the story, even as I think a Lotta readers would conclude that maybe they were all cheerier motivations. Last question I have briefly how much money are we looking at because there's one hundred thousand dollars here a few extra hundred dollars there for holding fundraisers, booking rooms all the whole thing how much money are we looking at the trump properties have gotten from all of this it's difficult to say overall but one thing that we can calculation that we did make was that. We found sixty customers of trump properties that had interests at stake before the federal government that spent nearly twelve million dollars during the first two years alone of the trump presidency and that almost all these sixty customers ended up having their interest advanced in some way shape or form by the president or his government. So twelve million dollars, it's probably just the tip of the iceberg, but you do see the relationship between spending money at the trump hotel and getting something from the trump administration. Vogel reporter at The New York Times. Thank you very much for joining us. I. Pleasure to be with the Oscar. Did. That's today join us on Social Media at daily autumn both twitter and instagram. We've comment give us a rating tell or is that you're interested in? All of us, an iheartradio subscribe wherever you get your podcast. This episode of the daily divers produced by right and engineered Tony Soren Tina. Mosque miraz and this Guess it is bobby bones I wanNA tell you about make it up as we go. One of the cools podcast coming out this year brought to you exclusively by Unilever's nor and magnum brands and featuring original music by scarlet creative director and executive producer and Co Creator Jared Goosestep. This is an incredible inside look to the behind the scenes of Nashville writing rooms feature superb acting by billy, Bob Thornton myself and Maranh Lampard. There's a killer soundtrack you can stream alongside original episode which dropped every week only on the IHEART podcast network and association with audio media.

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Episode 85: Let's Just Start Over

The Short Porch

56:58 min | 2 years ago

Episode 85: Let's Just Start Over

"This episode of the short portraits brought to you by hellofresh. So what does hellofresh hellofresh makes conquering the kitchen reality with delicious, simple recipes the all the meal planning shopping prepping. So you can focus on a healthier you. And a happier family. We got a lot of stuff going on in our lives. We don't need to be worrying about this stuff. Hellofresh takes care of that for you. Fresh premeasured ingredients and easy to follow six. Step picture recipe. Cards are delivered to your door each week and especial insulated box. I'm an idiot following directions. Not good at it. They make it easy. Very simple. Tommy. I mean, it's the best. Like, that's all you want the best nothing better. Yeah. So you spend less time you'll planning grocery shopping. So you can take that time. You can get that time back. Do more of what you love which is watching the Yankees didn't go so well this weekend, but you know, things will get better. Hopefully, so there's three plans to choose from classic veggie and family with the option of switch between whatever your taste whenever your tastes change, which could happen. Very frequently. It's a fun menu. Features. Hellofresh dinner to lunch twenty minute meals, gourmet and one pot wonders among more. I personally went with the amazing apricot chicken at brought over my buddies place because I I still live at home. But I was able to bring it over there. Just bring some food, and they we loved it. We made we made the apricot chicken we made the Meatloaf ball Sonko and the poor convey g bit I still can't pronounce it. But Bibi bap-. I think that's what it's called all delicious. It's so much better than like like getting fast, food and stuff. It's just actually in real meals for cooking. It feel good about ourselves. Emit our weekends a lot better. So what you're gonna do listeners for eighty dollars off your first month of hellofresh eighty dollars off you go to hellofresh dot com slash porch. Eighty hellofresh dot com slash porch. Eighty and you're going to enter the promo code porch. Eighty it's la- basically like receiving six meals for free. You get twenty dollars off your first four boxes. It's great. I mean, there's there's no reason not do it. I don't know what I was doing before this, you know, getting faster wasting my non that don't need to do it. Hellofresh has all the things you need. So again, you go. Hellofresh dot com slash porch eighty enter the promo code porch eighty. Our Todd as five as go the Bosnian love these Aaron Boone the leader his I sat out of the game. Piggies? To the first. The portrait ROY. What's up? What's happening? Welcome to another dish in of the short porch. Presented by barstool sports. I'm host hubs alongside on the other side laptop the colossus the cloud the got himself. He's got some new dance moves in his in his bag. Apparently, Tommy smokes. Tom belly? What's going on? What's those moves are actually one video wasn't good? But the one where my knees are moving out of like, a crab leg. I mean that was actually. Disagree. I don't know what you're doing. You got don't don't let that be next time. At people ask you, comfortable comfortable in my own skin. I'm I'm gonna let the move talk themselves. We'll we'll get in the Vegas at the end of the show. We're going to the Yankees right now. It's a new season watch regular season baseball. Feels great actually stuff to do. Now. Watch the keys instead of just sit around on my ass, the bad news, they'll sitting around their ask just watching the ankles. Well, went to the game on Saturday. That was well tire still sitting on the ask there. I guess but. Bad news, still haven't changed the strategy of beating the Orioles. We're not doing it or hitting with runners scoring position. The up to for fourteen to twelve to fourteen to fourteen not good two things. I mean, the two biggest the biggest problem Yankees. Last year was their inability hit with John scoring for this hour to get that key hit make productive outs. I think they were very reliant on the long ball, which is okay when you hit two hundred sixty seven home runs at burqa major league record. But as we saw in the playoffs and stuff you need to be able to be better at situational hitting us. The reason the Red Sox or so good last year the reason that and we'll, you know came back today, and they they get the right hit at the right time. Danke have not been able to do that they chase out of the strike zone. Yeah. They'll draw their walks here. But they just cannot seem to get the big hit in the moment. They needed. It was the biggest problem last year. It seems like it's going to play them again this year, which would suck and the other big problem for last year, which seems to again be the case is they cannot be the goddamn Baltimore Orioles to four twelve runners Corp. Today. John Carlson hates big moments in driving people in just the spy not a good not a hobby of his to drive people. In a big big moments actually comes up with the worst moments of his life. Can't hit the change up. That was interesting. We got a guy name. I mean, the whole Orioles roster. It's fucking insane that they should be two three. I mean, it's got him. John means going three and a third against us. One run ball five ks anxious. Throwing the changeup into anything else. Isn't a fastball. Many thing I'll stir changeups you knew. It was coming screaming change, my room alone. I'm just screaming changeup Stanton has no idea. What's coming swings? Which I- Thursday after the game Thursday. I was laugh as looking at the Orioles roster. I was laughing all this team this poor team. When twenty four games this year, the number. I throws the Oriels may when twenty four games this year. Yep. Well, they already got to knocked off right there. Yeah. You like you think about so the priming the the probably going to be a very bad team. Don't think Oriels that surprise sleeper this year? Just don't see it happening or we had our own. What if the Oriels are the powerhouse alias? Thank you just lost a tough series to great bulk up. I said today's looks like the to me the raising raising Oriels battling enough they at least while. Neither is we'll be. Yeah. There is good. I guess the Mariners are gonna be five and one they're gonna be in Croatia. They might actually be that sleep. They have like some scrappy guys on the Mariners team. But what we're talking the is here we got guys like the Smith guy, Ray, Nado, Nunez, just killing us all week destroying us. Fucking three run Homer today. Jay hap- body. We doing. I mean, you probably early part, but wasn't good. Yeah. I only saw the end. I we didn't have TV on the plane, and they didn't even have how do you not have TV's in twenty well that too? And then Also Thursday opening day. I didn't have live TV was able to like buy something where I could stream video so just used FOX Wirtz go, but they they didn't even have like a streaming option. Couldn't you just how to buy like basic WI fi that that didn't even work whatever I don't wanna complain about that see I only saw the end of the game. So I didn't see Jay half. But judging from the vox gore from the scores. I mean, Jay have come up clean it up. I even solve verse three hour rain delay that I will I'll give half a little bit of a pass here. Because as a starting pitcher like, you know, you that for sure three hour rain delay was tough. Congrats to anybody stuck around new ever ward with the Anki just taking a shit on your face, basically. Because I said that if you when it was. Only was early on us for nothing and things were looking bleak before they made a little bit of a rally back. I said every fan should just get a thousand dollars for sticking around the three hours and sitting in the cold in drizzling rain watching this fucking shit team. Be us you deserve thousand dollars cash. You should have been handed that as you walk out the door. I mean, there's a chance that if you went to today's game as anti fan, you could almost Mark today down as one of the worst days your life. You probably leave your house so early overly had a sit and rain for hours thing all the money is spent on the tickets all the money is spent at concessions there. And then you sat through in awful game that took so long and they lost your wet. You get home on a Sunday night. How far you live? It's super late. It's like an all time bad that. Yup. And you probably those me great days Sunday in the Bronx. Nice little one o'clock start and watch him beat up on the Orioles. I mean, a lot of money on them. Just just fucking shit on by lost so much money in the Yankees this weekend because I was at the game. And then today just kept live betting them. They're killing my banks there minus four hundred both days, right? Yeah. We were taking run lines. Live lines. Never bring a mardi Michigan. That's that. I want that blew up my face at great CT ruined everything. He's just is. Fucking mush. So what else? We were you watching Ronin Tarpley today. Did you see that? No, I think that was just about when I started Gary hits the Homer to cut it to one hits a fucking bomb. The most like let out your frustrations home could have. Anoc concern mccarey. I still think he's great. They call it to one eighth inning rolls around. They got Stephen Tarpley in there who hasn't pitched this year yet. And now, I think even Tarpley's good these very good for us. Nice left. The arm out of the pen didn't give up a run in spring. Stephen tar bleeds shouldn't be pitching eighth inning in a one run game. That's not the spot for Stephen Tarpley with plenty other guys do that. And he just and it gives them a two run Homer to Joey Joey Ricard, Rickard whatever I say is names, and that pretty much did it. I mean, they rallied a little bit in the ninth. But wasn't an too late to too much too late. Zach Britton could have been used there for sure I mean, you don't wanna use Chapman that spot. Obviously, maybe is I don't know you wanna use out of you know, three or four days, but there were options they're besotted when Canley and inning earlier use Canley there. Yeah. Him to I'm Brenton. I think Zach Britton like I think they're scared because they they have you know, they're gonna they're pretty much doing bullpen day on Monday with her mom. Starting it. Although I think it's gonna turn into her mom pitching a normal game. Some sure they were trying to, you know, save a bullet and go Tarpley there. But the wrong move. I didn't like something. I mean, you gotta win games. I get it. I mean, you put him on the team you have faith in him. But. It was again, it's gained three. But you don't want to start the season lose two out of three the I think they had a manage it a little bit more like we need to win today. Yeah. I mean. I hate people that say like, what are you getting so fed up about like it's March relax by this is how we how we lost the division last year. You lose these fucking the shit teams. This isn't even a shit team. This is this is a really good teams zaas this some good teams. There's the sleeper teams. There's some bad teams. There's shit teams. Then there's a hundred feet of crap. And then there's the Orioles that's the team we lost a fucking series too. I'm not okay with that. That's you can't be okay with that. Judge is not okay with that. Judge had a quote after Saturday, and it was great. I was like I want to get it right here. Pull it up. He was just you know, they were flat. They reflect. There was listen. I get Sunday you come up, a rain delay three hour, rain delay. You're all out of whack or three hour rain delay to that's fair totally fair. But on Saturday, no excuse for that you're facing fucking Nate. Kearns who hasn't. Pitched in a year. He didn't pitch last year, he's recovering from thoracic outlet syndrome, which is what Harvey had them pretty sure. And you let that guy just muo over you come on judge after the game on Saturday. I love all this scummy fired up was like pre gaming when when I saw this quote. I was just like let's go we're winning ten fans on that. Didn't happen goes last year. There were so many missed opportunities in games that we should have one. We didn't come up with a big hit a costly error. Every single game is important in the playoffs. Especially in twenty seventeen going down to Houston and Cleveland our backs were against the wall. And we came out and played our butts off that's got to be our mindset our backs against the wall. You can't take anybody lightly. I mean, that's exactly wanna hear that something Derek jeeter would say that you know, that something air as the leader of this team. Aaron judge these say that and then you just come out like this on Sunday. They what. I mean, you got it back that talk. I mean. Yeah. I mean, he had he had a big hit. He added. He had. I'm not saying him specifically. Yeah. They have to be able to back that up, and they just didn't any. I agree. These people are like it's March. It's not even April. It's game show. Equal. Every game. The Saint every game is one of one hundred sixty two doesn't matter when it's plead. Everyone counts as a win every loss counts as one loss. And also, we waited six months to loss in heartbreaking fashion. The Red Sox. We spent it off season they got a little bit better. But you know, it wasn't the splashy offseason. Everyone sort of expected. Thank he's finally get back, and we opened up the season losing two out of three at home. One of the worst baseball teams ever. Of course, you could be mad about that. Now, we're going to be bad this year doesn't mean that they're gonna you know, lose one hundred games or anything they'll be fine in the long run. But still right now like it pisses you off especially because of the way they lost being what basically ended their season last year. The people that say these games are important can actually go fuck off go into the ocean. Just keep walking. And don't don't turn around just keep walking. That's why won't you do every fucking game matters while we're basically if you're a baseball fucking nerd lug us every like, this is what I live for your gangs. I lift the Neo gangs. Get trounced fucking Baltimore Orioles. And Ray not newness. And John means John means, I mean, we're we're whole company based off of like names. Right. Like, you have to have a good name to be an athlete. John means. The odds of becoming a pro athlete negative one hundred percent John that is a mere Johnny fucking professional baseball player. John means an insurance Ausman. Yeah. Generic city. The fuck is Eric Uber. Mint is a better fucking name than that. Now. I don't know about that hubs works short works better. Classic office guy. That's why like walking around. You're walking your desk and say human, those files, we're not. Yeah. Then you time me in the bathroom, which is crazy to still let you do that. All right. Let's get good group in there. I like exiled when you do that. Because I was actually timed at my last job in the bathroom. So we'll PTSD your time at this job to fuck. You. There was some good today. Your your most hated person in the world and the guy who has some belief in Lewis pretty fucking good that I say I thought he's he came in and the fifth to leave to relieve half and. And Hymie Nieva's good. He gave a run early. You got charged one for the game give too. But did what he had to do eight innings through strikes five ks. He's pretty good. I as a long relief guy passed the first for me. So I don't know look you'd probably see. But now, but you know, what I do is. I don't wanna start the season three games in losing a series to the Orioles and talking about our bright spot being Louis goddamn Cessa. That is not how I wanted this season to start for totally fair. Got another bright spot for you. DJ LeMay who is the best hitter of ever seen in my life that I couldn't agree? More the keys need nine DJ limit who's he is a professional hitter. And when we got him we saw that in the off season. All right. He's a contact hitter. He's gonna hit hopefully near three hundred just put the ball in play kind of type hitter. At the Red Sox too made them successful last year. That's the type of guy we need an oats only been to two games for him. But I mean, he's he's unbelievable. He's unbeliev. He is everything out amount of, you know, told us he'd be he said, he's quiet, but you're gonna love him the fans will love digilent- IRA deal. I mean. What? Yeah. I mean, even on Saturday. Had the are opening RBI single up the middle. He had two hits on Saturday and made a few plays at third. I was like, Yep. I like that guy knows that feels like them like that man because everyone else is like very shaky glared gleyber still making his young mistakes a little bit too low is gonna be legit obviously to Chiloe throughout the guy at home yesterday on Saturday. And I was like okay, I in that was a little too low wind back the clock type play. He looks great out there. So far, I basically a little liability burder. Void no one's an all star. There. And obviously you have to her when you watch and Harpo third, although he did make it very nice butter today to save a double and he couldn't come up. He he is throw was like probably three tenths of a second. Too late. Not as falls very nice play. But when you watch LeMay who out there, you're like, okay TAT's? That's like if we Manny Machado. That's they're basically the same fielding wizards out there. I will say jumping around here real quick. But and a hard getting charging error on Saturday. You actually game on Saturday. I saw that. Yeah. That that being charging error was. I mean, don't always that Saturday Friday now. Wait a minute Thursday. There's bird sorry. Yeah. Yeah. Rainsville jumbled that air on Thursday. I mean that's Greg birds error. That's that's bullshit that he got starts there invade very nice play. The throw a one hopper that bird has to come up with. That's his faulty hit or an error on bird. Not. And that's that is bullshit to the errors thing. We said we're seventeen and a half. That's well it does count. I'm only saying that because I took the over in that. But back to LeMay who do you think he should be leading off? Who sucks is Brett Gardner Burke, garner sucks. He did today did have one as in zero seventy or something. I mean like you look at the ankles lineup and all the averages and on Baker Sanjay's, a pretty good three games. But it's not like people are hitting, you know, a buck fifty Brett garners the I mean he's starting off every game. And every time he is out with the exception of thing. And that hearts, you can't have that making out every time you get up, especially when you're a head of Aaron judge, call the Stanton, Luke Voight. He yeah, I think should be leaving Brett Gardner shot. He's a shell of himself. I'm sure we'll get hot eventually whatever all say Gardy, come for me, usually more of a garner support. Anyone else should be price ocked route there, whatever I don't wanna get into it. But no Gardner leading feels forced this point. What here it's not anymore? Now, you know what's gonna happen on Monday. Right. I mean. That's no, no. Here's a hundred percent now playing on the. Yeah works. That's how Aaron Boone in the analytical department work. Oh did good today. Day off the Mark. It's tally do it. Yeah. There's no way you a Monday. I mean. Yeah. He needs to be. I mean, I agree. But he needs to be in the lineup every day at this point. I mean, he's hitting the ball. Really? Well, hopefully Knicks get back soon. Too obvious. He'll be leadoff hitter. Once he's back now Burke garner one thing to bring them back. It's one thing to have them be starting now while likes his out, but you can't have them lay off any more. No, it does not work. Obviously, we do need Hicks his bat in there soon. I was thinking long term today, even though it's been three games. And this is the most overreaction thing of all time to thought, but when Dee's back, and let's say Hicks is there and everyone's healthy. How do you get LeMay, Hugh, everyday at that's think I starting to think about that. I do have the the correct answers Voight will be Deitch and LeMay he will be a first baseman. I think that makes a lot. Lineup. I think. Yeah. I agree. That's yeah. So drink Carlo and left Hickson center judge in right? The man who first boy. Yeah. Now, I make sense. And you and you can also you still have all the tulips. He's a lot of. Yeah. I I mean, I don't think that's going to be like that was not planned to be a long-term makes it to July were that's unbelievable to the cat him. You definitely get a World Series ring. Really ready if they win the World Series. He right here in the World Series. I will say on and with that lineup. I mean, we're taking we're talking months ahead. No. But. You know, you can play you can still spell everybody. You don't. Void can just go play. I for a day when we'll make you just go place. Short third second while that guy de H is you can finagle it a lot. There's a lot. You can do it at the top of their priority list right now, I was just thinking it because I think he's the greatest ever seen. So I just want to plan for him to be in the lineup everyday. But that doesn't need to happen. I would very much like him to be leading off. That'd be very cool. Other things from today. I guess that's covers today. Saugus talk opening day. It's good things. Right. Opening day was awesome. Luke voids Homer was electric. I mean what better way to start of can Harper just homered again Jesus Christ. Two zero seventy seven Brecher and Harper's just moon. Shots aren't little hoodies wherein Barcelo de screaming he is a Hanje every single person in in the stadium. Even the fans. Luke voice, Homer was awesome. What better way to start? What just gotta be like an awesome moment for him. Because you know, we're year removed from him being in Saint Louis forgotten man with no role whatsoever. Because Matt carpenter's ahead of him in the in depth chart and carpenters, very, very good. And it wasn't his fault. Really? And then we give chasing even guy goes. And he flashed over the year and the guys are fucking opening day cleanup hitter for the New York Yankees. And he's hitting a three run home in the first inning. Does not get better that now it was it was like when he came up to a plea. It was in the back of ruins mind here. Like, oh, could you imagine? If it's a home run here didn't actually expect it and then he just sent up ball to the moon. I mean, you've dubbed Luke for your favorite athlete of all time. Right. Basically right now, I I like him a lot. I'm I was I think a little more skeptical new coming into the season. I mean, obviously, he still has a lot more proved this. Zain? But that hitting that Homer that I in that moment. I was like, okay. Like, he's the real deal. Yeah. He has vaulted to my favorite player in sports, which is very hard thing to do because Roger Federer is number one. But right now weird. But whatever what fetter there was the fact that was fetters weird even over this. But McClay just one is hundred first title today, says very cool one Miami open on that great. But it's just weird tap is your favorite athlete ever. Yeah. Whatever. But just brings a smile on my face every time, he's every time something good. I just get. I personally feel maybe we've been so in on him from the start that like he's our guy. But everything I mean him he hits the home run. His heart is beating so fast tries to eat sunflower seeds and just as brain isn't working. He just throwing like five hundred of sieges in his mouth. And he just no idea what he's doing is very young. I used to. I when I played like literally got so I would because I could never eat sunflower sunflower seeds never able to crack my now and get the seed just put a chunk in suck on them. And get the flavor and spit them out whole, you know, I played baseball my whole life. I never have ever done seeds ever. Yeah. Never tried one sunflower seed. That's insane. I just I. Yeah. I know it's crazy. I do video just trying to sunflowers. I don't I wouldn't even know what to do. It's I mean, you it's hard to do it in your mouth. I know people. Do it. You could crack it you do one at a time like crack it in eat it look ridiculous. But it is a way to try it. Yeah. I mean, come up is never a major corrobos gets a hold of this. You're in trouble. Probably the Yankee baseball ours. Never eaten sunflower seeds to shoot gum all the time. The gum guy. I probably prefer gum. But still something you just gotta try. Yeah. Whenever I played baseball was true. Gum. Yeah. That is very bizarre and hand up on that. But it's just the way it is. I guess I'll get into. But the thing is I've very addictive personality. So I'm probably gonna try very soon, and I won't stop. I'll be I'll be eating sunflower seeds forever ago. So look forward to that the backs of Voight that was great and the funniest part two is out on the flip side of everything you Greg bird striking out in his first three at bats. He has that visual laid laying out for the end of Hearthrow, and he's just the balls behind them, and he's just on the floor. And then the other side voice. Just the hero of of the city is but they did go deep later. Congrats. You hit a solo Homer. Make it seven to two man. Awesome. You're you're the best. They had to make the apologised happy. They had to bring them send them home at something. Now, we'll say did hit the overs. He was kinda hero to some people with that home run good for him though, since then he's done absolutely nothing like zero didn't even play on Saturday knew. I was going game. Just said he wants the analytics team boonies like can't do it hubs is in third row. Can do it. It's probably exactly what happened. Exactly, what happened Tanaka was very good. On opening day. Think he was a year prediction that he said he's gonna be Cy Young candidate right contender? Good star for that. I mean. Yeah. Good star for that. I mean can't you know, I I was gonna say it's the Orioles. But then again, J half made the Orioles, you know, look like the what they are capable team as the rest of the team. So yeah, I mean definitely good start like he he looked a little tick that he came out of the game before the end of the sex. Thank you aren't finished at six ending. But it's early, and you know, or the ozone monster so embed bent for him bad. They do only shrug off three guys. Couldn't get the fourth tough. Is the way that ball moves is ridiculous. I don't know how anyone is ever. Hit a ball. I wholeheartedly believe he was strike out. They Ruth everytime. He. Yeah. He might like I now believe it. He's giving me no reason not to like, he's just incredible. And then it's impersonal Saturday came in for an out got the guy mealy. He he's great. Yeah. I mean, that's he's such a weapon that we're gonna have all year. It's off a lot of lot of gifts. If people just having no idea what they're doing with this bitches, and so far so good Gary behind the plate minus is throws of every of all things for things to be off. Every throw is like tailing into the runner at second. He had like a few ball like three three balls two or three balls. So far this weekend in the feel? Yeah. Yeah. Blocking balls. Great. Just can't go the Flusher hill. When you got a cannon. You got a cat. And I think he'll he'll figure that out. But yeah that is weird. It's almost like he can only be good at one of the two things at a time, and you know, for the rest of his career. It was always good at throwing camp lock the ball. And now, it's which very bizarre ever gonna base on Friday on seeing Friday Thursday. I've got on base even too low a nice little double. I must've felt good for him tool than homered on Saturday opposite field. So good rim. Hasn't been hurt. Making good place guys out the plate. He did pinch today. For Gardner didn't go swell. Didn't get a full swing. It blame for that though. I mean that stuff to come on that. Yeah. I would like one swing in your pin about though instead of two half swings. Yeah. That would have been that would have been ideal. But I mean, I think all things considered pretty pretty solid start to the season firm for sure. Yeah. I mean, three days not hurt. The fact that you've made this far without anything is fantastic. I don't very cool. I couldn't tell. So did you see the close up shot of him Thursday after his double to think he was getting a motion or anything that was just a face? He was making. No that's just as face and asked him f game. And they were like they they estimate like eight times like house a field ahead that double you know, how how good if leaving the home run. And he was just like, yeah. It was fine. Whatever just is stone cold faces. He he tries to be Derek Jeter. And he's just like, yeah. It was cool like good to get. We won the game. It's all a matter. He's literally Derrick jeeter. So in terms of his persona. We've a new segment on the short porch. It's called I made this up texts. Didn't even know what this was going to be called texts from your ex. Today. Three former Yankee starting pitchers pitch today. We're gonna call my access number one was Sonny gray. How do you think the sun man did today? I know he did very very poorly. So I watched the game. 'cause I 'cause we were delayed, and I well, I watch the first few innings when he was in even took the reds Mayes from thirty five felt like, hey got a good lineup been here. He's gonna win the Cy Young. Probably fuck me and face all this. That's a nap. So here's how the game started. Staw? There's a ball immediate out. Then a ball hit back to the first base ball heads of auto sonny's cover. I drop Sibal. So that guys on then a line out to Yasser, which was probably hit one hundred forty miles an hour. Couldn't have been hard hit harder than a single because on the air. I think he went to second or whatever and hit by pitch. So the first of all the hit by pitches. Sunny, grayer, two balls hit over one hundred ten miles an hour and a run. So he has not changed one bit almost like it wasn't the keys that are false room being dead. Yeah. It's almost like having his college pitching. Coach means absolutely nothing. And at it's like, oh, you actually just can't pitch anywhere stink. Sonny's full line was two thirds five hits three runs to earn four walks. No strikeouts and seventy two pitches. Awesome. So they gave him a four year deal. Good for that. Someone pitch today who I didn't even think was alive anymore. Michael Pineda made a start to see that absolutely shocked. He was good. You see his numbers? No. I didn't. He only I guess he's on a pitch. Limit of something unless he got her looking at the box score. But I could very well or you gotta check for pint one another. Four innings forty pitches. One hit one walk five strikeouts. I could see him having a comeback player of the year type season. I always I always liked Pineda. I always thought he should have been away better than he was even back when he was on Seattle. I I liked him a lot. I remember the way wars had his stuff was always fascinating to me as a mand obviously things didn't work out injuries. But he still what he's still pretty young. Like, I I could see him putting together a night season. He. Oh, how old you think? He is. He could be anywhere from thirty six to twenty seven in my mind. Now, I was gonna guess. Thirty. You're correct. Exactly. He's thirty. Although. I remember when in a twenty seventeen right? He was that was last year to twenty sixteen. Twenty seventeen. I. Hearted never sevi- breakout. Your was that's twenty seventeen twenty seventeen. Yeah. He started last. No. Yeah. He had the he got hurt. But there was a period where it was full fought. Who was the ace of the Yankees. It would just go, but go back and forth, every no opinion. That's good Pineda was. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It was very fulsome. Remember, there was I think it was it was twenty fifteen rehab fifteen or sixteen strikeout game against the Orioles was mother's day Sunday afternoon, and he. And he. He is have the ability. No hit you like there was no hit somebody or or give eight in three innings. Our last contestant on text from your ex your best friend your best pal. You guess? I mean, my immediate thought was Sean cone. I know he's out of the league best friend best pal as in sarcastic tone. All right. Let's hear it. Lance lynn. Flint's Lynn fuck, Lance. Lynn, guess what? He did today. He went five and two thirds, which is good for. That's that's good length. Right. Five and two thirds. Good for him. He gave up ten hits and gave up seven runs tough. Yeah. Well, the Rangers. They went eleven to ten but not because of him. We know did he get? No it was tied. They they walked it off like Joey Galloway wild pitch actually watches on the ESPN. Yes. That was texting me actual keep that going. Hopefully and just talk about the shitty pitchers. We used to have. And now they're still shitty on this Michael Pineda's of scien- year. I guess we thought a little salary. Paxton was very good for us. I like him a lot. He's just a cyborg out there. Big big Paxton guy. Did you you said I only saw a little bit in the beginning. So I saw a little bit of packs in and then so how you said if you were in Vegas you'd been streaming the game at the pool party what he did in the ninth inning. We were watching. I have on my phone watching them try to most rally not able to. But I I do not see much Paxton. But from what I did see and just from seeing like, the highlights inbox box stuff did seem very impressed. Yeah. He's just he just a pitcher. He's just a good starting pitcher just going to be reliable guide. Never gonna fuck us. Unless he gets. Well, I was gonna say let's go to Chris now that I feel I feel very comfortable him on the mound. I mean grants. The Baltimore Orioles. But this one two three guesses. John holder was not good in that game. And he was probably left in way too long. So where to go Boone that was cool. They did make that nice run late, but it was too fucking late. But actually started caring about the game. Agassi tool at Homer mayhood, a double even void comes with a single. But and are in her not off to a good start Greenwich through games, but has not looked the best out there. Giancarlo had miserable. At that that that sucked almost a guaranteed to happen. And that's how you lose two three. The Baltimore Orioles. Tough not sees especially after Thursday are so hyped up. Like this team they're hungry from last year. Only one hundred twenty games they're going to win twenty four games going to be easy. He's going to start off, you know, eight and one. What a joke. We were saying what two losses is the minimum for the first nine games. Yeah. We were like seven to anything with Esther. I mean, six three I, you know, isn't the end of the world, but you really wanted to go seventy two after win six on our own out. So now six and three take they they have to mean. The Tigers tiger's any turn six this week. You have to five out of six Tigers of a guy named Turnbull pitching them are who for that Tyson. Ross of the sports action Turnbull. I got score mobile shows Tyson Ross. Okay. Well, whatever I mean, I don't know which ones right doesn't matter. But I think you should they should sweep. I mean, five out of six is what we need this week five six who's the Tuesday pitcher Tanaka Zimmerman. That's. What? Oh, yeah. There was sorry. There was often Friday. I was trying to think how that worked. Yes. Bullpen game on Monday that should be fun with Boone. Sure, he will messed that one up. And it's almost we don't know what to blame anymore. That's the thing. That's what I was going to say it's like. But it's like I also wanna yell at these just faceless nerd sitting in the dugout. I don't know what to call like, maybe we need a new analytics team to sit down there. They should be in the dugout. They should have. They should have a corner in the dugout like just a big comp- like, you know, the computer had on advisors. Yes. You just old computers those? Yeah. Knock out the camera. Well, and that's the analytics corner, and it's just like four guys you went to Harvard just running simulation after simulation. And whatever like a decision goes poorly fans could just tell them with tomatoes. Yeah. All they do is just constantly. They just give thumbs up and thumbs down. The Boone will ask a question. They go. Yes. Right. I don't know who to be mad. I mean like dune I you know, Boone is the easy target. But I get if he's not making decisions, and he also doesn't wanna lose his job. There's wanna stand up to these analytics nerds and tell them what to do. So I don't know. I don't know who to blame but decision making the bullpen decision making has been questionable. Very bizarre. Hopefully, we get out of tomorrow. And he just he just doesn't thing for Chapman. So far good. I will say Canley pitch today didn't go. So well, the start did this thing where he just walked three guys on a road to start the inning. Not the best strategy in the world. David Robinson, love doing that. And then camera woke up the best news of the whole Canley thing though, he's starting ninety miles an hour. So that's that's really what Tommy that's the old Tommy. So we have in back end up Gaddi ending unscathed. It was just who do you need tight rope act. But. Job holder. Not not great Tarpley. Not good everybody else's. Okay. Tigers for three and then in Baltimore, so. Yeah. Five of six should happen. In other news. John sterling missing a game. Did you see this? I saw I mean, I know we joke of us our fault curse. Put can't make this stuff up. Have a guy on thirty goddamn years. He set the miss. I mean, it's not definite. Right. I mean, I think logistically I mean the the game is in the evening early. Granted game is an afternoon. And then at night is the is the thing is the graduation triplets graduation. Yeah. Obviously, he's today off me wanna don't wanna miss it. But there's no issue. There's no other priority. I'm going to my kid's graduation. I think I've earned it any like he he almost missed it a few years ago, but his daughters thing was on an off day. We've been steps the game who's going to do it. That's what I was. Wondering is it will the guess I mean Susan will call a game right now. No Susan's the color the analyst unless they have her do it. But would it be a different job constantly, and maybe Ruko amount of no, you know, owning radio in color, so different. Radio and TV or different. Yeah. But Ruko he did. I mean, I know he did that for them like us able to call right? E I'm sure he he would be able to do it mean. We're available. Yeah. I talk getting what like there's any chance would have. Yeah. John's lay these guys interview those. Yeah. That'd be great. I don't know how it works with like FA N 'cause you know, they're different than the us networks on figured just lend Ryan route go near right, one of its French. That'd be unreal. I've no idea be weirdest health not our fault. It's not a fault. It's not our fault. It's q-quick things. Non Yankee related MLB. Did a good thing in a bad thing this week the incorporated Twitter hitter. I think it's very cool. So basically everyday use is four guys they pick and you vote before the game start whoever wins they show that person's at bats in that game in that game that day on the Twitter feed livestream. You probably the best idea that come come up. It's finally somebody at MLB headquarters took their head of their ass and came up with one good idea. Now, if we could just be able to tweet clips that would really be ideal, but it's a step in the right direction for sure step in the right direction that guy deserved a raise on the foot side. So while they did a really good thing. They countered it with. Maybe the worst idea ever. This is not a joke. This isn't from the onion. This isn't a satire thing. They reward the team that spent the least in arbitration with a WWE heavyweight championship style belt. A real belt give it's what I completely missed. You got see this blog on Friday, basically, they're they're from the onion positive. It was an athletic article. They send over it was the talk of like mean fights were talking about the comments on this block. I did. Seems like it. I didn't do anything though. Oh. Whatever there are none. But it does. Usually it'll say zero finished are whatever it doesn't matter. But there were definitely comment's. Definitely saw the comments. There were comments on that. But anyway. But yeah, they were ward them with a championship belt for for saving the money in arbitration. I think it's. I'm speechless. It's almost like they know they're going to strike, and they're just like fuck it. Let's piss off. Everybody is like, yeah. It's coming. But fuck fuck all the players. It's I I'm like, I'm stunt war site. The worst ever was it supposed to be a secret and it got out fake so thick. So that you can't make that up. It's. That's the worst idea ever made in the history of ideas. The worst. Like, I don't know how this strike is gonna work. I soon they go to some sort of court and figure it out. That's gonna be the quickest decision ever like. Hey, all right. We'll be how do you feel you being treated? What's what's going on here? How you feeling? Yeah. They login. We celebrate being cheap. With a fuck and championship though. Okay. No. It's rule favor. The players and thank you. I think a lot of fans were weird strikes. I think typically fan side with the owners more they think all these players get paid enough. I think in this case with baseball was starting to lean more that fans signed with the players. This definitely is a helps the players case in terms of you know, who the fans are gonna be with. I don't I actually can't believe they're playing baseball right now like that they should've it should've been an immediate strike technically Conan. But I would have that is the biggest slap in the face you can possibly make. Established astonishing couldn't I like literally spent ten minutes making sure it was a real story. I mean, just saw meet on able to process that. Yeah. Absolutely insane. God damn, okay. Do everything else. The show don't think. So. Yeah. All right. Well, winning baseball games. Yeah. I mean and the Red Sox stink. They they're starting pitching. I don't know what they're doing. But we can capitalize any of that. Also, another thing last year is every time it felt like a night the Red Sox off the loss to. Yeah. I mean sale couldn't have looked worse. I'm not I think he'll be fine. And people are always ninety to figure it out. I assume when he signed his big contract extension. They did a full physical. And they figured everything was okay. I I did that. So I think he's he's fine physically. I think you've all these not going to be good this year. I just don't. Fuck that guy this. He's not he's not the Cy Young pitcher that he was then a year. He's me more of the guy. We saw Seattle couple days ago getting shelled. I think he'll be more of how he was with the inky. Yeah. Existent flashes of brilliance together. Right. But other other days like like yesterday. I think it'll be a mix of both. You know, he was fourteen and three with us in her first year with him. I didn't know he's fourteen and three hit a four year. Right fourteen. Yeah. I that. I remember. He was he won a lot. I think crazy around support. Yeah. Then wins the losses. The worst thing. You can judge. I just saw fourteen years. What I would remember that. Yes. It'd be nice to capitalize on that. While they're out in the west coast losing. But of course, the or thing maybe it's a good thing. We Orioles six games start. Because then you don't we don't play them. You know, we're just getting it out of the way or. Yeah. It's like the toughest part like work work hard play will get get through the Orioles. And then finally, you know, hopefully, pick up some wins like ripping abandoned off. That's Orioles those there's fucking nets. So frustrating. A microcosm of this whole weekend. With the Yankees was out a bar Saturday night. And I've since the lead this tweet because I was just embarrassed when I woke up I was like can't believe his real. I mean, we were out with a lot of people actually was dancing with a girl that just never happens like ever. But. It was like, hey, you wanna you wanna get drink take the bar, whatever. She she's like, let's do shots in my head. I'm like, I I actually hate you. I want you to die. So I'm like sure what he want. She was tequila. Casa migos. I'm like, all right. It's classy least you still psychopath. You were shots at the bar. Fuck you unless they're your bombs, my me, and my buddies do we still pretend eighteen years old. But I mean, your shots the bar this point in your twenty five Woody fuck you door. So she's like, oh, you gotta order to more. My friends are coming. Okay. Four kill shots. Friends. Never come. So it's just this fourth Gill shots there. I think I might have audited at one point. Oh, it's tell them to. She goes. No, no. We'll do double. I now I want you actually get hit by a car now. I don't do shots. I. So take one and while she's taking the second one. It poured out for the second one out and like, oh, great. We tequila shots. And then it hits me. Oh, you're actually enthrone everywhere Zik sterile idea because I keep mine. This is like midnight one AM one AM one AM, and I've been drinking to nine at the Anki game. You've been drinking all day. So finally, my body just happy and was like buddy that you can't you shouldn't have done that as terabyte so say sorry dance for got around the bathroom quick definitely not throwing up said in my head and said the her I make it two steps down. I don't know where we were a two steps down. And I go to cough, just throw up like thoughts the worst its worst. And one guy was like what the fuck. I just threw my mouth, basically, it's all over my wrath Arain quarters that is so nice birthday gift for my mom's real nice and went into a stall the throw out the rough run core. Really sad. And the nice corns. Gotta get a new one. And a funny I were turned back to the dance floor, and she was gone funny. How that will? Yeah. Great funny that works. So I'll say I am at a point where I deny shots like me. That's even worse Friday night. We were at this place cat like this nice restaurant. And if you know Brian Axelrod, but he's like been a catch the been the cash there's one of the city. He's like a connection to barstool. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And he knows people at catch. So he had like e said over it wasn't there. But he had told the place to send over shots that guys over person in the world. Oh, yeah. He's he's the guy. That knows the guy. He's the most serious thirty for thirty on him. Yeah. He so he was sending over shots and stuff, and he settled were like eight of us see sends over these eight whiskey shots just said, no my worst ever experienced with drinking was whiskey. So if I even get a whiff of it, I just can't do it. So I had no problems. Be like, no, I have not. I am not doing this right now. I just did not Chris. I'm not a good. Yeah. Whiskey? Anyway, I don't think anything just don't give me a shot bunny beer. You said your what was your bathrooms with Frankie? We I think we may have been drugged on a night because we both. I mean, we were obviously we were at the club or drinking. But you know, I've been drunker before and I've been having stomach problems recently too. So I think it was sort of a mixture of that be a we both just got back to our room Friday. We were like we'd a sweep meet him were sharing a room within it as we had our own bathroom. It was a goddamn mess. He was he was throwing up in the toilet. I'll start up in the sink. I one point didn't make it. So I got a little bit on the corporate. There was some of the bathroom door. It was on the floor. It was a mess. He storing up in the toilet while you're throwing up in the sink at the same time. No it wasn't simultaneous. He would go. He would go and throw up in the toilet. And then like a little bit later. I went was throwing up on the secular. It was tough. What the fuck? I don't know. But and then I was fine. The next morning. Early was totally like was like totally just meet thrown up from drinking because I would have been I think in worse shape, Frankie, either not good. No. He's most pal person ever seen my life. It was concerning. How is he at the pool fine? I mean, just I just hired. We drank a little bit at the pool. But not there was no way. I was going to be able to to do that again and the whole KB thing. What was that like? Kaby is just he's a wild card. He's the definition of wildcard. I mean there were times this weekend. So we're at obviously, the whole thing getting kicked out of the hotel Friday Friday night, we're at Omnia nightclub. We got a table and key was using fallen asleep there. Go sit next to cut a fallen asleep. All of a sudden, I blink my eyes. He's got just gone no idea where he went doesn't come back as well. That's the end of Kate will just never see him again. But it was there Saturday. And then last night we ended up we didn't make it out. But I wake up to a text from TV. That's like you guys out like about and he tells us today. Okay. He just went out his meets goes out. He's just like, it's great. I I've never seen. Someone just meet so many people it just doesn't know and just enjoys life. I mean envy, but he he's a while. But I like, he's a nice guy. That is my worst. Nightmare is like to go out alone and meet people too. It's like the worst the last thing next to take him to to keel shots in a row would be to just go out my own and have a time out have time with myself and other people like I like being alone. I'm saying like going with what are you supposed to do at a bar alone was a meat. He's people. I don't know. Sure is blog on Monday will be very funny. Yeah. But. Yeah. Oh, short porch. People I met on Saturday. Love you guys. That was awesome. Those are cool out you guys setup. We are trying to bounce around the every bar. I never been dug up before they tackled Delon there. I did not know that she. No, this is a Taco Bell dug out. That's like further down. Right. Yeah. There's a Taco Bell like like window like within the within the bar. It's very cool. Billy's was pop and Billy's MS of good fucking time. Stands we got there early time swish. They want. Shiloh bells. I got that for lunch. It was the best sandwiches. Just incredible every time, and that's pretty much it, man. That's all she wrote. We're looking to get a pretty pretty big guest for Thursday's that should be a lot of fun. If we can actually work that out you might be coming into the studio which be so look forward to that. We got the let's let's let's just beat the Tigers commits to win three against the Tigers make everything better five out of six. That's the motto for the week six Essex. Nothing less have that mentality and just fucking kill everybody. Fucking orioles. That's report. We'll see there's a there's a John sterling you've been listening to short porch. Byproduct of barstools.

