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"tanada sundance" Discussed on The SodShow

"It was extremely difficult from talking around to does plans to put duct tree or plant into a show garden identically found. Well, no, that's not actually possible up to time. Absolutely. I mean, I think if you if you attack any show garden with a regimen pitch of plants, you're gonna come unstuck because you you shift and change, and that's why you know, everybody has pinned. So everybody has GM because sometimes some people, and if you if you stick rigidly what's in your head. I think you'll you'll come unstuck. You gotta be you gotta pay it by air and see what you could do to improve the situation. That's normal you so to unity service yourself. I think came because you often look at different types of plots and thinking back twenty seventeen units, exotics, and some house plants outside and things like that. And certainly certain extent, you're creating in Greece, aren't you that actually require you to be regimented about what you can put in guards. Brings flow. So you could fix exactly I mean, you know, that you could have succeeded within your brief. So if that it's leaping at great. But they don't you're not the things put in, but you know, say to somebody else's work out. What they go from you can get some right when we talk about changing seasons changing therefore plants to knock on affect to the con-, hav because one batch of I don't know lupins our choice Tanada Sundance, for example, or osteo spasms. It doesn't really matter what they are. But but when purple white pink mall flower or not yellow black dot at center Becky is now no longer vailable to knock on affect the duck and half. And the planting list for a garden. I got her means you've got to have a really good relationship with the nursery growers that you're working alongside of dental played up tree gardens in two thousand eighteen. Yeah. Absolutely. I mean, it's critical in your day life in your normal world. You know, having those come sation, we've Nassar it'll suppliers. It's more so on the show ground because you need to be having that compensation via telephone five o'clock in evening when you realize something hasn't arrived on the Murray. Anything going to arrive, and then you could make the call and say can you get tomorrow? Can you get tomorrow? What do you have if possible, and you know, and if you'll if you have relationship in your day to day? Whoa. That you can that you've forged you can fall back on. I think it would be you. I find it much more difficult to make that cool. Make somebody go out into a Nassar at ten o'clock at night and pick for you think off the you know to do that. And you've I mean, you you're plus plus you you've got huge punts knowledge. I I'm interested how much of light going and working in Singapore because you're not going out. And and you haven't got those relationships with nurseries and things and how is a challenges. You know, working with somebody sitting Laura Joey because they're plows economies and goblins hair. How? I mean, it's the whole of sort of learning a whole everyday school. When you go somewhere that you you don't guard go, I mean, this things that, you know, I it's house phone, but we were incredibly lucky in Singapore. Where the contract they have the necessary as well. So that's stock with absolutely amazing kick ca pick. But I would imagine. If you didn't have a network is on the Vancouver struggling to get on if. Even if you done research that you can you never know everything, and I'm ready what goes together. So it's association. It's not true association that you do what you got in. You know that that uranium with us here. Process kind of finding out what what I found the holiday. Do you in you when you're out you thinking, I'm going to design a British garden with a Singapore flavor or you're going to say, no, I'm designing a Singapore garden, I think I was Singapore garden with Singapore plants what what should design prices? Until. The rate which was a Singaporean gov. Singaporean phone just playing. When. I'm going to go easy going to be three stories high that wouldn't be, you know, all sorts of crazy today. Definitely just going to be a nice golf mature ground misery action the bit light rail flooring and his tailoring..

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