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"sundance harvey" Discussed on Is The Mic Still On

"You got a lot of people who are looking like y'all just a bunch of politicians up there having pissing contest. And I'm suffering on the on the back end to be clear. I am not even remotely saying. It's just a Trump thing. I just wanna make sure that that's. Like any of these mother fuckers? None of Democrats. None of them. I'm saying that I don't think that what had happened is going to be enough to steer any of these people away from their parties. I don't think that it's going to be enough people are gonna walk away from the Republican party. That's gonna make a difference. Like Republicans aren't gonna just become Democrats. Just because Trump this. Nothing that I'm just saying I don't think that this is going to be enough to put enough dent in his armor, people pay more attention. So who they're voting for and the repercussions that netted can have because you may not have realized the what the vote who you voted for how it can affect you. But now you're starting to feel it. So I hope it just makes people pay more attention. Whether you you're probably gonna go democrat or democrat goes Republican just pay more attention. But you know, what you know what they're gonna do. There's going to blame the Mexicans even more. They're going to say if you guys weren't criminals and rapists coming over here. We wouldn't have to build a wall. And. They're not they're not going to get Trump your fucking nece. They're not gonna look at their own party and say, you guys are fucking this up. They're gonna blame people that trophy. People are. Like. They're terrorists and rapists and drug dealers, those Mexicans those damned Mexicans KEB ask them. Also, when I was when I went to work, you know, in spite of not getting pay fleet, really your government know. If not go to work for like flip. Golly. You paying you hit the fucking company to to shit. Yup. Push able borders. Right. Fuck a fuck. Point. Every day. Fuck you. Patriot. We will be playing music on the speakers as well. Two documentaries were released Sundance Harvey's untouchable documentary dropped. And Michael Jetsons dropped do. View my Harvey. Harvard thought everybody on a first name basis. Probably just me. I was trying to picture who Carvey was Harvey want us thing. Yeah. His documentary drop for everybody out there way for the Harvey documentary drop after Dr Kelly one there you go you got it now. So Michael Jackson's is done. I thought it was coming dance. Don. He's going to be h. And watch that shit. I am with the call which one would you say?.

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