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S1E143: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 06/04/20

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S1E143: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 06/04/20

"Rely. Rely? People can't be now. You see me because I could see. I closed. Have the cocoa. Over there at each check. See. The. Soul. Feel. Think! Among. The migraines killing me. Glasses. Same. After, the show the show. In Bosnia address. Star by now it is a good morning. Everybody God, bless your. It is a throwback Thursday. It's Thursday June the fourth twenty, two thousand forty five minutes after the hour local to the shot. One show featured J. Alcohol's probably Cologne. Where you get your morning, started right you. Place earthly. Get You more than started. Right the only place where you're going to get all this morning. Love the chat room is open. Come on, Jordan. Nice for action, packed show, today or something like calling in the numbers five, zero, nine, eight, two, six, nine, five, zero broadcast alive. You know what it is, IHEART RADIO RADIO DOT COM. The Shaw Monisha Dot Com comedy World Radio. All major podcast Clap Austin right here on Almighty. Baseball Glass of please like the Shaw we on to show speech in the wake of. Faith also route page where in the only get you WANNA start Iraq. Sidney J. God bless you s to the double in Y. You can't do not sooner. Jay Good morning to you in how you feel today. Good money I'm doing great good morning to everyone listening, we have a fantastic show for you today. We are going to get started with front-page news with Jay. I will let you know what's going on locally and nationally, so make sure you stick around for that. Good one. Morning Cindy Good Morning. Everyone here in Bethlehem. Likely from right now is about sixty four degrees. The high will be eighty six day sunny right now. The cloud is GonNa Command so in a little bit, and it may be a thunderstorm sometime in the evenings. If you have to go out, please be careful. Sixty one in Strasbourg Eddie states will also be the I partly cloudy with evening thunderstorms also. In new, jersey, any sixty four degrees. It's going to a high eighty six today. That's partly cloudy. With a small chance of rain sometime in the evening in New York City at his eighty sixth Gr- I'm sorry. Sixty eight degrees eighty four for the high. It is sunny right now, but it may get a little cloudy in the evening a seventy two in Atlanta eighty six. Hi, Hartley cloudy with storms in the evening as well and Miami is seventy five degrees right now. High will be eighty one today. It's cloudy with storm sometime in the afternoon. Seventy in Chicago eighty one for the high in Hartley cloudy. In Los Angeles is sixty three degrees right now. Aides who will be the high end. It's going to be Sunday. Yes, that's what I have for. You are wasn't the way you are where we coming to you. Live from the show WANNA show featuring Sydney to. Where you get your money right exactly where you get your morning started writing for Cologne on a throwback Thursday. We have the morning buzz. I guarantee each and every one of you guys before nine am. You'll head will be buzzing. This wanted sending without. Yes in the nine o'clock hour we're going to have some semi says I will let you now. What's going on in Hollywood entertainment news? So stick around for? Yes and then we'll be a little harvey sports. You guys stay tuned. Go Nowhere God when we come back on shot the room with the heart set in the chapel, not anthem, but what we're gonNA do right now. We're GONNA. Go back to the morning drive DJ nine years. Yes you guys. Please make sure he showed. His show is charter. Note. Today. I am all over the place this morning, guys! Lease yes, absolutely please. Everyone likes. Oh! This radio to yourself including. Jerry what everybody else on? Grows out with butch. We've reached more people, so we want to entertain as never. The Click. Out there, actually go out the and handout. Say That doing that does as just one. And if you don't want to put it on your page. Whatever you always inboxes you're. Single check this out. Yeah, like I'll share that chain letters. Yes. I'll. I'll share the. Letter Impact. Some Youtube video. Shared. Share Great now. Come on now. Come on Y'all. See. We don't try doing great. Come on. You guys be getting some air pods shortly. Lovingly My game. But you! Can you. I can't even get into. My other phone is in charge that much. Marvan going to be able to get into the group. Are you able to pin the number at the bottom of this show i. don't even know. Going to allow me in the treatment for in. I can't see the chat room right now. Guys but good morning to all of you. Say you need to get it together? Sidney John Waters. WHO WHO's? Wealth. Roasted the. Route. Supposed to Sean. Buildings Relics of Gillies Jackson. Young. Only. Sharing is. Doing right now. Spicy by Dow looking at my caller. Three. AM I. I can't do it from. That calm has probably even gone now showing, they've refined. Sean, can you comment? With all number up. To the bottom of the screen. Don't put the number. One have the number down there now. Wait to call. Anybody, I can't even see the. Problem with. Own. And then my wife is only. Really Weird. Nobody else seek to be spinning. Bitty start rain up there last night. The. Breaker. Green. Weird! Back it is a throwback Thursday of the God bless. Each and everyone else is a throwback Thursday Thursday June. Twenty twenty minutes after I walked back Sean Maher. Show Transcendent J. LAW CO host. Where you want to start right chat rooms opened up. Please join in a ratio today or did call. The number is five, seven, zero, nine, eight, six, nine five zero broadcasts allowed again is radio radio DOT COM song one show dot com? Comedy Worldnet radio. podcast platforms and the Almighty of Facebook live with you all right now. please like share the show and we appreciate your Barbie Cologne of on a throwback Thursday of Bobby. How you? How you feel today. thinking. A guys. Hold on detects yesterday that she was a six year headache. But, I wanted to check for the cocoa. The milk up! Not. Just double check. Here. migraine I know is crazy. All Day pretty much a hit that. Here, in Bethlehem guys, it is sixty four degrees. The high will be eighty. Six Day WHOA. It is funny right now. What the Class GonNa Roll in some time and at the new, and it's going to turn over until turn over into evening. Storms in Strasbourg is sixty one degrees eighty six will be the high today partly cloudy and evening storms, also sixty four Ingram Jersey eighty six will be highly partly cloudy with a slight chance of rain sometime in evening, sixty eight at New York, city eighty four will be high sunny in some clouds also leader evening. Seventy two in Atlanta, eighty six for the hype, partly cloudy with evening storms off snow in Miami. It is seventy five degrees right now, going to a high of eighty one. It is cloudy right now in the store even at the new store. In May be severe in some areas in Chicago, seventy degrees eighty one for the hat in partly cloudy, and in Los Angeles Sixty, three right now eighty two will be the high, and it's going to be son name. That's when I have for. You off wasn't looking right where you are. Coming to you live from the Sean how he wanted to show featuring Cindy J.. Last night. We should more than started by on a throwback, Thursday. Good on throwback. Thursday. Thank God for Jesus, we are. Checking so love to see the harsh right now in the chat room. We've been doing this. I. Got City uncle. Larry. Thank you. Larry is. Allocated continued. beat me. Didn't. Chat, room and we talk, and like I cursed. They bewildered because you know he'd be Kurds. Though. That's by that would. Law Go ahead. A bill like the news reportable accidentally Kerr's doing new. Design Atlanta who had? Playoff he was going on. That was very listening. While we get this thing started. Need Let's show some. Folks that are creeping in the room that don't they all know parts of be chat room. They just listened to the show old school God. Bless you guys don't want. They don't want the flame, the fame and glory there in there just listening and they loved the show where they commute into work or not work of getting those unemployment checks or whatever you. God bless you. Now today does God bless them as well? They listen to the show. They can't stand it. They can't stand. God, bless you to ahead I. Salute you now. Keep those hawks coming in the chat room because we want to show some extra love today A. Little Pause Blackheart and I. Don't know who was in Chatham. He's in their. Hearts, you'll keep talking. To me right now who? Actions question why you can't see the chat room. because. My phone is booting up. It just doesn't have enough energy. And kind of do you have? Sean? I have an iphone but I. go on I wasn't. It didn't charge sufficiently last letter. And every time we'd have issues with this the iphone bomb call number has. It's because my kids. They come I. had the two and you know? I took bear phones away, so they come in? They take got use it. They don't put it back on the charger, right? So we blame it on the kids neck. Madison and certainly. As a grown? As a grown woman that could do in the radio show you gonNA, blame me. On the low baby. Maybe, they big enough to know, not touch ID now. debuted. Have that call and say. How long will it take with your phone reboots? booted. I just want to give it sufficient charge because you. The news to his want to jump into the chat room. You can't drain too much battery wire China. Charge it at the same. With this iphone that hearts coming with his iphone that you're talking about. The. Bible is walking. WanNa with a chat room I don't even see that Lynette is. Because I. Know My girl is I see him in every fall into building? Do A. we're going to show the chat room, so keep those coming because talking the city that don't stop those off. He goes pause. please. Limit test these lungs out he chose. With a heart attack in ruled. Epidemic that. Our Hearts? Let's go turning down blush. Win Hearts APP you're the? Author and What he! Wants that you're the. With heart turns out what. We're the jets with. A with archenemies out. Your. adoring. Time yes, like the way. He's long sound right now. Candy. In the chat. With a heart set the chat room, he. Checks. With a heart set in. With! A. Heart. Just. Hawks sesame. Let's go turned down. With heart. Off. Turn. The hearts. Jackie Turn Tail. With a heart set. Zach What what? Hey who was hey? y'All got four. Thank God Sean. We got in there. Who We got. let me see. We have Diane. Diane in the building this morning good morning. Good Morning. Ballot beat Tom Miss Hank Ballard. On. Ramp missed a sensational. How is here? Hey? So row gamonal. Being Nice. Manelli bigger Rela just popped in good morning. Haitian. Nathan John's just popped in hey. Good morning killed narrow Williams Hey. Hey Gro. See A whatever Charles! How are you born in? Johnny Oh is in the building. Hey, Giardi. Good morning you. Neuroma Jazz said Hey. Hey. Sean Jones in the bill the. Beautiful how you? Alice King Is. have. Hey Al is. I. Hey? Good Morning. Rag. Marcy Ramos is in the Building Sean wasn't that up? Let's young be accuracy. Answers! Would you say? Ran Come. and. Bank. Just pop the hey. BIG SYSTEM A beautiful hey! Know seeing this. When I'm glad we don't have anything. Sharon. Just acting good morning. Are you laughing your New York show? In. Tokyo man. The name of squad amongst you know friends and family host Sandy. It's in the chat room send me okay. What's her name again? Chevron the priest show Rondor the priests. Got! GotTa be New York New Jersey governor be Dorando show that uncomfortable the shirt tribe. Does show the show in the Rhonda tribe of New York. We Save. Alone few. Your. Ron Ron. Should I say to baby city? Only two big! Seas between thirty and forty years old. And two baby falls. Yes, should she say she from Chattanooga Tennessee showman. Okay. Am I still in the same of an s same with the with the to baby ball. I'm still close right. I know I gotTa have gotTa have to. Want should run the show. That's baby. You seeking two to three kids. God blessed. Is here morning. Live. How are you this morning? Liz Shaw be act. It's in the building with some girl good morning. Markus missed a warning. Mogi Johnson Hello Jeff Johnson it and he is also new good morning. Welcome to the show, thank you. Now shamet guide she has. Her Own. Jeff. Johnson. Yes Joe Johnson uncle. GotTa be? GotTa. Be Overflowing Jeff Johnson over four. Hamas. He said he's GonNa be x Jeff GotTa have a least project. Tell me tell me you're over forty and you have to. Let Me Know Lisa. Chevrondelo says she has one baby father and a husband. She's a business owner that with. Four kids with four kids to college. Yes, sir. Read lead him. With for the knowledge, so this young lady has one of she has a whole mammogram whole family. A host. Family was doing anything wrong. I like to say God bless. How'd you hear about the show Sharada? Yeah you guys knew. Everybody. See Chattanooga Tennessee. Wow is check China. Ludo Says A. Say That again Sean. Though a back. Bencher this tale I'll tell you. I think a w struggle. I think a lot of black people. Are there otherwise? Chevron! They're black people over there in Chattanooga. I think there is. Says Engineering about the show. In just showed up at the time line. Somebody shared it. Share? Power the share. Gives the heat is over forty with one child will. Jeff Barring Liberalism Jeff. You're. You're still young enough to have a little. It might around there. If you sing, our song suggests you go up and make it happen Bro. Now if I were new, people just don't sure as strong advocate for two to quest having children with mayweather. Bobby also, even at the age of fifty five I. Still. I was trying to have a baby with my lovely lady and. That ain't gonNA happen. I don't think breaking news right now. Everybody tried everything. To even though I have five grown asking those. A GRANDPA. And I wanted to. Wanted to have another baby. I got breaking news everyone. I have any more babies it was like had. Think. Okay, so even we. We experimented all my six firms and. It's never gonNa work then they have some kind of. Like. You can't have kids like not. I can't I can't shooting. Solo like. Your very painful for me. Urologist this with me. died no noble Harvey's. Work Enough Sean. You wrote it. More than us so much. I Don't feel disappointed. Disappointed remember I have five children, and no, no grandchildren at also. Probably you don't even know. You might have some known of grandkids you never know. God but. Raking have faith that you do have a grandchild out there somewhere and you just don't. Listen look. There's any women out there. That claims that I had that. I'm the father of the child. Come see me. I might want to be I might want to be the. Now. I signed. A might WANNA be the ball of the child, and maybe that child might have a grandson or grand baby? So, there's a lady that I dealt with in the eighties and nineties when I was giving away that community Pena's. And you think you might have a child by me. Please inbox Shaw Comedian Shaw. The business pages. Of, the busiest. PILFERY! Challenge this let's talk about. His imbibing might be ready. Meeting was sitting at a about last week I cannot have a child I'm serious. Information with meat do. Tell us that teleconference call. Sean I. Did you feel you was on this green light? I was like I was defeated like. That was taken away now n- son, now you degree, you have five or really. Wonderful children you are. To. A, no! We'll show. Like years you'll be like the perfect GRANDPA age. Sixty five is perfect GRANDPA a black man in America at the age of fifty five with no grandchildren. I'm the only one out of my whole team. That doesn't have a grandchild that some of my team members that I work with that a great grandfather. You should be thankful because that. Your kids are out there building foundation for when they have kids, they'll be all sang. And everything will be good so. You. You really believe that Sidney J. I am running other city just. Showing As, we! Hear no more. Of. Because! You can't already here. You're already. Priced. Very hard right now here in my beautiful girlfriend is out there smashing some. Age At. That point shine. You can take my kids on the weekends if you wanted to GRANDPA stuff hanging out. Your dreams are nine and twelve. I'm. How to be a grandfather like I know. This on them. So I. Am you know what you take them to the movie? Was Shot. These Brian Give Him ice cream for dinner. And you know! Like in this group share. Shared the same thing I didn't make love to. Myself Cologne for eight months. To to build up enough. Sperm. See if I can trap so the sperm travel vaginal Canal Cologne. I wasted eight Mutt. Myself. When ways? Time. Yeah I can imagine yeah. And you know in my question happens bay. They were already. Eight months. They were all manny. If. You knew you could have been you do other things. Found found out last week with something I. Find Out that a negative of the Cogan then I found out. This is not enough sperm to have a baby so goblets. Got A great blessing. You know no come coming along. Listen a rabbit. Have the baby? The cocoa two weeks three weeks I can take a little cocoa. Be Crack Years I'll take a little optic data cocoa to have a baby Cologne. Liftoff off, who was? Out Or if I said today, we're going to see it again. Marcus Mr Woody ballsy Johnson's here. Good Morning. John Margaret. It's in the building good morning John. Deere Jackson Hey. Jennifer, Shetty, is he gal? grasset is in the building I e should Jacobs Hager Girlfriend Natalie. Right is here, Hey. Terrible. Lee is in the. Release Got Tom Could you turn? That net Rondo. Is He ahead beautiful? Yes. Angela towns into building Alice. Joe. What Yo Hey. George in the building Marc. No, Hey, mark great. These facts give Bryon Joseph Anthony Kosh now. Who is the HEY, anthony? Because there's is here hey Chris. Steve Mulligan is in the building. WHAT'S GOING ON STEVE? Kareem were pay. Shinde rose is here head or an Eric Farmer? A younger nut? Hello guys. who are. Jeff Johnson. It's here. Go on jam. Rj Johnson Hey autrey ever grown good morning. Easy Pu Daddy and Say Good Morning to the Queen, because she is in the. Korean Lewis is in. My fellow. Jack Jamie Rios Partner Building. Hey Jamie hate Rape pender. Is here on L. Oblast in the past medicine without? Hey Can Black is here good morning, Ken, Makita Dorsey is in the morning mark and drew his. Is here good? Mar Knit? If I have missed it, anyone east. Put Your debut, shoutout. Yes. We truly appreciate all of you. Who are here far away? We want to ask everybody into. Please make sure that you like this video shared on your wall while our page. The Sean Harvey Morning Show Featuring Week team. That's our business that we broadcast off of when you like an follower. You get notified when we go alive, so please do that. We also have a group page. That's on facebook. The Sean Harvey Morning Show featuring the week of Teen Group. The group is so much fine, so please make sure you ask yourself and invite fifty friends. Because then it grows. The community grows the show we also have. Have a house on instagram. The Sean Hannity Morning Show. Please follow us on twitter, and also on iheartradio platform, which is exciting, so please make sure that you guys download bat. You can take the show with you wherever you go. Follow the Harvey. Morning Show on iheartradio. Thank you. We'll sesame Jay. Thank you so much for close shots to my cousin Lee crooked in the building the past the. Is the building God bless you. A. We'll take a break, but like just shit. I'M NOT ABLE TO HAVE A. Child I don't have enough a sperm. So I'm going sing. Business When we when we come back dead is call it in by the way. But City of because. I Love I dedicate this song. Too Much Perm. That won't be. I love my sperm. And for always. Has. Done tremendous work for me. So I WANNA. Sing too much. Because without my star online. And I just want to say of how. Much love being for the mass sixty give. To my spun. S. I can't believe you. Means through. The full life. A. With a full life may they rest in peace are? Not. Be See. This is. The women of America's should be rejoicing. Get this. Girl. Shambhu come. From was jumping for joy a small. Keys here. Tutu own me. Took let me do all my life. To? Run. Hate Him. Just what went. On. Bill. Well sort and he's on marching soldiers shot. We want to show Sydney Ball. We wanted to show Sydney barking. Capable everyone I was singing. Of course everybody on the phone right now. Make meeting. We'll get into whatever he's going into the mid, but. Also known as. Our celebrity that causing every once in a while. This is dead Ray Charles, let's capital. A of all. This. Last time you call anybody love you. Did you go back to being dead or Did did Been Alive would how's that working for you right? Thank. You think. Gobi here. At My! Career that they haven't been raining in the sheets of. Really back in the sixties man when there was Ryan out there man, you know the Martin King. I know you was out there with King Band. Can you compared rioting. No, a rave in the sixties for the riding now with the millennials in young folks of that results everybody that recharge. and. In there was actually going to be. Over writing that you see dating. Of, we realized the had been guess. Still. Will catch. The did wait. Boy You sound. Way when you out, the blind is hell. How the Hell did you Martin Luther? King and everybody. How does the Blind Man March? Rate. Actually. But I can here in the back of the. Up where. Right. Now when you say. City Bobby. Blood, senators! SHAPE. Clear on more. In this whole thing because he. Don't. In the rudest. Nick March. Look. And sitting, he's allowed new the N. word. Is this this dead retailers his? Way speak another legit you see the. African American, brothers and sisters who've running into these stolen this taken everything. Do you advocate Ray, debt ray for the looting over in the store in the city store or or high end stores. How do you feel? The second part of that question did they move back in the sixties? Effectively real off! Now, we didn't have much. Admirals. Had A cold. Virus. Rate! One time. Good man out. In. The mix it all this connection. Going to be a later. Could. Work and now you're. Jobs. Thank you grow apart. Alabama. Getting on the. All Coffee! Easing. But Raymond what my questions city to raise! What are you? Do you care about a virus when you're dead as hell, Good. Rain that she cedar take. Away. WHO. Now now ray, you was. Like sometimes I wish I was president of. Make final decisions on situations like crime and things like also. Was the judge in this case that happened in. Many of Minneapolis with these four. Officers who can? Murder rate would would be like so school. For. These four offices like they did back in its forties and fifties, if black folks got a hold of these white boats in these Asian folks, what would the black man have done to these folks back in the day? A Debbie's off. They. Different. Will Happen. A, lot of books, though wanted to take the political way out or the education the the knowledge. What would you like to go that route ray? We can negotiate peas. And it had this cool by moment wicker Babylonians. Are you in dialogue. Will discussions on making race better in this society able? You've this old school. Capable being able to pay him what you? Not Know Route. essentially did. That a chat room. Good, so's never. Die Way, Apple. Cocos would right and and in this this this unsettling social racial situation. Won't you bless the? Stage of with a performance of that. Along The Saint. Rate. Since you've. Never dive, are you currently a barbeque? Was We need to know because I? Told me the other day I can't have any more babies sperm counts. Are you put a pause on. Since hundred sixty here have data with the good souls. Are you currently in a relationship with somebody of? That right! MISCAVIGE! Giving me. and. Your. Gold. Now Now! What Cologne? With less than five men in a whole entire life, she's forty years old city with about fifteen men and I looked cow lost of. Business. I lost count at about three hundred of rape. How many! How many women has the The data rates all. How many I'd of five five five children with three baby mothers. One of my baby Moses Sixty one years old. And sending city has one baby Muslim Barbie has. One Baby. In one day before the each, they're very boring to me. Honey, baby mothers do have. Since you've been dead though. Cincinnati. She loves the Hennessy in. Loves the smoke the loud from time to time. Ray What what what what drugs do that? Ray currently taking right now mine. Own! God. Always, either. So we're GONNA. Give on a throwback and this is appropriate union. Cj Barbara on a throwback Thursday. We have dead rate charged on. A Ray, we're GONNA. Give you the last word before. Take a commercial break closely love you chapel mullets in it. We do have a legend. This is Academy Award Winner Oscar winner is. A leading a a man in movies and endless hit, someone's after his. Rape only give you to find word and Shuan the alcohol you. Gave me second. To find read a final word, a a dead rain at the C. You between the cocoa virus, and was going on in the country or it could. You got us a if you don't mind? Remember people got. All the. Good at? Thank God is good. Listen Ain't that the truth. Is True. That is true. A. This everybody clapped comedian. All your information in the group room. A and Follow you and we love the death rate. Could you? Rate before he could you hit us with out of sight? In. Could you hit us with a big man if you don't mind? You. GotTa go. Along? Are you. Going to stay alive with. Go back to me how? With that was their race scheduled tonight with today. What would be use good? Range. No good so is never to. Vote. Right there. Everybody enjoy that reputable wanted a chat room sharp more than city bragging. Yes some grey. Who is this? Call, let's go. I think the thing. We don't need any more funny people in America. How? Will. Come to the show on A. I have no shame nothing. seriously. These. Watchers woman wait a minute. Wait a minute, wait. A minute is cine hub voices is starting to turn me on at seven. Voices. Is Nice. It is nice, have the northern voice we talk. That s very raspy, but you have us. Sort of like a seductive loving voice like. Has One. Husband overby. That's that's husband is now leaving this voice? Mad. I think it would be a tunnel two reasons. I! I have a string. In different which is. Never. Okay. Mama. By a facebook page. Called Five, flag. So for a week. All of our african-americans decision process. Starting on June saving. Boycott all. On business. You know anything about. Your. You Know Big Games United States these wines. Our. Long streets were turned down. And we won't bring extensions to our. Standards. Better going out in a rice. Everybody I play. The flame! Party. Replied with the kids. Only. Because many. Of. Mind? That if there. A fine. Being like. WE'RE GONNA, You know what first of all we first of all I want to thank you for joining the show and and We appreciate you and we have a Sorrento will reach out to you if he he hasn't already. We have a loving group here and and. So. You call it, and we appreciate that too, and I hope you enjoy bid, Rachel but this. Obviously. Spreading all. Your. Day they. CAN DO I. Listen we used to. Coach right to the chase. Now we I want you with the black the her. Support Black Vince. We had this conversation several thousand on this show. Cj has done extensive reports on the show throughout the. Blackhawks true soon the bought Black La Purchase Blackpool few weeks God bless. A we did report that it's so hard to find people with their black owned business. Questions to liberal blackouts on. Him, they have been. Black on him I have fridge. Have a red flag. GRAPPA plants. You can find it on the website of Black Wall Street for. A website. Every! So then that's good information, so we'll. We'll do research that we're put it in a group and. and. We try to partner to hollow. Be us to buy only black. Seven days. Right now I'm looking at a piece of property About five, thousand, eight, hundred plus. What I WANNA do I want to open a purchasing open to fill me in. Fall streets here in. A. Catches, fire and People thought. For country because let me tell you. They will say it, but the housing market is. So anybody you have any. Painting could. A. BAR FINES OF. So you did, do you think that the? Do you think that in the current Economic situation that we end right now with the thirty million folks on on unemployment. And and a half it owes more than half Black Latino. With stimulus checks and not working at the moment that you think is wise for it. Isn't that at this point another doing it? Is it wise somebody to come out of this situation going back to work at the. Unemployment to purchase property. Because the the mayor's, you have lots of. Auction off. A thousand dollars to. The. We have a whole day cruises. And those was during the twin three hundred. Thousand Dollars. Dollar stimulant checked. was checked by the property. Because we're both of those are coming here. And start by these. Properties to be expensive law. Him All condominiums. Thousand Dollars. Down right so so then. Greg, so we made the take the stimulus Jackson James Bond Villain. She's a Tennessee. We see what the value of the property is. On this side of the country. You take a twelve hundred dollars, and you buy a little piece of land and then down. You by. I don't think twelve hundred dollars by. You Need Real Estate New York, city or a new. In this part of Pennsylvania but I get what you're saying. Question about it now listen. We want to join the group. Okay, wanted to join the group hockey on the show featuring the WAKEUP team group with other information you have A. In a grope, and then all the members will see an read. What's going on and then we'll go from there because. If you don't mind. We gotta take a break again and we would love you to go back into chat woman. Show. What you'll be by the way. Louis together. I. Don't mind hit by this actually eternal if You to come up here and if you want to beat my ass. Have My Girlfriend wife you could be harassed to and. I'm. Jay. Own Girl. Disrespect my co workers, a young ladies that were with me. But. I will take a beating a goblet. Say God. Bless you God bless. We'll very oh God bless. You can't say God bless. Okay! God bless. General I think we're seeing. Her, would you? Or maybe she doesn't believe. Surat. Is. He back on it sure you'll get. New singing so much broke last time. Doing in the bathroom, not online. People. May Have NO SPERM TO PRODUCE A. This is my favorite song. Two months burn. Own Listening it. Just die. You. Great! Armament, at one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, six, when I took my third baby Moba into the movie theater Whitestone Bronx New York. We got a sperm best while we were watching the. Dedicate the soul. My. Way. I like to dedicate talk about all this sperm that I left one every sock. T-SHIRT! Call Window Shale. And several chain of Becky Naess Long. Multiple Stomachs. Firm what I just wanted a sperm God bless you. Those were the ones that. You wasted. Would the sperm shape the ceiling and hit me in the back of my ear? I'm sorry the listener. Starion we. Don't know. What's happening? I. Long time tickets news. Time! Jeremy. James. Wants me. I was saying. Girl you. Out Jamie you kiss my black. Ask You have your. Your if you leave this? Do leave this role. Let Me Mommy you certain sitting here, so we so lovely could've you want to lead? The world. Sorry. I feel like. See Lives Damn good, Martinsville you to the show. Everybody say goodbye. We are back on it is. Back Thursday to Thursday June. Twenty four thousand six minutes after I look back Sean, Maher show featuring DJ LONG-CLOSED COM. Where you get, you want to start. Oh, you play, so we can get some more than started right? The chat room is over show each other some all they're calling the whole Ringel here synergy the numbers five, seven, zero, nine, eight six six five broadcast radio, DOT COM IHEART radio show morning show dot com. Comedy Worldnet radio all podcast platforms in all my facebook license, please. One show reaching away bunker loan a good morning of hope we get to peace knows. Everybody looked at barbies changed. She's cocoa free godless. Get to the. IRA guys here in Bethlehem we were cast lives you from. It is sixty four degrees. The high will be eighty six today is Sunday down but it made me some clough's coming in in the afternoon with little evening storm sixty one in Strasbourg any sequel also be the high partly cloudy evening storms also. In new, Jersey in his sixty four degrees, eighty six higher today in partly cloudy Sixty, a New York, city eighty, four, high and sunny with some clouds later in the evening with a small possibility in Europe and Newark for a chance of rain sometime this evening in Atlanta, seventy two degrees, eighty six would be high, partly cloudy with evening storms, also seventy five in Miami. Eighty for the high cloudy. Storms later in the afternoon family. In in Chicago eighty-one, high, partly cloudy and lost sixty three degrees. The high will be aided today. It's going to be Sunday best wherever half you are wasn't looking like where you are by the canal, you lack the Sean Hannity. Show featuring Sidney J. You. Get. Your morning, Star Michael Give me, got God bless Goldington through the serves. Crazy kitchen God bless. We put them in group later on. Please purchased. Merchandise and help keep the doors open. We appreciate God bless okay so now. Cologne, what we're GONNA do we won't go into so. We'll get a chance to do. Cine says today's. Clapper Dead Ray Charles. Don Dad Rag. Being. Looking right into a page news syndication s to the double N. Y.. You can't deny the front page, New Shaw. Page. No joy is C. J. to back Saul. She's not the WACK y'all Sanjay. Page news s to the double. Indicate nine. Got The page you've. GotTa Crow Page new show. With. Young and you go Harry down while you all good morning al-Sham! Shoutout to Chemikh Lavar Leo hey girl. I love her. Okay, so we're going to start off with the news. There's a lot going on. Today. I am going to update on Corona virus. Works. What since nobody talking about the Cova? Coating An. Gogo I'm going to start off with letting you know about the job is not over. Over over it's not over almost twenty, thousand new coronavirus, cases were identified yesterday in the United States, even as states are working toward fully reopening. Wednesday also saw almost one thousand more deaths pushing the death toll in the US path, one hundred eleven thousand, so even though number seem to be going down people that still have it 'cause. There's still a number of people that have that have not recovered. So, you know this is where we're getting. Some of these numbers from Dr Anthony Fauci said keeping schools closed in the fall, which once was thought to be a strong effort lucked. Possibility may not be necessary for all communities, so maybe more rural places plays wearing not so condense. It won't be a problem to reopen backup schools. I've seen some of these guidelines issued for reopening the schools. And some states are talking about. Like these like shower. Are Yeah. I know personally here in Pennsylvania. They were talking about how the students staying in the class for most of the day like not switching worlds, maybe hanging teacher switch they weren't talking about. Not having lunch in the cafeteria, but to do it in the classroom. But. Also, bring. The students, the teachers will be wearing masks, and the students are encouraged to wear masks like my whooping uses thought. What are you doing for things like you know Jim? And things like that. Yeah, and the kids have to I. Don't like the idea of them sitting in one room all day on. Somebody else's just from just being a regular cold. They're constantly circulating through the classroom now and then kids leaves the everywhere. All you need for your kids to come home with somebody else's. By accident or whatever? Happened in also. I don't know I. Think starting off for me, I think I might hold up in the fall. I know our school district does their own cyber. Distance learning programs. Lead, so I started looking into that because for me? I think that might be you. Don't just until they get everything under control, and then in the springtime might be good, but some of the guidelines. They've already started putting out. Some people should start looking into them if about sending. No one, no this that in this country Ghalezeh GIG rapidly. Scuba Open Up. Even keep you can't homework. You hit. You hit them with a Bible verse before they get on that bus. Brain up, or we'll see more of what we saw. When this day I started, remember we saw those videos of parents and their kids. Bags life all of them down. You know. Like to. So I think. They love whatever. We saw. The thing is the fact that of NAT is just like. We need to have the conversation about race that we've been talking about synergy. Whip your parents that. our beloved Veneta. George Henry shared yesterday. Have that same conversation with the cocoa with these kids going to school. You got. Let your kids. No, you can't touch certain things. Keep amassing pocket all bad. Some kids won't get the kick some beaten when they all when they come. ACAS. Increased. Going all, right. You School. Use It. You. Kids. Kids used a mass. Brand Mommy. And then on top of that is the. fact, I know that. The parents have control over the children, no question about it and it does sometimes the kid. The child wants to go to school and be around of. The other kids. As a parent. City myself I got. My kids are grown, but you know you do have that right to say. Hey, you know what I don't want. My kids brought to the school I've stayed. They gotta stay home. I get it. And then least there's a lot of rights in household. kids the wedding to go back to school, and if buying with the parents says even though paradise have the final say, so you're going to see. Just on the of YOU'RE GONNA. See fractured a relationships between. Kids you, will you? Will you you you? You. Can't be happy that you're keeping them home and understand the sound your place that you as a parent have to make. As, far as jobs and money, in order to stay home in order to make sure that work is being done, i. Guess. You're not missing so where the parents have to final decision, no question about it. It's still the kids still have feelings, even though you educate them on the. Cocoa based bill will have that desire. They still have that designing right about journal. Diana George Carlin In the afternoon love and all the kids coming up. They, Did Not show all bags. You know. Say that. Got Some parents you will have much choice syndicate school because they may have to work and not only that. Not only that some folks. Make a school, so they can eat. Right. Grocery. Educational Carter. This thing while you have to think about what matters to you again. People Never WanNA. You know you want all or one. act like things don't matter like when when are you willing to sacrifice? When is enough enough? Willing to do way you need to do for your household. Okay, so parallel running around here out to corporations to make money for other people by parents in the chat room. Put a put a number one, if you, if you're going to keep it even if. If the kids school age, but if they were put a number one up if you would keep his kid your child home. This school year because of the key to prevent the cocoa or a number two. You take a acid the school. Action I. Incurring right, mom, they're going to say you have to get a vaccine. That's what they do. Then you gotta get. A. Job for the cocoa, and if they have a vaccine for the cocoa, you still don't want to go to school because you don't know what the vaccine is. So what was the worst? There's nobody home, but what's the worst of the two? I think. It was catching the Duke Lupul. Of Bags. Worth. Taken Oh vaccine. backseats anyway, so you? Will you pick the coastal? Miraculously disappeared. Going here Kobe. Ours is like the pool now Sidney J. Don't you know? Don't you know that on a normal where you go back to this new bobby? On a normal day in this country. Due to homicide accidents natural causes a suicide. Eight to ten thousand people die every day. This the normal just a regular day. Yeah, but my thing is with the schools. It's not that they contract the. We'll know it is that. There is number one high probability. They can contract the virus. Okay, whatever, but even if we take that out of the play, and by the time school starts, we WANNA. Compare it to like the flu. Okay fine, but the thing is is the learning environment that environment is not. GonNa be conducive for learning I. think it's going to be very stressful and I. Don't think it's going to be a fun experience, so you project and right now. You'll know what's going to happen. Looks Crazy. Our no happening. Deon Open how. Exactly I need your information agree? How many school age kids I definitely cream A. Child was a school age. Children! Would you say Chris Kids School. Yesterday this year coming up nephew Ma. If if We had a detailed plan in place and I agree with it. was extremely healthy. I've probably will, but if I knew he had medical problems, I wouldn't send him as. Is That A. Yes is which one? Sitting now because the school. And now I'm not planning to for the fall. Okay, we ought. To do ask me that question A. Shine if you had school age children. Would you be sending them to school I know your girlfriend has a school age child. Are you advocating for him to go to school or I have five. Children in all school age. They're all going back to school in Heavy Bassolino base. Hold barrier vastly in a nostrils. Vastly you. Sending out here's. One of these kids school, each and every day gobble up. Well! Woke big getting out of this house. It is good for them I. Guess to go out. Of the House and you know to be with other people I. DO agree with that way. They're setting up as as crazy great risk. Not only. Is it just the kids you have to think about? What type of environmental teachers are going into these two? Going into hostile. These, teachers are already going to be pissed off if they have to go back to work with all this going on with these weird guidelines, they're gonNa have to be wearing masks day being uncomfortable. To think about them teaching these kids let me tell you exactly wants to be a teacher. All these things into. And then expect them to give my kid the type. of Any care and tenderness that they need, or whatever absolutely absolutely right, but this is not a perfect world. Okay, thank. You don't have to make myself part of the either. You right now. The ground have breaking news like now. I can have a baby. That's official. We'll give you some breaking news right now. That Coco is going nowhere. It's going to be a season. It's going to be a cocoa season. This is going nowhere. Getting under control it'll be. Under, control, who you? My kid gets sick I'll be able to go with them to the hospital because as of right now. That's. Okay so a child gets. Sick and you're able to go to the hospital then you will put them back in school. Yeah, okay, all right. Of and other parts of the country as well I mean not the country, the world Brazil and Mexico both announced record numbers of Covid nineteen deaths, and Pakistan has now recorded more cases than China where the virus originated so It's still alive while doubts so happy. So, we'll keep an eye on that also today in the news I'm sorry the. Harm married. Up Today. You, say Join Shave. China. Shanghai. China China Jordan Sewing listeners. I'm, not saying. China. China. China, China Say like that. After. Seeing. So you, you say China. China. China China very well Schneider signing up? Nine. Continuing Tensions are rising. William Roddy Brian the film. The cell phone video capturing Amman Bury's final seconds alive. Is going to join the MIC. Michael's Greg and Travis McMichael who arrested last month on charges of felony, murder and aggravated assault in the death of twenty five year, old, Amok, arbitrary The suspects preliminary hearing is going to be happening. Today protests have erupted nationwide since George Floyd's death. So. People are really waiting to see you know what's happening with this. Protest are expected to gather outside the Glenn County courthouse throughout the day culminating in a rally later in the afternoon, the McMichael's and Roddy William Brian who shot the video of a Dad won't be there today. Due to corona virus concerns, they will remain in jail, appearing at their own hearings the video. Governor Brian Kemp. Who has the governor of Georgia Georgia? He has deployed thousands of national. Guard troops throughout the state. And the city of Brunswick Georgia will be on high alert. What will happen inside? The courtroom remains something of a mystery. Probable cause hearings especially in high profile cases often introduce news attorneys four. The three defendants have said little about their strategy, but insists a full story has yet to be told. Bond is not supposed to be a part of the hearing today, but lawyers for our berries. Families said at a press conference earlier this week. They expect it'll be discussed if not decided today at these men will give on because as of right now. They don't have one. Grab. So. These are the police officers the Jordan situation in Brunswick. And these were not police officers, the which has regular Omega people. Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. Case. In jail at the moment, though right? Yet they need. Time to go to trial newly, that's it. There's no. The new poll. If you're a police officer and you commit a crime. Murder looks like the case is still being hurt in Glenn, county. I remember. They said that they were going to look for a change of venue. Yeah, so that doesn't look like. They said anything about that will. Are they still having the case? There is anybody riding down in Brunswick. What's going on? He was lying. We. This is just the lemon airy. Have Kim in. Canton many we need and. Low insight because if they try this if they try this case in Glenn County then. Wall then we'll really see though you know. Let's say it is like an all white jury or something like that. Can all this stuff going on and see how they still? Put a verdict in this case. To me, it shouldn't matter where you change. Everybody, no matter what then you put it in even keeping in that county y'all should Steve. This with everything going on. But. Again. That's what I'm saying. Everybody wants to protesters outside and everybody wants to see cops kneeling and everybody wants to see cops the hands of all the other stuff, but this is still happening. Still going behind the scenes and everybody wants to say Oh, we'll give people a chance to wake up. Give you a chance to wake up? Be Many Cheese Kathy. Why, why is now so poignant and so sexual realization for everybody? You're not. We'll see. The argument with me with that point of. A. Again the new law this. These are too long you can't. We'll take a break. Take a break in the then you come back with the noodles and then sports. Then we go to says. Of you can't change the Babylonian Racist Police officer I believe ninety percent of them are racist. The ten percent I will save a good and I. Know Each every one of US general in the chat. We'd know at least one of Babylonian s associated person. That's not racist. Assure sure that we are. We we all we all might. Know Water to But the rest of them. With racism and. Away spray spoke to sit me a message. Is. The You can't train a police officer. That's already racist. Rate you just can't do it. You can give all the training in the world. He's still the racist police officer. He's. He's they don't care about the training. They get the training and then they go out and they WANNA kill black men. That's that's my perception of it. Pulled over by the cards Bob Cologne this afternoon. I'm going to be scared as hell. It's not. Like like my life might be on live. Right twenty percent of black, twenty, two twenty, a Black Man, twenty times against stopped by. The white male. So this is the caves with these crimes Canady. West officer and put them right in jail just like the civilian. Agri. By treat. New. Committed Klein go to jail. Or then not even look in this case. They did it. Didn't go to. These weren't even officers these regular info? Arresting Virginia weren't arrested and literally. Kill somebody recording recording rain. Killed someone. And then we still have to argue with these people about getting arrested the lease. Those types in Glenn County could a dead was arrest them to get a formal statement. You! Killing somebody like. This is a conflict because we all know each other in the town. Wayne look really, but then they'll sam. COPS wanted male and everybody wanted to be like they're not all bad, and then they see that the young man who is still from a construction site when it clearly wasn't but guess what they saw video of thirty other people going. Into this construction is all just walking around. With crack. If it wasn't your place to say nothing. You should have called the police you're not. You are not the police. Okay listen. Quick break we'll come back with more of front-page News. Came all. The music too much or Rains, it pours. I. The. Sonnen his friends make me. More no, more babies, coming out, of stalling. Music Today From my knowledge is that there'll be no. Warning. That we played. By far. Light can everybody. Can everybody follow uses People my sperm. In the chat moon and you can put a pool is on that of the got notified I just. She added this morning. The there'd be no babies coming out at the age of fifty five. There'd be no love coming out of the became on Harvey. Only. Pre. Thank. You. Iran. Iraq. Only. Brand you he will be. Larry that will be shown. See it now. Round the what he's. Stadium. My. Don't say. Hannah money. The move. is so are no longer martine. Coming back. Lives. Play Ball of today. Dedicated. Tomorrow. In. Valor and television mostly. Unknown. Rains before. Not feel bad about you. You guys you see. Her had tried to wipe off before. I see it and his bothering. They'll look at it. Look in. Bobby. Martinez. Like. Sean nothing is. By Bro, you never know. What it may just be that one. How many! Maybe you need to test some more. Serious done. And my and my my. Insurance only covers so much. I got the basically. Flat? Watch. that. When I got my results, and they said you can't have babies this and get your ass out there, March. I come back. From. The, EGO, nyu Only Yeah Chat Room, yes onto the news, so let's talk about my favorite people in the world right now these protesters. Let's see what's going on with that all nor. Know, about the second opinion I'm done. I'm defeated my friend looking. Here say he got no more money. Right. Assurance only covers so if you look at me, closely shave. His insurance that. offline. He got that. About my company emailed me in the with. Age. You can analysis done? Hail let it go let it. Almost off my playing. For being disrespectful it. I'm only supposed to use this call when I have a cold. Dr Lyon stuff you get pushed through. So. No say. Maybe just my big brother when nephew outreaching. You got fives showing. That's plenty. That's Clinton slanted. Elite. Former military leaders have issued unprecedented levels of criticism against president. Trump's response to the protests is Captain Petty pointed out yesterday with his. Speculation of the Firstborn Insurance Frigeri whatever be over there right former defense secretary, James Mattis said in a statement that the president doesn't even try to unite the country. Need to find a way forward without relying on his leadership, who said the? Floor my Defense Secretary James Mattis. Yes, I, salute you Sir Salute. Retired, General John Allen criticized chumps. Photo op in front of a church during the protests as you all know where he. Put. Put out tear gas to the peaceful protesters on the White House so we can cross the street. What a Bible you don't even. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Bill up in flames, so does he test that bag little by? Jamie the honorable was giving me some suggestions. I can only imagine what those are also and peanut butter. I don't think none of this is help me get. Too Far Gone I think so I. Think you should have been drinking that in your forties. Retired. He retired retired. General John Allen criticized trump's photo op in front of a church during the. Up saying it was trying to use religion to gloss over and abuse of First Amendment rights sitting. Sending when the last time he was glossed over. Awhile shines. Time. You've been glossed over. Night. Sure as Barbie. Bobby was glossed over last night. I could. Offer. Other senior military and political figures, including former Joint Chiefs Chairman Mike Mullen and former president Jimmy Carter have also spoken out against trump's rhetoric and threats fours against America. Hold on. It's almost any up up of Jimmy, Carter was. Is that what they're talk now. That's Jimmy Hoffa right. Wait a minute. Wait the Jimmy. Carter! Who isn't it, Jimmy? Hart. Jimmy Carter got to be day well. I'm getting this from CNN. So, they're wrong than. A window. So yes, That's what's going on. Protests there have been protests in all fifty states. There has been some form of demonstration. In office states the protests have reached one. No, he he still. How old is he? He is hold on one second article. Keeping Young. People have been. To. Toronto people are in Canada protesting. It's in Italy. It's all over. People are talking about black lives matters, so I mean any demonstration. Any kind is really good. Ben Jerry's old on sending. Let me tell you this day to Bobby. How old is this guy is a lot. Is Amazing sympathetic ninety five? He's ninety. That is holding. I mean. We like I. Go you know. He's taken selfish to a whole `nother level cine for the last two days. The Babylonian still out there kissing my ass. Still out there, saying extra hellos and How you doing Sean and I'm not going for none of that today I don't like. Don't. But they always used to do that shot. Notes. Talk about the ones I don't know like I went to. Pick up some guys in the guy. Hey, how you doing there? On that guy. No, I don't. Do you watch a guy. That I don't need that. Yet. I wish you showing I wasn't post office. To on Monday to mess on packages on and Meena White. Lady was crossing while she was coming in you. Does she moved over and she I would leave out is also sorry. I'm starting up my, which is Harvey for like staff. I wanted why. Why are you sorry? Why, don't you? Going to much my. Style it is what it is actually. It's good style I'm not gonna I'm not I'm not I'm not that black person. Okay. On, what that bright house to fake and phony but I guess. It's still in. Eight still by. You now it makes you it makes you think about it. You know why people do that, and then, and then it's like well. Are you being overtly Nice because they that I'm an angry black person? and is feeding into the micro aggression has stereotype about what the? The same time. We're still trying to be nice so just. Eight. And where I feel like I, I want black people to just maybe stopped trying to be the wine to explain all the time. Because in the truth, the reality is they need to be talking about in their own communities. Out of time you know black Americans feel Vinita like we're always explaining when I think we need to realize we don't need to talk about it anymore. Like people have written about there have been TV shows. There have been. There is literally everything every resource available to you to show you how playing out including continuingly speak out about it so now they're going to be some serious conversation is these white community. They're. Back, now. With with otherwise going slating into them all. Black people have to continuously be. The explainers of this situation aren't pointing why we are where. So I. I've started falling back. I'm not explaining anything to you. You're obviously so closed off, they you don't even realize. where? Not only is it the anger report the newly right, but the thing is they also know that is coming close to their homes now. is coming close in next time. One of the Babylonians older. The black man is getting close good about midtown, mad and all this. Coming Week, coming to your hood the next time. Then who is coming down to? Everybody is talking about Oh hold on. No No, I'm sorry. Everybody's talking about Ben and Jerry's. They recently came out on twitter with a really extensive pose talking about that. We must mantle white primacy. They went into the history of where we now what happened with George? Floyd KS and also bringing a call to justice. The put down for guideline that they are looking to see. Come from the administration as well as people who are looking to fight back against racial injustice. People have taken to twitter Omar. About how Ben and Jerry's. Should be the leader of the again. Stop with the guidelines. the, guidelines this white Babylonian officer. Please put your knee on the black man neck inch and killed man. It. Stop these. She'll be my turn daily. That loneliness stop killing black men. That's the guidelines. Continuous. No but I posted up in the room and you can also go find it, but it is very worried. Basically they they're calling on. The president trump. Elected officials and political parties to commit our nation to a formal process of healing and reconciliation. You know America has never had you know how Germany denounced the Nazis and all of that? America never said that they're sorry for anything that's happened. With slavery racism. Because racism and They're calling upon. Congress passed the HR forty legislation. That would create a commission to study the effects of slavery and discrimination from Sixteen Nineteen to the present and recommend appropriate remedy you they're looking for. They support Floyd. Family, who actually created a whole wants the government to create a national task cores that would drive bipartisan legislation aimed at ending racial violence and increasing police accountability. And finally they're calling on the Department of Justice to reinvigorate its civil rights division as a defender, Roy of black and Brown people, and the DOJ must also reinstate policies. Roll back under the trump administration to. Consent decrees to curb police abuses. You know these are all great valid point. And, people just want because a lot of people want an answer. Okay, what do we? This is the. This is the answer man go Ben and Jerry's you. Very Mu Today Ben and Jerry's scenes. Out what. This is the answer. I be companies. Because what most companies have say, we support black lives matter movement, and we stand behind our employees. A lot of companies have advantage. Jerry's broke it down. They still our black dollar. Well at least. At least keeping in real, that's one thing I appreciate. Here's the deal I'm going to go into showing hobby fancy well that I know y'all GonNa not gonna like. I wish it comes a day. Sidney j Art Cologne. I've just spoke my true. There's no more sperm. There's no more babies. And now what the Babylonian officer to speak their truth, just come out and say. I'm a racist COP. Police officer at a don't like black people. Just say it's so good, we know. How to move forward with you. Put them in a racist state or put them to. DO A. You had to omit the was wrong. What we solve the problem. Babylonian? Races Lettuce not actually go. Like a red pen. Woods. Capital off your forehead I. Know that Sudan? We know what we're up against. Already know we up against, but maybe they can take you. The races all this input your somewhere where? There's your your releasing your own race. And no sounds crazy but I want the races officer to be identified. I want them to emit, but don't let them lose their job. Let them continue to work. Just put him somewhere where they don't have to deal with racist segregation. It's a weird former segregation. We admit that your racist. Babylonian police officer. Then! We take your somewhere else where you will love. More battling old news and you good. Continuous. South crazy, but I'm just saying. George Klay Case. All four of the EX officers involved in the killing of George Floyd. Now face charges in his death, Derek Shulman who press Disney into his neck, was charged with a more serious count of second degree murder. which has intent shows intent but not. Premeditation. Three officers, the three other officers at the scene during his killing have now been charged with aiding and abetting second degree murder and aiding and abetting second degree manslaughter. The Floyd family called the new charges of bittersweet development, meanwhile a ninety nine You know more protests followed in for the nine thousand nine so We're going to be following this case as well, but again you know we came to this. You know having all of this happen. Just for them to come to this to arrest three officers as Right exactly. The first day. None of this would've happened. Right I don't think it this fine into both the charges up to second degree murder I think is valid charge because. You know the the the seven nine whatever seconds he had his. Knee on his neck. That constitutes that. He wanted to kill him. It's not I don't think it's first degree murder because I don't think all up in the morning so I'm going to kill his guy, right? It's going to be hard to prove I think this might stick, but on top of the thing that I'm secure about this charge is it still falls back to the third degree? Murder charges well, so they packaged it all together. So, if it doesn't people ells on a second degree, they should hopefully get them on third degree and the. Ones with the accessory to cry. Yes, full charges put them in jail for twenty years, and this could send a message to the country, not to the racist the. This case is the basically send a message. To Babylonia police officer that's races. This would be a deterrent for you, sir or Miss. Hopefully that you will go to jail. I don't want ever want to see the crime like this. Ever committed again. But that's what this is about a One of the factors is the determinate for the racist Babylonian Show. Have you morning show of Sydney, ball. Is Adrian the Spaghetti Man. Going on first of all you, bobbing and weaving that cocoa. Your for what now Okay God bless! I got icing now. Like. Really, calling, I will be there as insane left going on. Otherwise social media and everything like that with. The H from police department in A. Under the concert stances you could really stab, but. People also got a stand. That If, it wasn't for the. Being out bed you. Clean Round. will be beyond at ocoee. We wouldn't be. You have been. I mean I family. That's all wrong. No maturity about that leads all worth. And like now. One bad apple officer hugh bad apples. Has. Caused a whole bunch birth. Of of not like that. And all and is very disheartening the. Again. I'm really bad rap. You said you and you said you. Your families in law enforcement, right? Already family is in law enforcement. Right. Okay now. Now have any have had have anyone in your family members as black. Brown has ever killed the white. Boy in the middle of the street. Exactly. Exactly you got you got you got to see what was going on here. Okay! You're right. This is a little to percents. COTS police officers. I'm not. GonNa deny that, but this is a bigger picture, so yes, you know what? The Police Department needs to have a bad name right now, because of these bad apples and sings writes the other day when she said we still need to call the police something, go there. No, no question. No question about it. But, you never hear of you just a prime example, and real time you never hear of the African American officer. Killing the skateboard kid. Would be. Back and From the age of twenty five to forty. We don't I don't. Think. It's going to take us a minute the. GonNa take a minute. It's going to take a minute to research by. Not Prosecute. If if a black of black man or nick. How Beer I? I really have fear of my daughter going to work. This. Thank God that she had a baby. About five weeks ago, so she's work you. Off Able. Over. You! Saying like. They're all United States are. That was instructed. Do though Ta Gad's on. On. People Pro Customer Watch. My cousin is assaulted and the. In Washington teach. Sewer. From both angles right I. The bad why people protect them because you know, I had. My little spent with police when I was younger. You get them saying with the mistreat community and everything like that. So I. Understand. Rome Fan. But people have to also understand that a lot of officers get up in the morning. And they wanNA come home just like everybody else is bad. because. Novel store certain things. All over again the bad rest win tour of the shot at birthright. Will. We well listen we do we do. Brooklyn thanks to be honest. You're concerned about your daughter. The police officer in and congratulations on her having a child grand rampal. I wish I was one one day, but you see, here's the problem. Is the problem the Babylonia? Officer triggered all of this with the state of Minnesota is policy on the rest of these officers and what we've been going through for the last five years with young black men, getting killed by the Babylonians now unfortunately now your whole families involved in this. Because, yes, all the officers WanNa, come home and trust me the racist babbling. Obviously he wants to go to, he could. When he he. He probably thought to do nothing wrong. And Miss Innocent Domino effect due to police community. Now you're right ages. Spaghetti man a few bad apples. Spoil the whole thing and it's supposed to be right now. And I am I sympathize with the conflict that you were going through with your children and the bad. The folks that are in your family that look. Law enforcement that got the walk and work every day because of all of this. I sympathize with you, but still still may got murdered. The he called model. One is last words. Why everybody's killing them. People are telling him to get off of him. Everybody's the is accountable right now for this. Sorry to say that I hope you is home and don't even come outside to. This is with the new baby. With. A lack of better term. Everybody's caught in the cost by here. And A. Few of them. But again like I said two minutes before you call. This was the racist police officer dicit. He's racist and then we could put them somewhere in the. We don't have to deal with this. I know that's not gonNA happen. But we listen, I'm a pray. You can't deny this is. This is incredible. A whole bunch of Ramu. But now one of your camp, but not one of your family members in law enforcement. We, sitting is what I think we would. Take US five minutes to research win the last time. Of? Black Officer. He'll white man. I. Don't remember it happening in the. Equal Mama most recent one I think was like an old four back. When Your Thousand and four Minneapolis Officer. Manhattan Somali officer and he. He killed a white woman. There was a call for a problem. They were on a Allie. Woman. came up to the car. And I guess like I don't guess he was scared. He say shot because you know. He was startled, came running up and she unfortunately died, so he was charged, and he got twelve and a half years in prison. Jail? Well, thanks so the last time this happened. Two thousand two thousand four years this. Just weighs. I want thirteen years ago. And this has happened to us each and every week. Every other week won't is happening. There's so much got burnt country that. Adrian man we. The lobby all over. You get the. Bernie groceries thirty eight. And especially on top of. Or Watch break pantothenic now leave shop after will guess what a George of. The. I. If? You write about you're, not. GonNa get. You'RE NOT GONNA get no argument with me, but that's what George. Floyd can never go to a supermarket again. got. Could never go to a supermarket again. You can't see his children again, so we need to be there for a little while so beat Jose. News going to get to the show hobby more than so with creek scholes show months. Know this is. This is Chris. Percival. Wait a minute. Wait a minute first of all ages. Thanks for the call. In two thousand seventeen ochre. So it's still it's still an all. When when was the last incident before that right exactly? Joe, the do to smoke the weed this morning. Back. Continue on. Residing dose of pitchers at the game playing. The. Call and get excited levels. So, I wanNA, give y'all got flowers now. Your I report house. With. Baby I got going on over here. By myself. Back GRANDPA that you don't want to. You Go. Why would? Only. Take care. Has. So, I think he's. Arrested was when you might now. Right, so what about? The Gentleman? Though. About incomplete you're stuck. The white community. Go Out. Blacks. Pro Career. and. Females or Brown people across the spectrum. Is that we team you same. Heidi at three day. I want I want to explain to me by. How exciting happening to them? Was Better Happen Shaw. Two thousand seventeen. Though, right? You. Going on to your. Patients. A good. On these things just for to August. Look, that said I don't condone the by. And I'M GONNA. Let's I wrote this in Big East, village and blowing so i. Don't take. Short that the businesses that are Latino on black. Accent. Just wait! Not GonNa let that happen so far alive gentlemen. Saying is the CLEESE way arousal. Possess a lot of work, but you also have people that are. Running stepping up. To realize that if they just us. Human. That this would happen. Shop. People to die. Up on door. That We. Now. have. Upscale for my graduate of? The truth now who is ten years old, have and. We need to. Take this action. Close out fit owning everything off. Because the. Show Drake's coming up these. I'M GONNA. Leave it at that I loved the thanks that back us up the. Rest. Of The Act! An a Jimmy, body by the. Crates of Jesus Maha Obama the. Sport show by serves. The Dow piece. covers. Scheme. City? Yes so that is that's all that I have for my news. Whoa, thank you so much I so do with a cartons houses sports with do quick. says. And Wish I. Love A hot caucus. That was great news. The news is something else for. Some! It would be. Knowledge how? Good morning the savvy. The one. Of Ice. As, okay guys the NBA. Of Verge of. Approving plans to resume. Resume the twenty nineteen twenty twenty season, the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver of a high ranking NBA officials. Plan to propose a Finnish the twenty nineteen twenty twenty season. Includes twenty two teams play in tournament for the final see in each conference and Sixteen Sixteen team playoff at ESPN, worldwide sports complex just outside of Orlando. A person who wants to do remain anonymous. Because he said that he wasn't authorized to technically publicly speak on until the owners. Voted on the proposal. And, so they kept his name anonymous, but he said there. remained the chance that the discussion to Bob a bigger conference in will take place today so hopefully they will have a decision today about the. NBA Season and it can start. As soon as possible guessing I'm. But it has to be a all nothing typo. That's pretty much the same so hopefully today. This is going to be a twenty. Two teams will will include knife from the Eastern Conference and thirteen from the western conference. They plan to include eight games to finish of regular season and playoff tournament for eight, the eighth seed in both conferences. And the Nice Titas not within four games. Of, the as the and they won't play in a game that conference, so hopefully you know. They'll have every. some some semblance of NBA season. You know for the rest of the year versus season. Well, hold on, this is. A. This is very stupid to me. Why the technically like right now we should be at the NBA finals like the season's should be A. Championship. Shorts around that time. Play the championship. WHO START OFF in July to continue clean all Buddhas Subir and missed the regular season. Opening a Basically taking this season and one into next season. Stand while doing this scrapped this season financial reasons, they're trying to get some money back. They lost sean making a lot of money with him. It making so much money that they can have a location where everybody else can. I. Mean I mean I. Know The players need to work, and then they all millionaires is then that regular working folks I don't. With basketball season right now. Would they should always. Get eight teams clay clay all. Have a plate. And then go to the finals and by. This could be all July. Go back to the regular season in October November. Well not to mention shine jazz. They'll be running. They're running into the WNBA season words if they have the regular. Season at this time and I think that's. Trays? Well you. Damn well any playing. No, WNBA, if they can't get the MBA thing going, you know damn well apor. Is being delayed from what I saw then. Date would have been two weeks ago. You know. Pushed off, but not as common. Like they always do because you know. It's the bigger Francesa need. They gotTa Mesa Me. Maybe what they do. Is Pump up WNBA. Emails get them out there. And go on with this season like that, and then we'll come back from the men being. rounded. Billy watching the W. Able wh-. Nice But this would be perfect. Then because boom we come back with WNBA who cares MBA can start. Missing Y'all missed it the WNBA. Might be. Up now good morning. COME BACK NEXT SEASON! Chris W listen to end the WNBA might be the cavs the war here with the cocoa. We don't really even need it basically. Two years off, no one cares. No one's talking about it. Knowle's out there trying to. Talking about Sean we, are? Barbie and you Harvey Time? Every morning show and say hey, we're talking about. What I listen to talk about it to we don't. Contact the, WMBA! Nobody. Nobody's checking for the W. NBA. That's the reality. They have no plan. So they need to sit back forth back and. Sells for another year and Rations give them some money to start playing again and the problem with the WNBA change those names I. Say all the staff. Meeting. Daughter! Most money. Name again! I'm Kim. Daughter is working at the T. say right now the airport she can. Tell you. Bring Twenty. Him? Her daughter has a noble profession and. Dupree that maybe they might come back one day, but I seriously doubt. WBA's done. Are we go to football full. Get about it. They'll be no WNBA well. I don't want to hear nothing about. Unless, they starting up the WNBA, don't be pushing off the ladies where you've rampant up the man at the night I lost their time. This WNBA Sarah on our I'll see you next year. You now coming back, wrap so hopefully you ladies. They feel backward to go to Europe play cocoa out so. You can't. Argentina and all that ladies who? Lady who paid for the basketball? WNBA? Let's grab that that's a wrap. There'd be no more basketball playing this year. What I'm checking for apprentice. No pause on the car and then. Back to the. Even the Almighty NBA I see canceled out to. Tragically. Tracy may really wasn't were eighty. So. You want hanging out y'all stop there bullcrap serious. Cut Out! You know what I say changed the name first team. SEATTLE stilettos. that's that's that's a great name for now watch that game. Against The Washington weeds. We, we don't let now we don't want. It s any was saying now like. Like that I want to see the Wasp I want to see the Florida fat accidents to Washington weeds. Knows show. They, all have. Answers, because they might be leading. Your team. Show Fan by. ill, why can't with you? saw. As. News. Have Todd how some strippers out there like that. Now stuff the game. I don't WanNa see. They're doing. Your menfolk May WanNa. See it, but we don't want to. Not Need? Drew! has come under fire again and. For his His remarks against you know. People protested his initial remarks what he reiterated because he said it more to. The Boston community makers. To Cam taking quotes from Greece I will never agree with anyone disrespecting flag of the US that I. He made that statement with Colin Kaepernick. Started to kneel in protest against police brutality, and he's just said it again during the protests and are, the right is going on now. Well a New Orleans Saints quarterback him 'cause Y'all know drew brees quarterback for newly and save where he has come under fire from many of the other NBA play areas, the NFL players. A lot of hours was figures. against him because they know they're pretty much saying that his remarks is. You're not standing with people along. With result he he said he will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the US. He reiterated because he said it before when. College Neil in a lot of players was protesting against peacefully protesting against the police brutality of black America and he pretty much. She said it again. I think it was on Tuesday He said again. Sometimes it's Mickey. Serve again that he would never agree with anybody speaking the flag of the United, states and he said I do an interview with Yahoo Financing. well Michael J. Gaines in an emotional video. He said he was pretty much hurt by breezes. Statement and it was extremely self centered He said I want communities siege. We need help. And this is what were you stand? In, a few other You know sports stars Prima the same thing Aaron Rodgers spoke out in a few others and drew brees later today early smart. Posted a video hits. The on his instagram page and I quote. He says I truly apologize for my insensitive comment that was made. A NFL, player protests, and the national anthem. Being, he also says I. With the black community and I want to be a leader for change. I'm sick about the way the comments I'm sick about the way my comment was received yesterday, but I take full responsibility and accountability for what I said I think he just trying to say phase out he what he's, said he probably. Dan? Once again. You drew brees the quarterback. A to me, he's a a guilty. Babylonian this is a man who who gave millions of dollars when the when the Colt was out partly for his community or others, but deep down inside. Is that underlying racism? Because you've gotta think before you you know a post on social media and he. His first post was exactly the way he felt. Exactly the. A lot of respect. Would you because you know what sixty your polls active said a few minutes ago. If you racist, let us know you racist, so we know we all. Play if you. Don't sit. Down because African Americans make a great football player. He's the team. The Orleans Saints won the super. Bowl, years back was a great team is a team sport, but out without your African American teammate. You wouldn't even be at the level. You are right now. So the to make this stupid comment so insensitive. That infuriates everyone. Owning owning Bro. Don't sit there. Come back. Give me a number. oppose with the black community. No, you're not bank is if you are with the. Initial coast. You would have never seen it. With. Him. Degrees a since his his. Father Mother all they all along. Seder's you work with black folks perpetrating a fraud. They used to say that back in the day. Reason every all the work that you've done. And all the money that you donated. And everything. You have done to help the community you have conditions on. Wasn't. Heart you had conditions on underlying racist 'cause. You will be made this coast. So you to great, you are because you privilege because that loneliness privilege in this country. They got the freedoms and rights. We don't have that. So your dumb ass. Make this statement. And now. We're GonNa let it all go because you re polls. The number statement at July black people you. Go out there and play bonus in shut up. And the Don't touchdowns. Ed Reed the Malcolm Jenkins get. At Time we live in right now. We come in after you Babylonian. We tell you how we feel I'm not saying in an angry way up the same way that this. Would it as now. You. Don't kiss my ass yesterday about all day yesterday on. Is a weird eastern? We don't read. Degrees to. Take the boys ask all over the place. Except for the New Orleans Saints. He could. He could go wrong all. Ain't nobody can build things continual. Even a lot of the Marines in alar force me are. They even said the same thing we don't feel as. The NFL players or people are disrespecting are flat. You know what we need to stand up you know for. For the people in pretty much. I agree? Simpler. Is. The. Key to myself. No, your President and disrespecting his Daegu. Flag you. Stop. Eggs and you got bibles. And, more. More. Right. Very disturbing king, forty five with the Bible in front of that Sir, that's a good back to the sixties fifties. All all of that. That's office. Sydney say is. Now I'm not doing any, says today. Wipe. Gossip. She's not. She's reading too much going on here. She preoccupies. Let's shut up and. We get your grace show. Thanks for the Ju- breach thing that Kinda just took it over the top, but New, Orleans saints fans on a loved one. Regardless he could use the keyword. He called. In That way right always going to. Have Found A. Problem. For the rest of us. We. Know what it is with you. Insensitive Yourself Senate, you have everything is a condition which you. You have a facade for your racism. and. and Mark Jenkins Baking sold watch young brothers, young kings for checking this idiot, right in check them all check his mind, even Amer Rogers. He stood up to do why really? We. Don't have you treatment. Who? WHO's GONNA. Chat show love. Is Up in here. Good morning a Song Queen Diane Goodbye Y'all drew teases here de low hey! Good morning the savage Kim Kibble del Andrews, who else in had golf ball, the solar tracy rates Jacksonville. Annette title, and that each Jay dubb's Mama Sydney by Mrs Linda. Andrian Cato Fabulous. FAB Be themed. There ruined by Crystal Prentice tax goodbye Mr Robinson. Get God bless t shirt. Hold up showing Who was his here. At the Deora Jackson Sean Hayes Joel The show brought out of a do. Go in. Good Morning Good Baio. Nets Toronto. Zone. Beth is is is joined in hello. Karen Cable Mitch? You? who was there a Veneta or they in here out over this Cunera, Williams? That is all I see now. Harris. Go ahead. Still. Here on Ankle Yeah and you know support this lack on business. Right. You'll pay when you're not paying your bills like Matt Lakes all. Because you don't want to pay for entertainment. You just put that right over here. On how? Show everything. Eight ninety nine. Rain here. It all starts at home God blessed. God. You're happy. Remember that on juice. Very Gray. Days until. Now back now. Bivalve Bay. Girl. Real quick. You gotta find me. Barbara Cologne all over social media barbeque along designs on Instagram. Why become on on instagram check me? Yes you can find me at sending Jay on facebook and underscore Jay on instagram and. snapchat he's a three. Analogy emerging shirt already anyway, a show Harvey on facebook comedian facebook call on instagram. You could go to the Sharia. Morning Show up a group and box group inbox the business page, or you can inbox me of cuffs. Comedian Shaw, Orsini J. or Barber colonie debuted their social media handle. If you want merchandise from us so. That t shirts. We have a lot going on here. So please purchase in A. Keeping Open appreciate your eye, so listen this way well. We want to roll. We'll wait for a lease car to postal. Group and. We'll see you guys tomorrow this way that way God bless! Less.

