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"tago ziza" Discussed on Unashamed with Phil Robertson

"S. dot com. Get your hair going again. It was fun. I enjoyed it as well so so we're talking about. Moses Badra to get get into the meat of the matter last time we sorta laid out you kind of just following this a stream of these patriarchs these people that God raised up and so we're at the point now in the book of Exodus if you're follow along with us and we've noted that God it usually uses the last people that you would think that from our perspective to lead you know his will wheel that that that's what you keep seeing and it always seems like almost an impossible situation and Moses certainly was that because he was as we described last time he was basically marked to die you know along with all the other Hebrew baby floating downloading down the river and any winds up being the man you know is the journey to get there is pretty and credit Hollywood. If Hollywood did this. That's L. listing. I know and it's funny they did. They did it member. It was Batman Played Moses but I don't know the Christian Bale but it was so do you ever see now. I never watched it was was always a little weird about those kind of movies because it just kind of like an Noah thing when they had the kind of liked it. It was Kinda Comical Aniko but the rock monsters and I don't know I see from steady see where the get those ideas and you know we've all with Hollywood. We get it you know but what I do like. is they try you know. I think a lot of people in religion tried to get everything exactly right and I think a lot of news. Stories are basically giving the overall narrative of what happened. You get the principles because in the end if you miss how it relates to Jesus send us. Will you pretty much missed it anyway. Why sit there and argue an hour about what the town was that he will from here but you see that a lot in religion? Get the morning you know. I'm like if you're at your chart and you're doing like a nine weeks series on Paul's missionary journeys. Ah I think we've missed the point here you know you better get in what he was sharing instead of the exact location and the tools geography Agatha lesson but I'm telling you say that you would think this common sense. Hey Go visit a local church near you and see the kind of stuff that you you hear and you wonder why they're not growing doing so. Moses in exodus three basically gets to the burning Bush was just kind of where we left off last and he gets a direct communique from the Almighty in a Bush. That's on fire. They won't burn up which you think about everything. They're fixing to go through. I thought about this later. After we talked about that it is basically representing you know when you see a bliss that should be burning up and and it does and you know what they were fixed to go through which you have every every reason on what's fixing to happen to quit and give up because this is fixed and get tough but you don't you know. I just thought about that. How that applies in life that that God is able to give you some some kind of visual image like that where this should destroy you but if you're with with me you will survive. I think that's a subconscious you know. We read it as a story but if you actually saw that you start thinking about that you know he probably thought about about that light well. What does it mean why why's God representing himself in a Bush that doesn't burn up that should be destroyed Roy but he has the ability when you think something is over. You think it's going to be destroy. He has the power but who survive. I think it's a good subliminal subconscious mess it is and from Moses perspective thing about this. He's eighty years old. You know he had been a young man. You know zero to forty raised in Pharaoh's house. He had an altercation that we talked about last time he winds up in the desert for forty years. Thank him basically any chance he had any sort of normal life or back doc was in Egypt. That's gone forty years in the desert you being here day. You're seventy four. If all of a sudden this would happen now to you. You'd already lived your whole life and all of a sudden guys. Oh wait a minute. I got I got something. You hadn't even thought about about a task that's right so just the age factor of where he's at so he sees this and basically he's told by God. You're going to go back to Egypt and you're. GonNa Leave my people out Moses who by now you know one time. He seemed like he says says about himself. He could never speak very well but the balances earlier he wa- Hebrew says he was a young man he was strong in character and conviction was able to speak but he's he's lost all that and so now he does need more to do it he said. Can you send somebody else because it's kind of like you. Were talking about it. He didn't want to do it himself and so the Bible says says the Lord was angered it. It May Guy Mad at him. He said wait a minute now. Is this in chapter three. We're talking about when he said Yeah. We and we said I am who right. I am who I am which is basically God saying you know when you say who Emma Light. We're a proper now you know the name. Moses and he's like I'm I'm a noun and if you think about it and now not a verb and I have no time constraint all right. I'm an adjective adjective also and when you think about that grammatically on right he was saying. I'm like a