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Mini Crush #33

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Mini Crush #33

"Hey, movie Crushers. I wanna to tell you about one of my favorite favorite movie podcasts. It's called, you must remember this. I don't know if you guys are this one yet, but it's from panoply and what it is. It's a storytelling podcast that explores the sort of the secret and forgotten histories of Hollywood's first century. Totally interesting in it's back with an all new season hosts Karina, Longworth interrogates a book that is considered by many to be the text of salacious movie lane gossip. The classic classic Kenneth Anger's book Hollywood Babylon, and that's what she's covering the season. Super interesting. She examines angers version of these landmark Hollywood legends like the fatty arbuckle scandal Rudolph Valentino his life and death all in an effort to uncover the truth really, really interesting stuff and to start listening to the currencies and go-to episode. Number one Twenty-one DWI Griffith the Gish sisters and the origin of Hollywood Babylon. But here's my advice. Go back and listen to those first ones. Twenty because it is a great, great podcast. You must remember this from panoply is available on apple podcast, Google podcast or wherever you like to listen. Everybody welcome to mini crush early morning edition early morning, dish. Welcome to second Cup, listen to you. Yeah. Is that your lowest writes this voice? Well, this is my. It's funny. I just talked to my buddy Matt in the hallway. Who is a musician? Yeah, works over male chimp. Okay. And he said that ferrall that his name? Sure. From from nerd. Yeah, he said Farrell records. It's almost recording. First thing he said ferrall records personally in the morning because that is when the voices sexiest like deepest animal so sick. So he was like, dude, you're about to rock the sex talk. You sound downright sultry shock. I'm getting the goosebumps. Yeah, sound kind of gross. Actually, I got sick at the tail got sick and Sydney Olea. It was, are you are? We should. I be quarantined, I don't think so. I did wonder like I got some weird Australian rhinovirus and. Well, right. Oh biases. Just the common cold basically. Oh, wow. I don't know if it was some weird strain there that they can't fix here. I'm hearing it now. Chuck. You've got a little nasal action going on. It's a little bit gross. It's okay. Bala geez. No, no. You don't want me to excel deeply. Have the raspy recipes that feels like I'm should be in a sanatorium. I'm waiting for you to ex-. Hail deeply that was booby. Yup. This movie show nice ref. How's it going? Dude. All right. So I am sick knoll year little down in the dome. I'm a little sick in the head, so this should be fixed to should be pretty great. So I watched, I wouldn't saw black klansman in Perth, Australia because I had got there and I wanted to stay up and try and get myself on a regular sleeping schedule. Had that work out for you. So I was like, all right, I need to stimulate myself. Took a big walk, hung around, walked around Perth and then cuddled koalas. I did that later on. Sure. They just hand you a koala when you get off the plane actually, pretty. Turn you go back. Yeah, I do. And then I went to the movies because I was like, that'll stimulate my mind and I wouldn't saw black klansman. All right. I have not seen it yet now. Now I see for good things though. I have not been making good use of my failing movie. Pass the movie past conversation. Yeah. Every past due for it is still around now. It's still around. I think I have tried using it, but they keep sending me these spam emails that clearly are like, please don't forget there please, but don't go to movies either. Right? Yeah, because we can't afford it. Right. We love you, but stay home for now that I'm doing them a solid because I haven't used it in a couple of months. Yeah. Well, you should maybe if he let clansman we can crush. Yeah, to judge to judge it. Yeah, good movie. I totally dug it, but it was a little weird seeing in Perth because it's like there's so much shame at the end as an American, and I was walking out of the theater and it was like, do they know they know of American? Yeah. Passes an AUSSIE, I think. Oh sure. What Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie. So thought we would do a little segment called movies on a plane since I just spent, I took ten plane flights in eleven days. People on this tour. It was a a grind to say the least did have great days off. But the rest of it was a bit of a grind and I watched a lot of movies, bet you Dan. So I just figured I'd kind of go through these real quick and we just sorta rap about the ones that you've seen. Okay. Without doing full review. Hopefully I don't disappoint, but I've been watching movies on planes myself lately. So maybe there's some overlap. All right. Well, I saw an shoutout to virgin Australia in Virgin Atlantic to they do it right to give you like filet Mignon stuff. Well, it's just good. It's just the way you should fly overseas on a thirteen hour flight. Yeah. And that was just, you know, had to do that Lanta to LA LA to Sydney Sydney to Perth. 