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"sydney olea" Discussed on Movie Crush

"Everybody welcome to mini crush early morning edition early morning, dish. Welcome to second Cup, listen to you. Yeah. Is that your lowest writes this voice? Well, this is my. It's funny. I just talked to my buddy Matt in the hallway. Who is a musician? Yeah, works over male chimp. Okay. And he said that ferrall that his name? Sure. From from nerd. Yeah, he said Farrell records. It's almost recording. First thing he said ferrall records personally in the morning because that is when the voices sexiest like deepest animal so sick. So he was like, dude, you're about to rock the sex talk. You sound downright sultry shock. I'm getting the goosebumps. Yeah, sound kind of gross. Actually, I got sick at the tail got sick and Sydney Olea. It was, are you are? We should. I be quarantined, I don't think so. I did wonder like I got some weird Australian rhinovirus and. Well, right. Oh biases. Just the common cold basically. Oh, wow. I don't know if it was some weird strain there that they can't fix here. I'm hearing it now. Chuck. You've got a little nasal action going on. It's a little bit gross. It's okay. Bala geez. No, no. You don't want me to excel deeply. Have the raspy recipes that feels like I'm should be in a sanatorium. I'm waiting for you to ex-. Hail deeply that was booby. Yup. This movie show nice ref. How's it going? Dude. All right. So I am sick knoll year little down in the dome. I'm a little sick in the head, so this should be fixed to should be pretty great. So I watched, I wouldn't saw black klansman in Perth, Australia because I had got there and I wanted to stay up and try and get myself on a regular sleeping schedule. Had that work out for you. So I was like, all right, I need to stimulate myself. Took a big walk, hung around, walked around Perth and then cuddled koalas. I did that later on. Sure. They just hand you a koala when you get off the plane actually, pretty. Turn you go back. Yeah, I do. And then I went to the movies because I was like, that'll stimulate my mind and I wouldn't saw black klansman. All right. I have not seen it yet now. Now I see for good things though. I have not been making good use of my failing movie. Pass the movie past conversation. Yeah. Every past due for it is still around now. It's still around. I think I have tried using it, but they keep sending me these spam emails that clearly are like, please don't forget there please, but don't go to movies either. Right? Yeah, because we can't afford it. Right. We love you, but stay home for now that I'm doing them a solid because I haven't used it in a couple of months. Yeah. Well, you should maybe if he let clansman we can crush. Yeah, to judge to judge it. Yeah, good movie. I totally dug it, but it was a little weird seeing in Perth because it's like there's so much shame at the end as an American, and I was walking out of the theater and it was like, do they know they know of American? Yeah. Passes an AUSSIE, I think. Oh sure. What Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie. So thought we would do a little segment called movies on a plane since I just spent, I took ten plane flights in eleven days. People on this tour. It was a a grind to say the least did have great days off. But the rest of it was a bit of a grind and I watched a lot of movies, bet you Dan. So I just figured I'd kind of go through these real quick and we just sorta rap about the ones that you've seen. Okay. Without doing full review. Hopefully I don't disappoint, but I've been watching movies on planes myself lately. So maybe there's some overlap. All right. Well, I saw an shoutout to virgin Australia in Virgin Atlantic to they do it right to give you like filet Mignon stuff. Well, it's just good..

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