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Weekend Racing Preview | Caulfield | Aug 17

Three Wide No Cover

23:39 min | 1 year ago

Weekend Racing Preview | Caulfield | Aug 17

"What's he doing on these non java. She's back hello and and welcome to three caldecott white to get into this is some big tepes got up swigs money to be made as welcoming very special co host. The colonel good very good good horses a back here at night. The big spruce mystique journey is back after winning the oil and australian guineas butts on my kibe it we haven't like headed. Marshall is being i know we talked about some big tipping last week sosa born twenty any dulles plus. We welcoming the man himself so i'm in marshall. He's just saying on my just getting back to the three one night. Count the family on twitter. I i can't get back to you all but i'm trying my best you will labor. What have we learned unbelievable. Wait we had last week nights weighing. He can't even by the day and we're so glad to be back home with the hot. Potato tayo could have greg back in the studio good funny. It's funny. That's the way that people have such a fascination with what other people wear. It's just it's just a normal jump. Eh do it for a little bit of jewish law. You're up and it's clearly the little ryan around bracingly the trek report. He's very important. Julian short coalfield obtain mehta's entice off six at the moment not my trying to bet thursday but little bit of ryan to have meals expected fraud i and then we have a drawing on saturday. I think it will stay in that. Soft seeks ryan's morning even getting to the soft seven ryan. There's also a twenty to thirty kilometers northerly wind and coffee in which we now has an impact shoot rice's because it is straight into their face but we looked at the stats on now asus of how these treks going to play and we're expecting middle toward. He's going to be the place to bay. We think off the field yet riley. I midfield. He's way you wanna bay lay deserted slow at disadvantage with these rile and the white attracts going to be you gotta be interesting because they had some horses short in the market especially early in the die joining so i'd guides and will roll forward but we're expecting middle of the tracks going to be weighing debate plenty of ways to cut the mustard for the track reported on as well. Let's have a look at the first rice on the caddy's out of these rice number. Five divine sykes are eleven hundred meters and bivouac who start to five hundred thirty dollars forty three sixty excess funds stocks the pros nate condors express cyber is a pretty good price and alsi at thirteen dollars julian the three year olds a back from their two year old year a few days. I <hes> beaver working particular tools forty. There's quite skinny. <hes> i'm acting straight clear out five obviously come back and really good order. There's an hi dad that he's trial was good. Huey byman comes down to roy godolphin. We know the <hes> flowing but i think a rice that does have no spayed whatsoever so oh. I think it's going to be the homeless that maybe a feet could be the ones that i'm going with the seven excess funds. This is the feet who was taking on the horses that if i yeah i think it's with the horses to. I think it's a great h. Y. It'd be really surprised if mr hall i locked it seen damn wing it was offers slow speed but it was the best four hundred of the die then it went across to add alight to kind of some really good holistic including thirty of approach. It was a two year old against the career out the big syndicates involved and actually backed excess funds four destroyed all his twenty that was probably off the two year old stats against the the horses neo comes back against each year in in a three year old vines dykes but i think it might get lost funds on with it or it can only can lift. It is a little on marshall yeah <hes>. It's really interesting well. He's at two year olds <hes> finishing two three year old so we're guessing a little bit as to how much they having improved. I love horses with a penalty to be honest. <hes> coming out of these rice that <unk> actually proven jukebox in russian revolutions they had booms on them arrival to stand up and show in particular russian revolution one these rice last year a lot g._p._s. <hes> and the reason that law g._v._s.'s east foams proven he was a group three winner on debut. He just got bleeper. Yes yes yes so that formed toys into bivouac doc <hes> who was bitten one point links boy. Yes yes yes <hes>. Maybe i lost yes. Yes yes yeah. Absolutely <hes> gripped ripped to win. I remember they took him to queensland group to winner then then like steam against the owl's as a group on level fair enough he had forty. I it needs back indicator berryman in the saddle but he got one point five links. These holes has residual fitness are now. He's got to carry the penalty but he rolls forward from his guy trying on the track gbs c._b._s. For me i think i wanna stick with him because he's got plenty of upside. The call us work boys excess funds for jews and julius the salmon marshall. Let's head to the knicks race on the cat. I ever eleven hundred maters in brooklyn. Hassle brooklyn hassle at four dollars. Sixty does might law three kilos bitter from last time at five dollars fifty exhilaration seven dollars fifty a little bit of a question about the way susan fly ci later lincoln and some in one of your favorite horses absolute flood because because that's what you are when you go out absolute flows semi of this. This is a genuinely going to be generally run rice the biggest field seasonal flu. I'll go forward satanic or go forward cheerleader. We'll go forward from the war. Guy says going to be some really good tau in his rice. Donald g later can find a spot but as we know caulfield not the worst place debate with the one band around the shoot races geez. I think this race. It's absolutely perfect in terms of doing your spayed. Map is one horse that absolutely stands out like bake information that is brooklyn hustle. I think it'll get in that roy midfield position on offense with this third or fourth stop into the prep going with the as and guineas but gosh oh really wanna be with it on saturday i think he just sits up perfectly for her. Jason warren he's career strike. Great winning is at around twelve thirty percent first up second up. It goes to eight percent. These are the times i think you wanna be with jason marin first and second up in the horses prep and this is what what we say with brooklyn hassle. The trial was really good. I just love it off. The map and i think it'll sprint really well. Malam is absolutely writing in sensational fashion. He's gone at twenty nine. Percent burmese lost thirty all the factors lineup for me that this race will just the right shape will be perfect for brooklyn hustle confident isn't he does this confidence ups any minimum time it is but but i'm sh- her rice patent to me as suggest that she's unlucky runner. She got an eight a lot of luck. This is a field in the culture division big group of phillies running he and and she's drawn <hes> middleton inside and she gets back in needs covering arises that says she writes it so she's gotten a need that little bit locked thought gills cabello rosa rumble able doa for mooney valley ci later roles forward see tony la fillets lincoln style dining all of a jumps off absolute foot foot roy lincoln stuff but i wanna guy with absolute fluid drawn out. Let's show is really good. Guide speed. She's a bit of a proxy and all matter a black book with fifty nine kilos i dot when she had no luck at mooney. Valley she'd go cool and the bauxite got dragged. Back didn't get one hundred ago and when she got it she went wash and the reason that locker in this race is because she's a group she got. She got stikes performance beside her name absolute fluid and i just think she gets the raw run on the speed with the hottest beat back behind the locks of pin. Sick exhilarates is interesting run on the title little trickle in the market brooklyn. Hart's gotta be a broken. Hustle is gonna be behind her in the run but absolute barrier. She's going to be out of luck. She's gonna be on speed. She's going to use the locks of later and say tony in good form and rumbled owl too actually trek into the polls. If i'm brett prebble running absolute flood only use that split i wanna see from three day with a little bit of cava or even face the braves dan and that saw it. I'll be happy to stay out of trouble in the big phillies edition and then just wait until i get to the fellow and use that sprint. She's an eleven hundred specialist and this is her rise to win and oregon. She's very very well performed so absolute fluid on top for me. That's why these two are the best in the business. Masha julian blanton and it's not lost on me that you've actually come color coordinated. If you look at the screen and you got the yellow stripes on the the back story and then you've got the yellow three would not cover and then got the massive. It's well done boy you today as always supplier and we have to work with the sports bit blue as well. It doesn't solve some of these best bluff back off the right way. Lawrence dykes and we saw the real raleigh join us in welcome back to three wide. No catholic getting to the two major niger rice. If the data winner at e two unabomb become this way because see porn last week i need to deposit back into my account nothing in there at the moment and <hes> milwaukee overseas that as well but she's in new york at the moment check the balance to and the dinner with a friend last two hundred and thirty seven dollars so he saw solve actually got thirty seven dollars to spin the deposit. No that makes up for your dinner the other nine well. I'm looking forward to you. Give me something that you're not loving relationship or taking yeah watching this. <hes> who watching this from new york getting the rice number twelve hundred everybody good deal. I got twelve hundred behemoth three dollars sixty as well. Why didn't fifty five haunted scaring disease fundamentalist at seven eight hour long leaf. We are like h wine canes. During is a pretty big pros has the speed met julian spayed map nice paid at all. You just saw one stays under there. I think we don't want that anyway. We'll move on nice paid at all. I think probably fundamentalists just by default will probably roll forward and may take it up but there again. He's just absolutely no spaded beta all in this race. Wait orlando look. I'm going to start with the fiber. Be good to your mother. We look at it stats six from ten and was just absolutely sensational in the office. Say's and nail has to bring it to the spring carnival. He's a fiber in the rupe o'clock and probably roy day because he's figures he were running. He was running does match chop. There is no doubting that there's knock on this horse. The only knock off got on the horse is just the price three dollars at the moment three dollars seventy three dollars eighty <hes> so i look i locked the lowest but i'm probably going to be against him this way. That doesn't mean i the whole absolutely not just another person when i'm putting that barrack for horses i go to the n._f._l. Two baruch when i mean who is writing on there to make money and that's what i'm trying to do he is so i said on behemoth and i think is though on hopefully on satellite aimed at coalfield field but i think coalfield is just a perfect for him. He's that one run first up behind <hes> assertive authority or whatever it's cold and it was no speedy rice go back in time now i think he'll be as fit as he can be and i reckon these rice sits up perfectly expecting to get over the top of them. I think be good to your mother will run really well wanted blinking back on i would have liked to have been concerned and i m absolutely petrified of leith because i think as you said branding. Each hose can roll forward and our reckon. It's going to run a messy rice for years. Well not much of a in terms of choice but recognize plenty of quality in this race. I couldn't have been any more confusing. Somebody that has a jr along cats and also richmond membership fees roads fellow super birth permission for joel roy. I go to more richman games that anytime i get to say what family and the cats are trying to say. My family got ah back jillang beside the height of anything or anybody and a lot of vitriol in the world and i just think that just real we'd sort of sit up had gang well. If you ever spend time with you you'd understand that was probably to the on the <hes> the family family on three one nine cover on tweet. This guy was a rising shy fantastic josie <hes> hey you summed it up very very well but who's the best twelve hundred major horse in the rice improving at listed level or utah. You're gonna long-life while my not gang on suggesting that there isn't one because the mother needs to step up off season off season fall doesn't he lost to build and rollin any obey their control burn them off on the band. He's going to be proven at this level by saying this coming over from adelaide he gets back and then you've got the loss of holding who gets a nice run in the rice but will the fence be off by seven seven folks. I think it will be so. I'm sticking with damien oliver and taking lindsey pack with the whole he's got an outstanding. Stop break. Oh these three starts for two wins n._s. Sick now remember. He wanted blue diamond preview. I think it was he was second in the vine stikes. He lashed out at a new zealand and one mall stikes rice but rickety can sprint very well frisch asia while locking is because he's drawn outside and he can come across have grand recite back on his live show to kenge. We'll get back. He can see that sewing hold it. In the worst part of the gal fundamentalist follow her through who's got a lot of white fifty nine kilos e and be good to your mother. Who's going to scare me into the rice on a horse. It can run well fresh and that's gonna hit the salon hot news a goldfield that whole is long life. I think can trustee meanness rice. I think he's a whole lot of skype. He's still a bullet stallion and you're shopping around the non dollar fifty max oh h. y. Long-life timing all of long life for the end behemoth to the feature race of the day and it's the pretty learn stikes dykes mystic journey even money at two dollars and now the tele marker mystic journey losing was at the valley twitter kit but and i was in big time on that diane fortunately had no four those clips age seven dollars fifty very good chicken up who was fifty stars loves the witch suit up fifteen at four eight hundred and that's at nine one dollars fifty kennedy and trump for food's got really pronounce the other one baton twenty six bucks going to be pretty out that win. The price in the market would suggest twenty six dollars for new box. Boss got enough that as well talk for one hundred sixteen. It's pretty good pretty high on four hundred sixteen but much better either further grants are expected to have a nice little run. Look no speeding this rice absolutely again. <hes> don't even really know who take it up to be on a side. It'll be interesting to see what happens. We see the return of mystic journey. She is the possibly the headline homeless of the spring convoy. She's the cokes plight favorite. We say resuming thing. I've afford eight hundred maters look to what do you see you dylan on or something like that. At the moment two dollars westbound on what i marked or a moderate two dollars. She is the most likely host to win in this rice but i'm just keeping against it just because i think there's a couple of variables that are just die. If it's a soft seven or any worse i i'm just concerned that her best three runs for me bain cockfight day when she wanted a three-year-old rice and the two races flemington now what they title had together words linked hard tracks and she could absorb high pressure rises and instill sprint off them which is an outstanding filly now me. She's not going to get those conditions on saturday. It's going to be a soft track. There's going to be naughty. Tampa not exactly what she wants and she i. She's not here to win this. If you spoke to adam trainer and said what's one rice out of the five russia's yonder running the happy to miss a loose he'd say the group to pay bay lawrence so every other rice is going to be one that she runs in. That's going to the be drawing the hottest and not that they're not drawing this. I just think the right shape doesn't set up perfectly for mystic journey some cliffs age. He's the one run he's the nasdaq and bernie said got a good sick and up record. I locked him behind styles of jimmy scott of justice or thought he ran really well. The mock it locked fifteen to five dollars that die that it was positive so on my mile was very being the yard so he's gonna improve a lot. He'll be spayed or it can clips age who run well to super in salt into mystic. Stick journey to box because it's a show project at a lot and the normal average pundit wouldn't know all the things you just bought up so i thought he was disappointing. He's lost seventy avenue so i want to say one more from him. On is gonna roll across from and outside baria with trap for fools to maybe put on speed j. anthony dahmen and in your own mystic journey what do you do do you stay away from the fence knowing that right side of the fence is going to be now with this juice in the track and i want to be getting off ten meters out. Do you wanna late and goes the foods and not get caught in a box satan. Have the locks of hot. No come across look you in and then the flaw familiar holes called fifty stars who i mock dan on is a future white varietals after last preparation remember. This all started five at doncaster. He's foam was absolutely red hot leading into that rice and what what about him is he's got behind manuel who went on to want holes at this track and trip iran second demand well so he's stop iran's extremely well. I love the sting out of the track. He's drawn aunt you can fall. I cleave said across but plays. If i'm writing fifty stars just get on the back of hot and he's he's proven in these in these conditions. He's proven at the four hundred meter and he runs super fresh. Get on the back of hot known mystic journey on your raw in front illit cliff's edge the intrepid fools go try and snaking across beyond hot nolan push samari back with secunderabad the rush just get back in one around on so it's advani ge- <hes> <hes> fifty styles if all i'm rod and he goes on. I care from three day with a little bit of cover rolling down the side from two thousand eight and six hundred because i'm going to be creeping. I'm going to be watching mystique a journey does she's got the target on back hot and it's going to drag me into the rice. I'm going to peel off from light and i want to try and help with fifty meters to go. I think he's the rod and i think he can run a tricky rice. Stop at a price all very nice word. That is the payback lawrence and a very good summation of two. Let's have a look at the black book selections as chosen chosen by you as we bring them up there joe. This is all over the place on saturday. Yes that one there that we're looking at is definitely from last week but if you look at it and styles of justice will be there goes to delight. It's a horse that absolutely busted clock at paknum synthetic went one half seconds and so i've seen him net loss rice at adelaide is a future forum rights that you want to be following a ripa then you've got mystique. Journey toy and conduct is expressed but you chose them goes but scales of justice is a great one and i'd it'd be looking at the excel audio. He's galette with sarah on the on the synthetic track. Jr along on wednesday was really good. I love the white picked up so he's ready to rock and roll scowls. Justice us work still plenty more to come panel betas around the country jews. Multi got up law swigs of that soda. Cam breath cover tom to get into around the country due to the belmont. I number four. I've great again. Don't be worried about the forty two days off punters. Five of the seven wins have come off twenty eight die breaks or more w pollock on our luck staying with uganda's review year reis one number two egyptian gold snowfield win at bellary. It was a really slow tempo zip time time lost four hundred lost two hundred die boy far and i expect out to just platform off that lindsay smith. Can you please do that anymore. Five to the school door from me. She's a staffer step. She'd be gone is the parent also i darman winning. I dump she's got that blue rush form so an embrace me she'll be winning all would've thought i up at five to ted to queensland seven third aim traveling. <hes> good sixteen hundred win loss dot in good time had some time <music>. I'm often it's had affairs and made a trial to keep it up to the mock so it's still ready to rock and roll. I signed distance thirty nine three nine mcewen for me. This jesus did hit the y. Beautiful he's he's lost one hundred running through the year now who ran second in that rice bitter these distracting trip so three the non mcewen kensington to one connemara era i go forty eight hundred meters best three runs for me for this horse have been in twelve hundred meters and they've been generally fast so i think the four nine hundred maters seventy backup natural willa yes sixty seven at kensington sal you win this one on a good four and also a soft seven then he'd a heavy right at nas. It'll freshen up in a trial in between back on the good track. There's a short unit woolsey two dollars sixty from the guy waterhouse payments debate but i'm happy with so you win back on the draw and lastly hit a cool field rice number eleven bella vela a really love what will clock and has done with these holes ivory allied loss to stotts ren foster tom than insertive acidic approach last dot they <hes> lena goes on it'll suit this horse that goes forward and says that we are informed continue to hold and oregon embel- avella. He's just in the wrong spot at the roy tarpley really good rice but i reckon h. Y. It's gonna be you know for a really long time for you. Get the cash early with pippi. She's got that montage of format woman's size son-in-law and only bite into links boyhood and she won first up beautifully queensland. She said that beautiful pre residual fitness pippi one twelve at coalfield. I know it's word work boys. Let's get straight into the pedal. Blades boys talkie simmons this week right site has his taken hot nowhere he had. We got mystic journey. She's the best horse in the race best performed dole. She's a cox flight five it and she should be winning that first step and there'd be tipped it which uh oh get some money for the charity or does your multi up last week where we hitting this yeah. We got last week with similar vein this week to three horses again p._p. Apply so we say stay the chivalry the place and then we got we mystique journey six two four and the two fifty four you their patents not long ago and that just <hes> reconfirm both bist of the weekends for the two this weekend one twelve pippi bella bella in the last coalfield h. y. Loss would work out. I think we're going to be back next week still live in london. He's still doing grubs doing a hell of a lot to be honest with good to have you either colonel. It's the mouse you one of the greatest junkies of old all time three one night cava join us again next week.