'cause we just didn't ask backwards, wouldn't we got to Sydney, I was like, can we just start here? I say to have to get him one more plane. How long has a flight from Sydney to Perth? I feel like it was about five hours. I mean, it's it's like flying across like LA to New York. Yeah, I forget I forget the size of country other than the United States vision. It's a, it's a fucking continent. Yeah, that's right. So I saw the Han solo movie, hate it. You know. Didn't hate it. I didn't like it somewhere in the middle. You know, I over says, wanted to say that phrase in that I was like utterly indifferent to it. It did nothing for me. I was kind of the biggest disappointment of all is to be just completely like I don't really remember anything about it. Now that I'm talking to you like I saw it right when it came out. Yeah, my kid liked it because it was kind of a swashbuckling, you know, adventure flick, sort of, but I don't really remember what there was a heist and Woody Harrelson was in it. Yeah, just disappointing. Overall. The first sign of like a boy, they're really start like, is this what we're in for our like an under their been bad stores, movies, but like are we are we just going to get these mediocre character movies, one after the other every other year. Now I think it was such a flop that it made them kind of change their strategy. They put on the brakes, didn't they think they did a little bit on some of the other, the other origin movies? Yeah, think and everything they took notice and they're like, okay, we can't just print money anymore with exactly which is a good message to send, which is the fans deserve more. It just wasn't great. What's his name? Donald Glover was good. I enjoyed like he did a good Landau calories in. Yeah, but but doesn't even it very much. Yeah, I don't know, and it was just so mediocre. I agree. All right, telly. Did you see Tully now I looked good though, tell he was very good. Not what I expected. I won't give away too much, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Charlie Cerrone written by Diablo Cody, Abba Cody, and Jason Reitman directed their belief, third outing together as writer and director. Jason Reitman. Yeah. Which one is he? He, he's Ivan Reitman son. He directed up in the air and Juno. That's right. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Okay. Of course. Yeah. I didn't realize he was related to Ivan. Yeah, that's his kid. That's how it works at home runs in the fam-. Yep. Your dad's director. So you're going to be a director? My dad was an elementary school principal, and so I'm a podcast. Her dad was an asshole, and and I'm a podcast. So recommend Tali. I saw all the money in the world. Have you seen that? No, that was good. Man. That was the story released. Got directed it of ethylene where they, they cut out Kevin Spacey. Right? Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Which now that I've seen it with Christopher Plummer plays John. Paul Getty the original John. Paul Getty, I can't imagine Kevin Spacey in that role that all. Yeah, he's too young, personal Agem up, which is silly. Got Christopher Plummer. Yeah. Great. Do you think he was like on the on the shortlist already or they just kind of like had to like Scranton, go, you know, I'm not sure we're that made so much sense. Yeah, yeah. It was a good movie though. You know the true story of the kidnapping of John. Paul Getty think the third in the nineteen seventies this is the Getty of the Getty museum Getty images and oil Getty Getty getti- getting you gotta get our Getty, though, right? Yeah, whatever. Having to him. He was in lost highway. Yeah, I wouldn't feel too bad for me. It's a fair question. Do you did you what was the? What was the scope of the re-shoots have been like based on seeing the movie quite a bit. Really? Yeah. I mean, he's in a lot of the movie for sure. I mean, I can't imagine they to get the continuity. Right, and to get everyone back and play all the sets and everything. I mean what a what? A shit show. Yeah, and that's the one that made all the news because Marky Mark got paid a lot of money for re-shoots. Michelle Williams did not -at's right, and everyone got mad even sort of marquee Mark who. Bio accounts from what I've heard is a pretty good guy, and he was like, I got a bad for him because it was his fault. He didn't know. He wasn't like, yeah, pay me a lot and don't pay her anything. I mean, it's like their managers handle all that shit. Exactly. But when he he got so much grief, he donated his money. I believe to to some women's organization can't remember which one, but which I think was a good move. Sure. But I'm glad that it brought like, you know, China Light on that shitty. Should he thing that they did have -solutely because Michelle Williams. Great. She sort of, you know, sort of the lead of the movie in a way. Yeah, I'd love to see it really good. Good. Hi, stieg, kidnapping sort of movie rewatch the shining which gotta say, watching that with headphones on with no distractions on a plane in the middle of the night, thirty, seven thousand feet above the ocean is a great way to see the shining again for like, did you get the creeps. Yeah. And just I got to really hone in on it with, like I said, no. Cellphones? No, no. Anything just me in the shining in my ear holes. Very cool