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"tanya conybeare" Discussed on ESPN FC

"What the season is is already very goods and the patient. Next season with the new arrivals is just like wow, big squad. Be pressured to come with an awesome big call. The cell. Biggest. Jaws enough united. Let's talk. Syria are because giving ventures dropping points left right and center. There was still the possibility that if Iran, yeah or Yeah No, it didn't happen. Inter tell to by by roll into once again, taking the lead failing to shut to to see it through. I don't know I saw. It, you didn't play well again. and it's not just getting ability to keep the lead. In some ways. This all goes by the wayside because I'm Tanya conybeare afterwards. We got angry KOMMT again. This time he's going on about about the schedule, Stevens points. Going to point about what about having less rests early playing like I mean. He went too far on. They want us to fail and they always against The sniper face. He's never said when he was a you've. Yeah, but that's all right. Yeah I to me. You know what I get politically why you would say I mean we're trying to sum up what he said, but basically he's unhappy because he feels that they have to play every three days, which which everybody does, it's a compressed schedule. You WanNa. Get things on television. But he complains the fact that they always play it and I you know. Games kickoff at nine forty five local time, and then they get back at four o'clock in the morning, and then the next day all they can do a warm and then the day after that they've got to prepare for the. So on and these aren't conditions in which to work. I part of me says. There's a global pandemic having gone back and looked through. Who Plays I later you this? But I also feel dude. If you haven't dropped these stupid points along the way, you might be in a conversation. The title, the title win lose a romance and the night they lost. The against Bologna finds one up with a penalty to come and team managed to lost a game with just half an hour to go to the game, so you're right. He's made a mistake along the way I. I'm not really sure what Room Lulu Kacoos on the bench against Roma off to say as good as Alexis says she was tired. He coming back from injuries. Come on. This is those crunch games where you can go back oppression new surely pull your best striker on June and. Then bring out either Lautaro. Alexis who has been great and probably deserves to start Ben Slows Darrow and bring him on for half an hour. ANTACTICA cough. Up I didn't get. I my issue with this is. Look. There's a long history and elsewhere about saying things for a trading the siege mentality. But you say that you say these things if they're calculated and we know for example, just Marino historic. Not The only one. In, the past passes onto to, but you say when. You can still influence something when there's something. At this point because nothing, it just sounds like you whining. It sounds like you coming up with sour grapes. You really think that they made the calendar to try to favor. You vent when the conversation was all about lots. Covering his on the failure. Right, it's also it's also she's. Marino does as well you deflect the attention on what you did. Your choices, your tactics. You know play Brazil, vh. In position and got behind him I'm I'm not so sure. And then that's where of deflecting all onto the referee, because y'all go out. and. Probably was a foul on before the first room I got on I was actually. Let's talk about for the foul on the caller over cotto. I'm basically bows into barges into him, and then off that they score also because was it. On, the goal line doesn't show his feet out. I looked at it, and you know this situation with Vr flagger through the referee, the referee again and decided not to go and and disallowed the goal. He decided it was obvious mistake. We can go back under a magnifying Lens and look at all these situations. I? Don't have a problem with that. Not being called the foul. No me, neither did. This is not something that happens all season. There was when united play. Liverpool our trumpet and run one. The first good came from a very similar move, and also the at the march it all the way up the patient score and Still Dominates. This isn't going to make thing, but I just think you're going to give to pass on this one. You're angry. You let it all out. The beast came out. County also did make the point that this was a good season for entered Europe elite of course still out there. Are you on board with that I? Think so I, think so I. Think I've seen them enough this season. To be able to say is an improvement compared to last year. The Hebrew positive things and yeah, okay. If you hire contain your, so no, there's a that another side of things going the way he wants all when disappointment and then he will shout any. We angry as we've seen quite a lot since the restart, but that cannot. Hide the feige think the much better team than they were before he arrived at some of the signings of thought, really well, Lukaku. I and that potentially. If you build on this next season, you could be even more competitive I hate bringing up the word culture, because it's all kind of like pie in the sky, and you can use it both ways, but I think this he has changed the culture of the team to to to some degree, maybe the culture of the club. I'd had stolen stony. Of course. Who's now you know a legitimate starter, still growing so young The downsides. He has an integrated Erickson. I think. He's gone to the veterans a little too often bringing in Moses Yang short term situation. There's still a lot of work to do front office, but you're right.

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