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November 13, Hr 3  Cindy Mackin with the City of Loveland and Kevin Carr

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November 13, Hr 3 Cindy Mackin with the City of Loveland and Kevin Carr

"This is mornings with kale in northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi k eight. Oh seven on your friday morning thirteen ten. Kfi a thirteen ten e f k dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail the auto collisions specialists studios. Oh one of my favorite events. Of course we have the opportunity to this morning to talk with amy dugan. And it's all about flexibility. Amy dugan with the greeley area chamber of commerce talking about the fact that holiday lane at island grove is still on. Well guess what loveline winter wonder lights returns as starting tomorrow through december thirty first with well covid friendly changes joined this morning by cindy mackin visitor services manager for the city of lovely music to my ears cindy so glad to hear that the event is going to continue. We're cited that it's gonna continue to. I can imagine all right so you know we talk so much about Well twenty twenty. Where weird is the new normal and you should never ask. What else can go wrong because something undoubtedly will but we're looking at the glass half full care and being very positive and but it's all about adaptability as an and being creative and putting these events together i was just thinking about this this morning it would have been a lot easier to just say no do it this year But you're right you have to kind of rise up and figure out how to be creative and how to do things differently. Because i feel like people need something. Happy to look forward to and You know what's what's happier than holiday lights. That's right all right so tell us tell us how this is all going to look and feel this year so that the look and feel of the show will be very similar except for the live nights. As if you've been to winter wonder lights before which is in the beautiful to progress sculpture. Park just right behind crotch chops it. Basically a walkable light show Set to music. The holiday lights go off in the show goes off every half an hour from five to nine pm. The lights are going to go off every single night. What's different about this. Year is on those live nights which we have three of november fourteenth being tomorrow night and then november twenty eighth and then december fourth. Though in the rain the rain jerry will be there as rudolph going to be there tomorrow night. Course i last year we had the reindeer and they were just babies. And i've seen pictures of them really big in the us here. They've been eating a lot so much larger But the live nights look completely different. We had to ticket it Because we're adhering to all of the safety guidelines for larimer county and we had to Do a ticket through event bright and this is why. I know that people are just kinda clamoring for something to do because we had eight hundred tickets so you have one hundred seventy five people in the park at a time. You can't have any more than that We sold out eight hundred tickets and twenty minutes. I see we certainly need a feel good activity and the certainly qualifies so that i mean we are doing things a lot differently There will be a lot of sign edge around maths and social distancing and this is kind of where the creativity part came in. We're like how can we figure out 'cause we couldn't do the big giant political igloo. In the middle. That was no now. How can we figure out doing something with that. Great and figuring out how to social distance people but in a fun way so Me and my team came up with social distancing north pole all twenty-five red and white striped lit north. Polls that we're telling people you know. Seven people are less to gather around those north holes and they're spaced out ten feet apart from each other On we're encouraging masks of course and there's one way sign edge to direct people through the park. There's a lot of different things that we have done to try and make this as safe as possible so that it could continue now. There are some restrictions. Let's talk a little bit about the masking requirements and the fact that the tickets are for a one hour entry correct. So i'm these live nights that there are three of And really are other. Two are still pending. This is kind of are proving ground this weekend to show that we can do it and that we can do it safely So yes you have an hour time slot and we asking people when you get tickets and actually we have a texting services texting people all this great information which is a new feature again this year to kinda just direct people. You show up like ten minutes before you get in. You have your our to meander around to see the show will be live performances on the live nights and reindeer food trucks and all of those things but one hundred and seventy five people. We are asking everyone to where we're where we are handing out masks on the live nights. We've we've made special customized masks and hand sanitizer that we are handing out to every single guest that comes in on the life knights but even not on the live nights. We are asking people to mask up so that this doesn't become you know a a place where people are gathering or or too many people at a time sure and that makes all the sense in the world but we can still take advantage just to just the holiday spirit with those eighty thousand holidays. String lights and gentlemen ballgames and led snow place. Yeah we made little vignettes this year and we brought in some more fun characters to try and space people out through the park. So there's like a snowman village and then A lego man And dressed up like santa. And just like these little vignettes that you can go and visit and take pictures with. We had more snowflakes. The north polls are actually really cool the that social distancing north pole. They didn't know how cool they were going to be until they arrived yesterday solar. And they're all up there just super fun and The how they light show. It's eight songs and we added a new song this year. You're going to have to wait and come and see What the new song is. But i think it's very appropriate. Come on us. You can t. I'm gonna out there on the fifteenth lee. Absolutely all right so tell us everything that we need to know to enjoy. The winter wonder lights which returns tomorrow and runs through december thirty first. Actually it's gonna go through january first january first. Excuse me and we want wanna make sure they get in there for the new year's as well so If you go to visit love dot com all the information lives they are and you can but the late show is free except for those three nights which you need a ticket but even those are free Five thousand nine pm. Show continuously The lights actually turn on it for thirty by the show doesn't start until five. Pm we are asking for people to bring a canned food. We're collecting food for the food. Bank of larimer county trying to give back during the holidays. And there will be bins and lou of admission. Were just asking if you can To bring a canned food for food drive. That's absolutely tremendous. Well it's gonna be yet another great winter wonderland set the Chipanga sculpture park and certainly look forward to it. And cindy thank you to you and and your team everybody at the city of loveland too as well move mountains to make this happen and make it fun because as you said a very early on we need something to get us out of the covid nineteen doldrums. We do and we tested it for the first time last night and i instantly got happy with all those different song. The one you won't tell us about you gotta come to the cindy always a pleasure. Thank you so much again for all the you do thank you. Thanks for having us today. You bet take care. Eight sixteen now thirteen ten. Kfi k. a thirteen ten kfi k. A. dot com this time. Check sponsored by the candlelight dinner playhouse dinner theater at its best seriously. Amazing shows delectable. Food and great value. Doesn't get any better than that. Candlelight dinner playhouse broadway in your backyard. Visit colorado candlelight dot com for more information. Dan patrick the whole show and colin coward or northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. The whole sports story in northern colorado state in the