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S1E139: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 06/01/20 | Protests, Fights and Destruction - Honorable or Not?

"The! Walk. Out. You. Help. Only, Bad Mom. Off. Of. Off. Weren't. Okay come on buddy one in the morning God bless each and everyone. You guys I hope everybody's out there. It is a motivational Monday. Monday June the first twenty twenty forty six minutes after the hour. Welcome to the Shaw. We want to show featuring Jay our co host broad. Cologne rear you get your morning started right only place on Earth where you get your morning started right the only place where you get this morning. Love the chat room is open. Please join us for action packed show. Show off. If you did a call in number spot, seven, zero, nine, eight, two, six, nine, five zero. You know the deal broadcast live radio DOT. COM IHEARTRADIO SHARP! We want to show how worldnet radio or podcast platform in the Almighty facebook live so like in shared his show. Please a little short one teaching team. That's the page in the business pages. Boo Page in the business place. Support through here. On a motivational Monday go morning to J.. ADDS TO THE IN? How today's. I'm doing Great Sean morning everyone listening. Today we're going to get started with front page news with Semi Jay. I'll let you know what's going on locally and nationally, so make sure as the ground. More that. Good Morning. gave. Why does any good why everyone here in Bethlehem will work? You from right now is fifty two degrees, the highest going to be seventy two today. That's going to be pretty sunny. Forty eight is draws were seventy two for the high s sunny as well in new. Jersey is pretty four degrees, the highest going to be seventy two also, and it's going to be sunny. It's fifty four in New York City right now. The highest going to be seventy two also insult anyone in Miami, ace six. Worthy high. is partly cloudy right now, and it's going to be even more cloudy in throughout the day and in Atlanta. Sixty six degrees eighty to the highest. It's going to be fair in a Los Angeles sixty one degrees right now eighty one for the high, and it's clear, but it's going to be a little cloudy a little later today with a slight chance that it may rain light rain in Chicago. Right now seventy for the high end cloudy. With a slight chance of rain sometime in the afternoon br, that's why I have for you today with Mike, way. You are Robert Alone. Coming to you live from the show Harry morning show featuring Cindy, J.. We. started. Factly, where you get your more than started right on the motivation when they we have the morning blood and I guarantee you this morning on the first of junior head will buzz ascending. What else do you have? Pause? Yes, in the nine o'clock hour I have said he says I will let you know what's going on I'll let know what's burning in the US today so. They'll be a little harvey houses Bush. You guys states. Okay, so don't go nowhere, guys we are. We will return. And we will shot out the room with the heart set in the chat. Will we have a special show for you guys today so once again like a share shaw every morning show featuring awake team page on facebook in also on instagram. We love you guys. We do right now. We'll quit. We'll go back to the. Morning drive with Dj Matt here then. We're going to get right into the show so. Somebody go wake up cards. zillow's. Kids. What are you drink? Up. Tells me to stop. I. You just like stopping. She's doing. Right right. Wait, till while. Kimiko Grassy. John. Tells Him. One second I'll be back in. Anything, without. Lunacy. Old Show with. Frees them on. Don't like she don't keep ward. Good radio to yourself and. You listen a unions joy to hosie very. Let somebody else. In. Georgia so shaw. The facts saw slant. On your page right now, playing music from one of the things Yup. Good morning everybody. Knows on guitar. Or one of the. House music, DJ's stated uncertainty and You put the music for today's on the end of enrollment. I'm actually playing music from us. Things to thank you Diane. Diane was up. He tried to tell you Best A. Cutler city coming to. Know what it is to be an alcoholic. Is Alcohol. Is terrible dogs. No you're not. Start drinking more. Yeah would say so. And get in the car and started driving. You really an alcoholic if used. But I still. Remember ads that we. Also. Like zillow. Or the behavior of I know how it is. Big. N.'S Cadre at dragged through. Alcoholic. Journey. That I commend a young lady like facilitate. Tolerate. You'll behavior because I've had. Day when I was thinking. I couldn't do the same situation. Police spade, it were. The nurse I was like Oh girl. That just kicked you out. Vandy. overs. So. All Bad. Girl Right, see all. Like to alcoholic. You are like myself it. To us we. Priscilla's there for your convenience. Just in case you fall out on floor. She knows that. Think. That I. I I she's always sober, so she's like. Get caught up late at night. Last the come because she's. So. Listen this. City no that if they ever comes a time in your life where you sober up, it'd be Jesus. Christ. Always. Still thank her and say of Priscilla. You have been such a good friend and family member to me and I do apologize for all those late night, ransom bust through your house, and and and and talk in a drunken stupor and all that so. Though No doubt godless everybody. Big Mountain before Priscilla Goldman. Does. Knowledge. Say. Go Man. She's not care Gomez. And it's all the same. You know what showing now now. Go Bay is to home different needs. Different types of Spin dowse. Puerto Rico Mexico because baby. They will let you have. All saying the same thing, yes, copy. They all say the same thing. Short Goblet. Blast from the past. Christopher McCabe is into the building welcome Sir. Christopher Cave Criminal has been out here. Oh, he hasn't been on the show, but he's been. Street Hasn't been around here. Christopher will quick question that I get you mad because people are always mad me i. just want to know that. Get Mad at me that I say something and you just. At the best, the case, critical the next one right city. He's busy, yeah! They always say that. Has Kim. Kids. Every other day to like Ohio or something. I don't mean to. Buy. Energy Ohio. This going to end in the business. I just WANNA think. I. Didn't know what was going on with a out less rubber. Sean. Show yes, I am. Telling. You right now. I hope you guys are sharing. Please make sure you like this video and throw it up on your wall. You're part of that. Allow you to share. We truly appreciate or no question about it and then thanks me so much. y'All. got. The time. Face! To look at because you know why you know why they run by. The the problem. Is you running your mouth, but added pontificate or you one on social media the problem is you one of those paragraph type of folks. As like anything else people. If you've got something to say, say it in less than twenty works. On simply can't Sydney Ugo straight to hunters say five words. And then you'll get four comets. Belong you've got it off your chest. And then Paul Facility? Facility. You know damn well. She read and all of that. Everything. Because my post are engaging. Way They just don't want to comment because is too much for that. Shoe about this. Or they're just not reading I. Know People don't read long. I'm not writing it for it to just be glazed over. One of my friends have too long paragraph. Read more at the bottom of after. Read more and then had another section and read more and then attacked it to read more. Open the whole pose and it was like. Seven get words and I got the hell out of it. I mean if you. Read Long. Like. Late early in the morning like super late at night. I might scroll past it earlier in the day, but if I liked the beginning of it I mean. Back I think a lot of had with a lack of before a friend or any CON engagement any man. Bobby gap ten ten ten less words on every post. Out and that's it but city God. Bless you. Priscilla Priscilla Priscilla. She might be as might be listening to make them breakfast about. The, Pacific you don't. To. Be Next. PRISCILA put a number one in the room. If you on okay. PRISCILA put one in a chat room if you re sending Jay's entire pulse. Putting a nude always none of that stuff. Along comes depending on who? I know somebody. As a conversation I read, but if No. were. So you always. Video. Okay Walking. We had was traumatized with the shot bid, not overnight with your daughter. That's that's why. In, the black dropped by call from your friend who works? With the drive by cars see that we got her name of the Blackhawks. Out of the the one that was very scary, but I? I hope I hope body Cologne changed. Her mind has grown as women. BIC Big tents on that call hus- Bobby I. Hope reconsidered you put Dr Tense I'm told you that show the standard me chance. You don't make any sense. Like. One hand arm. Can't. We come exactly three seconds. Thirty seconds ask. Shout make this half. Welcome papers up. Like that. Hamas taught. Welcome. Back good motivation Monday does Monday of June twenty twenty one minute after the hour, look back, shaw one show featuring DJ, Long you get you want to start right only place on earth where you bitch. WanNa start a right chat rooms, open or close call in five, seven, zero, nine, eight, hundred, six, five zero radio DOT com. IHEART Radio Shaw Ramona Show Dot Com Connie, worldnet, radio, or podcasts platform in all my face book lie to the show motivation Monday we love your debt Colo on a motivational Monday of. Even though we got a lot going on in the world, still need a cocoa check probably look at Shell, and make sure you. Know couple great in great neck. Bobby is good to see you was the. Is Good to be seen here in Bethlehem is. Must be thirty to fifty degrees the highest going to be seven to today. It's GonNa. Be Sunday in Strasbourg forty eight degrees right now. Semi for the highest sunny as well fifty four in look New Jersey. Semi going to a high of seventy two today, and it's going to be Sunday. Fifty four in New York City, seven to the highest on the also and mime. It's eighty degrees, the highest going to be eighty six. Today's partly cloudy. And it's going to give it's going to have is going to get more cloudy throughout the day with light possibility of a loose shower, in Atlanta, Sept, sixty six degrees, eighty, two, hundred, high and fair. Sixty one eight Los Angeles eighty, one high in clear right now, but later in the day is GonNa get cloudy, and in Chicago fifty seven degrees seventy, two, high cloudy with a slight chance of rain later in the day. That's what I have for. You wasn't look like way. You are probably Cologne. Coming to you live from the show harvey morning show featuring Jay. We to celebrate exactly where you want to start a congratulations to diane host granddaughter who graduated We. Congratulate. So, Thank you so much for that where we're going to do is get right into the show. What we're going to build a shout out to. Show them some love you. It's a motivation Monday and we. We try to motivate each other in the group in and we are so grateful that you guys are here with us. Today. I A shoutout to all the creepers, the thousands of folks just listen to the show. We really appreciate you so much. You're not in the chat known. Just listen every day. Thank you, we appreciate. 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So, thank you for that. was any. Thank you so much I appreciate will. was your service will be going to do right now. We're just GONNA. Take a quick one minute break. Come back with the news with city Jay. The Lago Niassa. Pays News Search Ready to the new on ready. Young. Go, get my. Don Lemon and Talking about. Truth. Mankind girl. You want the Black News. Yet. We went the blank, respective the real black. Not watered-down Blah. We gotTA. GET SPONSORS I can't. I like for some reason. I liked Donald limit not in a gay, but I like him to. Be Crying As like when he'd be crying and stuff your. Only was to is. Like really. One year. Far Below That Now what? They. Do is they moved watery? They come out. One, I've already Cologne got trained one thing. That you okay okay well why they hold and you? Go. For the whole you had to angles. Come out. This will how you doing Sean. have. A starting point. I. Acted out of your mind, you got a block at one you gotTA. You GotTa let that one I know. Don't leak Nolan pitch no leakage out a focus on whatever I want the start crying then what you? Earned Blink on either I don't WanNa cry. He's doing. This to start hearing and you. Learn how to cry in high. Of New. Just! Below. Life. Very. With. Today Really Hear Sean. Thank you so much I can hear him. As. We go back in the studio. lattes. Holy. Studio and looking like Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Mobile Kareem. You For your time. Kareem abdul-jabbar used to wave big giant shape. These big lasted play basketball. Is. That's GONNA wear. Yeah, exactly you'd be. My. Boys building. Back. It is a motivation to Monday Monday June. First fifteen minutes at the are welcome back Barbie quick while the real quick. If you don't mind, you can just do the local units in the new thing. Is Fifty two degrees seventy, two, the high, and it's GonNa. Be Sunny and in Strasbourg twenty eight degrees and seven to also be the hype them. It's going to be studied. That's the way I got y'all look like where you are. Come and see you laugh. Show you one feature city J.. Will you get your? Guess thanks everybody travel to Gaza here. We appreciate you. Thanks for supporting the of. A Chapel member the week t-shirts a selling like crazy. Please hit me up. Reach one of the three of us. Get your shirts announcement. Shout the joke by moving shirts in the Bronx new. York, thank you sir. Warrick along this is what we're GONNA, do go to some front page news with the only. She's s a similar music. We've only. The in in the can't deny you got the matter of fact. I am hall all. Because when we go back, we will start playing. She's the s to the East End Rob. Can't deny the FUNK PACE job. Page new Joe that senior chase you got the job. She got up salt. She's not the Wack Y'all that C.. Jacob Double. Can't deny what age new job? As new job. Job! Thank for that y'All quitted. y'All. Thank. y'All come on now in the. Light of the current climate that we're in today, you need to get your game up for real. yeah. Ever was one more time in the light of what we go with today, but hold on I'm. GonNa go. y'All go ahead, Barbie. Yamaha s any. y'All. I. Go Go. Building to get y'all's those. eighters. Which you guys! Got A lot well. The first thing that I'm going to start off with. If you all didn't know their at. The Nation is divided if a lot of racial tensions that bubbled over from the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis Minnesota This happened last week. I believe it was on the twenty seventh when a officer. Held his knee on his neck and you know fatally pass away was nine minutes. The police officer Derek Shaw then Shogun whatever how you say his name. He was charged with third degree murder as well as manslaughter. And he's currently in jail, but they have set a bomb for him at five hundred thousand dollars with no, no. Restrictions on that. Can Travel. He can do whatever it is that he's needed to do. It's not said he has posted by India. But I kind of Dow that they would tell us if he did because it's a concern for his safety, so but I also think that's public knowledge, so as of right now from what I rag, he's currently still awaiting unless he's able to put up for collateral. But You said Zip two thousand dollars yeah yeah. All right now there has been a call. That the chargers are not enough. Call to have more of the officers charged, and now the result of that the nation has burning there has been about twenty nine states where there have been protests happening silently you know and violently so. The Minnesota July Pol a new person. His name is Keith Ellison. He's a black man. It looks like he's going to be a taking over prosecutions in George Floyd's death. The governor actually transferred the investigation after Minneapolis legislators said they lacked confidence in local prosecutors. So basically what you're saying, is you know your justice team is flu Gezi. That's pretty much what the same. Though, why? Why is that okay anyways? Former Minneapolis. Okay I'm sorry George Floyd. Theft was on May twenty fifth now. Governor Tim Walls announced Ellis's appointment as lead prosecutor shortly after. The Hennepin County prosecutors said he asked Allison to assist in the investigation two days after ten members representing Minneapolis in the State House, asked walls in a letter to transfer the case. He said unfortunately our constituents especially constituency caller have lost faith in the ability of Hennepin. County Attorney Mike Freeman to fairly and impartially investigate and prosecute these cases. that he's spoken extensively with voids who had asked that allison take over the case and they were very clear. They wanted the systems work for them. They wanted to believe that there was trusts. Alison he's a Democrat Democrat. He represented Minneapolis in Congress from two thousand, seven to two thousand nineteen. He said repeatedly that it was too early to answer questions about the case, but he said that he had an excellent conversation with. Freemen and we'll be working together. Which Freeman I believe was a former. Prosecutor that was on the case. You know. He seems like he's very optimistic, but he also. Accusing police officers for misconduct, including homicide and murder is very difficult, and if you look at the cases that have been in front of the public in the last many years, it's easy to see that that is true. He said every link in the prosecutorial chain will come under attack as we present this case to a jury or a fact finder because. Unfortunately. We still have to go and see if there's enough evidence to charge them with any new charges that they have not already been charged with. Before you continue with the story of A. CJ of embarking Cologne. But so. Just just the way I feel about it in this my take on it as of black man here in this country at the age of fifty five years old. Like I, said before it would seem like especially for a job like me. Fifty five I should be underneath the category of Non Threatening Black Man. That is not the case here. Now. It doesn't matter how old you are at the Black Man. The Babylonians. These white folks are not looking at us. As a race, they look at us, ask. Actually to me like Non Union. Of. This officer was named Derek was last name Sandy. Sheldon Show in with the five hundred thousand dollars. Bond of the shave. The state of Minnesota has dropped the ball completely on this one with firing this office. It didn't make sense. This man was act wants. This murder was committed should've? been a locked in jail. No bond no bail. The district attorney before we continue on with the show, the attorney Mike Freeman Babylonian a WHO misspoke anyway at his press conference. He could tell that this man is pro police. He's pro- a Derek Shobin. He does not. Touch the black community as at all the the move, the ellison in as a district attorney, I mean the the attorney general in this case was a good move. But the stadium before we continue what what started, the state of Minnesota should be completely ashamed of cells from the way that they act. There wasn't pre-act. Wasn't reactive at all this situation, and that's why this country is going to Burr as cynic before you continue on. With the looting. And folks running entity stores. Pardon me. Adult. Kentucky I don't condone part of me is like you know what that's not a good look that we run into these stores. And then there's a part of me that says you know what. Burn burn the whole thing now. Because because honestly. All, we go through all the names of all our blacks in a in the last year the last five years. That's been. In a murders by the police department and has been done. Some of these police officers have even been found. Not guilty with in the ones have been found guilty. We have to have videotape or like the young man that got shot in the back in Cleveland by the police officer when he was running away. We had that on videotape. Thank God we had. Tell my whole thing. Is this before you continuing store in? This like we talked about the new norm city. We talked about a new norm with the colonial. Vows the cocoa. Will guess what America this might be the new norm. When the Babylonian police officer who's racist from is all to his GRANDPA blow to his great grandfather back to colonial days back to the civil war days with racism in that family for generations the. I'm to of status, but not that I am not sorry to say that the next time you kill african-american with this man. Even. If, he didn't even resist arrest. That's your me on his neck in murder. This man, please believe me the next time this happened. Let's burn his country. Downside. Sater's I'm hurt. I'm angry of said I have three sons. One is a twenty three. One is twenty nine and one is thirty six, and I'm fifty five and we're all in the same situation. We could get killed out here at any given moment. Yeah so now here's the message. You kill one of us again. We burned down whatever we got burned out. I am so sorry to say I'm sorry to say this is going to continue. Going, Down now because people aren't stick up, it is what it is. You can't get away with this all the time, so you know what? We have the. The corona the viruses out here now. We've got a number of hours the viruses. Officers you kill? LAKME and we go into. This country every single time. Continuous. This is the next time. What! Is the. Next. Victim. So you know what that's it this no one. I. Don't WanNa see. African American pre show wet were enough they're talking about. Everybody calm down. No, no one. No all calm down. Calm down this thing now. I'm so. This is what it is that this is a new role. To. The family of George Fly. They also hired a former New York, city medical examiner. His name is Dr. Michael Bayden to conduct a private topsy. During a press conference Benjamin crump. Stated that they've spoken recently with the district attorney and they're going to be taking custody back of George Floyd's body, and they're going to bring in Dr Michael. Bayden or form an independent autopsy because they said that they've seen in previous cases such as Eric Garner's case that the people who are working with the city for these autopsies come up with things that are they feel such an illusion? Had most recently been performed at autopsy on Jeffrey Epstein at the request of his brother, and he also testified for the defense of OJ Simpson. Now, this is coming. After the initial autopsy report found that force and Floyd's health conditions. They said contributed to his. Demise they said there are times, revealed no physical findings that support a diagnosis, traumatic asphyxia or strangulation. Mr Floyd. Hold on hold on stop. With, just saying is going to my core. It's it's very upsetting. How you will sit and say that they will underlying conditions that caused this man's death in his Babylonian state of Minnesota when we all can see visually. This man is being murdered right in front of our faces. Dan Tell me. Because maybe he had he was diabetic. I'm just throwing that out there with A. That that caused his death. Continuous any day. They said Mr Floyd had underlying health conditions including coronary artery disease. Hypertensive or spying underlying health underlying problem was. He's a black name. Lack man. That was his condition. This is continuous any. They said the combined facts of Mr Floyd being restrained by police. His underlying and that's why would you say the combined the facts of being restrained by the police? He wasn't being restrained. He was married out. He was being. You know suffocated. See the video before that he got out of car. They talked to. They put them against the wall and they put coast on. This video yesterday I think it should be the bank because you stationed is video because it was from high, they beat him up to the even got even. GOING CAR! Police Vehicle Ridiculous. They, said the combined effects of that his underlying health conditions and any potential intoxicants. In his system lightly contributed, says death now. They don't even know if there was any toxic in his system. So why would you even put that in there, right? Because they're trying to make it seem like it was you know? Better for. Offers no idea what was in system. You had no idea they don't have toxicology reports, but what? Would you say that 'cause? He was regardless of what his underlying conditions may be. He was alive before the police stopped him and. Worded when police leppin. and. That's the backs. Yes. It's you so hopefully. This ends handed autopsy. More. You know, say something different. You know hopefully you know regardless it's it shouldn't have happened the way that it did. Matt's the problem. It should have never happened in the first place. Whatever the case wise you had war! You had him restrained either put him in the police car. Take him downtown. Booking. What we do or let him go. Them very simple. I. Traded doesn't have a talk to a couch. I know that that that's how it should go. In the whole thing about this is that? Followed the procedures in this of him. A A. Gel? That would have been the right thing to do this. Man Derek the police officer. Is So races to his core that he took the police procedure through that the window because the man already had eighteen nineteen violations throughout his career. England shouldn't even never been a police officer in the street in the city in the state of Minnesota needs to be held accountable and liable. BEEN THERE! And now that you put him in this deadly hallway killed him. And you got A. Eight minutes and people are. Yelling at the Punahou solves into. Let them go, and this man is yelling for his mother. Got To sit here and tell me about. Maybe they might be some underlying conditions. That might cause his dat now. Of Soda needs to. Reevaluate the whole Babylonian policies, because is going to get ugly if they continue. Business as usual. We are not standing with us no more. No. Any. It just keeps unfolding. Hole then they hit us. Would the nerve? To hit us what you think that's GonNa pacify us with a third degree murder with manslaughter. Slap on the wrist because. Yet again, that's to be just what we do it, and then maybe we will upgrade the charge. This is the second degree murder charge. He didn't wake up in the morning. There's been wake up and. Said I'M GONNA. Go out there and kill George and he didn't say. Even though he was racist to the core. But where he had his knee on his neck. He disregarded a human beings like for seven minutes. It is not may have to go, or manslaughter is if I'm not at you and I take a rock, and just throw it in the air, but hit you on the top of the head and you die. That's manslaughter. Case now used intentionally murder. It's seven minutes. He had seven minutes ago. You know what? I need to kick me off with this man's neck right? He's GonNa die. He knew it, but he was a so much rage because his racism from his grandfather that he couldn't do it and those other officers around them, who has still have been charged yet. China. Keeper fires going into. Day get charged. Wasn't. With that 'cause I don't want nobody charge. No I. I'm on something else. Officers get. Charge Of other type of time so. charged. City. Even as you grow up. Type of thing. You as Attorney General William Barr, says peaceful protests are being hijacked by far left extremists crews with. William Bar you kiss my black ass? I could say that I'm a black man. A. Zoo so on. The Administration Thought of kings of Deflection I don't want hear outside people coming in and burning up the place I will black men and women up being killed on a monthly basis, but Babylonian police officers. Outside is coming in, you look. Outside coming in. Stockton collected, or what's really going down I know that's the first statement that you're gonNA come out and relieve. Outsiders outsiders. Outsiders now. The attorney general should be coming now, talking about drafting some type of new bill for police reform. After lease. You'RE GONNA. On. You WanNa come out and tell us about what we already know as. We know them far left. Groups is out there. We seen with your own resort means. Say. He stated on Saturday a groups of outside radicals. Agitators are exploiting situation to pursue their own separate and violent agenda. He set in many places. It appears the violence is planned, organized and driven by anarchic and far-left extremist groups using ANTIFA like tactic. All right. Thanks for the workplace Sir. I appreciate your wordplay, but in the mouth of God bless eighty eight years old right? Folks was down. There beaten black folks every day in Alabama. Right Folks Been Beaten Back Black folks in the fifties and the sixties was no problem. Yeah so don't come with me with all of that back today all. Right with. This way angry. We're upset. We're not taking more of this war. Yeah and. You we work for you for four hundred years for free. You the country has a virus. You can write a stimulus check with trillions of dollars, but you can't get. The. Give the folks that are ancestors of the people that a slaves are. For working for him. Would you can write a stimulus check because you don't shut down this whole country? And you WanNa talk about INSA. Black people. Say that. Bad We. May. The more. Women don't even check the history. Kopech. Attorney. General Baugh. Was a straight races. Right Straight races Sharon Chung. Dams, MAZE This is. What shut this show this is. I'm to. Hear the Marco. June. Eastern Protest. We're GONNA talk about that a minute bog me. We WanNa know your experience got. Protests have erupted all over the country and cities like Minneapolis. HOUSTON NEW YORK, Pensacola and more demand justice. They're also saying. Protests have come up in land in Toronto, so it's really become a global. hopefully the message is not being lost on deaf ears. The issue here is racism in America. It's not even about these. Taliban goes from there all the way down deeper choose. To healthcare to school lane to housing markets to everything every week, we only just last year passed a law, saying that it not to discriminate against African Americans and their hair. Something that grows out of our head that way. All the way around the border, so we can't wait just police brutality. Stop being so closed minded. That's understand what people are talking about just arrest. This is so much more because it seeps into everything of. The. into the whole system, so people have to get. Lease got I'm not too good, the march. I'm I'm always the one that would go out there and get hit with a bottle when my head. I'm one of those guys. I would trip and fall in. Love you. Know. I'll go out there now I'll I'll start cursing at bipolar is this is? I to emotional and I. CAN'T I I? I'll be one of the oldest ones out there. Looting and ride I of those. I won't myself, and is this going to be good while they're saying? There have been numerous fires that have been setzer stores that mainly everybody talking about targeting dollar jury police precinct. In Minneapolis, they burned down three police precincts. So! Minneapolis is doing it over there. And, they've been going at it since the twenty. Before you continue contain a burn the police stations now. Because the ideally, it's a whorehouse. For. Them and. Police. Are Down the racist House of the racist police officers. And the people I understand. What the police are there for? Leave me. Listen some happy here I'm. Okay right understand that now, but the culture. That police are and. Is Based on, not only racist views, but it's also based on corruption once they politicized, and people really want to understand how the police force got started in America to understand where it is where it is today because. I. Mean also have none of us read Lord of the Wise. About these kids that were stranded on an island and had to rule themselves. Basically. When you give any person. Which you know about that book. I. Actually read it when I was eleven twice. Being rigged about you go ahead. But because it's basic psychology, you put anybody in a position to make them think that they're better than somebody. They're going to abuse every. Town. So you out police that are told you are no more uncared black Chinese Y. You're going to enforce that because ain't nobody around when these cops are out on their beats and their boy, their partner, all their in Dan supposed to. Protect their life who they tell everything to who they see more than their families got their back. Simple I don't care if your wife's black care. Whatever whatever? Whatever? That's how it's going down. A privilege. Of. Middle physically that these Babylonian officers, these racist officers filled that they can get away with everything out for Shaw in the society that we live in real time that these officers, the white officers know through history, even in the last recent three and four years that they're co workers, killing black men in the street, and they still go out. DEMOC Shabas knew about all these other black folks has been killed by right offices throughout the last are is. Atlanta's drop on this planet yesterday, and still knowing all this information. The mass still murders of black man. What does that tell you privilege racism murder? Yeah you're right we call. We do. I'm scared to call the COPS. Are scared the cubs right now. They might come in here. The crap. So my thing is I'm tired. Stop posting those videos of cops. Hugging US and kneeling on I wanNA, see their case files by won't police departments to start those in their case files. Put us that I. WanNa see how many black people you arrest white people. You realize how many get off I wanNA. SEE statistics of every police department in America 'cause Y'all go by I love us. An my favorite y'all are blind. I WANNA I wanNA be in the. When y'all are talking about. Your. To me I WANNA be in the car when you guys are when you guys are, were you? Guys are summoned to go. Patrol of black neighborhood what your thoughts are! The black man in the Latino. Mislead a black man the Babylonians via us. From the days that they came and stole us out of our African land and now African ancestry. The, they knew that we were kings of kings. And these Babylonians, the Europeans was so afraid of us that they had to come with weapons and change in. beat us. To submission to get us over here where we work for free, and that's still mentality is still in the Babylonian. We are black men. We are hangs out. A news. See us that way. We not even human to them. Not, even the human being to the abalone hole on this is described. A show morning show city bogging. Everybody let's clap is or Johnson point. Line Young Lady. But I'm not mineral votes. But the one that new one. That's. All of depends on their prey on all the time for sailing. The other time I. was just going to ask you about house. You want to see this pre. Game Awful I totally agree with. That awesome, that greatly fascinated the man as one. Back. From the first time it was happening. But What I want. Them. Him everybody likes you. Put Him. Like you to. This Thing that the law stay connected salaries. Will wait. And the kid man in front of everyone. Him and fun antibody we have. Even gone the judge. Actually! No no they. Do, they do everything so quietly secret like nobody embarrassed him no embarrassed his. He needs to be embarrassed. His Damn feeling. Back. Well medic be difficult like a regional for. Everyone this is justice. We are about not talking because nobody's. Briefly thirty one in front of we want. Everyone. Elective, let me see. Him And Go Up. Okay. I. I feel. In order want to say I love you to death and I still. Feel affiliate passion and feel the anger and you like we all feel the same way, but the need to say this. The prayer towns are over. No more crane. No more praying. We pray long enough. Own. Ham. Is Tiling. This is the Cambrian look. This is more you kill a black man and you Monian officer. We burned down twenty-eight cities. Is Not smelly. Negotiations with this. Active. But you never. Know. What the? Look at it, so call the half the. Bang. Them. You absolutely right all this. You're absolutely right I'm not disagreeing with you. Will All this olive branch and Ray and no, no more no more we're done. We're done. With them with that you would done. We've tried everything. Now? Because they're not off veil, did not. Because those bolognaise and I say respectively Dave playing for us, they they all hunting down and killing us. Daily basis. Killing must been whooping now. We'll ask excuse me saying that. This is going to happen and. There's always there's no convictions, ninety nine percent of the time or no one conviction. Only reason why seem to is because they have it all video, and there's undenied evidence that this has happened. Out of Persecute empathic. Obey. Keep of police get on TV lack. Of course he moved back to the family. As he says something, it means after we nothing. Mad as a model. What's going on? They're. Not even being a recognized you give them play trolls. Fight of it all. COMES DOWN SO? They know. And then you got the white folk out you. Are! Parading around my you know and I get it everybody. I think everybody's GonNa have. A heart I get it. Over with that. But. You know what? Raise your guilt. Malcolm, you're guilty about the way. You claim that you don't know that we've been cheated its way. Back, SMOOTH You're listening. You're absolutely right. We all feel the same way you feel a it's. GOT A It's got to be a new mom with this this this can't be. I'm not with the olive branch. No more and this is a man you talking to a mail order then. In police brutality three to five times in his lifetime of speaking of myself. As, a black man? You know you don't know happen things that I went through. Almost got shot and killed by police officer when I was in the office building working in office building. I working in the building. Long win off in. Then the building the police came I'm in office, trying to call the police. The police came in and Julia's weapon at my chest or DRI, and owned by the grace of God. We looked into each other with I. Contact and his sole said. Don't shoot and that's the only reason why I'm here today. But if I was a right in a white woman would have been. Happy. New. Thirty years. As a civilian! and. How the window? Treatments of. A Straw? Man It's what. Will GonNa. Take notes you know. You know and and they and they know. Being a member of the makes if all. Black Man. He was. In that. By its, involvement. Once again. Joe Hudson, so. You know what it is what we go through so. We will continue. We ought to. Listen and that's another thing. That's another thing for me. I have a twenty three year old son I have a twenty nine. Thirty six. This is affecting. Bobby has a a