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"tammy building" Discussed on KOMO

"Of floated out there Bare Grower's guild that this had changed and it was sort of up to each of us tow figure out what that meant to each individual spot. There are a handful of hoops dining room still have to go through in order to open and it really does depend on where you are. And while that's working for some others demand fewer rules and lower taxes before they can afford to re opened. Well, there's no signs of fewer rules. The Washington Legislature is working on bipartisan changes that would lower employment taxes for these business owners and millions of dollars in emergency grants. None of them passed yet but many pieces of legislation of being heard this week. Brian Calvert Co. Moh news on Wednesday a bill that would move the entire state to phase two of the pandemic reopening plan will get a hearing before the Senate state government and Elections Committee faced who would allow gyms and restaurants to reopen for indoor service at 25% capacity. One of Bill's sponsor says We should be cautious about reopening but not overly cautious. Coming up here on the comb all morning news Your president Trump, please ignore our governor. I'm Corwin. Hey, CA Congress Members Plea for Wildfire Aid at 6 34. Let's check your driver. Couple traffic every 10 minutes from the dupe in law Group Traffic center. Here's Tammy building. Traffic is so polite this morning. I'm seeing for the first time on the Valley Freeway. Just past highway 18 north bound 167 right around 15th Street Northwest. Ah, little bit of slowing. This is aces for a traffic reporter. And I'm also seeing a little bit of slowing through the s curves right around sunset. But other than that, it seems all of our highways and freeways are wide open and moving at the speed limit. And some of the mountain passes. We're not expecting any weather right now or for the rest of the week. Really? So we've got no restrictions, except for traction Tire advisory for Steven's pants. The next traffic reported 6 44 Tammy Bennett for Come on news traffic sponsored this time by Beacon plumbing, heating and electrical called Beacon today, say $50 in all heating and air conditioning. Just call 1 800 freaking and stop.

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