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"sunny davis" Discussed on KLBJ 590AM

"Greater Austin says can be addressed to help fix the areas affordability crisis, the hba as David Glenn says, he's been working with the city of Austin as a toys with the new proposed fire code get in Renton analysis on to see how much it would actually cost to build a home to the specs that the code outlined the cost. Ultimately was eighty four thousand dollars to the price of every new home and construction costs if they were in a certain area of town working with the Austin fire department, Glenn says, he's found ways to reduce that construction costs about three or four thousand dollars more per home. Instead a state lawmaker whose district includes parts of bastrop and Caldwell county says there's a buzz around the capital with the election of Dennis Baden is speaker Representative John Syria says tackling school finance and property tax reforms job one. And that's been a priority. That's been Nali stated in the Texas house, but also record. From the governor and Lieutenant governor software like this is going to be the the session that could happen. And and we'll also wants to see the sporting goods sales tax only, go to parks and wildlife department and the Texas historical commission and not be rated by anyone else for any other reason, the downtown commission wants to work with awesome police to solve the issue of crime around the arch homeless shelter. Previous efforts have been successful. But only in areas where police presence has increased, but the commission says criminals typically move on to other areas of town to avoid increased police presence creating a unique problem for police to handle your KLBJ radar weather, watches, cloudy skies, sixty eight at Austin's airport now get Austin news on demand at NewsRadio KLBJ dot com. Newsradio KLBJ five ninety AM and ninety nine point seven FM presents the Jeff Ward and Clemens show. Thanks so much. Good actor everybody back yet. Sunny Davis kinda of hear it. One. More time come on. Thank you. That's sunny Davis. From a lot of TV shows and movies, you know, Johnny stole that because that was from the come on Ted commercials. Remember NSA was that may just for you. Sunny made exists for me. Yeah. We're close friends. I will go a many more Ray Benson's bus one night outside the broken spoke. Can you speak about or rockets? I was out there. Say Hello to raid before it went off broken spoken here came a cab, located musicians actors artists all sorts of people came we had trouble digging in we did. A lot of things to.

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