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"Ah, now for sports. Let's get over to Paul Calvi see at the Parker and Sun Sports desk. And guess who's going to the Pro Bowl? We got three cardinals buddy and, you know, unlike your friend who mistakenly thought that pro bowlers was about picking up the spare at the lanes? No, that is not it. Thistle. Big time honor. There's no doubt about it. Envelope, please about Kyle or Murray going to his very first pro bowl. That is a double dating. Think about it. Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers and Cuyler Murray in the NFC at quarterback Buddha Baker is gone it DeAndre Hopkins is going the leading receiver in the NFL in terms of total yards, So there's all that right there. Coach Cliff in fact was asked. All right. Where is this offense is where you wanted to be. I still feel like it's a bit disjointed. Obviously, with some of the turnover you just can't do that down in the red Zone, 1st and 2nd down, you have points and two times you got down there and turn it over there. One time we turned over their own results. Cardinals defied the odds. They lost the turnover battle three nothing against the Eagles and still won the game. Now they try and beat the 40 Niners on Saturday and stay in the playoff picture. Tomorrow night Son season opener at home against the Mavericks, Natalie A 30 on 98 7. FM. Arizona Sports National reports say the sons of claim Frank Kaminski off waivers of former Sun Coyotes home opener January 14th against the Sharks team says it's planning to open the season with limited fans in attendance Monday night. Football Steelers Have that 11 anos start. They've now lost three in a row. 27 17 your Bangles team lead by Valley guy, Ryan Finley, a quarterback. Speaking of Big Ben, What's your Level of Frustration? Pie? I'm frustration..

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