experience. It's funny. I watched them the new Bladerunner movie on a plane, and it was really cool hearing that with headphones. Yeah, that because the soundtrack so and crazy or you've seen it. I've seen in the theatres. Yeah, but hearing it with headphones on really drew attention to some of the little details shirk or that we're pretty cool headphones of the way to go man. Always. I haven't done it while, but my my new album from favorite band rituals always laid on the floor with my headphones, turn off the lights, lock myself in a room and give it a call the headphones lesson best way to experience music and movies. Absolutely. Deadpool two finally saw that. Yeah, I enjoyed. That was funny. It's fucking creatine. That's which is really fun movies. So funny as rewatch two ventures, the Infinity war because why not? And then I watch. A few documentaries. I watch the Michael Caine documentary called my generation that you would totally dig and it's not Michael Cain sort of the host of the documentaries, not just about his life, but it's about a London in the nineteen sixties late sixties. And what a hip swing in place that was in told through his is about him and the Rolling Stones, Marianne faithfull. And Albert Finney and like just the actors, the writers and the artists in the musicians was just like Austin powers. Well, it was very awesome powers. -i nice. That was definitely that era, but a highly recommend and you get to hear Michael Caine, cocaine, full, you know what? My coke, Mike? Okay. That's right. It's your hands off my cocaine. He so good man. The documentary. Yeah. Cool. Yes, called my generation. Great. It's good. Dental strangers is about these three identical twins separated at birth who meet when they are nineteen years old. He's three boys. And so you basically could you imagine being nineteen years old out of high school and you meet another knoll. And then another knoll yet triplets and be terrified or maybe comforting. I dunno, I could use a buddy that he's a really interesting story at it goes different places that you don't expect. I've, I've heard nothing but amazing things about an it and it is a, it sounded like pure fiction when I first started. But yes, it is. It's very much real thing that happened. It was a big deal time too. I think it was the maybe early eighties when it happened and they were just, you know, they blew up there on every TV show and every magazine. And I think I sort of remember that a little bit when I was a kid, but very good, identical strangers. And then Finally, I watched the Mr. Rogers documentary, won't you be my neighbor and cried on a plane? Did a pull them heartstrings to geez, have you seen it now? So good. I don't know if I'm ready. It's really, really great, and it's it's so cool just to shine a light on that dude in the work that he did and to top it off my buddy Scotty who has just appeared for the close encounters edition, he did additional camera work on it. He did some of the interviews so I got to see his name on the screen at the end. That's awesome. Which is always great way to go Scotty. So that is movies on a plane. That's what I watched everyone. I think the also watched a lot of Ozzy rules football because on the virgin plights, they have classic matches and a really got into that sport while I was over there. 'cause they're playoffs are finals going on right now. Cool. It's really, really fun. Really super into soccer talking about right now. No, Ozzy football. What is this it? Is it sort of like a combination of rugby soccer and American football? What? It's. Yeah, it's a crazy hybrid right there. It is. It's if you're an American used to American football, it's a little hard to follow at first, but as a sports fan, just intuitively if he start watching it, you're like, all right, sort of the rules, and it's great. What a wonderful sport, and I'm going to continue to watch here in America Online. What's your alad for your online? Exactly. Of course, he anything online, you can watch anything. Yeah, I know. Yeah, I know. Hey, movie Crushers. 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Subject to credit approval rate includes point, five percent, auto pay discount terms and conditions apply offers are subject to change without notice. Visit light stream dot com. For more information. So moving onto trope. We're gonna keep the Trump's going everybody because on the movie Crushers page you are bringing it. And there are like cheese, three hundred seventy eight tropes here. So we'll we'll mention ten or fifteen of them ought Rebecca. I love that that somebody's name on Facebook when aunt are on, I say, aunt, see, I say aunt, but everyone laughs at that. Now you know, I now that I'm sitting now that saying a lot. I'm not sure what I say. I don't have occasion to say very often have aunts I do, but I just call her Betsy aunt nice. Say aunt abets and Betsy. I wouldn't say on that sounds very lady. Toity it does right, agreed. I don't know why I said that. So this is Rebecca. When it's time for spontaneous romance and the lovers move into a bedroom filled with lit candles, not bad. Yeah, like that scene in the room. Oh, yeah, sure. Yeah, that's the troupe is to embodiment of that trope that ever could be the thing stroke