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"tapan jacobsz bhaktapur maryland" Discussed on 710 WOR

"At the thirty two so Rutgers very least able to change some field position here. No score scarlet knights on the second series of the day hand off for black sheer up the middle to yards to the thirty four yard line at the thirty four. He is taken down by Davis the middle linebacker. There's definitely one thing about art. He is Tom. You know what I mean? And it's very difficult as a true freshman. I mean, I was a richer freshman and had a very difficult time, you know, grasping the speed of the game and all that stuff. But but again, a tough this is not his problem. Taking care of the football is in a shotgun. Said Caskey drops to throw on second and eight gonna air it out deep downfield for. Complete. He was double covered downfield at the twenty. But they took the shot Melton went up. And it was just over thrown a bit. You know, this team Jon McNulty, you know, like we talked about Kris. We were getting ready to do this broadcast in this offense has not taken a lot of shots down the field. But again for me, I like to see early in the first quarter because one reason and one reason only you're telling the is that you're not afraid to throw a deep. So when you look at this defense they have nine guys in a seven yard radius because they want to stop the run. They're going to eventually have to start bringing guys out to cover the pats. Eddie Lewis Everett warmly, ended receiver out of the shotgun on third and eight hundred to left hits to Sieber out at the forty short of the first down. Good open-field tackle Eddie Lewis made the catch. Mcelhinney by Jesse and a Bono was the best part about. I'm sorry. Chris. What's the best part about this? Rockers has changed field necessary. Baby. So here is to punt Tapan Jacobsz Bhaktapur Maryland with three fifty seven remaining in the opening quarter. Good snap from Billy Taylor core. Sec boots that are away angles at right end. Over end kick Jacobs Field it Craig tackle Rutgers coverage unit getting it done Zahir Lacewell, the freshman from Totten Ville, high and skeleton island with a great open fields tackle with three forty remaining here in the opening quarter. Rutgers and Maryland scoreless here in college park. It'll be I down for Maryland back at their own fourteen yard line when we return. You're listening to Rutgers football. Welcome back to sports. Do you? Next topic. Is it really.

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