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"tarian jesse" Discussed on Pratt Cast

"Are back in the wells cast very excited to have the stars of bling empire on net flicks -tarian jesse here. How are you guys. Okay so obsessed with your show. And i got a honest with you. Like i like all the storylines but your guys storyline. Me is the best when you watch back. Do you guys feel like yeah. Were the stars of this show. I mean there were a lotta stars by the. Were definitely the of the show as well. We were authentic on the show. We were absolutely no filter. That was my life into a whole tiny how everything had happened. When i think back pretty creative emmy he just washed our last night he watches are seeds like all the time is kind of like a every other day like activity that he does. Yeah i mean he. He just loves the scenes with the cans like Be born again and again and again and again like he's just like roger von can't leave like he went through all that with me my mom and he came out the happiest baby in where we're grateful for that. I think the the birth of the particular scene was very special to me. A just such a blessing in honor to be able to have that captured be able to relive that warm. He ashley cried. When boss gordon and i was really shocked He didn't cry like was a saw tearing up and it hit me that you know he as much as my mom at the meat affected him to and obviously my mom affected me with driven right pregnant the whole time and he was very sensitive to it but he never showed it to me until that moment which was kind of edit added the you know the scene because everyone days i a birth in one minute and that's not true for awhile. I me yes. I wasn't grunting screaming. But i didn't do that. My first pregnancy to Wet like it wasn't is not hollywood. this is reality. That's how i give. And i'll give birth that way to and some people have full glam. Some people have no glamour. I just not meet. Alison press. Like and i was excited to see. I didn't i wanted to be natural. Not have glam because my friends will help them you. Did you know my friends love makeup. How come you didn't dollop for the scene on mike. Wild adult giving birth. Like i dunno like me microcapsules. Just give bird like i also. I didn't have time brian me when he comes on. A call might makeup artist. Hey standby comes all we up like. I don't know it wasn't my thing. So it was very natural. Charlie out the whole thing was. I went there and there that gave birth. Y'all one of my favorite and a subplots of your son being born. Is this whole past life. Reincarnation thing that you guys in touch on. But i want to know more about it. Because it's fascinating to me and i believe in that stuff obviously. Your daughter plays a big role in the narrative of that you know she recognizes your son as your mother and i wanna know they like other things that were cut out that were like signs of that that we didn't see captured a lot of net Obviously about my mom every day. Even last night. She's telling me that my mom doesn't wanna get shots anymore. She's tired of the pain. Like if you shot and she wants to be relaxed at enjoy her day and asta say okay. Jr and my friend had told me something. You know babies special. They come from heaven so as a recognizable place that that they can feel things. See these we cannot leave already evolved into our own saudis and characters at the moment had convinced me that your volvo land mall and i felt very convinced because i remember telling my mom. Hey mom you know is is too painful for you and you wanna let go. I understand sheet. My mom wanted a lot of pain for ten months and i told her you know. If you wanna come back esteban. I will take care of you like i will. I will do. I will go the extra step even more than than ever to take care of her. The whole time i really felt joe biden could have been my mom but now that time has passed i feel giovani's distribuant like he is such a big blessing to me. He truly to need to earn to Admiral for some reason. The universe new. My mom's gonna get sex blessings. This little baby boy is the happiest happiest baby. He's happy all the time whenever app said he's happy whenever i'm happy he's happy like i'm just. He's always smiling. Like it's just wonderful and i don't know i feel like he's such a true blessing honestly else as over and over again. He saved my life. He did 'cause without him. I don't know. I don't know if i would survive my mom not being here. I mean obviously. I have jesse Loves so much but giovane because he's inside me. Add to control without add to control my depression at control. My sadness control my cry. And i thought once he was out asking a drink myself to death or something. I don't know. I don't know not drink myself to death. That's not the right thing but also going to at least have some drinks. But i need drink at all like i had drinks here and there but it wasn't like i drink because depress people do that and i don't i don't promote that at all but i'm glad that he had brought me so much happiness night. Didn't the meeting house. Really jesse what are what. Are your thoughts on all of this. My fiance is very like into astrology. You there's a lot of me. That's like i don't know if i'm buying a lot of this. I'm more of like a realist. A pragmatist and i feel like your kind of on that same plane. I wonder like when jerry is like. I think that may be like our sun is embodying my late mother. Are you like. Aw no. I think he had a drink babe or you like oh cool i mean. Obviously you know i. I was supportive of whatever over. You know being able to handle it situation right because You know even though. I personally would differentiate between japan and her mom. I still want to keep her whatever her fate is believe that time to be that motivation factor because obviously she was going through a lot with the loss and the last one do is kinda complicated situation so whenever it is that she was gonna help do like. I'm one hundred percents for it. It ended the day. I wanted to be logically kind of by opinion right like hey maybe you wanna keep difference between your mom and john and you know allowed your to be who he is and and if so happen that is part of mom the you know we. Are this one big now. Yeah up of feelings and how we feel absolutely well. I will say this like in your net flicks family. I think there's a show called life after death. And they and they talk about a lot of people who feel like they had a like a reincarnation and they all have a very similar thing like when they're young they have a lot of information And embody a lot of stuff of someone who has passed and then as time goes on that kind of strips away or or maybe the person that was kind of embodying them is is allowed to let go or feels good about letting go and it's something like in the beginning. I was like this is crazy talk and now i'm like i totally believe it. I think it's so cool. So i think it's really cool. That came out on your guys. This show which is just so fun to watch in general. Jesse here's my question. Were you ever like why the fuck am i doing. This show percents. Are you still like that. No a official release. And what should we touch base. I really enjoyed apart at Lesson honored department. I really being to reflect back and have all that capture. I think it's a very honored to be part of that show. I think he watches the shows. I mean not the show.

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