living organism awesome you know I 'cause I am who I am this same thing of Jesus. Tell Him I am well and things about John has always been invisible. There's you know instill is in the sense of people see and communicate but there's no actually. CNN which I thought was interesting that that verse in Hebrews needed read that I think so I mean because you know if you're like me I kinda now. I'm not a real smart. Fella people listen and see thank you start reading exodus. What what is you get bogged down in the details and the Hittites and the you know presides all this but when you go to me with the presides hides maybe I'm not sure that's an official group of people that was a but you go to Hebrews which I think mirrors the exodus exodus experience and the law the giving of the law and then that beyond the shadow to Jesus coming. Would you agree with that and you have this in chapter what you call this the hall of faith the account the Hebrews Hall of fame so you basically they sum up Moses just in like four verses which Jio makes you think how you'll be summed up at the end if you could even make the book right but it does have a line that is also a me. It starts off in Twenty Three A. C. Twenty twenty four it said Hebrews Loan Twenty four or twenty five it says he chose to be mistreated along with the people of God rather than than to enjoy the pleasures of CNN for short time which which you kind of describe that line which goes in I mean I think that's something noble to be shared right but then against twenty seven he says by faith left Egypt not fearing the king's anger. He persevered because he saw him who is invisible. I'm in now. That is a statement when you think about how he got through all this will what was his secret. What are their life lessons that that we can see really that describes all of us and what we have in Jesus. We are literally walking around on earth. Trusting something that is invisible which sounds crazy to the world but us is just standard operating procedure seen. Did you do see the qualities you can see them and John the Potts said when you see people and they're known for their love for God and one another. He said that's when you see God. That's how you see right. You see him by people's live. That's try lighter. The world's sought of year we can show them. God but we better be on our game and we better watch our mouth in. What's what we do as we walk by. Faith goes one MISSTEP and they're gonNA say Nah. Now I mean we had the life is his a statement miss on memory add the man and the quail you know that what he was looking at it not like. Oh this is cool. The bread fallen one of phenomenon on he was like now this God and ultimately that would be related to Jesus remember I can't Theon that example when of Moses and it said Godwin pleased with them but it said they drank from the water the the water that came out of the Rock. I'm not sure where that story is an exodus but but it says an an is it I ten or something I missed him. It says that rock that accompanied them was Christ right and I also so you remember that and I think it's Joe Four. He became flesh. He was with them or yeah and you remember John Faubert Jesus talking and they were having this debate over trust him Moses roses or him and Jesus is like you're reading the scriptures thinking you're GonNa get eternal life and you're missing the parts about me. Yep You know you can't get eternal off without me but then he said an interesting thing he said Moses the one putting your trust in he wrote about me yeah which is one of the things they're like what thousands of years ago Jackie Moses wrote about you well. You're you're someth member in John. Eight whenever he would they would tell me Abraham which of course predates Moses and they were like we know who Abraham is. We're children children of Abraham. But who are you and that's when Jesus said before Abraham was born. I am which goes back to that same context that burning he made a statement. I am the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob was. There's been a long time since they had been on the earth and most people say were God would have said I was there. God maintenance now right but God was telling Moses I that Bush. I'm just letting you know I am their God. They're not dad. That's right there on the other side and their they physically have died but they're alive which is two thousand years later. Jesus uses the exact same language language his out is he said to him he's he's not the god of the dead but of the living sorry him they all are alive. Yeah that's why you're looking sea and Moses standing standing up here on the Mount of transfiguration a body some kind of body or glorified body any larger standard Tago Ziza's thousands of years look after they supposedly we're on the Earth you sat one of my gods showed him then and there are glowing those the apostle they're looking Peter Namli whoa right but that's also why this is the most the most powerful organism own planet earth the church because men when Jesus said you you know it. It's like the spirit you you see it affects but you compared it to the win and and basically yeah the wind is invisible sublime you can look at it and you know the wind's blown because the trees are moving right yep but that's the same way the Holy Spirit of God works. You see the fix but you it's invisible you..

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