country tune the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi k all right. You know. I'm not drawing any conclusions here and i don't want to connect the dots where it's inappropriate but Breaking this morning where the democrats want to go to all mail in balloting elections I'm sorry but to find that kind of interesting as i do. Eight twenty three thirteen ten. Kfi a thirteen ten k. Fda dot com northern colorado's voice warnings with gail via the outer collision specialist studios this as well those lawsuits continue to percolate. But across an interesting piece. I want to share with you along those lines. Kimberley in the wall street journal and i think well they headlined. She is not a low. The draw conclusions harvesting the two thousand twenty election pelosi's top priority was remaking the electoral system. And well covid nineteen gave her an excuse to do just that writes kimberley strassel. The trump campaign is pressing. Its case that last week's ballot-counting was off and yes it will get its day in court but says mistrial if republicans want a fuller accounting of all the shenanigans. They'll need to look much further back than election day. They'll need to internalize nancy. Pelosi's h. r. one and then do battle which you may ask well what the heck is. Hr one this house resolution one. It is the designation for the very first bill unveiled in any new congress. It's designed to highlight the majority's the majority party's top priority. So let's get into the way back machine in early twenty seventeen. The republican led house gave the title to donald trump's tax reform. When mrs pelosi retook the speaker's gavel in two thousand nineteen well her camp her party just campaigned on a slew. Available slew of urgent democrat priorities. Healthcare climate change immigration student debt. But none of these rose to the honor of h. r. one instead speaker pelosi unveiled a six hundred page plus bill or i should say a six hundred plus page bill devoted to you got it election reform. Some of the legislation was aimed at weaponising campaign finance law giving democrats more power to control political speech and the to intimidate opponents but the bill was equally focused on empowering the federal government to dictate how states conduct actions with new rules designed to water down ballot integrity and to corral huge new trances of democratic voters. The bill would require states to offer early voting. They would also have to allow election day and online voter. Registration deluding the accuracy of voting rolls. Hr one would make register. Voters automatically from government. Databases including federal welfare recipients colleges and universities designated as a voter registration hubs and sixteen year olds who registered to vote two years in advance. The bill would require no fault absentee ballots allowing anyone to vote by mail for any reason whatsoever it envisioned prepaid postage for federal absentee ballots. It would cripple most state voter. Id laws and leave in place ballot harvesting rules that let paid activists canvas neighborhoods to well hoover up absentee votes democrats grandly named their bill the four the people act but conservatives had better titles wall street journal editorial board called it. The majority preservation act while editors at national review described it as an unconstitutional authoritarian power. Grab senate majority leader mitch. Mcconnell decried the bill as a naked attempt to change american politics benefit one party and dubbed it. The democrat politician protection act. Now mrs pelosi's bill did not become law despite her attempts this year to jam some of its provisions in to corona virus bills but it turns out. She really did need it using the virus as an excuse. Democratic and liberal groups brought scores of lawsuits to force states to adopt this provision nene democrat politicians and courts. Well they happily went alone. States mail ballots to help everyone. Judges disregarded statutory deadlines for receipt of votes they scrapped absentee ballot witness requirements state. Set up curbside voting and drop off boxes. They signed off on ballot. Harvesting meaning rights kimberley strassel in the wall street journal the air quote fix close air quotes as it were was in well before anybody even started counting votes. Pollsters aside political operatives understood this election of course would be close regardless of what the pollster said potentially closer and key states and it wasn't two thousand sixteen democratic strategy from the start as evidenced by that legal onslaught was to get those rules in place that would allow them to flood the zone with additional mail in ballots and of course there was harvesting. This isn't a new practice. Candidates and campaigns have been honing this crap for years. Three years ago the palm beach post ran expose on the practice in florida. A north carolina congressional race in two thousand eighteen was roiled by a ballot harvesting operation. And yeah. a new election was actually ordered. This year simply offered the perfect environment to roll it out. At brand new previously unseen levels and throughout the fall conservative groups were documenting examples includes mistrustful republicans thought the worst changes. But we're up against the virus. Excuse question is whether they now understand the stakes. This election was a mere glimpse of the system. Mrs pelosi wants nationwide and well. She's already suggested election reform might again be her first priority in twenty twenty one. What is the. Gop needs to harness voter frustration about this murky mess. That was this year's vote into a movement that demands dare i say transparency and integrity of the ballot or risk. A whole lot of twenty twenty repeats your thoughts nine seven zero three five three thirteen ten dropped me attacks. Some thirteen ten k. K. text line at three one nine nine six all right coming up. Kevin car guys at the movies back guys at the movies dot com several movies in theaters this week including freaky fat man. I can't wait to hear what he has to say about fat. With mel gibson and wolf makers kevin cards joins us in just a few eight thirty one now. Thirteen ten k. k. No code now. Weekdays at four northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. Tune into the house show at noon and no co now at four back to mornings with kayla does voice. Thirteen ten kfi. Well it's that time of day on friday morning edition morning sweet gale. Northern colorado's voice Via the auto collision specialist studios pleased to welcome back in as we typically do this time of morning at eight thirty eight again. Kevin car peck is at the movies. Fat guys at the movies dot com. How you doing javer. I'm doing good gail. Are you know what that is. My favorite line of the week. I gotta try doing great good to felt that one out in it does. It's just it's somehow liberating well. You know and i was out in colorado a couple years ago. I think it was and we met each other and started doing that yet. I can imagine. I make my way out there again. Going to be pretty loud wealthy. And so i expect you to be here to sweets when you can try. Make my way out there sort of i. Can't it'd be great to see again all right. Let's talk about their several movies in theaters this week. I want wanna get too fat man because well that that's going to be an interesting conversation. But let's start with freaky freaky. because you know halloween's past. But today is friday the thirteenth. And you can always release slasher movie on friday the thirteenth. I mean it just makes sense you know. This is sort of innocent sort of like freaky friday the thirteenth. It's a slasher movie. Where i with a twist. You know. Vince vaughn plays a killer. Who's going after these kids in high school but its first victim. Something happens and they switch bodies sort of like a freaky friday sort of situation. It's done by the people who did happy deaths day which which was a slasher movie with time lou bennett groundhog's day and this is a similar thing where they throw in this little extra twist and it's it's both a slasher movie into comedy. Because it's it's a comedy. Because of course it got vince vaughn acting like he's five foot five Brown blonde haired blue eyed high school girl. And then he's trying to convince his friends that he's not the killer and they have to switch bodies again with the killer