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"ta woolen" Discussed on Northwest Newsradio

"Safety board and Ethiopian authorities agree that false sensor readings caused the crash, the NTSB disputes the claim that the malfunction was caused by electrical issues with the sensor. The board's newly released findings say the malfunction was caused by impact with an object. The new comments come three weeks after the NTSB's initial criticism of Ethiopia's findings. The March 2019 crash killed all 157 people on board. Kathy O'Shea, northwest news radio. Bellevue school district officials say they need to close three schools due to declining enrollment. Whitaker reports that some parents are now fighting to keep those schools open. Like it affects our mental health, all of us. These past ten days are just like we're struggling. This is really put a lot of people on the brink. Lindsay hartzell tells me her two children go to eastgate elementary. One of the 7 schools potentially on the chopping block. We are just as concerned. We're all concerned about all of our children. But parents and grandparents tell me, they're not feeling that right now. The part that is just so disheartening is that it really is targeting underprivileged kids. Phantom like elementary has the best reputation for it needs kids. And my four year old grandson is autistic. And he is just blossomed here. That is not the intense disparities across the board. We're looking at and we're trying to address. We don't anticipate having to cut any services. Denise Whitaker, come on in. And parents attended an open house Monday to learn about the district plans in the district is expected to make their decision, sometime next month. The body of a gray whale was found Saturday near cannon beach Oregon, and that's the fourth to be found dead along the coast. It doesn't appear any of the whale deaths are connected. It's the time of year when whales are swimming south to Baja, California, and there are thousands of gray whales migrating, seaside aquarium officials say that it appears to have been dead for about a month, and that may make it difficult to determine the actual cause of death they did say that a shark bit the whale, but it looks like it happened after its death. Northwest newstime, 1210. Time for an update on sports from the Beacon plumbing sports desk, here's air kites. Both season honors for three Seahawks, running back Ken walker and cornerback ta woolen make the pro football writers association all rookie team also placed kicker Jason Myers makes the all NFC team. While the kraken host the Vancouver connects tomorrow night, the visiting side will be led by Rick target, hired this week as their new head coach. The connects of struggled the season and are in 6th place in the Pacific division. Seattle's in second, but have yet to beat their rivals since entering the NHL. Meanwhile, the kraken have had time offs and hosting Colorado will last Saturday, head coach Dave haxel says the time off between games comes at just the right time. We

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