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"survival syndrome" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"With you on the doctor when he will show if you like to follow me on social media handle everywhere is doctor Wendy Walsh just DR Wendy Walsh and if you follow me on Instagram and I happen to love your beautiful Instagram page I'll follow you back and give you a shout out on air so have a look if you're instagrams person all right I'm I'm very fascinating with what we call bio hacks these that we unconsciously trick our biology into doing something hopefully positive right there are ways that companies try to bio hack us in negative ways through their advertising or it's addictive ingredients right but but is it possible to do it in a positive way I'm also really interested in the mind body connection and so when I started reading about this technology called bringing the tap a tool it can actually buy all have your rain to help you have better relationships I thought I better get that doctor on the air I'd like to welcome Dr Patrick Porter I don't support thank you indeed great to be here doctor yeah where are you what part of country you in I'm in no new Bern North Carolina north to and you don't have a North Carolina accent I did a bad one earlier in the show they were making fun of me you don't have a good one moment no I I actually lived in San Francisco for eleven years and grew up in Michigan hi there you go so tell me how first of all let's do a little background what our brain waves and how can brain waves and are changing our brain waves impact how we behave think of brain waves can like you might think of wifi networks there they're gonna bring a certain information to our brain and when we think about where we're talking right now this is the beta brain wave and that brings us are reactionary minds that there's a part of our brain called the reticular activating system and it's going to keep us safe let's just say that and we have this primitive brain that it's always operating in for most people that's over active so right now we're awaken active you and I are together in beta right yes it is something weird happened like for those that are driving down the road at the red and blue flashing light happened behind them they would immediately stop listening to us and be concerned about the police officer behind them because that's what the reactionary mine does it's going to always be observing our environment making sure that were were state or that were okay that we're in a good place in in so that also controls our fears our frustrations and when it's when it's over doing its job we have what we call sympathetic survival syndrome and that's what set when you come out by hacking at the beginning we've been hacked because of all of our technology so we need to use that technology to calm down give us back into a helpless state brain waves in these two brain waves are really important for healing the body because we have our let's see are a primitive brain but we also have our healing bringing in our healing rate only turns on it for in this alpha theta rhythm or in deep sleep which is delta so Alpers more like your intuitive mine we all have this intuition but a lot of people don't listen to it or they don't get enough of it so I mean we have an example so I when I write my podcast episodes for instance although I have to be in beta because I'm awake and active we tend to do it alone in bed and I tend to do it in a very relaxed way with a Cup of tea and I just sort of dream it the story of it and how I'm gonna pull am I an alpha waves or I still in beta because I'm creating we always have all of them going on at one time it's our primary awareness you probably have more awareness and helpful that's the most creative people build back they claim that Einstein was primarily an elbow of person even though isn't about the Matix which is kind of a almost an oxymoron because you think of elbow is being more the California surfer type not be green logical person was very laid back out here in California and then how do you differentiate that from the theta waves okay so trader you baby is the real healer of the body because it's right on the threshold of sleep in data we call the inventive mind so in almost every our paper written about great inventors overtime during test flights by medicine they all had a system where they would condition themselves are bioactivity have that wording back then because they've asked me was around would be what happened was they they would do something to trigger this data technology in their own brain so that they could get a solution to a problem they're having it would come from me would bubble up from their sub conscious so they're unconscious income to the conscious mind so I love to stay in that state in between dreaming and wakefulness for as long as I can in the morning partly because I like to grab any fragments of the dream but am I in theta waves when that happens probably and that's a very that's really good that you're doing that that's probably the one of the most healing times of your day for sure in you also can do it at night most people go to sleep too quickly they're trying to rush to sleep in within that rush of sleep about getting the benefits of those brain waves each of these brain waves is also producing the neurotransmitters needed like in beta you're producing Galba in right now with me of pharmaceutical industry that's like the going thing right now capital what our brain which is this hundred billion girl bit processor can create these these neural chemicals you know we have the world's greatest pharmacy in our head we just have to be in the right brain wave states to trigger these neurotransmitters and that's what you're doing when you're in in the state to state so what are some of the things that people can be doing to try to get dominant alpha or theta waves to be in either creative intuitive or healing state well they get in their homes they can borrow had by putting on like relaxing music maybe using our central oils to trigger a on an experience that is relaxing to them there's they're both classical music but there's a lot of music out there now because it's the jhanas are just out there it would help you to relax that's one way the other is to do we we always say that getting into dance martial arts yoga of these are moving meditation in our bodies are meant to move and breathe so when when somebody would come to one of our doctors which we have a thousand nine hundred dollars across the country using brain cap we always tell them once they're done doing their therapies they need to go join either a martial arts studio dance studio or go start doing yoga because they need to get their body in their in their breeding working together that's going to be really powerful because with the brain needs that oxygen as well it's so interesting I do a kind of a sort of Palade is on steroids called le greedy and it becomes cardiovascular but it's all slow twitch muscle it's done to music it's done very slowly but they exhaust every muscle group till pure exhaustion and yet it's highly addictive like as soon as I finish a class I'm they make you take a rest day in between because it's so exhausting I'm thinking when can I go back we can go back and do you think it's partly the brain waves that it's creating partly the neural chemicals it's releasing your getting you know thirty to forty thousand dollars with the neural chemicals from that work out and that's what happens with this people don't understand many start working out their body also get addicted to doing good things as well as addictive the bad thing so we want to be addicted to the good things which is what you're talking about here and okay when we come back out what I want to talk about two things specifically mindful meditation and what that does for our brain waves and let's talk about our relationships how can brain wave training improve our relationships my guest is doctor Patrick Porter creator of brain tap technology you're listening to the doctor when he will show on KFI am six forty Larry pearl yep the news for us so I do think doctor when you log in Oregon allow students to take mental health days just as they would six.

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