because Tommy why? So is Mr. trope and he, you know that whole movie full of like, you know, cliches her, and that is like one of the big ones. Yeah, that's all he knew how to do. There's also rose petals. I believe in that scene draped in rose petals, which is literally never happened, right? No one's ever to now who would do that or if you're moving into bedroom for sexy time, you don't certainly don't stop to like handles. Now, maybe if you're like preparing for like an anniversary romantic evening, you have the house filled with candles or something, but still just seems like a fire hazard and also assure way to make sure you don't have sexy time is to pre light the candles because then you'll get a fight. Yeah, because you get a fight. You're like, we'll shed a little these candles now are in a fight now. Gotta blow them all out. Yeah. Dave Taylor says, ditching school or work, and you get your picture on the paper or TV, what. I don't know what he's talking about. I mean, I guess the modern equivalent is like ditching school or work, and you end up posting something dumb on Facebook, the let it set. Let's everybody know that you you get busted, busted. I don't Buehler maybe maybe I can't think of an example. People should give examples with these. The less obvious ones. I would love to hear some examples, but I did see somebody say on the Facebook page. And does anybody else ever shake their fist at the podcast device when Chuck annulled or not aware of it? Sure. I totally am this baby. This is one right in and let us know. Hopefully people are shaking their fists at us right now. Joe bomb Gardner says the bathrobe over pajamas trope if you need a midnight snack or hear something, go bump in the night or need to let in the cat. You must put on a bathroom over you're matching. But until pajamas. That's funny, seems superfluous. It's like the know one or the other bathrobes go over the nude form. I don't wear a bathrobe. Do you tell if I'm trying to pamper myself, maybe do you wear those? Get grossed out by those? What? My my junk touching deteriorate off of another man's Joan. You know, they've been laundered properly. I don't know trusting. Yeah, but I mean, but if you feel that way, then why do you even sleep in the bed d to stand up on that? What he'd asleep at the stand up. It's pretty cool. No, I do, but I do. I do. The first thing I do is take off that top not sheet, but whatever the top quilt is. Yeah, because I think they're, I don't think they watch those. I think so. No hotels are describes me and you ever seen the the specials with light of course, sperm everywhere, everywhere, everywhere. Just to a, you know where the the most sperm is Jesus on the remote control. God. The wonder I'm sick. You know that line in love shack glitter on the mattress glitter on the Sunday. Yeah, you know they're referring to seamen. Totally glitter. Sure. Why glitter? I dunno because it's a little shiny. Like like the two day old snail trails, right. Exactly. God where we go in all glitter everywhere. Nine thirty in the loves, Jack sued glitter on the highway. Never gonna be the same for you ever again as now it's not. You've ruined it for me. It might not be true. I heard somebody saying, all right, Joel Coleman says ragtag bunch of friends. The smart one, the chubby one, the rebellious won. The beautiful one. Sure. I'm the smart chubby. Rebellious one. Well, I guess that means on the beautiful, I guess. So about that. That's the thing that track between the two of us. We encompass a whole rag tag crew. That's right. We are ready adventures, my friends. Oh, let's do it. Sarah mic. Knit love that name says, I'm pretty sure pretty sure that no high school dance I went to ever had punch, but every high school dance and every movie has a big bowl of punch to spike no way. I've been to punch punch parties. Have you been to punch party? Yeah, stances. Yes. And, and you know what I remember very fondly is they would have a big old floating hunk of orange sherbert in them. Oh, delicious. And it was a soda based punch. So it was a little fizzy. Yeah, Emily does is she makes a fuzzy navel punch for events that. I think it's orange juice and peach snaps, and then she, she makes these. She gets a, but cake, ring pan, and she cuts orange slices everybody. This is serious Martha. Stewart advice here. She gets a bundt cake pan and then puts water in it and puts in little orange slices that freezes into a delightful, frozen o-ring full of oranges. And she puts that to cool down the punch and it floats much like your sherbert does very, very tasty about the ladies love it to invite me to one of these Suarez when Chuck I will you know what you're on the Christmas party list just like that. Sweet. Although I don't know for everyone this year because we're moving out of our house next week to renovate it. So we will literally have Christmas in rental home this year. Maybe a party there. He should trash the place Mark phone them or FOX them. But a bit, it's phone them says, gun goes off, everyone is fine, but wait, someone looks down in a spot of blood slowly starts growing. Of course, of course. How do you you're not shot? That's the thing. It's always like the realization that I'm shot. Whereas in rea- reality you'd be