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266: Dodging Ubuntu End of Life & Ruby on Rails DevOps with Justin Snair

Ruby on Rails Podcast

24:49 min | 2 years ago

266: Dodging Ubuntu End of Life & Ruby on Rails DevOps with Justin Snair

"You're listening to the ruby on rails podcast on the five by five network. You're listening to episode to sixty six and I'm your host Britney. Martin Justin snares, the director of cloud infrastructure for the Pittsburgh cultural trust he's been with the cultural trust for ten years in this passionate about his job. He really has AWS certifications always learning more. This man, literally eats sleeps and breathes AWS infrastructure is also a devoted husband father. And in his spare time an avid woodworker. Welcome to the show Justin thanks for having. Absolutely. So Justin, can you? Please. Tell us your IT origin story. Sure. I mean, I think like most people in IT started at a very young age. I got that first computer. And I just wanted to learn everything about it. Learn how it worked learn how to program things especially on it. I had stalled Lennox on my family's computer when I was nine which was not didn't go very well with my parents since they didn't even know how to turn it on at that point. But I loved it. And that's kind of where it started. I fell in love with. That I really focused on like computer classes in high school in went to college for network ministration network security more focused when I started with the trust. I had a few other jobs started with the trust. I kind of was thrust into the whole cloud stuff and really fell in love with it. And kind of sparked a new passion was before it had been mostly the security networking side. Now now, it's more DevOps in and cloud infrastructure. So when you start at the trust everything was very much stored on site the day. I started was actually the day that we actually undertake it a big website redesign project that was my very first day. So it was kind of overwhelming, but we worked with the with the developers to kinda get a plan together, and what kind of environment we wanted to have. And yet that point everything was all self hosted. But that was kind of the my first experience with ever even using ruby for rails for anything. So. Interesting. So I think our listeners would enjoy hearing about all the aid of US certifications. You have so any tips and tricks on getting certified. I would say the biggest thing is to get your hands dirty actually get in there. I mean for me at least, I'm a I'm a hands on kind of learner I like to get in there and just tinker with things in can kind of see how it however they works. They'd against documentation is actually really really good. So have never had a problem finding the answer to something that I needed to know AWS, just looking at the documentation. And then also I take advantage of couple different training programs. A cloud guru for one in lenox kademi is the second one I really like lenox academy training because they've got virtual labs. Grated virtual labs at that. So they can tell you exactly what you did wrong out in graded for you, which comes in really handy. And then just my general strategy when I take a test is, you know, I like to take their path the eight of his practices exams and get at least ninety percent before I ever attempt the real thing. And then on the real test. I land through the questions, I know right away, the speed through everything if I pause for even thirty seconds on a question. I'll skip it come back to it at the end just to make sure I can get all the questions answered in the time a lot 'cause there are quite a lot of questions that you don't have much time to really spend on just one question without one thing that I've really enjoyed that. You've done I got the AWS certified developer certificate about three years ago. And then recently had to get recertified and since then you actually built a sandbox environment at the trust. So that multiple people could go into the accounts, spin up resources and not worry about. About it. Do you think this is something that most orgnization should be doing? Yeah. Absolutely. I mean, I think we're we're lucky that we have a boss that kind of understands the the importance of the training kind of hands on training. So I kind of asked her that for a couple years. And finally, you know, we sent quite a few people to date of. Yes. Conference this year. So I thought it was a good opportunity to roll that out. So that everyone has something to us, you know, just to do the labs at the conference. But then moving forward to experiment with whatever they need to you know, NATO Bs just kinda learn in grow yet. So as the trust director of cloud infrastructure, what has been the trickiest part of managing rails environment. So I would say definitely used to be like managing all the gems dependencies, but bundler has made that like a no brainer anymore. It also used to be a little difficulty raw try to run multiple versions of ruby on the same server, so we're looking RBM or something like that to control which I ever being used. We've simplified that infrastructure down. So that we're only running a symbol single application on anyone server. So that really eliminates the need to maintain multiple versions of ruby in parallel. So really, I mean difficulty at this part at this point. I mean, we have got it into autopilot so knock on wood here. It's pretty easy. These days yet of US when I started with the trust we had a custom deployment application that would manage all that. And one thing that I'm really proud of his team. I feel that we heap offloading things to existing AWS services. So that we can really smooth out those deployments. It used to be where we would choose deployed very strategic times throughout the day. And while we still tend to do that because we need to dance around big on sales and whatnot. I mean, if we have something that needs to go out to production. I feel that as a team we were just a lot more confident about getting those across an obviously continuous improvement deliveries a big buzzword these days. Yeah. You should be able to you should be able to deploy whenever you need to even if it is in the middle of on sale. Everything's built properly deploys work properly than deploying during on. So should not be Abro. Now completely. Agreed. And our listeners have heard many tales of me talking about getting ready for Hamilton. And just was a huge. General part and making sure that that on sale was a success. So let's dive into the reason that I brought you on today and talking about up grading rails environment. So at the trust were moving away from a bunch of fourteen four because it's reaching end of life. Can you break down for the listeners? What that actually means sure. So canonical, which the company that releases boon to they release new software new long-term supported versions of their operating system every two years and the long-term supported version, basically just means that it supported for five years from the day it's released then on the off years they release kind of they're beta versions where the really only supported for two years. So our strategy is always been only used a long-term support versions just because that gives us five years before we really need to do another upgrade they'll keep everything running during that period of time. There's no real reason to upgrade as long as everything works or you have a really compelling reason that you need a package that isn't available yet. But not run into that. Luckily in a long time, the when when when it actually goes end of life so right now we're on fourteen four which is end of life as of yesterday. That basically means that canonical is no longer going to release any bug fixes or upgrades security patches of any kind for any of the packages installed on the operating system. So. While it's not total buzzkill. It can it makes administration a lot more difficult. So you obviously usually package manager makes things a lot easier to install things upgrade things if once your end of life, the only way to do those types of security or bug fixes to actually compile things from source in. It's all things the old fashioned way, which while doable is likely to break a lot of things if you've been running packages the entire time up to that point. So our general rule of thumb is we'd like to upgrade before we're completely end of life. But the little bit delay this year on our schedule, but we should still be done in the next week or two. So we're not too far behind so just to make that clear so say next week something like Hartley was discovered what would happen to the people who are currently on fourteen four the only way they would be able to fix a bug like that would be to them one ever. Let's safe Tarpley open. This age would release their fixed source code. They would have to manually compile that from source and replace all their binary on their system manually with the patched version, which specially with something like open a sage which is built into many dependencies from almost every package on the operating system doing something like that manually is certainly air prone and just not recommended. Yeah. It makes a lot of sense. And I think there's a real division between our listeners of who is on a platform like AWS where you're managing a lot of these things, and then using something like, Roku or cloud, sixty six in order to manage your your environments, just because those platforms as a service will manage all that for you. But you're certainly paying for that expense. Sure end. So if you're lucky to have someone like Justin to have someone like Justin on your staff than you're able to keep on top of those kinds of things. But otherwise, you're real risk. If you don't keep. With the with the security taxes. So what is the trust plan on upgrading our review on rails environments because we do have four different applications that we run on almost the same ruby on rails versions. Yeah. I mean, I kind of touched on a little bit. But I mean, the the main thing is we we only use the long term support releases of two. We tend to be a little more bleeding edge when it comes to ruby and. Passenger an engine X. We kind of usually on the latest of all of those things, but in terms of the operating system, we usually stick with the the long-term supported releases. And we really don't upgrade from that. Unless until they go end of life, or like, I said before there's a compelling reason. Some software that's not available or aversion unavailable in packaged form that kind of forces us to upgrade. Once we've decided that we're going up grade. We usually take the path that we upgrade our test servers. I then obviously production. This particular is a little bit different change couple other things within our others feeling group. So it makes it a little more complicated. But the general thumb is pretty pretty much the same upgrade test them broad. So if we'd maintained everything, and we're really using the the ability to upgrade other things as just mentioned, we're gonna be upgrading our ruby version. There's been a lot of security patches to ruby recently think Ruby's at two dot six dot four at the moment, which is already different than what we're already starting to upgrade with. So we'll have to upgrade. But if we had kept everything status quo. We hadn't changed anything else would the upgrade path from above to fourteen to eighteen be difficult. Well, the way we chose to go at this was to not really do upgrade. We're kind of starting with a fresh bone to eighteen four server and scripted out the tire process to get that blank boon to eighteen o four AM. I from AWS to have all the soft to bootstrap it basically with all the softer that we need to run our application. I thought it was important. This time the script that all out when we originally built this environment. A lot of it was done by consultant and since that time while we kind of had an idea of everything that was needed in. We've upgraded things as we needed to. We've never actually had to build a server from scratch with all of this stuff. We kind of just use their images in kind of upgraded along the way. So this was the first time we've we've kind of I've kind of done this whole thing from from zero which was great because we really need to have all of this documented, we didn't cause they didn't really provide us any of that stuff when they left us as contractors tend to do. Let's see. Yeah. That's that's basically the jets why we decided you descript this time, so how do we how do we get to the conclusion of what sizing we should be using the servers is as you mentioned were starting over with new sizes. So how do we know what is the best type server type that we should be using for these applications? So generally would we figure that out in the past? And we're kind of locked in now to a service is we reserved instances over locked in for three years. So what before we make those decisions gonna be three year commitment, we do heavy load testing on the application, and we're testing, you know, how many users we can throw at it before it dies. And basically what how users we can throw at it maintain the performance that we'd like so we kinda throw a crazy number out to see what it takes actually kill it. Then we kinda see what the number is it can operate within our expectations without killing it. And that's kind of how we size it based on that. We kinda size it based handle hundred concurrent users per server. That's just kinda what we've done you could obviously make your servers bigger. But because we use auto scaling you're paying for that exercise. So we'd rather have each server handle a smaller number of users than scale up as we need more servers rather than just buying bigger service to start with so far listeners who have never actually conducted low testing before do you recommend that they spin up a separate environment and try to hit it as hard as they can. Or should they actually try to off load tests against their production environment on off hours? I can see the merits of both methods. If you have a way of completely copying your production environment. Exactly, which we do in AWS very easy in a lot of other hosted platforms. Make it pretty easy to spend a duplicate copy of the environment. As long as you're testing apples to apples that that strategy works, just fine. I still think it's worthwhile though to test against your. Production site, just to make sure that you truly are testing apples to apples in that. There's not some little difference that you're gonna find out down the road that oh we forgot that production has this other little setting on it that that this test over didn't have. So I would recommend you start with kind of not production. And then once you've got everything out and you've got your test out. Any know exactly what you wanna test. How many users you wanna throw at it? You do want. It's important test production as well. Agreed. So you mentioned that you're writing a custom script in order to upgrade our ruby on rails environments. And so I'd love to add briefly walk through the customs strip that you wrote in highlight what you're executing. Because eventually this is just going to be incredibly easy for us at the trust to be able to just execute the script, you know. Should we need to spin up new application, we actually just acquired a different application from a consultancy in it became incredibly, easy for us to integrate that over into our environment. Just because we have pretty much a set formula of how. Host ruby on rails. Applications the trust if you would mind out briefly walking through that script. That would be great. Sure. So it's it's just the bash script. It's gets attached as user data to the AM. I whenever it's launched. So basically, whenever the instance comes up all the stuff just runs automatically. So it's bootstrapping the instance with everything we need and. Yeah, just run through everything that we're doing here. First up is we're just going to do an update on the app. Get update which updates all the packages available to app get the package manager. And then an apt to get upgrade actually upgrades all those packages that are available. That's kind of the first step just because the AM I from AWS is boon to eighteen four, but it's boon to eighteen four at the time. That that aim I was created. So there's probably packages that have been released from the time that that came out till now. So it's important that you get everything up to date is fresh as possible for free start the process. The next step is installing Python-3 and the it'll be a CLI because we take advantage of VSEL life for a lot of other things move forward in the strips of asked against all kind of right off the bat. Then we said a few variables here. This is mostly used for us SM, which is AWS systems manager to do some automated stuff on the servers. So we set some keys for Sam on terms of what SM policies it should be downloading. We said if we create a variable for the region than the host name in the different tags that we want the servers to be tagged with. Let's see what he do next set the time zone eastern. That's basically what we've used for all of our servers. So there in eastern based business at not everybody's that way. Yeah. We're we're in the east coast, but you know, that's personal preference. A lot of people like to use UT CD's days. And then we get into installing some of the prerequisites for everything else is gonna get stalled. So. Certificates the build essential tool. So that we can compile software my sequel clients, and my sequel, libraries, then we start adding some customer, positively. So we don't get all of our packages from canonical repository, which is the boom to official repository. A lot of the software that we use is more up-to-date in some of the specialty repositories. So for instance, for no J s we use their repository directly and for yarn as well. For ruby. We use the bright box repositories, and they're usually right on top of things new versions are released within a week as opposed to canonical where you know, you're probably waiting a month or so before they get around to unless it's a security issue in there, pretty quick. But officers feature released you're gonna wait awhile. Also, then fusion passenger Wease customer positive from them. So we can get the latest compiled binary passenger quickly and easily. Then what we ATL the customer positive than we go through actually install the software from those repository. So. Image magic in curl in some libraries needed for ruby. Then we actually install ruby install Butler and update Butler, install no J s yarn passenger engine ex. We'd still post fixing configure that Email can be related through the server we use SAS for that. We also we use radius to Q authenticate from our Lennox servers back to our window service here on premise, so we then configure radius on the servers are used can log in with their same username and password that they log into machines here, which then I've been at the local users who should have access to the box. Next up is I install code deploy. Which is the deployment tool that we use from AWS to actually deploy the code on the servers. So this trapping ask doesn't deploy code. But it gets all of the tools onto the server that are needed to deploy the code. And then we let those tools do that. 'cause that's what they do this. And then finally cloud watch logs. We install that just for sending system. Logs to cloud watch for later analysis. In. There's a section at the bottom where we kind of do some bullying logic tests. If what kind of server it is so based on the tag on the server the test server, we may install some other packages that don't get on production. His one of our other applications, for instance, one of our applications has post presence old on it. So we have to sell the post libraries for that server, but not really anywhere else. So rather than creating a whole separate script for that serve. I added some logic into this to detect if this is that server install this. And that's pretty much. That's awesome. And I think I can I don't think there's anything there's probably a few things that need to scrub out of here. But I could share this listeners wonderful if they want to get head start on doing something like this themselves. There's just a few things I have the scrub out of this that are kinda secret. But I was just about to say that just reading that script. I think generated a large section for our show notes. But yes, I think it's probably share the script. But yeah, we'll definitely do that as a gift or something in the show notes of short a check that out listeners because Justice, but a lot of work into this definitely want you to be able to read the benefits from it. So we mentioned how experienced Justin is with AWS. And so I'd love to wrap up the show by asking him. What is the coolest thing that you're currently working on? Well, I guess that depends on everyone's interpretation of cool 'cause I've got through projects right now. In eighty minutes. I'm working on. That are big the first one is that which is really big is were currently in the process of migrating our CRM application, which is the main business application that we have here. It's basically our entire business to the cloud, which has been very challenging definitely probably the most interesting thing to a lot of people, but trying to fit a legacy application into modern architecture is quite a challenging thing to do. In. There were quite a few hurdles along the way. I just found that really rewarding to be able to. I mean, we're pretty close right now making that happen. We're about two months away from going live AWS Indo excited about that. I'm ready to be done. But it was it was really fun rewarding to to kind of get there. I learned a lot. And then the other thing that's probably a little more fun for everyone else is working with the deep lens camera to develop a kind of a facial recognition application long-term goals of that would be to maybe do ticketless entry at venues. So that people could basically walk in in your face is your ticket essentially, you show up to the show with nothing you walk through a special gate has a camera. And when it sees you at knows that you're supposed to be there for the show and kinda just lights up green light. And you pass on through concept of that. We've got a camera sitting in our in our office. Right. We're doing this podcast right now. And. It's Bisley watching people as they walk in the door. And then if it recognizes that person at greets them on slack. If it doesn't recognize that person, it sends a message to a slack channel to basically train the model who that person is it's we've had some success with it. I think what we've realized we're running into a kind of a limitation of the lens hardware the camera on the deep lenses, really only like three megapixel. So when you're training the images that you're going to be using facial detect detection later, if you're training them with poor polity images, you're gonna get poor quality facial detection out. So. I think our next up that we realize we can't use that camera. It's kind of just the prototyping camera was really meant for you know, full blown application. So I think the next step. So that project are going to be to get some different hardware with some better camera on it and see kind of where we can take that full. Well, how can our listeners follow what you are up to? Not real big on the whole social media thing. I kind of a recluse, but you definitely find me on linked in. Or if you're looking for help with AWS, you could find me on up work for sure Justin snare, both places also willing that mission. It's thank you so much for joining us on the podcast today. Justin listeners if you are on the older version of a bunch to now's the time to find upgrade path catching next week.

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Cliniko founder Joel Friedlaender on bringing digital transformation to healthcare

Inside Intercom Podcast

27:47 min | Last week

Cliniko founder Joel Friedlaender on bringing digital transformation to healthcare

"Hello there i'm d- reggie and welcome to inside injured. Comp on this week's show we're chatting to clinico finder joe's friedlander but they've accelerated the digital transformation of tens of healthcare businesses over the past decade. We recently spoke with joe to learn more by clinicals approach as a practice management solution. And how what. The future holds for the health tech industry and how the events around covid nineteen and telehealth in particular have dramatically changed healthcare practices for good. We'll also hear by the importance of robust data security in an otherwise personal hands on industry and clinico balanced those practices in different regions across the globe. It's something that we can appreciate. Having recently shared our intercom has successfully completed a haber attestation examination. Jill had tons of great insights share. So let's head over to the studio and hear from him so joe. We are so delighted to welcome you to the show today. Kick things off. Would you like to share a little. Better bite yourself and how you ended up with finder. Kinda co the practice management software used by more than thirty thousand people in over seventy countries. Sure so my background is a software developer of been doing that for just over twenty years and about ten years ago just astounded. the journey. Weeds clinic our house. Waken at the time is at a software development manager in a small company and my patent. Who's osteopath have been asked me for quite a while to make some software for the allied health industry as she saw a need for it and it wasn't match moton software around time so in the end. I quit my job doing that. We took out a learn against a has to do a runner but instead used to build a company and just started building out what it took about seven months from the time assad working on it till we saw the launch publicly. And then it's just gone better than expected since. Yeah i mean that must have been quite a nerve wracking time in that you. You were really putting all your eggs in one basket. It sounds like it would be more than it was. I think i wasn't happy in the job that i was doing. And the potential upside to be added work for myself Business was big. Sorry it was probably exciting. In the worst case scenario wasn't so bad we just by saupiquet inter give it a good guard. Yeah and i guess. I suppose in your relationship between the two of you. You've goss Intersection of technology and health care. And that's reflected in the products that you built together absolutely. It was a huge bonus to have someone your side by side was made the new a user of the potential system and you needed to do inhabited to where it was essential. So as you say you started at just over a decade ago with what was originally. I guess quite a straightforward a simple idea from your partner who wanted this booking system in your opinion. How has the health check. Landscape changed in that period because presumably. It's been a time of quite dramatic change for us. You're absolutely i think. The most significant change from back then is the allowed number of systems now a web based which they weren't into that time at the time when we lost the nikkei bane web-based was quite a point of difference. And i think that you know. The software industry was already. There was a lot of applications already. Moving web-based it in allied health ice specifically. Maybe it was that little bit behind. So i think we will donating revolutionary but were using what was being successful elsewhere and modern software practices and bringing it to an industry. Didn't have it so a lot of people back end. I was still hosting this off. Wei on serve as clinics. That were sort of windows installed software. They couldn't use microsoft main. If i wanted to and i think that's the most significant change now. So many people including car others away based Practitioners a lot less About in having manage they networks and service and also the ability to access through from outside of the clinic probably in the last ten years. That's the most significant shift. And do you think with people you know with the act. The people use in their day to day life. The the patient's overall are more know more open to using attack based health product. Absolutely i think they're more comfortable with information. But installed in it and instantly might be around the booking side which is probably where the patients in track the most with the system like as they almost expect now to be at a book in from the foreign online in some capacity whereas wasn't divisive in just a few years ago. Yeah for sure. I mean i guess when you when you have users who are used to be able to order food and watch and track the delivery from from the restaurants to their door it makes sense then that you would be able to do similar functions when it comes to mountaineer house absolutely and i think there's two pots. One is the convenience of it and the ability to look at a time when the clinic might not be open and taking your coal and the other at specifically to the healthcare sector is you might people can infer employment. Might be a little bit sensitive or private and not having to announce on the phone. What your book in. If you're at work during the day or something. Like that outta discreetly do it viren online bookings and also be beneficial in this in this context. Yes that's a very good point. And i think obviously in the last year there's probably been some fairly dramatic changes and we'll get to that in a little while you know we'll talk a little bit. Higher kovic has impacted those trends as well. But before we do that. I know from reading about clinico. That you've always operated as a remorse. I working company. So can you tell me little bit about why you felt. This decision was right for you. And your team where you started off. Shore so definitely are i hired to. The company was a developer whereby st melbourne australia and those the development in poland and that was back in two thousand twelve kind of started companies bain remote. But it wasn't intentional. At the time. I would like to say that i had this vision company in all the benefits. But really i put up the job ad that said looking to hire a developer in melbourne. And i thought. I want someone to sit side by side with an worth. It just happens. The i applied for the requirements of banning melvin and applied anyway and when were we applications that the standout one and we were. We'll open to you. Know we're not so set in starring like he is what we what we wanted. We gotta stick to it. We will open to that and ended up to show in the end. it worked out brilliantly for. That's amazing am i love that. They just ignored the the requirement to be in in melbourne tarpley. Absolutely quite unusual though tannery even five years ago to be building up a team where everyone's in different places in different countries. I think i think the people need higher potentially develop overseas but not in the same way. I think people my outsource at the time so they would go to a company in a you know. Typically a cheaper demographic area and that was decay raisin to be doing it as well was decided on price if local developers were expensive. But this was flat different. This was just hiring the best person we could find and it turned out they went to strive for us and in bringing that person on we obviously started to set up systems and processes the worked with a remote team because we needed to and then as that. It works well for us next time we are looking to hire. We just felt like why. Are we going to be restricted. to someone. you know within certain kilometers from where we're working as opposed to look anywhere in the world to find the best person and i think it was unusual. I know you know when a headshots with my family wouldn't understand how that could work that. Be asking me questions like you know. They're doing any work things like that. So it was definitely much more unusual at the time you know in two thousand twelve than it is now but still i think even now is a long way to go before remote worth is is done by a lot of companies in may be done properly. Yeah you're right there. I mean surely it's been quite advantageous for you in the past year to have that remote working culture already built up a i think it's made animated pages for since day one. I'm a big advocate for a nerve spring. Part of the reason of their success. Company has been the way working. He likes that but definitely recovered. At lockdowns. it is still has an effect on every wanted has an effect on company. But we didn't have to change your word situation. We'll set up for that and was and how big is the team. Nigel and where are people based and with functions so where about forty five people now and we have people in australia. The us canada brazil flushable uk islands scotland's soon to be someone's moving at the moment malaysia. Oh probably get some The really have people have someone in the philippines as well. so just like. I said when hiring We just wish we find the best person in the location doesn't matter the only exceptions that bay were hiring for support. If ever a particular time zone they hired for that. Times are hiring alexei. Shin still chair. And i was gonna ask about that visibly. It means that you can have that sort of twenty four hour service which for being in healthcare. It's it's probably quite important. Teach be able to offer that absolutely came about so the naturally for us we win aiming for twenty four hour coverage but as we started to hire more people as support to actually go together themselves. Decision covering most of the times. What if we schedule the and we do my show with twenty four hour coverage and i do that amongst themselves so we do have that twenty four hour coverage during the week now but almost happens by accident just by having these people in different regions when we needed them ganic and i suppose it's a sign of a good support team that they realized that there was something that they could offer on bashar absolutely Who's been really good for our customers do. There's always someone about so. Look you know to go back to the sort of the covert side of things and other people having to to go remote area where you were used to it. It has been over a year since you know. A lot of companies across the world have been forced to adopt that practice in some places. You know like arlen for example. We don't know when we'll be back in the office. Just yes so rather than off your tips on remote work team building. So i think that's very well covered grind at the moment. I'd love to know what your advice for creating. sustainable team coacher. Is you know hide you. Mark even or events. Hide you manage when you have to have in person meetings to someone that that might actually be local show. My number one tip select culture a remote company that i would normally give is the least helpful during covid. Which is we have Yearly teammate ups oil in every second we have made ups. And i think that's has bain really good for us as a over time sir attain. Really even those remote It doesn't feel like a bunch of contractors. People really have close friendships with people all over the place and i think i made had had a big impact on that and helped a lot that we would get together some small a ups and every two years or so we will do the full tame somewhere in the world but that's obviously not possible at the moment it hasn't been possible for us eight hundred for the last year and a half or so so i think one thing we do is we use a attained chattel slack for our team chat and i think having plenty of spicing there. Non worth discussion is a big help so we have a lot of channels that we have a diy channel. We have a channel about books channel about a channel beverages which is mostly channel offi but we have a whole bunch of different channels to driving carriage chat on different topics and we have a channel just called social. Wear anything not work related sort of fall into that one but we also invite people in the atmosphere into that channel was a lot of times. We find people in the team. We'll sit with slack on their phone and they'll get messages from people in the funny drugs. Whatever and it's be isolating them in their family where they're so we make sure to remind Everyone's atms as well into that channel. Conjoining mbeya part of things and then that's also the place where we celebrate birthdays work. Anniversaries things like that on the social side. Now that is something. I have never heard before. That is really really interesting. Do you think you know where did the idea for that might. Do you think it was in any way inspired. By the fact that you and your partner had started the company together. I think. I don't know if it was from that or not but i think we kind of had a realization. That people's partners are part of their work whether actively included or not people at the end of the day of work are going to go back to the they're going to talk about the people that work and the patent is gonna be involved is gonna They can know what they're they're going to know who they work with. But it's all from the outside and it's a little bit odd. So that partners all the people at the company but none of the people at the company nor the patna and i think in general we just have the disconnects. That doesn't need to be there so we we have the social channel to try to encourage them to common bay involved bay themselves in the business we have made up spotting Invited to them and even when we do in a full tape made up every couple of years we invite in pavo happens in kids to come along to those because we think you like i said the families already part of it but maybe the businesses excluding them To not do that in just involve them where we can. Gosh that's really really unique. But very interesting idea. And i can see how that would work especially while at the moment absolutely especially with people working from home i think departments are more involved in their worse than ever. It would be a boost. Now yeah because your partner kind of becomes your only work as i guess absolute happy customers or a high performing fourteen at intercom. We say why not vote. Our ultimate guide conversations. The voice is your one stop resource to learn how to deliver just that you'll learn the nasa's strategies to work smarter from personal customer support without endorsing your team or budgets along tips from our friends. At flack xabier andrew trick download the ultimate guide conversational support now at the inter dot com slash. Get the guide. Joel rosenthal is your best. How'd you feel that the health check industry overall has been affected by covert like. Feel that there's been an acceleration of trends that maybe you've been observing before. I think that's brought a few things forward that we're always in the works and starting to come about but now the full front and probably the most obvious and biggest one he's telling hills so it needs went through lockdown and they wear i wouldn't upright versus the person and they wanted find ways to help people still needed their services to go face to face or they just wanted to have a way to still bring in some extra revenue to their business intake themselves relevant and in touch with their patients for when they get to reopen again. And i think that largely telehealth is by the end said to both of those for many clinics. And it's not telehealth wasn't around already but we've brought it. Forward know the advancement hills temple at many many years in the spice of the last twelve months so many clinics adopted at tried it out and hit from so many that i plan to incorporate it into what do moving forward and i think that you know the benefits to telehealth other than the covid side in the ability cape writing if not face to face for this places like rachel areas that don't have access to healthcare that could get it via telehealth and that's a really able to them. They could be people. Disabilities are not able to leave the home to go in the health healthcare. They need the do via telehealth elderly people. There's a whole range of people that i think it makes Healthcare available to this note without heels. Yeah because i was going to ask you know. I've been areas of of your business. Presumably tally health falls into this. That you've got to prioritize differently to what you'd may be anticipated in your roadmap last year around match would have been when this was all unfolding quite quickly. We pretty much put a hold on the development work way. Doing it just took a step back and said what's going to help customers for the next six months assuming lockdowns assuming ovid ramps up like it did until he helps was the obvious front runner so that was the first thing we did. We switched to working on info writer's sort of an inbuilt telehealth solution into clinic and we got down into bite or within about seven days so the whole team grams worked on that quickly and then those other things like allowing patients to fill in forms online and signatures on forms and things like this that we do throughout the time as well it was really just prioritizing. Whatever people needed as it went along. And mostly i think just being adaptable was important because no one knew what was going to happen next and we just have to be ready to change it for data to your and you know i suppose being able to offer people that extra avenue to access healthcare in the middle of everything that's going on is is probably a huge boost to people are definitely you know people wanted some some help to still operate and then my baby rationing and some things that we tried to help with providing some educational material on different ways. They could operate their business during lockdown at pepsi. I hadn't sold off some experts to help us provide information to try to inspire them a little bit for stuff to when including through the normal operation. That's great because sometimes it's hard to think of when you're in panic mode and tell me you feel a lot. More connects companies. Patients have come on line. Obviously in the period you would have anticipated otherwise. So shaw we saw as a business wasilla growth over last year and way like many companies were clean up for a downturn customers Get hit by lockdown and we assume the way would say a number of customers needs to drop out at least for a while but saw gross during that period and i think that's because a lot of clinics online already. It was time to move online. All of a sudden they going to the clinic. They couldn't access the records because the records on a server in there. So i think a big drive for growth. We saw was people. Go online and You know maybe switching to tally health as well. But just getting aligning general. I'm sure it was big last year and looking to the future them beyond covert. What do you think the future holds for the sector. Will there be more people like you mentioned that. Have adopting tallyho during this period. That will actually make a part of their business. Where do you see everything going. I think it was an eye opener for a lot of people. And i think you know. There's many especially the physical therapies like a physiotherapy osteopathy podiatrists. Some of those chiropractic their staple is gonna be hands on agents Thinks that even those ones they did learn that i can do. A lot of value. Add via telehealth is interesting. Studies coming out for physiotherapy showing that it's as effective will better via telehealth in these hands on and that's a directly physical therapy manual manipulation taught at healthcare service so i think that the the information was dying during that time and the ability for people to realize they can add value in otherwise and maybe even advantage of telehealth is a follow up sessions to make sure someone's doing their exercises will that can be done via telehealth every second. You have coming or something like that. So i think a lot of businesses is considering had incorporated into their workflow. And then i think there's other modalities let psychology as a good example. That could even move along more towards tell me house. Yeah because i suppose for certain types of therapy it would probably be quite beneficial to the patient to be in the security of their own home. Absolutely we've heard that for a number of them as well to they're having more success laced with some of their clients more successful telehealth. Not so again that lends itself to a bit of a mixed offering where it can be telehealth for those. The is better formed. Others can still come in the nature and i love that statistic that you shared about physiotherapy. I mean it'd be so interesting to have that as a blended type of therapy in the future. Yeah i i found it fascinating because it's such a hands on thing and what i loved about. It was one of the key hypothesis from it was that people don't do their exercises. What may coming to say the physiotherapist. So that coming physiotherapist doesn't work and they go away. Think john fixed but when they have a telehealth by no no one's touched them if they'd into the wrecks assizes nothing's happening so actually more compliance for the exercises in a better result loads him. I have been guilty of doing that. Exact thing that you've described. So i can see that i would be a very good candidate for that sort of treatment myself exactly. Yeah so one thing. You mentioned there joe you know. Aramco bid on tax having to adopt moving online was around the records. The the medical health records that they they might have had not had access to at the time. I think that kind of points to a broader sort of issue within health attack around. And what you do. I mean you. Man must manage the data of millions of patients across the globe at this stage. I assume than with what you do. You need to have really robust josh practices like it must be of utmost importance to cut companies that you're working with. That's why i think the biggest risk to any health take johnny would Or something like that. So it's a lot of time and effort goes into it and remember you know somewhat progression it in starting on clinico because it's a lot of i've ahead and a lot of and you feel like you're doing the business value. Add stuff that you want to do. Not adding new features that customers are excited. Full you doing things behind the scenes that no one ever knows about. Oh cares but it's essential saw. I remember begrudging early on. But i guess as a business it becomes somewhat of a competitive advantage lighter that you've done those things and you put that working because anyone else in the spice will need to do the same. But we also particularly have a lot of legislation to deal with because we have estimates in more than seventy countries so it is a strategy where i am with a Australian privacy principals we need to make refinements with got jetty iron europe and possibly ugi without adding out with she. Fought in. The united states is different against canada. Sweney to make all of the requirements. We can't just pick one and it is but also gives some comfort in the united house. becomes yet. Well there's there's colleagues of mine that can probably very much appreciate that. The challenges that you go through on that we've recently offered clients the ability to store and process healthcare data in a hipaa compliant monitor on intercom. But i was going to ask you. You know how do you go by adopting your product to the different data practices in different regions. Like gdp or that. You mentioned like hip at that. We were talking about their short thankfully so far we haven't had clashes where to bay cuba compliant count. Jd beyond compliance or something like that so we are kind of aggregate the requirements. Build it all into the same front upped but one thing with specifically is it has some requirements that can be owners to the in using the system and restrictive to the person using the system. So we've dollars. We put the as options within the software. So if you want hippo compliance you can turn on and that's going to take away some functionality. As an example the ability to a mile anything could have a festival information in utah that so we remove that option. If you turn on the hupa compliance. But we don't do that to everyone because some people it's okay to in their legislation and it's useful feature so it's a little bit of opting for people using to meet the requirements okay. So it's all it's all down to the settings that you as a clinic would sat up at the stars of using us and then canco essentially helps you to save you from yourself and save me from creating a breach exactly It's not enough to enforce upon people they things we just wanna make it as easy as possible for them to make the rules because ultimately the rules are really binding them more than us so we need to do to support them obviously. That's that's a huge challenge for you in building is all these different supports for people you think. In the future we will see more or last consistency in these types of of compliance across regions for for a while. I was thinking with like globalization. These things have to start to merge but if anything we say them going in a different direction and every country or even if you looking canada different provinces coming out with there are there are enrolls legislations so even though ideally i would like to say in a global consensus on it that the trend is that is getting more granular and that everywhere is doing there own and also a lot more requirements to store information only within that area as well so i think the trend shows this nor that it is getting hotter. That's interesting to say if it kind of feels like moving backwards to a certain extent before we finish up joe at one question that we love to people on the podcast is whether there's someone in their disciplined a aspire to or are inspired by. I can't think of any offhand. I'm terrible at writing books and other really follow along with a lot of Sort of i don't know what other companies are doing. I think one of the coastal aussies. We've kind of ad is that every business is different and we really just want to upright company as best makes sense for us so probably an obvious example would be where software company. But we shouldn't copy. What google doubts because what google does is very different to what we should resist success. There are very different business very different schedule. All those kind of things. So for the most part i would say i my down and focus on company and just look at you know what solutions wayne aid and i'm really following what others do. So much said. I'd have particular person that was having by biol- china aspire to well. That's fair and i think you know in hearing your story on in hearing the story of clinical. It sounds like you've done that from the stars that's been working pretty well for you and so we lack that as an answer last. Where can i go. Keep up with you in your work. So we're doing some video content. Clinica is i can find on youtube on plenty channel and for myself. I'm jay friedland on twitter following their a concept super active fantastic. Well look we will link to both of those in the show notes and yet just been an absolute pleasure cashing tease day. Thank you so much for joining us on the show. Thank you very much for having me on appreciative. You enjoyed our conversation with joe friedlander. If you did we'd love you to give us a review. It helps like minded people find their way to our content. We'll be back next week with another great episode of scale by income for you. We do hope you'll join us. This is inside intercom.