twenty two twenty, three twenty. When you will, so so this is scary to all of us, but all angry with all his all. We go, listen bless you. Bless all. Continuing you. Want. He's one of them. He wants to. Do to the protests. What they are doing is. I'm sorry target. As. As. Protests and like I said I. Don't know why target. Or being targeted. I. Don't know targeting targeting. so much and target that everybody talking for I think it was. I think it was just because target was one of the big box stores that got. Right rank, and then everybody just ran with it. But. They said that they are heartbroken by the death of George floor. Causing across the country, At this time, they said they've made a decision to close a number of their stores. They said they anticipate. Most stores will be closed temporarily. On top of everything on on. Base that our focus will remain on our team members safety helping our community. They said employees will receive up to fourteen days pay and are allowed to work at other stores. This, comes after target stores were looted. Again, oh, did I say they plan on closing one hundred and seventy-five of their locations? Ours but also. No that's it sorry I was going to see something. Is Weird that do the cocoa. Couldn't shutdown target. A! A lot of people out there. And you know what I do, sympathize with UCLA and and Bobby, and even with myself. We have elderly folks in our family. An elderly folks need them medication. Are Burning down the whole situation. That's the one thing that I would say that. We need to be mindful love that there are folks that sick in Shuten, and now they should burn everything. Please keep in mind that. Our elderly needs the medication, but I do like I'm not condoning. I'm cosigning anything. But some of these folks went I hiding communities of different cities and started burning all doubt. Be. My Of. Shut in because they need medication. And ensure that they need it, but I also think it's true. You know also to the point that RJ said about. You know the copying shown and stuff like that like people need to see I think it's important that people jazz continue. Talk to speak out to call out. People who are being working and people who are acting like they don't know what's going on like I. Feel like wearing a nation right now. Where every or we were where everybody felt like everything needs to be politically, correct everything needs to be. We need to include all people. We need to do all this and all that and that's a great idea. A country that's based on race that started off with racism. You can't just set people free and say okay. You're free. And segregation than segregation and every and everything. They've never on time. Nobody's ever say you know I. Did this and that was racist and I'm sorry like nobody's saying anything 'cause I. Get it your guilt. You feel bad because your family may have been a part of this. Because your y that this happened. But. You can't just say well I. Think so everything's okay. because it's we're. Not. Everybody wants to protest at. Everybody wants to come out, but if we if we all felt this way, why are these things happening? So it's because you want. Because, everybody wants to come out and be by the police. But obviously it's not because we're at where we're even the white people that are protesting you don't know when you go into work the next day and you ask me you can be protesting George, voice and then tomorrow. You'RE GONNA. Come into work asking and that's up to my hair. Disconnect exactly. What would we do? We'll take a quick break. Go back to the news and bobby went out there and. The marched into here with Bobby, said swap out there. that. Take a quick break news in the Barbie marching okay. SAT member of the week and Debbie Lamm Dig. Hey engine. Into roommates up you. Take. Out The. Thing is we should be saying. Okay. You know y'all. Yasha bunnies Neyla. What the hand up! wiz that. Dude. Are you doing that to your fellow officers racist. Black Brown person wrong. I i. want to know would use any show that. With the cloud with black personnel and the Spanish I. Show me how you are trying to correct your office. When he's wrong. Show me that? You can still be net. Close on facebook. If you are not correcting that behavior, then you are, you are just as guilty you are Jessica. Liable. Was! Do. And I think that it's important to say you know. All. Black people. Eight white people we. Out against injustice. Not Black Hatred for white people because that's why white people. Black people are races when rain. Back that. Passion behind it because nobody's ever. Rectify you. Really rectify. Tone for nobody said. Yes, okay, you know what I'm saying. It's not. Happen to. You was not okay Yovany. Trying. Poll. How many times I must say. When we say black. Matter, we're not saying. We hate other raised as white people center, Senator. We're not saying we are better. We are just saying black lives matter in addition to your life. This We don't think we've better. When I took place at on a pedestal, we matter and Y'all sitting here. Walk around, like, don't because. It's not fair. And then. When. I see all these black people saying well what about where Hanes shot? Oh Way we kill. Again! By the the. Violence and police on black. Is We car. Wabi. Come out. This is what we. Want to protect and serve the full the law not. Come fully. Bobby you made a great point, but ten seconds of we didn't hear. ME. It was Oh boggy. Fable comes. Go come back, come out the room and come back real quick and. Then we're going to with. Yes, you don't mind this this, so you can. Those with great points in that last ten seconds, so don't. City, are you still there? Yeah I'm still here will do right now. Act! A So so we, we've back right now. Please if you feel the need to share. Your feelings and your opinions and facts about what's going on. We please other numbers, five, seven, zero, nine, eight, two, six, nine, five, zero, and again our beloved. Ordre Johnson did make really good point that will echo just like you did any right these the white officer. Derek needs to be paraded out with handcuffs. Just like a win win black holes in their off. Criminals are committing a crime. orgies absolutely right about that Cincinnati echoed that cinnamon show. Have you on the show synagogue? Clap Hall Mr Brown Brown Brown. I say. It. My daughter. My daughter's not. The White House. Wow? Thank Gosh. Ship that that back like what's wrong side? You got hit the head with a break. That forty five, all like big figure servicemen he. Was I defend. Helping out on the sidewalk you know I I I tell my way. You could change because they awesome. Good often. Go back this way you. Get them over. The. Right? This guy. Even though she's on the job, she. Rate that the job. Say about. The Black, one? Year, but right exactly what? This is absolutely right? It goes deeper than that brow like we've been saying like I've been saying. These police officers the Babylonians, the young ones from twenty to thirty hits the police force with the application. They get the get employed by holy. They're already races. It's facts. You gotta take. A because of their. and. They messed up. That's what the years to that happens. Still out on the street anyway I just think that when the Babylonians go out on the streets, the policies go out the window. They look at a black person as not a human being are. With Brown? How many times can we say in the last three years that you've seen or heard? A story of a black officer killed in a young right boy? You don't hear those stories. For no rank. Justified so? One of the reasons, why because the king? The Black Man US black men? We're not running around here. Racist like that. That's one of the reasons one. It's a controlled situation. It's one of those. You got a good job boy. Don't you mess it up or we'd get you out of here and. been killed the. White Lady. got. All. Right so so. You know what I sympathize with you. because. You have a daughter. That's right deal on the front lines like I'm afraid, I know how you. You must feel about your. I'm? I'm grateful you're going. You know what I mean. Mike she. On. They on the show that she had to go. Back. To the puppy go. was you know. You know. And and the thing is. Even! Do you speak probably your daughters in in God bless, and you are truly blessed to have your daughters. Especially productive young ladies that a productive in this society. It's still the Babylonians at. You said it yourself. The Babylon is in the station house looking at your door like. With this black woman doing here. With the names because I want to kick the show cleavage crystal right. So terms. The Babylonian is embedded in them I don't think. I'm going to sound crazy. Crazy being. Held. But maybe we might. Segregation in the police departments throughout this country. Know what you know what I say, the election, wicked, black neighbor and the white. Neighborhood. All I mean. Trying to accomplish. Doing. I'm not. Getting a somewhere. We need to talk about something because every of. Every three weeks. Or a black man's getting killed by white. The the ones that we can catch. Right. Now is having a more often than we know. We just don't get it all on video black person. Noga, right now for some be. Pray and I'm going to. Gray just a little bit. Tired! Don't peaceful transfer. For you. These. Right big! Right. Because now you know Maria is for people who can't stand because I try not to say that anybody I would ever yoga law, and then it'd be essay. Be. As Hey. I gave a baby. They got on me about the tie of that. I'm tired of the. I'M GONNA. Pray just three percent of prayer in the ninety seven. Helps Right. Know People keep us updated once again. Remember his all the door was out when a cocoa started she was. Now ownership. A. Shooting in the water. Worried. God bless that's where we all need to be. Email, they haven't seen way. Your Honestly I think Mr. Browse your windfall of the year and then show us. We had this guy. Giving him how may wary noted plays in his baby? Round. You back at work yet brown. No I'm not. I'm going back surgery. Brown got listen. Is your daughter going back here tonight ground? She goes to the. Because because the revolution goes on every day. So. We will. We'll keep you your daughter and thoughts, and then operates the whether three percents that the depraved. I'm giving up. Have you have you? The Karaoke was going on with that, but she's GonNa live with the Karaoke. Did you get setup? I think doing. Okay so when Ralph innocent deal with his. Issues with on the support. We got able. You still walking at Yorkie. The right now with. At everybody let's feel a browse some love and the chaplain back surgery coming up or June the. Be Safe Mr Brown then. You better. Before your surgery because you never know. A little walk. Yes so. We'll get. Everybody. Let's resolve ground before he goes June. He got his and he going to. Be Laying on his. Back for three weeks. Yuck. Wow. Okay. I'm blessed. With we going to see him in the chat, everyday bag boy. Keep US updated on your doors or if you don't mind I? So we aback seen before we get into the. Before we get into the news real quick, let's go. Let's take a moment with a Barbie Colossians. Aquatic. Loving of third number here will. Each and every day, bobbies. If you didn't know. Everyone ran out the downtown eastern. And she was out there marching with the Babylonians guilty Babylonians Yeah. So Hobby was your. On staff. Who says? The. Regional Qlaile. Inviting. Club in. Over vagueness. Call all morning because. I'm. REMAIN IN A. Quick story knock will be very breakdown of all time. By twenty explained to. Expand The police officer. As a kid I think might have been eleven the twelve. And always trying to go on one night. In Roselle New Jersey. One item, up a clean house. And I could have called. A playground. And, some car lights came on. All thinking about it away because i. Understand the. Car was in the playground on the Brag. Anyway the car caught up Whitney. and. I front of being in it with the police officer. So I'm eleven twelve years old I don't understand what's going on, so I'm listening to adult the uniform. And I'm doing what I'm told. And I remember concerned been in my mind all. And he kept all be mocking, asking me questions about my bike with it I could buy com. Where did I get a night by? It's that. So basically. One all. Day. And everything and I'm thinking. I broke the law. I'm scared to death. I. Why he was calling me monkey. and. When you before you let me go. Coach Prima stomach. Eleven years old. Even remember flicked back molded my whole life and my own attitude around law enforcement. And around white. Already. Thought of Coca Cola I. Thought was supposed to be in the park. The playground I didn't know what it was I did but. That a claim that on a lot of. F-. y'All curse us. Because that was my thirsty span. POLKA in, likely, upset and our perfect spraying racism. And by INC and being. Young, By was called the. Building walking who. Bike is rock. Fake. Handling a bike must've been stolen. By drive past. That we have the being what lights came on and I was rapidly. were. So you see this experience. That Masan. Win through has changed his whole life at the age of eleven twelve. And it's a sad story, but his so real story, and how many countless black men have been through this same scenario like beloved Nissan. This is this whole? Story! Sorry that you went through that man is you know we've all been with black man? We've all been through. We all have these countless stories. And and and and we have sympathize with with Musawi right now. Going through the thank you so much for. Calling in sharing this story with us a so real. which go to racism and police brutality? When you just a little boy to eleven, twelve years old, and you have to be traumatized. Experience that now has also your whole outlook. On life when it comes down to a policing in authority and so sorry that you went through that brother. appreciated. Oh and up in that small town. Of. All time what paying attention to. A police because. Like I was horrified at. This was a criminal act. Police officers should have been in jail with these done. And now. That's a child he's lying. Had he would try and tell somebody? San. Main Think about that failed or something that was very. But I was scared the Hell bub-bubba because I thought I broke the law. Would you? That's not a condition, the black person's mind. We know you're. Make your. You. said he got five per drunk driving. Kill. Well listen. Well Listening I. Listen we here for you. See you see what to see how the? Went back to. Drunk, driving, lacking is. Carmen rights. Listen thank you for sharing. We are here for you. Man Everybody, reach out Masan. The appreciate your honesty and is so emotional wants deep you as it does for me. For. Something like that stays with the person forever like you never get. And just when he said change never stays with you this dangerous. You can versus live. Bro. So. We WanNA, talk real quick before we get back into. Lose your experience because the show wanted the show sending Barbie. Hello. Yes Sean Morning Show Cine Bobby. Can't hear you. Alot. Is this a Babylonian? I'll. I'm Bobby explained to us? So everybody boggled like we were saying Barbecue Long A. Post on her social media page yesterday that she would run around. going hurt. They Barbie off beloved. She's always posting on their. Last night she post she was at the. Legality yesterday afternoon. She posts that she was at the. Of! A protest march in downtown east to tell us about quick. Yet it was no, it was quite enlightening to see a lot of young kids down there. Because you know the generation now they're predates lacks A. Lot of things. That they don't really care, so I was shocked to say the least when I got down to see so many young kids disappointed at the same time that it wasn't more black people there when it's our 'cause we're fighting for. So that kind of disappointed me. I was happy. There was over fifteen hundred people there. You know. It was it was a few times. Where almost got low rowdy, you know, I do have on my on my live. It was one young, African American. Okay, and he's trying to get rowdy man police are i. say okay, honey. Let's not do that. And I have talked to him like he was my own child, because he was pretty much the same age as my son, maybe a little bit younger and I let him know I. Understand your frustration. Trust me I'm just as upset I. Have a Black Sun. It could have been him. It could have been my nephews or whatever, but you don't WanNa. Come back and police like this because that's what they expect. That's what they want from. You Know I. Get it. I'm not saying don't do it. I am telling you don't do it, but don't give them what they want. It was you know I'm glad that was kind of peaceful in A. My area chance to see that you know we which we we which is flowing. Recently. And we were everybody else. You know who has to go through this. We stand John All nobody bobby nobody to Iraq. Now. Why he tried to get crazy another big bang, check these. Ask Real quick. I mean now one pebble. Nobody Canales Dan. No, it was completely peaceful I, really I was. I was I was Gonna get a little crazy. And like I said it was a few opportunities where I mean three to towns where it was about to get crazy, but the older people that was there like myself. If you is when we saw the younger kids trying to get out alive, we kinda you. Know pulled him back in. You know gently same time no reassurance. Phobia Young. No, we're not. We gotTa Shaw. A sharp morning show semi barking. Whose is. Adly Natalie Natalie. From you don't know Natalie. Natalie. Sean Oliver Right you should. covers. Pop. About. Short is the big thing you know. Whatever people yes? Or number one up. To ten I entering Mike is Killed by the COPS rabbi. Michael Jail. Air Cops. Eighteen inches here that she was trying to help his point. Fat Bottomed where the at the state of. In Up. In the young age, okay, what? About how to take me in my brother. or how. Some say apple pretense AC- upside to get signed. By? told, her. All the ball. Have about. They were. Cave goal. Which? About Abbas round. Up of a Piece in the car. Thing into. Taking clubs and stuff like that. If he can't. Say don't. The now at. POW. The husband, the state, and the bad thing about it is the cops deck. After. This crude. Naga had. Life! You must for the cost to the door. It's amateur. Okay. The two. Point, five I, Point Kate conscious not going to put people. While but I'll. Walk. Another thing I want to stay out of things. To our of My of around. Five all of an All The cops become added a fourth back. On. bigalow have. Come, out. In! The. Way Of. Because they don't want all these shades and we try to be balanced. Save is. Bad for. Not. Taking, the fourth of all this stuff will be five. Think. It will city says it ethics and make the best. Analogy, with data. The guilty white folks. But I don't WanNA listen. that. You know the. I. To me personally. I feel like it should be why people out there marching, yeah? We. We've done. The problem is. Think about raising. Racist ideology. Does not like black people, so when base the? Of Black people out there marching. They do not care about it. It does not move that see that's the problem we keep thinking that racist are like. We are not the same. That's why everybody was, too. A Martin Luther King Post and all other things on for black people to calm down because black people need to do this. The people that needs inherited not listening. So maybe when they see they own people. Now. Team Maybe, they'll get the picture because my black rain. They don't care. They see me Oh. On black person trying to be free. Free, can't you? Can't you walk down the street and go to college and get a job? You're free. What are really? Okay. A Day Better March today. And then again, the new norm like I said you kill. Appreciate call in you. Kill another black man in the two weeks from now we go outside and we burn some more stuff. That's it. There's no more. Right, so we just keep burning things and let's see what happens it because now all. All is I forgive and all this being and all that this. Is. The now. Burning stuff down to as they should. Take the anger and rage out of black people that are angry and decided to burn down the police Tracy. We're. That black people have harsh struggle. They want to pass on the white people in it comes down to. You know upset. We're burning now. Police stations you May. We did that we did that. Literally I hope it. Why somebody black who did it? We we go to God bless an doublets good to hear from you. All that God bless. You say it's not black. People who are mad. It was white people who did it, please. Black people are mad as well then stop is. Absolutely Suburban. Get back to the news real quick. The peaceful experience in downtown. Own. Nobody embarked up. Well least not where now I was there. I was it was nothing no drama, no No cost to Iran's now no! I got. I left. To three hours, I was down there it was. Almost cure accord what? We, Kinda, you know squashed it before it got out of hand, but it was. This was one why guy who came down here and dressing all black. Covered and he wanted to go. Oh! What he's saying. All matter blue lives matter F. This F. that and it was another bigger black guy. Walking his face, it was like you say it again. And I'm like. I want to put the camera. or at-bat. He kind of took his little white ass over there less. Guarantee you that. Well good thanks for observation. So. Listen. I do have there is A. There is a pre the inner protests going on in east. STROUDSBURG Pennsylvania. POCONOS EVERYBODY! Yeah. That's the POCONOS. It's going on today. It's going to be at four o'clock. I don't know the individual personally. That's throwing it. But it was on facebook. They're going to be marching from Dan's Berry car. If anybody knows where that is and the on street in Stroudsburg. They're going to be going from there all the way to the courthouse. We think on seventh. Street STROUDSBURG so. A lot of people are getting together Protesting for me because my sister did it in Orlando, it got a little rowdy down there she was. You want rally you want, you'll get this. And this is a peaceful protests. Keys Fall. People probably have their kids out there, so we'll, we'll wait. We know kids man. He? Kinda was like ooh. Okay, craft, initiative see you know you know when you babies. No. Is just that you never. Listen People WanNA bring their kids. You should be able to get your kids to safety, but. Hold on Lena Kids Home! Let them, watch it on television and. Ring the keys nothing nothing's up. With? Protests little. Can Be, you know. You never know my happening. Kid says he might not be quick about. What's going down until you don't need those kids? This is not the Puerto Rican Day parade. This is nothing sitting. With the piece. About the piece, this man is dead. Are Stressing. Proud that. Go on with. The POCONOS and shake it up then they are your hold on all those. In. That, don't even allow the black man to have an event and we got to go through all the red tape I mean fitness. Trying to throw a party in the Poconos at talk. Telling me, what type of music that I shouldn't Clemmie? At my own event and paying rectal, the place and Role that. And you sit there and tell me you'll shop. You can't play this certain type of music because I own establishment. Averages the age of thirty five to sixty five years old, and all these folks make fifty thousand dollars a year, and you've got the nerve enough to say that to me in the Pocono area up into apple years. Lena kids home. Show Hobby show Sydney Ball. Coach off. Like, those that probably the first time that have been so speechless. About stuff that Gonna I I don't have anything to say. I'm scared of what I might say or holly might affect. Me and my family I have a been a twenty eight year of fun, so it kind of disappoints me that this is all still happening. all I can do paintbrushes brothers every day. And my cousin made of when you have somewhat when it happens to the family in that it has been used to go to my cousin. It was really hard and. To show you. A partner holidays. When she said that people should have white people in a bat. Getting need a shouldn't walk. It's me that we are people. They should be in the front line and they should be controlling things over. Little Rowdy, and then that that the COP. Out Home everybody. Be. For you. Live here you I listened. But humming the. Peaceful rallies. We have to go through. I mainly more of this black, white or black folks in front that. Bologna's in the battle. Komo news is this has got to stop this. Swing it out for people to heal us as the league knows. It there's no number is just just gonNA happen. Should be a little peaceful because violence show Hugh. You. was. There's no more nearing. They hear him. Taliban give birth. They here in this man wall brutally murdered a black man. This no more no more of that. Whenever they do it again. We burned out more cities. That's it. That's the North Bay can get up and do this. This man who murdered this. George Loy. In real tap and real time with Sean he knew all the other incidents that's been going on in the last three years with. White officers killed. He knew that he knew that he does he like I said you didn't jump on this land yesterday. And it's a all of that. He still murdered a black man because of because it is racism racist person. So to do the peaceful protests. I get it but things that'll be shaken up a little bit. That's all I'm saying like. This is not. A. This is coming home news. At a certain point? Okay. You can shake them up but as A whole still got a little chip. Because they have to see it, and it comes feeling, but place on the. Say. I said when I when I when I. Was Trivial God bless. God Bless Goblet and I know he's not coming outside for the rest of the year and I get it. Unless you godless. We love the. Buck sexton. Attribute this to is even if you take police brutality out of that right. Just think of the hundreds and thousands of people stories that I personally cover. The gun deaths that we have had in America. That's everybody massacres. Sandy Hook Connecticut Elementary. Children. How hold on? Hold on, you're absolutely right. and has no hold on. And no was. No laws. No? Sir Reform. For. So you know what you people want to protest. Knowing you. People want to burn up. Find Joy. Some people want to pray fine to I. Say you do everything because. It is the way it is. Because they want that way. Millions of Americans are killed every year by gun violence and they have not done anything. And they say no okay so. I guarantee you every black person in America as a blackboard. I bet those damn laws. James then maybe. Won't be. Too, many of them are in jail or thrown with dumb charges. Qualify for it in the first. Thing. Okay, so he's. Not Making. It worse by. Like I was saying. Whole Realm. You're not in it like I was saying before. With. Know, how feel about guns? And the gun laws in the gun lobbyists in the NRA. Take all the guns away from everybody and this country. We're the only country on earth that every police officer has got to walk around with a gun. In London and England England and France and Spain, and all these, even in the Soviet Union Japan. The police officer doesn't even have a gun they got. Special units of police that have guns. You. Want you want to start with this problem? Take all the guns away from police officers the seventy five percent because they don't need them. Shocking morning show CBN's. Knowing. Your everybody's hold on Israel. Hollow Mr Sensation. Keanu Hey. Of Protest. I don't have A. Of have the only thing I have a problem with. Lovely Awesome Hall. All cops right. Just felt day whether the picture that like co testing. They spent in front of one of my boys. Use School in his uniform. And they stuff to him in front of the school, so he's not racist. He never seen running around here. chiller legal people who know more racist stuff so mccollum is is okay. I'm protests going to rebel. By walking around with the head I'm bringing. And like okay is no. Who for me? For My. Anger toward grabbed remember. That ended the back mixed sex. Don't know same when. Moving and riding and brooding. Like Trump is still of black me. Doing. This. Situation. You. Cave you. WanNa take. Care of on the way you saw. Bringing that yielding an anger and direction towards the old that we go wrong and. According. To Hold. Home and he's not. Businesses that's. What are we? Supposed to be a purpose. Somebody is looking for a reason. Be No, what anger and violence rage! It's nothing. There's no organization to way. A big, that's why. As. Somebody. Video, got. Of. Spray paint. On. The freaking window in the name. This. It's still not missing the point. You know you're definitely right to his opinion and I. Stayed. The whole thing is. That, there's no selective rage here. We go down once all the let that store stay open this. There's none of that. They're not thinking that way. You have a point. Do you do have a point out? Of quarries. This. Sabotage. On business I get that, but what's going on here I think is just bigger than all of that. Know and understand that. Also gotta remember so. But I think we should go. To try to buy right when you. Get shown covered for soothing denied me. We're not disagreeing Argan does. Your. Someone, we. Don't destroy our own how? Quoting. How you for the Thirty Fourth Street? Could Change. But when you come home, the Bronx Goodwin the you know this. Is. Somebody. Business is diamonds a lot because they should be doing everything. Distract. Yes The top does the. Guy. Off The street. April! The of making the digital. All has been denounced by preaching. To. Stuff, that's when you say. Look. When he? Does Not make. You gotTA play. No, we got, we gotTA. Take care. About is not destroying. The! Story? The. Big. DENVER. came. Out of the old. Yes I understand that, but when you. When people destroy things what? Is, he still talking. Because I'm hearing. Because what happens is. Like black people now they want to do a whole blackout day this day. We don't spend no money. When businesses are destroy black. Orange Gernot I'm sorry you're caught in the crossfire we live in a racist country is GonNa Happen Sometime Okay. Your. On business. But what I'm staying in. This. A long row. Love Main. Way We both look into center city. Say One thing Rogan close out with last word. Businesses being disrupting no money can be made a can't. That's the point when people do that. Because these businesses close down they every body goes back to business as usual whoever wants to process and protesting, but then businesses back to usual tomorrow. But you? CanNot let something like this. Continue to go on and expect people to. That's why it's happening, okay? I Want Minneapolis to open their store tomorrow. Blackbourne. Sitting. On down garbage. Your. Business detectors talking about over the role of all races. Do not let me know how many. Businesses. With employees. They never Ryobi Chris. Businesses. Opening during the day and stay. And all that happened, and still nothing changed Mr. everybody knows. Three. By Ball! Yes. Know all of the area. noted. This is the white area. So. So, they can't be can be done in all. The? Different the pig back all the white. Nobody would Brooklyn when you're the white area likely moving. Knowing your queen. because. So thinly out of the state. Every. City. We know who wait the black all areas all in. Store. Don't. Kill. All the, don't they you? For. Your! Next. Big! Tank. Rome. Great points no doubt about it. Love, you brother, everybody we keep. Rose conversation going on in God. Bless you, brother. Okay no doubt. On businesses controlled inviting. He's talking about. Control rage and Cindy you talking about this? No casualties of war. I, let's continue on. Quick Sports, but we do last story with this Again cine Bobby Cologne and everyone in that chat room. You know remember. The cocoa is still out there. Nobody knew about the cocoa. Bill Body is hot, the protests and throw rocks and have a mass on at the same time, and now they're wearing. Reasons? They cut ran up a base so people. License Plate Numbers They out here running is so Let's see what the cocoa counting on look like in the next three weeks. Hopefully that. You exploding hopefully, just stay the same. With the cocoa, so remember we're still going through this whole situation with corona virus. We go into a economic challenge and we've always been. A race probable. The problems before the cocoa and before the. City, let's go to. Backpack. Let's go some quick sports at the Sydney cans. Syndicate handle all of this. Should be right back. What now we almost! Would you have sports? I'll can't just. One quick story of A. Former NBA player Jr Smith has been recently see. Okay phone riding his bike. Look edits a with Lebron James. Last night he was seen beating the living grant of a protester. He try and window is. Is? Very. JR Smith and it's crazy. Because he said he intitially moved his car from where they would protest in two different areas so that they won't spend lots of scar in. They came over there and try to license car. So he went outside. No, he's chase down. I woke at hand. He, said they asked, said some other few choice words. He said I. Don't think it's right. That, they I abandoned allies in peak properties and especially might. Not have any of this. Listen listen. Lose. Right now it's not a good idea to go process and in park in your car in the parking. Lot like this is some convenience thing that you're doing. You have a car. Take the bus wall Uber. Don't bring your car. To a major protests like this because you're gonna get caught by the. They're going to such qualifier. And they're going to break a window and this. City were saying. Was saying black folks are getting. Make Carlsberg belt to. Wipe. Make cars perked up. This is a total disruption of everything. You're going to. Walk the walk wherever you gotTA GO ROCK CHEER! Don't take your car down nowhere. Because somebody touch you call Jr Smith. You'RE GONNA. Get your ass. Or, somebody could have just jumped on Jr. whooping is ask. them, but luckily he came out the victor on this one. Your cars at home. Though partly on. To the protest. It's not gonNA. Have 'cause you might get. That's why. I don't WanNa go to. Somewhere. I. Go to. Only. Cost on. Is. INVI TO EAST STROUDSBURG. Monroe County. Mona Real March for George. Not what. I'm coming near with a New York Ranger Hockey Mass on look like a Gobi. I'll behalf by match. Of Black People I'm not out there. And this was disheartening about it I was so disappointed when I went down. My okay, my people like. You don't when? I was up in here yesterday crying on. Got To tell you that cool riding real beagle tears like when I lost more. Big Tier! because. If deals like there's no way out, everybody had been idea but to be honest. I don't it's not simone I'm going to see in my lifetime. and. So. It's like how can I have? To. Keep going. You know you WANNA doing. Keep doing everything seems. So far. Because I don't mind. Dying like? Are you know my wife finds? One of protests would mean today, but then tomorrow as Malkin touch my hair. Gray and These little little racist. that. It makes the insurmountable so I can understand. You don't WanNa go out because they're either. Bystanders. Day will be the ones that really. Right and as me, knowing me Bobby Cologne of other win out there I looked at some of them. White folks and my name coal in her south game is paramount, and I, don't care. And I would have started cursing folks out witted, just been dad gotta stay away. I can't control my emotions like I'd be honest with you. It's just going to let me I know who I am I know that anger that's in me and I know that I've been a part of police brutality five times, and I got three sons, and it's just culminates with too much anger from me the BBC out there, and and and for the guilty Babylonian to love. It's just a I feel like. I'll be paraded. I feel like I would be exploited I. School. About. Slavery. Slavery in school. Band! But I think kid, you kind of feel small. Kids the white cat in the class Muno. That they. Look. Forward traded and look what you guys took call. Still even when they're saying. Don't bill small. Go Out and March and have looking the offense, it brings me. Just. Because they're bad you right then all those and then all the. Me! Commendable out there and going what you have to do for the folks who shop GonNa Shout. Room in a minute. I really do appreciate you with done and representing this. Is All those wife Bolts Ninety. Nine percent of them are trump supporters. They're gonNA. Vote like it. Yet they just going just to go out there. They all supporters of the of the king, forty five I'm not buying none of that I it. Probably will be going to do right now. let's clap ratio. I. All though. Of. Round. I your. Three of us are the whole chapel because nobody said crazy to get us to feed, so appreciate. Today because. The because. This certain words that we can't use certain threats facebook on somebody else's platform. Glitch in me when I started talking. Off Is all messed up. Is Great. and. Is Great Faint they were trying to meet. Me You love them love. Freecell was in the room with. Who is the Sean Hayes, Jones it's in the building. Rare station WHO. Shunned Logan is here. Andrea Sawyer Gail Francis. Savage Kim Kimble coit around. Robert Mean Paula. Sean Oliver Tina Graham. William Dixon. You're the chat. Remember we woo by Your Andrews the Rumor Robo Johnson. Dear Jacksonville Yours. Henry E shake up Jennifer Shetty he. The net the net net net serano Romans cinnabon dice, saying Mama Sydney Jamie Riodosa. Least Guy. Brad Mr Robin Finn. Who a Thomas Laura Sin. Valerie time. Hey Valerie. and. That's all I see we all at. Was it. Here on RT value production hero. Hey, girl! To. Lay appreciate you spending. Welcome, you're part of a brand. New Family God bless you. Tracy, raise up in here. What's going on while wells? Tanya Washington. Yep. Those all the news I see is more people here, but since they haven't said anything while I'm the. Still here that. Okay. Okay. Well, thank you so much Kevin Kevin I. GotTa Watch Party on Heavens in their tricky Lewis. Pablo's in their of Morongo Michelle thank you mall into of a room residual. Okay, so listen. Don't don't get everyone. We appreciate you all. Listen to the show today we have a chat room member week US search on sale. Everyone's buying them in purchasing. Please support of the merchandise because it keeps the show up running special. Thanks to everyone who's purchased shirt so far. Far Please reach the bobbies anyone myself with Joe Buttock on the BE EXA for your shirt, and police report this week. We have the God bless. T shirts out as well so thank you so much. So what we do is, we don't go to the morning drive. We get Outta of here. Your be safe and God. Bless come on your way better. Everybody come up. In stay, say hey, tiffany guard was growing. Right.