like five. What do you think it might be like a like a shock kind of thing. Maybe, you know, maybe you know, or like tonight just get pinched. The exactly getting shot feels like it probably feels worse than getting pinched. I'm really curious. I don't wanna get shot, but I've always been one of those people that wanted the experience of something even if it wasn't pleasant, he wanted to know what it's like. Do you want to take each other? You know, when I was younger, I might have done severely like that. Yeah, would do shit like that. Like there was. I remember one time that it wasn't a BB gun about some sort of a gun that shot something pretty hard and everyone was shooting it and wondering how bad it hurt. So I said, shoot me and I lifted up my shirt and someone shot me with it and it hurt. But I knew then you know, I liked having that first person that visceral knowledge. Important, Chuck. It is important for growing as as a person. Let me see here. Muhammed men. Everyone has much better names than we do Muhammad day. Not sure if this has been shared yet. But anytime again, a bad guys text the hero, they always fight him one or two. At a time you have the numbers guys. He should gang rush the hero. Yes, that is four. Sure they sort of stand around. I feel this come up. It probably has put its good worth mentioning and it's accurate. If we repeat these, it just means that they're, they fit the Bill. That's right. All right. Let's do one more here. James Nordstrom says, diving helmets and space. Helmets must have interior lighting whose only function is to eliminate the face of the user. Sure, because it's a movie and you got to see the face. You know, I really liked the the shot from inside the helmet. Oh, yeah. That's a good one. Yeah, but he's got a point like in real life, I r. l. I doubt if they have a light shining in your face inside the helmet that wouldn't be pleasant, would be if anything it would be like a hell of a work light. Like one of those little head headband things you put on, you know when you're like, yeah, like a headlamp headlamp. Yeah. Hi, I'm Alison green, and I'm the host of the ask manager podcast where I answer questions from listeners about how to navigate all sorts of sticky situations at work from what to say to a co-worker who smells to how to deal with an overly critical boss to how to handle someone who takes credit for your work each week on the show, we'll talk through and hopefully solve your toughest must frustrating or just plain weirdest work predicaments you can subscribe to the show on apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. All right, everyone. We're gonna finish up with stream this and comment card. I been watching Ozark season two. Did you watch any of that season one? I didn't finish. He's in one. I lost me right. Yeah, I didn't think it was bad. Sometimes church sometimes guy, drift. I, I get it. I love it weighing on the show shot right here in Atlanta at lake. Altoona have a few friends at work on it on the crew there. And apparently Bateman is a great guy. My friend works in props in Bateman as he's on the show runner, but he directs a bunch up. So it's sort of his his gig. And he said, Bateman is just the shit said he super cool and like if something needs doing he does it, he doesn't sit around and say, I need someone come in and and move that painting like he'll just go do it. That's awesome. And it sounds like not a big deal, but when you work on movie sets and film sets, director does things like that. It's a big message to the crew. That's just like, I'm just here to get the work done and it's a good message for sure. So it's the same with podcasting check. Is that right? You just get the work done. Get the work done. That's right. Although I will just sit here and wait for you to pull the microphone over to my mouth. That's true. Which is our ritual? Yes. And then that are ritual back massage. Yeah, I take the water bottle and hold it up to you so you can like suck a little bit and swish it around and then spit it into Nola need to spread us up. That's that's a trope as well. The boxing coach who takes the water bottle? Yeah, it's a trope because it happens in real boxing, probably. Yeah. Yeah. I would say that's what you trope is depiction of real life, boxing, but also it's like, I guess it's because they're wearing gloves, so they can't. They, they can't hold the bottle. Yeah. So it's not so much babying thing as it is just a functional thing, you're probably right. I take it back, but yeah, I'm into Ozark man. I think it's good. I think it's it's not quite breaking bad. Good, but it's basically the same show when you look at it and it's at a macro point of view, do you think that's how they pitched it? They're like breaking bad Ozarks. Yeah, with money instead of crank. Yeah. Yeah, I'm sure that the words breaking bad were used in a pitch meeting itself, but it has feel, you know, regular family who caught up like way over their heads with bad guys and getting into trouble and desperate to do something. And I just get so blazed through, like I think the first four episodes of season two and it's got me man. Just dig it a la- Bateman. Laura Linney is awesome. Just great, great. Cast after baba. Vol revisited. Yeah. I wanna