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Donald Trump is finished, but will 'Trumpism' prevail?

Between The Lines

08:07 min | 2 years ago

Donald Trump is finished, but will 'Trumpism' prevail?

"It's been more than a week since the us presidential election joe biden of course has claimed victory whereas the president is yet to concede defeat but when donald trump eventually leaves office the question. We have to ask ourselves is is trumpism. Really finished after all the media conventional wisdom the new york times washington. Post the major networks. Cnn msnbc all that conventional wisdom is that the twenty twenty election represents a repudiation of trumpism and what's trump luckily to do after he leaves office well for more. Let's turn to patrick. J buchanan senior adviser to president reagan nixon and ronald reagan. Pat has been a regular fixture in america's opinion pages and cable television shows for generations. Ninety ninety two and ninety six pat buchanan ran for the presidential nomination of his party. The republican party on america first platform pass walking back to you between the lines. Good to your tom now. Let's start with the election itself to spotted trifecta of crises health economic racial the us congressional and presidential contests were very tight. How do you account for that. I think there were tight for this reason. The covid virus which hammered us in march and april and then all during the summer and full took the lodge. That's two hundred and thirty thousand americans and they induced an economic decline unrivalled since the great depression. And then you have to racial turmoil in the country. And the wake of the killing of george floyd in minneapolis riots. And and things like that. So he's really damaged trump in the eyes of the public and his administration and normally they would've killed any presidential candidate. But i will say that in the fall. When trump was further behind he basically one mechanic team won the battle against biden. It was surging at the end of the campaign but he did not get over the top or at least so far so i think what you can say is trump and trumpism won the campaign. They lost the election because of the burdens. They had to terry which were too happy to cross the finish line. And let's not forget that in the late up to the election the metric conventional wisdom the polls the pundits. They predicted a democratic sweep. A blue wave washing the republicans out of power capturing the senate and delivering an alleged democratic congressional majority if the democrats did indeed have a clean sweep of the congress and the white house what would radical progressive in the american takes. What would that have made if you had nancy. Pelosi in control of the house and chuck schumer and control. The should i which looks less and less likely now and preston biden into white house. Biden's problem would be the tremendous pressure from the progressive left wing of this party to impose his leftist agenda. The party home to the country in the first two years of his administration. And i think it would be virtually impossible biden to resist the democrats cheap to kill the filibuster. Which would eliminate the ability of the republicans to stop their agenda and we would be off to the races with medicare for all the green new deal statehood for puerto rico statehood for dc. Defunding the cops. Pack the supreme court the whole left wing democratic agenda. They would try to ram through with fifty one votes. In the senate and biden frankly would be restraining force because republicans wouldn't be able to do it if they lost the filibuster in the senate which is what. Barack obama urged the democrats to take away if they win the senate okay now bought and has pasta to sydney electoral college. Votes needed to win the white house now given that it's very hard to prove widespread electoral fraud pat. Why want trump just accept defeat. Here's trump is demanding that he be allowed to play out last play of the deal. Because i think he feels he has been treated horribly by the democrats and the liberals in the press and he's not gonna do them a favour. He's got a right to make sure. The counselor made and certain things happen by certain dates. He's not going to speed up the transition. It's not gonna be a pleasant transition at all. He's going to treat them the way they felt. They treated him when he came in with the russia investigation and all the rest of it. So i think what you're getting is. Trump is looking at upon this if it succeeds is a hostile takeover of the government of the united states. And he is acting to resisted with every legal constitutional weapon. He has so it's This is not a cordial country power at all. Okay but with dany. Before the nineteen sixty presidential election between richard nixon and john f kennedy. That was very taught. There was a lot of speculation about electoral fraud in texas and illinois. And that of course benefited. The democrats won that election now. Apologies for the very scratchy. Sound quality of these vintage news report from sixty years ago. but he's nixon. Your boss pat here. He is at four. Am at republican headquarters. After the election conceding. Defeat to and and results shows come in if the present trend continues If mr kennedy and senator kennedy will be the next president of the united states senators kennedy now. And i want you know that. Certainly this trend has continued and he does become our next president that he will have my. That's richard nixon conceding. Defeat john f. kennedy in nineteen sixty pat buchanan. Why can't trump do a nixon accept defeat graciously that at four am gathering. My wife was present. She worked for richard nixon and the nineteen sixty campaign and travel. The country would and the point is that was a different time in a different country. That america's today america's bitterly divided and one of the contributing factors is the is the belief correct in my view that donald trump was denied. Not only a good transition but donald trump was investigated by the fbi and during the transition. They went after his state of the fbi did and they had a two year investigation beach. Kim they try to defeat him then they tried to overthrow him. And i think trump feels this and he says i established nothing. They can go. I mean they can go too far as i'm concerned and we're going to run this old way out and make sure every ballot is counted and all the towns are accurate. And whether or not we're going to go to court and exercise our rights and we're not going to pretend otherwise that this is a pleasant for easy transfer of power this was a hostile takeover and trump's view. I mean they're campaign run against him former first lady. Michelle obama is already talking about the house and he could and racism and the rest endemic pain in what he come folks voted for. So i think look you gotta divided country and there's no sense pretending otherwise and trump is not gonna gauge any pretense.

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