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"sweetheart marguerite l. whitley" Discussed on Timesuck with Dan Cummins

"Game on June twenty-fourth nineteen sixty seven at the age of Nineteen Simpson Mary's his high school sweetheart Sweetheart Marguerite L. Whitley the forgotten first wife they'd spent over a decade together. They also have three children daughter Arnelle Simpson born in sixty eight son Jason L. Simpson born in nineteen seventy and daughter Aaron. L. Simpson loved L. Nicknames <hes> Middle Name. Excuse me born in nineteen seventy seven now back to nineteen sixty seven that Fall Simpson got an athletic scholarship to attend the University of Southern California in Los Angeles O._J.. Wanted to play at U._S._C. because it was a football powerhouse and as he would put it a place where I can learn which fork to use for dinner. I actually still internally panicked when there's more than four put down in front of me. <hes> you know I just Lindsey just finally told you go outside in salad fork to the left meal fork by the plate I had to Google that even though she told once you start adding multiple knives spoons and other shit I don't even I don't know I get confused. <hes> I did figure out the I'm pretty sure you can do you can always grab the sharpest knife in front of you and then stare menacing lead other diners and use that knife to point at them and then if I remember correctly so you'd eat Howard Fuck you want and no bother you <hes> O._J.. Struggle U._S._C. for about a day then dominated and his first practice according to U._S._C. Head coach John McKay he fumbled was hesitant but by the time the season began back to complete domination in his first year of N._C.. Double a Division One Football O._J.. Ran The ball two hundred ninety one time for a nation leading fifteen hundred forty three yards thirteen touchdowns and eleven games. WHO's an all American close runner up for the heisman led the Trojan to the Conference Championship deanship lot at the time is one of the greatest football games in college football history? The Game Pitted O._J.. And his U._S._C. Trojans against PAC eight now PAC twelve rivals U._c._l._a. and the man who just barely beat out O._J.. For the heisman trophy that year U._C._l._A. quarterback back the Great Gary Beadman non-football Fans Gary even is arguably the greatest quarterback n._F._l.. History easily top four. He's on the rushmore of N._F._l.. quarterback Brady Montana Manning beaming. If people around you're talking about Football Hoban you want at least come across like you casually understand the game just reference number one hundred thirteen that was gary's number when he played for the Kansas City Thunder. You can talk about the even bomb do cannon for an arm nineteen seventy-one he would throw for over eighty five thousand yards ninety one touchdowns. He threw then record two hundred and fifty are touchdown pass s season in an overtime victory against the Houston Blackhawks. He won the CY young he when the Masters Green Jacket that year now bad for welterweight and as actual football fans are people familiar with American professional sports on fucking any level at all that was complete nonsense even was drafted by the rams traded to the Redskins road the bench for two seasons road the bench ear in Denver went on to kill it in the southern California real estate game so don't feel sorry for the beeps in this big U._s._C. Versus U._C._l._a.. Victory Bell Rivalry Game U._S._C. was down by six points in the fourth quarter with under eleven minutes to play on their own thirty six yard line U._S._C. backup quarterback toby page called an audible on third and seven handed the ball to O._J.. Not normally good to run the ball on thirty seven O._G.. Runs for sixty four yards for gametime touchdown. The extra point provided a twenty one twenty lead that would go on to be the Final Score O._J.. Was the hero his touchdown run is being referred to by some as one of the best runs ever in the history of college football this puts it's only on the front page of the paper nationwide talk of the town. They'd say <hes> maybe I. I A front page the sports page nationwide let me clarify that still still big deal front page of the paper overall L._A.. The talk of the town a lesson a year prior you know he's a junior college running back living in some San Francisco projects now he's now..

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