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Adidas trial: Texts between Bill Self, TJ Gassnola revealed

Pros and Joes with Frank Kaminsky

01:52 min | 1 year ago

Adidas trial: Texts between Bill Self, TJ Gassnola revealed

"Consultant testified in federal court today that Bill self and other Kansas coaches were never aware of any payments from Adidas to the recruits to come to Kansas. How EPA text messages between gasohol self and former Adidas executive, Jim Gatto. Remember we had a kid in high school then Gatto j. j. job do face. I see. Need to suggest that the Kansas head coach may have been. Recruitment of Silvio day Suisa I'm definitely must pronouncing that, but nonetheless damning evidence, I think. So that guy lied in federal court. Yes, yes. So he's completely and utterly screwed. Yes, yes. Good for Jay. Good has perjured himself listening at the highest level about lying in federal court. Never before I self. I think it's only fair if the Kansas Bill selfish up. Stopping? I don't think it would be. Here's the thing. Frank, one second because this is my this is my take and I've been squatting on it for thirty episodes. I want the death penalty for Kansas jayhawks. You can't have somebody that's that corrup- that's leading a program of young adolescent boys. Don't like it. That's just not going to happen. I had a. Running around their campus. Now they're back to like every big recruit that plays in the McDonald's all American game and the Jordan brand classic game that go to college. They're getting paid. Every last one of them they're getting paid by the school or they're getting paid by the shoe company. They paid you at

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