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Episode 229  Dark Emu and Labor Party Meetings

The Iron Fist and the Velvet Glove

1:32:43 hr | 1 year ago

Episode 229 Dark Emu and Labor Party Meetings

"Suburban Eastern Australia an environment that has the time evolved some extraordinarily early unique groups of Hamas happiness. But today we observe are small trial akin to a group of mic that gathered together together a top a small mound to watch question and discuss the current events of their city their country and their world at Blanche. Let's listen keenly and observe this group fondly known hours the Iron Fist and the velvet glove knees. He's like you said David where up to two hundred. And Twenty nine the fizz Velvet Glove podcast normally. There's three of US sitting around the table talking about the week's events but Scott has something on. He's quite secretive about what it was. So we'll guess about what happens. What's happened with Scott? But it's just you and me toward men. Welcome LCM twelve main. Thank you trevor. Glad to be here as always. It's good to have you as well. So what are we gonNA talk about this week O.. Oh Jeez show topics this week. I we. Well we're a little bit short like there's been some newsy things but nothing think particularly matey like obviously allows bobby's head up again and and George Pell and but really these things. There wasn't a lot decide that saying. I thought that we might revisit. A little bit of their indigenous episode who and discuss a few indigenous items that we didn't get to backing episode two hundred thirteen deep breath. Good Air Loins in and we'll tackle that one. Okay yeah I I couldn't think of a better name to have with me. It's sort of brings to mind some of the cliches about going into outer space. You know going with you have a full or something like that. Yeah so Say we're going to talk about indigence matters and rice and sort of extrapolate a few things from episode two hundred. Think so if you're listening to us for the first time or only recently started watching Al Fayed Ah Listening to FAA podcast. It's stop right now. And get backed up. So two hundred sitting over his Egmont Sti- talking about this and why they signed that why I told him about this in a lot of it must have been cavity. Nips two hundred thirteen that. WE'RE NOT GONNA go into you. Good idea if you have already got to that episode. I consider that episode to be one of our finest do in the actual statistics. It's performed one of the worst time you had to be at three hundred and forty five downloads and mice in Europe. Toby at four hundred saying probably because it was a racist. Yeah probably yeah. But then I've had some good feedback. We'd alike where people have said look. I didn't agree with everything you said but it was thought provoking and made me think about some things and that's gold to us do. Yeah and that's what we're about. We're about people people thinking about stuff and discussing it without you know fruit too rigid preconceptions which is or at least being able to shake the free conceptions around a little bit and Reexamine them although we were accused of holding preconceived ideas. We all have them say this subject to confirmation bias to indeed and it's not easy to get alternative voices to come on I. It's taunt factor. Actually Mike reaching out to people and getting them on is difficult. If you're if you tend to disagree with what we say and you live in the western suburbs of Brisbane and you want to join us on Tuesday nights. You're welcome to reach out to us. And we're more than happy to have another voice to provide a contrary point of view. It's not easy and it's not really putting people in the sky it's hard you'd sort of took over the top of each other. It's it's hard to sort of have the same vaud so we could have. Somebody could come into the studio so if he think he might disagree with us. More than most any live in the western suburbs of Brisbane in your valuable reach out to us We should try and sort of play. Devil's advocate a bit more than what we do. But it's not easy for example on this episode that we're GONNA be doing business matters it. It just wouldn't make sense for well what we're going to be doing is quoting stuff from people who disagree with US and providing a response response so there's the alternative you get the actual voice of that best. But you'll get their idea right well. Who knows where we'll end up? What rabbit holes? We'll we'll we'll give it a guy before we do. This is sort of a warm up just a loose nail limbs a little bit twelve made in the in the news this past week like we had will I am who was on a Qantas plein and he felt he was huddle dunboyne Qantas host easy and he then accused her of racism pretty readily accused of racism. I mean that seemed to be one of his first responses is to an altercation he had with her. He's some black American rapper of some sort. On the black eyed appeased. I think is the group. Isn't it rice with which is a fairly well established and popular. Yeah so on one side of the story is the hosting Qantas sign that she was destroying to get his attention and he had noise canceling earphones on. which didn't help? And he didn't like the it was handled inclined was a rice act by climbed she was very aggressive in that she only directed her aggression at people of Color. Put it So one of the things to come out of. That was the Veronica's couple of twins who you're also into China's died had an altercation on Qantas a couple of weeks ago and so as soon as I hit about the wheel I am thing they came out and said we support. You Will Ali'i I'm so the twin sisters climbed the flight attendant had clashed with lie. In is the sign woman who they previously clashed with interest to the Quanta said definitely the same one so an I demanded it will be retracted and the Veronica's said that he shouldn't retract. That's rely envoy shooting. We went there but we support him actually posted on twitter. I believe a photograph of the Qantas and the police officer who was sent to talk to him when it when the plane landed. It's pretty provocative. Isn't it posting on social media which goes potentially rod around the globe. A photograph of somebody who. He had a disagreement with doing her job. Yeah it is my thoughts on this hour. Have you seen the Veronica's no I've I've often cross my mind. I should have a listen to the music because I really have vertical idea while it's line so they look relatively what to me very white. I would have thought and I looked up and I've got ital- on the father's side is Italian Sahelian and what mother is not really what and of course they looked committee anyway but but really the fact that the same high sti praise according to the Veronica was rude and nasty to them and treated them poorly. I should have been proof that the host is not racist because Equal opportunity person in that he's attacked according. According to the Veronica's story line white people as well as black people. Really the Veronica's shoot of coming out and said well let's the same high. St That was mean to us and so it couldn't have been racism because look at us. That's right now that look in the slightest bit non-european to me say ninety ninety. Pick that up. But that's what struck name was. Well she she couldn't be racist. Even story was true. Because you're not obviously black so it's just annoying that people play the race card so readily isn't it Rather than trying to figure out. Well what's your problem. You know what what have I done. Wrong now now it's dried up. The woman was racist yeah ties we said last week about woke nece. It's very easy to just come out and say racist throwing the left and everybody runs for cover. Don't they. I mean even some people were saying. We'll go on Qantas for standing up for the staff because it seems like everybody everybody just runs for cover including big corporations quite often. These Zinser accused of racism So anyway I'm not that way support racism. But it's just this whole this whole thing around. Racism like an accusation is as good as proof. Isn't it these days All the more reason why T- instead of using it liberally to an e went really really. Sure somebody's link license. Yeah anyway that was that story and I just spend Veronica's angle to it to be the interesting one from so. We're GONNA talk a little bit about Marcia Langton in a moment this this is a sort of a warm up on Maciel lengthened for listeners. Who aren't aware of Marty liked who? She's she's well-credentialled. Aboriginal home indigenous spokeswoman various issues and back in two thousand and twelve in her fourth boy lecture and she attacked Professor Flannery a distinguished scientist explorer a conservationist but his comments in East quarterly aside. Because he had said even underlie the governments with strong green bent national parks and otherwise Saif and he talked about how the Bligh government was D- exhibiting areas taking them out of the national park system and returning them back to traditional aboriginal and Marchisio wasn't happy because it was sort of an allegation that the indigenous people couldn't look after the land properly and he was saying I don't know when you gazetted as a National Park you've got even better protections so interesting yes and funding to take care of yes so she accused team of succumbing to the environmental campaign. Audiology that Australia's first people's are the enemies of night show. Well he said we've got me wrong. Mustn't be design. We've got a better chance of protecting these things as bad of a national pan. She might have objected. Because if it's gazetted National Park I don't really know but I'm just guessing maybe the rights of local indigenous people and not as great as they would be if it was handed back. I I think that was what she was. She wanted and Santa bound control of the land by digits people rather than state government. Yeah so anyway. I now the sort of racism. Racism style allegation mic drawer on a guy like that is God so but just getting back to indigenous care management of the land and the bushfires with head race in line. Like people reminding with good reason in the fall that we're having into the been pretty shocking. It was pretty standard practice for indigenous brothers and sisters at. It's just extremely well. No that that's what they deal with and I'm not criticizing knows perfectly legitimate thing to do for one hundred and but when you talk about the indigenous peoples traditional sort of custodianship of lane you do have to take into account a couple of things. One is the prior to their arrival. Onto this landmass there was a lot of lodge fairy animals. The disappeared at about the timeline digits. People appear because I'd never time to adapt so obviously the mall and that's pretty much look at some of them and the rest of them didn't adapt well to all lose their then the changing sort of education because because the indigenous people were Creating has everywhere and that was changing the vegetation in creating grass lanes that suited the smaller animals the kangaroos rather than the large animals. Where the beginning go? When there's a fire rising all around them in day can get barbecued indeed and and really eucalyptus were quite a small sort of part of ar vegetation saying upon their arrival and a short in historical historical terms a short time later eclipse everywhere fire resistant and ended well in fire conditions? So we've mentioned it before but sort out of the lead-up intertwined with a bunch of other. Things seems to be this assumption that indigenous people can do no environmental wrong and the similar thing happened in New Zealand of with our brothers and sisters across the wrong to marry extent. Well from what. I've read under the distinct impression that they're hunting of that. Very large bird rallied to its extinction. Right ethically reasonable wolfing today for hunter gatherers but this guy ran afterwards. So what magnificent manages the way the other thing is we're GonNa Talk About Canyon and in talking breeze Pasqua paints a picture of cultivated fields stretching as far as the eye can say mind boggling stuff really considering what we presumed to know about how the lifestyle and the economy of our indigenous brothers sisters so if true you that it again paints a picture of of quite substantial alteration of the Lance Guide that ninety was not for the better if if true so true. Yeah Yeah we'll get to that I he's done very well out of that. Book has new Bruce Pascoe. I mean I'm not suggesting US become wealthy. But it certainly only received a lot of positive coverage raw in the meteorite high in the chat room John Dismissing. He's finished driving these. Here's John Towards the end of the podcast. If you're able to hang in there we might get you discard being and tell us a story so just let me know. Johnny is going to work because John got involved with Labor Party not with religious nation. actum trying to pass a motion through his local brain. So hold onto. That would be good John. If you're able to get onto sky a little bit lighter we'll definitely definitely drawn hook you up right so back to L. Indigenous episode number two hundred and thirteen and as I mentioned please. If you have not listened to it listen to before listening to the rest of this on. Now we've got a listener Brahmin. He's terrific doc because Brahman disagrees with us on stuff and actually says why specifically she disagrees and gives Cajun reasons and we're happy with that and we asked for feedback and and she gives it to us so so at the time Bronwyn was the only person who had any decided that nobody else it has popped up and say anything specific about its Brahmins. Anyone we can sort of answer feedback from well. Oh so hope. You're listening this evening. Brahman Brahmin she sometimes is in the chat rain but not right so in her comments She said one of the first points was you've said before repeated in this episode that you believe that people should receive special assistance or consideration g cheated disadvantage. Not the color of the skin. A pretty that indigenous people in Australia suffered disadvantage because of the color of their skin. Even indigenous the people from urbanized and middle class backgrounds will suffer some level of discrimination or mistreatment because they look original to white people or because they assert certain indigenous status means some otherwise so this is a sort of thing. That's hard to measure. Who Do this sort of subconscious? who sort of cultural rice isn't it? Not Not only did that sort of sometimes quad either turn look. I have heard stories from some people who've experienced it and it. It's it's definitely a bad thing unpleasant and you know there's no way we think it's a great thing at all. But I can't help feeling that having a so-called Racial Discrimination Commissioner for X. Number reviews as we've had has really helped matters because it seemed to me the last one. We had out of his way to find examples of racism facism and to persuade. Australians that we are in fact very very racist now it seemed to me a more constructive approach would be to take a more positive acitivites approach and say racism is bad therefore why can't we just look at each other as human beings. We are after all one race the human race. He's can't we just sort of not sweeping it under the rug as some people would probably accuse me of trying to do but just encouraging people to ignore are superficial external differences because they are very superficial when it comes down to it but no the Racial Discrimination Commissioner. It seemed to me went out of his way to encourage people to find and get angry about racism everywhere and it. It seems to me that encourage more people to see racism where probably was not intended and examples. It's like Would Cy doesn't matter whether it's intended not just happens. And it's it's there as sort of a constant Well feature I couldn't really understand unless we subject I think it does matter and I'll give you an example. Somebody close is to me who is of mixed heritage Asian and European used to work in restaurants when she was young and she used this to tell me that people often saying to. Where are you from and I took that as just me curiosity because she's very attractive young woman born and that would look and go? Wow you know where are you from. And she would say Australia and I'd say yeah. But where are you really from. And she used to get very upset about that and I can. I can understand being asked repeatedly where you really from might be a bit confronting or a bit unsettling or you know I hate to use the word offensive into. But she didn't like it but I I used to say to look. Maybe they just curious maybe they just they look at you and your beautiful young woman and they're just curious and it's it's not an expression of racism so much as an expression of them genuinely wanting to know more about the point was that they went it kind of traitor poorly because of different. No I don't think so the opposite in fact but you know what I she interpret. I know she interpreted that as racism and it seems to me. People are encouraged to interpret everything any kind of misunderstanding or aw suggestion of difference to interpret it as racism as as negative racism and I think that's an unfortunate. It's direction to going well. Let me just backtrack again to what Brahmin said she said. I'll put it to you. That indigenous people straight off a disadvantage because of the color of this game evening evenings people from urbanized and middle class backgrounds will suffer. Some level of discrimination will miss treatment because I look aboriginal to what people like was I said Indigent Status Marcia Langton what talked about before Who is she? She's a leading academic and indigenous. You too spokesperson is held the foundation chair of the strong indigenous studies at the University of Nelson's February two thousand she's an anthropologist with a Bi from the National University University in a PhD in human geography from Macquarie Uni began academic career in the Northern Territory University and she's made significant contribution to indigenous studies as a disciplined into government and non-government Polisena administration throughout her career. who better qualified to give an opinion on this in she? S- is aboriginal. People in big cities are not disadvantaged in Haniya taxpayer. Funds to them is hurting those in desperate name. She says that she was prepared to stand up and sigh. Yes I am indigenous but I am not disadvantaged. Clearly we have to get tough and up to fifty percent of the indigenous population could stand with me and say I m indigenous. But I'm not disadvantaged like people in the territory she said that the Gama Aboriginal Festival first of all and she Chris is the territory government accusing spending vast amounts of come with money to tackle aboriginal disadvantage but instead used for why towns six and she went on a bed a few different things. So she's kind of agreeing with the point. I'm I think and okay sure there will be some disadvantage suffered by been indigenous people but is significant ignificant. Marcia Langton saying no. I'm saying that like lots of people suffer some sort of discrimination of some sort so short people I these people non indigenous Colored People Asian people tattooed people white people in Alice Springs Wchs. They're all discriminated against at some stage in their lives to some Mon- mixed in but then just get. I'm I'm just GONNA jump to another one here. There's a Guy Georgie antsy. who was a sociologist? Who is a black man is in the US? He's black and his evangelical Vin Jellicoe. And he said I thought of academia faced more problems as a black man but inside. I'm your face more problems as a Christian it's not even close said. DNC The black sociologist senior teaches at the University of North Texas. Sighing that Basically Lots of discrimination in the academic world because because of Evangelical Christian more than being black. So that's an interesting interesting speed on a right. So that's point one of what Brahmin and said you've pointed out that's earlier on before we start recording a lot of the activists so climbing to the discriminated against. We're not obviously black. If you're being discriminated against it would be because of I you look black and somebody thinks your black person and treats you poorly because of it all. You're not black. But you've been growing growing you've grown up in a disadvantage black community and have suffered any inherent sort of cultural holding back of your of your lifestyle because because of your cultural sort of Sasho economic condition imposed on you by being a black person and some of these people have really had quite a privileged upbringing. Seems if all white looking and have had a middle to high socioeconomic. Upbringing is it possible L. disadvantaged PAS on the surface it doesn't seem like it does it and the ones I'm thinking of course the usual. Well you know I mean and I know it's it's it's a hard thing to say. They don't look black. That's that's just what crosses my mind with some of them because the classic case of disadvantages you look back on treating you different. You know getting that job. You're not getting that service. You're not. You're missing out John Something you would otherwise I just I just think it's very selective very selective ancestry when you see somebody who looks as European as you when I on a panel show complaining about the treatment of indigenous people. I'm I'm not saying there. Shouldn't they shouldn't speak about it. But they identify as indigenous people whereas we can see plainly obvious from the the body shape looks like they have more European ancestry in in many cases than indigenous ancestry and yet they seem to be willing to completely lately discard the European ancestry in a sense and completely identify as indigenous. Well it's puzzling but really like we wouldn't care. Who Cares if you want to do that? Like it really doesn't matter except when you then cy but disadvantaged and I want something because of it and and then we have to say. Well you disadvantaged tell us how because you not being disadvantaged walking down the street with people looking at you think in your different and giving you a hard time because of because they're not going to say jealous what disadvantages nail with becoming. Skip skeptical zoos. Sort of say we don't really care but if you want a decline some recompense for disadvantage than we kind of needed night a story I guess have and you've probably heard stories of indigenous people walking department stores and being followed around everywhere you know. That's that's nasty and we'd we. We hate to think that happens and probably does. I'm sure it does does so. That's sort of overt. Racism is obviously disgraceful. Done like title but you know what probably somebody crest really poorly with a bunch of really bad tattoos and the Ouachita singlet would also the huddle side received the same treatment. That's True Yeah I K- point two from Bowman. Since the nineteen seventies public policy and program development industry has and cool prior to principal. There are a number of minority groups in society requires special assistance because I- disadvantage by social social and cultural attitudes and for other reasons these programs have focused on providing assistance with access to education health and other essential services. Australians have biolog- John Lodge accepted this as a necessary. Part of living in a civilized society an example of such a program is the national disability insurance scheme in responding to the question of whether indigenous digital product will result in unfair advantage. I would ask you to try. Substituting the names of other cycled minorities for the indigenous minority. Does special she'll assistance unfairly advantage. Non English speaking people the Disabled or women be careful about that last one guys so what she sign is as we were saying the problem with giving a blank check to a rifle grew his at some people in the racial group. We need a bunch in that we want people to be identified as needed in order to qualify for the check from Slough Rahman saying we've got a heist of other programs programs. And could you say the same about that. Spike about assistance programs for Non English speakers for the disabled old for women. So I simply started Brahmin will with those groups we test them we ask. Can you read if not then we will provide audie with assistance. Are you disabled okay. how much and in what way out assistance will depend on your specific circumstances stances in relation to women. I'm not sure what programs Roman is referring to that we might say had be given birth like. Here's some maternity leave. Have you raised children. Here's some returned to work assistance program. Are you a single mother. We don't just give it to people because you are a woman we normally ask just like the means to this. I mean you don't you don't get the pension just for being old you get for being old and for needy so I think there's pragmatics thanks kind of proved the point that we assigning dominance is that empathizing with the constant everyday casual. Racism would not be easy and maybe I be not possible and that's true but then casual. Racism will not be solved by implementing. Things like that. You Larousse Statement. We exacerbate assefy the problem. If we divide people think scientists she said about the Stuff about the special advisory body to parliament but really didn't silent more than what Professor Twenty had said. So I think we dealt with that and and I had the refugee in analogy because I said that imagine if we said to refugees. Well we're here I you've come a long second. You're not going to qualify for some special advisory body until you're saints beneath three generations and even to married with a local Big We'll tell you outrageous promises. I don't get it but if you think it's pretty obvious analogy so i. Ideally we want lawmakers to make laws on the basis that they might be subject to them so if there was some sort of crazy Chrissy Iley and spy ship. That was able to rearrange people on new. Deny way YOU'RE GONNA end up and there's a chance I was going to end up as an indigenous person. I'd be more unhappy with the with the sort of proposals. You might even as opposed to the ones in accounting. So that's one looking Roy. That's an interesting analogy. Yeah so prominent others have also often referred to dock. Ania by Bruce Pasco as a book we should read and this book he's famous for describing Agricultural fields that were planted untainted them online indigenous people. The central thesis is that are indigenous people. We're not hunted gathered. So much is at least some of them. Were well at least some of them. Won't he's saying that it's a myth. That they they were all hunter. Gatherers that in fact. Some of them were agriculturalists. And I think he even makes the claim that there were the the world's earliest agriculturalists lists wrought so I'm GonNa apply so he spoke at a Ted talk and I can apply some of his tedtalk and this guy is for a little bit. It's going to be potentially four to five minutes if you don't listen to it all. You can fast food forty-five minutes if you're listening to the replay in the live chat you're going to have to sit through it but but this is important to get a heads around because he might statements which organised by Wrong so let's be very clear about what he has assayed here. We got in two thousand fourteen DOC EMU which exploded the myth that aboriginal people were being hot as in gatherers on did nothing with the land. I wrote the book because I found it hard to convince strident as that aboriginal people. We're farming using colonial journals. The sources Australians. Hold to be true. I was designed to form a radically different view of Australian history. Aboriginal people were family. There's no other conclusion to draw colonial explorer. Thomas Mitchell road through nine miles of stooped grind. He wrote about seeing massive fields of Mon in on. Truth is in western Victoria. Lieutenant Guy the first European explorer into many parts of Western Australia was halted by Yam fields fields that stretch to the horizon. Many explorers saw great harvest grain in the very date. hob Aw Australia. Did you know that the hillsides of Melbourne with terrorist for Yam production by local aboriginal people equal in fact there was such abundance of staple foods but aboriginal people were able to preserve store and trade vast quantities but none of these inflammation appease in any Australian Book of history. Is this absence deliberate deliberate. I believe Australia is ready to discuss the ancient agricultural economy. Let's look what the explorers reported of the Aboriginal Agricultural Landscape. And see if you can remember by any priest parent or professor mentioning the way. The world's first agriculturalists always having trouble convincing academics Sahib Astrid is based universities of these farming tradition after a meeting where I was chastised for misrepresenting Australian history. I realized I would have to use sources which all Australians respected so one went to the first second hand bookshop. I could find it in the back room. I found a copy of Mitchell's journeys into tropical Australia. As soon as I read that he'd ridden through nine miles miles of stooped grain. I knew I would never have to apologize. For this argument. Game Mitchell's fellow. Oh explorers describe it as looking exactly like an English field of harvest grain stoked for ripening. Steuck it's an interesting word never to appear in the aboriginal history astray into told Mitchell also saw yelm field stretching itching as far as they could see. I'd Gary Word in Western Victoria in his journey. He extolled the beauty of these planes but assumed that God had made them just is that he could discover them not once thinking help curate laws for the best soil in the country he to have almost no trees. This was not God's work but the intensive management of Aboriginal People Manage Manage Field of harvest in his journal Missionary George. Augustus Robinson reported seeing women stretched across the Seinfield's of horticulture. The culture in the process of harvesting tubers. Lieutenant Gray was blocked in his explorations of Western Australia by Yam field stretching into the horizon which was so deeply tilled. He couldn't walk across tilled. There's another would would. You've never heard in any Australian classroom. Isaac Body One of Melbourne's first European farmers wrote the hillsides of Melbourne had been terraced to increase the production of games and that the tilted the soil was so light you run your fingers through them. Incur noticed that as he brought the first vehicle into the plain south of Chuka that he's Cartwheel's turned up bushels of tubes Once again some of Australia's based soils almost bereft of trees. The planes having been horticultural altered to provide a permanent harvests of tube is to feed the population but unlike Mitchell self-indulgent congratulations. Kerr was aware of WHO ED produced this. Productivity and lighter recognized that it was hit shake that destroyed it till paint a picture the familiar with and in it. Hey is His quoting an explorer Thomas Livingston Mitchell and I High did well. The first thing I did was I just googled. Criticism of docking. I came across a website called Doc. AINU EXPOSED DOT ORG and and looking at it it basically when you do someday tile about how what was quite undock emu about what the explorer lower Thomas Livingston Mitchell said was completely wrong and gave several sort of alleged to sort of quite sections from Mitchell's Mitchell's diaries. And compare with what Dr Game You said and I thought to myself. This is a strange website like dark. EMU EXPOSED DOT Org Doug. It seemed like that's sort of funny. Fonts it kind of a little bit of an amateurish. Look about it and it seemed like just a bit of a hype blog sort of thing and I thought what people would assume it is indeed and I thought to myself a better check. I can't rely on this side because because it just seemed a little bit too rabid foaming that I can't even I this sign. They quoting the exact words out of the diaries check. So you do. I did good on you look at the Internet. Could you imagine if this was Iran when we were like the ability to just Google and sigh by the of Thomas Livingston Mitchell in a pdf form. Please end up. They come of links to them. D Listener there's in in fact to journal of an expedition into the Interior of Tropical Australia and three expeditions into the interior of Eastern Australia there in a pdf form. So you can tell word search on sample you can do a word search and look for the word stooped did looked at. Because I didn't I was I was. I'm not familiar with the word right in the in the actual diaries of the non-euro what did you find a bundle of the harvested grasso grain typically high that is tied up and left in the field to dry out the grain can then be answered so with explorer. Thomas Livingston Mitchell's diaries in pdf one of them's like five hundred pages. The other MOMS mm several hundred words which guess what. What's doot does not appear in his at all no way? Oh and it's a Pasco is guys embroidering. Onto on top of Mitchell's journal. Indeed doesn't use the word at all. Anyway that's interesting just because he seems to imply that Mitchell sore methods of stooped grain field. Yes so so Pasco seems to quote the wrong journals so Pasco appears to incorrectly cite. This is being from Journal of an expedition into the Interior of Tropical Australia. When in fact it seems closer to a passage appeasing three expeditions into the interior of eastern Australia? Different document chick bay for them. Neither of them has stooped inside so the reference to the sort of thing that was happening is definitely in the second one the one quoted by Pasqua error these the wrong one the significant era considering the extent of east climbs indeed. So sorry I mean when you actually guy to the section in retail starry hide ninety of the nineteen sixty nine on reprint. I'll quite what he actually right. And each side's the Narron was full of everywhere and with this abundance of water there was also plenty of most excellent grass. The Pentagon lower vinod of Dr. Linda seem to predominate a grass. Where of the seed? Cooley is made by the knives into kind of heist or bread. D- Roy heaps of this cross the had been pulled expressly for the purpose of gathering. The Sie lay along a path for many miles. I counted nine malls along the river in which we rode through this grass. Only reaching to settled goods and sign. GRASSI seemed to grow back from the river. At least as far as I could reach through a very open forest I'd never seen such rich natural real rich natural passage in any other part of New South Wales some entirely different seems to the one that appraise he's describing riding through naturally growing us. He's not riding through fields of tilled grain or anything indeed deep naturally carrying grass that the niners have gathered clump solve and different points. Have just dropped with clump dies clamps to be gathered and beaten and Brian Hunter Gatherer Star and in fact they could've as they walked along a path or along a riverbank from time to time Tom or even Wrigley pulled out clumps of grass But that's that's kind of a trial of clumps of grass not acres and acres of clumps of Roth indeed seems to imply that this guy was riding through feels of cultivated grass dade and as the the blog Si- if Mitchell at saint any son of Aboriginal Agriculture such as tilling the lanes sewing Said's cultivating waiting or your guiding. It's much luckily he would have recorded it and just think instead of just recalled the diesel grasp pulled out and Paul and heaps of dry. It's all the on the website. They decide how how much manpower would be required given their polat tools in detained. And that's the key isn't that they didn't as far as any of the early early reports go. They didn't have any tool resembling plow or something that you could use to cultivate the soil. Oh on a mass scale. So I've got a link to a video which you've seen an aboriginal grid which is really three wives kids for women and some kids. We didn't see any man in the video that I that's looks like central Australia to me. Doesn't it yeah. It's pretty dry and flat looking country. Yeah it's well actually according to this website as a final piece of real evidence rather than just relying Mr Pascoe's interpretation of a few Eurocentric Farming Woods Explorers Journal. We have kite film clip of a family group of Aboriginal Women. Gathering Wall draw seeds in the central Australian region of Mr Cass Pasco's aboriginal grind built. It shows the sea grasses crying to heart of SALGA Earth's along a river in a typical soon as described Mitchell. We invite the reader you to watch this wonderful film Clinton themselves and this is five fifty thousand year old sane of Aboriginal Hunt together as we believe. It is highly disrespectful of Mr Pasqua towards these women to betray them as soil tilling farmers which is clearly something they are not. It's click on the link dealers and have a look. We've talked better before one one of the fascinating thing to meet fascinating to me was the quality of the teeth of of these women. I noticed that as well. Yes yeah so I can see its tusks of natural grass. That they just pulling and some time. I'll give you an anecdote about the teeth of indigenous people because because I bought a book by an American dentist to travel the world in the nineteen thirties. I think right because he was curious about why Americans had such should ask teeth so he he was an affluent guard so close closed up. He's clinic issue when traveling around the world and he specifically looked at the Diet Diet. The relationship of Diet and lifestyle to the condition of teeth and even not only indigenous people found Swiss people in Swiss Mountain Valleys Valley's who had perfect teeth as well but they didn't have access to things like sugar but indigenous people rod around the world had the most wonderful foale tooth and he took votes to. Yeah Anyway Yeah. CAITLYN's just joined in the chat room. Caitlyn we've just described Bruce Pasco's book doc really misrepresents. It would seem I look of of Mitchell explorer. Can I just say Pasco seems seems to be saying that all these early chroniclers of of indigenous life among the early European eighteen settlers. He's saying that basically they omitted a lot of information. Because I think you'd agree with me that if they'd seen it just as you said and if they'd seen anything like agriculture they would surely have reported it but the crux of his Ted talk was in order to convince people. I had to find. Stop that people would trust. which was the diaries of the early explorers so I walked into a book shop? Fan Thomas's not Thomas. Thomas what is it. Time to Mitchell's diary and they are I fan these woods. VOI- La from the mouths of white people. Clearly that was then the case so east east saying that. In order to prove his thesis he had to find proof from western accounts. But that's even that example so this is is just like you have still not read docking. But he's the problem. We don't see something like that then. I'm really skeptical about reading. Meaning other things because he might say that explorer. ABC or Deif said XYZ motive said something quite different misinterpreting. The data is. It's the sort of book now. If you had to read Yuda you would need to have some sort of CR- takeover by somebody who has taken the time to look at the source material and decide. Does it actually stack up It's been like reading the Bible if you read the Bible Guy Holy Smokes. I'm down on the Hanes as comprising the Lord but then when you re critiques of it by the people saying well actually. That's not true. And he has these the things you need to take into account before you accept that then you go well. I wouldn't say to somebody. Now go and read the Bible and work it out for yourself. You'd say you you also need to read other things that are critical of the Bible and work here giving some context. What you think ways the truth more in law so That's surprise you that you know. He's he's accusing. Virtually all the early chroniclers of omitting meeting huge amounts of information about the indigenous indigenous people. you know like trying to deliberately misrepresent them. As secure hunter-gatherers whereas in fact Pasco saying at least some of them were farmers but now none of the early reports described them as farmers. This is the other thing about. This was also described as sane way all the trees being removed fields of grind. But these wonderful wonderful custodians of the lane who've looked after its I well it's gotta get the the the other offerings anyway really. That's doc amy and and really treat with Kale. What is setting Lina eyestone? His interpretation of Mitchell's diaries need have the picture you paint is not one that I would have got having having read the diary to me. The critical factor is the absence of any kind of tools that could have been used to to lodge areas of soil although Pasco does claim to have found one tool. It's a stunt. I just don't recall now. I did see it in the book but there was one tool that he claims could have been used for tilling the soil. But when you look at it it's really really hard to imagine engine. It could have been used to to till really really large areas of land. You know you might have killed a backyard garden with with it and it would probably take in you all day but to till the acres and acres of land that he's claiming with tilt it's just where are the tools you know. How was it done and it would have been required and the point made in that website? You pointed me too. Was that even for people with tools. Also you know early European agriculturalists. It was very backbreaking work. Tilling the soil to grow fields of grain very very back breaking work which required intensive labour which we saw worked in East Asia for example