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"surani benson henderson gilbert melendez" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

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"surani benson henderson gilbert melendez" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

"Of all how big paycheck going to really be second of all. Is it easy serious. Sean is very good fighter. Yes you could be deuce but carrying babies and interviews but come on man got hair carrying babies talking about doing heroin talking about his his fellow fighters. Yeah it's a great look but you still an incredibly high level martial arts for short short short notice fight. It's a low risk high reward type fight at what it is you know. Oh yeah sugar sean. Even though he's not even if he is he taking me rank top fifteen figure just outside the city. So you'd be like sixteen. I would argue. He is the most. He is the most viable non ranked fighter. You can face in the afc right now. Am i missing someone john. Jones is a ranks for nick. Nick is ranked either. Yes yeah you know. I'm trying to say he's not forgotten per guy that's never been forgotten has never been in the top fifteen or even been was he was. I think when he found marlin he was fifteen. That's the he was. Larry king's my rankings surveys him. I don't know anyone. I don't care. Ricky so ricky simone st louis smoker for some frigging reasons so i don't think it really matters. We face that by makes zero me glow. Good for ulaby smoker. But how do we smoke noisy okay. They won't check on you. Don't this is injured. We have no idea you got hurt. It's all i know someone to check on them. I dunno fight. You can't fight sugar sean. Unless you know check on rookie rookie. Smokers do smoke i mop. Efl muffed daddy. Mr wheaties box whereas anthony pettus go from here when using the benefit of hindsight how much mistake was he gonna. Pf fell when he left the bella towards seemed like a much better place to him knowing that he couldn't fall guys like mvp pa- tricky pit. Bull douglas lima or paul daley. It just seems like his star. Power took a big hit gone. Npfl also fun fact him and come out who's been are the only two with multiple wins over top six ranked yosi walter whites. Who who's the other guy. That i know he knocked out wonderboy. Who's the other guy beat looking at home. I don't know. I can't think of the other one. Just wanna boy. That's the only way i it's it's it's it's obvious but old fights were at the first time they file was a lightweight. Kids keesa detach case that Two twenty six. Oh yes. I didn't think yes was top six. He's him beating. Neil magny catapulted him into the top six and then of course you knocked out. So he has stoppage. Wins over a stephen thompson and michael case and then he is getting into that. Michael johnson area in the sense that he has incredible victories. And like what you lost to them type of guy to this listen to this stretch like people always say who has the the hardest the toughest schedule like record wise in the afc. I will look to anthony. Pettis is like resume at one point in a row. These are these are what we fought in. A row cowboys. Surani benson henderson gilbert melendez ryan already a prime ver- eddie alvarez ed's embar boza charles oliveira max holloway. Jim miller dust emporia mile case. A tony ferguson. Stephen thompson nate diaz. That is from the years two thousand and thirteen two thousand nineteen. There's no easy fight at one point. One of those. All of those fires were at one point top five if not top three fighters in the division so yeah being that list of our prime prime versions of those fighters. It's very important not to yeah correct martin. A lot of stopping trials all there and gilbert melendez are incredibly high level black belts in anthony pedestal admitted both of them that's a murderer's row. Like if this was college football and strength of schedule that those are arguably outside of habibie. Bj liked the ten graders lightweights ever his resume. He obviously didn't even obviously never fought like prime. Bg penpal like dilbert benson and cowboy and rda in a row and even though jolo's on in there like before he kicked it off as rough stretch. He lost eddie right. That was that was really close right. Eddie yeah that was. That was just like i'm gonna shove me into the fence going. I gotta get that w. okay but still it was a very competitive fight but regardless yeah in loss of is pets better at one seventy i think this okay all right so here. It is one. What is anthony. pet is go from here Oh because figure this out. I'm being serious. Because fighters who rely purely on their athleticism. There comes a point in your career where your brain tells you that you could do the things that you used to do but your body says no and you have to figure it out and i use roy jones as a perfect example. In-box roy jones was built just off. Athleticism it reflexes. Broke every rule in the book when it came to fighting once he slowed down a nanosecond. It was over and he had to just he didn't and that was pretty much the end of his career and he kept fighting. Sometimes you still more athletic than some fighters and you beat them for the most part the fundamentals were there. He didn't figure himself out. He was done floyd mayweather on the other hand. What when he was pretty boy. Floyd was obliterating. Everybody started hurting his hands and he started to change his style based on his his hands injury history and what he knew he could do anything he pet..

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