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"Down one to go. And so last Tuesday night, I watched the episode knowing that that was the day final cuts we're going to be made, so I had to watch it a little bit with a jaundiced eye, but nonetheless the same Take away I've had since week one about head coach Mike McCarthy. You look up clunky in the dictionary and you see his picture. He's inarticulate and he's got this. It's the same speech at halftime. It's the Sanchez. Let's win. Let's win. Let's win this game, you know. The most successful leaders, most successful coaches that I've observed, they understand this about winning in any sport or in life. It's a process oriented endeavor. It's not a situation where you focus on the outcome. You focus on the process the leads to the outcome. That's what Nick Saban does. That's what John Wooden did. That's what urban Meyer did. And three colleges. That's what all he agreed or did at Cal State Fullerton, the greatest college baseball coach of all time. But Mike McCarthy is Mike McCarthy. And I don't expect him to change and he did win a Super Bowl. So what do I know? All right, in the fourth episode of each view is hard knocks well again. It came the night of the roster cut down to 53. I I waited till the end of watching, but my fears were three guys. I was rooting for. Well spoiler alert. They all ended up getting cut. But these were some of the highlights of Of hard knocks last week. These are some thoughts again. I I pick on the show, but I enjoy and I watch it. This hasn't been the most compelling I would say episode or, you know iteration of hard knocks because The Cowboys just aren't that interesting to me In terms of personalities? I don't hold that against him. Still an iconic franchise. It's just that they don't have, like, you know, the Jimmy Valvano type characters. I get such a kick out of Covid reared its ugly head that forced the team in the virtual meetings again. I get a kick out of John Fossil, the son of the great Jim Fossil arrested Soul who was a great NFL coach. He lived here in Vegas. They knew him. He's a terrific guy, and he was I who couldn't relate to his Dissertation that Covid is for the birds. But the players were able to return to the star after a couple of days and But their defensive coordinator, Dan Quinn, was still in protocol. And so a guy by the name of Jowitt stepped in. And, um he has his own coaching style, which to me, didn't throw me once again, one of the serious favorites. The gentleman from Mexico. His name is Isaac Alarcon not to be confused with Isaac Long crime who's a star here at Fox Sports Radio and Isaac Alicante, trying to be a star with the Cowboys at the Star. And the irony was, is he even though he acknowledges he's from Mexico, which is extremely hot there during the summer, he was literally feeling the heat, figured everything in the heat and that Dallas son was just beating down on them, and it was obvious. That with cuts looming, um he knew that he had to have a good day. He knew he was on the bubble, but the heat was getting the best of them. It was something that I just I really felt for the young man. I felt like he was almost admitting that he knew. He wasn't going to be able to limp across the finish line and spoiler alert. He did end up getting cut. Then the camera shifted the Jiuquan Hardy, the running back who had the issue with the, uh, the contact lenses you remember and all that that he had glasses and he had other issues. And then he finally settled into better contact lenses, and he has been fighting for a spot and he kind of caught a break. It's one of those, you know situations. He was behind a running back named Rico Dowdell on the depth chart, but it turns out Donald, you know had an injury hip injury. It was sent into the sent him to the I. Honestly, you won't see be seeing Rico suave via Rico doubt at any time. The hearing the Cowboys. It's ashamed to have that happen to the young man. But what that did was open the door for Jaquan Hardy and the running backs coach Pete told him. No uncertain terms. Here's what you got in front of you, man. Right? And then they went into Dequan Hardy a little bit and he's just like you and I, he went out, he found, uh, restaurant there and Dallas or Frisco that that made his favorite Southern food and he was sitting there like we can all relate to that. You go. You're looking forward to a meal. You go sit down, and then you know you're waiting and waiting, and he starving and they put the tray in front of He's got a big smile on his face. Again. That was actually very relatable. This guy became very likable, right and he was eating his, uh, his is I think it was some kind of fried chicken or maybe gizzards. And then there's some kind of mash up of Mac and cheese and yams and Yeah, It was a human moment that I thought that hard knocks crew did a good job of giving you a glimpse behind these people. Yeah, the National Football League wannabes or players there, guys. That are trying to do something with her life there. Human beings will I found myself rooting for Jaquan Hardy. He had an okay game. They show that you know it caught a couple passes in the flat, had a couple runs. He didn't make the team. Michael Parsons again. He stepped in and you know there's a stud waiting to happen, Uh, great player out of Penn State First round draft choice. Another lover of Southern cuisine, he had the teammates over to his house. And then and then he had a little game of Connect four and he's better and connect for that. He is a chest so if that excites you, God bless you didn't excite me. I thought that was kind of stupid. And one of the things that they've really not done a lot. In this hard knocks his talk a lot about veterans, right? But they did show a bit of a rivalry between the mark Kewpie in Trayvon digs and the kind of one on one battles are going in camp. True, you know, Diggs is a is a defensive back. Tough player. Mark Cooper's a brilliant receiver, and Dak Prescott was kind of tagging them on. And it was it showed. You kind of took you behind the scenes to show how intense competition can be, even for guys who've already made the team. I mean, these are world class athletes, right and then Dak Prescott weighed in again and who knew he was silver bowls. He started talking about corn hole in the meeting and the long and short of it is, And then he got finally back to full participation in practice and again, you were reminded of why people like Dak Prescott so much There's something unexpected came out of left field. Player by the name of Tarell Basham, who is a stand up. Want to be Canadian? Took the mic at a comedy club, All right. I don't know, man. If this is his post career path, I don't have high hopes, but he did manage to make his teammates laugh. He did a rendition of his routine in a meeting as well. And he told something story about going to a restaurant with somebody. You don't have a restaurant..

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