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"Down the big game tomorrow in Athens if you do not have tickets to the big guy George at Notre Dame game I have plans for you head over to the punch line or you could do tonight and see my next guest they'll be on the punch line stage Chris the Stephano and don the peta formally known as two extras in the sopranos gentleman welcome welcome to the show. so I I'm from Connecticut I grew up in a mostly Italian town and I I I got was a so your names of like I'm home sick all of a sudden yeah wanna get it can harm my gripe is with a couple marinara sauce it exactly right then I can't believe I'm here at the land a punch line during the biggest game and and the schedule for university of Georgia that why my yeah go dogs go dogs I am I Hey you know what though go dogs barked I am most of most people in New York our Notre Dame fans the Irish she I got the Irish there but he got the Italian Irish kind of bad blood does I mean mostly Italians I knew growing up in New York were like Miami hurricane fans or followers yeah it's any by any program that you had a lot of cocaine and. but what you should be you should feel good about tomorrow night the punch line because the tickets are outrageous this game it's the highest priced regular season college football game ever burn so you know that's a fact wow yeah ever I mean well I mean with inflation may be like a game in nineteen eighty six is more expensive but in real dollars right now it's crazy the cheap is getting taken out like seven hundred fifty dollars a night they added thousands of seeds have is that you right and I'm actually going to the game and I'm I'm usually a ticket snob nice good for you but I mean the worst seat I've ever been I'm gonna six hundred level seat at Sanford stadium which out of me know existed you can watch ants play basically but I was like I I got to be there I do know you're gonna be in town I think how far is absent from Atlanta like an hour hour and fifty one we cancel shows I just go to the game I want to do that the yeah if you don't do that tickets are available online at punch line dot com so Chris is from New York yes and I did I did a lot of research you you're from Brooklyn but you went to high school in queens yes why which is well it's pretty nor I went to an all boys Catholic high school in queens my mom didn't want me around our girls but little did you know I love boys safari. yeah. no she she it's very common to to go to high school in another borrow you when your to Malloy's I once archbishop alloy baby the stand ours so I went to mers college in Jersey and a lot there lot of Malloy guys Floyd boys Lloyd boy I went to see Anna in Albany did you really a good sign conference yeah yeah great party school yeah right I am yeah that I went to high school there and it was a good time I mean it was a good talk they actually look I was an all boys Catholic high school when I started freshman year but when I was a junior they let girls and and it was that all hell broke loose all hell broke loose people like I'm taking my kid out of the high school if there's girls around I was like mom it's because the thing is they do it to like prevent distraction from the opposite sex but like there was a all girls high school merry Lewis academy which is three train stops away so it's like like pack rats as soon as our you know school let out we would run and just wait to sniff the girls coming out of merry Lewis so there was a guy I was friends with I'm a I'm a bit. I I'm just going to roll past that bit older new but my body Tami Barbero baseball at Malloy and in the city championship they played at Yankee Stadium sure I need a home run at Yankee Stadium like a legit home run over the one. yeah allege stale so he's like forty five now successful at exact if you ask in the greatest moment is life not the birth of his daughter not getting married there was a bomb at the audience I can't blame them I can't yeah I mean that's amazing I feel like I think they still to this day play that chance okay but Yankee Stadium so Maysville I don't I don't want it the collect you know this is a homecoming of sorts for you don because you are from Kennesaw I am originally yeah and Georgia also local firearms a look okay to made good yeah yeah how did you become a comedian at a Kennesaw yeah I I'm I moved to LA and started to pursue acting and you know when I was out there in LA first couple years when you try to get your foot in the door yeah started writing got up on stage and I was like oh this is nice this is fun so did you know Grande Kennesaw that this is this is what I want to be you know no I played I played baseball and I played at Kennesaw mountain which is like a baseball power George is a baseball power house down here and I played minor league baseball for years yeah that and then when that and it wasn't my choice yeah same here yeah I moved out to LA and started doing the acting thing and then start doing stand up I I played at Marist yeah yeah I understand for two years that's that's great night in Congress so called on the same old exactly I was doing well until I I figured out or I was told they need