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"sunny honolulu lulu" Discussed on New Media Show

"Six ten or whatever you are seven feet tall height you know you can get that. Get that draft. Look but you're good on just the draft. Look there you go. Yeah Yeah Kennedy you know raise yourself up. Yes Rick says why are you so dark. Rob Looks like you have the old Tom Snyder tomorrow. Show thing going well it was. It's just a dark background all right well of definitely we. We got a green screen back there. We could put you in Sunny Honolulu Lulu or something connections. Go almost key that at black. If we had time to have a little fun I would do that. Right here. On the track castaway Cay it and we would put something behind you bet That'd be awesome awesome. I love to be in Hawaii or something. Yeah so Let's you know I just I mean honestly the last last week was just businesswise. I'll slammed I mean. I went home every night and just face planted spend. It's busy. Things are very busy. Yeah there's as usual todd that this is our normal conversation. Every week. Our Week was busy in the podcasting That's true there is a lot a lot of events going on. I know I'm just buried in in planning events trying to to to to meetings and trying to you know get deals done and also immune system I you know. It's it's a great time for the medium right right just the fact that we're so busy is a good sign for the medium. I mean both view and I That there's a lot of good stuff happening in. I think two is that if were in on I think we all have raw compete for some of the same business business but at the same time it's It's nice to see all come in..

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