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Episode 56: Pray For Didi

The Short Porch

58:33 min | 2 years ago

Episode 56: Pray For Didi

"The. Todd, five ago, the body love these Aaron Boone, the Lido, his person of the. Out of the game. These. Just the first. The fortune ROY. What what happened? Welcome this of the thought porch. I'm your host hubs along some of the side of the laptop. Comey smokes. Tommy what's happened with up just to excited to have the CO tonight. It's been a crazy. Sunday was crazy Saturday as well. Just the, you know, I'm just that it was a good three end. 'cause the keys clint's was bad news. It's hard to do list. Also oughta really what you were doing was really the list. I was talking, I got it like mental problems. Only Jeffrey Dahmer from the ringer. Yeah, you should just got like drunk and anyone even had to try docu. I do not have all my God. I was. I do not have a list. I don't have one that was, you know, it's funny. Is it so hard to say the word lessees shell heart like you have a lisp. So arm. It's so I don't have all my God. It was the. I do not have a lisp. I do not get a lisp when I'm drunk. It was the phone. It was the connection in Cleveland. I've heard Cleveland turns you into a list. List person is this I don't know something in the air, but I don't have one. I'd never have never will. It's drunk thing. I do. My friends backed me up even though they were screaming in the background and they've played that. I mean waking up on Thurs when they do the pocket Wednesday night yet waiting making on Thursday, the hotel and getting all the shit on Twitter and then telling my friends and they, they just kept playing throughout the day at random points. Like we were out to lunch and he just played it. We were at the tailgate and they played it because it was just so funny and it was a miserable day, but and also took like I had to like, have some self reflection be like, wait, do we do this woman drunk. Like what's going on here. And then I no one's ever told me that. So it was it was the, I don't know, I'd is. You're hearing right now. You've been with me drugs. I'm not saying you normally have a list, but you don't know what type of phone would make, which is mix. Have a list like it was like a bad, have screen, anything have sprint, so that can do it. I don't know if that's look. It happens. You are just really drunk. You are slurring little and it was I, I mean, in retrospect, listening back, you had it basically from the gecko, but it didn't really sink in until whenever that eight minutes in whenever it is that I said something and then the rest of the time I just couldn't not hear it as funny. But yeah, I had it let mmediately it. Was that how you didn't notice from Surat? Don't know how to notice I, it was weird, but once I I heard it, I was like, Jesus also any better. Who do I remember I wasn't what was even like, really that drunk. I really like I ended up way when I was at was Wednesday night though. Yeah, I lost money on the night. I was very, I actually profit. I may look a hundred fifty bucks for the weekend, which is great. I played back up after the Browns game on Thursday and one, and I've never played back up before, but you just bend the player. We call Gary Gary Player of the golfer, but I've never played soccer. Yeah, I never had my friends love it. I don't know why that of craps is the one that's fun to play with a bunch of people crabs have never played before. I think there's lots of a super fun as the most profitable way, but obviously blackjack is my game, but and we were winning in that too. But no, I really wasn't like that. I mean, we definitely like that was that was the keys were destroying the Red Sox and then not destroy, but they were. They beat him up and. Ten one that there wasn't a lot I I have. I've actually discovered that I have the worst memory of all time like, can't do it. Like I, the only reason I I know all twenty five Yankees on the team is because like they're more hot now. No, I know, but now has forty like like the Packers like I have trouble like naming everyone on the roster and it's just because I just because I remember lots of things that's not a bad memory. I don't think I think very, very few football fans can all fifty three of the lakes. I'll have trout like like, it'll take me a few games to realize the entire offensive line. I have horrific. I can't process things in my brain for like like lots of loss of your mission. I could also be very stupid that that saying like, I can't process things in my brain is just like, tell your line. Okay. So let's kiss Yankee talk. We did not win the division shockingly. No, I'm just shocked. This is barely. It's been, we've known since early since since the Fenway series. It's been a foregone conversion. I'm gonna try and see what I actually lost Ono, why lost faith officially when they had their chance when they swept the raise in Tampa, that's when they had their chance. And then they came home. Remember correctly is tesla memory, but they had that home series against the White Sox and Tigers that that's the week, right that it was over because we could have cut it to five or four them. And then you ever got head to heads left's Boston had some tough game since the Indians come up the Astros, but when they lost that week week to the White Sox and Tigers I think they won. They went three and four something. Yeah, that's one. So, yeah, this is not the biggest shock control. Obviously, I did not want the Red Sox clinched home field in the almost of way doing it, which you've been massive for pry purposes and they were unable to do that. They did pull it out tonight. Which sucks. Yeah, I thought they were gonna win that game. We didn't. That wasn't part of the podcast on. A last week, but I mean fucking call heads, grand slam. Andy hits it. So perfectly that just cleared the right field fence. You knew everyone was so upset Boston over that in baseball dimensions. I don't know if we got to this, I think no, but I was cut off right at the very end. The dimensions yet we talk about that. We talked about the dimensions. There's something else you're getting caught enough cut off from, but we, we had a pretty. We added a decent discuss on the dimensions. Okay. But regardless it came up again in just like, I almost wish it this point for the rest of the time that every single Yankee Stadium home run that we hit. It just clears the fence because I want I want I want to rub it in like nothing would make it better than if we play the socks nail the s. and in games, three and four, like they hit balls just cleared. It would make me so happy because you know how bad it would make Jared, but so they were unable to win despite your calls home run the bullpen, failed miserably on Thursday night. Honestly, like couldn't have been worse. They just like whatever. Very, very flushing. When you're when you have this bubble, they just don't do well, but so they move on pled good against Baltimore, Friday, Saturday, Sunday today was pretty terrible. We'll get into the rest of the begin, but we address the big elf in the room. I mean, d Gorce injury is horrible. Honestly, almost throw up when I saw it win fucking from zip out of nowhere. Scroll through my time is the ice. Tweet from Bryant Hoke. Yeah, I was like, this, can't I like checking the date was like just like an old tweet or something like, where did this come from? Just I know idea and I haven't watched the press conference yet, but apparently Boone broke it by the way. She'll I'll tell you what happened. So in hoax, tweet words perfectly because he go by the one because so Boone is talking about the game so much on these game in how he didn't wanna use levers and whatever. And someone forgot who it was. I don't actually, there's no economic the voice, but someone asked him, why were you late to the press conference where you addressing the team? Because a letdown loss of Baltimore couldn't do it, but like, hey, let's get going for the rest of the the finish out the year. No, wasn't that. He said he was talking to people that Didi. And then the guy who has the question goes is DO k. and you goes while he actually torque Arledge in his wrist last night, and that's what he was out today. And it's a chance he might not be back for the rest of the year. Just drops that Trump's through Ricat agile. Being in the room. I probably just looking at each other like is this a practical joke sprays? -i and someone did say, like, I mean, he might have just found that that information like two minutes before the press conference. So most might not have been in check, but like you gotta leave art with that or something. You can't just have it. Can't drop it like that. Can't be he. He announced his. It wasn't big news and it's major news starting shortstop. We Twitter, major news. I mean, the judge injury was big too, but when you consider the timing of this, you could say that this is even bigger because Didi is d most clutch player on this team. You shouted in the last wildcard game, the huge run against the twins at the bottom of the first inning. He killed Cleveland, they I'm Mike confidence in the one game, playoff right now is pretty low. If without Devi it is astronomically. Look, I will say they can't survive at least the wildcard game without him, but they won't do anything to play where we are on the opposite side here where you're sort of moving inky past card and not knowing you're you're more confident in the wildcard game than you are in the AOL DS. 'cause I think it will be at home and I don't see them losing at home at that crap. I will. First of all, we don't know if it will because Yankees can't beat the Orioles. I think we have to go the oils. The go. Seven, oh, this week and we. And if we go four and three, they'll get anything like we go foreign three in these next seven, which is, I don't think that's a lot ask for split with Tampa and win two, three in Boston or three or four gas like you can find for Wednesday next seven, Boston's going full hard Tampa. You know, might be a little, let them they really like decide like, yeah, let's play spoiler fuck these guys. I don't know. I think like being eliminated from the wild card is gonna hurt them. I guess, technically they're stole tiebreaker. Yes, that's why seven. Four. Three were good. Are we goods seven known fourth? No, we're not good. Seven, four threes when as get it? Yes. So writer six in one. The Ke's can go foreign three. Rice big, go five and two. They're on the road for they are on the. They're on the road on the real quick. I think it's it's the angels. The angels coming up there at Seattle for three in at the angels for three say six games. So I see two losses there. Yeah, I think so. I don't think that's two losses means we can go fucking three and four. Yeah. So. I mean, I just want me they want today. I being terrible shape, but it they lost the Minnesota grand. Be nice if we swept him have, we'd have to almost be lock of at once day. But I mean, so back the DD the reason I get past them with the wildcard is, I mean, hetch area is going to, you know, he'd play short. Glacier, got a second, or they align up where possibly Walker would play second and glib, replay, short and relates in the later innings. You suffered hetch various short move, glare back the second. That's your offense. Defense lineup. If you just wanna go full defense, you start Danny their short. What would you prefer? I mean, we're offering the lineup, you want walk in. It's not like he's a liability at second or glaciers liability, New Yorker, short key. He can hit one out, like, you know, I had survery, whatever's name is we want to pronounce it. I, I don't think it's, I don't wanna just sacrifice that much offense for the defense when I think they'd be fine defensively their way. I agree. I'm not called item. Knock if they do not have if they do not have Didi for awhile CRA game, I'm giving them less than fifty percent chance of winning the game. Okay. So the the injury is to his right wrist. I guess it was jammed when he slid home, can we stop sliding headfirst home? It just never works out. It would jammed up. He didn't even realize until this morning. That's why like you see him celebrating after the game. Although I don't remember seeing him too much in the post game celebration for the quenching the playoffs. But he said in the morning was very sure. So they checked it out. I'm just gonna pull the quote isn't encouraging quote out there. I have some movement in there. They say, like they say these things like this happened other players. Some of them have played through. We're going to see how it goes. It feels better if it feels better, I'll be back in there so we can make that playoff decision. I would not want to sit out and watch that water game. He's up there high level optimism. He can return this year. I think he'll be back. I, I think I'm a little uneasy that it's the right wrist and that's throwing wrist and really no room d. h. him because that FOX up the outfield and stands pretty much got a d. h. or judge whatever they decide, it will be. It'll be sen- by. I mean, we'll see how he took a course on shots at ice will see Iraq's tomorrow on a lot more tomorrow big day. Yeah, he wakes up and he's still massive pain that will suck no doubt about corrobos texting on the side is very weird, like dead serious. Like he'll be back like I've had the same injury, blah, blah, blah. Knowing fuck about you had the same injury, he'll play through it. So you know that cards coming de camp, big play through it. And I in my sixth grade little neighbors league twelve in when I was twelve sick, the fucking man shared good for you. We will not do anything. The playoffs past Walker game without de grace case in point need the gotten a lot of this shorts, the feeling ability with the combination of his hitting having career year. He's twenty seven home runs on the year. It would be devastating one of our best that are, where are you? If you wanna save this relationship? A wildcard game lineup, Gary, Roman. We're saving that for later we're gonna get into that in like two topics. We're gonna do a whole while card line on roster starter. Do wanna get back to today, Boone decides the not use any of the important guys. So on Saturday, the bull was great, extends the games, extra innings allowed Hicks, the walk for the win in that game. We used pretty much everybody. We used Chad, green Chapman Batanes his Britain, holder and Canley all combined scoreless. The four hits total of struck at a billion people that is exactly. The formula we want for the playoffs. Dobbs didn't have that on Thursday, the socks. But today he pretty much the that everyone is unavailable aside from Canley. So happy of the spy innings. One run seven ks. He's got a lead for him three one who you bring in the sixth inning in pretty much every game playoff game at this point with how close the as our and obviously with with the as losing today, a win would have been massive. Like the season Ville. Right? He AJ Cole. Why are you doing so that he so bad? So bad is the worst. He's the worst pitcher we have on the team. I put Sesing over him white. It's almost eight since the start of August, he had a nice little run in may or June whenever it was I, I would hope that he does not pitch another meaningful inning this year. Oh, will you're wrong? He's going to. I don't think I, I mean, look when it's it's hopefully the keys by like Friday night of clinch the first wildcard, and then Sarah Sunday, Jake cultures throws eighteen innings. They just start a both games just don't take out, save everyone else, human sacrifice. Who is that guy in the Mets? Got the Mets who just let him go out here. Like fifteen runs in inning, and he just retired after the game. Like do that day. Jekyll. Just keep out there like you're not coming out until you. I'm saying that enough. So coal comes in how many out you think edgy Koga. I'm gonna guess between zero and a half, he got euro actually got zero hitting get one out, gives us a good fifteen pitches magic. Give three runs net span. You're fucking disaster gives to home runs. Finally, Boone takes him out brings in Canley. Kelly does give up a run, but you know what? Kelly started the inning which lead, but now that run with five, three fucking disaster. And then Sessoms in it says a actually was okay, three innings, one run, but still like you need these caves man, and you're throwing me cold canyon Sessa you mean to tell me holder, let me let me check pitch count from Saturday, like us. Wanna see what would what we're dealing with here, who couldn't have possibly I understand Chapman trying to eat him back in. Unless you're eating pitchers, which is, I don't know if you pull up ahead of me or two if you wanted also wanna see a bitch Friday real quick, so which we not go back to back here. Okay. So Britain would have been three in a row. Robinson, been free. Narrow Robertson would have been from six pitches on Friday. Batanes is through relevent on Friday. Okay. So. What second? So maybe say holder could have pitched again will certainly I think is available with the reclining yesterday juice fucking last week. I think holder could have given trad green for sure. Chad green eighteen pitches. I think he can give you another NSM Delon anistan Britain. But I think Robertson and Chad green at holder could easily been used for one inning each, I don't think is an Canley and he did use Canley. I agent Colin Sessa in in a two run baseball game is insane. And then yeah. Oh, that's just that's crazy to me. They don't make if they don't win the home field because of that fucking game at, that's just insane. God damnit that piss me off a lot. I just didn't make a lot of sense to me and just fair. On agent coal to what. Some because on EJ coal to. Yeah, you gotta get outs. I mean, you're majoring pitcher. Sheffield. Yeah, that's what I mean. I understand. You didn't call him up to like pitching the most meaningful spas. They really just call them up because might as well. But I mean, I can we pitch Justice, Sheffield, one of these innings. I don't think that's a. That's a few vanities gonna be working in the playoff roster? Yeah, even Tarpley I mean, and it sounds like Sonny gray was being saved because they might use him as an opener slash starter in when these games. Tampa. Which honestly sounds like a disaster. That sounds like a lost cause. But yeah, that pissed me off a lot at this meal. What silhouette Saturday night? Yankees, clench playoff spot. Where were you in terms of if they should have celebrated? You know how hard they should have already, would you? Would you think about it? I was, I flip flop throughout the whole day, started the day thinking that shouldn't have celebrated wait till you secure the home field, and then I decided. All right. Well, you don't know if you're gonna get that home field. You might as well. It's baseball. You celebrate. Everything. So you might as well just do it? Yeah. I mean as much as I wasn't ecstatic about it, like I get it, they had a celebrate because I was not one of the division. That's cool, right? And the first wildcard, you don't know if you're going to get, and then if you don't get any end up with the second wildcard, they needed to celebrate it all. It's a long season. They've won ninety five games. They're gonna be in the playoffs there in the ornaments. So I understand them reflecting on it. He's been a a rocky season and you want to celebrate. But me personally, I wasn't like, I'm usually glued to my TV for the the post game celebration because they all along culmination of I wasn't really feeling that way like it didn't see my. This is such an awesome celebration. I still feel like things are down. Dan, I don't just lose the division like basically two days prior and not feeling super confident with how they're playing right now. I wasn't like, hell. Hell, yeah. Hell yeah. This been such a great season. Let's all take take a minute and step back so, but I get it. I I understand why? Why did celery I do think it was reserved celebration. I don't think there were. I think a lot of the vets like you didn't see said about the it really at any of that, even Severino believe is off to the side. Not really doing much there were it was basically and hard labor really were the only ones celebrate those guys. News or it's time ever in the playoffs Carla Gallo. For sure, and I never problem with it and I think it was a quick one. I think the celebrations pretty much over before even thought it with, you know, like they were showing something else on. Yes. Before I even like really oh well, it's been like six minutes. Okay, so I think that's fine. If you're going to sell it begs the biggest thing to celebrate and disappointing last couple of months. But at the end of the day is team's gonna win close to one hundred Dame's and they had a lot of injuries and they're still when their full strength. They're just as good a chances. The next team to win the World Series south Naina Silva, however many wins they end up with. Let's say it's ninety. Nine ninety eight hundred nine out. I believe they will be like the worst ninety. Nine win team ever. Oh, without question. I mean it's whatever new and it's the same way as talking as for homecoming yesterday, I saw a friend of mine I used to work with is big Yankee fan base. He's saying the same thing. I don't know why, but it's just this team doesn't his don't do in a one game playoff through this twenty seventeen. He's twenty eighteen gang twenty seven to twenty eight twenty seventeen every single time even though they're end up winning eight less games. Yeah, I think there was a GM sentence. I don't know if I chose or not, but especially like I mean in terms of like momentum, do you believe in momentum heading into the playoffs? And it's like, yeah, have you ever fucking fifty fifty of five hundred two months heading into the playoffs rather than like winning. Seventy percent of games last month. Like I'm gonna take it seems totally believing momentum. I don't even care how many wins you have for the year. Who cares about? We didn't April and June and July when you had a rocky fucking August-September like, that's, that's really all it. Mad gotta get your hawk going him. That's why I kinda like like if one of those NL like the rocky, forget what the Rockies seems like those teams that are just like really gotten going lately, like the cardinals, those that they get in, like who knows dangerous teams and I, yeah, I worry about the Anki for sure, not having momentum and not having that spark that the that the seven hundred seventeen did. So yeah, it's not great. I do wanna pull up. Judge said something after the game, I was focused on Voight to. I wanted to see. I mean, active urban, celebrate. I I was reflecting back like that guy in June was was fighting for at bats in Saint Louis on a team that was not not time that time they were not good. So they weren't ground make the playoffs. They had to go on a tear to get to the point there in right now, but he's twenty seven years old. So at that point in your career, you have to think like my ever gonna get a chance here, like it's twenty seven like baseball players from the twenty seven like, you know, you pretty much know what you know what you're gonna do. The rest of your career. You're going to be like this, this guy full around teams, and you know, maybe gets a, you know, plays first base to the seven days a week, like at best. So it gets he's thinking and flesh for two months later, he's like the hottest in baseball is the most homers in last month in business key cog on an almost hundred win team. Yes, I wanna pull the quote real quick. Judge had a great judged who's like, I know what you're talking. I was a captain quote. It was very Catholic. I just I quote to so harm up pulled up, but it was very, it was a very well the, you knew like he, he took it well, like, did. Walk me. I was struggling these moments in life. This is an embarrassing this way. I mean, I guess they didn't tweet thought really thought he did really thought retweeted got Brennan Cody those hoped Judd said he pulled aside Luke void during the celebration quote, we wouldn't be in this position right now. If it wasn't for you, you coming over here. I know it was a slow start, but you picked it up and you picked us up. We needed the big hit. You came through for us. I mean, that's awes- magin hearing that from it's awesome, but it's just it's a long thing to say to somebody in the middle of champagne just pull. That's like, that's the. I mean, judge wasn't drunk, but Luke vitamin. But like that's like when you pull your best friend over the bar. Usually the bar. That's it. It's like, I love you, man. It's not like I love you may everything we've well, I guess sometime this kind of long like our guys like, can we go. Can we go drinking. Lovely boy, a heat, three who's three halted? I some, I didn't expect the c. show I got. Let's talk about next wildcard roster, which is sort of easier to predict because you can throw less starters on the roster and you know it's different from the aled. Yes, roster where you have to really narrow down because you have to bring on your starters too. But so I got here. We'll narrow down the twenty five. So I will start with our lineups. This is if DVD's play, and I think Dede will be playing. So I've got mccutchen and left judging right Didi shortstop, Stanton age. I've got void hitting fifth as the first baseman. I've got an Hartford base hits center. Gary, catching glared second. I feel like that's the right one. Yeah. I really question here is Gary hitting eight, which they did that on Saturday liked it. I think he deserves today. I think he's I've probably I would have Hicks leadoff. I think I was twenty behind that. Mccutchen just has a higher will be. That's really just went with, but I don't know because it's gonna be gets fires. You want the guy mccutchen owns fires. She want more bats. Oh, yeah, that's true. I was thinking too. Yeah. I just love Hicks in that. I mean what's so he's three sixty four on the air. I think the Yankees maccagnan's like four hundred overpaid. Yeah. I mean it's a smaller sample three sixty all on the ear Hicks. Cy three sixty nine to three sixty four. I'm just trying to, you know, cut since four twelve with the Anki. So I like, I don't know. I just like kicks more in. I didn't think about the fires, but yet you know what? If it's fires, I go mccutchen one. If it's anyone else I liked kicks. I for the Wiggins really haven't seen a cut in hit lower than liked third that this team or cleanup. Yeah. So feel like they're just the, I guess, I guess we'll change it. It's fires right of I'd probably put onto our of voy-. I still trust in more at this point. Okay. Narrate a, yeah, I'm I'm almost would put reminded I tweet over the weekend on you saw that. But I like pretty much gave up on Gary and I like wanted to take it back, but I'm like, and then 'cause he did get ahead today. And next any strikes like, you know what? No, this guy takes like he can't hit the minding one eighty two. It's not like there's it's if he was a great if he's a great hitter. He has been the past couple of years. You would be able to live with the bad defender. He was an average hitter this year. You'd be able to live with, you know, average defense, he's a bad hitter and a bad catcher. There is nothing to this objective war should be like negative ten this year. He's a bad hit right now. He's a bad catcher at you just know there's going to be passed, falls in the game. You know, two wild pitches that probably should just be passed bald, look, I understand he has that type ability where with one swing, he could change the gate me on his arm is the really the big. It's not even his his one swing, his arm. He does control more did throughout a guide today. I did read that Romans costly percents this year with Gary is like almost even so really not good. Yeah, I, I don't know. I end it just he's not. He's just not a great hit. The once wing to me doesn't make up for everything else because he just hasn't had that many big kits enroll mine with. If there's a an opportunity with runner in scoring position in one out or so much. That runner. I want Romana up there for sure. I want real mind up there instead of Gary. So it's I mean, Boone said it's going to be Gary. So it's. Conversation, but I honestly would consider I consider doing it roll much. Yeah, I think I think the decisions should be had. It's just just have. I've been the biggest, Gary guy like I've hung on everyone else pretty much fell off the cliff. And I just like on a something happened this week and I was like, fuck this. What are we doing? What happened. She's like, what are we? What are we doing here? Why are we forcing selves to just have these past balls? Like I understand that while if he does start, Gary will come out of that game late for romance. You likely won't have the pass while you're way like, I can't imagine Gary catching like Britain in the eighth. That's that's. Yeah, we're chatting with that. Just what had or you know the flu side of that is though if reminds start which again will. But if remind did start, you would have probably gallery coming off the bench lately, games for one hit run at that depending on the situation. Right? Yeah, it's Gary. So the, it's a new cover. People who are acting like urinating, you don't know baseball. If you want us to moment of the lineup urinate, I hate you. I hate your guts. If you think watch the gene that expe- people think they know like he's guys sticks. Tell me that it's not even discussion. You're an idiot. If you think that it's fine if you think Ari desert should start, I get that, but to sale at Google. Real goal is one of your more. Yeah. I mean, and also I didn't give up on him for his career. Like I've given up Greg birds career. I just. I just coming up on our screw either. Don't with him for this year. Like I'll see more done for him for the wild card game because it's such a y'all, a winner, go home situation like I don't want one passed ball, the siding, my season, so I just rather be safe and do Roma. That'd be just my guts. Also my line of them we just gave. That's what I think will happen. That's not what I would do by were their role. Mine will be hitting like eight or nine for sure, but this is not going to happen. Okay. So I guess we could do a lineup in case, so let's dis not playing nut game, then what do you do? So I want Walker in for him. They sliding up for the three hole. And you're up. I was just gonna say, I maybe Hicks. White looks enrich all the righties then I'd probably go mccutchen drudge. Hick Stanton, Andrew, heart Voy. Walker disclaimer hit lasted any line of you. You just like turning him over like that? Yeah. I mean, it's had success so, and it's not like there's going to be someone awful, awful, awful in the lineup that you need to have blow. Well, role mind would be that guy. Well, yeah, but he's not gonna be right. Okay, she would so, yeah. Okay. So we would go, we would go with the Walker glacier, short lineup, and then hetch of our coming in for defense later shifting, glare back the second. I think that's a consensus move. But so that's what we would do. If you ask me what will happen I had if DVD's out hatch will start short. I think they'll just secure there and they'll have Walker come off like a bat also bench had should be the starting shortstop in glee replay, second, not what I want, but I think that's what would happen. I think it's a possibility for sure, but. I don't know to me Walker Labor's is good enough defensively, okay. Chanel will go to to the wildcard roster. So we've named are nine, let's this will be the whole thing will be if DD spot, because I think that will be most likely thinks named are nine. How many starters do you put on that roster for the Welker games. Starting like started pitcher for once. I believe it's a different roster for the LDS like you can just. Yeah, yeah, recites right. So I probably go in before that Bill. That's actually do. Who is your walk charter right now wants to that. I'm so torn that Severino star changed everything. I know boy every that's all we wrote were we, I kept saying this said he has the ability to just leapfrog everyone with one good start like that. And it's been too good. Starts row. So capable of just imploding though, and he just got shell by Oakland in his last start. Yeah. I mean, part of me thinks that he may just like take is nuts and be like here it is. I'm still one of the best pitchers in baseball and just have that shutdown start, but we'll know in the marriage. You'll know. I mean, you could always just hope he has it in him and if not, you just make it a bullpen game. Zeyer it. I. Man, I'm probably going. It like just sound crazy to start Jay half over Severino this point, not at this point, but just like in general, like Jay, have the journeyman veteran lefting Severino's a electric. You know. Cy Young candidate last year hadn't Yorio under two for half the year this year and Tanakh. I was all I, I'm still all on Tanakh. I know he had a Beth Oregon's the Red Sox, but I don't think that's totally knocking out of it. I'm going to go. Is so hard. I'm staring. Part of me party makes it feel like at least he got that stinker out of the way against the Red Sox. I people that go, Allie starter. He can't pitch against Boston, will won't be Boston. I'm just saying he just in the LDS that would have. I don't know if I feel good about the thing is though if Chevron knows back, we all of a sudden have a plan for. It's like a pretty good for sure. You don't know. So is lined up for Friday. So he is. He is lined up to pitch that game to say, but technically everyone else because you would assume so Tanaka Reno. I don't remember. These objectives are pitching Tampa because it really so I think so. Sounds like sonny's gonna start tomorrow or at least Monday when you're hearing this and they're gonna look the push back everyone a day. I believe that's what's happening try counter like, or he starting to announce, where's my phone? If I'm looking? I see here at Severino tomorrow, but that wanna make sense. I think they would put great Amaro maybe. And then that way Severino would have a week. 'cause you're not gonna starts every note Amaro and then having weight of a week. Today's actually for the wild card game Tuesday's the day, they don't have anyone announce. So maybe seven is pitching Monday. That's, but he he if he pitches Monday than what he throw them out of the bullpen on Saturday, maybe and he starts Wednesday, I don't like that. Open. I also like having them wait nine days, right? Don't like that either. Yeah, I it's why thinks sunny, I think is gonna. I would think they do the bullpen thing where it's sunny, maybe that's why they were holding off everyone today from pitching one name of the trying to get them all in a Monday at it's not doesn't make me feel great. If you asked me who is going to start the game, like just predict it not who I want. It's gonna be Severino who want is hat. I want I wanna grumble pitcher who had can rely on whose pitch well against this team. He pitched he held a one hit in that in that started Oakland on he, you know, you're gonna get five. This excruciating 's only star the with the, he's Detroit, but they also c. j. half getting knocked around for life. Four runs items and it's like, wow, we just started Jay half over have well, that idea you don't really get that would Severino. It's like, okay, well, you pitch your best guy like, fuck you. Gotta go right ship a point. I get that half but side from one team. He. Struggles against his whole career. I mean, what is have done to make you think like he can get knocked around like that? He's going to give you five to six. Good. He's gone. I don't know. Maybe I go, I, it's tough. It really is tough. Try how many lefties to Oakland has time ahead, Chapman, Lowry. Larry, switch dread lower switches switches. Okay. Pretty Paul. Some lefties. Damn, yeah. Okay. Gun in my head is Chevron does start the game. I think he's gonna pitch well against in his starting Tampa, the as if he pitches well, Tampa like Boston locked. It's over like it will be. It'll be. I hope I just the decision is made easy by the end of this week, casing think on call today that decisions all ready made that he did Severino. I've seen that around too, but I don't know. Okay. So let's say Severna. Do you take another starter and the roster? Yeah, I would still take. So looking at last year is can at last year's thing before. So they had, let's see. They had. They only carry ten pitchers overall said Severino. Chad green Batanes his warring keenly gray Robertson chatman c. seen tree. So this is our rosters yet. Wildcard roster what startles I had written down here. By the way, the lions are just absolutely taking it to the New England Patriots right now. I don't know what. Routes, you bet the patriots lions first-quarter as lock. Quarter or quarters. No. Got Delon roll this. It's to Canley three Robertson four Britain, five green, six holder, seven than obviously to starter would be eight. You're gonna go one other starter just in case nine. And then I think you need a lefty in their aside Chapman. So I don't think they can take Sheffield right now, but heart so Tarpley I think they might take him just for the hell. And that will give you ten through starters, eight relievers. I'm probably putting Severino Tanakh at half all new all three. Yeah, I think so. Just to have them in case it goes, Casey run into a seventeen inning game or something. At least you have multiple guys that you feel somewhat comfortable in given disaster heavy, go to disaster. So I would go those three not now. No shots. No, that's funny. Delon Chapman Robertson keenly Britain. Green told her. So how many is that? How many pitchers that? That's ten? I think ten is the numbers that's that's what I. Yeah. Awesome. If anything they're likely to carry, eleven pitchers more than like, not. I think they'll carry ten to eleven. Okay. So let's say it's ten than you got the nine position players in the line of nineteen in need six more. Got remind Gardner yet, Walker head, chevelle area. I think Tyler Wade has to be on there for a pinch running opportunity. And do you Detroit. So wait. I'm trying to think so. We have nine for art to their room for one more. So this is a sumo is playing. This is swimming TD's plying. She of Ronnie possibility bird alleys, any chance of that hope not. I would hate that. Yeah, to raise I get burned. I could see if we're doing more of a prediction. I could see bird may be getting the nod just because they they want that one swing. That would be a disaster. I mean, I would get show drummed if he came up in a tough in like basis loaded spot in like thirteen dinning I would. I would drink all the high action. I think they're going to end up probably end up carrying eleven pitchers and then just good bring with guys on the bench. But you grew taller way though. Right? He's got to be there. Yeah, for the running head for the defense garner still has to be on just, oh, yeah, runner name armor replacement. Yeah, that'd be. I think that'd be stunning garden. It was on. Yeah. Fueled. Right lead, I guess. So, yeah. Yeah, probably a rat. I, I think maybe I may just carry eleven pitchers and then probably it's Tarpley. Eleventh. See, I guess. So. Okay. How many starters they keep on the roster last year. Did you say that three? There was three starter seven relievers last year. Okay. Okay. All right. We talk about that I would go. Yeah, I would go. I wouldn't go against. I wouldn't go against last year. So three starters, and then you're looking at, we really want two, three, four, five, six, seven, ten. I do eleven relievers, throw Tarpley in there as a lefty or Sheffield. I don't think you can put Sheffield on there. I mean, you're not gonna put those guys in. That's like an emergency slot and that any go five players on the bench. I think that's fine. I may put in like. Scraps that I put in CC over Tarpley. Oh yeah. This point. Yeah, I wasn't. I mean, for if we were gonna go to lefty, I'd rather go to CC than Tarpley outta. Sure. That'd be so weird. Men. She she's warming from the thirteenth. Inning crushed. All right. Let's go to send DM's this week's DMZ sponsor by stamps con. These days you can practically get everything you want on demand like our podcast. You can listen whenever you want. Whenever it's convenient for you. Conveniences, all what the world is about. You know your your, your food from the from your bed. I her Domino's Friday night, electric. You know, you can watch TV shows whatever you want, do whatever you want, the move, whatever stamps calms your you for that. All you need, which stamps you access all the services of the post office, right? Wherever you are wherever you are you by imprint, real US postage for any letter. Any package is available twenty four hours a day. Seven days a week. All you do is click print mail. You're done by being a boom, Samsung com. Even send you a digital scale where you can wear your letters. Packages imprint, the exact mountain, the postage every time a right now, you use the promo code short. The special offer four retrial which includes postage a digital scale. You go to stamp dot com before you anything else, and you kind of radio from the top, the homepage type in short at stamps dot com. Enter short. You gotta do stamps. We're doing stamps. You gotta descend. Everyone's doing stamps, get onboard, Santa. All right. Let's go DM's quick about to live bet the patriots am deathly gone to. Yeah. On an a hole this week. This hopefully I mean it's going to be like, what do you think? Plus two hundred eighty? Are you crazy. They're picking they're picking that. You don't think second quarter, ten, nothing. Do you know any outside the lines of the ball? I think it's patriots. Pick plus two hundred things not loading. No. I mean, maybe if they score this touchdown, it'll be plus one fifty. It's New England Patriots to comeback from everything. First question here from a JC on a scale one to ten, how how confident are you that the world that the wild card game will be played in the Bronx. Scale of one? Well, just percent. I'll say it's like a seventy percent chance gets playing Brooks. Okay. So you're gonna be way lower than that, then it'd be fifty fifty. I on the game itself. I'm going to be like fifty fifty on getting getting it like seventy percent chance just because even if that the eighties like. The Oakland catcher plus one twenty eight right now Apple's one thirty eight. Anyway, I'm actually gonna wait till the end of this. Dr. He should should help Detroit scores, and then you can get money I want or take a lot of spread. I would put it out. Yeah, like seventy five percent. If they had one today, that'd be up like eighty five ninety, but they didn't. Who would this is from Ben bell? Who would you want that next year? Britain or Robertson? I think this easy one. Easy Britain, yeah, rusty young younger, right. I would think so. Yeah. And just has been more dominant has been better this year. I think it's easy. It's just like, I just don't want to walk tight ropes anymore. I'm pretty cough more than it was gonna definitely call more. Yeah. I pay, they'll be fine. Paying money in this, don't you work? They're going to spend plenty of it. They will have plenty of my gives Akron a one year Provea deal to have him. Just go bananas at he'll wanna prove a deal to feel like he can t nosing get his off is value even higher. I think he's going to be a multi year deal. Believe in that. Yeah, maybe to to your deal. I just think he he's gonna year two for will. Now that's a lot. I don't know the market though. So. Thirty to thirty. I said, oh, q for thirty. Yeah. I mean, it's not my money we're spending. So Michael Pell says, do you think the fact that we don't have? This is the momentum question. We did that the fact we won't be momentum will impact this year absolately on e. momentum. And final question will be from Nick, Tompkins. I don't like Sanchez in line about all, but I understand the threat. However, why is the consistency avoid in? Why is he consistently ahead of voting laboring lot, I would bat Sanchez, less no reason have one your best in tours batting, lest yesterday's lineup Saturday's referring to a little better than it has been with Sanchez at eight, but still I would put Voight glaze over Hickson Sanchez z. saying, like, why isn't Sanchez's consistently eighth wise towards batting ninth I do like about a night. I like how he turns lineup over your show many hitters when this is a fully healthy lineup, that light, whoever's gonna hit. Ninth is going to be like, you know. Why is that cutting knife? But it's not like Shane Robinson is in the lineup anymore. So assuming he's artfully health. I mean, if like head survivor ends up in the lineup that he's probably ninth assuming they're fully healthy. Gleyber nine. He's had success theory turns the lineup over well, and I dunno, it's it's not in ninth for its eighth isn't a huge difference. So I have no problem with him knife. Yes, same. But with Gary, I think he should make. He deserves his and finding spark with them. Then we have an amazing or any eighth who figure it out. So he still dangerous centering for sure. But he's, he should not be taking up Voight or and harse spot or any of those guys hitting out of, you know he or Hicks. He should be below all of those people. He's he's a waste of spot if he's anywhere above those people right now, it's hard. But yeah, that's our show. So we got four in Tampa. God help us, please. Please just win towns of ours house of horrors win to you, win three of the great Neil. God damn good thing is Boston does no reason Boston's gonna like pitch their guys, I guess in that series, like we're like, go hard like no one's gonna, go deep in that game. So. Yeah, it's at least dot full of a week. None means. Oh, it's going to be just pray for DeeDee at this point. Pray that that man searched is some feeling in his hand when he wakes up and and he's able to do it, God. Damn, that sucks. That's that. Suck the here. I just can't believe boom broker the way he did. It's like, oh, you don't deal assuring of the year. Shooter this this, but let's reliance driving. All right. L. that log money long by the way, guess he's Mickley when I mean being that Browns and thank goodness, the first win. Hey, was I brought them the win. Utterly they have literally me and also. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I rooted for the Browns my my best friend Yemen going to go into polling territory and Rufa the jets. I don't any. I don't any allegiance to the jets. Fuck that. Is this fun being plus my. I mean my the jets fans, we're with got it. This rate, I mean, Browns fans are ruthless. People like drop the hard f-bomb at not the word. Fuck. When we walked in, like welcome to Cleveland blank, like their law. There are like, you would just you. So you would expect that from Browns fans. They're just miserable people like you're not gonna walk into a team. That's when one game in three years in have them be like, hey, how're you up onto our city? Opium joy your night? Yeah. That was actually someone in my hotel was the short porch that was so many so many, the elevator. I was like, what? Why raise here his a few people at a homecoming yesterday said that they were fans for homecoming, you guys will say Chevy. Have you ever been Cleveland? Yes. So the ankles there in twenty. Twelve. Okay. I might have mentioned this on Wednesday show, but I mean, there are I, I'm just convinced no one lives in Cleveland is show up the Browns games because walking around that city for all Wednesday and even Thursday, I, they just have so many buildings in hotels and just no way is enough people in that city that only cities like that though. Like I, I've been like, Houston, was I Houston last? I know whenever I wasn't. He Sten last. I thought the same thing, Dallas. I've thought that there so many cities like New York is the so so busy that ever else just feels empty. Gets her that dealt with now working in New York definitely, definitely has got that is just that Brown was rocking they have this, oh, h ozone, which I guess is in Ohio State song, and it is fire. It's just like decides, got such a good be to the place was just Ray of this. They do the dog pound bark. It was just, oh my God, what a one atmosphere. I probably said I never know Yankee playoff game. So in terms of atmosphere, style number one, sports atmosphere been like just people didn't know what to do with themselves, and it wasn't like after game. Like they let us outlet, those city on fire. But like ever they were a little reserve. Those Browns have no idea how to clear out a stadium. The Yankees don't know how to bring people into the stadium, but the Browns how how to let people out because his stupid lake, right the stadium. So like you can only go one direction. So I was graph edges, don't jump into the lake stuck. I was. I mean, if they have lost if they had lost that game, like, I'm sure that would suicides. But the fact. That dropped it. The fact that it took us like twenty five thirty minutes to just exit the air. Like we got out of the stadium, but walking to an area where like the weren't a lot of people took thirty minutes. We were just in standstill what walking traffic for twenty five thirty minutes. So like the bars filled up ships which went the casino and then we drank few bars. But like it wasn't like I was expecting respecting the city clue, not even know how to handle a win and just below itself up did not happen. So it's why I'm here. But overall good trip. I will not be traveling officiel feature because it is time to just lock in for the. I mean every game is a playoff game. At this point I be going Oakland if it's in Oakland, which would be horrifying. So let's pray. I'm read. I know on going roughing rally and that's that Friday, October fifth. So that would be if he's got passed up one Handke's Red Sox, which would suck to only be like half all in that. But yeah. Otherwise at sons growing you off Frankie cheeses on my own Thuc. Oh my God. I'm not thinking about that gives me already, but let's just hope it's in New York. So Dallas brain has come on here. I've had enough doubt spring Moee. That guy tries to me if every game we win, they win any. Actually, they gained like seven games in one day on us, and they're coming death, Dallas. I know the Oakland a.'s are here fucking tweet. Me every day said, hey, helps you up like we won the same could today, like I say, Dallas going to have to work that game regardless rate. No, I don't think so. As on. Sure. Yes. Our doesn't like broadcast a playoff. It will be like cribbing post game. Oh yeah. But like during the game hill, like she would sit with us. I don't wanna go to Oakland Oakland fucking up. I don't wanna deal with that and San Francisco in general, just bad vibes. All we need to. We need to win four games just win four games this week, and then make Oakland make Oakland go undefeated. So we have to win four. I dare you to go on the field. I really wish I didn't just say that like definitely wanted feed. Yep, that's our show. Pray dis. Okay. That was terrible. Will be back here on Friday. Hopefully talking about a sweep in Surat in the drop, but we definitely won't be. Right. The sit in. I'll tell you see. Bowed on the. And stand. Lois you say the end.