before they stop him slash her. It's it's kinda lot of humor to it but it also has a lot of it's a it's a bonafide slasher movie. I mean it's gory rated. It's got these extreme scenes that that horror fans are gonna love so it's sort of straddle that line between horror and comedy and I think it does that very well. I enjoyed both genre. So i enjoyed this one and vince fine. I said that's kind of interesting casting well but he did play. He did play. Norman bates in the psycho remake. As bad as i move. Yeah you know. He's he's going down a little bit down familiar but he's also But he's also very funny so he sees what. I'm because you know i think of him like for example They've been running the break up over and over again. So i've been watching that wedding. Crashers and couples retreat. So yeah yeah so. It's just you know it's just more of kind of the romcom like comedy kind of stuff with that exception of course but he does. He can't play formidable. i mean he is. he's a big man. He is johnny his not tom cruise and he doesn't jump on. Sofas no i leave him yes but no this one works and it's well done and i enjoyed it so it'd be like slasher movies. If you like comedies. Should enjoy this one. You know what's funny alluded to the fact that you know. I do an entire segment on friday the thirteenth lead. I mean twenty. Twenty has been groundhog day a friday the thirteenth. Where you know weird is the new normal and i have to wonder Have we some of us. That were really freaked. Out by friday the thirteenth and everything that it supposedly entails. I wonder if it's kind of lost its luster recalling. Yeah it well. Let me throw this out to you. The last friday the thirteenth. We had which was in two thousand and twenty was in march. All this crap started so we might be. We might wake up tomorrow and it's march again. Who knows joke. Dale on me all right. Let's move on. Let's see wolf. walkers wolf. lockers is an animated film. And it's done by this irish studio called cartoon saloon and they did movies like secret secretive. The kells and the song of the sea there. The both i believe both those were nominated for oscars and i will not be surprised if this get nominated for an oscar as well i. It's it's the animation styles almost like woodcarvings. It's it's beautifully animated and steeped in irish history and folklore is. It takes place hundreds of years ago in ireland. Where this girl. Who's the daughter of a british soldier. is Is she befriends a girl that she meets in the woods and the girl is a wolf walker. She turns into a wolf at night and hair. Pack is in the woods and the the british soldiers are wanting to level the forest so they can expand more but she wants to save Her friends pack and their home. And it's i mean it's just a sweet little story and beautifully done and unique. That's the thing i think is the most about a cartoon. Saloon stuff is unique stuff. It's unlike anything you've seen before. It has a totally different style. People getting back into the theaters will they are in a yes no actually get. Don't let let him go from last week. Did pretty well A couple couple of million dollars. You're still not seeing huge crowds right now. They have not traced any of these spreading events to movie theaters Most of the spreading events are they're finding are basically people just having too much of a social life going light Haven't been now if they opened at full capacity and sorta packing people in on a friday night. You might see that happen. But but the way they're doing a limited capacity but then you know they're only going to serve five for so long unlimited capacity. But i know amc cinemark stock a little bit of a boost this week with the news of the pfizer vaccine popular getting getting available soon. What is it disney plus Through the roof yeah seventy four million subscribers and here's the thing that there was an article that came out. Oh gosh it must have been about a month ago where disney essentially said. Yeah we're focusing on streaming services. Big time here and i mean they're getting ready to release stuff next week. If the vaccine can come in and we can get a lot of this under control. They're still going to be releasing big movies but they're really trying to beef up their their Their disney plus service all right. let's get to fatman manned bio pic of me all come on now. Well we can all dream. But it's mel gibson as santa claus but he is not the jolly old elf or used to seeing. He is kind of a grumpy old man and he still doing. The santa claus thing delivering toys to kids. But there's less kid. There's fewer good kids so his business buffering a bit. He has to take a military contract. Job in january to kind of make ends meet But at the same time. There's this this this bad twelve year old. Who got calling his stocking. Who hires a hitman to go. After him played by walton goggles. By the way i love walton. He's brilliant so it's like the weirdest rambo movie you ever have. Where the you know. The man's going after santa claus and He's got to defend his homestead But you know it's just it's it's the only thing missing is actually rambo instead. It's chris cringle but you know you gotta have a wicked sense of humor to enjoy this. You got a dark sense of humor. And i do so. I had a lot of fun watching this movie. That's interesting because i'll tell you what let's say. It isn't racking up rave reviews one reviewer said here i thought the pandemic would ruin christmas but mel gibson got there i sit. Here's the thing. It's a christmas movie but it's not your traditional christmas movie. It's it's not even like the non traditional christmas movie to wait. Diehard is it's it's cynical and dark and violence it's r rated. It's not for kids. But gosh if i didn't have i watch. I think it goes to our covid state of mind. you know. it's a little bit of gallows humor might go a long way. Definitely definitely kevin car. Fat guy is at the movies fat guys at the movies. Dot com shameless plug time. Of course you can hear his weekly syndicated programming each and every saturday right here on thirteen ten kfi k. a. from noon to one and he's also part of our ever popular block party heard on wednesday nights. Kevin have yourself a great weekend and yeah just to beware of the gremlins and the unexpected on friday. The thirteen i will. I will protect myself. I promise good that is so good to hear. Eight forty eight out. Thirteen ten f k. It's a party in northern colorado's force. Thirteen ten k of k the block party wednesdays from florida ten pm the day's headlines podcast mornings with gail and more and schedule upcoming sports broadcasts find them thirteen ten. Kfi dot com. Well sunny and warm today again. A little bit of feedback here. If you can adjust that thank you. I appreciate that eight fifty one now. Thank you. Mike thirteen ten. Kfi thirteen ten k. f. k. a. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail the the auto collision studios. But it's going to be a warm on today and what will the weekend ahead hold for us. joined this morning by Matt mickens janelle to pinpoint weather meteorologists and atmospheric scientists and to use a technical meteorological term match. Will it be interesting. Well you're in the north central mountains. You have an interesting weekend ahead do there's another out of still that's gonna come through It's not doors man. Mostly salt lake this morning and it will be moving into the central mountain late today. we'll have the win. Come with this storm and a little. Bit cloud cover It's gonna drop some decent snowfall on the buyer areas and Medicine bow range park range They'll have quite a bit of snowfall there. Travelers saturday and sunday morning. Anybody trying to go through the high country. Mostly i seventy i eighty would be a little better of a route When beer up there but in either case you're going to have an impact because of the storm moving through you know it's incredible just reflecting back on the fires. Of course the cameron peak fire the east troublesome fire and thank heaven that mother nature finally ponied up. We got some significant snowfall in those areas. But where do we stand. I mean as far as well. We're gonna have some high winds right. That goes high wind advisory. I believe or alert goes into effect. Tomorrow right it will. We'll have the wind increasing tonight and then we will have areas strong wind. That continue