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"Ends least signed addressing police reform and police. Accountability will make a big difference. But many local leaders say it's up to the community and lawmakers to make sure that they are implemented. Camo Suzanne Fonda, North Franklin School district, investigating racist conduct by some Kanell High School students fans at a recent girls basketball game video from Saturday's game is making the rounds on social media student fans seen and heard making monkey sounds and gestures at two black players from Zillah High School, just disgusted that parent was at the game Saturday. In the video you can see once the coach from Zillow realizes what's being hurled at her players. She tells the North Franklin athletic director to do something about it should either be expelled or or even that letter director If he's not doing his job school district says an investigation is underway, including interviews and review of game, film and social media on its Facebook Page Canal High School posted that no students will be allowed a games until the investigation is complete. Says Any show of racism is inexcusable. They right we will assure appropriate consequences are administered. Carleen Johnson Come on news to the Beacon Plumbing sports desk after losing six in a row and Looking like that might get a no hitter thrown at them at any time. The Mariners now have a chance to sweep a three game series against the West Division leading Oakland A's after last night. 43 win. Seattle had 11 hits, including three from JP Crawford, who said he's happy to be swinging the battle lot better lately and happy to see his teammates doing the same have been good. They are over. Last couple of days. You know, we picked it back up. We're starting to put together a better quality of these all around. So now, isn't it? It's a long season gratis. Keep grinding every day, and I think we're gonna start seeing the other end of this little pill right now, the finale of the three Games, said today at 12 37, then home for seven, starting with the first of four against the Rangers tomorrow night. Storm headed Connecticut, their first loss of the W NBA season last night, 1987 and over time it Angel of the winds Arena, the first time since 2014. The storm had played back to back overtime games, and in this case, they won them both having beaten Dallas Saturday. And the Pac 12 Conference announcing Washington's early 2021 2022 Conference. Men's basketball schedule yesterday, the schedules dropped in the dogs will open conference play to sever second Arizona and host U. C L. A December 5th. The Cougars early Conference games, December 1st in Arizona State and December 4th at home against USC Sports attended 40 past the hour. Tom Cutler Come on news. The pain is real. Getting your wisdom teeth out surgery for that tornado cl a broken ankle. But a lifetime of addiction is even more painful. Talk to your doctor or.

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