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"take home country roads" Discussed on Never Not Funny

"We go. I remember it as a reference to losing around here the new song. If you talk over it so the idea. I believe is you got it wrong but you still one. I like the I'd like the senate rocky. Road is the rate i don't know if they're with. Rocky rose a reference that we made. We made a reference. Okay yes well. Then i'm on board. I think it's i think maybe somebody like it was rocky road. Ice cream was like the answer to something and Right yes that's a very specific. Yeah i wanted to say before that when you go around the horn a good song for that would be the daft punk song around the world. I was thinking that too but around the horn. Oh right on the whole. Or i'm not a fan of daft punk if we could not have on my show. That's the number one. Reason is not gonna around the horn. And i i like that. Let's see namedrop but i. I did have a meeting with daft punk. How did they wear helmets. Are no helmet. No helmets freaky weird. I think it was the same year we had a meeting. And it was like all these people who you don't see in phase to yes and it was super crazy. Being the weird thing is i would like i have this weird feeling having seen them right in a meeting there was one point when they were accepting agronomy. Where i'm pretty sure. I saw one of them in the audience so i don't know if they did a trick even like they were doing performance. Art to the church or trick. The grammys. that's the. I don't know i could see them. Not accepting the grants sending doubles to to. Actually i wouldn't you know i mean. I think they were there watching right. Right it's all like radiohead did. The grammys wants and tom. York did it with the marching band and it was a super weird thing of like. They had a fantastic performance. But it was one of those fifteen step. Is that what it's called. But they cut to the audience. And there was radiohead watching radiohead perform. Qassam york was the only one on stage. That's just weird. Cut away in grammy history. John denver who you just played the taking home country road yes. I wrote the grammy fortieth anniversary. Whatever there was like a coffee table book. So i had to watch the raw feeds of every grammy show in history. John denver hosted the show for years and he was very very. Good andy williams. I guess it'd been before it was like as they were moving towards l. o. Cool jay talk slowly but the crazy thing is almost everyone else who ever hosted is a singer or a rapper. Ll or like a comedian. A lot of comedians. Like you would see doing ellen. Or whatever and they're always inbetween commercials there trying to entertain people. John denver was unique in that. When i watched the raw footage of him like inbetween commercials and there was nothing he just looked straight ahead at the like waiting for the prompter and then he then he was great but it was like he turned on only when the camera waitress really unique. I've never seen anything quite like. I'm john denver to it. Sounds like a robot to me but instead so it's daft punk. Yeah i know robots in the music industry as your eyes tonight. That's a deep john. Denver cut that. I love absolutely love from the eighties. When nobody gave a shit about john denver anymore when he that was the last sort of big moment was that would domingo placido domingo perhaps love which is one of the of. I have to say it makes me cry. It's time it's beautiful. It's absolutely beautiful crazy. It's a little bit like coolio. And willie nelson like two voices. Who probably shouldn't technically but there's something about it. That just moved me i. You're not going to get a fight for me. I went to john denver phase. Right listen to that on on every plane. Ride reflects on slake. There's a guy named milk oaken. Who was like john denver very because manager producer guy. He also did peter. Paul and mary he did. Domingo did perhaps love but he did. Laura niro but i had. I wrote liner notes for john. Denver's songs best friend this anthology that came out like fifteen years ago but i sat with him and he was like he was hysterical because he was just like I got like all the john denver stories in one sitting with an old old guy in a beverly hills room. There's nothing i would rather do than sit in here. John denver stories. Because no one's telling john denver's degrees anymore they wonderful. I opening they were. They were wonderful peter. Paul mary he like he was. He was mad at. Peter poll or mary or the hamper sand wanted to say. It's paul stuckey When you were watching all that grammy footage did you watch the. Maybe this might be one of those things right. Remembered it wrong my entire life. But there's the footage of andy williams with stevie wonder stevie wonder should it's the most amazing thing. Let me see what i remember. A this is what i remember. Because i'd ever seen the footage again since i was a kid when it was live. They're trying to go to a satellite with stevie wonder and he says stevie. Can you see us because we can see you is that what happens is a i think stevie wonder is like in zaire like that and it's like their earlier attempt to do live. Oh no and it's the most awkward. It's it's like andy. Williams was like on the role of hosting the show forever and after stevie. Can you see me stevie. Can you see us never again. I think that was the end. That was like these songs in the key of life year. I think we're okay. And that's my favorite the favourite. Grammy joked that. Just you know. Paul simon known for his actually. It was funny but also know. There's a great artist but he was like when he won in the intervening year. He went like. I'd like to thank first and foremost stevie wonder for not putting it out. But you know the anyone's i can't believe you remember weaver vividly so nobody commented on it like they're like stevie didn't make a or no one like tried to defuse it was just i..

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