tomorrow So expected to ramp up today in be with us tomorrow so The worst of it would be likely tomorrow. Yes well that's still have an impact on the fires. Yes but i think somewhat minimal right Consider the temperature's which will be warm. Tomorrow are semi warm today ahead of the storm. factor in the wind increasing. There will be some rapid melt areas That that obviously has an impact. But due to the recent cold the recent moisture it will be a minimal impact but the fire aries. The big ones do still have hot spots so Something to watch out for but generally speaking so much better situation in this wind storm event than what we had been through just weeks ago. And what do we have to look forward to the week ahead. We will have a slight slight little chance of some rain or snow tomorrow. Then that would come with the same system but expected to be mostly dry From today's fifties will be lower fifties. Tomorrow still windy. Sunday lower fifties clearing off calming down next week. Not the best outlook for a fire. However they'll be doused in some snowfall But we'll be war. We'll have sunshine all of next week. Dry conditions until friday saturday and temperatures warm Close to seventy at times especially by wednesday ourselves. A warm dry week ahead. I know how you love. The word unprecedented. So we won't use it here. But this is this weather pattern unusual for this time of year. If you look at all years. It's it's quite warm yes however it's very fitting to a l- anaemia pattern which brings a lot of window. Vents a lot of heat events And usually spreads it snowfall just on the mountains and usually the northern one. So it fits alanine pattern quite well. But you know if you factor in all years neutral or el nino than it then. It becomes unusual but for lending. It's a little more classic town to pinpoint weather meteorologist. atmospheric scientist and that may contain friday the thirteenth. Are you superstitious well. I'm not leaving the bedroom curtains drawn locked and my kids. They can fend for themselves lack cat or not. They're on their own out for those ladders. That can up from time to time and yes take good care. Yeah thanks so much matt. Eight fifty five now. Thirteen ten kfi. Dan patrick the whole show in colin coward or on northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. Catch inside the bears then presented by chris. Musa agency allstate insurance tuesday nights northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi am well. Cdc added game-playing covid roulette justin its guidance on masking up. Cdc now says wearing a mask protects you from coronavirus to not just the people around you work for a piece by tammy. Matassa at komonews health officials Have been saying this for quite some time but now. Cdc is making it officials doctors that it will convince all of us who still have. Lingering doubts that mass save lives at first. Cdc's said the main benefit of wearing masks was to prevent remember infected people from spreading the virus. Well now cdc's has wearing one protects you from kobe. Nineteen to because mass provide a filtration for personal protection by blocking incoming virus droplets. You remember when the epidemiologist and chief of the nation dr anthony penalties. That i don't need to wear a mask and then later came out and said to us no. I lied because we were concerned about a shortage of ppe. No wonder they're having so much trouble with because we keep getting just a broad variety of guidelines and rules and restrictions changing but yeah see citing studies showing mass reduce the risk of transmitting or catching the virus by more than seventy percent. Go have yourself a weekend. Don't be superstitious because twenty twenty has been scary enough roosevelt at northridge high school. Football tonight. pre-game at six thirty products football basketball baseball and talk or northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi really leveling amount fort collins abc news. I'm jim ryan. Us corona virus cases are now growing faster than at any time during the pandemic over one hundred fifty thousand new cases thursday in washington. State this plea from governor jay inslee. Who's not have thanksgiving gatherings unless you're positive that everyone there has quarantined successfully for fourteen days. President elect joe biden has increased his lead over president. Trump biden is now projected to win arizona and its eleven electoral votes for a total of two hundred ninety versus president. Trump's two hundred seventeen counties across georgia are starting a hand audit of all ballots in the no code. Now weekdays at four on northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi k.

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REShow: David Njoku and Chris Mannix. Hour 2 (07-02-19)

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REShow: David Njoku and Chris Mannix. Hour 2 (07-02-19)

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world of sports you us women's national team taking on england for the right to play in world cup final day a they will be i guess kicking off if you will soon as are show is done and we just had a a a fun moment which will revisit in a moment here on the show but i turn to my right and i see somebody who the last time he was here he was an undrafted player out of you getting set to be the twenty ninth overall pick of the two thousand seventeen draft a out of the cleveland browns good to see you david and joke is gonna see through richard how are you i'm good how last time you were here on the show i don't believe you had that watch on either a new serious piece of blank on your left arm that is you're left that is you're arm in arm i'm looking at a threat that looks like it looks like a you know what would you say my pinky great just see a man great to green you let's get into this thing right now how exciting is it and you're in your neck of the woods very exciting obviously you know there's a lot of talk you know going with the browns you know so really excited because no king and is that a good thing that there's a lot of talk surrounding the browns i mean frankly it doesn't really matter you know the biggest has been a day it's it's football and we have to work on what we gotta do a you know go all the way you know so a talk here talk very doesn't really matter what are you working on i mean it is a obviously were not touching the fence based on what we saw over the last few weeks last year right same thing same thing also i mean same type of offense similar similar similar and so now they're freddie kitchens is d h seat as opposed to be over say it's a it's a different playbook well actually you know friday was the the running backs coach you know when when he was there yes i mean he lets became b o c so you know it's similar but you know there's there's different stuff there's new wrinkle to little bit okay what's kevin odell around straight gray obviously with the him jarvis and i've said this earlier jarvis callaway higgins do kareem chubb i could go on for days you know we have a we have a great offense and on money talk about the defense defense were stacked through the really excited for this year why remember before he left the bt general manager of the raiders and to combine to go mike mayock was sitting next to me saying the defense is ready to go it's the offense it needs to come together and get some some cohesion and you know they the browns draft baker and we saw what happened once he got in the early game and to me this is all it's all on you guys now to execute is that the way you view it as well well honestly 'em being up some athletes always on us to execute you know in a obviously my first year we haven't really done that too well so this past year it wasn't a big jump from my first year and this upcoming year will look into you know everything together okay what's your favorite baker story give me 'em i'd say the raiders game he scrambled out and he got hit pretty hard and jumped up and he was fired up and honestly i i was i was just so impressed you know he has he has great a he's very competitive in a he has great courage so give me a little more context he go from a he likes the ball a he's he's running around out of the pocket and stuff in a start scrambling and runs through maybe i'd say don't quote me on this but they'd be like twentyfive thirty yards and in 'em a db or whatever hit