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Game of Thrones Season 8 Award Show: The Throners

Post Show Recaps

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Game of Thrones Season 8 Award Show: The Throners

"Before we get to the nominations for this year's thrown earth. Have you played four of empires for buyers the city building game? And it's also one of our sponsors for today's episode of the podcast. Informative empires, you can guide village through the different epochs of human history from the stone age to the future and through thoughtful planning on the battlefield you can expand your sphere of influence to create an impressive empire. What's more, there are continuous content updates to ensure years of fun together with millions of players around the world against what you can switch between browser IOS and Android device at anytime while playing for Jovem Pires. If you're new to playing for Japan Pires, we've got some great news for you. For a limited time listeners a post show. Recaps can go now to forge of empires dot com slash rob and get a bonus of ten dollars worth of diamonds. This virtual enganed currency no cash payout only four. New registrations non-transferable. Please remember download the game via. Oh forgery. Empires dot com slash rob. And don't forget, the slash rob in order to get yourself started with a ten dollars starter package. They will give you a virtual in game currency of six hundred fifty diamonds to start building your own. Empire simply go to forge of empires dot com slash rob. Now download install click claim gift and get your six hundred fifty diamonds or right from the start at Borja vampires dot com slash rob. Jabe of thrones the entire series is over. But we're just getting started talking about the fifth annual thrown around wards here on the throne her show nominations. And now here, the guys who are about to announce this year's nominees. I'm rob sister. Dino here with Josh wiggle, Josh our yo, I'm doing fantastically. I cannot believe it. Five thrones. That's how long we've been doing this thing now. Hold on a second. I said it was the fifth annual. But I'm pretty sure we missed one. He's in four five when season six season seven we did throw owners, right? Yeah. We did a seven. Yeah. It is. It's not annual but the fifth one that will that means like we've been doing game of thrones for even longer than five years. It was frightening prospect, here we are five thrown five five thrown her wards one more for the road. Because game of thrones is indeed over. We are several days removed over a week removed from the final episode of game of thrones. I don't I'm not even going to bother with the spoiler warning unless you want to count, that as the spoiler warning because now I'm just going to tell you John snow killed the nearest star Garin remember, that of now thing that happened there star game went insane, and she killed a million people in John's now had to be like it. I have to kill her now. And that's game of thrones ended. And it also brand stark is the king. So a lot of crazy things have had is can you believe it? That's how it happened. That's. Stark. Yeah. It's real. It happened. Game of thrones got weird man like game of thrones decided in the finish to get real weird. And so, in kind, I think you and I are about to get real weird here for one more addition of the throne, which may just be a strange word. We keep saying for all these people who've joined us for the game of thrones ride before they even knew what a throw owners was. Yeah. All right. Well, there's nothing weirder than a game of thrones award show. Yeah. So that's what we're doing here. We're doing a game of thrones award show to celebrate the end of an era, the end of the series, the end of the season, of course, with the end of game of thrones proper one last ride into award winning glory here with my buddy, rob sister, Nina. Now, some of the listeners might be saying, well, you know what? I really wasn't feeling season. Eight of game of thrones. I'm so I don't know how interested and invested I'm going to be in a season. A award show because to me Drik Qarase to all of season seasoning. Yeah. Somebody could be saying we would we would post game of thrones. The we oppose the game of thrones thrown or poll for people to vote on all these different categories for season, eight, and we would just get all the right ins for David Benny off, and Dan Weiss, as like the in the in the category of best villains of season. All sorts of all sorts of stupid, mean angry things that are probably would participate in and. Yeah. That just wouldn't be any fun. So why don't we why don't we open up the? Why don't we open things up a little bit? Why don't we why don't we look beyond just the final season. Of course. Look at the final season as well. Why don't we look at the greater picture of game of thrones? One last time while we have the chance I spend most of my time look pass. Pass anyways. Oh man. I do wish that we had spent more time on brand impressions of the king. If I if I could go back and dive and change one thing about our game of thrones. Podcasting would be more grand things. But we don't have time off these regrets. No, we don't. So are you saying what I think you're saying that this year's thrown owners is going to be about the entire series of game of thrones? Yes, we're opening game of thrones up to not just season. Eight a lot of season eight, but we are also expanding beyond the scope of season, eight this is our last chance achievement. Yes, this is our last chance to really reflect on all things, west arrose until the next time if there is a next time if there is a successor series, that makes it beyond the pilot stage that is still TB as of this recording. But this is going to be really the chance that we get or some some final nostalgic. Action as where closing at the end of dot just an era of television, but a huge era post show. Recaps game of thrones has been are defining show. And we are we're in the process of figuring out what things look like beyond the scope of game of thrones for ourselves. So as we try to push those decisions a little bit further off in the field. We are going to look, one more time act game of thrones with a really fun podcast in a couple of weeks that we're going to need all your help for. So the throne owners awards are coming the game of thrones awards show that asks the age old question what's best of west rose? What's best lesser? Wow. Come up with that or even thinking about it. I really thought it'd be like three minutes ago. Wow. That's good. Oh, you're very good at this stuff. What's best of west rose indeed? And as we often do for their owners, and if you don't know what the owners are fairly self explanatory. It is it is a very ridiculous award show. We do after any given season of game of thrones which we've been doing since season four, which was the first season, we podcasts at about a live, at least after every season a couple of weeks after every season, we get together, Robin. I for one podcast with our friend DJ Sammy slayer the great Sam. Well Tara, the whole cast everybody shows up, but it's the music is typically presented by DJ Sammy slayer. We've certainly we've played out a call to, to his people. We don't have anything to update you with at this time. But hopefully we'll have some nice some, some nice musical accompaniment when we come back with the throne IRS podcast, but we're gonna we're gonna put up a poll and on our poll. We are going to have a lot of questions for you. The listener about game of thrones categories for you to vote on and. In a couple of weeks time, we are going to be posting our show with the winners of each respective category. The different characters the different winners, or losers as the case may be sometimes we'll be coming onstage to accept their awards and say one last goodbye to you and to us, maybe they'll be talking to us. Who knows it depends on how badly we've maligned them along the way of game of thrones podcasting, but it's really fun show. And we've got some details to share with you today. Okay. Of course, we are going to give you all the categories and nominees today. You're going to be able to vote at the Rohner's dot com. The tabulating Kirk Clark is standing by, and we will allow the voting to remain open until midnight on Monday, June tenth eastern time. Yes. So you have a good little while to get your to get your votes in Monday June tenth. That feels like plenty of time, and then we will have the throne IRS awards. Oh, look bad. Like a week and a half or so after that. Eastern time on Monday tenth. All right. That sounds great just to not have any clarify, clarify. And then we'll have thrown a war yourself. We're looking. We're looking at somewhere like that June nineteenth spots seems to be where we are going to be aiming to do the throne or so few weeks from now, we will we will have the show for you, and you have a little over a week to cast your votes, depending on when you're listening to you have until June tenth at what time was that exactly. That was at eleven fifty nine PM eastern time. Okay. Thrown owners dot com. Okay. All right. Josh, how do you want to open up the festivities? Well, I think we should we should just get into it. I think we should you know, let's not let's not dilly dally the final season. Sure, didn't know Yarra Yarra this thing at all. Let's just get right into the meat of it. We're gonna twenty five different category. These for the throne. There's this year. That's a staggering number of categories. And it's an even it's an even bigger number of different nominees that you will be able to vote on along the way here and since that's such a big number. Let's not let's not let's not screw around. Let's, let's just get right into it. Or are you ready to hear the different categories, rob? Yes, I would love to hear them. Okay. So as we said we are we are doing some season. Eight specific stuff. We are also doing some longer view game of thrones award gifting, the first category. We are going to have is best main character season eight so that is a relatively limited list. It's going to be limited it to the people that you'd really look at these people as either the decisive main characters of game of thrones in terms of who made it through the final season or at least somebody who is, who is pretty important in the, in the grand scheme of things, those candidates, or your votes are going to be John snow. Sansa stark aria, stark, king brand, the broken himself to narrow star Garin, Jamie. Lancaster, sir, c Lancaster and Tyrian Lancaster. Those are, who you will have to vote from when it comes to long, boring, for those characters will also be eligible for our second category, which will be worst main care of season. Eight there's a lot of best worst action that is going on here because this is the throne or is this kind of like equal parts Oscar in Razzie, it's kind of like a combo platter. So those are the first two categories, the second to gather Gorey's categories three and four best supporting character of season, eight and worst, supporting character of season. Eight the nominees are the same across both categories. It's Giora more Mont theon gray joy that hound Davos e worth Sam well. Tarpley. Mela sandra. Baronne. Varis Genry of tars grey, worm, Masan day, Hormann giants Bain barrack done. Darrien yara. Great. Joy, dolorous EDD Leon more Mont and Brennan Fitzpatrick's favorite character, Patrick pain. Those, those are the nominees for the two different supporting character categories. Okay. We've got a very sprawling list of people for our fifth category. That's best character. Who didn't make it into the final season. Of course. Not everybody survived along the way of game of thrones to make it into season eight and I'm sure not every single character who didn't make it into season. Eight is making it into this category. It's just too vast to account for every single person. But this is going to be the place where you'll find the likes of Ned stark Ramsay Bolton Joffrey breath, the and the red viper, your friend and mine Sircar will Tanner of Jin alley. I don't know if he was a surp- probably not Walder fray. We'll be here. The black fish is your Greenwich, and pip are here. Roz is going to show up here all the characters who died along the way some bigger than others. Little finger is going to be in your call Drago's going to be in here. Let's settle at once and for all who is the best character on game of thrones that didn't make the final season. That's what you're going to resolve here in. The fifth category. And in the six category, you're going to answer the opposite question who's the worst who's the worst of these people? Yeah. I think I know. Who is it? I'm not going to say I don't put my thumb on the scale. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I just thought of somebody who is the worst. And I didn't have them in the original right up. So this is a flexible document. Yeah. So okay we're making all of the nominees. It's a list of like forty names. There's no way I'm not gonna I'm not gonna spell it out for you right now. There's just there's, there's too many and I'm sure as the great thrown is custom. There will be many slights along the way. And we will just have to just have to live with them. I see that you have some new categories here. There are some new categories. There are new categories we used to have like very cutesy names, bro out of these categories to the time when Lancaster memorial award for best villain, just as an example, the blackwater award for best battle since we're expanding many of these categories to account for all of the seasons in the spirit of not wanting to put your thumb on the scale. We're stripping the cutesy names away and just giving you the facts just. Thai Thai when can't be nominated for an award that has his name on. It would be inappropriate. It would be an appropriate. So it's just it's a little bit of it's a bread and salt here you know as whereas, we're going through this. We've got we've got some actor categories. I think that we can all we can all agree that many of these binal these final six episodes. Sometimes the writing left a little something to be desired that seems to be the biggest complaint among the people who did not care for the final season of game of thrones. I don't think that you can be mad at the acting for the final season of game of thrones. So we are we are opening that we have a best actor category, and a best actress category, and the nominees on both sides of those rather than naming them all out here. It's everybody who's eligible for best main character, and best supporting character. Those are the people who are nominated here for best actor, and best actress, and we will spare them the indignity of having worst actor and worst actor. Awards because these are just people, you know, they're, they're human beings. And besides the data will show who the worst actors are based on who gets the least amount of love in the voting of these categories. And I'm sure we will share those details during the actual thrown as much to their shame. Okay. Best villain all time. This is a category. Light in villainy lifetime. Achievement in villainy here is the list and I- breaks my heart to lead off with deniro star Gary in. But after the bells I think you have to put her on here too narrow star Garin sir c Lancaster Taiwian, Lancaster Joffrey Barath, Ian Ramsay Bolton. The night king the mountain little finger, you're on grey, joy. And if you vote for him, I will disown you may stir Khyber, n-, the high Sparrow, and Walter fray are your nominees for best villain all time. Okay. All right. This next one is my favorite category. Worst storyline. All, and I'm sure there are some snubs here, but I wanted to refine the results a little bit. So the odds of my least favorite storyline. Picked are a little time achievement in worst, storyline because it's not a vast CARA category. Because game of thrones maybe like a little bit towards the end kind of lost its way. But for the most part, you know, this is this was a terrific terrific show, but even some of the earlier, seasons isn't real clunkers of storylines in here. And so this is where we are going to, to burn them with fire as was the name once upon a time of an award here at the throne IRS the nominee is now. Yeah. At that cute anymore. No, the nominees car in season to hate to even say the word. Yes. The mutiny at crafters keep in season. Four great for five casting this sand snakes in season. Five really not great, the high Sparrow in seasons five and six that was a two season. Arc not beloved aria in Bravo's in seasons five and six not deal. He loved way time does it does it increase in our estimation. Given Arias arc in the final season. We'll see probably not the Starks and little finger in season seven, which I do think has aged, particularly well and may have been a tip off to some of the problems, we would run into the final season, the white walkers in the final season, which I think would be an indictment of the long night, specifically as an episode very. Very, very, very, very dark, and denarius going mad in the final season. The worst storyline of all time. Those are your options, any snubs that you can think of rob that we can amend the document right here and now all time worst storyline fill like that. Are we missed anything from season three season? Three was great. Yeah. Season. Three is pretty good climbed the wall and kissed on top of the wall that was in tastic, and that was the one where Kenji got leached Mela Sandra, but that's pretty great. Yeah. That I think there'd be some of the status stuff like the early standards stuff. Sure. I think like STAN. Stan is storyline in season. Four was actually really bad, because that was that was like by the end of season three he already got the word from Davis. Like we should go to the wall, and then stay on his spends like all season for being like, yeah, but let's make a trip to the iron Bank. I yes. Yeah. So maybe, maybe the stand is Barath in storyline in season. Four, we, we can add to them. I think it's gonna win. Okay. We'll just put it on there for, for. Why not? Okay. How about this best battle all time? We're going to if if we said best battle of season eight they're really only be two. Choose from. But if we're expanding the list to the full series, there, are you Titanic battles across game of thrones air, all represented here and I'm very curious to see which one is the winner, and I'm certainly curious to see what the vote breakdown on it ends up being best battle all time. The nominees are in sequential order, the battle of the blackwater in blackwater, the battle at castle black and watchers on the wall, the battle at hard home in hard home, the battle of slavers bay in battle of the bastards, the battle of the bastards in battle of the bastards, the battle of the gold road in the spoils of war, which used to be known as the loot train battle and occasionally by me is the loot crate battle. But I guess it's actually technically called the battle of the gold road either way. That's the same one. That's the same battle battle of ice and fire from beyond the wall, the battle of winter fell in the long night and the battle of king's landing in the bells. So those are your choice. Choices to choose from for the best bow of all time. Best best death season. Eight ready. Yes, we're listing out all the main deaths from season eight and you get to choose from any one of these. We have Ray all the dragon Harry Strickland of the golden company definitely the best death of season. Eight Masan day. Dolorous EDD you're on grey. Joy Giora more Mont Barrick, Don. Derian Varis, Liana more Mont Mel asandra, generis star Garin, the hound, l- amounting, Jamie, Lancaster, sir, Lancaster, the night, king, theon, gray, joy, and Maistre Khyber. Those are the notable main character deaths in the final season of game of thrones. And those are the ones you get to choose on. Are we voting for who we were happy that they died or we like the execution of the execution? I think it's probably the execution of the execution would. Be the way that I would vote I think, you know, part of that could be happiest that you saw them die. But like if you thought that the scene in which, like, Masan was executed was a great scene, but you weren't happy to see her go. But that was part of the reason why you thought it was the best death. That would be why you would vote for that character. Okay. Okay. We've got an all time vote category. All time for the most horrible death for, for the worst death of the series and all the affirmation characters are in the list, and we opened things up to some of the other main deaths throughout game of thrones. So it's a lot of season eight, and then a limited selection from across the way feels like we know where this one's going to go. But you be the judge. So we have the Sarah's star Garin is listed here. We've got Ned stark is listed under most horrible death of all time thread, wet. Ding with Robin Catlin. That was pretty bad. Joffrey Barath Ian, that was pretty bad as well. That's pretty gross. The red viper, super gross hauteur the whole hold the door of that was good. Ramsay Bolton eaten by dogs Lord Walder his throat slit after eating some of his family members. And then his whole rest of his family who didn't make it into the pie. They get killed pretty swiftly after that. And then viscera on the first dragon we ever lost is very tragic. So those are the all time people that you can vote for here plus the deaths of the final season. Okay. All right. Best on screen duo all time all ties life into owing we love. We love the best on screen duo rip straight. From the MTV movie awards and brought to you by the throne IRS here. Do not tell my old bosses at MTV. We don't want any copyright infringement issues. These are the nominees, Jamie. And seriously Lancaster. Jon snow and. Deniro's. Targe aryan. Aria and the hound Sam, and Gilly brand, and hauteur Tyrian in various Sansa. And little finger Rian, and Jamie. Those are your over Jimmy twice over Jamie twice the only one who's nominated twice. All right. My favorite all time favorite excellence in Hoad. Or this has always been one that we've enjoyed here on the throat. There's a lot of ho during that happens along the way in game of thrones. And even if there was no whoring in the final season. We can there was like, during of a sort that we could vote on it again. So the nominees for excellence in Hoed, or are hauteur door odor, or. Hoed. Old the door and one one and not on the original list, but it was dubbed by the fine folks at the game of thrones. Read it as the barricade when barrack, Donald and died in a very similar manner. So then he got out of win, but we can we can put the barricade on here, just to just go away from the walkers. So he had died a lot. Yeah. His, his pain time, it's white pretty high at that point that point, okay? Best parents of all time who were the best parents along the way here on game of thrones? And that's you know, maybe it's open for interpretation because a lot of the parents who are on this list. We're not great parents, but the great characters and being a parent was a big part of their character, so you choose how you want to vote on this one. The nominees are Ned stark, Catlin stark high. When lancaster. Jamie, Lancaster Sirsi, Lancaster Gilly, Sam well Tarpley and denarius, mother of drag. Oh, she was a good mom to the dragons. Not to Ray goes kinda got him killed wasn't hardly vault. She overworked him. Yeah. Issue could probably couldn't notice you could have done better best one-season character of all time here is here's the list, we've got Syria for L. We've got the red viper. We've got Maggie the frog. We've got brother Ray in McShane himself. We've got Ed Sheeran because why not we've got Harry Strickland of the golden company, and rob, this is not on the list that I sent to you major oversight on my part. We've got Karl Tanner of Jin alley that we will include in the best. I know my one-season character. Yes, yes. Absolutely next category. The next two categories. Again, the nominees for these two categories are the same. This is relegated to the final season and it's pretty simple. Best ending worst ending, which of the characters that are nominated and it's a big list. We won't recite them all here, but they're the main and supporting characters of season eight which character had the best ending for that specific character, which character has the worst ending for that specific character. Again, your mileage may vary on some of this, this is you really voting on who you are the most satisfied by in terms of how the story ended for them and what left something to be desired for you, which storyline. Did you really disagree with this is what we're looking for in these two categories? Okay. All right. Again another another set of categories where it's best worst. We've got the best episode of season, eight and the worst episode of season eight and I'm very curious further results on this one just to refresh your memories, six episodes. All. Old in the final season. We've got season. Eight episode one winter fell everybody shows up at Windsor fell. Everybody's gearing up for the big battle season, eight episode to a night of the seven kingdoms written by Brian cognition. This is the one where of gets knighted. And everybody else is doing their thing as they're getting ready for the big war against the night. Getting the episode ends on the precipice of war season, eight episode three the long night war white Walker war. This is the one this is where the night king does not make it out alive. And perhaps you could not make that out yourselves given the lighting issues in the episode that is the third episode of the final season, the fourth episode of the final season is the last of the Starks coffee Cup gate. This is the one where the coffee Cup was. There is we're Ray gall diets were Masan died. This is really setting us up for the climax of the series fifth episode. The bells did Aerostar, Gary done lost her mind, king's landing falls apart, so many deaths. This is the bells and then, of course, the series finale the. Thrown so which was the best which was the worst. We will litigate that all when we get to the throne IRS you guys vote in the meantime, okay? All right. This is a these next to our big ones, because we were we were talking about the best episode and the worst episode of season eight how about we expand that to the full fricken series best episode of all time, worst episode of odd, even a curated list of nominations. No, it's every single one of the seventy three episodes of game of thrones are eligible and I'm very, very interested to find out how this all shakes out. What was the best ever episode of game of thrones? What was the worst ever episode of game of thrones? And I, I'm curious to see if there's like a big recency bias thing. Are we going to see like a lot of final season representation here in the best worst? I feel like there's an argument to be made to remove them from, from the running here, but we're going to we're going to trust. You guys you, you could choose if you authentically think some of the episodes from the final season are the best or the worst vote. That way. But otherwise fascinated to see how this one is going to shake out. This is really the best picture category of the throne IRS. Yes. If every movie that was made in a year was nominated. Yes. Exactly. Best season. Worst season are, are the final two regular Gorey's little more manageable. And I think also pretty complicated deal every season has something right with it. Something wrong with it the ratio really depends on where you're coming from. So you're going to get to choose best season and worst seasons. Those are all the major categories we've got for the Rohner's, if you go to throw understood dot com, you will see we have some extra questions that we that we have for you guys will deal with those all on the throne owners proper just as some some further conversation starters. Wanna see what you thought of the final season overall who want to see what you all thought of some of the final twists, such as brand stark as king. And if you would have changed anything and we wanna get your eye on the future as well. So we have some questions that are a little forward looking for the future of game of thrones as a franchise all told, it seems like we're going to have a lot of business to get to when the throw owners rolls into town. Later in June. All right. So you can go ahead cast your votes answer our survey questions and all will be revealed in our fifth, and final thrown her awards, asterisk, unless the we love the prequels and do more thrown. Impossible impossible. See. Last that, that's going to be our last game of thrones, proper podcasts at the very least for a very long time. So hotly anticipated for sure Rohner's dot com. Of course, you could check out anything else game of thrones related that Josh Wigley is filing over at HR dot com slash game of thrones Jesse. I know you recently posted a final path, the end of west rose. What was that all about? They have is just a roundup of the final paths that I did leading into the season and looking back and seeing if any of those predictions were correct a few of them were a few of them, not all of them, let some so some of them I got bang on. I was actually looked back with. Oh, yeah. Sometimes, you know what you're talking about very rarely. But sometimes it works. Okay well done. Josh incredible work. Once again, we should expect nothing less of pudding together all of the game of thrones nominees for. This year's edition of the throne. Irs. All right. Looking forward to seeing the results, I will hopefully be hearing back from Sami slayer in the next little while I'm sure that he is still enjoying the victory lap. Maybe I don't know. Or maybe he's wallowing. I'm it's hard to know what, what Sami slayers mood is, you know, grand Maistre grand may now. Yeah. Grandmaster Charlie though. He may be hard to book could be hard to book the book. All right. So that is all coming. You could vote through the end of June tenth, and then we'll have the throne or awards coming after we tabulate all the results the following week so beyond the lookout for that. And of course, make sure you subscribe to post show, recaps, go to post show recaps dot com slash I tunes for all of that, make sure you don't miss anything else that we're going to be covering over the course of the summer and Josh, I hear that you will at least talk about the premiere of fear the Walking Dead with just a coming up. Yes. Yes. Jessica lease and I are getting together in the not too distant future to talk about the first episode of season five, if you can believe it made it to season. Five fear the Walking Dead. We'll see. We'll see how all that goes. All right. Thank you guys, so much for listening to the throne IRS at nominations special. Happy voting at the Rohner's dot com. Follow Josh quick Lawrence where he's at round Howard. I'm at Robson everybody. But good one by. Both Joe recaps is sponsored by a friends over at truecar every car comes with sheriff stories like that thing, and your bumper. When you nervously picked up a first date that luxury package, you got after a big promotion or the mileage, you say by running, you buy all summer long. While you can't put a price tag on your stories now with truecar you can at least find out what your car is worth when it's time to sell it or to trade, it in just go to truecar and simply enter your license, plate number and watch cars. Details pop up. Then answer a few questions navigation in moon roof watches, they bump up your car's value, high mileage Yuri knew it was gonna cost you. But now, you'll know how much is it's going to in your wallet so you can plan ahead and once you're finished will get a true cash offer Centene minutes, which you can take to a local certified dealer to cash out or to trade in. So when you're ready to experience a better way to sell trade in your car, check out truecar today. True cash offer not available in all areas.