get dying to get Laura Linney in here. Man. She's just the best big fan of hers and she's close by. What do people know? We are surrounded by movie stars in this town now, and he should be flocking. They should be flocking. The kitty is running dry. Everybody. We have no guest on the horizon. So who knows? No, we need to record what you're moving to be. Oh, God, I can't say it here. All right, I I don't even know. We'll stay tuned because that's that's coming buddy gosh. Okay. All right and common car. Let's finish up with some questions from you guys to us guys, Eric Keith says, do you applaud at the end of a movie theater? I personally get annoyed by it. Most likely, there's no one in the theater involved in the making of the film. So who are you applauding for? Well, Eric, first of all, I think erasing appoint a little bit there. Of course, you're not applauding the people that you think are actually in the theater. You're applauding the work of the artist, but I will say that it doesn't happen much, but I have been to. A few movies over the years where they are very, very special movies and -ticipant. It'd wonderful works of art that sort of are important, maybe where people have clapped a little bit. And I don't think I did, but it didn't bug me. I think it kind of made me feel good. What about you you ever been at the people? Yeah, you kind of go with the room and if you know, I mean, I'll tell you when it happens to is when I remember it happening was the first big Star Wars reboot force awakens, you know, seeing that on opening night. Yeah, yeah, room. Full of. Yep. Star Wars geeks that's going to happen because people are just jazzed and it's cool, and then that music comes on, you know, like everyone. They clap at the beginning, but fucking scrolls starts like. Yeah, I have a good time. Enjoy yourself going to the movies. That's why you go. Don't the experience with someone else? It'll be Astle. Don't be annoyed Kamata guy. Oh, he's not an asshole. I'm just kidding. Tracy Faulk says what you're guilty pleasure movie. When the hate to love east ask that to guests, and then there's, they always were confused. That's it. Some people hate that whole segment. They're just like, stop asking questions like that. Yeah, get your own show. Really. They do say that to you? Yeah. People said, I don't even like that segment. Don't even do that anymore. Oh, you mean like listeners? Yeah. Oh. That's all right. Thought you meant like the the guests. Could be questions now that's that's the arrangement here I can show them the door. No, that's how that would work. I can see it themselves. It's right there. So Tracy Faulk says, guilty pleasure movie. I don't. Jeez, I got so many of those. I can watch some kind of dumb movies a lot. Like what said dinner for schmucks. Oh, yeah, that was fun. Yeah, but I would say that's a guilty. Pleasure. That's not some great. Maybe. Remember most about that, isn't there a guy with like of vulture, falcon or something? Yeah, I remember that remember, Jack Alvin Akkas is like a weird magician. That's remember. So I'm going to say that's why do you have one that you can speak to? I don't know because I, I guess it would maybe be. Something like the room, you know, but but I don't even really like the room. I think it's so terrible. I can't even call it that, but right. It would be something. I don't know, like Manas the hands of Fe, like mystery science, theater thing, but you know, I don't know. That's tough one. I have a hard time with that because the pleasure is a pleasure. Why does it need to be reason to feel guilty about it? Yeah, agreed. John Taylor Wesley says, what is one movie making magic fact that you wish you didn't know? For example, sometimes wish I'd never learned. The actors often have to redouble their lines in the studio post production. When I think about that instantly takes me out of the movie. You know, I'm trying to think of one that has sort of ruined things for me. I kind of like the process though. So even when I know about. The little movie making trick. I don't mind it say what really for me, it didn't ruin it did for a little bit, but just the fact that they take seen so many times and they're like, literally like these tiny modular little little moments that are then assembled together into this allusion of continuous real exchange right l. literally re-shoot one line over and over and over again from different angles. And like I was a PA on a pretty small indie in l. a. years and years ago. And it was like a one camera thing so they would shoot shoot shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot move the camera. Yeah, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot. And it just I was just like, I wanna die. Yeah, I don't ever wanna watch the movie again. Yeah, here's one that people you don't wanna think about because it will ruin things for you. So I'm going to tell you a lot of times when the call it a one shot. Like if you and I are having conversation across from a table from each other, they will do. We call over the shoulders of each of us. In other words, the camera is over my shoulder. Looking at your face when you're talking then over your shoulder, looking at my face when I'm talking right? That's how they cut