pretty hard like pretty hard and he jumped up said well you know he's you know fired up and everything and a suspect fired like i mean i you know i i at that moment because i just saw like the intensity and the energy so it's really exciting that's the game got screwed on the spot thorson yeah you know it happens but you know that's not guys high casino i consider no no you're not i'll just say those words you don't have to you know take the high road and then give me the answer that well you know it it it it it sucks you know whatever happened but other than that you can't change it so no i know that a so did he did he give voice david and joke you here on the show did he give voice to the way hey the locker room felt about hugh jackson when he didn't go in with a hug and gave him a handshake and the heisman and then asked about it just spoke about it in plain language that you rarely hear from a quarterback did he give which he giving voice to what many people in the locker room thought they'd been well obviously we were happy with a what you said about us after he left you know 'em no it it is what it is and and baker dinner appreciate so we know we we came together after he left then and you know took it upon themselves to to work the x the you know work extra hard to finish the year off strong so well 'cause he got a lot of something bigger got a lot of heat for saying that and i saw it on mike i think he's just giving voice to have people in the locker room were saying and that was a moment that again obviously you wanna build around something positive i totally understand that and that's wins and that's excitement and this may come across something negative the way the baker had talked about it so openly but it's still somewhat rally right i mean yeah i i i respect him how to resent you know you know baker has a voice has we all do and he didn't appreciate what happened so you know it's it's it's not like were robots we have we you know we we we felt in a way disrespected so it is what it is rounds tight end david joke who here on the rich eisen show and i i love a hotel i just think he is 'em somebody that is is 'em occasionally misunderstood and occasionally a totally understood and i can't wait to see what he balls out like and i'm wondering what you're first blush 'em reaction to just again like him being being part of the team yeah so i found out that he got traded to us when i was here in los angeles a few months ago yes and i was just so excited you know i i've i i've known him before he got traded and he has a tremendous work ethic you know he's a great teammate a just being with them for these past few weeks that he was here in cleveland rather you know just a great excitement great energy you know i i truly feel that he's a great teammate well you excited come from you and obviously they're l s you get you know anybody that right there i know about i know so you know what it's about being amount of passionate fan base did you notice last year when the winds starting to happen what what's going on in the stands they're talking about in cleveland sir i mean yeah of course you know it was a just like a a change you know when when when we first one are first game well my first game being on a cleveland brown against the jets last year it was just like a a great feeling that you that you don't wanna lose you know you wanna you wanna keep winning you wanna keep working much harder to get those wins and they're very important for us so yeah but just to see what the fans i mean they did yeah i mean i got on thursday night huge for us a big big night for cleveland what about you what is your goals will walk me through his name honestly speaking of i didn't i don't really put numbers into my goals i just feel like if i gave everything i could you know the game you know just worked my hardest i feel like i'll i'll i'll feel accomplished so so that being said i want twenty touchdowns this year about why they run now a yeah like a i just feel for me i just knowing that i just gave all of it like all i got it will will will make me feel accomplish and i know what's what else is going on and you're in your life what else is happening rich i don't know a just a charity work how about that let's start with yeah will also host to fly to nigeria this past off season to 'em donate four hundred sophocles and honda soccer balls a you know to you know back to my a home homeland you know the motherland but i i had a scope of money and a it's kind of stopped doing that so this next off season i'm planning on doing that and i also have a a kids camp july thirteenth in back in my hometown in cedar go new jersey she's grove yeah here's a thought were really excited about that it's supposed to be a big event i'm i believe i'm host i'm taking over the nfl's instagram to so yeah it's it's gonna be fun republicans how how many tickets you gotta get when you're playing the jets in new jersey i have i have a bunch of family and friends that are very eager go i'm sure i'm sure they might monday night at you i believe so that's a big time i mean or excited for that so i i would prepare yourself i mean a i have a bunch of friends at already you or their tickets i believe a ready so a universe hyper that i have since a family coming as well it's it's gonna be a fun night what exit is cedar grove i believe asking dislike for years ago three years ago and i probably still can't tell you honestly i don't i dunno i dunno i believe me i saw him i talked to his nobody i think you got it wrong forty five to eighty to eighty the cedar grove it's right there livingston's right next you no i don't think lebron exact says my about in montclair like montclair relying on one forty it would go up higher it's sold the internet right in front of you it's not like you're open to the now new jersey so am i love this by the way i would love to have a who knows jersey better off with david joke who cleveland but i'm gonna lose my mind though is right even take a the parkway you can get off at two eighty which is one forty five and then you go no garden state parkway pleasant valley way now either grove police academy in zero oh my really yeah that's kind of police academies there at some point did you feel unsafe as a very small child when mike del tufo is on the beat wrapping his police car around a tree if i'm not mistaken i get off a highway three route three to forty six and goes out a way to grow yeah now you guys do has no a lot more than i do hope that you wind up with you again from jersey how did that happen 'em see shonky set a shocking connection what happened when she gave you got offered suffered at you now know a i got recruited by 'em by marked enough rio hand a and now a golden okay and i last minute chose miami all right i'm gonna put you on the spot you go 'cause you're a man who i think and handle you broad shoulders i can handle the greatest wide receiver in the history of the hugh anyway pick one should we start downtown charlotte i got off the tongue let buds here we go start because you guys gotta be quiet gang oh yes start bench cut greatest wide receiver in the history of the you oh michael irvin reggie wayne andre johnson oh my god oh god david and joke but again though i could i could live rounds tiger you tight ends is well i'm just saying you left off said tammy matassa devin hester used by michael alan hearns reggie wayne 'cause i wanna create a huge stinky mazes me right now in andre johnson yeah those three bathrooms always always in on nfl game day morning just so you understand that might give you some cover i always called andre johnson the greatest receiver in the history of the hugh as i was looking directly at michael irvin saying those words david joke who could you start bench cut okay now before i say this all three receivers are exceptional warriors because they're all gonna do real jagger is yes that's correct i would go i'm gonna start michael irvin just because you know his intensity you know like it's like what he brings to the game is just super and he's probably watching our bench andre because i know sooner or later around need him the game to make some crazy plays and unfortunately reggie you my dog but i cut reggie just because you gave me this hard hard questions a lot more now it's just fun now this we could do this for several i will do one more one more adult china is i've got i've got it okay like