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Woman was bit by rabid fox, so she killed it with her bare hands

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01:18 min | 3 years ago

Woman was bit by rabid fox, so she killed it with her bare hands

"During a road rage incident motorists should remain in their vehicles and. Take down the license plate of the other driver involved I'm Lisa g. for seven ten w, o on a New Jersey woman says it while she hates. To kill anything she had no choice after being attacked by a rabid. FOX fifty two year old Tammy Baugh was walking in her pits grove backyard July eighteenth When a rustling in the bushes turned into a FOX knowing on. Her leg she tried to go inside but couldn't free herself from the animal so she says she grabbed it snout with one hand strangled it with the other while was hospitalized onto when, treatment for rabies after tests confirmed that the FOX was infected sports and weather, up next wwl news time eight oh four balance of nature's fruits and veggies in a capsule I've got enclosing spondylitis which is a moth Riddick, disease calcification of a major Johnson spine and I just don't have the pain that I, used to have truly kind. Of amazing balance of nature has been. An amazing product recommended it too literally hundreds, I'm a pastor and I've said, y'all just try give it give it a month give it a try and so hopefully they. Have but it's it's an, amazing product and the neatest thing is when you first open up that bottle and you. Can smell the fruits and vegetables every time I opened one, I just get a, big. Kick out.

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