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"tac rubia" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

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"tac rubia" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"Your face recognition, fingerprints, your health, even your relationships, and that data is worth more than gold, Rubio says. That threatens national security, the president suggested banning tic Tac Rubia says the APP can avoid that if it's Chinese owner sells it to a company that does not pass the data on users it collects to China with Florida's news I'm John Mc Weston. This is a Bloomberg money minute. Stocks are edging higher as investors keep tabs on talks in Washington, hoping that another stimulus bill is hammered out before the Senate's recess at the end of week. Dow is up 100 points more than 1/3 of a percent. The SNP is a fraction of a percent higher, well, the NASDAQ's a fraction of a percent lower. Microsoft has dropped more than 2% as it's moved to acquire Tic Tac is getting more complicated. China is denouncing the US demand for the sale of the video APP as theft. Virgin Galactic is down 12% after a week. Second quarter report. Meanwhile, the space tourism company has unveiled plans for a new supersonic business jet that it says will fly a three times the speed of sound. A flight from New York to London would take 90 minutes to fight the spread of covert 19. The NFL may require players, coaches and staff toe wear tracking devices that beep or light up if people get too close to each other within league facilities, Mona Rivera Bloomberg radio. Ross Bano said. He defend our values. He betrayed us. Voting records prove Spano backed in state tuition for illegals and even voted against President Trump's border wall. When it mattered most raw. Spano failed to defend our values. And now Spano's under criminal investigation by the Justice Department for secretly taking nearly $200,000 in illegal campaign cash, all to win an election. Spano conveniently calls it a mistake. But the law calls it a crime and whether Spano's incompetent or corrupt. He's not a really conservative Scott Franklin is a real conservative. I'm sure Grady Judd and I know Franklin's honest.

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