a greatest tight end in the history of you jeremy shockey greg olsen david joking start bench cut will no question i definitely start david joko i mean his first off he's is probably one of the most handsome you know tight ends we got by the way we were giving like a family feud clap okay a m now i forgot to mention hiding shocking grab a cup how by josh langford giving me like these are like the best the best when it comes to tightening yeah 'em a bench man i can't i can't do this i plead the fifth best running back oh now i know you're out you wants to get back to more about back to the rich eisen show hey a love having you on david but i do this morning every i guess every three years now you got drafted in two thousand seventeen teen i think you were twenty when you came on right you're twentythree about to be twentythree correct you're about to be twentythree twentythree if they're very i yeah i'm will be on whenever whenever you want i always enjoy shots i really do i i've been rooting for years you know since before he got drafted thank you so it's great to see you here and now but one question okay so i ask question earlier in the answer what was her latest forty yard dash okay i do we have a video to share david show once they got everything like regular mode and oh my god oh sure we got the mash up any other guys were common i mean do you demand film coach coach where's my film i like on demand you gotta watch boom gotta watch well actually a all you need to just look at the mugging see me standing still on the blog while trying to run it just close the actual thing up for a six oh six slap six i think you were sick why they sit there and i will say this on my third try wave eight partially torn growing muscle that's impressive fact not metal idols in on wise i zipped up the the core and went forward i felt so again just look at the mug and that's what it looks like thanks for coming on what what is you're forty time for something right combine a better due to high run like a forty six and then proto ever i run a four four eight four all right yeah yeah but you know you it's a it's a it's a it's a quicker trigger finger yeah you know everything's faster in florida that's right all right great defensive alignment of all time sap no i'm just kidding they sat the rock by the way they played next to each other they roomed together do leah at banks were coming on my budget david and joke who a client a browns tight end right here on the richeisenshow we come back the latest what would you bomb apparently mbh free agent front end chris mannix a sports illustrated no doubt to react to that that tyler rolling here don't you dare move here on the rich eisen show okay this is a thirty second commercial and i'm gonna throw a lot of numbers at you but please stay with me in just fifteen minutes you could save fifteen percent or more on car insurance this company's been offering great rates and great service for over seventy five years in anytime you need help you could speak to 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question brought to you by capital one which is imagining banking by offering savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums in one of the best savings rates folks capitol one in eight member fdic icy approval required what's in your wallet what is are poll question results is currently stands it's chris before okay looking at what's best for the u n b s o n l a and you're rushing right now it's such it's either the raptors it's the clippers were the lakers i think the last time we looked at this is the raptors at were leading it right there correct christmas at richeisenshow but yeah dance long well i'm all these other a n b at miami heard you didn't think i was gonna do i didn't and a forty nine percent co why stays in toronto a lot canadians thirty two percent collide joined the lakers eighteen percent collide joins the numbers i don't understand it as five thousand ma i definitely definitely partial doc rivers tummy collide joining the clippers changes injures their trajectory of that franchise we've seen the nets you get a new building you get ownership you get the proper roster you've got the proper front office and they they they will come they will come the clippers ever since they they got rid of donald sterling who is so awful makes james dolan looked like what's the what's the what i guess what would you put it right there makes makes james dolan james dolan looked like bob kraft okay terms of running a franchise slice bomber puts two billion with a b down doc rivers calms jerry west is their shopping the groceries part of part of the organization they're ready team was terrific last year i i'm you know thought doc rivers was coach of the year material like income and he would be they would throw rose pedals at his feet and make the west more fun adrian origin arouse ski saying that ben simmons has been offered the max from a from the sixers last fall max extension so rich paul is gonna be working his his agents so not everybody in the clutch sports a over realm is being groomed to play with lebron it's about a hundred and seventy million dollars is what it's worth a lot of money now a lot of money kris maddox a sports illustrated back here on the show hi ben chris going on rich so them before we get to be a the the main course with the coastline everything else what still one free agent signing were not talking about 'cause it's been lost amongst they durant's teaming up with kyri what's collide gonna do hoopla chris immediate if these guys that have that are signing yes sir the signing that has occurred over the last forty eight hours that's not getting nearly enough attention automation i mean there there's some they're getting the right amount of attention i mean what utah's done not just in the last forty eight hours but the last few days and i think we plus i mean they really fortified themselves as a legit conference contender i mean if you if you looked at the one thing that was missing from that team last year was kind of floor spacing around donovan mitchell because the new year to everyone kind of figured out how to defend the jazz they needed more scoring and they got it mike conley who had a great bounce back season last year i mean they went out and really blew the doors off bogey on like not have extra a he was you know they gave him a huge offer the sign there and now they have the makings of of of a really competitive team in the western conference one that as we speak right now i think you'd have to rank immediately amongst the favorites on the one of the warriors doing what's happening with a with russell acquisition of him their plans for him in their plans a moving forward here in the poster rent a world world well i i think it's twofold with dangelo russell i mean first of all they need bodies out there i mean they need somebody the plate minutes out there i mean they're mean injuries in the lawsuit but they've incurred in free agency in trade have left them kind of with a skeleton crew m n ruffles the guy that used to playing you know thirty thirty five maybe forty minutes a night so they need some some somebody that can play really until klay thompson is healthy and then you kind of see what happens the rest this year 'em as far as long term i don't know the entirely committed themselves to are russell hurry you know thompson a three headed monster in their back horton small forward position that i think there's some some serious issues with that type of teammates very very small and i'm not sure how you you defend at a high enough level at that but those positions but you know russel's very tradable i mean he's a guy that's proven himself as an all star point guard if you go into year two you're only gonna have three years left on his contract and if you decide to trade him next summer it's one of the weaker free agent class is that we've we've seen in a while with really only dream on green lurking out there as as a top guy you can get something back in return so i get it with the warriors on on acquiring dangelo russell so so good for two thousand nineteen twenty a looking over the steering wheel here's aj commodity to be flipped who who would be interested in him even right now just say you got a whole bunch of players back for him and you can get the bodies that you're you're requiring for golden state right now chris well minnesota