in China Vietnam Japan Korea where whole communities were employed to till the soil because it was labour-intensive and backbreaking need a lot of people and we know the populations of indigenous people. We pretty sure though pretty sparse populations weren't Weren't exactly you the densely populated areas with I. Yeah I if anyone's reading docking check the references if there's foot night they're referring to a reference then fine the original source and read it and see if it actually does sign and look at the tools because I know there are photos of the tools in the book that Pasqua claims we used Right still on indigenous issues. The University of New South Wales the Australian always putting the sources of these things in your favorite potent recently reported that the University of New South Wiles is advising staff staff to avoid teaching students about the arrival of Australian indigenous people onto the valiant content. So naturally it's advising housing staff not to describe the style having been discovered in seventeen fair enough exactly fair enough but the guidelines occasionally wander into the design of science in particular university. Staff are explicitly advised to avoid making reference. To the fact that aboriginal people have lived in Australia forty thousand years instead. They're advised to dight the aboriginal presence in Australia. To the beginning of the dreaming 's because such language reflects the beliefs of many indigenous. Australians have always been in Australia from the beginning of Todd's in came from the lay. They didn't Margaret here. That we're always here. The document warns that quote. Forty thousand years put to limit on the occupation of style and thus tends to lend support to migration theories as an anthropological assumptions too many indigenous. Australians see this sort of measurements and quantifying as inappropriate end quote such such guidelines approved by the University of New South Wales. Dean of signs are in direct conflict with the scientific consensus of the origins of Aboriginal. Australians twelve million. I'd censorship isn't it. It's it's it's saying you know. Let's let's support their mythology more than science. You would've thought universities about telling people subjective reality and if there's a dispute to give both sides of aversion but there is no dispute about the origins of indigenous people under this country deal is now. I've just started reading now listener around the camera. You probably can't because it's flaring. Everyone is African. One of turns from Sydney recommended it to May Hassle it's explodes myth of rice and talks about tracing have mankind lift Africa through deny fine. And how incredibly exact in specific that can be a bad how groups of people moved and divided into subsets and then moved on further individual either and incredibly specific even within Africa dake they can map the migration of humans through Africa even before and the after they migrated after Africa. Yes so there is no doubt that indigenous people in Australia originated tonight'd like everybody else in Africa Africa Differently different routes but I got and mixed with neanderthals along the way and with Denisovans along the way. And that's how I got beyond dispute migrants to slot plot the rest of us. That just got here a little bit sooner Some facts about denying the differences between us is zero point. One of one percent is at the differences in denied between people we as a species incredibly homogenous Danine and chimpanzees have great variety. Seriously yes interesting. So even though there from a small county so the other thing is if you're looking for variety of deny that would be found in the original African population in fact there's less variety as you look at people in the rest of the world in his eastern main con- evolved about two hundred thousand years ago and and I think left. A portion of all of them left three the sort of Arabian Peninsula at one point. You're talking about Homo sapiens. Yes yes yes rather mankind. Yes thank you because they were you know. Obviously as we know there was several branches of humankind many of which ended in Dade. It ain't extinct date so there's about one hundred and forty thousand years wear. I got to develop a different tops of DNA sort of variance occurred so out of that lodge population at that time. Sixty thousand years ago. A small Subset crossed Iva and then expanded the rest of the world into the rest of the world so think of it like this if you had a a really big bucket of marbles that had all sorts of exotic interesting differently coloured marbles spread throughout the bucket and if he just got a cup and dipped into the bucket and then use that bucket. If you looked at the differences in the the amount of discrepancy it would be much less in your cup of marbles compared to the large bucket. You've just got less. Yes that's effectively. What happened was you had a small subset? skype debt of Africa populated the rest of the Africa and the Migration Automated L. A.. Rod Deny still in Africa Antonio in the Chat Room says we're all descended from a single Mata conrail female I ancestor. That's correct. Yeah a single. Yes yes and assigned for a mile as well. So they're Abishai these things. With Zindi there was a Martikan real eve. And if you go back there wasn't Martikan Real Adam would have been ten thousand years after the or something like that. So they're able able to do that. Very exact in what they can calculate sign university music wiles is really people Dan on if they're not explaining what is a much more fascinating story will isn't a little thing to know just a simple what we're always hearing we popped up Elliott. Some drained on story is something. It's much more fascinating the actual truth. And what did you serve as for university editor to whitewash disgrace. I mean that a university would actually do that to throw objective. Learning learning out the window to placate political correct. You know Right people so now in the chat room. We've got John I think it is is Wanting to get to us on Scott. What's going to do is go to the FISA VELVET GLOVE DOT COM? Today you website in the bottom left hand corner you'll see links which include skype. I'm a skype link. Just click on it and that should far up your skype and you should be able to get onto us. If that doesn't lick send me an email with your skype by day in all Scott doing so if he can do that that would be good because he's got a good story to tell a bats the Labor Party branch that he intended say I bit of fire up a email if I'm going to try and track. What's happening with if he does outside? I can't say on on this club. Dot Com bottom riding. Corn is a bunch of different sort of social media links. One of mm-hmm is skype. If you click on that that should then have you calling us so try that one guy send the message doesn't or send me your semifinal number by email as well and I could just call you. If that's the other option. We can do that. which might easy? I could just call you so shoot me an email and let's do it. That way might be easier sign right. Let's just keep going final thoughts on indigenous Mata's and this was looking at Canada very similar to Australia in its experience with the native population. They're similar incarceration Alcohol abuse dysfunctional communities the reasonably affluent white population. Really not sure what today next and perhaps similar attempts to assimilate the indigenous people into mainstream society which turned out very badly for the the people who was taken from their families and put into institutions. Yeah so there's article and this one comes from quillet so deal is now trying to tell you the sources of things because it does matter I know you like willing and but I will say that well will you can say it's slightly right wing. It seems to be now that I would concede that because quilts whole old reason for being is to to give a platform to people with slightly unorthodox viewpoints in terms names of Unorthodox for the Contemporary Academy which tends to be quite left-leaning wrought so it's right of the lift but is that really right. quing anymore I kind of putting it in this sort of category. I think interesting because the people in spiked spiked of the founding edits originally were Marxist brought. And I've read a bit more about some of them and some of them are a little bit mm-hmm yeah it's moved a long way since then. I said in this article this Canadian guy. Mike's the point about communal ownership and how that's such a big problem for anyone wanting to get ahead in the night of indigenous population and in these towns where everything is held under communal ownership and Ni- person can family can buy sell Lisa mortgage mortgage the property in the normal manner that the rest of his type the granted side. This is a crushing effect on business formation and land improvement and and why housing using stock on reserves degrades. Sangu Italy is no interest in taking care of it. Now and a half and the normal why there's little financial incentive to invest listing any even bicyc- Kate and since residents mortgage the times now in his security lending indigenous people. That no less industriously ambitious anyone else but they often leave their reserve communities to find their fortune. So here we go. Let's destroy by John Either. Yeah you asked me if you're a member of the live apart and you're an branch and you basically looking to pass some sort of resolution about the religious discrimination bill at. You'll likable brain is that Roy tells the story Yeah I joined up at eight months ago because I wanted to talk talk to some people love Monty on the same similar level conversations with the Moya most of our lives just gigahertz anyway so but a fan and interesting because I've been L. Two guys through and and tight from what you you got back to me and also some other materials fan from within the body floating around so there's a favorite opposition for that for this nation within the party on my I shouldn't have religious freedom mill. Meaning you think that within the live apart deep branch that they're against the religious discrimination bill so be saying Yeah Federal State and councilman but the Am I supposed to be back on Asian and fighter Forza And is about twenty ever say and every invited for Roy so by that went through on paused got to now a member of the local federal Committee got a little bit of resistance based on safe for it. That more for the menu sold a the national is putting up HE S. I can't remember it exactly but it was pretty much. Just sign the sorts of things. You'd expect decide that were against the bill as necessary and it was providing privilege to religious groups tips as opposed to protection for memory. Something it was kind of long standing in line but that was it was a little bit mixed up. I think I've learned to put his patience and together a bit saga resistance because it was a little bit of the price for the Federal Committee was to push the opposition. MM spokesman on such matters whether or not with potty stands on On by the trouble. Is this Christmas. Dance everybody's what he's going on peace obstinate anything else. It's kind of NEAT. Probably get much throw until January. Sorry I think my top side Within the Federal Mating those about twenty people from different branches on well. I mean. I'm about halfway down the sky. Sega but I'm but I must say sport even religious people I mean. I don't think I told you they might like a Senate member. Federal would resist. I thought she wasn't able to feel. This is where and Nice same to be pretty supportive of where I was as well. So a friend of mine within the branch has re Roy Moy mission and we're GONNA put food fold again and say if we can push that 'cause I basically just said the things you riches in a system crooked shit I surprised I thought I'd get a little more resistance especially my range. President was signed that a lot of resistance at the committee. It didn't seem to get that really The federal law has member. She said that she talked a lot of fuel parliamentarians in the lower house. Where but there are a lot of them would just calling 'em discrimination bill often enough unless so these guys so these were federal Lyda members were were saying that I think I think there's a lot of federal live members visit forward? I mean there's a lot of religious not everywhe- so I think I mentioned to me that it would probably guy through if it actually by the Federal Federal Parliament in the lower house would probably be a yeah conscience fight which surprised me right it would be conference fight. It is how these things play with factions and and the be all sorts of reasons that have nothing to do with common sense but I've all sorts of reasons to do with power and POW applies and getting elected seems to be Biden's more interested in getting elected than going with principal. Yeah I've been pushing in the mountains that have been going to yet because it's come through at the meetings that they really are frightened of the narrative that they lost the election on religious grounds. And I'll keep pumping Beckham Emma's level. It was never mentioned in the election. So can you decide that. But then also ahead in the LAS meeting that that was a lot of Underhanded stuff that really mike the media if you know what I mean like religious church has going around in groups putting I love stuff up that that got out this I am but I'll I'll just kind of kept silent in the mountains that it's a rich powerful minority ethically anooth avenues. I sort of felt myself tried to the election. That religion hadn't played a big part. But we're getting inundated with a lot of media that said it. Did Cy young now. Starting to be convinced on sort of done I wear a law and that one just do night at some point. You've got to have some principal and say well we've got to soften the blow for religious people going to side in respectful why much more respectful inside icon type of and maybe you as well John. Somebody has decided and respectful. Why decide look? We're not stopping you from practicing your religion. But there's a limit here so you suggesting John that with in in religious communities around the country people are being guided as to how they should vote if if the local pastor or priest decides that the Labor Party has gone too far away from religion then they might be advising the parisioners not to vote for Labour. Party's have what you saying. I would think definitely. I tried to down in Pauling that the federal election and the local Church group it organized at fifteen they chose can Gripe to come into two handed ahead of I I knew I also An hour directly for the Liberal Party that was with denomination now. I didn't say I had A. I had a couple of conversations with a couple of them but they were very passengers. This is a brought west thing. It didn't didn't seem to be high up on the thinking I just thought he's handing out pamphlets 'cause I've been telling and in it. I thought it was a good idea and the other one will. Federal local member told me that the next day she was actually having the a I think it was a Catholic priest and a pentecostal and another one lakh heads local area showing up on commanding a meeting with her strongly talking about the. This is what I wanted to talk about Roy okay. So she was shake shoe. She got impression either way. She said she was. She was brought up a a Christian but that's not quite where she was trying trying to cover a vice as a bit so I'm interested in your experience as as a member of the live party and attending meetings so I gather you've finally joined. ID months ago. Is that what you said about the Guy Roy and to get some conversation about politics that you weren't getting elsewhere and and will i. I you getting that conversation in the meetings do they actually talk about issues and things like you hoped they might do Yeah I do actually found a quite a fan of quite good. The best part of families that are done agree with everybody but we can talk about things you know. I mean we can argue it out and it's it's it's fairly structured Put My shins up and and we had a good discussion about why we lost the election and that that went on really well you know we have different points of view on it and everybody to have their cy and now she's I will try foods so about an health into the meetings once a month I it'd be at twenty people turn up. Yeah yeah so it's it's always surprise. have any branches. There are in my area of Think experienced roughly has that amount sadly decided that they're all all the main on fifty so I was Gonna ask the demographic just angry old people or is there is a lot of that at branch president and is younger than they bought that fifteen years old imagine and And the secretaries. She's younger than may go up at ten years old. Imagine like about other than that everybody else's retards trying to figure out how to get transport to get Royd guy and and and the actual So the local state and federal representatives health health with diabetes. A meeting from what I've found that every quarterly I would say pick MHM side in the federal wise. Actually impound like you've you've got a federal liable person in your district so he's saying actually branched Oughta cavs to areas where I the the Labor Law has federally and Lower House. State and local councillor Are In my branch but then all gotta if a safer ALLOWUAH LA electric for federal side. I but every three months you could talk to a person who's actually a number of common and who can have the ear of even if you've got a good idea in theory Gang with local member after Gov I got up and And we had a lot in common which had it for twenty minutes after that Very approachable and and Kinda talk. Aw that's good encouraging. It is encouraging kiss. I've been telling people I should join the Party and try and get active so absolutely and that's caused me to I I know of these the The My japodlay is a lot of because I can't control them but of of a fan or branch inside the next level up committee that The daily screening for men as they want all wouldn't you think they would would be wanting more members in terms of giving them added legitimacy saying see we have all these thousands and thousands of members so we truly represent presents. The Australian people yeah into think just and also just ahead main Pale. I'd election so the call on you to help out. Is it other than elections and handing out pamphlets at that. Time is a zero strong core. Need to be involved in of wise wise besides being in the meeting in having a Tam yet another committee thought it up Toronto Cell to do something about global warming and had to figure out how to push it had sell up to the to the populace They wanted me to get on that but I work of annoyed. Saas pretty hot out to get to the saints The there's another one that I'm GonNa Komo with saying that. They put a few areas together to have a couple of meetings with multiple getting into one. You know what I mean. Instead of just opened the paper you put talk to every month. We're GONNA talk to the next Areas Ivor. You're going to get together sizable type. Eleven chat about different things. Have you spied any of them onto the on spill constantly I have with the president is He's probably he's he's very left in fact hit another competent. All all. You don't want to be that far life but I think he's fired off we'll keep so that's good okay. So they'll tell actually actually since cameron put me onto Egos because the festival had you. Trevor was money on Cameron's podcasts. And Yes yes oh yes. I wasn't teased. When you push sandalwood wrought Yeah No? We had a lot of fun with Eric on the side. This is on the way I was against on cameras. Always podcast the bullshit filter and we did a little of two episodes on Boris Johnson. And as being funny for us because it was a lot in jokes we actually actually really neild. Boris Johnson like Reagan. We actually really have a good account of that. Guy is and everything that's happened. Seen says pretty much lined up with with the sort of picture during the man that we painted at the time I think so it was a fun thing to do. You say well. You'll have to tell him that you manage to skype. Being recorded live and all the rest of it and then he needs up. He's he's kind onside if he's an extra fan like a comment. Trevor that I really love right but you have have it to Cameron. I did more activity and also when he came on this podcast Seagal has Guy Beckham NBA. More and I thought Cameron perform better having some assistance. Yeah well it's important to have a contrarian voice so yeah I've said to Kim. I can leave these problems that ride as agree with him old tawny and but but I actually get sort of criticism emails and things on this podcast with people find the trough made contrary for example and. I say you're kidding like it's perfect because we need a contrary invoicing foil ican bounce off and when somebody stops stops and says hang on a minute. I don't agree with you. Then have to shop and what you're saying and really come up with a much better argument so it is important to try and get contrary invoices Salaam that we still in reality. We probably agree more than we discourse and again people. Chris is because we don't have enough alternative voices but it's not easy to get somebody truly right wing to come in and truly we don't have to be right wing. They just have to disagree on something. Yes they say So you know it is one of the things I like about. Our podcast is that we do you know. Obviously the best ones are when we get into arguments in China or Venezuela order a key topics like that where you can progress several episodes we cannot have put a country up a bit Korean. Did you say by macy's before that we've gotta hit me when you guys were talking about. The Korean conflict was sort of in the middle of legal goes wherever civil goal. Not Civil. I don't think it was a civil. I think it was a civil war because the two major palace were heavily involved. Um If I hadn't vein. Prussia had supported the north. From the get-go I would've taxed by that I would suspended. I don't buy the supply of all those weapons at the Russians guys them especially when we'll go out and it was you know after has gone for months and even years with the locals involved. It was Johnny's in American Fair Enough and attend to extent on that so again. It was kind of like being a devil's advocate in mind. Tiny position but it shows how hard it is to really simplify things because things are usually complex complex rather than simple out they especially that sort of major conflicts is a number of factors apply. Quite turn talk to for anybody to find a country that's need to fade with magic power and I've come out better oft indeed. Let's think of one country. That's well I think pretty good example. Could what what about an example. John Japan Yeah. I didn't think of that Eh. Because also Japan it was a it was an extremely patriarchal society. It still is quite a lot of if things got changed I remember listening to a podcast on late. Night live where one of the interpreters working for the US was a woman in. She was managed as an interpreter to get done to change a lot of the inheritance laws and other things The only thing I've had Japan that was that occupied by magic power offer much wall whereas these other countries like you know the careers and what's another good game on several or all of the South American countries. They went you. Nigel war thing occupied with I just got into feed with yeah but True and ultimately could say Jim and he was a success story after begging to feed on themselves. Yes yeah very good I well. That's a good picture. You've painted of of of Labor Party from your point of view. You'd never been in a number of a political party before will go into meetings such until now. I've been interested in a long time. I try and talk politics. So let's onto people very interested Usually I want arguments but people I was. I was always interested in. Say What it was about. So I'm going to stick around for Law Thing Institute Saliva Party if I may ask because I don't think the live of priority goes potty suddenly noticed eldest five left as I think that needs to be but then I don't think that can be too far left because they are An majorities in Santa into some way. That's watch is alive body because that they've got a real estate Possibility of getting into government Live from part of that then at least I have my little saying which direction going. I think that's travels argument to isn't it yet. Nine was not to join a party. Good evening sample. You wasting your time. Yeah even the policies mart ivory will be better. Your you'd be better off you know party. That's actually getting into pan. Dan Working working from within Mizzou. I thought the Democrats on and maybe even the grains where an option at one stage but but they just seem to once I get into some sort of a position of power or control of power to adapt to the bigger picture. You know what I made like to kid. They Policy Galley especially the grinds with a visit. The cabin tax originally that it just vied for visit Tony how it's one knows it's too bad that I think That had the attack nine tax or was it wrong. I I can't remember but the Greens effectively threw it out the window didn't they could have gotten up in some football. Get something up. I don't seem to be out of the shack a sidewalk while the highway. And so so you're driving a lot in New South Wales at the moment correct Yeah drive heavy vehicles for a major company. The Orange one eight any experiences with the Bush vase of night and now. I'm finally local lumber on my in my wife Do a small pit transport as well where we get At West Nusa false. But we haven't been for a while I walk out this morning. He defied the Meson. Me Back Tank is west of us out this morning could naven up knowing this morning and you couldn't even say the ask Carson straight this. Even in downtown Sydney. The smoke was pretty incredible this morning. It's it's caught on the why that's Nor the Blue Mountains comes around Sydney Ball. So I fall is to the northwest to insignia. affectively in the Blue Mountains SORTA thing or in the mountains side but it's over a close to save the. It's like from the harbour bridge the fall it would only be fifty guys in her as Christ loss. Sydney sort of surrounded by lots and lots of wild forest. Isn't it. Yeah definitely Rajon well. Let's a good story. Good luck with have that motion proceeds let us know if you can get in the ear of member and and actually something happens as a result or you get an interesting Fade Beg Stein touch and good on yet for skyping. In that worked at the end of the day I think goes up by answering machine instead of doing it the other way before. I think he didn't have any good. I'm good on you for joining a political party and getting involved. If anybody else doesn't let us know oh I'm toning the chat room said he's local ellen. P meeting near him broke into a fistfight in chicken. Shot Ah they met in the lead up to the election ave waiting for good argument with somebody. I haven't had a really good argument yet so very good classified at the time. I mentioned this to put up. The there was a an Alderman nixed me I think the regular trash edge Callahan was caught a frontage the that that he told me that some nonreligious people more likely to secure religious people WPRO really disagreeing with him on that one. No I love being persecuted. All right right. Well that's good John. Thank you for for skyping in keeping touch if anything interesting happens and declaring that success. Thanks for that thanks. Oh boy I see guy interesting. Yeah so that was good. Let me just transition out of that back to that screen. I mean I can't say technology worked again eventually. I'm all done I you becoming a Mazda. Good sign and isn't it great to have people people who listened to the podcast to actually really getting involved in politics on a personal level. I really would like to see more people joining political parties of of whatever stripe just get involved and thrash out with each other. Yeah southern just sitting on the sidelines until about it so it's good to have feedback and conversations with ud lease numbs. It's keeps it fresh for us in fun so well I want to thank the patrons so let me quickly think well. Let's see we coming up to the end of two thousand nine hundred not too far away. Move Man and Let's do these by years. Why back in two thousand and sixteen? Sean the engine will only patron in two thousand seventeen had cried John. Lane and Wino- Jahmai Ellison and Steve by the way land in a sentence of voicemail but will white for Scott next week for that one. Sorry how long's the podcast been going there before. And it was i July ally four and bs ago four and then how long since I've become a regular because it seems like threes ago it couldn't is it three St thing. I reckon that regular for this seventy ninety I thought how long has it been a couple of years at at least a couple. At least we should look thoroughly enjoyed In two thousand eighteen had tiny caitland Jimmy spud. That was kind brahmin match. Robbie Rod Palais medicament Dominic. Liam dive squeaky wheel Daniel Harry Pita and Captain Doomsday and this year we've had wheat watch. Andy Murray Melinda Atom Professor Doctor Dentist Willow Glen Craig Matthew Alexander. Pull Tom Tarik Emil Kim. Donnie Darko Clinton and Gavin and the non-patrons Dean. CAIN was the beneficiary Mr Anderson Korean man. David Beverly and in but a few interesting sort of emails in the last few weeks of a mixed bag people complaining that we're like some of the episodes but we were talking of the Towfiq chiller committing logical fallacies was accused me of Stroman and and he was very specific about the instant that he's climbing. And what see was all explain why. It's not a stormy. Some people have sent criticism which was very general. And and if you've got to criticize be specific about what we actually said than you specifically reckon was the problem Rahvam and general laws. You can actually deal. Yes so if you have a criticism please Mike it very specific where we send. This always said that and that was we disagreed with for whatever ever reason and if you think we're doing a marvelous job and send us some feedback till the fall stirs up because some people say the opposite. So it's nice to have ego's stroked a little bit. That would be good right well trough man next week I think skull back. Okay we look forward to. Yeah thank you dear listener for tuning signing off. We'll talk to you next week. Thanks everyone for listening by now. A matter of scourging bulletins has been brought to my attention. I speak of coal off. The generous contributions made my the patrons of the iron unfished Velvet Glove podcast. He's fine men and women have sacrificed so much full. Their countrymen never before in the field of human conflict. I've so many old so much to so few to those of you who are not not yet patrons I say give generously of yourself give until you can obviously shame. I have nothing to offer off. Mud Blood Hoyle tears and sweat. What is the time tonight? You know where's my whiskey chagall Jr..

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S1E84: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show  02/07/20 | Kia Stewart Weekend

The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

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S1E84: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 02/07/20 | Kia Stewart Weekend

"Sometimes life is wonderful and sometimes it's not cherish the good but always be prepared from life's challenges if your employer warrior doesn't supply healthcare coverage and you don't qualify for Medicare Medicaid. You need to give us a call right now. Private healthcare is private health insurance courageous sixty five and under with medical dental vision and even prescription coverage to get the covers. You need call the number on the screen now. They can't the correct Hey Dan uh-huh the take. Yeah the it uh-huh taste mm-hmm. Yeah Yeah in a doc. Take a look. Can't yeah take everybody. God bless each and every one of your on a film Good Friday is a key a steward a takeover. All songs just listened to ish. He still loves me. That's my homegirl. Should be calling in today. That's it is a feel. Oh Good Friday city that it is Friday February seven twenty twenty. It's thirty one minutes after the hour. Welcome to the show on the show features Saint J. Co co host Bobby Cologne where you get your start right. Only place on earth. We'll get you started right. The chat rooms open and you know what it is. Show everybody some love if your dad it called in the numbers five seven zero nine eight two six nine five zero broadcast radio DOT COM iheartradio dot com county net radio facebook allowed and also spotify. Cj on the field. Good Friday good morning and how will you sit. EJ On the field. Good Friday Rodney. Hey Hey good Morning Charlotte you morning. Everybody listening we have a great show for you today. We're going to get started with front page news with semi Jay. I'll let you know what's what's going on locally and nationally so make sure you stick around for that. I also have some weather for us for anybody. That hasn't stepped out of the the House yet. It is raining over here in the Lehigh valley area currently in Bethlehem where we broadcast from in Pennsylvania. It it is forty one degrees. It is raining and it's a little chilly not really feeling it It's going up to a high of forty eight today and it's going to rain throughout the day so definitely bring your umbrella in New York. It is forty three degrees. They're going up to a high of sixty. It will be raining as well so Please stay dry right today in Hotlanta and it's thirty six degrees it will be mostly cloudy. They're going up to a high of thirty nine degrees. So it's not really that hot and Hotlanta today in Orlando Orlando is currently sixty one degrees. They're going up to a high of sixty three so and it will be partly cloudy so nice mild out there and in Los Angeles it is currently only forty six degrees. They are going up to a high of sixty eight at about one PM and it'll be clear all day so shot out to la. That is that I have have let us know what the weather is like. Where you are is Sean Harvey Morning Show fee transcending Jay in our colours practical way you get started is exactly city J. Wilson we get you autorite? Cj We had the morning buzz on the kids steward weaken. And I guarantee you that your head will be buzzing before nine. AM that's why they ended. Chat Room. MM SADIE J your head will be buzzard are repeat before nine. Am I could guarantee that guarantee you warm thanks. Today we will do Harvey's houses. This is sports today. Cindy J.. We gotta have international schools local scores and national scores view. Harvey's houses sports my perspective. The phone sports of it in the scores. Cj what else do you have us on a feel Good Friday on a feel Good Friday while you no no in the nine o'clock hour I'm GonNa have some any says where I'll let you guys know what's going on in Hollywood entertainment news so stick around for that. She checked herself. Don't go nowhere. Consider Joan Phil. Oh Good Friday. We are going to sing our anthem when we come back from the break. Where's the heart set in the chat room on the feel Good Friday but not only that? Cj Ed or the Good Friday we are going to announce the chat room member of the week on Good Friday. WHO'S GONNA be? They'll go nowhere to action packed. Shogo do liberal back to the morning drive with Dj. Not here kids through it. We're GONNA play our heads song anywhere you are. Let's go I can't wait for that will be awesome. I can't on every bought Oughta it's Friday. We made it through uh-huh in the morning in ninety. Look at me. The big yeah. We play music remix Johnson in read. That's GonNa all reported everybody. Toby metal suck man how you play everything. Good that'd be score on on Friday off. Bill got axe back so the whole week about the doc gave me this cases insys the day blackhaws. The House asked spotty so they wanted the witness the rats in in the bill. Sorry Nice to leave you with him for too long. Sorry about that Doc. Are you nope. That's so great. Figure I want I. I liked the hospital Wi- but any time that I go there for my pregnancies. So maybe that's why I like to say like nobody really bothers him. Typically do what you watch. I know the hospital has a place that you wanna be found like Hey Belly Gong artery Roth. Hey you know sean was a writedown no name can we about fish shout how might be a little rock. It wasn't trying to do that. Avery year new listener. You back to where did you come from. WHO said show Shannon Menelik Figaro? She said yeah making that Brad. Yes Shannon getting that good money out there Shannon. Don't take no kids got a call US Nipple Towel Day mom no not today war charging but every it is an extra dollars here I will back Fill the Friday featuring the music of my good friend Kid Stewart and That was any way you are. That was a judge. Milan mixed honey. Coal should be called him in. Cj It is a feel good. Friday it is Friday in February seven. Twenty twenty Cindy J. It is forty one minutes after the hour. Welcome back to the show. One show fruits and Saint James. Will you get more than start doc right also co host party Cologne. We are in the building a chat show Jefferson love. Or if you WANNA call numbers five seven zero ninety two six five Zhu broadcasted on radio DOT COM IHEART radio show have morning show dot com comedy. Rayo facebook live also spotify Pity on a feel Good Friday before we shot out grown good skinny city. That's skin is still clear. You know I'm trying to try trying. I've been a record three weeks in a row. God bless you send Jay thanks city which it clear skin if you don't mind you're just it's very clear zoo interchange shave. Jay Begins. Sorry I don't even any street. which is gets pimple incisive Frau City what you doing drinking water are you? Walk in you live right in bringing people together in the mornings with Bob face as ladies. He's can out all of all of this minus the hands on this. This is just go on night is now back today. Women and I got my babies in this package. Deal the package. Yeah about a out even think San the you know I tell guy I I have kids in hopes that they'll stop talking but they don't care about that right. They love kids. Kids got five and I'm like wow these folks that I don't chat room. Today they saying is take is by three cases. That package stops blessed lesson as Agassi. I just WanNa Smash but is ah shut down. What many knives? He made a package of his long. Who Long you're while for the weather? It is dreary all across the nation. I will give you the Wu on mainland Saina. It is currently forty. Three degrees It it they are going up to a high of fifty degrees today will be partly cloudy. So we'll honest is pretty mild weather so shout out to them over there. Everything was the air quality. The air quality is God tale. The humidity is about at eighty two per cent. Not so it's very humid over there on the air. Quality is This this is the same thing today about the air quality shot. But he's everybody's wearing masks so hopefully you should be long grind in Bethlehem Pennsylvania where we broadcast ask from all of that is currently forty one degrees. We are going to a high of forty eight but it'll be raining all all day. All I'm I'm trying to love maybe like in the afternoon. It might clear up but it's going to be moist outside. Cool moist outside inside is currently forty three degrees with a high of sixty and it'll be raining on and off in Orlando. It is currently currently sixty one degrees. They're going up to a high of sixty four. It will be partly cloudy in Hotlanta currently thirty seven degrees. They're going to a high of thirty nine so it's very cold over there and Los Angeles. It is currently forty six degrees going to a high of forty nine. And there's going to be clear all day. That is whether that I have let us know what the weather is like where you are this. Everyone shopping J. Or kohls Barbie. Colo who is thickening guys. Reach out to her way. Get you want to start a right. Thank you so much. Every south of barbecue of running amount. Say It's the worst. You'd only wants it but everybody else's sick. Yeah right yeah. Maybe he'll inadequate word moves. You know why it's the worst because it's high hi and you just like they'll reach out to our beloved Cologne journals. I don't see how the charity guess what we're going to show Chapman's love matic break. Come back phone call interview. So it's a good look off before we shot the folks in chatrooms see Jerry let's shout out the The CREEP CJ on thousands of folks that listen each and every day on all these platforms that were on that. Just enjoy the show. You know saying I just want to say much love to you. God bless you. Just WanNA listen show you want enjoying laugh when you had this informed of nation. God bless inject to the haters. Sidney J I wanna say lessons then you go especially on a Friday. You went the whole week eight you know I did. I was all this all week behaving you. Energize now Friday that you hate right. We'll God bless yes you may we still love the fact that you still listen to the show even though you hate us now sitting the all stars in a chat room right now the ones that that we show up for the people that we acknowledge half of them we may themes we want to show them some especially the new folks at shouting will get new folks every day. All the time could scuttle pausing. I think he's in there. He said he'd be young enough in the building. You know he is his beloved wonder. Sound the shepherds in Shepherd's own. Hey where the heart sat heart attack in the chat room where the heart in the chat room that man in where the heart. Where's the heart? The heart heart heart set Jerry go. Hey were talk in the chat room. Where the heart attack in the chat room piglet fat in the room at the heart of the high tax? Let's go win the heart set where the heart set. Hey read hard says hey wait in the heart set. That's