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"tamar carris" Discussed on Here & Now

"I will tell you that governor were Cooper is standing by his or his staff's legal analysis that what should happen is the law should revert to a twenty fifteen law that predates the unconstitutional law. That says there will be a five member board made up of appointees by the governor. He is trying to get that in place in time for this January eleventh elect January eleventh hearing, right, but if there is a new election state law requires that there has to be a new primary as well. So is it possible that Republicans could decide replace Mark Harris with an entirely new candidate? It's certainly possible. And there are people out there who will say that report state Republicans have determined that Mark Harris, whether he did no or not is just too toxic that being said, a high profile Republicans Robert pittenger, the current incumbent who who lost the primary Tamar Carris this go round says. He will not run. Again. Pat, Mkhori former governor has his own talk radio program in Charlotte says he will not run again. I tell you a new one you said rusty a few seconds ago not to get too convoluted. I'm sure a lot of listeners yelled out too late because this is so complicated. It doesn't change the balance in the house because the Democrats, you know, have taken over the leadership what's doing people there in the ninth district as you see there's a cloud of uncertainty as thick as p soup. I mean, really for the people who live in that district. Everybody in that district and people outside the district. You're saying look this has been going on for years. One of the interesting things to come out of this investigation is that the the state elections board staff the executive director in two thousand seventeen reached out to the US attorney's office the eastern district saying we've heard about improprieties in bladen county, just where all this is supposedly taking place in the two thousand sixteen you think it should be looked into. Nobody did anything about it. So a lot of people are saying these are problems they should have been solved a long time ago. WINCE's rusty Jacobs. Thank you. You're welcome..

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