would end the timber wolves i'm not exactly sure what went down out there but the timber wolves were pretty shell shocked in the aftermath of the russell deal they thought they had something worked out with dangelo russell that what's gonna move some pieces around for them and put him in that mix alongside a karl anthony towns says kind of their to monitor moving forward and that's a team that you know as they move forward and and and depending on what happens stand that someone that could be very interesting down the line we've got chris mannix on the horn right here from sports illustrated and you do a ton of work in the boston area of relating with the celtics that's what is what is the danny aines plan here now and it gets kemba walker no kyrie no more horford world what is this team look like well i think they salvage you off season as best they could i mean they they they missed on anthony davis kyri left out horford once things i think more than than any other too because i don't think they view the other two as as being is likely to happen as al horford being back and having him go to a a division rival conference rival makes that cut you know w deep without horford but you know getting kemba walker i think overall you know when you factor in the locker room stuff is going to be an upgrade over over kyrie irving kemba has at least a couple of maybe three more really high level you're a left in him so now what they've got a focus on is going out in for defined that front court i mean ns kanter is nice but he doesn't defend anybody in defensive strength was a was one of their strikes last year this signed a kid i guess from france i don't know too much about him but i wouldn't put too much stock in in somebody brought in over from overseas on a short term deal they gotta go out there and whether it's trade or off kind of the scrap heap free agency get somebody else got great that front court the put themselves at least in the mix it'd be a threat in the conference chris mannix sports illustrated here on the rich eisen show let's get to the meat of the moon potatoes air collide leonard what do you you're not a lot to be honest and it's not all that surprising since collide leonard does not like his business getting out there and if you're a team that's in contention for collide leonard you're not gonna roll the dice and and and and let that let let you know any kind of leaks tickets traced back to you a be a factor in all of this so the teams i've talked to either are not talking to me or not saying much back in return so it's the three teams were talking about you know the lakers and clippers have put themselves in a really tough spot here because if collide leonard electrical back in toronto i don't know what they do because he's a free agent market is drying up you know very quickly and those guys that are out there that could make an impact next year especially with the lakers you don't have any trade asset left either it's problematic so the ripple effects of the decision why letter makes are gonna be norma struck again be sure are i mean i i that's how we started the show chris is that you could make the case he was the number one factor in who want me mb finals this year and he's the number one factor in who wins mb finals next year man there's no other person you could say that about when it's all said and done now there there really isn't he's put the clippers in who just got patrick beverley back and have some really nice pieces there and a gaping hole at that three spot you could make an argument that the clippers the top team in the western conference put him back on toronto and they're clearly the favorites to repeat next so yeah he in it's more about the lakers really rich i mean there and i don't blame them i talked to a lot of nbc people about this and to a man they all said if they thought they had a shot at collide leonard they would roll the dice in week this thing out i don't blame her for doing this but man if they don't get him you know you're talking maybe demarcus cousins in that mix 'em i don't even know i mean there there guys signing buddy our that i know the lakers had at least one i on an end it's not gonna leave them with much back in return so so last the poll question of a of chris mannix there chris brockman go for it yeah chris what's the best move nb hey why stays in toronto joined the lakers joined the clippers you you put the commissioner on sodium pentothal he gives which answer i think why staying with toronto is it leased it fits with the mindset i know adam silver has dnb eight they hate super teams they do they you know it does draw ratings in the playoffs the specially but yeah it'd be eight in adam silver's regime particularly has so badly craved nb style parity end if you put co why would the lakers you might have the best super team ever if they could flush out the roster in coming years with three guys that you could you could easily argue rank in the top ten in the nbc as players it doesn't really want that even though having a a a glamour team in l eight is good for ratings it's not good for parity you know put in hawaii back in toronto that they wouldn't walk to the finals in the east is too much competition there for that to happen but it makes the raptors competitive the clippers still have the assets to figure something out i mean they have a bunch of draft picks some tradable pieces were they could make another move i just think you know if quite goes back the raptors next season begins with like i dunno eight teams that probably think they have a realistic chance of winning a championship and that's exactly what adam silver's always want it yeah i mean i i agree with you i think so many fans would be upset if why created the super team that you're talking about i really do especially since we we have made it through what would you say about a ten year stretch of the super team era from the heat what they did to what the warriors here's did with the ramp to supplant the one time but they lost to the bron with love and kyrie a that where we we made it through this era wave the raptors getting co why and doing what obviously oklahoma oklahoma city hoped would paul george and there was no russell westbrook if you will with all due respect to lowery in vanfleet and the rest of that dynamic team i think the fans would just be i i'm i'm looking at like we may even mentioned the blazers to chris you know so i i think so many fans would be disappointed if that happens really out and yeah i agree 'em the only thing i could say about why is i told people this that i've done i think three magazine profiles on amount of know the guy all these guys maybe just impossible to really get to know on a personal level but if he went to the lakers it wouldn't be it wouldn't be against pretty much everything i know about it and what i do is that why believes that he's when he steps on the floor he believes he's the best player and he believes whatever team he's on has a chance to win a championship and should be including the mix to win a championship that's why the clippers makes some sense because it would be his team they build that team with you know great supporting cast players around the alpha in hawaii leonard the raptors are his team no matter what lebron james says doing an anthony davis might say to him it's not gonna be his team at least not for a few years an end and that will always be the case as long as lebron is in that mix that's why i get you know the lakers the marquee team and i don't and the one thing we don't know is what's really important to collide leonard and that's always the biggest variable and you're trying to figure out free agency but going lakers would would surprise building in the sense that it just doesn't think up everything i do know about climate chris love the chat thanks for the call really appreciate it will chat a later this summer no question about it banks you gotta you gotta it's chris mannix of sports illustrated so one thing i wanna put together with the way we started the show with what we just heard broddrick turner the loss angeles times went on the spectrum spectrum sports net network you're low locally in los angeles it's the home of ellie lakers 'em games here in the city of angels an he went into a full on detail what he has heard about the conversations that collide leonard and his famed uncle dennis habit magic johnson