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"Happy people. Happy thirty first birthday damian. Lillard trail blazers guard is gonna among the most prolific and charismatic players in the game. The last six years even though he hasn't yet played in the finals is easy. To make the case that lillard belongs with bill walton and clyde drexler on the franchise's all time team only david clyde have been six times. Nba all stars in portland. So it's unthinkable to many that lillard. Who was averaged between thousand five hundred thirty per game. The last six seasons could be traded as soon as the next few weeks as trail blazers trying to become a stronger contender in the loaded. western conference. Franken you one of the people who thinks the blazers can give back into the trade a player or players that would improve portland will think about it mike. He's thirty one. If you're going to trade him now is the time to do to get something back for him. I'd like to see him retire as a member of the portland trailblazers chauncey billips with his. Well when you think about philly. Golden state the lakers. The new york looked to get four land a not so happy anniversary. Los angeles clippers on this day. Seventeen years ago. Koby bryant said no to joining clippers is a free agent and re-signed with the lakers and would have been a seismic move for the sports scene in southern california. Kobe going from the blue blood lakers to the rag tag the it would have given l. a. Second basketball team status and stature. It still has not enjoyed. Who have been playing with had switched at. He's switch teams. Well no stars kenny anderson. Elton brand kerry kittles shaun livingston corey. Magaji chris came in our buddy. Rick brunson fray a clippers. Thought they would be able to take advantage of the shack koby public discourse at the time. The clippers thought. They were certain signed kobe. And we're even preparing a welcome ceremony at staples. Koby even said frank quote. I could see myself playing for the clippers. Bryant later said lakers owner jerry. Buss trump divall and the lakers traded jackson miami. A few days later. Kobe signed a seven-year deal to return to the lakers. And it turned out just fine for him and the lakers who wants to more champion. I never thought for a minute. It was going to happen. They picked coby over shack. Kobe pointing to more shack. On one more lakers make the right call as they made the right. Call the happy trails to olympia receiving medals around their necks. It's been an iconic tradition at the middle stand but there'll be a new protocol in tokyo. Ganz organizers will wear disaffected gloves to place them on trays then they will present the traits of the athletes who will take them mills and place them around their own next to protect themselves against the spread of coronavirus cases in tokyo reached a six month high. Yesterday was a whole city under a state of emergency. The latest data indicates a slightly fewer than twenty percent of the japanese. Population has been fully vaccinated. Just last frank organizers van fans from most events. The game is scheduled to begin in eight days. Something tells me that bradley. Beal is not going to be the only athlete. That's unable to participate. You know when you don't have the fans there. Mike you and i've been to the olympics. You know when. I was in london. And you're there for the hundred meter final and it's you saying they're walking into the corner that stadium down you hear the crowd and just that a motion and when the gun goes off in their run electrified the crowd. They're really really takes away a lot. It reduces so much. Frank mission in repertoire says tom. Brady's knee injury was actually a fully torn eight l. Wow all right. We're running out of show. Let's get to the big finish. Baseball is extended trevor. Bowers leave another two weeks now. It's a month while it and the pasadena. Police investigate an allegation that he committed sexual assault. Your thoughts i. I think they were smart to do that. Because he has his hearing july. Twenty third quarter as before that in la superior county court so that was a smart move by the athletic reports. That wes unseld. Junior is the favourite of the wizards head. coaching jobs. Good name good fit. What do you think. He's been a longtime successful assistant coach. Nuggets associate head coach. And if you are of in had any time in the greater dmv washington dc. Wes unseld is the most famous name in person by million miles associated with that franchise retired north carolina coach. Roy williams has grown a beard. Do you like this frank. Look at it. Looks like a off playing golf. He's happy truly with that. Jury wilder three has been revoked for october. Ninth in las vegas. Is that one okay by you. I would rather see ten days. But hey you know jewish got cova that got to postpone the speaking of postponements covert last one red sox yankees postpone tonight the only get one of the schedule. The yankees your thoughts. I thought we were through this rewarding. Have supposed to play tonight. By the way red sox had been the yankees all six times this year at a time. Thanks for watching..

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