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"tammy sager jason man soo" Discussed on Over the Road

"Thanks for listening to over the road. Another Radio Tokyo showed you might like is everything is alive. Host Ian Chile is coming back with the third season on March eighteenth and yes. It has been a bit. But it's worth the wait great performers. Like Tammy Sager Jason man-soo guests will be bringing objects like a chainsaw. Leather pants in an Oxfordshire to life. Here take a listen wool. Why don't we have you introduce yourself for us? Well what's your name? My name is Ian. My name is Ian. I'm near I'm Louise. I'm shirt I'm William and I'm pants just pants pants. I'm pants and you are shirt. So my name's Josh. I am a chainsaw. I don't think I have any friends. James shows up at a party. You know something has gone awry for you just saying your name is in because my name is Ian well. I'm not sure what my name would be. Otherwise what if no one is standing in front of you wouldn't be talking? Do you like being ironed. Do I like people. Don't really get ironed. Yup PEOPLE DON'T GET IRONED WILLIAM? That's why people wrinkles never go away. You should try getting ironed. Yeah I think you're great. Everything is alive is a show. Time magazine called. Laugh out loud funny. Surprisingly informative and often moving subscribe to everything is alive. Wherever you get your podcasts.

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