to maintain a certain GPA to stay on the team yeah I thought yeah second there you were yeah red fox already five read that online manner. how did you get yeah I mean I mean all kids that are are from Brooklyn and queens have that sense of humor that biting say I'm here but how did you realize like I can make this into a living I would set so used to be physical therapist okay and then like two years into being a physical therapist I was like trying to I was doing comedy in the morning I was doing physical therapy the morning coming at night for years and then just a day came I was like you know what I want to do this full time I got on the show on MTV called guy code yeah yeah I called a girl because they're really pop among high school college kids so I was actually pediatric physical therapist and one of the other fifth male physical therapist because female physical most physical therapists are women there was another guy he just hated me in the school so he told the principal of the school that I had cut out a work to go on the radio to promote a comedy show so she came in she like you can't do that like buffalo blah and then people start to recognize me the parents of the kids that I was treating started to recognize me from the guy coach because they're relatively young and might the principal was like listen you can't do physical therapy and then also be on the show we are talking about like the guy code to hiding your **** you can't do that so they were like she was like you have to choose and I just chose comedy but I still you know talk to some of the families of the kids that I work with and and it's all good but yeah so I can ask is so physical therapy that that's a profession that's a real job we sure have training and schooling education. at your family when you decide to drop the physical therapy the real career and do you know acting in comedy what was your family's reaction at all at first at first they were especially like my mom you know was very much like I can't believe that you're doing is you're an idiot just like your father you know like stuff like that you know but but then when I start to you know then I got a David Letterman show the other guesses John Travolta obviously my mom was my plus once she met John Travolta and then like and now it's like you know I mean it's just crazy like in life like like physical therapy was a lot of great gratifying job but it's like that's a tough guy could make like I could make it like a month doing comedy what I would make in a year doing physical therapy because you just don't get paid to do physical therapy at least in New York it's like I came out a hundred twenty thousand dollars in debt with a doctor degree and had like this entry level B. S. position of like this this isn't right yeah so I think we have to pay our health care providers a lot more money I agree Krista Stephano and don depend in studio on the market I'm sure they will be on the punch line stage two night tickets available online a punch line dot com tickets tomorrow again if you're not going to the Georgia Notre Dame game they will make you laugh yeah you should come we should but let's buy tickets and scalpel before the show you wanna scalpel bit outside. rebel Wilson would get five to be some value after you guys you guys would sound like scalpers as yeah you know like take it's yeah it's yeah let's compliment what about we'll get back down to we'll go down we'll we'll tail gate yeah yeah lowkey a little you know the buzz on and scalpel yeah but you guys can relate live really to this I think because growing up in Connecticut. I didn't have a favorite college football team I have my first college football game ever I don't go to any at Marist was a Georgia game down here while I was blown away by it's a different world died it is clean UP here in the northeast nobody like that a lot college sports is not a thing it's like you know yeah the one the giants are playing or the jacks or you know the next or whatever but like yeah even like even hearing down here like all the college football game that anyone else he Stony Brook Fairfield. the sea wolf yes is they'll tell it in there yeah real quick Chris so the the the doctorate in the background do you when you're on the road I'm not so I'm not looking you don and and casting aspersions what do you have like other queens with aches and pains like doc you know can you check out my shoulder yes the church yes but the truth is I was specifically pediatric physical therapist and also having practiced physical therapy since two thousand thirteen so I'll definitely take a peek yeah but I could make it worse I just I just let them know it's like listen I'll take a peek I'll try to remember and then apply this to if your bones were so much smaller because I was used to children so I'll just and to be honest let's be honest most comedians they hear of a doctor's degree and it's not accepting it's like Hey look at look at my genitalia tell me what that is because I chlamydia ray yeah it's drifting he gives a great glued massage won't lie about that do what you do tell tell the folks we can find.

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