what pay for what. What's what's in the chat? Room turned down for. Wow this on a feel good Friday. Wow we motivate on Monday. Return up on Tuesday weird on Wednesday. Throw it back doc on Thursday. Good Friday what that's right. The more urban Urban Internet radio show out here. Hey I said you came in here. We ought to speak to you. Let me let me get this shot at. You guys aren't commedia. You've guys are coming in here so fast. Leading thirty nine the whole shout out to Kimberley Robinson new listener. Hey Kimberley's homegirl. National Fries Shoutout to thanks listening out to the Hey Good morning do shots Adela Andrews. Hey Adela week. How are you just becoming in when you beat? When you hear us say where the hearts actual people's shout out to who shot out you know can go black go with Staley earn you go with the original chat room ever of the week going good morning with surround the case finace stop shoutout to Cunard Route Williams? Hey cues are you shoutout to Veneta George Henry you guys sent positive is to the net. Today she got some stuff's going on really love. You've gotta hit me up later. Godless shutout to data John's. Hey they take shots at Washington. Hayden win the Bronx Thursday night. I need everybody in the building. What's going on Thursday Thursday night of Valentine's during the show out there doing this Valentine's shot shows All we consider but they all private MRS weekend. Wow you doe swingers and narcotics anonymous tweeting. Wow I get a combo I I can that two for one court case they pay them from the Corporate Council. But here shot out to Wanda Santiago. Not One in a minute. You'll play for Wanda takes named Rondo into the data. She's she's past she. He doesn't want to go back to the back in those days. He got any shepherd. Your husband's Irish. You got any bagpipes shoutout to they got back pipes now at this age I'm done shout Marquees Mount who is our guest yesterday. Vaca- Z.. Landscaping hey bro. Commercial Starts Monday. The folks reach out to her. Yeah Marquee are people contacting you. Because if they're not we don't don't get on this. I have heard him. He's busy shot out to fill kincannon. Hey Phil Beckley. What's up? Is it fell up. Shout out to Valerie. Thomas Hey Valerie Bella Bella region no freshman pregnant today. She probably is Friday. What is she? Don't give a damn. She said let them see me on my phone. Let them shout out to Valerie Let me Oh I'm sorry. Shoutout to WHO Jones Hey Nathaniel how are you shutout to Deborrah free ninety nine. Lesley Gamal Deborrah. How're you shoutout to Diane Hall? We said Hey Diana marquees you said nope not one person. Oh No marquee doc. You're lying shot to trees. Hey can't trees Ralph Brown Brown city give you a Jau. Aw Mr Bradford Mr Brown. We're GONNA call him. Shot out to unique treasurer. Hey you need how are you. Good morning remaining shoutout to Mr Shawn Brown. Hey Mr Brown shot out to Germain kill all do if that's your you pronounce your name. Age remain aren't jobs shoutout to Armenia heated new listener. Where are you from? How did you hear about this show to see you? Shot Malley beans. If you're still in the Bronx live out here. Yeah I remember. He used to listen for awhile. Comment on back. Shot out to Margarite. Rav Hey Margaret. Good Morning. Shout out to Yvette. Avery new listener. Hey welcome shot out the Shannon Bonelli Figueroa Black Man. Does she shot the house. Shot up to Lisa outlaw. A leaf homegirl. You don't have to claim Metro Shadow so much love. I Love Lisa. We still in these streets leave her alone shots. Serano HALEN SON is getting tea right right now. That's how embarrassed shot had to row. WRAL Hallo- aw. He's taking the Babylonian break he and he's out there midtown Manhattan shot out to dray. Shaw Somebody Buddy who is getting that money and all that money. hydrating morning Ed. In Our beloved Michael Jackson they running neck and the next one with all that money. What I'm sharing macrey Sharon grow from Philly much love to you? Doubt she's your friend. Hey Dera Jackson Sierra ah what's going on good morning to you shout out to rose gladden heroes. Everybody reach out the rose. Yes shoutout to Tony in the house. Hey Tony here. We're right here match. We write down the block from you again. Surface is right right there. You come outside to. The COULDA has his office but his radio station. Hato calling Colin shots of my cousins Laura. I haven't even talked to Laura in like two weeks league's last night was the first time we talked and Laura. My phone died. Sorry about that woman then. I fell asleep more. You can talk to me if you know you could call me. Sali's don't shout out to confiscate different. Shot up to Yada Brown going to talk about the ten Yada whereas were you on Semitic pictures arrive yourself. Scantily clad Put it up there. That's what you was. He wants to. Everybody dove which because that's all the motivation is is the workout. She'll pitches yourself right. It's a motive. Put up a picture shot. I mean you walk so But that's not my motivation to put a picture you don't want to. Why don't you put up? A picture. Did Sean U. N.. US shorts no shirt urge workout gloves. Our No shot out to Patricia. Harvey your sister's shy. I Love You my sister. Everybody show soon sister civilized. She's in the building. This is the young lady Cindy J.. Who I loved dearly is my sister? My older sister right. She's the one I got always shares. She took Cassini gave to the movies that when I was boy see the X.'s. Sits right doc was babysitting. Yeah that's what she wants to have to roll with Right scanty cop out of I could watch scary what we pretend years because that way she could tell you she could be like go. Kobe gets you just keep adding up above a bed again. That's hilarious. Good job shout out to Audrey Johnson. Same Hey Audrey power you shout out to Barbara Hor ed. While to get those hamlets ready from Chee said Barbara Wedge issue said. It's raining sitting in Chattanooga. Shout out to Howdy Taty. Hey Haughty turnover pay. Shout out to Bobby wral. Hey Bobby you are you. Are you in the gym all school swag Kenya Brown. Put up a picture in a chatroom. There Clyde Bobby with him with him working. How many photos like that? Bobby follow up on a big is on. Send it in shout out to Queens iannello queen now. Are you building. Shout to shout out to rose. I`Ma Queen Hardy. Hey girl way wrong. Yes exactly queen you you. She acquaint event. Avery said she's from Atlanta by way of Chicago. Born and raised lived in Charlotte to okay. You that again around the show and how many baby fall is. The I'm done shot out. I WANNA know shot out. The Harry G Herald Gerald Green. What's going on Kimberley Robinson? Good Morning Shayla Hall to WanNa Jaslyn and Caleb Davis before the baby father shot out to rock Kane. Hey Rock and mirth within the building good hey murph. Cj McRae job what what you said Barbara. She said it's snowing in Chattanooga Tennessee right okay. It's it hasn't even snowed over here that you'd be crazy drive. We truly appreciate you guys coming in the air so many listeners sharing the show it's overwhelming. We totally appreciate it. Make sure you're staying in connected with us on social media looking at bobby rough at. I don't do it for that right. Whatever about what you do afford Ed? Put Him the picture I that they have a nice body for my age. I think I do well. We just picture. We really appreciate all of you guys. Make sure you're following us on social media there Sean. Harvey Morning Show featuring during the wake-up team that is our business broadcasting off. Make sure you like 'em follow it. We also have a group page on facebook. The Sean every morning show featuring the wake of team group the group is popping. Make sure you guys. I'm joined the group and invite fifty friends. We also have in Ceram Sean Harvey Morning Show make sure you follow VAT and we are on the IHEART radio platform. Please make sure you guys download that APP. It is a free APP. Going to podcast and search search Sean Harvey Morning Show we come right up. We above Steve Harvey Sean Right. You can't make a mistake. Click that and then make sure that you follow it. And you'll get notified. No you'll get notifications every time we have a shot right and we truly appreciate that. We'll see thank you so much of we have a cash APP Donavan as Marshall. Please donate to open and also visit our website to Sean. Everyone show dot com. Since you're right we all all major podcast platform spotify and all the rest of them. So this type of Sean Harvey Morning Show and on a Google or whatever you research it all of it comes up so please enjoy and and support will we do each and every day in this morning movement the only place on Earth we want to start by. CJ coming in soon. But we're going to go back to the bronx a the cab take a in fact And can't wait for that. That's Beqaa Karenin. Shall we talk this visit and our own. Yeah medicine it again. They start acting loud don't we. Aw Q.. Not Sean Dot Com uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh We're other bagpipes. Bagpipes putting it on for next. We're back Jay Welcome back to the show. Good Friday we dedicate the show Sidney J to a UH to the listeners on Friday we get the news we get everything. Done really wanted to show our listeners. A All the love and respect on a on a Friday right so a city forget about to strategize strategist right into the Chapman member. We all have a note donald it. Uh Yeah this is for the shepherd heart of Wanda her name is Wanda Santiago shop. So if you're GONNA have the Spanish music you have to put on the back for a I This began by Ashworth by like five white in this uniform city. This the only Irish music. I like Ralph. So pay us back. Let's drummer grounds. The when it gets kicked off I know that song. That's a Kolatsi. Oakland city listen. I heard that song. I'm Mrs doubtfire seriously. In the beginning getting Robin Williams is the party in the house is like a hip hop classic though. Yeah sorry seeing what we do in the kids usually we city we are going to announce the chat room number of the week on feel Good Friday then and we get to the news when we come back on our break. Okay okay so I'm so who's a chat room number two week now city Saileti. He ain't even in here. Who Gone Aren't Charles? He if he surprised because he it won't Charleston's Nice Man. And you always woken southbound right. Oh George like that one see. She sent him the the bagpipes and he was laughing. He liked that. That was the name of them Bobby Rahal Irish hooligans. Houses pain pain. I thought it was by the Beastie Boys. Are you serious serious the morale yeah. Well that's all part because that's when the mom came and she pulled the plug in the movie and the move in the song that's all I ever got up to arseny shut on Shopper Yard in New York City police it sorry is it less announce the chat remember we take breaking into this show right because we have like three minutes before so without further ado who would liked to announce the chat room member weeks very exciting city day. I try US each and every Friday and I just can't wait when Friday shows up so we see the chapel number the weakest city. What are we going to do you ready? I gotTa get this ago at cal of three city. We're going to Dave. The chat room number of the weeds. Right would ever joining right now. Okay sorry I just. I got nervous when he started counting down. Okay I'm ready now ward to write. They took member of the House. As we grew we can go in your chatroom talk to Katherine Jackson. Go jetblue Blue Moon a chat room a member of the week. Hey Hey girl. Wow congrats to you. We always say. Cj sometimes people just jump aboard this thing thing and they are just so active and chat room members. Show them love and we're better loved the show. This young lady who's just jumped aboard the situation. Everyone's has showed love. She's a show love back and that's what this is all about. Sometimes it's not the Lincoln Tower or or other short period of time. It's the love and affection that folks give to each other and he was. The niece is one of them. She always comes through. She's always showing love and we Chouli appreciate her some chat room. Oh please if you don't mind Less congratulate unless celebrate our new chat room number of the week. Avis Denise assist the nicer a lovely woman Houston from Staten Island rally. Bobby Rahal no can't come from. Staten now she lives in South Carolina. Cj She listens to the show religiously we love her to death so let's congratulated Sydney one quick break and then go into the front grace. The villge Ohka Friday music is anywhere. coned Josh along into building. That's so exciting. Good morning and you're playing all throughout the show today all that we have we doc planning on. We're dedicated. I will music segments you today because we have so much loss in a very good friend of mine. This is the woman. Aw thank you. Husband is a great guy. He's always say somebody right right. Thank you so much music. Rocks in the in the ABC's Jersey and all over the world before we get into your new song that's out and how about in your life Tom It's it's funny because the thing is is five is the house mother was like. You know what you'RE GONNA sing at Church so you know you gotta go church. You know what I mean the church and then DOING LIKE R&B R&B and it'll hip hop stuff like that got older. And it's just like that. That world the soul soul congested so crazy that is really hard and then you you know life right affects you so RETTIG Wedneday was like watching. Nothing else I never thought I always to about never thought about singing it so I was like you know what I got my first house tracking then which was telling me Joe Frame. It just started the twenty four team. Yes a scene like for me. Travel would seem to house. Music coaches embedded New Jersey moment. Relying on the we've put a lot of people on the show. Yes sitting city the beat is so liberating and it's so free three that a lot of folks kill why folks from Jersey with the lyrics with house. Music City does that. Ah they sing the words of light bills do gas good city right with the gassing Iraq I laying feeling is just like feeling that that that be gives you and then you you know to you know what I mean and it's like you know I gotTa do you gotTa Gas Bill. Do you know what I but you know what I was celebrate break break. Can't pay lived. Adobe kneeling has total vibe is a total rule of like Ejaz take through solely at you know and it doesn't matter what you do like it's not like a a certain dance that has to be done. It's not a certain step is you. You can stand in the middle of a floor and just doesn't matter city. This is the thing that I appreciate about all of August artists and the culture in Jersey. The House music scene. Cj not like she from the Bronx. But I I love House music because I've been I'm always was in Jersey of energy for the last thirty years. The one thing that I love about your culture is the fact that cine they not like you young folks folks when the becomes on they go to the dance and they start dancing You're there on the right. They know standing around right hand next joke about this a lot. WHAT DOES THE JERSEY? Dj's what we get back to your career how's Jersey. Dj's they never talk the microphone like that. They just don't like that they just do. Not you start talking on the microphone. Microphone Land You'll piss people off his chest I don't I don't I don't they just WanNa groove like like You know i Mike everything so you know I you know I'll do is to go out to the shelter. All that did not go to the tunnel. You know what I mean like. I'll do everything everything. So when he told me he makes me laugh. You know what I made but would house music. You just can't do it. I think you'll mets up. You mess up the groove like if you're in the middle of grew and you've got somebody talking they don't even I want you to be like. Oh you know such as lights on like they just it just messes I believe just brakes the groove. It messes up the group. They just I want music. They just want the music cine in a whole new. Dj's I got these determined was doing these Jersey. The guy that got him no. There's a lot of dogs. I'm sitting here my woes. Every once in a while. She tried to sing. She's horrible. You know what I got a defense any because like killing as long as a young person the Thompson you care at that session national sing. She's a professional right legit songs grind line and and her songs are played on the radio. Right if a young person or anybody came to us can you teach me. How safe is that the next taught or is that something? That's in your any see I. I'm I I think some people have just like a natural ability but it's always good to like get a coach like no year range like some people. How does that work that? That's a very good question. Salaam already right. I think I think it's something that's in you but at the same token is something that can be taught. You know what I mean because because maybe you don't know you can say you know what I mean And with the in even people that are mediocre you know is is is something that you I know with the with the right coaching. You can You gotTa Find Your Lane. You know what I mean. 'cause you know you can't sing. Everybody can't do what we Houston hereby can't do a Mariah Carey saw. You know what I mean so you have to run you you you have that you have to find your niche works good for you know what I'm saying. I want to forget about telling jokes. I want to become a singer at fifty five to watching only become single. Not an I think I'm GONNA be waiting for the joke. Become you know if you I can't let the okay. I mean I went discovered you. I'M NOT GONNA kill you know what I mean. I'm not a dream pillow but I would I would do I would stand you. How many could you and I have a common bond with performers so before you go on stage aides in the places packed and you know you have a job to do? Now they're paying. They're paying you to do a job now. Stage presence how are you. Are you dressed a certain way. Fill like you need to wear certain fits wishes before the Aksu. It it depends on. I'm just a certain way I need to find out what Tom I'm on I need to. I like to go a little beforehand just to see how Robin Seattle crowd is. Try Not to mingle too much because US too much talking yelling over the strain on your voice. So it's not that you'd be a rule. You just really really should not be doing that after the show I can yell. Spain hug you know dance whatever but before I before I tried to just you know zone out so you appraise dressing. Yeah I I like to look a certain way. You can pretty much do whatever you WANNA do. Me Per se I I like to dress up And I like to look different. I don't ever WanNa come in a club is somebody got mouth known. No no I just. That's just me So Yeah Just certain way as Preparing yourself as a yes ask for what I do. Okay back to that same scenario senator as performs but we get into the business part of which he does. Have you the other been in this situation where you walk into the room to perform a before you is this Roy. 'cause that's happened to me. S- any outcome into a attack joke corby this morning. I got to leave the room right. I back then onstage. Would've I do Rach. Have you ever been in a situation where a perform we're talking about the performance part. Have you ever been in a situation where you come into a room and sing is destroying the room you leave the rugs Seal is because like you said performed. You don't WanNa talk on. You wanted to stay focus. Does that does that mess with your psyche. Or what do you do mhm perform before. You're going to perform up like that I would get on the stage and you know as you big them up like you know because it's all so you know. Give them another round of applause. Yes you know. Whatever no and then introduce mysel- and Jordan attention back to you because I'm still here to a job you know eight assaults L. A.? Go out there and do your own thing can go. It's bring them bring them to. You know what I mean because on if they can only Kelly you know what I mean is hey you just got it. Can you get so so Nelson. Here's the here's another scenario perform forgets have been. Have you been in a situation situation. Was I think this is even worse. Have you been in a situation where perform before you was horrible right. We're assess the tone for the crowd right with a crowd like this is horrible and then now you got to go on and followed him Hannah Right. Have you been in that in that situation. Yeah you just gotTa be like It's hard to the crowd has lost is really hard. I don't care if it's bad enough that they didn't like the DJ for you or whatever before you may lie so yeah you've got When you got really really got to get down and that's hard that's hard but You know being perform or something like that you have to be prepared paying for anything right so exactly. EMC EMERSON LASER FOCUS prepared prepared talking to folks all day that sisterhood and brotherhood and the Games especially in my profession but if but without saying good they were performing. I got to work with this chick again with this performa the again the laugh and that means you know why is the on this show again. I don't do that. I mean no matter what it is no matter the situation I just brought Roxanne because the job is their rival this is their rivalries and how art what is the one that is everybody city knocking food. Everybody everybody gets along like it's like when we go out and I see other in house artists we always show love When I first started as matter of fact I know you know Viola sites of she hit me up and she was like you know I just WanNa tell you every time I see your face on Flyer I'm like yes? If yet and not face oh good because I think she is. You know it's all love is is really all love now You know probably probably think that. Go on the. I don't per se know Abou- album and I don't WanNa know. Oh I don't WanNa know you know when I come. I'll get love I give. And that's that's Kinda satellite worry about what could act respect. I know we've got a few more minutes we just chopping this. This confessional singer senior can you. Yes so so kit and now that the Internet has been invented Rossi. Right you can make A. We're talking business now sitting now you can kind of make your own. You've kind of make your you can find your own way through the business via the Internet. Right where you Kinda you don't you don't have to wait for the record companies in the hoping that were worked with the Internet in a single like you and performers and getting paid the Internet. The question would be that the Internet that cut off the middleman for the performer to get good web apparently need to go in their career as in a cut off the money for the perform. Yeah like like the like is it hard like with people being able to extreme music trump stuff like that so or even just putting out your music is I mean it must be easier. It's easier okay. This is a double edged sword. Right here Is Easier to put your music. Yes why audiences ince's yes worldwide global yes Streaming problems scaling problem. That's not music problem Uh So it's like one instance you're winning because it does wish more people got people from South Africa everywhere season the hit me up so I'm like well how Italy everything but then it's like you know people that just get out or they still for you to you know Lost Rain so now would you prefer is. This is the end goal to sign like traditionally with record companies. Go that way or is it the way that you're going as far as is doing it on your own or what's the better. I think even from what I hear I like keep a little ear and everything This seems like the deals are even good anymore. You know it seems like independent would be the way to go because like even what about an orange that are coming up if you watch like hip hop and all that other stuff and just pay attention to the music business man complain about that. Three sixty deals and stuff like that where the Where right but they so independent you know? It's it's it's it's you. It's more on you so you basically got to get you up but the crime by you gotTa Really Grind and you get more from your shown tells you know there's still a chat come in you know tax. Thank you but You know the the shows are really keep everything that thank you know. Keep your moving. You know what I mean if you would've put a dvd out you know you put a dvd out to get something off the DVD. But then he might give people streaming and duplicated in you know they downtown selling it on the corner you know you look at those solid. You know for fact that you that you're gonNA eat off those talks right. Yeah I guess you always have to be grinding and putting out content because I mean people are always going to steal it no matter what the making your money performs the news the moving around. That's exactly control your income that with rain range. That's right coding to relationships in the game right swung for me as A. I'm I'm I'm currently looking for twenty twenty. That's going down us. Make sure we have the previous girlfriend that I had. Uh God blesses she. She knew the game was all about all the bows you knew hustling street and doing shows and never around around half the time. God bless this woman she she understood as far as what I was doing and it wasn't this wasn't being selfish. Those are the hours that I was working. Okay my question to you is in relationships. Even would your husband your best friend. Just how do you separate the relationship from performance in Asia because there might be nice this one. That might be out on Saturday night. Friday nights Thursday nights all right the family every time she's out on stage right. How does it were you in the relationship with your husband as far as being a performer on stage? I ah got say in that department. I am definitely blessed I have a partner a best friend of Just everything that he rocks with me so so with him because he's a he's a promote also so when he's doing something my hands are in it when I'm doing something his hands and and we work together so we go to the show together. You know this is a weak we we we do it together because if you don't you gotta find a partner That that's willing to rock which not not somebody that's going to sit back and just took thing isn't all the way through to go because at the end of the day you got you got somebody best best buy SA. I can let you ask the mother. You know what I mean because I spent so much time together so so Sydney. That's the bond right there between Hano together without going to get into your music you now. What about like your home girls? Your girlfriends girlfriends. What about all your home girls? Did you have time for that. There's a Lotta Times who we could be around thousands of folks. No friends Ram one. That's asa most best. Most hurtful part far as friends and family now is a lot that I've missed a plot that I can't go to I'm late. I'll be lake going to because when you're a an independent artist artist is all on you. I don't have a spokesperson. I don't have answer my emails. You know even with the money I gotta go get my money. Sometimes you know uh-huh so that part is hurtful. I Down Thankful I'm grateful that I have a host of family and friends that I know no. It was poppy hospital and beginning. But now they get it the understand and they Lagos you gotta show because we want to do this day now. You know it's kind of hard so that that part is hard. That part is hard because it if you're tied up against the wall and it's an event that they're doing coming up you WANNA do like calling and then a show pop up and you didn't have nothing and you need that show. You need that book it you know what I mean you gotta you know in a sense. You gotTA satellite chasing the check. So yeah it does. It does get hard and it does get a little bit full. Sometimes you just gotTa keep that communication open and Definitely let them know and I really. We hope that I'm doing a good job. Keeping Communication Open with them. Let them know you know. They know I'm busy. They call out you do a girl. Ah You know. Sending dusty identification. Everything that she's saying is touch him. A Hawker because there's birthdays on missed is missed this weekend getaways with my family I've level suspend the family. They get to understand it after a while when you're has nothing to do with not being around your loved loved ones but it has everything to do with which you're trying to chase but when folks understand that it's better to accept they have out now that was charted as city. We play Louie Vega all the time. Yeah Vegas Short. She wanted about this. Does it make you feel you fell Soka. Why didn't even know I didn't know Aw Sean already actually put it up. And he's like did you see my post and I was like So I immediately immediately reached out to Louis because he's in Japan right now and I reached out to be a baseball and and He hit me back and he was like this song is was so excited but not even just him. Everybody you know that that charted it you know. I tried to reach out to everybody. I gotta go actually go back and make sure I didn't Miss Anybody but yeah just beloved. That was pouring in. It was just like overwhelming. Because you know when you do something you own like you like your job you didn't do you think is funny but I do know you gotta get out there and you know if it don't work you let A. Aw Man you know so. You put a song out the baby. You put it out there to the world. And they're the judge you know they. They're the Fanta have the fine China and when you get when the back into good everything that she was probably a four. It's like thank God. Oh you just you just get so grateful and and and it just makes you just WanNa go right ballad not close. We're GONNA give you the last word in all your social media and social media information. We're GONNA play all your songs throughout the remainder of this show. God bless this woman and that husband over there. That's right. She's a tough thing. Yeah imagine they have these sexual nights in the past. Yeah the Tuli appreciate to a big Fan of yours and your your whole movement and you know I love you to death and in yourself. I knew every time you'll have now dow we love you back. We love you back. We gotta get the guy gets any bob down to like you know Eh Energy is is a love your energy you know like I started a new job so I can't move like I'd be willing to come back and check y'all out but you know Oh you day I love your show. I was thinking but the way the hot we been on. We're not that winning without asking folks. Now where can they find you wickedness suport. Would you information before we take out break Melissa. Oh okay Tom Name is KIA store. And music can be found on track source and also honeycomb music store dot com just below Kim Stewart As far as social media you can find me on facebook. Kid Kiki store and also key stored or bookings you can't sandbox me Kia Kt store. You can inbox Sean. RETTIG or you can email me. The artist care at G.. MAIL DOT COM one worth artists kids or instagram. You can catch me at key underscore Kids things underscores zero three and Desperate we're pretty much this weekend and catch me Saturday. Jenner think how and also on one of our listeners wanted to know are you are people able to purchase your work in the purchase your music drugstore dot com tracks dot COM honeycomb dot com tracks. Just pull ups store and also on my page. It's probably I have the link right there. Just click the Mike and I. I WanNa say to all the listeners that are listening now God bless each and everyone you know what it is. Please support one of our own Sydney. Jack thank you interview please. Everybody take a moment. Go on these sites and purchase her music. We always talk about the power to black dollar. We talked about it yesterday. We talking about it today. Just take some where go on her sites honeycomb what is it sending honey what honeycomb comb music when he called many music store dot com and was the other one track of lose focus is take a moment search key steward and purchase her music and less continuously support each other. And so much we appreciate you calling in thank you thank you so much. Thank you anything it on. I gotta here now I think again so much for having me talking to you want to write. Let's get the money and city. Let's clap. That was awesome as we go back to drive a DJ Nike accused citing awesome. No that's not on in the music tracks store dot com poor honeycomb dot com and get excuse eighty how were you. Aw when I go to clubs as the house from tax now but I guess I wasn't ensure and you all follow her. I did not know that Amazon is going to one hundred twenty eight year old. That is don't handed and out for target. I have to talk together for years. I have all my stories. AH MM-HMM EH. Yeah Yeah in Aspen. Okay Yeah Yeah uh-huh ooh and Sir. Yeah I come back. It's the Good Friday. A CJ Kiss Stewart is taken over all of the music here on the field of Friday. That's a song anywhere. You walk honeycomb vocal mix honeycomb music singers. Fill the Friday Friday of February two seven twenty twenty fifty one minutes after I walked back back so heavy body long where you get your morning started right chat rooms please call seven zero nine eight two six nine. Ah Funds Gerald City real quick because you just give us a thirty seconds of your shot up. Bobby Bobby Bobby how do you feel. Give us a date on how you feel sitting just real quick Just a local weather just thirty seconds and it was the the weather right now in Bethlehem I do mind but it's fine and it is currently forty three degrees. It is raining rain. Rain rain is going to a high of forty six today in Newark New York. It is currently forty three degrees. They're going up to a high. I fifty seven and it is raining cloudy over there as well in Atlanta and is currently thirty six degrees going up to a high of forty at it is cloudy down there and in Los Angeles it is currently forty six degrees and it is sunny all day going up to a high of sixty nine in Orlando and is currently sixty one degrees going up to a high of sixty four mostly cloudy. That is the weather right now. People now looking you so much I appreciate that so cindy guess what not done yet. Because guess what we're GonNa go to front page news on Feel Good Friday. Let's support Floyd. Abrams Dini's as being chat remember. We congratulate her in the Chapman he asked they are Avis. I believe it's you have to call in to call in. Yeah I know I am. I acting dope. These are friends so I don't know Donald so we're GONNA get into some of front page news and ask that's right. We go ready. Yeah it indicate we'll see you got the front page news. SEE The s to the double edged. Ah indicate that got the front page news. y'All hey I know you you you have to go to the gym while you guys as you all know really Sean you can keep it going. Smashes this way opinion you all ages. You had a rapid rapid response this morning. I don't even know what that means calling given the number. She needs the number because I didn't put it at the bottom. Hold on Avis. I'M GONNA put haven't had a rapid response in the last fifteen years and we want you to call hall in. I mean you don't have to Sean. Wants you to or you can just zero nine eight. Two six nine five zero. Is that the number of Sean. What is they geared toward tied by a change that number to move down five seven zero because that's Pocono number Iraq back trying to be there tonight? Who Want to call me tonight? I gotTa do county for the swingers. His WHO WANNA rock our world goes it. I think AH eighty seven zero nine eight two six nine five zero. Yes we appreciate appreciate that now more of the show Sydney bog WANNA go on A. Oh wait wait a minute wait a minute this might be whole. I'm going to show city Barbie. The ball is Abe is. Let's let me tell you that if you don't mind we would appreciate you. Don't want nobody. Nobody shortlist shortly right really snapped Eh. Snap okay we got. The governor's got that dead Yawovi morning. Show hello are you there. Hello hold along chatroom member other week. Hey in the chat room member of the week jam I congratulations to you. You thank you are the chatroom member of the week city. Like I always say doesn't matter The length of Time Luke folks listening to this show is the positive energy in response to that back and forth in that chat room and this the chat room. I appreciate all you guys abrasion in my friend here. She's a good person and guess what now you chat remember the week. Let's clock for that right now. Before you give a speech a few rooms I want you wake up there with Khaliq Princess Cox no pause Blackhawk. You're in that lead. Right now. Avis now you represent the show for the whole entire weaken and next week. That's right you have to be on your best behavior down South Carolina. I'm all thank you okay without further Ado Como coppell speech chat room number two week my friend and all new frenzy. Here Avis Denise before thank you bye thousand great appreciate which ours are usually Winston when I'm on my way on from work Rhythm check this man in a statement right now Gerber. I don't know what was done in here. I feel like yesterday show actually and I love what is his winning. Continue interest before chew and My breath is Lillian Joe. He'd really appreciate Sir. Thank you this type of chat room members we have. She's out. There saving lives five minutes after she saves the life. She's now chat room number two week. Clear rack the hope is that she stopped pumping the chest. Wait all right buddy. Listen we associates who so much and amaze so much that you take the time out whether it's two or three minutes or whatever however long list to the show we we thank you and you know you and I have a special relationship and I truly appreciate you Senate. I like him. I would say the story share when I was hosting the awards. Show without this young lady. I couldn't get behind the scenes. He was helping me with the pronunciations of everybody's name right. She handily did this for me. That's right so oh God blessed. She's a good person great person and we truly appreciate we do. Thank you guys so much. Yeah sometimes Sir then save somebody else's life now or go to our our phone off probably on or call all weekend. I know I can the hospital in China. Purchase a house maxine. I'm reading nine grind grind. That's right stays. Yeah I know you got to. She don't have no time for no regular peanuts the Aids we could get that anywhere anytime finding a wheel. Man is the problem not the it is time for me. He's not a horrible. We don't want to deal with it. Was the husbands died or some go away. We don't even want to think about as any stressful and tiring Allah Open Person. Peterson purchased subpoenas like in the middle of the day. And going with the rest of your week what just a quick spag go the open to that level on a Thursday eighteen is sending anything everything is nothing but she says she don't got up report right. She's a personal out of power with his any. Everybody got a phone call. No no attachment. Just just leave in the board going back to go going back to you. It's fabulous and God bless Thomas S. H.. One got to ambling offers. That's hard work. Yes Sarah to give around the plaza shadow which really appreciate it. I city we will because we were. We're into yes with Sanjay a AH. Hey W why can't to that an avenue you pages. She's she's fresh breaking it. I can't go nowhere near that full full page news with the Yes. Well you all now I know that It is black history month. We have been celebrating the UNSUNG heroes of black history. Tired of hearing about all the regulars. Why are they feeding us? Rosa parks every black history month because black knight no but I mean like even in schools like even when people talk about stuff all right let rosa rest in Peace Dale. Am will say her name. Every black was event. visit her name before she got on the bus. So I have you know because of the Internet. Yes and the source of information that we have the abundant source of information was fake news and not have a access to quickly right. Which Restores Uber? You'd probably have to back twenty thirty years but you have to go to some libraries. A bull now is as you know on the Internet. Right just all has to do is click click and I found some well. I found gentlemen. That's how you clicked in vows a- every day every day do I want it though. God bless you know but it I find it. Shoutout to Dorie Miller. Hey now Dorie Miller was what they called a mess attendant update kitchen worker. He was born in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine to nineteen forty three. So you know too long ago okay. he was from Waco Texas and he was is working on board the battleship West Virginia when it came under attack at Pearl Harbor now at that time the US military was segregated. So African Americans were not not given combat roles. I mean that's five would be okay and they did not receive any weapon retraining though frontline no gun for you know shooting at nobody you stay in the back awesome Rosa parks you kitchen great but when the attack began on December seventh nineteen forty one segregated Miller reported to his battle station where his job was to carry. Sorry any injured colleagues to safety so he had to pick these numbers up to yes. It is Dr Drew City because you have to go and pick them off so go get never stops. Well that wasn't Dory. He dragged a number of men from the deck of the ship including the ship's captain he then returned to the day. Dan picked up an anti aircraft machine gun and which he had never been started. Firing at the Japanese raise ways. We're still dive bombing all over. He was able to single handily. Shoot down four Japanese planes before the call was has given to abandon ship news bulletin soon emerged of a heroic Negro mess men and it was from these reports that Miller was eventually identified and he became became the first African American to be awarded the U. S. Navy Cross. He was killed in Nashville voted. No on his. Show cine bobby and hang out with our special breaking. He talked up Harry talk me so much I love having everyone and I told you that this