together a scene with two people talking in a lot of times. The other actor isn't even there. Sometimes you always say think, well, there's just two people sitting down at a table talking. That's not always the case. Sometimes the actor is there and they will just do one side of the coverage only and you're the actor and you're sitting there talking to sometimes someone onset like a a. we'll just run the lines. Sometimes there's fucking nobody there. I think it's pretty easy to pick up on actually isn't. They do that reverse over the shoulder and the actors back is facing the camera talking pretty clear. A lot of times that what they're saying they're not actually saying, oh yeah, the the the way they hold their head. Yeah. Or like the, you can just tell they're not actually saying anything that it was that it was dubbed or that it was from ocher previous take or something like that. If you hone in on that? Yes, that's a pretty clear one. Yeah, or and that's a trick too, is they'll be like, shit, man. We need a line here because something's unclear, do we have a shot of their back so you can just throw a shot of their back and then throw in that line to like, explain something that. Needed clarity, and I was actually listening to comedy, bang, bang. And Scott Ackerman was talking about he worked on some animated or he punched up some scripts, some animated movie and how they love throwing in extra jokes to punch up the script. It's a reverse shot of any creature. Any interesting that will use that as an opportunity to throw in some dumb joke could stuff, man, it's got occupant hero to the podcasting real. No, no doubt. All right. Let's do one more here. Caleb Wyant says, what was the last movie you watched where you knew you loved it within the first half hour or so. Mine was probably what we do in the shadows. Have you seen what we do in the shadows ads? Greats Larry, God. I can watch that movie a million times and not get sick of it. So funny, Caleb Wyatt, I don't know, because usually, like I mean, within the first half hour, that's the first act like if you don't know by then I would say the better question Caleb not to man, Spain. This would be if you knew in the first like five minutes, you know. I really love the new Bladerunner within the first five minutes. Yeah. Like I just like the whole vibe of and the whole sound of it. The look the like I would movie have like after thirty minutes, if I'm not liking it, I'm turning it off. Yeah, because that's the first of four, right? That's like the first quarter basically of the movie. Yeah. Yeah. I third at least. Yeah. So yeah, it'd be out of there. I wouldn't leave the theater, but now again, that'd be a waste. Hari Caleb. Good question. Good questions. Everybody. Thanks for in shout out this week to a few Fave movie Crushers who have been handling the movie Crushers Facebook page. Joe Hurley is always locking it down taking care of business. We've had some incidences lately where there have been some not so nice fans on there, which is weird because everyone's generally pretty lovely, really like well, like trolling. I don't wanna get into it, but shoutouts Jill. And Rebecca robe, not rube. It's robe in Venezuela, Pez they're, they're very active in a lot of fun on there and my buddy Stellan Carlson. We're in as a believe he is somewhere in the Norwegian Swedish Finnish areas of the world. Sounds right. At least that's what I'm gathering Scandanavia. Yeah, I think so, stubborn. Let me know where you're from buddy, but he's a cool guy. And he said that he is like in the mini crushes as much or more than the regular episodes. So it's always nice to hear good thing. It might be all many crushes from here on out. He's at maybe less than people start emailing back by the way, I think. Well, I'm gonna not jinx myself. Okay. I got a couple in the works fingers crossed, buddy. All right, everybody. Thanks for coming in. Go to the movie crush or movie Crushers Facebook page. If you want to get involved in here, your name on the air. So, and we shared the participation. I appreciate you Chuck, and I appreciate you know. Hello. I'm Tracy v Wilson. I host the podcast stuff you missed in history class with my friend and colleague Holly fry over the past few years every day on our social media, we've been talking about what happened on this day in history. So buyer dressed in a pacifist and activist who helped plan the March on Washington for jobs, and freedom was born on this day in nineteen twelve or honesty in seventeen eighty nine women marched on for side to demand a solution to an enormous food shortage. Those things did not happen on the same day, but you get the picture. So for years we've been doing that and it suddenly dawned on us what if this was its own podcast? So that's what we're doing starting July. First, we're launching kind of a little sister podcast to stuff you missed in history class. It's called this day in history class. It's about five minutes a day every day, and it gives you the highlights of something notable that happened on that day in history. So come in listen, you'll be able to find this day in history class on apple podcasts, Google play, and wherever else you. Podcasts.

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