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Making and distributing a COVID-19 vaccine is the "biggest medical manufacturing challenge in history": Hope that changes hearts forever

The Daily Article

07:14 min | 10 months ago

Making and distributing a COVID-19 vaccine is the "biggest medical manufacturing challenge in history": Hope that changes hearts forever

"This is the daily Article podcast published by the Denison Forum or culture, Changing Christians to receive the daily article directly to your email inbox. Ning visit the daily Article Dot. COM now here's Today's news discerned differently. This is the biggest logistical challenge the world has ever faced. This is how Tony Peters. An engineering and technology expert at Britain's Birmingham University describes the task of manufacturing and delivering a vaccine for covid nineteen to the world. The Reuters article calls this the biggest medical manufacturing challenge in history. Our focus since the start of the pandemic has understandably banana vaccine to stop the disease researchers. Researchers are developing more than one hundred forty vaccines against corona virus vaccines typically require years of research and testing before reaching the clinical stage, but scientists are working to produce an effective and safe vaccine by next year of the vaccines, currently under development, only three are in phase, three large-scale efficacy testing the last stage before being approved for use trial results will indicate whether regulators approve. Approve, a candidate for public use now we know that making and distributing vaccine should one be produced is a daunting task as well in the meantime, the CDC's says Covid, nineteen cases in the US could be ten times higher than reported in other words, a true number of infected Americans may tap twenty million. The Texas governor said this week that his State is facing a massive. Massive outbreak of the virus state health departments reported more than thirty seven thousand new cases yesterday setting a one day record. This local story especially touched me Betty and Curtis Tarpley of Fort Worth. Texas were married for fifty three years both contracted the virus nurses wheeled Betty into Curtis's ICU room, so they could be together. They died this week within an hour of each other. We have been focusing on the theme of encouragement in discouraging times as we face an escalating pandemic ongoing recession and divisive debates, policing statues in autonomous zones, Christians can find ways to rejoice in hope, and then share their hope with a hopeless world today. Let's close by claiming the hope. We Find in God's presence whatever our circumstances might be in civilization, the West and the rest historian, Nile Ferguson, identifies six factors that contributed to the growth and success of Western civilization decentralized competition that created A. A launchpad for nation states and capitalism, a commitment to science, especially in military applications, property rights, and the resulting rule of law and representative government advances in medicine, and thus life expectancy, a consumer society that drove the industrial revolution and a work ethic and moral framework, derived from among other sources Protestant Christianity which provides the glue for Dynamic and potentially unstable society created by the first five factors. When we remove this moral blue from culture. We should not be surprised when the culture comes unglued. Conversely, when we live all of life under the sovereignty of our king, we find that his word wisdom, and provisioned, give us contagious hope in the most hopeless of times when Paul and Silas Sang Hymns to. Midnight in a Philippian jail the prisoners we're listening to them. When a group of Moravian Christians continued to sing in worship God in a fearful storm John, Wesley was deeply impressed, and eventually made their faith his own in the midst of his groaning and Cry David toned to Mike King, and my God note the order a deity can be our God without being our King and master, as many religions across history can attest. Attest, but if a deity is our king, he must also be our God. I can have a transactional relationship with God as the Romans did with their Pantheon of deities we can separate such religion from the real world Sunday or Monday but I must have an unconditional relationship with a true can. All that is mine is his all I am is under his sovereign authority. Would God say he is your King Today. James Kester of the Society of Saint John The evangelist rates. We often discount the ordinary in our lives, forgetting that God is as likely to send angels when we are doing the dishes working at some task or having coffee with a friend as one we are engaged in some grand in mighty scheme. The challenges were us to pay attention. If we trust that God is king over and in every circumstance we face the worst that can happen leads to the best that can happen dying from Corona virus or anything else leads to life, eternal and glorious, and we find hope in Jesus that will draw others to our Lord Max. Lucado writes in May of two thousand eight. Eight, Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth lost their five year old daughter in an automobile accident. They were deluge by messages of kindness. One in particular gave Stephen Strength. It was from a pastor friend who lost his son in an auto accident. Remember your future with your daughter will be greater than your past with her Max ads. Our final home will hear no goodbyes gone forever. Let the promise change you from sagging to seeking for more INFO too hopeful from dwellers in the land of goodbyes to a heaven of lows. This is the hope we find. When we make God our King I ll ask once more would God say he is your King Today? Our latest book is now available in seven deadly sins how our oldest temptations can lead you from vice to virtue, Brian Denison and Dr Jim Denison, investigate the biblical and historical significance of the seven deadly sins, but how can pride envy wrath, slothfulness, greed, gluttony and lust. Actually point you to God visit daily Article Dot Org today to find out. That's daily Article Dot Org. To subscribe to the daily article via email. Read any daily article. You may have missed this week or use any of our resources. Please visit Denison Forum Dot Org. Thank you for listening to the daily Article podcast today.

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Kelley O'Hara on Responding to Adversity - On and Off The Field

Finding Mastery: Conversations with Michael Gervais

1:12:11 hr | 10 months ago

Kelley O'Hara on Responding to Adversity - On and Off The Field

"I have. come to understand that. The freeze this too shall pass is. So Perfect for anything. At least I've come to find. And it's not dwelling on. The negative. It's finding a way. To to control whatever you can't control to change the situation that you're in. Okay welcome back. Welcome to the finding mastery podcast a Michael, Javale and trading training a sport performance psychologist as well as the CO founder of compete to create. And the whole idea behind these conversations is to sit down with people who are extraordinary. Extraordinary in the way that they think extraordinary in what they do, but more importantly in these conversations is to better understand how they've organized their inner life. What did they do to make sense of themselves to make sense of events? And how do they use their mind to excel in life and excelling life is not winning, necessarily excelling in life is living a life of flourishing fulfillment of purpose and meaning be connected and doing all in the same time. At, least for these conversations in rugged and high stakes and high performing environments. Okay. This week's conversation is with Kelli O'Hara and she plays soccer for both the US women's national team and the Utah Royals FC. As a member of the United States Women's national team. She's won two World Cups and an Olympic gold medal. In fact, she's one of three players on the national team. The played every minute for the US in the Olympic Games in two thousand twelve. How epic is that? To contribute in a way where you play every moment. And then prior to that, she attended Stanford University where she won the Hermann Trophy in two thousand nine. And that's awarded to folks who. Are the top in the US. Top Male, top female college players across the nation. So she understands what it means how to do it, and that's really what this conversation about. We cover so much in this conversation. And we get into resiliency equality in inner drive authenticity. An impact. And when I think about. The challenge that's happening across the planet, but certainly in the United States that were currently facing right now. Those Five Principles those are significant now. Resilience, inequality, authenticity, inner drive an impact. Minister big time. Of Fantastic, a tremendous role model for the next generation and I can't wait for you to learn more from her. And before we dive in talk about nutrition for just a second. If you are a longtime listener or community member here finding mastery. You might remember that we had precision nutrition. Partners here in the flat out the industry leader in nutrition science and behavioral change. And I've turned to them time and time again and I'm not the only one I mean. They earned that that position in the marketplace for a reason. And they've transformed over one hundred thousand people including folks top in their field like us. Sloan Stevens and UFC legend. Georgia's saint-pierre. Well serving companies like Apple Nike equinoxes and right now this is what's really cool. Precision nutrition is giving finding mastery listeners fifty percent off their incredible definitive guide to science and practice of macrophages. So, what does that mean? You got micronutrients and macronutrients? macronutrients are the big stuff that you get on your plate, and so often I see people so geek data talking about micronutrients which are important, but missing the Mac rose so let's start with the big stuff. The big rocks to get into. Into container if you will, and they're giving US fifty percent off for that, so this resource is not available to the general public, and that's what makes it special. If you want to recalibrate your diet or change your body composition, this definitive guide is legit now, and it covers everything you need to know about balancing protein and carbs fats to increase performance or maybe to lose weight. If you want to I, mean no matter what Diet you follow. That's what they're working to get after. So go to precision nutrition dot com forward slash finding Masri to get fifty percents off their definitive guide to McEnroe's, and that's only for finding mastery listeners now. And also in case you missed it last week I not something really fun about a project. That I've been working on for a long time. It's the release of my new audible original. It's called compete to create and I call authored with Seahawks head coach, Pete Carroll, and its set to launch on July ninth. That'd be honored a be massively honored. If you'd pre-order it at audible dot com slash compete to create and with that. Let's jump right into this week's conversation with Kelli O'Hara. Kelly. How are you? I'm good. How are you you know All things considered A. IT'S A. It's a really intense electrified charged emotionally charged time. And many ways of doing really well. It's hard to say that out loud because I know the there's so many people are really suffering. You know the joy in my life right now is that I'm at home, and I'm stable, and no one in my family has co vid and I've been passionate about justice for longtime. And Uncertain Times kind of. My wheelhouse so. For that I feel grateful in excited about the work ahead for all of us, so thank you for asking. Yeah, of course. Okay. So that's me talking a lot and this. This is meant to be more about you, so so really. What is it like to be you right now? Oh Man slightly loaded question. We're back in Utah, so I play for the royals F C which is the club here in Salt Lake City, which part of his cell and We're in the build up training period to. Our I guess you could call it. Many season tournament style season, which we're GONNA play in. Utah, in July, so. I've just been getting back into training Gave back on the field working through. Body making sure things are working right getting feeling like Oh, can I play soccer again? That sort of thing, and then also. Juggling all the things off the field which obviously like you said, there's a lot happening right now in the world to just trying to take care of myself so that I can take care other people Yeah, so I'm good, but it's also. It doesn't come with that. The good doesn't come with a lot of added stress from different things. You, have you understand? The equality, the justice narrative. Yeah you've lived it. You fought for and really when I ask that question. Like how are you doing? I understand like where what you're doing. The good good narrative there. But what is it like to be you? I wear a lot hats. You know. Athlete! PARTNER DAUGHTER SISTER FRIEND TEAMMATE MAY CO worker you know representative of a group of players for national team in terms of our PA so it's kind of like. I feel like I'm trying to make sure. Everyone's okay, 'cause I. I think that's just in my nature so that I think is what adds a lot of stress because. At no point is everyone going to be okay and you have to understand that, but then you have to figure out ways that you can help an impact where you can, but also understand that. You have to just. Handle things. and. Try to make things the best. They can be but know that going to be perfect. Where did that is the balance, isn't it? You know where did that come from for you? That idea that I'm going to take on a lot and I'm going to do it. Primarily in the service of others slash I. WanNa. Make sure that people are okay. light. Two percent difference between those right in if we're not if we're not thoughtful about it, one of them is like mission-minded for the betterment of humanity, and the other one is like codependency, which might happiness depends on their happiness. And when they're not happy. than. I, myself knotted up. And so which side you fall on? And then where does it come from you? Why would say that I I haven't always. Had, this role I think that I've come to step into it more as a veteran player, seen a lot done a lot been involved with a lot and so I think. That experience. has led me to the place of like. I Have I've I've been through what you're going through and I'm GonNa. Try to help you. However I can But I also think that like you said, is it codependency or is it like mission driven and for me? I've just seen that. The impact that we can make individual people, and then as a collective is so important, so I think there's obviously like I. Wouldn't I? I think I'd be lying to say there isn't a little bit of codependency. I think we all have this like I. Want you to be happy because if you're happy, then I'll be happy but at the same time. I tried to remember that. Everyone is not going to be happy all the time, and that's just a fact of life, but if you can try to improve. For. The collective. Like just focus on. That got to stay focused on I think. What was it like growing up because you learned something about how humans work, and how potential works you learn that at a young age, and then a young in the family sometimes. It's not good messaging. It's unhealthy messaging, and actually it's probably a little bit of good a little bit of not good right like that balance, first families, but I want to get a sense of that foundational stuff. And then where did you and then maybe it was there? or where did you come to learn that? Other people's wellness is really important. I think that. In in in my growing up like in my childhood. The way my parents raised me was. You need to like we're not GonNa, be helicopter parents just expect you to be your best and. I think that's what kind of has molded me into the person. That I am right there. Though that's a really strong message, we'RE NOT GONNA. Be overly involved, but but. We expect you to be Your Best Oh. Yeah like mom and Dad. They still tell the story, so I have an older sister younger brother and I was I think I was maybe in middle school. Sister was high school. She's tears with me. Six months with me, brothers, two and half years younger than me so all very close in age, and my parents It was the beginning of the school year, and they're like weeks, but you guys all to get as an that was that was just the end of their. Statement, Mr Beezer average. So why can't we just get BS my parents like? But that's not fair in. An from that. That's what you we expect and. We you guys need to go do that And like I said they weren't. They weren't. Helicopter parents, they just. Do your homework. Get good grades Breach your reach your potential and Like I said. I think that shaped me a lot in in who I am today, because I, it's. Coming from like me. ooh, a really powerful thought, which is, it's not coming so your drive. Is Not coming from an external source. It's coming from an internal place which your parents watered that seed early by a consistency of the message like. Is this your best? And again. I think I've learned a lot I've learned a lot through my twenties, and that was something that I learned I. Say you know they? They instilled that in me that your drive is GonNa, come from within your unique to just live up to your potential and we're not going to micromanage. and. They did that sports too, and I think that again really affected me as a kid they basically said. Do something because you love. If you don't love it, find something you do love and. I've held true to that my whole life, and this idea of being self motivated like you said they watered that, but I think that I didn't come to. Fully appreciate it and understand it until like made. Probably. Mid Twenties like I kind of awakening at the two Thousand Fifteen World Cup and that. Since then I was like well i. kind of always knew that, but then it it reaffirmed what. I think I knew in the back of my head, which was like external factors are. Are Are GonNA come and go, and if you're looking for validation from external factors, if you're looking for motivation from external factors, you're going to be hard. Pressed to find it at times. Therefore, you need to figure out how you find that with within yourself, because you're always gonNA have you and you're always going to have your internal dialogue and and your internal drive and. So that's that's something that I it kind of developed over the years. What led to that breakthrough. Yes, so at the M. Twenty fifty more club I. So my career graduated twenty ten. Twenty twenty or twenty eleven, which the World Cup as like the last player on the roster, someone actually got Lindsay. Tarpley got hurt. I got added. didn't expect play. Didn't I played for fifteen minutes total the tournament I was fine with that I just wanted to be cheerleader part of it twenty twelve rolls around Play every minute of every game of that tournament asthma outside back which I'd been all my life and then. Twenty fifteen rolls around, and I'm probably fourth on the depth chart, third or fourth on the depth chart of outside backs and I didn't see the field until. The quarterfinals. I think and I struggled. A lot like that was probably one of the hardest months. My life mentally and emotionally because. I was at this pinnacle of our wanted to be my career, but I wasn't fulfilling what I wanted to look like which was to be on the field, playing and participating in impacting The team that way but I did a lot of soul-searching in that in those couple weeks. Realize like I can't expect the coach to give me an explanation of. Why. I'm not playing live and seeing the field. I can't expect an in. It's not lean on certain teammates, which did but I. Kind of had this reckoning with myself like you have to self motivate, and you have to practice every single day and play like it's a World Cup final so one you're prepared and to. Like you're just you're on fire like you're prepared. And and you and you want it so and I ended up getting to start quarterfinals ended up going the semifinals going the finals and I don't think that would happen if I hadn't had this internal. Fire that just got. Burning bigger and bigger and pushed me to show that I was like ready and willing and locked in regardless of my. Hierarchy on the depth chart? So the so the clarity was that I wanNA I love said I wanNA. Play I, WANNA participate in on impact like that was that was what you were pursuing. Right okay, so then you didn't. You weren't getting that. It wasn't happening and so there's this little mini crisis right? Okay was an identity crisis, or was it just like I'm not getting what I want them or was an I'd anything like who am I without this? I've definitely gone through. The identity crisis I don't think that was a time. It was an identity crisis. It was more so like I really wanted to go to jail. Who was our head coach at the time as a woman applying and I had to sit like really back in and say this is not the time and place to ask the head coach. WHO's trying to win a World Cup while you're not playing, you're not playing because you're you know you're not in the picture. She doesn't think that you're ready you're. Probably, a number of reasons just now. You don't want to say you weren't good enough. I couldn't say, could you? Like I was good enough, but I love, but you couldn't say it right now, could you? You couldn't even say like you know you wanted to say that, but you couldn't even. You couldn't even let it. come up your mouth. Yes because I think that at that point I was good enough and there had been there. You go rear that I wasn't and I think that and I and I recognize that and I acknowledge those moments because I I wasn't where I needed to be to play at the level that I was potentially going to be playing at, but in that moment I was like I. Know I'm good enough I. Know what I have to offer and I'm GONNA show it in the only format format a half, which is practicing and I went out to every single practice and just. was a crazy person was just on fire because I was like I'm going to show you that when you look down that bench. You know that you can count on me because I'm locked in. Even though I'm not playing right now, you can see it in practice. WHO. Feel good even recount I like I feel like I. Bet you would know this. Kelly, but I measure daily success by how many times my hair stands up because it's that intersection between. The big. Aw, it's like the expression of all like like wow, and it's also at the singularity of like. I'm right there in it as best. I can with those types of moments so. All right. So. Is that the conversation that you had? Is that literally because so often? Kelly people talk about like. Theoretical the. It's almost like a vulnerability refusal to talk about the actual internal narrative, which it's that internal narrative bounced up against the challenge ahead. That really is the inner game right, and so if you don't have awareness, and you don't have a sense of the challenge or your internal skills, the external challenge in the internal skills. Would I mean? What are we doing? We're just kind of robots or something so. Is that what it sounded like in your head like a freak, watch? Here I go like it was like that right? Yeah. It was it was there was a bit of self pity that happened. You know it was like Oh like game. One goes on. You don't get in game. Two happens. You don't get in and you're like Oppenheimer. Maybe what maybe I'll start. Maybe get their game. Their game happens. You don't and you're like. Dang I'm like this is this is the world stage that you live for that. You train your career for an on, not even like I'm here, but it's. It's almost as if I'm not here in. That's not discount like who I am. As a teammate. Cheering people on on the bench and I was trying to do that as much as possible, but it was very much so like I. Want to be on that field, and I'm not and it was. It was changing. Self pity like pouting. I try to do that away from the team alone because. I didn't affect them and how they felt because at the end of the day. We're all GonNa win a World Cup. If we World Cup but it was changing that to be. How do I change? This specific moment. How do I get out of this? Is that was that your question? That was your investigation. This is my state of pity. How do I change it I? Think it was like yeah, this is this is the reality I found myself in. How do I? How do I change it because I don't Wanna I, don't this moment passed me by because I was to? Bombed out or you know what was me. To make something happen because I would have regretted it, even if I, maybe even if I didn't get the chance that I got I think I would have still hopefully been proud of the way that I carried myself in that moment. Okay? Let's take a quick break to talk about viewers. Viewer makes incredibly soft. Really incredibly soft. Incredibly comfortable versatile clothing. And their close can be used for just about any activity like running and Training Yoga, whatever it might be also great for lounging, just hanging out and seriously I. Don't know how they've made it. It's ridiculously soft, and it's different than any other clothes that I wear. It's any other gear that I have. It's got a really unique softness to it and I. Don't know another way to describe it. I mean they got the right amount of kind of flexing their clothes and this again the softness it is, it's awesome. I love what they're doing, and so I've been digging their banks short, so you punch over to the website. Check out the bank short. And so whether you're looking for men's gear or women's gear that got you covered a highly recommend fury, and they have a special offer for finding Masri listeners twenty percent off your first purchase it yourself some of the most comfortable and versatile clothing on the planet at VR Dot, com for slash finding mastery case spell it. VCU O. R. I.. CLOTHING DOT com forward slash finding mastery and not only get twenty percents off your first purchase, but you also enjoy free shipping on any US. Over seventy five dollars. You also get free returns in there. And Finding Masters also brought to you by master class. masterclass they learn from the best with exclusive access to online classes taught by masters of craft. I, just got done listening to Robin. Roberts newscaster and she was walking through approach to being an authentic communicator in her relationship between listening and exploring and how she goes about it, and it's no doubt that at the center of her approaches, vulnerability, and then being able to listen deeply words into conceptualize it, and then to explore further with other people is awesome I think you'll really enjoy it so whether you're interested in writing or business or conversations or cooking or sports. You know there's a masterclass there for you. And the classes they're shot beautifully. Their instructor Rosser is stacked. Folks like Bob. Iger Ron Howard Serena Williams Frank Gehry, Jimmy Chin Howard Schultz Verner Herzog one of my favorites in the I mean literally it stacked and as a finding Masri listener you get fifteen percent off the annual access pass that includes unlimited access to every masterclass, so go to masterclass dot com slash finding mastery. That's masterclass dot com slash finding mastery for fifteen percent of the annual all access pass. Now. Let's jump right back into this conversation. Are you an introverted or extroverted processor? ooh! I've talked to a sports psychologist before I told him I was an introvert nine not. As. Ball it's being able to to do both gain, energy and clarity both ways. That's exactly right. That's what that's what we as humans want. It's a bit like a light switch. We want to be introverted when it calls Ford and extroverted when it calls it and know how to talk between the two and the idea is like. How do you gather energy best? Is it by processing internally riding listening kind of intimacy intimacy if you will or is it by do gather energy from being around others talking being in the mix, and that's how you think best gather energy, so if you had to say my my true preference is. Really is both for instance during that World Cup I spent a lot of time on in the moments. That I could I would go. Away for a long walk go into like I remember sitting by the lake for an hour. Reading this book about The the history of like existence in that sort of thing and. That! I need that I need alone time I need. Quiet time, but I also do gain a lot from conversation and. Bouncing my thoughts and my feelings, and my opinions off somebody else in having that back and forth because your internal dialogue is always, it's just you and you can. You can kind of add to it by reading in listening and learning, but then at the end of the day. I think that you do have to have some external conversations do journal. At times I journal Yeah I. I get the sense of I would say probably just from our thirty minutes. Here is that you've got a big? You've got more than normal introverted processing more than normal, meaning more than most and so you know which is. In that innovate self. It's a bit rare because most people are extroverted, not because it's a true preference, but because our world in Western culture tends to value that, and so people get kind of nudged into that direction, build that skill, but it might not be the true preference. Okay enough of that you. Burn it. Did you ask him which one of my? Yet when I first exam in this part of my life I was like Oh extroverted. And, then as I double click triple, click thought more about it. I'm much more introverted than I would have thought. And I prefer deep intimate conversations rather than bouncing around. On the surface from. You? Yes, so it's no, it's not lost that. Were engaging in a format words and intimate. You know as opposed to like autumn something else. That's more extroverted although I don't I don't? I'm not great at journaling. More introverted process. I journaled in the past and it's funny when I was a kid. I was like ooh. I don't want to write these things down because like what if I do? I can listen. I'm so embarrassed or like somebody sees this or that sort of thing you know, so. I think that unlike Google doc is probably the best options because it's. because. That's not being monitored at all. Oh there when I was a kid I, there were so many times that you just were. You felt so passionately about something you're. You're so wound up about something and then. You think I mean even now. You look back six months later that that was just A. That wasn't that wasn't that shouldn't have been stressful moment so I think that I've I've I sometimes steer away from it, but I have found actually journaled a lot I journal lot during major tournaments because it is. Important I find the same. During events I want to understand and cataloging Organiz and makes sense. Yeah, and archives in a cool way to okay so. What is your heart want? Oh Gosh does my heart want? I. Think my heart wants or my heart wants. People to feel loved people to feel accepted people to be open, minded And for me to be a person that helps to create that type of world and society. And people feel valued like them today. Everyone just wants to be loved right. I think that. That's. The most important thing. So, you've taken a nontraditional path for intimacy in love, and can you walk through what that's been like for you as a? This a little bit of a double double loaded question, which is. there's great inequity a fight right now for justice and equality, and it's unnecessary. Fight. And so you've lived those shoes, and so in your also white. And so as a white female that has lived the path of. Marginalization in western culture from an intimate relationship standpoint. How, how is that for you? It's it's. An interesting thing because I feel like I. I don't know how to put it. It's it's not that I don't feel like I'm different I. Don't look at myself and saying things like Oh. I'm super different from anyone else because I have. Felt so accepted and. I don't I. Don't know. I don't see myself as like. You say nontraditional on it and it is. Being dating a female but I. I guess I I don't know I've gotten to a place where I don't. Worry about that. Maybe I don't know. So so there's freedom it sounds like there's some freedom in there, but also I you know. As I was asking the question right after right when I got done with the question I said I wonder if my question was offensive. because. It's not meant to be you know, and I wondered if if I tripped into something that you. That got you triggered around the conversations while? No it's that I didn't find it offensive I. Don't talk about my personal relationship. That much I mean in in out of respect for my partner who is in the public eye so and I think that that actually is what's difficult is that people think that I'm not like comfortable or Super, love or or proud of who I am because I am and I'm like. And I'm really thankful that I've come to that place, but. Like. I said I don't talk about it a lot because of. Protecting her. and. So I guess I haven't. I. Don't I don't find your question offensive. But I don't know. Yet no I think you're super clear. Yeah, it's just a part I don't talk about much, but I really love who I am. And I'm in love. And how do you relate as the the white woman piece to being? Alive right now in A. One radical time in history, and to a really important time you know like like how how is it to be a white woman right now? Well! It's interesting because. I feel like I've learned so much just in the past couple of weeks and That has been so enlightening and I'm so thankful obviously how we got to this moment in time is. Her thick. But the fact that and I'm and I'm hopeful that the fact that I have had. Such, Like lightning experience in an awakening and this this realization of our sisters. This still impact so many people and so many people like. Were numb or just didn't are are not aware. That's where thing are just like Oh this is in the past. It's not this is real in. This is scary and this is. Something that has to change So for me as a white person, that's what I've been. Kind of sorting through trying to educate trying to listen trying to understand and then. Twofold, so there's. But then I'm a female and I've been fighting gender. For gender equality for years now and so. I think that I I don't want to have a unique perspective on like what the black community is going through I don't i. don't want that to. Sound insensitive. I have I have a perspective on. Inequality that. I wouldn't have if I wasn't in the position that I am with the national team and being female athlete. In its in it's made me realize like. Systemic sexism is real, therefore like like I know systemic racism Israel, because I've had that experience in a lot of people like. Oh, no, you know they they don't. Maybe. They don't see from my perspective on. The world that I live in an I don't see from. Certain People's perspective of the world that they live however because I live in a place where I have had to fight for quality. I feel it again. I said uniquely have perspective I. I feel like I can be empathetic and I understand I in. It gives me an understanding of like this is so important, and I will never understand how you feel, but I understand that you are feeling something and like this is worth fighting for. Okay so. I wanted to do two things I WANNA get connected to your ancestry. WanNa know. who were the ancestors maybe I? Don't know, but who were the ancestors. Because let me hold on. Let me pause. You're really unique person there's. Is An early I knew you're gonNA. Say That, but but like. You hold a unique position in the Zeitgeist of human potential for sure but. where. What are the influences the ancestral influences whether you know these people are not that occupy space for you. Well, I'm primarily British and Irish according to I think it was either ancestry, or there's another one I think ancestry But then you know have a smattering across of from from Europe. Really my my. Both my parents super athletic. They came from very athletic. Backgrounds. My. MOM's mom grew up in the coal mines in West Virginia had I think they had. There's eight of them. They for them it was education was super important. That's what my mother's grandmother impressed upon them. Eat like the way you get out of. This is education And then I'm a middle child I. Don't know if that's part of it do yet. No, that's all. That's all for short, contextual and then. How about the folks that are no longer with us like the the the people you carry with you that whether they are thought leaders, spiritual leader, political leaders like who is if there was a lineage of how you think and how you feel who is influenced that for you at is actually part of my ancestry. Maybe maybe not like there's a you know how you know how there's like a coaching tree. And maybe your coach buy them but their coach was may be influenced by a second degree coach, and somehow you're connected to them. You know I'm I'm thinking more like. and I don't want to kind of drive down the lane, but who are thought leaders spiritual leaders. Dead or alive that have influenced you and because ancestries a big deal for eastern thinking. A, little bigger than Western thinking, and so I just WANNA. I want to open that up a little bit to see kind of where that. Pass generation influences your current way of life. I think for me. It's been. Female athletes in the the trails that they have blazed. I looked up to the ninety-niners big time and I watched what they were doing and I wanted. To to to do that and to be that These aren't political or spiritual or thought leaders, but in my mind, their sports is culture so for instance Idaho for the first time. My recollection of I watching the Olympics is in ninety six. The gymnastics team Kerri, strug And hurt her ankle and push through, and she landed and she won, and so it was just. Though that was my first instance of seeing females on the TV representing the country. Doing Sport and then the ninety nine is happening so I think those influenced me as a kid. Be Like to do that one day like I remember watching the Olympics in thinking. All. I'll be in the Olympics and I. Didn't I didn't at that point to note before soccer? I just thought that would be. There for something, so I think that. Even though there weren't a female. Than didn't get a lot of. Visibility or recognition when I saw it, I connected to that, and that impacted me in a big way. Okay, let's take a quick break here to talk about. Miro and you know one of the things I miss. From being in an office is whiteboards. I'm a visual thinker and I like to think about systems where I can see it in front of me. And, then I can drill down. Drill down like that's kind of how I use a whiteboard. And they're solving it. So working remotely you know it's got its benefits. 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If we open it up and zoom right into a moment on the world stage Olympics or World Cup. That was memorable and I'd love to go inside that experience with you and understand. What was that like for you? If you pick a moment with zoom into it? What is the moment that comes to mind is it doesn't have to be a good moment or it can be it can. Go anywhere. You want yet for sure. I would assume in to. Two Thousand Eleven World Cup and Like I said I. was brought in last minute as you know A. An Alternate But then was added to the roster because Lindsay. Tarpley got hurt and PIA. The coach at the time said. You're not gonNA apply like you're here for practice here to be. A, cheerleader and I said you got it I can be that person. And then this was happening like in the locker room was this. This is probably the hotel in a meeting before we left for for the cup and. So kind of have assumption of this is how my tournaments GONNA go. This is what I'm GonNa be I'M NOT GONNA. Say the field this woman to use for, and it's our third game in. The group stage or playing Sweden or already through to the next round but we want. We want to beat Sweden so that. We can win our group and come out top seed and we. Were losing I think two zero. Maybe it was one zero. Fifteen minutes left Don Scott. Who is our sports? Scientists conditioning coach at the time. Walked down the bench, her job was to tell people who is going in to go up and she gets to me and she tells me to go warm up and I just looking around. Thinking you, you're not talking to me like you're definitely you messed up. You need to go check. Make sure you have the right player. Different memo. Not Part of the game plan. I go up the whole time. I feel like my pass out to the center we. What's the passing part because I'm so nervous? What were you saying to yourself? I'm not excited I'm nervous. and. What was that dialogue like? Holy Shit, don't pass out before you go into a game. That would be really embarrassing. You're fighting like your funds such lightheadedness that you really were saying. Keep my stuff together here. Don't pass out, yes, I. Way Line about two sub in my heart was through the roof, I could barely breathe and I was like. Just make sure that the circle doesn't closing and you pass it like the cameras going to be on your your subbing into a game. If you collapse right here, that would be really bad. That was going through my head before I went into the game. What was happening that it was such a big moment for you that your heart was pounding out of your. Chest as if it was a threat like a massive threat. There's the framing certainly a fighter flight feeling. It was because I wasn't I wasn't prepared. had only probably had seven or eight caps, which are appearances with the national team and I. It was a high stakes game. Obviously, the team was you feel the stress because we were losing and I was being asked to to go. Help I was like I'm not the person that needs to going out there to help and Yeah so it was just it was purely based on inexperience, and not being ready, and I went to the game. I played the worst fifteen minutes of probably my professional career. I don't pass out, just remember. Yelling Krieger was playing Alec Rigorous Flying I. Think Right back and I was going in as a right mid, so I remember saying giving her some instructions explaining what they wanted us to do so is trying to stay. With it and I. Tried to do as best they could like. I. Said did not do well. We'll cut you through it. I, didn't it didn't I didn't get through it like it was very very bad. I played very. I looked very much out of my element but I think once you to the game. You just start going and. You can't pass out because when you when you're standing there. Waiting to go in I had the potential to pass out, because I was locked up, but once start moving. Yes, I was still nervous. Yes, I was completely out of my element but And felt very overwhelmed, but I just kept going Then after the game I, Dope in control because I, get a picked to have to be drug tested. And teammates. It's down, says she was like what's wrong. I said that was the biggest epic fail of my life, and she just starts laughing, and we have this lighthearted moment, and I just looked at him like it's not funny. This this my career could be over after this and. Go through the drug testing, and we're about to leave and walk out. The door to the right were steps to go up to the field. If you go, you would go to the Vanderbilt Hotel and I. When we left said Hey, can I take a second? I walked up the steps and stood at the top steps on the field. The stadium was empty is quiet. The lights were off in. It was just the soccer field in an I took a moment and. Just. Talk to myself and basically said this is a soccer field. What you? You know how to play soccer even doing it since you're for. Doesn't matter. The stage doesn't matter who's in the stands. How many people are watching on TV? WHAT THE STAKES ARE! It's soccer game and you know how to play soccer, so don't doubt that. and. Filed that away the in the. Memory, bank, then. Went from there and I feel like I learned a very big lesson that day. That is what it agreement with yourself as about. True rate is in the agreement is put my language. You know how to do this. Don't ever turn your back on your history. Like, don't ever abandon your experiences because that's what you did. You abandon your experiences because there was lots of people watching because it was high stakes. Yeah, perceived right like that's A. It's a total relative terms stakes. It's a right, so you perceived to be a defining moment. And I'm not sure I know what the finding moments are and I hear ESPN. Talk about it and Fox sports I hear them talk about defining game defining play defining moment and I'm just calling bs on it like. And one of the things I think. I I would imagine you might agree with that. I don't know I. DON'T WANNA walk you down a path, but A called one of our mutual friends Paul Windsor the under Armor Global Director for high performance as said. WHO's Kelly to? and. He said resilient. That's nice. And that cool and so This is a moment of all the of all the places you have taken this conversation. You went to a moment that called upon resiliency. And so if you were to walk through the mechanics of being resilient because you've had you've had injuries. You've battled through. You know you've had difficult challenging moments. What goes into being at will first of all before we go what goes into it? How do you think about being resilient? Well just to go back on new saying you ask for moment I took you to a moment that had to be resilient and and I asked. Can It be good? Does it need to be good or can it be bad for me I think that? I know that the toughest hardest. Most trying moments are the ones that are the most impactful like you don't. Iron sharpens iron. You don't get to become the best, or you don't get to a level of success without having to go through obstacles and figure out a way to to respond to failure, because like that's just part of life and. It's so and I think that goes back to resiliency. It's how it's not resiliency isn't I'm not I'm not gonNA. Mess Up. I'M GONNA? Try to be perfect. It's I'M GONNA. Come up against obstacles, failures hard times, and it's not those things it's how I respond to those things that create I I am. So is resiliency for you the framing or like okay I. WanNa figure some stuff out so to me to walk that path. There's GonNa be. Alligator pits that haven't been explored yet. There's going to be cliffs that are kind of falling apart on the edges of the path and I need to navigate that framing like I want to go into those places, challenges and setbacks or whatever. Or is it more about and or is it more about the skills that you use to navigate? The footing underneath view the side of the cliff falling. Falling apart like is it more skill or framing, or how do you think about resiliency in that way? I think resiliency is more the skillset. Courage is the ability to go into a difficult situation and the two go hand in hand. So what are the skills that you use when you're in the midst of something, difficult or challenging? and. We're talking about psychological skills at this point. So I don't know if this is a skill might not seem very. Intellectual, but I have. come to understand that. The phrase this too shall pass is. So. Perfect for anything. At least I've come to find. And it's not dwelling on. The negative it's finding a way. To to control whatever you can't control to change the situation that you're in. That so it's a mouthful. You talk about optimism. You talked about acceptance and you talking about being on time with the moving present moment. So this, too shall pass meeting. The this conversation's going to pass something that's emotionally difficult is gonNA pass joy passes, and each moment unfolds like one front of the other, and if we're not on time with Miss Life. And so this too shall pass so if it's going to pass. it's not about like shedding it. It's like being in it to learn from it whether it's joy or sorrow, absolutely I mean. I feel like we are all presented with. Situations and It's for a reason and it's like what what can I learn from this game from this? How can I? Again. Use this. To make a better future for myself for the world. I, my teammates, you know. I've thought about that a lot lately. That's kind of. So the question me is like in your life when you think about your life, what are you pursuing? I mean. I'm pursuing impact I'm pursuing. I think I'm pursuing impact like I'm in my mind I. I'm in a position. Whether I like it or not that I. A lot of people look up to me. And a lot of people. Are inspired by what I what my teammates do. And in the beginning of my career. People would say that like Oh. You're inspiring like. What you do help so many people in I would I kind of brushed it off and say. I'm just playing soccer. I'm just doing what I love and took me awhile to. Understand that there's a responsibility that comes with it, and it's an. It's true like you are in a position where. You have the ability to impact people. You have the ability ability to inspire people and. For me, it's making sure that. that. Don't let that go to waste and. Think? There's so many different ways that you can. You can use your platform for good, so it's just. It's making sure that. Making. Sure that I do that making sure that I. Impact individuals. Communities Team Society the world. For the better. Sounds like like that's you know your pursuit in your purpose lineup? which is impact for for humanity for for others, but I think I hope that everybody feels that way because the. No. Oh you know you have. A platform because you have large social media following like yes, that's true, but I. Just I wish that more people understood the power that they have as individuals whether they're in the public eye, or they're not that like your interactions on a day-to-day basis in how you choose to live, your life impacts the people around you in. It's a ripple effect like that is. That is the world that we live in and I. I understand that I am a spot that I can do really cool things and really special things, and create a lot of change. All so think that. Everyone should feel that empowerment and. And even if it's just in simple interactions with their friends or their family, or you know their classmates I think that. I wish more people felt that way. Yeah, let's hope You wouldn't know this, but I just released a book and yet so I'm Super Jack about it. It's called compete to create. It it yeah, it's it but I talk about this in there, which is you are the pebble in the pond? Whatever size ponders like? That's different for all people, but you're the pebble in the pond. Here's an idea that I talk about that. I'd like to roll out with you is. So the first ripple is like your first community, your your intimate circle, the second as it goes our other folks. There's an echo. That takes place though that pulls people back. In. It's a fear. It's a fear of what people might be thinking about you. And that echo that reverberation that comes back sometimes stops us at the first or not even maybe the first ripple that we could get to. And, can you talk about how you navigate other people's opinions about you? Yeah I mean I kind of talked about in the beginning how? You're never going to please everyone like it's just. It's just a reality of life. And We actually we had a national team call with. Melinda, Gates and she I helped to To moderate it in asked a couple of questions in in one of my questions. Like how do you? You have the ability of the resources to do so much in the world? How do you stay focused on your mission and she said in. Kind of not drown out, but against a focus and. And she said. That early on. Warren Buffet told her. You're going to have to define your bullseye. And I was like Oh, I wrote it down I got so excited. I was like that's such a. that's such a awesome phrase to find your Bullseye. And that's kind of been. I've I've thinking about that a lot and it's like what is my bulls eye end obviously like. I said I wanNA I WANNA. I WANNA. Leave this world better than I found. It I WANNA. Leave national team better than I found on leave you know. This this life better than I found it a society but it's it's how you do that in like what are your passions and I? Think that you do have to define your bullseye, because there's so many things happening in the world that it's impossible to fix all of them. But if you are mission driven, and you have a bullseye, you can continue to just. Focus on that you can. You can feel like you're having impacting I. Don't I don't know I think that. Sometimes, it's like Oh. Oh, you wanna see the fruits of your labor. You WanNa. See this change, but you might not see for a while and I also think that's important too to remember and that. Change. Isn't isn't necessarily going to happen overnight. But if you are putting the work in, you're putting the time in your in your consciously making an effort to. Do the right thing and continue to focus on your bullseye in head towards that I think it's easier to. Not Worry about the criticism and the critique. I was wondering if you're gonNA, come back around because I like the question about other people's opinions, and what yeah, and then you went right into mission bullseye and I was like I see exactly what you're doing. You just supplant the attentional space that you could allocate your resources to either what people think about you or the mission, and you're saying not on a mission mission mission mission. No, it lit pivot. Adjust like stay the course on it. It's not temporary. Game. In and then you said that's how you do it. So, I was wondering if you're gonNA come back and close it because what you did is. It makes sense. It makes exact sense on how you organize your life. So. Let's go a couple of quick quick hits. I want to honor your time. It all comes down to. Oh. A Staying true to yourself. You like that you said that. You really like that I love your grinned. You're like yeah, that's it because I think. Like so many people want you to be so many things and to do it the way they want you to do it. Especially in the position that I'm in but at. You have to respect the fact that I am who I am and I'm going to do it the way I'm GonNa, do it in. That is moving to myself and I would hope that. Everyone would be happy for that would applaud that because I think if everyone stays true themselves like. That's. You, don't you don't want somebody being someone else yourself. There's only. There's only that is authenticity. Stay true to yourself but to do that. You've gotTa Know Yourself. and. Then you've got another core principles that are going to help guide you, and then I think you need mental skills to be able to navigate the deep waters, the dark territories, and it's eight I have it all figured out I. Know I don't know no right where the yeah that's. That would be a joke. This conversation, we'll probably ended at minute three got all the answers. Okay so success is. ooh! How do I define success? There's a there's a simple way to do it, and that's the wins and losses column. And then there's A. There's a life way to do it, and that's like How Am I. Internally in in? How am I? Again, creating change impacting for the better making making the people around me better, which will then ripple to the to everything else. And then the key to success for us. Or achey. Key to success for me is not taking life too seriously. Enjoying the journey and Laughing and smiling like I'm a pretty happy person I think that's it. You gotta you gotTa. GotTa be able to. Find the bright spots an life so. have. You done that in this conversation. I mean have we laughed I laughed no I I. Have you have to like, does it? Does this feel like this? Is this what it looks like Kelly's not taking yourself too seriously. I'm definitely taking myself seriously because I think that this is a serious, you know a lot of what we talked about as a serious serious. but I think with me, so it's a balance. It's like I I like to smile I. Like to be happy, and but that doesn't. That doesn't mean that there's not going to be the hard conversations like ooh. How do I explain this or you know the friction of internal feelings or external feelings, but Maybe I guess a little bit. Yeah. I think that this insight holds true for me like if you don't have joy, peace and. Happiness. You really don't have much to offer nobody. Oh true, it's so true! The intellect will not get us there, no it. I love that you said that I agree i. think that some Serbia because I can try to be intellectuals possible, but at the end of the day. It's like this. It's A. Life is about relationships, community, and and joy like joys very different than happiness, though and I think that that joy is what. Drives me I feel like I'm a very joyful individual and I'm thankful that I able to do that because I. Know that that's not. Sometimes possible for a lot of people joyous joy so important in life. What is a word that comes up right now as a word that you're totally keyed into, call it a favorite word whatever, but it's just a word that comes up. You're like is a good word for me. I like this word right now right now. It's action. Because I feel like. Like. We've talked about so much happening in the world right now so important and it's it's nothing the it nothing changes without action. We can talk all we want in talking conversation. Educating listening is beyond is so important. And I'm not discounting that figuring out ways to take actual steps to create change is. In my in my mind, the way that I can be the most useful. Talk about team the beast. Yeah. A kind of. Pairs, perfectly with what we just talked about so. Tame the Beast Grooming Company that I got on board with last. Fall I have zero of time anymore but it was primarily a male focused grooming company they wanted to start to transition more Unisex and me on board to help with that. There are our core values is creating this. One. We want to revolutionize the shower experience. By creating sustainable ECO friendly options and making people rethink about the way that they purchase and stock showers, bathrooms, and that sort of thing And then on top of it, creating products that are high quality and They they're intense in the sense of they make you feel good in your own skin, so a big draw for me was the sustainability focused the eco-friendly direction that they were taking the company. I studied science technology and society in school with a focus in environmental engineering, so sustainability has always been really important to me, but this was an opportunity to actually. Be Part of. Creating the future I wanNA see in. which is like making decisions based on? Sustainability. Profoundly, products. That's thanks, so it's. Been Awesome and then on top of it, it's the Unisex part which is that in a grooming space. You have a dream beauty. You have sometimes you know. It's one of product is specifically marketed to women. Product specifically marketed to two men and. In working with team, the beast I've come to understand that like. You might have the same almost the exact same product, but the female marketed product is up charged up priced. You Know Multiple X. Amount and it's just another instance of like. It's they call the pink tax base basically And so. I was like I. Care about making products that are quality that that people want to use they work and not. Charging two hundred dollars for face lotion, that's actually five dollars. It costs five dollars to me. You know like I've been part of the art research development process where I'll send the products that I, that I've liked in the past, and and they get you know they kind of break it down and look into them and This is the ingredient profile in. and. It's actually five dollars. I'm like well. I'm an idiot for buying that. Go Look. Awesome, okay in tame the beast dot. COM is that right? Yeah, yeah, it's got a great vibe to a lot of energy behind. The brand tone to it. Okay so working people follow you. Where can they be part of your life pursuit in mission? Where do you WanNa? Send them. You can follow me on Instagram at Kelli O'Hara. They can follow me on twitter. I don't think I've been on twitter and I I. Think I deleted twitter during covid was just like it's too much I don't need to be reading this every day. so I haven't been on twitter for a bit but Mike back on eventually I am starting. podcast hosting podcasts for just women's Sports, which is a digital first media company that is just woman covering just women's sports and. Yet going to be hosting podcast that! kind of going to be like a how I built. This tower got here type Vibe, explaining and giving you insight in kind of behind the scenes. Look at how. The biggest names in sports have gone to the level and the success that have and I've started recording without in. It's been really fun. I am a little bit out of my element, but I like a good challenge, and I've really enjoyed the conversations and become even more of a fan from it, so I'm hoping. It'll be. That'd be great it's. Is it up now? I'm all the players be launching I. THINK WE'RE GONNA. Probably launch early July. Okay? Okay thank you, we great conversation. Yeah, thanks for having me on. My pleasure, okay, so all the best year, so INSTAGRAM podcast and Tame the beast. Again.