is two things I need you to stop. Stop talking to didn't statue in the middle of the street. I'm not never forget to wake up early. In the morning is becoming very bizarre. The street that dead Wood Street his statue between one twenty one twenty second and one right across the street from up three betraying. Thank Nick and Frederick Douglass Boulevard to immediately stop talk into a statute that stops today. We already had the birthday. You gave the young lady the birthday Sydney giant pain not not suny program like why can't you celebrate area permits but she's doing some on Valentine's fantine thank. Why don't you have a heavy at Dublin? Party damages caught celebrating about that it. Someone right on chick listen to have. Hey our way he talking Harry map talking having talking to any more statues gets. He's just can't understand right one day. I have to lead you back down hours before you go into stores everybody in the chattering if you don't mind. Could you please a type in the chat room. uh-huh has tax stop talking the statue very concerned now succession with Harriet. Tubman is going too much employ area by area. Okay now I'm GonNa give you the rest of the month since his black history month to get this out of your. The system will manifest this. Do you think something's being than I did. Not Give birth in February because I need her to be celebrated chapter industry his he like it every month. I'm not offer that brackets his. Here's the here's the compromised. We're not going to cold Turkey thing. I want you to detox. Offer this you continue for the rest of the month and their March Jorge Cruise. There'd be no more talking to Stanton who okay. Let's my personal thing. I've been wanting to launch. Am I just WanNa let her know. I'm doing I WANNA anymore. We gotta go back to the guy. Yes he so he was able to. He was able to shoot down four Japanese. He's playing so I know that a row which was great when he returns he was eventually defied like I said he became the first African American tend to be awarded the US Navy Cross Unfortunately Miller was killed in nineteen forty three when he was sent to a new ship the USS Lipscomb on Bay and it was struck by Japanese torpedo in the Pacific so he ended up packing me when he was a real hero. And even to you know Kashif guns are. I would imagine pretty intricate in for him to GIS would pick it up and shoot down and should not play how all to start shooting the machine. That's really here but also for the chin. Oh yeah this is a picture of him and shot ought to my mom. She said she lived an actually. That's his name stood out because I was like. I wonder if my mom lives in an apartment complex called during called Dorie Miller Miller in corona queens and I you know so. That's him and I believe every cash. She said it was named after him. I didn't even know that. But that's when I when I seen his name. I wondered if it was any connection. My Mom said the Dory Mellow with the first breath. INTERRACIAL CO OPS in New York City. So that was great. The nuisance strange history. While she's my mom is actually the head of they made right. Mom they made the Dory Miller like a historic like building and my mom is like the head of the committee and she was on on the news Discussing your mother. Yeah we'll use this last year. They can we know this. I Dunno now news was this. It was kind in New York like on Channel One or something mom where was. When did you do this? So yes so shout out outdoor Miller one of our unsung heroes. I will put him in the he was really a hero. National Hero War veteran Having my wife yeah like true like courage like he was in there making you know hamburgers and he decided to do it. Nobody told him to do a run out there with the gunfire right here. Yeah four planes. You know it's it's really amazing. So shout out to him. Dorie Miller you guys go look him up. If you haven't okay in other news you guys know. It's a feel Good Friday. I like to do feel good news along with regular news but I'm GonNa do the regular news really quickly the. US jobs report is actually making history. They are going to for the first time ever. They're going to make same sex couples while I'm sorry for the Bureau of Labor statistic. They are going to include same sex couples apples in its count of married workers in the US economy which is really great. we'll previously categories tracking marital status status only included people in heterosexual marriages that mythology changed on. which will be indicated in footnotes at Mark's in incremental minds this milestone for the LGBTQ community which has pushed to be recognized in official government statistics? the change will not impact top line job report numbers burs but rather only a few categories in underlying statistical tables economists expect the report to show. US employers added a hundred sixty see thousand jobs in the employment rate remains at three point. Five percent check in January So and also this year the twenty twenty seven says will will change its questionnaire to include. SAME SEX HUSBAND WIFE SPOUSE IN SAME-SEX UNMARRIED partner the same Maryknoll renewed unmarried options will exist for opposite sex couples with the hope that more specific categories will decrease the room for error when people accidentally checking the wrong bar goes. This is good because you know. That's cool I you know. I love about oil quick Greg City well love about all of this is the fact that you know for the gay remarriage You know from New York City. Ultra Democrat as ultra-liberal. You're right you're like a philosophy philosophies are right on time with the millennials even though you call us crazy well. I'm for gay marriage. Because when when they couples break up the impose needs to pay child support. I don't care about the kids out other dildos and all that if you enter relationship and you and you break relationship if you WanNa be married you have to follow lowliest same rules that the rest of us so I advocate for them. You know who what sexual prevot has anything which was the workplace or the way you live your the person that you love the peanuts you loaded with. This has nothing to do with anything correct so now to have this In our society now is good. Look like there should be included. They're working couples. Working couples in the gay marriage is legal in all states. Got Maybe my research that I think I think they should have. I don't think it's not a federal level right. It's an odd. That's why this is the average just at the federal level everybody can get married and this some folks against it. Of course yeah business. You know saying you. You're not going to figure out anything anything with the gay marriage. So what do you like. What does it matter to you for? Great he's also while Brian decides sites not everybody believes in the Bible. So we'll we'll use. The Bible says not cool. I don't know these a lot of stories from three thousand thousand years ago the fight we might be we might only get them. Hey might need the fact. Check debt by Vicki give me riled up I have my own prey to show Harvey Morning Show Sydney Ball. Hello yes good money on your phone. Good who's this actually okay. I'll hey melvin wagner good okay. What was that was when you miser on a Holiday Inn never mind? After ten o'clock I travel a lot for work and I don't know I wash okay sometimes and then moves like road on the call backs. That's when I have on the job real real good show. I try to Russia as much Chen and You guys government. That means a lot man. Thank you know we are here. We're doing this on these streets but we do it for you guys. And when people say these things any jake alight south field and it keeps us going and we appreciate you you guys rock. I'm always on the go myself on. Tiga keep rocking how many of you you just walk by your own house They I show you currently relationship right now out there. Where are you from yeah? We're technically speaking Spanish but Right now philly in and out. Okay Okay are you currently on any kind of medication at the moment. Why would you say that because it saw? Aw that's why he's expected. I know I know. I don't like the black women to white women the snow bunnies and Latinos in the black. which was your preference? Show no no discrimination. None none at all run out and arranged different races different languages okay. Equal opportunity over they something romantically to Sidney J in Spanish. If you don't mind you look Sean. Before instinct she actually looked and I'm not saying he will be confirmed. She looks like my ex. She really really doesn't I how you remind him of his ex. I do dutiful team. Oh ooh okay. So how co-coping Good Charleston. We can Charles nothing runoff careers. So well let's say something romantic saves you say it's no languages. Oh Oh yeah something Nice right now look at cine. Pitch is being your ex-wife back in the glory days. It was all good your smashing on a regular basis way. Could you say if you don't mind. Hitler was something very romantic. Let's role play a little bit. And you know oh my self esteem is low. You're damn right. Got Herself in the Gutter Very. You'RE GONNA false teeth in Spanish sir. Go ahead Melvin mercedes-benz speeding MIRA finished Yesterday converse for Easter now got you don't notice cruiser chocolate star. Sure I would personal flower. Oh yes you said something like that. Thank thank you Melvin. Sade insurance fit in Germany. The French actually. She's a the pitcher. Ooh Ooh Ooh what would you say and he said it in Dutch. I was in the first time your life that a man's ever talk to in the Dutch language. That's true. Thank you for that now. Then a young lady that looks like ex wife. They had two babies and live with the POCONOS. We packed with. He lives in John. Are you willing to commute to the POCONOS and have an instant family with a young lady that looked like thank you sean. Very constructive I actually. Rb was the one that actually Jumped the show A new high school. Oh she was the one that put him much to show and unlike thirty million Ebony mind-boggling. Federal guys have reduced show. Don't you the guys. Just keep walking. Sean actually what's your personal one more educated high school whatever. Whatever you heard the only one guys all smokey when he was going We've been playing guys. I just try to figure guards. That's right back another time. I'm watching your show and Can you can you say where you get to morning. Started writing in Spanish before you bet she gets more. It should be dating Alvin. We really appreciate your call sometime in the next six months. I need you to find New Regina. So why would you to Sean. We'll you know like I say God bless morning show Sydney Bobby dear at Jackson Hager. Yeah Jazz I didn't want to read the week girl by Hi Good Morning. Good Morning Chat Room for one and listed on the listeners that are creeping. I didn't want to let the week go by without Talking about dropping material. Okay yes let us know. Is your husband Doghouse. 'cause you marry what's going on. I heard Johnny up data is used to. I'm a Saxon and I mean but we're not going on facebook ten years ago I didn't have. My Dad was not surprised status one. Mary and I was just like I had to put my married name so foreign faithful Computer Jackson everywhere else in the world and Jackson. So did amber take your husband's husband's name Jack. Danny Hi I'm never. I never changed my paperwork. I never my marriage certificate dealer deck. My idea work at five or five. Everything was Jackson. I go by Jackson Industry the acting drop out of the race. Zero Jackson is her name right now. Her Daddy game right so Dan. Dan Use the husband. I met the husband. CD Oh you bet the husband now. I haven't met him. He was there. Finally dear the double Assata the city. I blame this all this on Darrow. Because when she got married singer when all this went down she was apples to be proactive. Get rid of that. Dan Is let me ask you a question about the Jackson automatic. How many Jackson's in your family and more than three Jackson's in your family? That has a last name exactly. We're like men. Three men not Not Close relatives if this still Jackson in south east and I'm like I just want to go track now. So now tentatively at the old me I will always be attracts finding out after all these years. Something's hit Hook. Moral Compass is turned on now to I did as Jackson I mean as Dan. Hey I never I never have that many. I did it on facebook when I I pronouncing before. Nineteen my sad one made you I drop. It changed my status on facebook. Okay so I thought I want him to feel from certain way when he's four my by Oh shown to have my main but I've put in the electric trivial Sir David. That's that's what she should have put it from day. One from David was awesome online. Just don't want to let go the Jackson's knowing that there's of Jackson's out there so I could see. She was the last Jackson I get it. He's not the last Jackson is about forty of the playthrough last name because of whatever reason she that's why say Sydney when I get married I get married. All these Jackson's only go out the window Dame Dehra. Do you have a middle title name. Kim Kardashian she did. She made Kardashian her middle name so she's Kim Kardashian. West you could be Indira meeting. I have to drop my middle name. My Middle Name. Yeah City could be. You could always have. Jackson dropped that Middle Name. We never use it anyway. I just do deer a Jackson Daniels. He's I'm Jay. Jay City Damn Danika Mike Mike that my mom was thinking nobody cine. Nobody ever says Cindy the problem now is that she's having we love. It definitely not appreciated Chabrol Moon. We've now she having a problem. She's feeling bad about this. How does your husband zeal? Has he said anything care here. We've been in the world show. I'm you now you You know she probably didn't even recognize that drafted names I can hear sean say a tall wash dropping. I heard what Jewish day all we. I was driving the work today. I'm home now if I remember falling and let them now. That things are fine at home. I go by Jim the need to do just like the unless you talking to the suspect statute today. I love you go ulysses everybody way I actually every hour the most diverse this listening I need you to do because he's I'm not saying anything right now. CJ He internally involves him but he's not saying hey you know there's another grab on his car. He tried to get sick city she does he just what I need to do. When the next time you have time often-injured immediately go now to that motor vehicles and each of the white ball at Jackson need you to have to hold on? Hold on hold on and digitally get that Darrow Jackson on a the era of the Dan. WHO's the one that I need to go down social security? I did you put that Dan Jackson ow background right back. You have to me old school Sydney Sydney old school. I'm old school like that. Get that name has to go. There's mini Jackson's out there. You are Daniel. How long you been married to this man? They don't carry the name. Yeah he's the council. Most excuse me the land as exceeds. Listen I'm you're very progressive with my thinking synergy at this age and I'm very liberal but there's some things that I'm not going to tolerate a man's not gonNA marry a woman and and get rid of his name. That's not how this cine would clearly guaranteed this. That's going to be a bill changing for me. These names names in that hold. These women are listening. Listen to me marry me. You GotTa get rid of that name its gotTa go insurance. Never probably and Mike Okay when we are cute I keep them Jackson. I mean just like my main well God bless you and God bless him as something right now the feeling that a man when I was married the first time since I've been now everyone is holding when when my first wife took my last name and got rid of her name Cindy Day. You know how that made me feel have that make it made me feel like I was on top of the WORL- roll. This woman had my last name. She's still has more lassitude today but it made me exactly in Madison remained maniac. You're not guys when she does what she kept. You're laughing because hold on a second kid. Show heavy mortar show. Sydney bought home. You want to do. What is your name you your name dear? I didn't want her that she said because she gave me an uncontested divorce. God blessed because she was going to take all everything I had. She says showing the only one your last name because of the kids I said go ahead and keep it. God bless you. I understand that but the next time zero when I get married. Let's get married married to somebody named Mary and a name as Mary Jackson. mcdan- news wherever you get married to Sean Harvey old school. You'RE GONNA have to get rid of all that and you're gonNA be Mary Harvey A we're not getting married. That's it it. I think I wanted to do that. Because I've been going to work everyday in Chaba came up. I was like four show in today's explain. Daniel Gentle your okay. This is my final decision in this case it. God bless you want. This is my in. This is my final decision with this. She's been married seventeen years. You might as well keep the Jackson. That's the Daniel Jackson's it's too. It's gone it's going to kill her until it's too long you keep you keep. Daniel Jackson is Iraq. It's what it is. But she morally descending. Jay is starting to bother her so now but you have to. You know you don't lie. You made your bed now. You gotTa Line you're Jackson. Despite despite Jackson's you've been doing seventeen years. I suggested she and go back through facebook Jackson. Mac Low lanier. Ah Daniels Daniels put all that back on their. Put everything back on there. Because that's your identity after seventeen. You said the husband don't care so the next would it. Stop torturing yourself. Stop torturing yourself and put Jackson back okay back now. Okay but you bacchus Chris Jackson. I don't dare Jackson the hyphenation was this weekend. Aw We'll be back on Monday. Woman Talker was blessed. God bless bless. God bless my mom has like three names. Mail still comes to her from her ex husband. Joe Heavy morning show. This is the Sean however good morning. Hey Sean Brown Oliver Heavy on the Brown. That's that's right Sean. Of she said I thought we cleared this. Why on this because I'm a grown ass man? That's a traditionalist. When it comes to talking to all this marriage and last names you you go ahead and stick their like married? WanNa have a while husband will if you WanNa have me as a husband you're gonNA have to wipe out all those last names if you did this girl woman feel right now. Okay we had a life before you guys. We're going to have a lifetime. The name is not GonNa hurt you. What did she? The name is not going to hurt anything. You're going to stay single right. You can't cannot be that important that a break up or you move new yet it is it is for everybody claps show me. I don't want seventeen last names. Chill Liberty I don't want to get married to somebody and have all these other last last names. Let me actually quote Sheila. Sure wish is olive oil. Your that's your family name is your husband. They know who's not the Brown around your family there. How many browns in your family? How many brands I current exactly this enough browns in your family? I could see if you was the only Brown. There's this here bones locker dipped here inch. Sean Shelby's here. Dr Talk to harm would produce take a more of an ultra-liberal ultra-bureaucratic but there's some things I have. I'm a traditionalist you're always young ladies have the hyphenated name and the marriage. I said the next time I get married. If that might be a dill dill breaker for me. I want this young lady to take my last name and get rid of all the other night especially when you have Sean Brown albums case. A thousand browns in the family Thousand a year. We don't have hurricanes topping. I don't work shovel. She'll be married thirty years this year. Let's cloud the Chevy whooshing name Shelby Walker. Okay now the laws that your family that is his name. I dropped my family so oh you name family name follow now. I'll be foul did you. Why did you drop today? Because I became in his wife I no longer I his family. Now we'll see couplets you and they were hanging out last night the whole album the phone with them. You're right go. I'm ready to job Jacomb to give more to the psyche. This teams are you married and do you have your husband's was last name or your last name now. Is your husband named the last name with the Middle Name laughing by solicited. He did that because that's the name as the middle. That's the Shaw. Aw Brown is her. You are what does what would you in these name. Oberon is growth beyond name. All of her is her husband's name Brown. She's Brown round. Kim Dash. She did that. She put her last name as her middle name could be compared Ashi dramatic. Take their with the last name. Your families are they more we should. We should families last night. Grant or offer grants yes or enough grants we have you lost grant the grant go on all title five. Yes okay on thousand Mallya love with your husband. This had them anyone's married and he said he she is his it. You can't we can't do the whole your last is named want you just to carry my last night with Debbie a deal breaker for you yes tailby sprinkle of control them into hand controls on woman is already already life and she often mugging name. It's beneficial for her hyphenate her name. Yes since I was only twenty four I will say I'M GONNA ask my husband to take money Sean. You Albee House Lisa. How good? I'm not a house like how it is the same. He's still ahead of your house whole household the most shelby. I'm very tradition. I don't appear to be but in my home outside my home. I do whatever I wanted to again inside my home. My husband is the head of a household only because I trust him. I know he's not gonNA lead us into this note. Surreal name would be dill break if you wanted to keep your name and your whole we discussed it and I didn't want it I. I didn't want it. I was in my traditional thinking shelby. I needed his wife. That mean all of me talking about Cindy J.. If you love somebody and man and this man he's taking care of them to babies up there he loves you to defend the only thing he acts. This is GonNa be safe as on the love you the deficit which meant that shelby described of her husband. Only thing he's actually according to need it women already have children before they get married. I understand I have that in her maiden name. That's why I did it. A lot of women keep their. I'm here I didn't want my I didn't want you. You might grants. And then how the children be Taylor. We mixed up where I wanted to be granted at everybody right you know and because my bay I father was deadbeat anyway. The father sells different city. Would you take the last name. Yeah I don't minded getting rid of your name in spite of your kids having your last name which they don't have the Mike Are you open to men that love. Let's a male Mike Shelby Boston's husband. I get married. I don't mind taking the last name. I don't even really like God. If it was a weird last name I might not take it like if it was like Falker or something like that. I'm not sure. Ask someone in your family graduate through college. Whatever I did I was the first one in my generation to graduate from College at Twenty Years Old and I wanna get a house and I wanted to get married? So that's why I kept the last name also because I was building a legacy for our last name so now I'm the first of everything everything and might be too much of a hardline. Nothing too much of a hard line of this. I mean the need for somebody that claims. Ultra Liberal. You're not being very ultra-liberal presentation you can't. You is your presentation in patient. You just can't come forward at her like you can't roll upon it and say you're going to be a hobby. She's going to want to be a hobby. Lobby is going to be the leading brand together to the Steve Harvey Show. Okay so she's GonNa WanNa be talk show before we take a break design take take take the final word on this whole last night they feel about it look and look at their debts and Dan. She's feeling in bad now. Feel bad goes how agree to disagree. She is feeling fine. So are you going to go home tonight. Night you're making her feel bad. Are you going to go home tonight. With Sean and all you're going to suggest to your husband is a good guys. Great great man that he It gets rid of his last name take yours sounds to me laid back. He doesn't care. I mean maybe if I had one like you and their push for it will be different but the way that I am and the way my mom raised me because she was a parent of four and she down there Brownie her even though it was my dad's name. I don't really deal with his family as much I. I love that last week and I'm going to get rid of. It would be safe to say that John and myself with this double work come on. That's right was shot in the neck talk today I leaving you. Sleepy went out for drinks last night. Yeah Oh that's pretty pretty quick so we love those. Yes Oh you just want me to go into the rest of my news. The Lord don't even care thanks shelby afterwards Albee and yes the grew making Ed's boots everybody. Let's clap Shelby every day. The the business. Well they say yes. Whatever you'll be in about that's right and that's women you know we got a Max just smell good girls? How big is yet? Right Sean Landlord. She's the women. Let's stay in here. Maybe what's your name girl. It's fabulous your name. Digest it up. She says she dropped her name to your name. Your last name is far valid. That am I saying you're right. The air would've stabbed saying sorry fabulous. She would be yes she would be. Hey Hey it was weird. Yeah it was a great show. It was a great show Kia called in right. Hello out by been keeping up with these names. He shouted how Natalie Turn Natalie Turner. She married to Steve Williams. What's up with that now? Aleve believe what's going on you Natalie. Turner he Steve Williams. What's happening now on confused Are you really Natalie. Turner Hyphen Williams Not Steve Williams uh-huh Hyphen Turner. I don't know apprentice. Like if we got married mighty will be Seneca Atika Cox if I could deal with that came Jacob Hyphen Com or just Jacob. We just both leave it. You leave are respected name. Did you guys see the you guys watch that show black ISH wall. Have you know their name is fair. Name is Johnson Johnson on the show right like his. I forget. The guy's name Anthony Anderson. What his name his trained his name is Andre Johnson and her name when they met was Rambo Johnson so they made the episode where he was mad? He said why he never took my last name issues. Chris Davis Saves your the one episode. You guys have to watch Natalie. You're not got married while you might as well be either not married. They're not married yet. It it is common law. They're not bad they just think you. I mean that's good right. That's that's better than anything I'd rather. I'd rather be stupid that that manage. You never seen black ish that committed Hulu all episodes on Hulu. Watch it this weekend with free. It's so funny it's so funny me and it's like every episode every episode. I've never watched episode about the closest. They do you know him. Have you ever met Anthony Anderson. Pantheon's all my God. He's so funny. Talk to you over the best. Bob Is number at your home. I know you do. That's why these ask so fabulous your first the bar is you're laughing. She said my last name. We'll be my middle name example fabulous Cox Fabio. So you want that name. Nobody would have to say pause. I'm not going to be. I would never city city with me. It'd be fabulous harvey that's it. She's okay with that. I think he wanted more than she. In your your name is hyphenated mob take. This is Kierra Kiki Stewart. What is the car this? We're anywhere anywhere any thinks also also and we'll catch yes coming go back. Welcome Cindy I think what. We're GONNA do a very good man again. We appreciate each and everyone you guys listen to us. Love you guys that death without you guys. We wouldn't be hearing. Thank you fabulous has smart. Sean is dating anyone Rosa. He's single single. He's ready to mingle. Is Looking to get married. Viciously air money twenty with no prospects. He's getting Mary this year. So look out for your invite when he before twenty twenty one. Are you GonNa do that the whole thing. Are you going to do or Louis City Hall City Hall. Oh my gosh on you know what a big and I should marry you and your person would be online and do a show with this also Breitbart the twelve in the afternoon right after the show boom the the boom that same money. It'll be when you've got buried in your backyard. Our business off the trump right. Hello tradition keeping going your unconventional wedding. Exactly we boom. It's a shrine the open to get married in the courthouse. I'm I'M GONNA look up getting ordained I'll do that for Sean. You didn't care yeah me too. I'm there will be none of that big wedding. We're you're not doing. Yeah like I would rather save the money on a big wedding. And a ten day. Honeymoon right or save the money as a couple of keeping in emerges descru- that so that might be the case your mice with when I get married C.. J. I'm GonNa marry something here is going to be twenty twenty pretty early twenties and City Hall. You please do because I'm going to dress up as well I'm GONNA look flies. Tell me what the girl go. Look like those Sean. Let me see a picture. I start marrying anything. Uh if you WANNA have a kid or not. Because they're gonNA have to be a little younger if you WANNA have a kid or he's waiting for your six-year-old Arolla ballots. Howard when you rolled but remember your boy you said you had a friend? He got what a girl she wanted to king so he did it. What if you get with a woman that don't have no kids as she wants? A king posting out of retirement rough sixty eight year roll. My Mom said have the reception that the rebel. That doesn't sound like a bad that and then haseltine assortment. How you get something going on here we go to city hall all go to the rose? How aw hey we need to do under thousand dollars to me? You know what I'm saying. ooh Hey Cindy whose beetlejuice whoever it is slow Shannon fifty four years will be fifty five fifty five cow. We can't be double. Nick can be so so but so much longer. I know you need somebody to take care of you. What if you fall? Jesus arthritis in your knees off man's is so bad the state of Pennsylvania and let me go get some arthritis. Is it contagious. I'M GONNA DO SOM- I'm working on getting that medical marijuana right now. What I gots to have hit that opposite doing this the Land Casey check now has i? She said let me start pushing up a you. Don't want this. You want to deal with this crazy. You don't want that girl home man it happened she's an Arizona. I can do the show remotely male. It just get married and have somebody take care you we all have to the East Coast Chapel Love City before we go though what we've given all my gosh. Yes totally for God I did. This is my thing y'all if you're getting about okay. Okay do we have so much going on number okay. I'm excited about the me too okay. Announcement Smith came up on the beaches on your young on social security. Do this okay. You you won't be. I have radio equipment. S will be able to go to the reception. Damn the because it's at the Rock Hill anywhere downstairs that we'll do. Aw sorry protests it will be exclusively downstairs on the flight. Okay okay. Here's my announcement. We are doing a morning show Sydney Barbie. It's like who's calling I carry on Colin. Oh you just want to be in a room with us to Bora yes okay. Hess has small. Aw Come to the east coast stopping baby. She has she got two kids and they a package deal. I'm a package Aga's deal. Yes Cabinet Morgan. I think you that's her son. Seventeen now right six seven hundred eighteen. He's grown and then she has a daughter Lynette and she is okay yes I don't know how old how will this my little cousin she has to be like. Maybe ten has mob your Las Vegas at the end of March as close enough. I love my announcement. We do a valid mirth Laura down as I can infiltrate that family one way or another the that I'm not calling cousin. I'll go brother Sean. Whatever we are having a Ballantine's Day giveaway say Valentine's Day too loud in front of the borough who's on the phone we have? We have a February black history. Three Bucks giveaway super simple and I'm going to be putting a flyer up but you guys can start right now if you would like to. Okay hold on hold on the ball shown Harvey Morning Show Sydney Bobby. Hey Who Says Hey Barbie girl how good of again on Monday I should be good? Okay well we. BJ We definitely need you football. We need you to get healthy so I hope you can rest as much as you can. Even though you know we all have our laws Ryan. I hope you can rest as much as you can and recover. I've been I've been very easy work and I WANNA be there John. No I got a little break. You gotTa Goodson Corn Murphy Brown right up on the beach back are you guys. Did either the chat room is so excited and everything. Okay with your car two or on your own. No no I know about that girl no worries if you need me to come pick you up every day. That's not a problem. Yeah he's yes. She's at Charlotte Right. Well did you think was very disturbing. Barbie had pitcher being in a hospital with that scarfing you know. So is your real time. What's going on and I'm glad the doctor's office is warning so I think you might? You might also walking in right. I buy one week here. That's right we'll see what you come in here Monday. Maybe my need to sanitize a cell phone. I'm not gonNA have nothing to do his head up. I forget argued. I'm sure everybody is exciting. News along with your new. Cj Bobby along will return on Monday back. Yes thank you very big. Let arm treasure Azur. No no smash through. Thank you very much. Wanted to know her Bellman Everest man often or point and I. Yeah Hell No hell. Yeah we take you take pride in egg locking up that vagina we've reached it. It's like four over near what Knox's Roxie Dole talked too much. Need you healthy up on your call relatable about the boy you still talk about the Cassini continue on with your announcement everybody hold on so the World Leslie is sort of like in the room with US spiritually. She's on a phone in realtime right. Wow well we are doing a February giveaway that we will announce next when next Thursday. Yes next it's Thursday February thirteenth will be the actually. The end of the contest is going to be Wednesday at eleven fifty nine Wednesday at eleven fifty nine on February twelfth. The end of the contest. So you have until from right now until Wednesday eleven fifty nine with versus the winner. Wow you're GONNA get fifty dollars Gift Card from the kids movie ticket for the shot hardware show and you're GonNa get to has the name on the list to go to our. Chris are valid. I Day president's Day black history month party at the rebel. Social on Saturday February fifteenth for you is are going to get all of that And definitely I mean the Gift Card and the you know it's not exclusively Pennsylvania. You guys can be from anywhere. We I want you to share this flyer. What should have to do to enter? Okay I think I told you guys you have to donate a dollar. No I'm just joking where you you have to do is we need you to like and follow because there's a few steps but a lot of you have already some of it done which is fine but I'm GonNa go back could check. You need to like and follow. Our business paves the Sean Harvey Morning Show Fish in the wake of team right now. That's what the broadcast off of every day at the lake. They can follow that. Then you have to go to our group page on facebook and join it if you're not already a member and then you have to add fifty. You have to invite them you on facebook now when you invite somebody to group. They're automatically on it. They have to physically remove themselves so if you just send out the right. They're good when you doing. Invite you can do ten at a time and screen shot it. Because I need to see that you invited the people right. Ah Right so after you after you join an invite fifty friends then you have to share one of our shows on your wall anytime. I'm from now until Wednesday right sheriff. Show today's shaw could be Monday. Tuesday show day could be Wednesday's show or even one of your favorite shows. Hey Ed just put that on your wall and I'll be checking that as well and then you're going to go back to our polls and just click and just right done and then I can go back and check it and then we're going to do a drawing everybody that entered one entry per person. Don't think at one hundred hundred friends. You'RE GONNA get multiple entries. Exactly what Andrew Person and then we will announce the winner. We'll be randomly selected. And we put all this information Jason and then we're going to send it out. I mean if you're a local we can give it to you. If you're not local I will express mail at you so you will on Thursday so you can have it for Friday right and you it can go out if you want or save it. You know spending on yourself you know. Go to a movie one arm going at the time. I just think you know a little trauma. Aw sharing the show you guys do so much time to get something from us. And they'll be opposed and they'll be opposed out later. So you guys can you know refer back to it you know if you need to know what to do to enter. I'm going to put that out. It should it'll be up by twelve o'clock and making it my business today. Yeah Yeah Yeah. I'm already drawing then. Like and Dave Rich You Now by visiting people yes yes you have to do fifty more or whereas sometimes facebook will show if you've invited before like when you go to invite again you could screen shot the ones you've invited if you've done done it already. We're already before we close always always winning. You always winning winning tickets to the show and I'm sorry anybody that's related to realize they can't Join the contest so mom Laura Turner. I'm sorry Reno Good Barbie Ball young families. Sorry 'CAUSE WE'RE GONNA keep it fair because you know Mama said anyway they're gonNA call was ranked so we don't want none of that so sorry Saima okay. Sorry about the borough before we can. Everybody finds you before on social media. And if you want to get that information as as for and Andrzej underscore is live on instagram. The Green. Don't don't go on instagram. Our work at that level so we Avenue Avenue facebook again. Let's see okay so all houses of folks are going to be friends with divorce man. She's one of our own gas show. I gotta go. I'm so sorry I shall we. Shall we are overtime. But it's five. We started ladies will give you a little bonus minutes home sales driver old. Kansas School early onset chat room where where the hearts at broome. Hey Arts Act in the chat hearts that chat room pay heart that chat room where the hearts that chat room with hearts Eddie when it with a heart sat down with heart. Where's the heart but were boy at heart that the chat room? Hey where the heart in a chat room a chat chat chat chat room with a heart set city. Let's go down hard sat down with heart the heart. Where's the heart set for? What what the what what do we do? Hey if you WANNA be now now with this movement or you and up you gotta hit that offset pick now. She was saying that about the contest. Hey If if you wanna make a fake page. I don't know you are shot it to January. Nobody can trace you back to all good browsers follow structure all about loophole. I'm all about loophole. lupone questions about it. Kia Kiki Stu House. Music Diva Lever extraordinaire. y'All hit her up IAGO TO TRACK SOURCE DOT COM honeycomb music Cobb fifteen hundred dollars today. There's enough young Chateaux auto to Leshan Age Jones. Hey Leshan shoutouts Hulas Sean. Brown Oliver shot out to Darren Jackson. Daniels Neil Turner Williams sat out all your shadow. The sat out the born free ninety nine shots song deep. What's going on Bro? Various shot out to Crystal Crystal Rony. Hey krystal shoutout to My mom semi shot to Brian de Sites. I shall yes the room right now. Shoutout to Avis Dinnie. Because she's the chat room member of the week as cause you to chat room member of the week Taymor shoutout to Khalil Rasheed Hey Khalil shutouts Adela Andrews. Hey Della shutout apprentice Cox nope law says no hyphenation shots. It D- Lau. Hey D- Low shoutout to shelby loss in. Hey Shelby Dr Anne Yes for coming any need to go see her And that's right and you guys can find Barbara Cologne on on social media She put it in there. Her Aegean all of that Barbara Quarter facebook Barbie. Cologne design barbeque on I.. G. Snapchat chat the real Black Barbie. Okay to me you guys can find me on facebook setting underscore Jay on instagram and steady Jay. On snapchat. They eat is a three though jobs. This week sending you can find me Shaw on facebook community. We love you guys to death now city. You know we're going to do for real. You got some information before twelve noon that we all will receive from very beloved Old City. Jay they all go run to. That's right stadium for the weekend and then we're seeing I will on Monday. We love you is that we mm-hmm friendships with Java through the dollar Yes it's called advertising. Get out you the dollar you have to put the work grow our work. What bill rearranged the money to have fifty dollars over to just throw our the world letting put it? I was like what our are budget though. There is still a work the practice been sitting with this. I just love our listeners. Sean thank you bye. We gotta go work now. We could get. We like to think that we live in a nice safe neighborhood. Truth is that a burglary occurs every thirteen seconds at home without a security system. I have a three hundred percent greater chance of getting broken into Albany homes in your neighborhood. Were robbed yesterday. You need need to start protecting your home and family today. Call now to get state of the art rotation to keep your family property safe. Call the number on your screen now. Representatives are standing by to assist you.

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