and if this situation as mannix just described it as eight free agency version of fight club where you're not supposed to talk about it and if you talk about it you're not gonna get it if that's what this is why are we hearing all of the details of the conversation recision meco why and his uncle had with magic johnson i mean full on full details about what co why asked of magic what uncle asked of magic what magic's responses were according to again broddrick turner of l eight times paraphrasing what magic's responses were isn't that on dairy including also a demand the co why add about his own personal no training regimen how it would be supported by the team and also the one thing again is like were you getting is this coming from co why is it coming from bianco one would think not 'cause you're not hearing about any conversations he's had with toronto or the clippers is it coming from the lakers hearing it from magic well you're not hearing about what pelinka's said 'cause according to broddrick returnable lincoln has spoken to hawaii in his uncle dennis as much as it pains me because i just been such a fan for so many years and he's been nothing but delightful every time i've met him it's gotta be magic in why is it because if co why doesn't com this is the way i'm reading it it's cool i did not come in its because he got a bit scared off or turned off by these suppose it backstabbing ebbing nature of the general manager any uncles the one according to broddrick turner that asked about the relationship between lincoln and magic and the owner and what's going on any organization and that's the one with the biggest detailed answer about hey would you sometimes get squabbles the world good right now if collide doesn't come because of magic saying what he said on first take who's to blame about going on coming when it's all said and done even though why could say i fell in love with toronto i'm going back but if he goes to the clippers and it's like i chose the clippers over the lakers even heard how i reacted to the knicks losing out to the nets but at least you laker fans would have be ultimate cushion in the form of lebron anthony davis already those two guys but why are we hearing about all this stuff if the conversations between co why in the teams have been ordered not to be touched then who ordered the code red right eight four four two four rich her phone calls and a check on baseball including obviously of any horrendous story out of what happened with e m loss angeles angels and pitchers gone way too soon tyler skaggs that's next on the rich eisen show stay tuned for sixty seconds of eight news headlines right after this podcast the phone lines win let for a while a stephen in portland oregon a congratulations keeping lowered and put in a neat neat team together for next year i liked the hassan whiteside what do you think yeah let's check it out some of those moves in a i'm not is up to speed on them as as i could be but a score those kind of hope and you could kill me you know i look what kind cats do we have in china another question to why can't we get by can't we get a big super max player like that i mean bill willard is awesome don't get me wrong but is it outside of the realm of reason ability that we can get a big top five player sunday well stephen a i i'm not familiar with the blazers cap situation off the top of my head but you have one of the best players and they nbn damian lillard that's number one you've gotta have eight top five arguable top five player in order to succeed in envy we ain't you've got that you've also got a mccollum who is special okay so you've got a back court that could actually do battle with golden state's back court flat out okay and now a i liked be the the whiteside addition our assuming newark which is gonna come back and just be be the same guy 'em the west is wide open as it can be right now that could change of collide comes to the lakers and creates a super team i mean i couldn't even fathom but i do like the blazers chances you mentioned you mentioned i love the lord we've been talking about him since we came on here five years ago almost love that guy yeah he's amazing we have a question for you okay 'em i think to system of a down day the song hypnotize and i swear to god the singer daryn not like i'm not sure how you say mullick in sound exactly like chris brockman rockwood if you've ever check it out there but thanks for the call stephen if you've ever heard that before i have not heard that will add that to you're growing roseman all right now let's go yard quickly here on the richest you hit a ball going here's the pitch all bell bill swings in cranks one else arrive at a swing and a fly ball to right right on cue a swing and a fly ball to right center field i mean the combination of going yard old judge that what you have to play and it'll be capitol one a best life player of the week and all in one as josh bell celebrates being first time all star an invitation accepted to be all star home run derby he does it with a free home run night from the left side just absolutely brutalized personally these chicago cubs last night i think big cat was tweeting out stop pitching to have trended last night is the first time all star he's got twenty five home runs seventy seven runs batted in last lefthanded pirates better with three home and the game happened in nineteen seventy one willie stargell did it and he's the best player of the week again by capitol one of which is telling you about opening up a savings account checking account in less than five minutes no fees no minimums one of the best savings rates in america capital one what's in your wallet i i don't profess to know tyler skaggs i've just been reading a lot about him over the last twenty four hours since we found out that he was found dead in his hotel room in texas loss angeles angels pitcher gone at age twenty seven there any is a someone from southern california santa monica also a spending a ton of time in this town he played a big league balls we all know down in orange county born in the san fernando valley years is southern california is they come and he just got married and his parents have gotta be crushed and nobody knows what happened just yet and all i know is that mike trout tweeted out how the team is devastated they cancelled the game last night they are playing tonight's game and having a moment before the game in memory of tyler skaggs john carlos stanton sent out a remarkable instagram and i wanna send you to 'cause he talked about what the marlins went through when they lost jose fernandez and about how the team's gonna walk by his locker and wonder why me and how they will not be able to grieve in in private because you play every game every day in baseball and there's constantly people that are gonna be asking you questions in a way and obviously everyone wants to know what happened to tyler skaggs all we know is that by all accounts he was eight great human being who is gone way too soon and all of us here on the show and were hurt every day on angels radio sending out condolences to his wife his parents his family being tire angels community if there's anything we can do to help just let us know rest in peace tyler skaggs it was a crime no one expected one many can't forget twenty two hours and american nightmare a new podcast from w g o p news and podcast one details the heinous murder of a dc power couple of their ten year old son anna housekeeper inside their own hope the complicated trail of evidence she thinks she knows how dare he went inside the house on my god i saw any yesterday and shocking moments from the trial his defense team dropped a bombshell will this investigation to the release of confidential audio recordings from the case so it's under general counsel here's marina and he committed to making a transparent twenty two hours at american nightmare subscribe on apple podcast today now's the time to find you're color you're page and everything starting dream red white and blue savings at the home depot 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and rising disposable income come fans are mourning the death of loss angeles angels pitcher tyler skaggs found in his hotel room in texas yesterday before what would have been the series opener with the rangers rangers manager chris woodward so well like

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