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"ta balance energy" Discussed on Dark Tank with Yedoye Travis

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"ta balance energy" Discussed on Dark Tank with Yedoye Travis

"This break and Rebecca. Hey Laura Ramirez how you doing. Hey thanks for having me. Thank you for being here. How are you? I was doing really good today. Yeah Yeah that's great are you. I'm good. I'm pretty good at day yesterday where I didn't really talk anyone all day. What were you doing I was just kind of well. I was supposed to be writing but then I was. I was mostly playing smashed Rosenfield and I just found every video game in my house and I played it for a couple of minutes. Tenets wow I don't know how I did get your writing done no or you writing for A job yeah. Yeah my other podcasts What's your other podcasts podcast? It's a it's a show about anime for a for crunchy roll. Wow Yeah doing a lot. An anime content. You love anime. I love anime big anime fan every every black person does that. They won't tell you. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah I know this unanimity fan. My brother was. Yeah Yeah you get him on the show probably. He's so funny. Yeah Yeah. He's the funniest person I know. Busy do comedy at all now. Oh May business you should tell them. Yeah I now would you do what do I do. Yeah I do comedy as a little joke we do sorry. I'm been dark. Tanked you've been DR tanked. He been tanked You any are you working on anything. Cool coming up what's going on in your Immortalize World I'm Music I made a music video. Premiering that that's very cool when as premier The circus We're GONNA do live premier and then a a music show Cherie at our wicked lady at seven thirty PM. Cra Do my monthly show with my friends in an amy That's On the twenty seven and then I'm taking my solo show to Minneapolis in November. And maybe some other places as a very exciting place Prince Prince from there been there have never been anywhere really so I'm excited to go. Yeah yeah that's going to be very fun. I've been wanting to go to Minneapolis for a long time and do shows out there. Cool like minutes. Oughta yeah waters of Lake Matt. Scott she pels get. It'll be great you're GONNA do Great are white for this episode. Hello Hey Brad Davis how you doing. It's on July. I'm sorry it's so bad yet. Yeah so I I didn't WanNA bring it up bring it up now. I'm actually doing fine. Now get into it now. There's nothing if you had if you had to. If you had a problem what Whoa to be I was going to bring up like Some tragedy or something. Yeah Yeah but actually no not do it. I have no tragedies to bring up. You have none. Laura's answer is so positive so on and to balance it out yeah we gotTA Balance Energy now. I feel like I feel we can do some positive some negative. Let's start with. What are you working on? What's going on what's going on in your life? Maybe we'll get into the bet stuff actually have no bad stuff. Nobody Wanna I mean there's always there's always bad stuff no no no no. That's okay okay now that stuff since we're GONNA leaguer. Nah I I don't know what am I doing this a anime podcast for crunchy roll. Okay that's cool gray. That's that's mostly. Tell me about anime. I was was avoid so miles ashamed. Yesterday says playing video games. Oh Yeah Yeah you think you're cute. You think what you're doing now is cute. I don't know Laura Louis that's that's Listen to this. What is this new direction? He's got one I just saw good. I had a Show on Sunday. Does that culmination of many years of stealing someone's name yeah nation. Yeah I did a show called Macaulay Culkin's show for years and years and we finally got him to appear on it. Yeah that's really setting how the show was good advice up pictures of everything shows not in it. Looks like a great time Outed had mccully. I feel weird to say in his first name. We call him Mac you call him at a weekend column. Okay okay okay. I'm not there on that Willie there yet so like he enjoyed the show. He had a good time he was he was in a bunch of bits and he was assist hanging out. That's good spirits. What is he up to now is he? Like does he have anything going. On in his He's working on a podcast rate now for crunchy role. Can we bring somebody else onto this. Can we animate. Oh Yeah what Ah name an animal student show about skurdal deep dive. I really hate having a podcast by really. Don't like it at all so many I I have to another one It's just the two. Oh it's just the two but it's too many I feel like it's a lot of time commitment in a lot of animator watch. What's your favorite anime men? I don't know it's a IT'S A. It's a something I'm not too familiar with. Oh Oh yeah I guess so you just start off cold with his podcast. You are like me as ocoee movies. So Yeah Yeah Yeah Miyazaki. But that's the most famous. Yeah Ah that's like saying later. My favorite band is Beatles is gingy Ito anime. No that's Manga right. I have no among is like the. That's like the It's like the precursor to a lot of anime so it broke. Rally is so jen. Gee He does like that horror. He's like he makes horror comics and then they make movies out of them. Yeah I mean if they make movies are they animated movies now but they're like live action but they're fucked up there's one called the spiral. Oh it's so fucking good yeah people just like twist into these spirals it's amazing. They're really.

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