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Episode 96: Instant Nut Regret

Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour

1:17:14 hr | 1 year ago

Episode 96: Instant Nut Regret

"Gauloise gallison non binary pals welcome to episode ninety six of stacy's abc's pop culture paula. We're crawling ever-closer episode one hundred eighty sunny tycoon me seven years but who cares anyway on this delightful episode. The poem signed deloitte <unk> know that he's going to be good for the hasn't started yet. It could be but i'd like to think not because i'm great guest co host. This month is also great smoke. Look good friend. Molly molly hindsight <unk> ninety six is that like the evil version of sixty nine night where <unk> the back of your heads in almost bum show good style. Ah you're welcome. You're welcome sighing. Mac listeners wait no these dulcet tones as the voice of social media moi from not one but two life podcasts woke one and a half last. That's nice mood too fat to be fair to you. Do keep revenue <unk> before you. You probably asleep for three. I was it's not it's not like you had a good night's rest and came days and was like oh. He goes still acted what we would but you did. You did me the shia panic. When democra- phones went down where i was trying to get new molly whilst also telling social media george what was happening so he could tweet a bed. Yeah it's fine. It's fine now. He's in the past. We didn't have to worry about it. We don't have to think about eh. It's fine. It's fine to help <unk> help you with this. <hes> i brought some <unk>. Asthma like sounds foyer. See if you recognize this all such an adorable span ally like that will might zero since two any day except vague rich at filling cain. Everyone else will be like was that peaks <unk>. Did mike mike those no ise has what's happening. Okay okay hi everyone <hes> last week i went to visit stacey and the boys and <hes> i have a collection of tapped the generally light to bring with me <hes> one of which is a squeezing pig which he squeeze and it makes the sound the suit that he is. I mean when you look at it. It's not because it looks like a terrifying playing yeah yeah. Just just it looks wrong. It looks from the you know you listen to them. <hes> <hes> is that cell phone yard ruinous with the question is all you in the vicinity of the notebook well. Let's just say hang on i'm trying to i alike pineapples on my pizza. I don look what did you notice if you will regret oh the note button and non starsoap excellent. Oh gold officially. Did we sam go. The statement was that was that was certainly noises. I'm michael hello. Do you wanna talk some coccia. Oh go on then yucca thing of bananas to thing. I've done a few coat tree bit that some bulbs have you seen the new series ov- sheron just watched the finale like erica hawgood. Was that good. That was good timing. I hadn't even intended to watch it. I just put it out. 'cause rich using the bath almost like i've got to watch <music> gone so we should probably sigh up top spoilers fillet pretty much everything so we're going to spoil it. Sorry yeah go on. What did you feel about the new series i love to i am i feel like the animation is a note that great it. That's fine. I love the all-star of a love the the different body types that use in the show and <hes> sorry about aesthetics 'cause i used to comment today and yeah i just get really inspired by different designs of characters and things in shapes and stuff so i love at sole thing but the story on my god it was so good i loved it. I loved nights sets and characters so cutting back against the clans and character to solve try to solve ooh with john mosley barbarian women in the desert. Oh my god could we just talk fucking gena davis being all amazing <unk> loot. It was bloody. Well jana divy. I love the adora when she saw her. She was just so sparkling yeah. She's just everyone on sunday on that. Show i love you not now. I am more cherries squeaky thing in the history of <unk> non white sherry squeak here. It's it's like demons. 'cause i leaned back. <unk> does as little crack and it goes back with very suddenly so yeah i i can't relax on it. Which is a comfortable thing in the world yeah. It's it's evil. Just trump's may but yeah shiro yashiro yet. I don't know if i agree with you about the automation so i think it's quite good. Although of we'll be honest inside daunting as good as it was in series warm and i don't i don't know why that is that even if he's just mile of mccoy's dumped on me but i totally agree with you on the the actual aesthetic vettix evict the colors of really really beautiful the backgrounds are absolutely stunning and siamese you alike episodes of things where paper of varying shapes and sizes <unk> kacem august. What about the wildes go with me. I'll always watch the christmas episode of hey managerial last christmas and i was very much struck by the fact that every single light character and not have the exact same embody model and face and mostly just had different hair eight fatal so he is really nice to have a show. She showed this just as awesome as the original but also has like a lot more variety and adopt one assigned realism because that sounds stupid because it's the universe weather's a tolkien flying holes boot is believable. I think that's probably the word go to say as well. I i had forgotten just how terrifying with twins voice was in the old russia and i am very much pro. New swift wins voice. Thank you very much. Casting <unk> doesn't sound like a nightmare holes gonna eat wall space view unsound and so utterly terrifying so could he do an impression just so i have no idea the old one sounded mark squad <unk>. He's gonna of metal ivory joe face atten. That's probably actually a noisy version. Version was probably quite kicked. Rain could patterson <unk> on. I don't know why i was terrified to be caged. Which is the dow. I would be terrified. <unk> unscathed of everything ams rainbow who cooperating outfits. It's like oh god night. If you go to cy i am not a fan of making glimmer and also elsa fucking hall. She'll died back was a that it's an ostrich <unk> a bit and <hes> this clients you have facial head of mike goodness is very dishing and end and must just lie you now. I'm going to die for that facial have so she she saved the world and it was it was heartbreaking breaking. It was just yeah. I wasn't really expecting it because carnoustie previous episodes didn't really grab me at wanted but i think just because it was a genuinely heroic thing and there was no soul like on the bottom yeah. It just really got me signed. I was watching. It was thinking like i get why they did it because of khan of shero then a guess as they end and book. I did feel like the speech. She gave a bit house. She's kind of quaint will end them. An husband was who is the brian warnin. She just used to stay at home. Unlike the castle also think the that's a good thing when you're the only parent to acute with magical palace and maybe you shouldn't throw yourself into fame of terrifying lawton paloma soul that will actually from eastern forever like just seems like a bit of a mistake and i don't technically isn't good <unk> mcqueen. Now i feel that's not gonna go damn well. He had yet that's very. I didn't even think like you just saw the episode a few hours ago. Ago is still so sitting man yeah yeah. How's that gonna. That's gonna be interesting for the next series. It will very much walson expecting those levels of emotions from the season was prepared for this. I mean it was kind of watching it low playing mario maker at the same time so it was entirely invested but by the end i just stopped playing. I was just so so as to what was going to happen next. You not playing maria mica playing mary my corona. I'm playing with my pig. I'm so glad you said paik. What how do you know that's. That's not the noise. It makes i'm sorry go to talk to him. I think if you pay wait to definitely something wrong that the best gatien that's just it'll pay us life role the takeaways ding dongs <unk> thing. Don't listen if you have a dog in its listening assuming maybe check for is enormous well. Maybe you will not entirely sure. What a ding dong evening if you put it on the cutler comes in chances are that's <unk> anyway. I'm sorry yeah emotional as much the show that was too much. We got sidetracked <unk>. He soon rights other <unk> things have you seen the new invader zim and so the for us account kite no annual no alleged to spoil roy's <unk> 'cause i will do kin- ding dong okay i will i will say one thing. I started watching raucous morton knife than you when they came out and i could not get into it. It was like it was just so much information going hang on. I couldn't process it. <hes> invader zim was such a huge relief from the story was so mad characters was stoop and it was just a lot of fun. Oh that's good tonight you can follow. Mr vasquez on instagram hayes been posted within a load really stupid like interviews with characters from that he's just dude. Just all sorts of alison show that he's making up a bit on the scenes things truly already finished but almost a little bit concerned because it feels like yet. It's been a long time back and is it signed voice cast stores at different folks. I think it's the same i mean i'll be honest. I haven't watched the original series in a long line and i think that may be having that disconnect. Properly is an advantage because because one of the things on my list of of pop culture things to say was lion king film yeah yeah ah i felt the thing is i'd never seen the lion king until recently the original film went on. I was on a flight and it was on the aeroplanes dislike. I'll give it a good <hes>. I love it and then also the lion king c._g._i. Film and i thought the c._g._i. Was incredible but it was us just exactly the same and i just found that really disappointing. It felt like if there had been a bit more distance between me seeing the original seeing this appropriate with lloyd's only always still haven't seen it because a lot of people have told me that it's a solid from a couple of additional scenes and i think he's literally like a handful of extra minutes. It's not any dramatic <hes> that he's almost shot for shot the animated movie which formerly bizarre his then all the story board artist for the originally began in any credits on this so like royalties <unk> because surely that movie doesn't require any real direction. If if it's fixable kiwis i think is different enough in that sense. The story is the same of i've added a few carrots. It says <unk> united. I've caught a few bits. How the <hes> i think if you will see the lion king just go and see it for the aesthetics 'cause it looks stunning and while i wasn't a fan of the film at us or max just to see sign much talent is just mav was into the visual effects of say all all. I don't know how failed that always live action versions of disney movies because all we think that i am of the age where a lot of those movies will come in when i was young enough to be all about them. A latin was it still is my favorite every disney movie but i'll be honest. I haven't watched it in court number vis <hes> so maybe it's not maybe dreadful so got my arraigning connection to watch these because i already already seen them at all. I don't feel like nothing about any of the light. <unk> casting on doctors that have been attached forever has made me think of this will actually be better than the animated one yes off just not bullet it exactly with you. <hes> i have no intention of seeing ads in until jesse hall says he wanted to see it because he loved the animation anyone it see this film and when i watched i actually really enjoyed it. I was really surprised actually at how much <unk> <unk> because there is that disconnect between <unk> so the original winnow syllabus. I felt like jasmine just was a better character in the live action one instead of just being this passive person who's just i always she actually wanted to be so <hes> solitaire yeah so she actually wanted that role when she was invested in the politics of the area and she was invested in the people in the area and i just found that a really interesting dynamic and she was just she was just much more dynamic in that film is yeah. Arthaud was the best of it for me. Yeah i do agree in the original one as much as say that is like my favorite disney movie and it's dreadful about women because i'm actually not sure that another woman in is every <unk> has aching <unk> like if i remember him. Roy tarpley just has a couple of handmaidens but i don't think i ever actually talk. I think she has won a new move in she does talk which is cokie. Oh good all women how roles related to speak so yeah i can see. I can see her. That would be better. I think the thing for me is always but was really liked. They got a toddler who is really bad but the guy who did the voice of latin in in the animated one because a <music> now. That's the genie while oh okay. I'll let you off rubbing been latin that would have been a howled effort movie and i kind of want to say the point like some hair manages to just like exude charm mike through through just voice performance is really wonderful and i think the the guy from the train is the uh well. The guy that got playing in the live action movies is like oh yeah. He's a and looking against. He's very difficult to say. He's name is scots wanka. Oh oh we can't is that does that sound bites cy scott weiner hi scott wayne from i'm sorry your name wrong. Sorry we keep calling you ena the idea that's only going backwards to your point about rocco's as much life and invited him all also watch rockers modern life and always thought he was really good booked. Not for rocco's modern life related reasons so that's going to sign. That only doesn't think he was as good as rockers used to be. It's not it's not like keep walls. It's not exactly like it was back. Then which i think probably rustled a few feathers because i think a lot of paper <unk> to a new feet to link episode of it unlike all the characters a an assignment they're fine but he's very much a story about heavy. People need to like accept change not behave so <hes> entitled to properties all like you said it's actually you would not expect every boot sort of show something table books. I guess he's not coming back but you wouldn't expect something like this today a whole <unk> people in the fuck obey reboots and and in a beloved properties and stuff and handle this call lovely story by transferring <unk> which was really unexpected wasn't isn't that a show like a will abandon. Caroline won't know who's gonna into quantitatively story a father <unk> fool israeli wonderful some yeah it was it was really interesting to me because like wall street definitely have the flavor of workers. It was likening tony from base that he was still good in different. Why any talk since whereas i think we invited him all fill ugly just want that to be batch. It is it because it's always been batch. Jay <unk> have seen show for awhile but have have been reading the comics the comics leuze abi by would not have a voice actors who some one of the best things about invited his infamy ease the voice acting performances because like will they're also will bat shit. It's impossible to replicate in your brian. When you try to head zim deliver anything uh-huh so yeah i i'm looking forward to that because i feel like if it's if anything even anything like anywhere near what the cartoon used to be like all be chipped oft falling off my change in dance. I'm not going to dance in this chatterjee's to squeak. I think with enough things that come back. I find the i enjoy what the expectations so. I probably shouldn't but i did like it now. Wait to eat me. Which has we've been discussing this failure racing in like sometimes like for example. I went to say hobson joel with rich recently and bearing in mind. I haven't seen all the fast and furious received any of the one i have seen. I think that okay there. There's too much calls for me. I'm not interested in 'cause <hes> too. Many call tracy's icies too many. We can't just have another normal cautious. Let's do something weird <unk>. Put on always guess coney things so it was actually i like going into hope sensual. This'll be fine. It will be an action movie only really fucking ended up enjoying it because i didn't expect anything from comey <unk>. They're all coach is he's obviously 'cause. It's fast furious spinoff but there's less of it. She's good and you know. The rock is handsome man amar <unk> handsome man. He's not in a bunch but he's still larry still handsome wear two pair of glasses. Just looking over jason stidham is ridiculous but levine the east so crap but also some who great talk. I don't know how we do. Slough coins wonderful at our diary fucking enjoyed it whereas there's been other things where i've been like so hope fifty nine and then i've seen it and i'm like okay so we'll we'll see cold food us tonight i do. I think we suffered the same fight that get to me in the watch. The well after everybody else was watching it. The peak of everybody being like this is the best movie ever find insane jordan paoli awards the sheriff sheriff with so many woods that he'd always during avalanche awards solo expectancy fucking topnotch level moines in stuff. I watched us athlete is get off. Guinea like like yeah like it's phil well. It's a good idea and only anticipated skit. See i yeah sorry i'm in the in the camp of the people that love to <hes> one of the reasons why i love to he'd just managed to get the family dynamic spots on you know i the empathized with each and every one of those characters and that's really grab and especially with kids. I mean you said in <unk> taxes. We have have to be very <unk> if they take out the film that's it. They've ruined the film. Really it's a i just felt like they were exceptional in it. I love that film in in the cinema because at loser have anything they must be all although i've also got this sous. That's what i did was just ends yeah so <music>. That sounds wrong. I don i mean i- <unk> anyway yeah but i really enjoyed it and the thing with helps ensure is i did like mike <unk> felt like the chemistry between the two leads just wasn't really for me wasn't buying it all i i can see that the problem with with this particular film a wanted to take them from note to doi for each of the best powell's movie and it's not it's not believable when they started the movie literally one in each of the dead like trying to murder each the recent chairs and title and he's like you don't go from that to like but he's my family brought a no fuss to the furious movies are all bit families the families that already blood but they're still family because how many families and we'll have you back and fight family as a guy or very much in jewish that home the heck ifan year and brandin a waitress alba's also handsome man. I'm not that shallow. Usually of course i but these may be <unk> chocolate. We've taught saying what can i what current <unk> in a nice n._f._l. Indicate the burden. It was hit so did she did. She just constantly look quite surprised. She just horizon roy's wides and blue <unk> on some of us. I have not noticed that addicted yoshi. Watch the film again on all kepa. Keep a big google <unk>. What was i gonna say that we're talking about. Child actors momentarily have the fucking looking queen of segues from. I wanna talk to you about strange things yes you do. Have you seen the mall. I have have your tie so let me get my world's biggest negative of the why i fook that never ending story rendition addition just fuck it fuck royds and the bump hotline height so much and he is worried because a lot of people keep saying to me all beats adorable in its lincoln in and they were both really good perform adult care k. If those kids with the world's best fucking singers scientifically proven roy because because he is the thing it went on too long. It kills all of the suspense in the whole sequence. It might may hate that girlfriend what a precocious che's creek a hope she always in the next series really really horribly and also that's why did if i'd have got that code it faster because of that little shit bitch that he'd be alive and eleven would be doing across moving away like she the other powers and she just ruins everything. She didn't stupid bitch anyway. It didn't just like nothing has annoyed me more in any show any. It seems really bizarre to me that i would spend like a full. It felt like an hour but i'm sure it was three three and a half minutes singing in toya song. Did you need to fill that much toing colleen couldn't we've shown symbol monsters like simple fighting awesome stuff. That's actually interesting doesn't make me wanna kill people up inside mad at a piece of t._v. Mind main reaches look today to their web. I thought what is this woman wants to now. It wasn't the best way to end series for me. 'cause that does sound like pretty much won't aside from that. I thought it was well n._s. Series take all my godson much it. It was dynamic constantly going away attention at constantly wondering what's going to happen next and when the thing did happen xhosas was gonna just sit and it was just i i loved it. I just they did such a good job and i love the scoops. A hallway walnut is unloaded much. I loved it when they call. Kidnaps <unk> drugged. I loved it when they escaped and they were high and dustin was the dad god i loved wednesday confessed his love and she confessed that she was a. I'm not not sure how realistic those to be honest from the time the <hes> it was i think it that socially is social that gives people what they need rather than accuracy starkly accurate. Yeah thought it was great. The will say about other than the never ending story thing is a doctor whether the this is on me having watched hannibal rising shortly before we started what she's trying to strike but i didn't look like they redeeming ox ability and and i'll tell you for why because i don't think we need to be giving every villain sympathetic backstory as to suggest test that every person who is a dick is a dick for breeze and that we should be sympathetic of them even though like literally the season before he was beating the shooter redundancy star <unk> off the road and generally being also a digitally hawk aside from that in the sense that like kim bain sort of semi possessed by the scary shadow thingy thing. I don't want those things that horrible all the sounds they would make when there was launch almost floor. It was exploded. <hes> tom green but yet i wasn't. I wasn't came on the <unk>. Everybody feel sorry for for belly because actually l. feel sorry for his sister. Whose name is escaping me right now. Somebody always a nine. Oh god max max say go here. Yellow fulfill worse worse for her because she's now lost braga and also her best friend is moving away. She's just like grief piff feel slightly sorry for her but yet overall thought it was absolutely great. All i want that fucking room. Pursued eleven has when she goes shopping. It is false <unk> these fucking. I don't know if they do it more slowly but if i do find it i'm going to have it. The you find another one that would fit a six foot two dude than we can do doubles well. I mean it's hard enough to find sources close for short ladies. Tell me my <unk> own ever yet. No thought it was really good because the problem i had receivers is the only felt like it was more of a trailer for series three than it was a series nissan roy yeah it was building up to one will forget in everything's fucking name the big leggy monster own ooh field but that's the rome show roy. You know old shadow likes mcgahee now now. What is it cold bec- the crump is easy squiggle on join <unk> until rhumba comes on really trying car. It is going to be a small handful of people to share their own phones name and fuck it. Clearly you know where the fuck any of us can roll me up anyway. Yasser series two was just like one big on build up to that thing it was like oh that's that's the end so the series being like a whole situation -tuation was really good. What do you feel about the series. Obey who the american is that the russians have in prison that was part of the post credits thing at the end see of not really looked up any theories just because straight with oh. I was at a a lot of pay for science. I hope it isn't because otherwise this series was really low stikes because really the only person died. Did anyone cares he's building and we shouldn't have him to begin with <hes> with a fool to to care about him because they knew that we're gonna kill him off and i wanted it. They wanted us to have a reaction is an audience at only feel like it. Cheapens obey hopper still alive leave because at at some point with all the stuff that's going on. One of those cases go to die think and if we can the staw getting into situations where we can be dead but not be deidre. I'm gonna stop not caring and not having the emotional reactions to things that should behalf because all <unk> be back the thing is i signed up and while in the back of my head on watching shows and thinking and looking off the kids it's fine every time eleven was in trouble this series. I felt for a really helpful just because she is come soon fall. She's just kind of learn learning to live a regular life and learning to live with friends and having boyfriends and having a overprotective dads you know it was really so sweet thing and anytime she was in any federal rarely fell to <hes> i'm glad you did you feel the site to an extent but i think it was because he moines dot felt like they needed to do a big big kill. He sees asai a day. Feel sorry for people whose names begin me 'cause bobbin billion <unk> people just going everywhere with names the became obey and take on too key. He's still my picture the beauty he was such a cute. I did like the fact that by introducing new things season and by one just things introduced. I used to be dying but it was the whole russian thing came in and it wasn't just like a a <unk> thought in the event of future. Chew season's getting made coordinating. It was actually like note. This is the story retelling name which is good. I'm excited to see where series all coin to hope that the american that's in the prison the s y con oregon anybody's fucking nine gilman character. I remember his real name. Dr remember his name in the show the guy who was acting as a translator for alexi. Oh busy yeah that going gilman. Don't i don't remember i'm sorry boys and the only reason i have like i was holding onto the fact that it might be him because when he and what's chops winona roy dot com remember. Anyone all excited not just when he marauder leaving the what he's like come on. Let's go but then you only ever see her. Actually also i wonder if they got done <unk> now now but that's just me grasping onto the store that help israeli did because i also hopper was dead in series. I'm a horrible person. I think he treated the kids. It's like shake and i think he treated leads wills. Mom would not roy dow whatever i missed joyce <unk>. I'm and i just wasn't kane on any of behaviorally except the the twenty year. Just kill me kiss a to die molecule gone where gone gone more sir. Can you hear me. I can't yet. Can you hear me yes yes. I don't know what happened there for us. Wrapping a shaped the nine joyce like thought to something applying almost the name joyce is the thing that just makes skype break. It's not joyce <unk>. I don't fake <music> hi so i'm scared new. The scallops gonna cry a really hope that preceded wages recall a date is actually recorded. 'cause it was won't have to do a day may have. Did you have any other thoughts on strange strange things three or should we move on. I have a lot of thoughts but i can't remember <hes> just i i i just felt like they were playing it safe with season season two and that didn't work for them but with season three by came up with new ideas and it really paid off so <hes> yeah yeah i i love to me too despite the fact that a lot of the things of talk debate in things that are annoyed may think that goes to show had good to ease that are still oh lifted pod bay winterberg up that much to open that goes into the one sorry michael stasi yesterday message debut since boy camp a new like now i often from what troy did you try. I tried. I actually <hes> started watching it today and i've got the of the the v._o._c. open and yet i got thirty seconds in so i'm really sorry i i kind of forgot forgot to watch the rest of it. I consider low ababba thirty seconds okay well. Here's the big question. Do you mindful talk to you about the very end pleased to do you mind if i spoil the but jesus of this movie from nineteen ninety-three pleased to okay the reason why i wanted to talk about this film is because maim rich have been on a bit of a kika wlac trying to catch up with like classic our franchisees and i'm using the term classic exclusively now because we've gone through all the light begins like the texas chain saws and the turkeys and the ones thirteenth eighteenth and so to me the die of chosen are mixed franchise. It sleep away camp and i was like cool. A dunk heard that is doing what you've been indic- we did a watch of it and up until maybe twin twenty fifteen twenty minutes from the end it was one of those movies a._b._c.'s <unk> great in the sense of the majority of the antony's awful the majority of the whites. It's filmed these awful. It's it's only like anointed. Minute film and there is a lot of fill out for example a good for five to seven minute sequence of some kids just playing softball just regularly emerged as just sophomore guys just full so he never ending in story while playing thankfully not known it was good so so like up until that point i was trying to get these may be ridiculous. There was some really funny kills even though like clearly they didn't have a budget for special effects so a lot of the kills like this thing happened offscreen and you just so my hand the resulting murder i like for example. My absolute favorite murder was a guy sitting on a toilet roya who gets terror roy behove on a stick through the wind eventually gets stung so funny. Oh photos crying. Oh hey right. Here's the reason why we need to talk film because all of a sudden takes a turn and i don't know whether that turn whether i should be offended boy or whether i should think it's great or whether it made the movie shit or whether it might might wonderful so so i need help roy so i don't know the thirty seconds that you saw how much court of the opening like pre credits thing which essentially sets up the rest of the movie so it's like a going into keats in the old kodak boat thing i've been a speech splashy splash on alike and then my all fall in everybody's laughing. I just dropped my pen on the floor. Anybody he noted that nothing lapenne tamala so there wasn't a good old time in a lake aac and then there's some kids who are psychic teens reveals teens who are <hes> water skiing and the two that are doing the driving of that well. I suppose one of them's driving the boat but the two at the front of the boat the ones that are not water skiing and not paying any attention whatsoever to where the fuck that boat is going and so they realize entirely entirely too late that not only if i headed straight for like the shore of the lake but they're also headed for this family having a good speech strategy uh-huh by thuat the dads to death in the head with their am. I also killed one in the two kids. The kids are going to go and then it bit lighter. You say it is ridiculous sequence where the girl is dropped off at her on martha's hair off. Martha is an absolute caricature of a human being. I don't talked about the woman who was doing that. Role was thinking but she was amazingly short so brilliantly bad but yeah so the goal moves in their cut to exit interviews later she and her cousin all going to a summer camp merges on sue and the whole thing in the film is like who who's doing the murders because like you being led to believe that it caught a angela <unk> the logo copy her she's like fourteen in this point copy her because because she's like a weed leading lady person and also she's like shy retiring <unk> to anybody because of all the past trauma of adad gate smush much point <unk> <unk> she still wants to open up to these warm keat but all the other kids who taking the pace of the because she's like a quiet loser are awarded to strike voided at that plus the cook who tries to pay to varna which isn't isn't great but she she well somebody dumps like the massive potboiler moroni's five thirty nine komo but yes she starts woman to this one guy and then they go to have a case on the beach and and she has this flashback to her and her brother when they were like tiddly before all the debts accidentally catching her dad and his <hes> his mile partner canoed blink ago cy. This film is ludicrous. I slash movie because slashing babies are usually chocolates and sex like that was the whole point to freud freud thirteenth in the mris as was running around killing all the key to a disgusting sexy people whereas these because i because they're all supposed to be a fourteen to seventeen years old and be because this movie clearly doesn't want to have to show anything really like the sexiest thing that is boys in short shorts and crop tops so this could noodling is essentially just two blocks lying in a bed together sort of prodding each other the thing is it's actually hilarious and then it cuts to her in her bed with her brother who's just what pointing at her so of eighty phone home soil and i don't know whether that's supposed to employ that because sightseeing that dots canoed ling biden when did incest don't not i'm not sure i think that's what it was trying to say but anyway she freaks runs off from this guy 'cause she's like no. We'll call it to a six runs away to the move. You find a easy in fact on jalen. That's doing all the murders because get these. She's angela's actually peter the braga the boy child. It wasn't the boy that died in the like the start it was the girl when he dropped the boy child off to aren't martha aren't mama's like i always wanted a girl. I'm just putting the dresses made in banja right and so then shot easiest