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"tank canyon" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"Soon you too meanwhile happy trails to you door dash is now available at dissipating restaurant your back to school destination get all the supplies your child needs an incredibly low prices right now staples com for twenty four pack Crayola crayons or just fifty cents each in store only and you three nineteen eleven thirty while supplies last staples so go whether from KFI study with ties from the low seventies to low nineties this report is brought to you by staples from the southern California Toyota dealers traffic center we make it easy we got more on the fifty seven yeah it's not pretty enough Brea fifty seven south on before imperial that is a fatal crash that involved a motorcyclist two right lanes of the ones that are blocked but boy oh boy it is a struggle now from the sixty for that ride not much in the way of alternate so you're just gonna have to stick with it at this point KFI this guy's sponsored by injury attorney superwoman super lawyers dot com Jeff thought with a problem on the one eighteen there by this is getting to be a struggle now driving through Granada hills out of first these found one eighteen it's a bank if the tank canyon on rap a lot of activity to the shoulder kind of difficult did not but after that things gonna be good to about receivable by then it all stops the problem that have you at Balboa there's stuff all over the freeway lot of construction stuff so they're running a break to clear that up even the westbound bull that slow once you get to the south for five votes predictably slow from Sherman way that never changes that changed the south five got off to a bad start there was a problem of wanted us to sell right now always rebel but it's slow from but someone right down to the.

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