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"supervisor mad haney" Discussed on KGO 810

"Determine when she will send the article. Over leader McConnell and I are trying to come up with a bipartisan agreement on how to conduct the trial. But make no mistake about it. There will be a trial on the first full day of the Biden presidency. Joe Biden committing the U. S will return to the World Health Organization. Part of his strategy, he says, for combat in the pandemic here in the U. S and abroad, Dr Anthony Fauci, appearing virtually with WHO leaders today, thanking them, President Biden will sign executive orders this afternoon. In dealing with both health testing and economic challenges in this pandemic. Michelle France and ABC News KGO eight new subject to something on the Mark Thompson program. I'm bred bird cart. This news update is sponsored by Iberia Restaurant and Belmont Iberia restaurant in Belmont is open for Take out Take out Call 6503258981. Trying Iberia Restaurants award winning Pia Iberia restaurant in Belmont for take out called 6503258981. That's 650325 89 81. San Francisco leaders are concerned the city has no coordinated effort to roll out covert 19 vaccines by public and private providers. Supervisor Mad Haney asked health systems such as UCSF and Kaiser to detail their plans before a city committee and he says the city's covert 19 dashboard has been inadequate and helping residents find out where and when they could get shot down and in some cases, sent dozens of text messages or no confirmation at all. There's still no public plan, and I hope that this changes in the near future for the rollout that I've seen no clear plan for outrage and no way for people to volunteer or help supervisors say their goal is to have 900,000 people in San Francisco. Vaccinated by the end of June through mass vaccination sites and private health care providers. President Biden will have an update on the fight against Cove in 19 and the effort to come up with some sort of vaccine distribution plan that was absent when he arrived at the White House yesterday. $50,000 reward is being offered to help find a missing 12 year old boy swept out to sea along the San Matteo coastline. More than 100. Volunteers have been scouring the area near Cal Ranch State Beach south of half Moon Bay. Well, Aruna proved he was playing near the water's edge with his family. When a sneaker wave caught him. His father and his eight year old brother off guard, his father and brother were able to get back to shore but the seventh grader from Fremont and swept out into the ocean. And was last seen about 100 yards offshore. Ah, private helicopter drones and even volunteers on jet skis and boats have also that over the ocean and out on the water looking for him. In addition to the reward, a petition has been signed by more than 60,000. People are doing the Coast Guard for more help, and I go fund me page has now raised more than $155,000. I'm Terry Rouse kgo 8 10 reported sponsored by the center at the Sierra Health Foundation. Covert 19 vaccines are here. The vaccines are safe, effective and available at no cost. When it's your turn, get vaccinated and keep wearing a mask because together we can end the pandemic and we will update you drive around the Bay area, including some activity on Highway one on one next on K G away, 10..

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