absolutely maniacal face that that the girl who plays angela. I'm had i miss felisa can adjust philoso- that's a real nice fisa so so it's her standing there with mad like a wide open staring off to the one solid an amaz- wide open holding a publicity knife and she's totally naked and she's got a willie not taste and she's making these like animalistic noises is horrible i am i left the movie thinking no because it's a weirdly for its time it's a really progressive movie in the i. It's not chock full of tips everywhere. It's not like you know boobs. Aplenty women are in this movie getting boobs air. It's not what that toll. It's also also pretty cool that they had like a guy dodd scenario going on in this movie in the i._t. But only cone tell whether the movie's trying to aside at the end that having the guy parents and doing the incest with a brother and then being brought up as a girl when she was actually a bully is the reasons that she doesn't a net four like all of those things look bad on horrible. You shouldn't do a guy i mean. You definitely shouldn't do this. The guy all whether is trying to you could read is a sort of protons message in the sense that it signed actually rising rising. Somebody is the gender that they do not identify as is actually really damaging really shouldn't do that and you should actually allow people to explore their identities and be the agenda that they wanna be and i was so confused and then i thought maybe i'm just coming at this from like a twenty nine thousand nine standpoint where everything gotta means something especially when it's it's relating to sexuality jets and then i got confused. I didn't think with our well. Maybe oh not anymore. I think maybe you'll making deeper deeper venit actually walls yes dawn. I'm just not. I feel like a no of just ruined it for you buffalo. You need to watch it so you can understand the absolute chaos. These movie becomes like the last twenty minutes so it's just like hold the phone go to sign that that lingering shots at the end is terrifying because apparently the director like superimposed reimposed stood image of that girls face onto an actual boy's body romley doing locker. Prosthetic pain is something because he wanted to like. He wanted her to have a boy's body so that you could believe that she could murder. I guess i'm pretty sure women commode or if i want the don't not encouraging to saying you know you could be whatever you want but don't bam odor because of that because it's a still image of her lingering wafting ebba the neck of this boy body as noisy and just i don't know i don't know what a donor they don't know what to think about it. At all. With the thing is when i was researching it say research i mean i did a google of uh-huh sequels. I think he has three actually mean which you've watched two and three since okay so we're going to watch for tonight but reach only managed to get a german copied. It didn't have subtitles so what she roy. Instead instead survey is good yeah. The the second movie like the second and third owns just daft because it's just it's just on july a little bit more grown up going into various some accounts in keelan. Anybody's even a bit raunchy. All may not know just get enough ice. It's a that it doesn't really took john any of the <hes> she used to be a boy things or like a sexy guy dads they accorded quote d._j. Or lake her brother potentially having done incest. I really don't know what that daydream of her and her brother on the bed was saying <unk>. Maybe by on that one at any onto no not getting something on tonight while oh you helped <unk> tonight. The fabric may didn't explore in the sequel's just makes me think yeah they they. They wanted to do something for the ending. Yeah something that isn't the known especially at that time and he had just makes me think but maybe maybe nights. I think no something more to it. Yes well. I think what i'm gonna do is. I'm gonna see approach because the thing was. I sort of finish. What you need an was seeing there for a little bit and i thought phil comfortable. Let's let's think about while phil uncomfortable. I'm a fool and i thought what did ease is. The are no transpeople and i'll feel walk. I don't know if i want to cy haya really george this movie because <unk> by offend them but then also if said god is in this movie awful because of excellence ad that i'm actually slice. It's really good represent. You know blah blah aw as always sort of having internal panic abate whether or not should like the movie they happen but so if you're if you're close enough with someone <hes> i find especially with being gay. It's not like when someone says something that they might see as being wrong. I don't really i don't episode pointing them say i i called you out. You did the thing and now it's more so of. I'm quite mckay with having that conversation <hes> depending on the person. I'm quite with having that conversation with them. Just saying this is my point of view of things and <hes> i'm not oh really the best person to about trans things as well of few trans friends and i would i just badly by another surface level and you know as much as anyone else so i i would like to think i'm open to any ideas any anything if i get things wrong light speed toes about it but yeah it's just. I think it's good to have that lupin dialogue with people especially. If you'll all of them it might be interesting to get that perspective but yeah it does sound like a bit of a shocker ending ended to be sean cringing. Yeah i think potentially i am reading too much into i did i did try and have com line afterwards to see what the general consensus was obeyed. The film and unfortunately there isn't really one. They seem to be a lot of people who rely doc on a canton letterbox and have a look at the reviews on their mostly because i actually caught like game reviews from regular people rather than actual film critiques because i think film film critics and looking for things aliko dislike kapika par and i've got preconceived whatever's whereas regular pay that was she yeah and i will tell you why she always versa and yet record a few reviews on there where people say well. I'm trans and i thought excellence ed and yet there were people people from all over the sort of <hes> whether it was a good thing or a bad thing that ending so yeah i think i think what i'm gonna say how awful to beatty is that actually although it was a really good film but because it was bad anyway and perhaps just don't read anything into that ending and just accept it as shocker ending and see hey filippini fair enough fair enough. That's yeah i feel it's we had sometimes when i hear spoilers for things things are just kind of want to watch it. Straight away rita's right way. You know it kind of makes you intrigue. I wanna see that because i wanna see if it matches my immagination or if my imagination is a bit too hasty for that is just gonna be. Should i mean i think i would recommend watching if you i'm joy slasher movies anyway she did because there are actually some really hilarious debts any you don't see an awful lot. I'm never gonna look carlino in the same way ever again. I think the yeah i think i was enjoying the up until the point that i wasn't sure whether it was being weirdo not a shame. Actually i do think the second third ones loans are still good. They're not as enjoyable as the first ones because of a say you know she's the killer from the star and also the hilarious thing about all of these well. It's not so which the first one but the second and third ones in particular she absolutely strike does not care anybody finding a doing a merger on like show. Just throw someone on a fucking barbecue all the q. when other people around the tree nobody nobody's late. Where do i hear screaming. Moderate the stage just have a lot of bizarre deaths is a lot of people getting hit with a steak repeatedly. Even the roots go to go to what oh you got having. You can't really afford those props. You've just got to get what's what nature provides a recommend date in with a question mocking. That's where i'm going with that so i'm gonna leave that review which is brilliant he just he was very much immediately. The thumbs up <unk> doesn't help anyone deciding whether they're gonna watch you mojo's but the way it was good. Why haven't got anything can also written down a moralistic. Things always gonna talk about. I did put detective pekar too so haven't ready to vote on the show but then i'll realize couldn't remember anything. Bay takes sort like three months sagoes. It's crowded another time. It was good. I remember that it was good. A ryan reynolds did a good thing the good thing so cute so many things in <unk> secca and also other things a terrifying mostly. I do have a recommendation on a while ago. Cartoon network released a pilot's full a pilot animation which was cooled infinity train. I mean hud this. I haven't well the pilot showed this redhead go who was in this train that seems to go on forever and in each one of the because in this train it something completely bizarre one tram. We'll have like a world filled with cool gays and another will have like <unk> a bull pit yet one would be just full of mirrors and things like that. I was astounded when i saw that pilot. I just was really really intrigued. I wasn't sure how it would work as a tv series but <hes> they recently released it on causing network tv series and i think it's just a one of just five episodes. I was riveted routed through the whole thing i just had that's a find out what was going to happen next. Coz it has this the redhead go again but it shows a bit more of a pack story. She sees a <hes> computer game programmer and the parents of recently divorced so she's having a bit of trouble there and her dad promised to take her to a coating camp for summer and he couldn't do it because he was busy doing something and among <unk> either so she just has a bit of a cry why in a bedroom and then she runs away from home and as she saw of a bit lost in the woods this train stops up next to an opens it stole aw and the next thing she knows she wakes up in this train and she doesn't know what's going on and this big bro. It's a little robot. That's like a sphere it just keeps asking if she's her mummy and it's just let none and it's it's such a cute little robo actually split into two sets to hof spits to civil around and one of them's really positive and the other one's really negative and allen island what's his name from <unk> galaxy in snipe then they hear sounds very much like him and she goes to the land of the cool gaze in one of the calls and makes friends with the king of the cookies there and it just so slowly introduces more and more features in this story that i just found it utterly fascinating. I was just completely routed. I had work the next day and i realized that alsop until one i am. I was better ten. I just i just need to know what was going to happen next. It was absolutely fascinating and the animation is gorgeous in it as you would expect from causing network yet and yet if you like if you're not a bit of sci-fi if you like female protagonists if tool kim dogs who happens to be the king think of cool gallons definitely recommended up had animation holy malloy since adventure tone vinnie the a good for a while if you are interested i could because i know you that steven universe is kind of put you off since theme is quite annoying came to begin with by recommend where to start off in that series if he wants he's getting swept audu main into because i hear really good things about it but i just it's not so much that stevens annoying. It's that his voice literally great. I've heard about really horrible thing to sigh because the people can't help having a voice but it does. I was having a conversation with somebody at work. Diabetes is boys goals and the factor often get into fights with paperback. Who who has the best voice in this boys girls because literally everybody will say it's melanie say beyond walsall will agree that she has the best range and she's more likely to hit most. She's aiming for than other people. The actual like sound of her voice is like niles on <unk> today seek nick cats screaming. Death literally hiked the same every time she crops gonna song them what all it smell say again. All now got shoot up because the person at work also believed that miles as the best boss coping for another time all they haven't got anything announced okay. I'm a bit sleepy normally reprobate and maybe come up with things on the fly but i'm i'm real bryant. We'll ever done this way. You have to have one more thing but if you wanted to wrap it up. I'm happy for you to talk. I'm just everywhere that i'm not talking a lot right now because my brain is like things have been watched. Been you know you said about film and now i'm intrigued boy that film as more than just like shocking the <hes> i've written down what gains have i played this week league and the gang no i have been playing as we mentioned earlier on was mary maker to and and it wasn't the only uh-huh because of the stasi annoy finished of pizza hut's of free time because we were supposed to be doing charity stuff but it kind of finished window of that thessaly accidentally so we kind of stuck the things do in its pissing it down with ryen outside and i said we're not gonna switch just light yet. Bring it out. Let's let's play it and we played a lot of marian could sue in co op mode god yeah we have perfectly emulated the voices of mary and luigi in that game the absolutely absolutely just even saying to tell you oh aw nightmare we all know the the the thing often court for nearby that was at first. I thought we're going to get kicked out of here because he's going to get. It's going to get real busy. It's it's freud i in birmingham. It's gonna get well busy but they put us in. The world's weird is booth of never been in a booth like that before my life wait with some hair upstairs and circular but also in kona and also no one could really see. I think i forgot we were there. Eh marco could have gotten away without paying. Oh you absolutely could have waited a snake right. The fuck out of their phony phony should mention mary mike though because i really want to start playing video games but i am a human nightmare operating consoles to the point where like richest got just seek of me going. Can you put on the switch to give me the control <unk> a mike short soul sink to so why haven't either video games like ice ages and i haven't played mario game since all we lived with minana. My granddad played mario three so first of all. I was dreadful and i'm very the phone much phone ever help me alway- they don't know how to do wolf jumps all those twisty jumps and i've never had like a key catsuit before all one franken capes don't even know how to koze sheet. It was all new to me. I did fold in a lot of holes a couple of times our lead from just by virtue of being further along in the screen when you were just getting killed me a few times as well. It's a feature of a co op thing is to punish one player success by murdering them. Brutally offscreen happened to me quite a lot but molly got receive phone and it was so much fun with mario mario so much fun like i have been a bit concerned about mario mike you're the the thing about maria mike is that he can end up playing some really shit levels. You're in the sense of some pavelec. Just gonna create levels that had just plain evil and a bad doable and mike you drop kick you switching the window and then other favela pavelec might levels that are so easy that you could probably do with your always should detroit hard enough and i don't either of those things when i'm playing a guy like don't want to be so hard that i wish everyone was ted but i also don't want it to be so easy that i'm like. I feel like an actual idea because because on the natural dave but yeah u._p. Good levels except that will not really hard that we tried playing the east ended up giving a poem sleek iphone indeed way. Oh really good than what we completed values levels together suicide great good just quota them 'cause we initiate but it's so much fun that sort of thing when you play co op you kind of play it just to have fun and not really take it too seriously. I mean i i played a mutual friends. Foes gets into miles gibson gray. He's uh kamikazes who does a comic series called loyd's in the ban. I've i've played mario with them before and it was literally at one point we were on this escalator thing because really really quickly and i picked up gibson's character and i just threw him into the laughing asleep ten minutes well now all i. There was one level that we were trying apply. That was one of those speech when typhoons where things get your if you don't just run and for some reason i just i kept going and then we both realized after the fifth attempt that that those always <unk> neither of us had not just kept running straight. It was a man thyroid n._c._a. On either now i mean we both kick going boy the. I shouldn't be dead me from mexico so that was that that's what it was. It was chivalry. I think my favorite moment was when you rejuvinated may post a of a bubble assaulted with any platform saw immediately felt difficult. Well well we. I don't guess all in dave just remember at several points saying ey caped dunk well. They may say today mario it's it's. It's always intrigued me. The fact that some that that mario so popular is actually it's like it's a simplistic game really just like with your head or standpoint with you. Get princess the those are those are the rules of most of the mario games and my whole bedroom just went. I haven't put the lights on because i'm anita now can't reach the switch and somebody's obviously like reverse reverse enough to drive opposite us because the whole room just went range and i was like oh god oh god devils i._c._t. Minutes this is just a call off ought to talk about the lowest mass for almost we're almost there now aren't way i'm gonna itself. <unk> me. Stay in the hotel outside. The cell feels owns yeah. We'll do it on our heads in the score. That's come out. I'll send it to you in the lifetime what tweet the book co will make his main the doc anyway nobody needs to he. They smell a cold. It's been like ninety minutes now and you've gotten early morning tomorrow. Size lettuce away into it's and queue so much for that teacher mpg week. I'll take it from my angle because it doesn't like a nightmare vomit pick because is it does it just helped us. Look a wide open tubular mouth like more and yet because it's not marriage sorry for the next pitch richard on sending it's not only not on that note are no hi to bella. Malaika is thank you so much for doing a podcast with me. It was really good. It's well overdue. I absolutely love you. I i love the show. I love listening every week. Everyone listened to emphasize on repeat. Just crying inter his a question for you and you can listen to this. Even though you've been on the annual he have to hear your voice. I thought no. I'm a bit weird about missing myself. I joined listens myself. When it's a quiz for some reason yeah i think <unk> 'cause you're on <unk>. My husband called me allusively at the die because all i told told him that sometimes when i have a diet work where military bit cross to calm down i'll just listen to one of the dips episodes of the paula not because all wanna like use newsman vizo hey myself speak but it can hear my friends talk him we they have into like i'm at work. Account phone was so follow podcastone <unk> lovely kingdom <unk> shall leave a message for future stays zeiss in case. She decides to a future studies. Listen to me. You'll wonderful. I i i of adagios us time on the second time i've met you 'cause of classical addicting uh-huh mutual realization we had already friends on. I i am just such a fan of yours tells stacey and every time i listen to you on the boat cost. It's i'm ways just stunned at how you manage to may even let the strangest guests. I just feel you know you have you have an innate ability to make people feel relaxed. Make them themselves and i feel that that in itself is a talent not locked heap who have and use it naturally so. I think you all wonderful and you know at the yeah. <hes> <hes> is a difficult day at work while he's always difficult but i love you and you are absolutely surrounded by people who love you and i've seen in a i've seen how people look even a <unk> so you know stop it. Stop because you are loved and that's my message and i'm going to stop me too. I'm sorry that would really tastes much. Help the pig enough that you don't like him in succession accession of one another because it's like the peak international. Would you like the plug anything other than a pig before we get to be honest. The the image is going to only do drawings things every so often you can see them at. Mike draws dot co dot u._k. And my comics are there as well <hes> you can look at my instagram of mike. Mike drools economic. Probably mike comex on <hes> the pirate a but if you want to pay for them and might draws all koto u._k. Ask right i will use. He's the money to buy more noisy things such as art and so yeah <hes> not that it will be helping an artist assist struggling and also yet yawns and it's nice <hes> yeah you might see a widely which is nice so the mike. It's been an absolute delight to have you show and listeners. A hard enjoyed a wherever and i'll see you again next month. Beat the mood. Thank you for listening to stacy's pop culture parlor to get into truth me the titular days you can follow me on twitter at stacey's pala allah send an email to stacy's parlor at gmail.com or come and join the stacy's pop culture parlor facebook group. If you'd like to leave a review for the show please do so on apple podcasts or poor tysoe dot com. If you like what you heard enough to want to give me some money should be quite spectacular. Actually you can go to coffee dot dot com forward slash stacy's parlor. That's k. o. Dash f dot com forward slash stacy's paula the music that you hear in right now is by the amazing bounce starbucks and you should really check them out on spotify tunes or on their website. Thanks for stopping volley and i'll see you next month.

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Wow what. Is going on

The big d zone

20:14 min | 10 months ago

Wow what. Is going on

"Hopefully just for a little while. This. Today of advisory is over. Now may have a eighty to deal with, but. I mean. It has been literally. Felt like a passing out a couple of times again. Even, even even when I'm at the ticket palate, but I can't turn on the eighth. Because when I do that? Youtube won't work. And I'm finished for the week. First Week ever in. 'EM IOM phone, Gig. Phone Gig for the quality assurance. part of it. And if that the well I always got the the I'm always still recruiter to help other people. May maybe I have a better time with it than me. But nonetheless, I had to deal with the heat for the past two days. Work at that. And then TOMORROW HAD CAUSED A. Wind up having called. and. So, yeah. Oh. I joined. Clear. For Big, country LLC. So when I can work cruises again, I know that they are you can't but. You know. I don't have clientele yet, but when I knew. And I could do that, but also still help other Tarpley's whenever I can I'm planning. Also join planning. planning then. Pretty soon. But I just put a biggie country LLC for Click. That were I thought we thought the phone, raw power and because. It was awful long time. if it's too hot for the phone, if the too hot for Wifi. I mean come on. Huddled on snag tunnel, joining ADM so. Probably. Sometimes until either we did the stimulus packets. Because I'm ready to go to well. I still don't know if we're going to get to build a camp widow. And I told her. Hopefully by November? I'll get it on my birthday clothes now. I'm going to a few days early to go to Atlanta because I have to get them new surroundings or I'll just the. Newly just the Dombi. I had to get the surroundings. but I'll be leaving the still the second week the on the day of The day of the Tanthuwanit Charlie on the ten. I should say I want to say. And stay a couple of days like ten talk thirteen. Because? I got a free certificate now. I coulda used next year. But. I'm GONNA use it. For like that stay extra couple of days in Orlando. Could get some new Tinari. Already beat here before. I go on the cruise. And all I had to do a task. I have paid for the birthday hotel yet. Because this one that I pay for the ticket already. Came, with three nights embedded in it. Though! So. That's good. I still got other certificates that I still got Las, Vegas One I. Don't WanNA use that. I might use it for the twenty eight, but I'm not sure. What I gotta get out of here, not God to be out here in the twentieth, because this is another one of the Dave. That are going to deal with flassbeck. But now. It's really going to be hard because. It's not even GonNa, have fourth of July. We're not gonNA have a fourth of July. A lot of places have been. Some have been pushed that moved. Get out the way. Get out the way Mu. Get out the way. Get out the way. Get out the way move, Colville? Get out the way get out the way. Get out the way. Anyway. Wow. This is. So I don't know if I'm, GONNA go. All Twenty eight, but I need to I need them new Syrian scenery. And hopefully, the MARDI Gras won't be delayed because I'm going regardless because I can't change the trip. Because of the special pricing. Because, you know 'cause. I had discount pricing with the. Free certificate. So I can't talk. Go down there because the parts is still opened. Bud. Then I'll just go down just to go there. And figure out what else do. But hopefully the Mardi Gras, it will still be running a still be a special program and everything and you know this is the main. This is our meeting. Roy Age. So. Oh Wow wow. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, Herman Cain. Harming Team In the guy with the nine plan. One would I would have voted on. The fair tax plan. TESTA, to a plans simple easy. A had a lot of good ideas. Herman Cain. Have the stupid virus one that tilt our freedoms. And make people go muck. Had that news today? All the middle while I was getting tiny dom well I got cle- clear membership. But I was August APN and that causes a problem like that. But? That going on and that was always finishing my call. You'll have to do a part one and part two. Oh God. Stop going off. I'm in the middle of a segment. But anyway the prophets of that's going on. I heard about Carmen Cain. How. Much. This is absolutely too much for this. Go My wife my my I have my wife birthday anyway odd. My wife fate. What my other! My other favorite holiday is Christmas. Fourth of July that my thicket favorite holiday of my late wife. If another one. And having nothing to do when and being like this ground halt day. Three point all. I'M GONNA need job prayers again. So. I don't even know. and. Don't give me starting on the SBA because the FBI is still. Not Giving my grant. Hey, FDA. To care that they're whether we get approved. or where do we get denied them on the the loan that we are all supposed to get Vance. We're all supposed to get the advance. Second of all we were supposed to get ten thousand dollars until you change the rule. You just broke the law the law then. The love from the mall. Broke the Bob broke the law. The mall from. This can't take this heat no more. Couple of times has small it was worth the principal. I yeah today having a heart attack. Now the Dow like the little bit still cramps. But it was just a little bit of light and still. Felt like a pestle. But. I don't know the air conditioner just mess with Wi fi, but I need I need wi Fi. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. So. and. I just saw video that made me cry. and May cry. Even though I know now the main final payment on that because I miss crucibles months. Literally a tear came my the The lady I having fun, though The lady that worked on carnival. one of the higher in marketing and Cornwall. Showing. The the new modern wall. which hopefully will theft fail? During my birthday. During the birthday a country. Which the November thirteen. Also officially celebrate the birthday of big country. But Nonetheless breath. It literally made me cry to watch video because I want to. See the ship again, but I still watch the video, but. The way they have so much fun I used. I watched the cruise to video to give me not get me to have crews. Boo, but I guess because I missed close march and wondering when dot. Has Gone in. And said that evil fee the. Got To get a clothing again. I literally cried. I literally cried. Really ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. And I with Up But lily had me in tears. Because of the funded you would have. Well even with A. Screen, shot but And they and they pleaded so nicely. I mean the role played with beautiful. Like David that's the ship. They literally mentally got me literally and figuratively. But Wow, What makes a roller coaster day. Always something going on. Always hunting on on what the heck is. Von Was Springfield in Greene County. Every day. I every other day, and now every day only pop up new. Corona virus. Luke around Ryan cases, NEW CORONA VIRUS CASE NEW CORONA virus cases. I what the? And and every time they get the report. If always say that, the exposure is slow well. How come they come with? Keep saying located. If you keep reading, keep having on the on the That the posters lowest Bosio slow suppose as though. What the cat. Unbelievable. I'M I. I gotta find out when the next wwe pay per view, just talk and talk about something. Light for chain since Colbert had literally destroyed my broadcast. But. Even, the next pay per view, extreme rules I think is the street moves or some slam. Because I know they had like the double contract dining hall. And I'M GONNA. Keep myself quiet except for people that are looked at the new facebook group, which by the way the big. I don't I mean big country LLC has a new facebook group. and. We, got We got merch. Big Countries got a store. You country. Today making country. LLC GOTTA store. I told you fifty country will be multiple. Income generating stream not only for the business. But also for you. The Citizen A fifty country I helping you travel back your bags and forget well. We might not forget because old evil. CD wants us to live in day going hospital all over the world, even vacation. China forget this crazy scam game of the year. But. while. WanNa on the twenty eighth. That's a real the. And I don't WanNa go to silver dollar city because GONNA. Behind I might even pass out before I get the time machine. But that's why I'm waiting for the fall on waiting for the fall to go the city. And by the way. Speaking of silver, dollar city. There were three cases cove nineteen by three employed. And what were they wearing? They were all wearing masks. What are these places require from amusement park to airport, and now even my own home and the different cruise line. That could be part of Hong they're all requiring math. They still have math and they were still exposed to cover covert night teen. Thank you very much. Texas is client people that wear math. And yet people are still exposed to being. Coq, one thousand nine. What are you doing, just no freedom of choice. We're still going into the road of tyranny. Will I have a country? Theron. Yeah well. I have a country to run for governor of Lieutenant Governor. What twenty twenty four even should even I could always amend when I signed up for two running a running in a race I could amendment to run for governor but if found. Donald MacDonald. Iden and she elected I. Don't WanNa do that. I'll go back to lieutenant governor. But I'm hoping that Donna McDowell give in someone had to do that. because. He's a pretty strong candidate right now. Home, God. Tyranny! No Fourth of July. Don't even know what the heck this is going to bring. The thin is sitting on the hands going vacation, and then left the work to the staff because I called deb because the SBA, not giving me my grant from business. Still waiting. The waiting. And I don't believe in. You Ainhoa van the mind. I don't know where I. Think I'm out of I'm thing I am Well you punish may a hamstring into, but. I had a lot to get off my chest. I had a lot to get off my chest. I am angry. I am hot. I almost. Died, even though. Some parts of me wants to go home, but I got I got things to live for. I mean. I'm angry. I'm literally literally angry. But I try to have a good. Somewhat put the. I don't know what to call it because it's been the total scam I. don't even know what to call it anymore, so. so go to my facebook. Page just just just sort for big D country, LLC. You can't miss it. It's the one with the goal that will be my goal to site until I get the regular site website set up still trying to find a place. With lower prices and away that I could guess. Easily easily fifteen there? So. So when you're on facebook groups go to. Search for big. D Country LLC that big D country. LLC had official logo that you see on the marquee this program. and Dan a joined the group right there. And other than that. Yeah. I think the Smith. Until I find something else to talk about and to Rent Bowden, trying to make trying to make fun laid off about. Tho-. Proof. My Body could come down because that was ridiculous I almost one day. I almost died. I almost died. Wow! So. D. Dave Logan to another three eight town of breaking all the room. WE'RE GONNA be breaking all room of the CD World Cola nineteen. Well, we're bringing those those distancing. We're bringing the where man we're breaking the rules of not having any freedom. We're GONNA. Go Out. We're GONNA go traveling and we're going to talk at me with people so so people. What I need to do its master like button. On you to and go down to become a citizen, a hit the subscribe button so with all that being that let's break the rule out the CD and the fund the the-they and keep. Keep keep the police kate the police. Let's have true for joy, an adult that have been wrongfully murder, and but and. and been bully hurt by evil. We need the good police. Only let's break. The rules thought the they. Given a lear. Get it. Pace.

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