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"susan lucci matvienko" Discussed on Never Not Funny

"Ready tomorrow. Jogi delivered very well. That's imagine thinking see and that's special thank you. I'm going to do more joke. Jokes especially said to my manager said I should do. He was trying to stay within the stuff. You Right which is great. He was those old jokes. They're free for the taking and he goes good management. That is good solid. Good for you. You're being stirred in the right direction. Is that the advice he gave you after he heard the first. But the thing about the towels and the jokes seemed to remember ads. Jokes are great. Some old jokes. I don't disagree. I just can't remember them. I can't remember any. I'll try to remember that shoe one. Muck it up. I just can't do it. The traveling salesman knocks on the door. He's eight years old answers the door smoking a cigarette in a smoking jacket with the Martini. Traveling salesman goes to your father is your are your parents. Home he goes. What do you fucking think that's a true story? Because he's smoking parents wouldn't be on with that. Got To be here. That's the purpose of that joke. Matt who who's your guest on Trivia here. I know that this woman holds the record for most nominations which is why I think she does. Not She's not the correct answer Susan Lucci Matvienko with Meryl Streep Merrill Strip. Is that who you want with but is it my turn? Yes all right and I thought she's probably not old enough once I wrote it and I heard Katherine Hepburn. I went maybe to get the most. I should have picked someone who's older than that. But you know Meryl Streep by the way you know you hear. Someone's a great actor your whole life great and you don't deny it but then you see them in something and I'm Oh holy Shit. Is that what everyone's talking about? I know that seems crazy. But it's like I never thought. Oh she's not a good actor but I just never knew and I just saw something out to finally say Mama Mia here and it's really good. Something on Netflix. But what'd you say? It was about the money laundering. And is yeah. Yeah and I'm like God you know what I say. There's some actors that if I had to put it on a scale from one to ten actors of just tens that's a compliment your ten but then so what above that. They don't act they react and I know it seems like a weird thing but it's like oh it's like it's just another level. When I watched her I was like oh I see other actors like that too. But it's a some even simple show law show you see some of these older actors that have been doing it for years and you think wait. Is He relator right? Because it's just so like anyway Merrill Street no you don't know if where I could be right okay Well I if I may her spelled it wrong I know her last name is streep you know what I think. I was told that once..

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