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"sursee institute" Discussed on Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution!

"He will teach the ideas that distinguished classical education and how to lay foundations and practice it in your home. This intensive kicks off january nineteen or join tanya roselle and other educators for guidance in discussion on how to read the odyssey a foundational work in the history of western culture this intensive a profound insight into the nature of home family and community and will teach you how best to present this work to your students biz intensive begins january twentieth to find out more about both intensive 's visit sursee institute dot com slash. Even -ts that's sursee institute dot com slash evans. Oh abby love that. So much i love. I just loved that phrase. Don't leave your post because it's easy to want to leave our post. It's easy to want to say. You know what this is too hard. I can't run you this but our kids are counting on us. There's no one else who is going to train them up in righteousness. How we are going to do we. I mean if asian six through twenty we are in a battle we are a serious spiritual battle and we we. We have been instructed by the lord at tereza virtual unrighteousness now and and we and we have to. We have to be real with our kids. We have to tell them. You know these are the things that are happening in the world around us but this is why we have hope i have said so many times in you and i have talked about this abbey. I don't know how people get through times like this without the help of christ. I don radio no how they do it. I mean it seems so hopeless sometimes but then on the other side as soon as i start to feel hopeless. I'm like but god right god. Things seem ringing bliss. These seem hard. They seem like everything's falling apart in. Then but god but proverb three five to six trust in the lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding and knowledge. Nothing i mean right now until like i'm not understanding what i'm seeing in the world right right and summarize one and armenta understand because if you thought about faith if we understood everything we wouldn't need to trust lord we would we would have it all figured out and we wouldn't need him. You know back when when our kids are really little. And they're learning how to do things. They're learning how to read for instance. We don't just put a book in front of them and say read when we have to judge them how to read and we have to walk them through the process of of a sounding out words in dissecting letters and sounds to make a word and we have to walk them through the process of that and our kids have to trust us. That were teaching them correctly. Teaming them that ace as at if we teach them that as well okay then. We're not very good teachers. God is the perfect teacher and he teaches us in the way that we need to learn with patients and with love and we need to just just like our kids take our hands. When they're teeny tiny. I mean i the other day. I was walking so i don't even know where we were but i was with my ten year old and i was holding her hand and i just was like i love that she still holds my hand. Because you know there's there. There was a day when my fifteen year old stopped holding my hand. It's kinda weird now for in public. And i hold my fifteen year old tan. I don't do that anymore. That's weird but my ten year old. She still a little girl and so she'll still hold my hand and and and i love that and so we still continue to take the hand of god and we trust him to lead us into guide us but our job like you said is to stay planted where he's put us be faithful to the call of homeschooling of raising children are isis. Nece teaching them the word of guide and teaching them the that one day no matter what no matter what happens in this world it were all gonna stand face to face with our saviour one day and when our kids can face to face with him. What are we gonna have taught them. How are you going to teach them to respond. Know i mean they're they're they have a free well they can reject are teaching. But i mean it's our job to teach to teach them. This is not who got it and that didn't go away his twenty twenty and rate. You know we're we're not. The accountability doesn't end because the world went on fire. You know and i've heard some moms lately. Like i'm not gonna worry about any of that because crisis returning and i'm like that's true but christ was also returning a hundred years ago. They were saying now and what if they just quit doing what god called him to do. And that is dry. Paul warns us about that. That's why he says don't be idle when you're waiting right. Don't quit work that i've called you to do because i'll be honest as i'm learning a lot in history about world war two with my kids i'm like i would. I surely would thought it was then sure. And what if what if the incredible heroes. The hero christ like heroes of that generation would have just quit. What if they wouldn't have answered the call because they're like we don't need to right so then when we talk about that i alone. Jons verse that says. Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life. You should mind your own business. Then we really need to go to the lord and say then what is my business. Yeah without a doubt. My business is first and foremost my home to teach and train my children to honor and love my husband and and to be the wife and the mother that god has called me to be but then outside of that. What is my business. I'm telling you everything is not your business. Every march every battle every even in wars every soldier did not fight in every battle it they couldn't have and so we need to say lord. Where is it that you want me and help me show me where my businesses and then let me turn off the noise and the distractions and the everything that's happening outside of that because that's what the enemy does if he can draw us into every every battle every everything then we're not going to be effective where god called us because we're gonna be spread too. Thin was going too many directions and we're not going to be effective so praise the lord outside and you know what if it's nothing but just the four walls of your home. That is the greatest most awesome calling in the world. But if it's to take your kids and march the pro-life march that's going down the street. Then do that but go before the lord and say god what is my business and then turn everything else off. Were not made to know it all to do it. All to save. It ought god's job that's his business. Yeah i love it. And we sometimes have special assignments from the lord enzymes they last just for a season just like a soldier head up because we're in about In that is the perfect way to end this episode because on wednesday. We're gonna come back and we're going to talk about queen esther. I loved the book of esther. It is my favorite book of the bible. It didn't used to be and a few months ago. I read the book of esther a few times and I i read it in a whole new light With eyes and a different heart than i had ever read it. So we're gonna talk about that on wednesday. Thank you for joining us today. We will be back to talk about queen esther and talk more about how we as moms can just remain steadfast in our homes and in this world when the world is seemingly on fire and we're going to trust the lord so thank you for joining us. We will.

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